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I really like your confidence, that if you do not want or like something, you just say no. Without this stress to please everyone and no matter what they think of you. I admire you a lot, as an artist and as a person. Atte. Your opposite, probably.

Boy, you’d be surprised if you met me in the real life xD My confidence always rebounds on me and I honestly can’t say no because it ends with a disaster. But I’m also very stubborn, and the more you push the more I resist, so the best way to make me do something is petting me carefully and convincing that catching mice is actually a lot of fun xD Nevertheless, when you don’t care about everyone’s opinion it’s so much easier, and I think I start to learn it, slowly but yeah xD

Anyway, you’re really sweet!

*sigh* “I guess it’s finally time to say it. Hiding everything won’t make things any better.”

“Ok so…i’ve been really stressed and busy lately…and the reason behind that it’s that in very few days i’ll be going to a fashion show catwalk for the first time in my life.“

“It sounds stupid, but the pressure is horribly crushing. I don’t know if it’s the same pressure Enzan feels during his jobs, but anyway, it has been taking its toll on me. I’ve been training my strut, expression control, speed and adjusting my vision to sustain the camera flashes for…months.”

“I’ll be staying in Paris for a while with Tango, Shiro and nobody else. I’m dying a bit on the inside. My agency told me that we’ll be going a couple of days earlier so i can train a bit more and get to know some of the other models…but i still feel anxious.”

“I hope the lack of sleep plus the sleeping pills get me to blackout at the airplane hahah…”

Hey guys, little question

Remember the shitshow “Operation Canada” that I abandoned because I was too busy actually going on adventures to be actually drawing them? Well.. now that I’m back in France and actually have time, would y’all be interested in comics, weekly, about memories of my time there (small comics  this time because tf was I thinking before?? it was so fucking long??) ?
Funny, very gay stuff that actually happened, quiet moments, sad moments, whatever I remember and feel like it’d make a good comic basically. A fun nostalgic little recollection of memories. (but really my life is super gay so it’ll be super gay for sure).

Not only would it make more exclusive (as in, not fanart) content for you guys, but it might also be a way for me to cope with the fact that I’m not there anymore. I don’t promise regularity, because every time I try it it stresses me out too much, but here and there from time to time? It’d be posted on the Operation Canada blog, but I’d reblog each comics here too

It’s just a very very young idea I’m entertaining, so nothing is set in stone yet, but I’d love your input, as always

Tell me if you’re interested, ignore this if you aren’t :) ♥

One Strange Night // Jay Park & Im Jaebum College AU!(M)

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Pairing: Jay Park x Reader x Im Jaebum

Genre: Smut, threesome

Summary: You live with Jay and Jaebum in a student house near to your university, and things get very interesting one night that you all decide to watch a movie instead of going out partying.

A/N: Please note that this scenario is rated mature and contains content of a sexual nature including threesomes, oral, orgasm denail, begging, lots of dirty talk. (Also, sorry for using two GIFs but there are no GIFs with these two boys together to my knowledge!)

They say that your days at college are the most stressful and crazy days of your life – and this was true. Not only did you have mountains of work to hand in and make near impossible deadlines, you had seen some pretty crazy shit, both on and off campus.

You lived in a student share house; you and two other boys. The first was Jay Park, born and raised in Seattle who was majoring in music production – and if he could put full time party boy down on his resume, that would be applicable too. The second was Im Jaebum, a study abroad student from South Korea who moved in around the same time as you and Jay. When you first met him, his English was barely coherent thus him keeping to himself most of the time – but now, 2 years down the line, you and Jay had him talking like he was from down the road, causing the three of you becoming close; even though your personalities differed greatly.

Living with 2 handsome men wasn’t easy. Actually, most of the time, living with men wasn’t easy; period. More than often, they left things lying at their backside for you to clean up, and not one of them knew how to work a cooker or washing machine to save their lives. You wondered how they survived up until this point, and then it clicked with you that these boys had lived with their Mothers all their lives – and now living with you, you took it upon yourself to mother them when and if so necessary. Not only because you wanted to help them; you also had a huge crush on both of them too.

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hogwarts crammer update: ch7 will be out next weekend! this chapter ended up a lot longer than i thought it would be and has required a lot of edits and rewriting, so i want to spend time with it and make sure it is decent and the jokes are good jokes. i know it’s tough waiting on a wip! i appreciate you all hanging with me, that is great! but please stop begging me for an update, it gives me the Stress - i’ve enough of that in my regular life, as i’m sure you relate my dear pals. the love you’ve shown this dumb story adventure has truly made my life great and i very much appreciate it, i hope you continue to enjoy xx

How did I stop picking?

I’ve been asked this question alot and I keep avoiding giving it an answer. But the time has come…

Firstly you must understand that I’ve been in therapy for the past 2 years. I DID NOT DO THIS ALONE. I had 2 group therapists who I got advice from and I have an individual therapist who I am extremely honest with who has helped me greatly. I also have a very supportive partner who I live with who I talk to when I want to pick and we discuss other strategies on what else I can do. I never hide my picking from her as she is my support system.

One of the main things I learned was you will never stop picking until you make a conscious decision to do so. I had to make a promise to myself that no matter how sad I felt, how stressful life got, how big the urge was, I just wasn’t going to pick and I stuck to that for over 2 years (except on one occasion when I picked my face). I also had to understand that picking my skin solves nothing, and causes me more pain that I don’t deserve.

I started to get to know my skin, I knew that I picked more when my skin was dry or had broken out, so I heavily invested in good skin products to reduce this factor.

I also had to understand my triggers whether they were moods, people or places. I avoided these things at all costs for example, I go to the bathroom (at home) with the door slightly open (I only live with my partner) to lessen the secrecy of my picking. I got rid of my tweezers, I cut all my nails off and then got acrylics to make picking harder. I spend limited time with my family as they upset me. I spent alot of money on fiddle/fidget toys to keep my hands busy. I meditated to lessen my anxiety. I ran ice on my body to get rid of the urge. I TRIED SO MANY THINGS but honestly it came down to my mental state.

Simply put I picked when I was sad, anxious, stressed etc but once you learn to manage those emotions effectively picking is no longer a necessity.

Everyone’s journey is going to be different, you have to figure out what is best for you. But you have to really want to stop picking and be 100% willing to do whatever it takes to stop even if that means sitting on your hands on the bathroom floor shaking while you wait for the urge to pass (I’ve done this many times). Picking is an addiction and sometimes going “cold turkey” aka “just stopping” is the only way to get through it. It gets easier eventually.

This is my experience, you don’t have to listen to me I’m not a professional therapist or a doctor. Just a fellow skin picker.

In light of Monet’s poor prognosis (despite his condition and mobility improving, he still isn’t eating on his own and there’s not a lot more we can do for him than keep him comfy and avoid stressing him out…), I’ve been distracting myself by training Zeppelin.

I discovered this “fish jerky” treat that she loses her gosh darned mind over. She’s been pretty luke warm about real chicken, pork, etc–buries the other dog treats I give her–and it’s hard to motivate her with food items that she’d not super excited about. But this fish jerky seems to really do it for  her. She’ll do anything for this stuff.

I’ve been training her to come when called, and to sit and stay. 
She’s got “sit” pretty figured out. The recall is hard to gauge because she usually comes to me no matter what, unless there’s a lot of commotion. So I guess maybe I need to start training her around some pretty intense distractions.
And we just started working on “stay” today. Which was pretty easy for her because it’s stinking hot outside and she’s not keen on moving much when the sun is beating down on her haha. So I get her to sit, then stay, and so long as she stays sitting while I walk a wide circle around her, she gets the treat. 

It’ll be nice if I can get her to “Stay” in front of the house when I go for walks to the local restaurants. That way, I wouldn’t have to worry about her following me into them (which she has done, many times–and it had been impossible to keep her out since most restaurants here are open to the outside, no doors, etc). I’m eager to have her under some semblance of control! 
If she’s gonna be my dog, she’s going to be a well behaved dog.

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Hello, I know you said you don't like receiving praises, but your art is truly fantastic! You really make the Obitine pairing "come to life". All the history-inspired art is great, too. Could you draw a Robin Hood/Lady Marion themed Satine & Obi-Wan?

Oh dear, I guess I do sound ungrateful, don’t I? Very sorry, sweet anon, thank you for your kind words, and please know that I am always happy that you like my art.

Also I am a big nerd about Robin Hood myth (Paul Creswick’s novel from 1917 with the Wyeth illustrations is my favorite version), so this was a pleasure:


Eyes are actually a thing i struggle myself so here is a little tip i always do that keeps me somewhat afloat.

The key of making a eye nice (cartoon or not) is to make it organic, that means that if the character appears in real life their eyes work properly and not fall off, have twisted eyesight or something.

Again i need to stress the fact that referencing from real life is very important to learn about eye shapes. Nothing better than the source material!

Last night my father, not an emotional or very talkative man in the slightest, someone who I fear has been filled with disappointment towards me my entire existance, called me up knowing I’ve been stressed and gave me the most inspirational speech of my life. He told me that he believes in me, that he’s proud of me, and that I can do anything I set my mind to. He gave me advice, he gave me praise, he gave me love and most importantly, he gave me the guts to get up, get out, and make my dreams happen.

And as our conversation was ending, as I was hanging up the phone to say goodnight, his final words were:

Kat? Go take on the world. I love you.

And so I will.
And I hope all you will, too.
No matter what happens after tonight, or in the next 4 years.
It’s been so incredible being a part of this with each and every one of you.


I just want to get this out of my system because I can’t stop thinking about it. I alway seem to think that Dan is very unhappy especially when he is performing at large venues. I remember when I saw Bas in concert and dan looked so stressed the whole time and if something ever when wrong then he would get even more stressed and it really upset him. I know I have no idea what is going on in his private life and I never want to know but I think he puts a lot of pressure on himself to do big shows when he even said that he prefers doing smaller gigs. The idea that he is struggling and very anxious and stressed out really makes me sad and I just want him to be ok and for him to know that all us fans love and support the band and that he should do what makes him happy. I know its none of my business but I just had to get it off my chest. I hope Dan is ok and knows that wild world is amazing and he should be so incredibly proud of it. All the boys should be…

Hey there, Sean, my buddy! My pal! Friendo! I hope you’re doing well, and that this heart helps warm your’s.

I’m not really sure how I found the jacksepticeye channel, it almost feels as though being on the Internet sort of created this innate knowledge of its existence. I was aware of it long before I started watching, and boy, am I glad I did!
Many a time, whenever I felt lonely, or sad, or heavily effected by life’s burdens, I knew Sean could make me smile. It’s been a tough year. My uncle, and grandfather died (I’m actually in New York City right now for the funeral, hence the hotel selfie), and family tensions got a little worse with all the stress, but I knew that Sean would always be there for me. He cares so much for his viewers, and for people in general, and he feels very much like a close friend. Thank you, Sean.

Though I’m just getting into the community, I’d like to thank @jiminy-krispies and their pals for filling my dash with good Jacksepticeye content!


aaron tveit is such a positive stress-free light in my life, like no matter what’s going on, i’ll have a bad day and then old man tveit’s just there like “I’m in a very small percentage of people who gets to utterly love what I get to do. And people pay me for it! What a joy that is” or “cats and I have an understanding, but we choose not to interact often” or i’ll see something that upsets me and then go see sweet tveito pie on instragram liking memes and pictures of labradoodles or his friends going door to door for bernie, or i’ll be over here shitdeep in a depressive episode and then he’ll just make one of his dumb faces like—

—and everything is okay

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Idk why are you all stressed about Harry and Louis lives it's obvious that Larry is not real they are not even in the same circles so why don't you just enjoy what they do without making 382838 posts of how you hate everything they do they tweet they post their friends and everything

Idk why you are all so stressed about Harry and Louis and larries, it’s obvious you’re officially, publicly having everything you dreamed about and more, so why don’t you just enjoy what they do without sending 238746 idiotic asks to us and screenshotting all of our posts to add senseless, rude comments under them? 

What do you care? what’s wrong with YOU? I mean, I know what it is wrong, but do you?

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Hi! Can you please explain the difference between a INFP-A and a INFP-T?

Hello Fellow INFP,

INFP-T and INFP-A are the same, aside the fact that -A means more assertive, and -T means Turbulent


-T: Man I hope I look good, everyone will be out there, judging me… ugh I feel so stressed!

-A: Eh, looks good enough, I’m out!

This is literally the difference I have seen in the -A and -Ts I have seen in my life. Though -As usually are older in my experience and just have more life experience. It’s very interesting. :) 
Now it also matters what percentage of -A/-T they have in their results. Very much like being introverted, there are different levels of introversion.

I HOPE that helps and doesn’t make things just that much more confusing lol 

Message me if you please or writ in when I reopen the ask box Anon!! 

-Best <3 

I’m gonna get hella gushy here so STRAP IN YOUR SEATBELTS FOLKS.

@lolzman87, idk what it would be like had you not come into my life (or me into yours, let’s say ti was a mutual 50/50 lol). But each and every day despite what’s going on that day, how strung up and stressed we are, there are always those times that I treasure the most between each other. You have been nothing but supportive, kind, and loving even when I feel I don’t deserve it. You always have such a wonderful humor about you that makes me smile, and what efforts you make in your day to day I’m proud of. I’m so very thankful to have you in my life, and to love you as I am and forever will be. Here’s to 2 years and beyond love!

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tbh i’ve lost a little weight recently and i’m growing my hair out and getting new glasses soon and!! i feel like a new person because i definitely feel a lot happier with my body image, now all i have to tackle is my anxiety lmao

Pitch Perfect 3 wishlist

most of the things I’m listing are Chloe related because I am somewhat biased, she’s my favorite character.

  1. BRITANNY SNOW IS IN IT. This is the most important.
  2. I would love to know about Chloe’s family life because in her fight with Beca she sounded so fragile and emotional, especially when she said “this has been my family for the past 7 years,” why is she so attached to these girls. Just makes me think that she feels alone, maybe doesn’t have a family or the one she has isn’t very loving or supportive? I would just love to know more about Chloe. 
  3. I hope that Beca finally realizes her feelings for Chloe. I feel like one of the reasons Beca is a little short (mean) with Chloe at times is because she’s in denial about what she feels, not just because she was stressed out about life after college. She was so frustrated by the fact that she couldn’t contain her infatuation with Komissar that I can see her feelings for Chloe being a reason why she was rude to her at times (I mean she did it to Jesse so it’s not unreasonable). I just don’t want her to be mean to Chloe again :(
  4. I want more focus on the relationships between the Bellas because PP2 lacked that. I feel like the sequel focused more on the music and the plot than on the girls.
  5. This might be an unpopular opinion. I love fat Amy but I’d be okay with slightly less of her in the next movie. Maybe give Stacie, Cynthia Rose, or Lily some of that attention. Stacie had like one or two lines in PP2, that’s not okay imo. 
  6. Let Chloe sing more, she’s got a really nice voice. Let her show it off a little more. 
  7. Give Beca and Chloe more meaningful moments. Not just because of Bechloe but because we are supposed to believe that they have a bond. Like, let them have a sweet and touching conversation (similar to the one Beca had with fat Amy in PP2). 
  8. Can Chloe be a middle school or high school choir teacher. She helps kids build their confidence, she helps the oddballs because she sees herself in them, and maybe in the final musical performance we can see her kids be a part of it. (this is very headcanony but I really want her to be teaching kids to sing like she said she wanted). 
  9. Beca is a DJ part time, and working at the record company.
  10. Bumper and fat Amy are married.

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017

First part of the show was very urban, Parisian looks, than collection became ultra floral; lot’s of bright color dresses with graphic and flowers effect, until the finale when model Coco Rocha strolled down in a organza wings wedding dress without shoes. For me the best silhouette was exit 42: White jacket and white trousers embroidered with flowers and green long shirt printed with exotic flowers, worn by Jenaye Noah daughter of Yannick Noah. She was so elegant!

“For this season my inspiration came from stress of the city that makes me feel to go to nature, to go to a simple and essential life. I wanted to create joyful, peaceful, funny, charming and romantic collection. It is the story of the town girl that changes and transforms from a very urban person that goes to countryside, citizen that becomes a farmer! “ said the designer Jean Paul in the backstage in a short interview.