Hi! I’m Dov and I need some help affording a service dog that would help me deal with the stress of being Autistic and having PTSD while in public spaces and life in general.

 I need a very specific breed of dog and the service dog training are both really expensive and add up to $3000. My family can afford to take care of the dog but actually getting one and the training is not something that’s possible on our own. 

So! I’m doing commissions because currently this is the only means that I can make any money while still in high school and also this internship that I’m doing. 

I think my prices are actually pretty cheap considering how long it takes me to make them but if you can’t afford these prices just let me know what you’re willing to pay and then I will tell you what I’m willing to draw for that amount! I can only accept money through paypal but I will draw anything as long as it doesn’t involve cannibalism or rabbits/bunnies. 

And if you can’t pay for any commission at this time I would still really really really appreciate it if you could signal boost this post!

"You're mine and I'm yours" - Derek Hale Imagine.

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AN// Oooo baby I love me some Derek Hale.

Pairing// Derek x Reader

Warnings// Swearing, gets a tad heated but that’s it.

Word Count// 1600 <- This makes me so happy that it’s rounded up.

I stood in the doorway of Derek’s loft, my fists balled and my eyes watering, threatening to spill because of what was happening before my eyes.

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um, hi, i was hoping i could um ask a question abt stimming?? um, i just wanted to ask um could making a certain sound be a stim?? like um ive lived with cats all my life and um gosh this is embarassing but um ive always liked trying to imitate their meows and stuff? or even just saying the word "meow" to myself? just because it feels really good to say, it feels really soothing on my throat and mouth and stuff, especially when im feeling stressed, it really helps to calm me down. um im sorry

Yes!!! Quite a lot of autistics meow, myself included. (And not just because of my name, lawl.) It’s a very common thing for autistics to feel kinship with cats, from what I’ve observed.

So I was looking at my face this morning, really looking at it. I have these new fine lines under my eyes. Little crinkles on my cheeks and forehead. My chin is soft and full.

I’m almost 34. That’s still young. Very young even, in the grand scheme of a lifetime.

But I like these lines. I like the laugh lines and stress creases. I’ve lived my life. Really leaned into it. I haven’t always considered how things would affect the terrain of my skin in years to come. I worried more than I should have, laughed as much as I could. I drank and didn’t sleep enough. I didn’t always wear the best make up or make sure I moisturized.

I earned my lines. I’ll earn more before I’m done. And when my hair goes grey, I think I’ll let it.

A note

So, in about two hours, I am moving to another country to live. I am very nervous/excited and have been very stressed and fragile (and probably will be for the next little while at least). 

So a) I may be a bit absent here and b) please don’t ask me about fic or send me prompts because even the tiniest bit of pressure is making me cry at the moment. I have to learn a new education system and a new language and a new city and so other things must take priority and I don’t want to make any commitments to updates etc. until I know what my life is going to be like.

Anyway <3 <3 <3 See y’all soon.

Eyo, guys!

What’s life been like for you? Doing okay, you think? Remembering to eat, drink and taking your meds? Remembering to breathe? Are you making time to have a healthy amount of sleep? What about smiling? Have you found little things to make you smile? Checking in once more to see if everyone is adjusting to the new years okay. Transitions can be very small but have a huge impact on a lot of things. My mom currently is going through one of the biggest transitions in her life, and it can be very stressful, even if it is for the better. 

If you’re going through a huge transition, or any transition that’s affecting you, just know that life is supposed to change, and it’s okay to not always be able to catch up with that change. The best thing you can do is slow down and try to adjust to the change or transition in your life in a way that best fits you. If there’s any outside pressure that makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong about it, just remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can, and no one has the right to tell you otherwise. You don’t always have control over things, and that can be very scary. So just try to keep your footing the best you can! You can do it! 

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Hey Tess and Ele, The principal of my high school came to talk to the eighth grade student body to talk about high school. He made it sound terrifying, and basically, if you don't have straight As, you will fail at life. I'm very nervous, and don't think I can handle it. Halp

Trust me, you won’t fail at life. Everyone will make you think that, in high school and it’ll stress you out beyond your wildest dreams. My cumulative high school GPA was a 2.34. That’s terrible right? Well, I’m going to community college right now and am actually really enjoying school–something I never thought I would say in my entire life. I really like this quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson and I think it really helps illustrate what how over-hyped GPAs really are. “Your grades, whatever your GPA is, rapidly becomes irrelevant in your life. I cannot begin to impress upon you how irrelevant it becomes,” he said “Because in life, they aren’t going to ask you your GPA. … If a GPA means anything, it’s what you were in that moment — and it so does not define you for the rest of your life.”


Ok, grades do matter but you don’t need straight A’s. In high school your most important scores are actually going to be your SAT and ACT scores (at least they were for ME) And these are only SUPER important if you want to go to go to some cut throat college. Even with lower scores you by no means ‘fail at life’ there are colleges easier to get into that are just as good as the competitive ones. Really as long as you’re studying what you want it doesn’t matter. Don’t SLACK on grades in High School, but don’t stress about A’s either. In college, unfortunately, grades do matter a bit more. This varies on your major and what you want to do in life but college is when you want to buckle down and study not play. In high school just go with the flow and you’ll be fine.

My biggest advice for High School is simply stay on top of homework and ASK TEACHERS IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. For real, stay after class or school if you don’t understand something. Their JOB is to help you. Take advantage of that. Don’t just accept that something is too hard or that you don’t understand something because it’s not ‘cool’ to talk to teachers or whatever, that’s silly. You don’t need to get straight A’s but you can’t fail everything either. Don’t stress out, it’s not that bad I promise.


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In real life I’m a very quiet person, and I’m frequently stressed and irritable and only feel like talking to my best friends. I have a lot of anxiety and bitterness, and am always over-analyzing things in my head. That being said, I also have a desperate need to make a difference in the world and to let my kindness out and make people feel good about themselves. I’ve had so many days where I’ve been on the brink of falling apart, and someone said something nice to me, maybe just complimented my hair, and it made me feel real again. I want to do that for people, I want to spread knowledge and spread kindness and warmth. It’s hard for me to have a voice in the physical world, and so I channel it on this blog. It’s really important for me to keep everything on here peaceful and kind. It’s very healing for me and I love making other people feel good about themselves. It really soothes my rough edges. :)

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Do you think it's more common for an intp to want to take the facts in a learning environment and memorise them and then expand on that after getting the basics covered? I think that's how it is for me and when my school makes me work through something despite me barely knowing anything about it (I could also thank my lack of attention for this, as working with other people is harder) and it just stresses me out and I almost shut down. Do you have any thoughts on this?

hmmm yes i think this is very intp. our driving force in life is “to understand” and i personally can become extremely frustrated to the point of even getting angry if people insist on me being deeply involved w something, either by way of conversation or study, when i don’t yet have a solid grasp of it.

when i was in highschool i was constantly asking questions beyond the set curriculum bc i knew that i was receiving a watered down version of the topic, and that that was where any inconsistencies in the concept that i was able to identify were stemming from. and of course they were reluctant to tell me. “you don’t need to know that much” “just remember that ______”. like no? i can’t memorise something i don’t ? understand i have to UNDERSTAND it and then i’ll work with you like a goddamn angel lmao

Couch King Song Stream: Secret Stuff “No Promises”

Today is a good day. Today, we’re helping premiere a song off of a record that’s been two years in the making. Secret Stuff have been on our radar from the very beginning and have since become good friends of ours, and we couldn’t be more excited to be premiering “No Promises” off of their upcoming ep This Is Fine, due out this Friday through Spartan Records. Full of honest musicality and heart-on-your-sleeve lyricism, this ep is guaranteed to garner a lot of attention when it drops. Get some insight on the meaning of “No Promises” and listen to the exlclusive stream by clicking Read More

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Okaaaayy new plan

As I’m pretty sure is obvious by this point, I seem to only be actually doing stuff on this blog in sudden burst here and there. This is mostly because of school and stress and occasionally art block… SO, here’s the plan. For the time being until my life starts to go down on the stress meter a bit, I will only be replying and such on this blog on breaks. I believe the next break (being spring break) will be pretty soon. Hopefully this will lessen the stress for me and maybe make running this blog a bif easier/ smoother. I’m very very sorry about having been inactive so often. Two factors kind of started that and those are 1, I wasn’t expecting this to become an ask blog (although I’m kinda happy it did) and 2, This past year and prpbably next couple of months has been the busiest I’ve ever been in my life. So yeah, that’s the plan. I hope it’s acceptable for everyone. Thank you all so very much for your patience

TLDR: For the time being, I will only be replying to asks and such during breaks/ vacations.

I doesn’t gets difficult to makes your life hard, I gets difficult because I am has a hard times.

I knows very well it is hard for my friends when I has a hard times and has lots of fits with bites and punch and thrash myself. They happens if I gets sicks or triggers. When I gets stress my brains gets all soaks with stress hormones likes cortisol and it doesn’t knows how to handles it. My minds and body goes out of controls. I can’t stops if I gets in a bad stress cycles without lots of interventions.

My senses craves happens when my body knows what will stops the cortisol by triggers endorphins, but if the cortisol builds up a lots it causes pains and makes me feels afraid and I was not designs to feels that afraid! I evolves in a very lows stress environments and that means my brains doesn’t knows what to does when there is too much cortisol. My communications breaks down until my behaviors only lets me express something is wrongs. Then my friends has to uses interventions to keeps me calms and either plays detectives to finds out what happens or finds what will relieves my senses craves so I can calms down and tells them what it is. Yes it is very frustrates to not be able to communicates that a bleach spills sets me off, or that I has pains that could be anything from a wrists abscess to a toothaches!

I am types this after a very bad nights and I am the only ones awakes on the Milano rights now. Everybody else was up lasts nights to keeps me safes. I doesn’t wants to details why because I doesn’t needs to describes a bad times overs and overs. 

I sees posts and things on the internet by “autism parents” and “autism caregivers” who writes about the autistic person as if the autistic person has bad days on purposes to makes everybody else’s life hard. The things they says has such hates in them that I has to turns my datapads off sometimes! Things likes “My life would be more easy without (autistic person)” or they complains about how they are tires of “puts up” with behaviors and there is always embarrass details of the behaviors they are tires of. I can sees a lots of resents and it makes me sad for the autistic person they takes cares of. Remembers now that they are takes cares of autistic people who might also has other medicals issues that causes pains or sicks or makes the autistic person feels bad a lots.

I knows my bad times sometimes frustrates my friends! I hears it in their voices and sees it in how they moves. They wants to helps me feels betters so bad and they gets frustrates that they can’t makes it happens more fasts. They gets frustrates if I has a hard times and it mess up plans because they wants to does their things and instead they has to pins me down so I doesn’t hurts myself. They has to hears me yells and thrash and cry when they wants it quiets so they can thinks. I knows every bits of that! 

My bad times lasts nights happens when Quill was between Esonophite patch doses and he has a bad asthma attacks while try to restrains me until Rocket gets my chews tubes. He is okay now and does not blames me for it. Ones times I almost breaks Gamora’s noses by jerks my elbows backwards when she was grabs my arms to restrains me. I can’t counts how many times I headbutts or bites Drax. Sometimes Rocket gets knocks aside by a kicks or I accidentals bites his hands when he gives me my chews tubes. They doesn’t blames me or acts likes I sets out to injures them because they understands I does not has controls of myself when those things happens.

But the things that is different is my friends never resents me because they understands I doesn’t decides I will gets sicks or triggers or has a fits on purposes to ruins their days. All they sees is I am afraid or has pains or feels bad and they knows I needs helps to protects myself until the things that makes me has a hard times goes away.

We was plans to visits a new amusements parks on Sagevsal but my bad nights makes everybody too tires so we are rests instead. Guess what? I feels just as bad that I doesn’t gets to goes to the amusements parks because I was excites to go and instead of goes on roller coasters or Gravitrons I gets to feels pains and afraid and very, very bad for lots of hours! 

If I was someone you nasty caregivers takes cares of and I sees you makes my pains all about you all I will says is FUCKS YOU!

Stops makes autistic people feels like shits for has a hard times. Your oh so urgent needs to goes online and writes bad things about how hard your life is because of the autistic person’s behaviors proves your attitudes is a big shits! How can you talks likes that about somebody you claims to loves?

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I think everyone's forgetting that he's mentioned that he's ALWAYS doing stuff now. That means he won't have as much time to spend talking to us which is sad, but when things get calmer for him I'm sure he'll start interacting more. I'm my opinion we should be happy that his life is full after all the bad things that have happened last year. This tumblrina drama is probably just people looking for a reason to get mad. In my opinion is kinda cute too...

That’s very true!
People expect Mark to constantly cater to them and make them happy, but when his life is actually going good, they want to bring him down.
We should be the ones standing behind Mark. Lifting him up, and telling him we’re proud.
Not trying to bring him down and make him feel like nothing.
He deserves only happiness and positivity. Not stressful Tumblr drama.


Well, maybe it’s not that BIG of an announcement when I think about it. I mean it was bound to happen, no? … Just kidding /sigh/ Hello guys, It’s me… Kitty. Here to make one announcement. If some of you know, I have been currently going through a lot of anxiety and depressing times in my life right now. I am very vulnerable and weak right now that almost anything can trigger my anxiety (I pray to God that I won’t go through that). So, I’m taking it upon myself to do a change to try to make it less stressful for me, here in Tumblr.

What changes can we see?
- There’s not much changes you’ll see in regardings to my reblogs/posts because I’m pretty sure… You guys are well aware that I have become a Yixing & BTS blog (with an occasional reblogs/posts of other bands I want to get to know more, food, anime .. etc) (well if some of you were aware … :P)

What is the announcement then?
- I really hate to do this guys, honestly. I have made friends with so many of you through this group. I really hate it but ugh… I’ve done a lot of thinking and thinking.. And I have decided that I will be clearing my dash with anything of EXO… That means that.. I will be unfollowing any blog that is EXO-centric. I am very sorry for this sudden change or action … but /sigh/ Ever since that I’ve gotten myself more and more involved with EXO’s drama … I have noticed myself changed. I wasn’t the cussing type and just outwardly overreacting here and there…. I am not blaming anyone but myself for this change. I know I caused myself because I’m weak. So I am trying to change and thus this is happening. (there will be some exceptions however… but thats to my digression. I hope you guys understand that.)

- I am so sorry to all… I really hope you guys dont feel offended or anything if I unfollow you. I really hate this because some of y'all are the people who has been with me since chai-soo and has always supported me. I.. am sorry but I really do want all of you guys to know that I appreciate every single one of you. I want you guys to know that there’s nothing wrong with loving EXO… but I just cant right now. I may change in time… but thats in the future.

Do you hate EXO now?
-, gosh no! I honestly cannot hate EXO because they are the people who made me love KPOP. Theyre the ones who started it all for me…. And I cannot be anymore grateful for them. Sigh, but i hope you guys understand that I do still appreciate their music and all… I just don’t wanna know anything else as for right now… sigh. And about the concert… I am hoping that I will still be attending it. I still wanna appreciate their songs and even their presence… Its just the drama I dont wanna see. I know that’s quite selfish of me to say… But honestly, I have enough drama in my life to suffice a lifetime and just reacting to EXO drama is just… /sigh/ just not doing anything good to me. (///)

Overall, I still respect EXO very much.. but as for right now… I am vulnerable and weak and I, personally, can not take any of this right now. I hope in the near future… I will be stronger and be able to love EXO once again. Thank you guys for reading this and I hope y'all understand. If not, I’m sorry for seem-to-be-rash behavior.

-Kitty ●ᴥ●

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I don't mean this to rush you or to make you feel stressed, but OFD has consumed me! I am constantly on the edge of my seat for a new chapter. You truly have a gift!

AHhh that does not stress me out at all, anon! On the contrary, that makes me very pleased and eager to write more soon!! ^^

I’m about halfway through the next chapter, but sadly I have a butt-load of papers to grade this weekend, so I probably won’t get a chance to finish the chapter until a little later in the week. 

Stay tuned though! Those gay sea babies will be back soooon!

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Aaaaa hi. Um, I just wanted to tell you that having your writing to look forward to is really helping me get through a rough patch in my life right now. Thank you so much for posting your work, it's really wonderful.

You’re very welcome, and I appreciate the note, thanks so much for telling me.

(The excitement I’ve felt in working on this has made me realize I was mildly depressed last year, at least when it came to writing and how it had begun to feel like a struggle, to the point where I couldn’t rely on making up stories as a coping mechanism for stress, which is like … the core of my personality/ability to function, heh. It’s been such a relief to have a project that I literally can’t wait to work on again. Fandom can be a real life saver <3)

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tagged by @acelululala thank youu :3

1. Explain your url ?

It’s Jimin-related, does it need explaining lmao

2. do you have a weird habit ? if yes what is it

i kinda grit my teeth when i’m stressed…

3. Choose an idol as your ideal type and explain ?

Jimin because he’s soft and cute and warm and fluffy which is like the total opposite of what i am and i really need that stuff in my life and also because i feel like he’d be very protective and manly when needed, you know what i’m ramblin’ about here. My ideal type is practically somebody who can take care of me, be ultra lovable and squishy, someone i can do silly stuff with and have lots of fun and talk and talk about even the deepest shit and i think Jimin fits this the best. ahh imagining stuff rn help pls

4. Who is your Bias? Why?

I’m gonna transform this whole thing into a Jimin altar and i don’t even regret it .  So yes, my bias is Jimin. Because as i said above, he’s that type of guy. Plus, he’s like so determined and hard-working and his voice is so angelic like how ???? and his dancing is so amazing like how ??????? Under the whole ‘i’m sexy and i know it’  image, he’s just this ball of fluff which needs protection pls protect park jimin 

5. is there a word that you always say in your mind when you see your bias ?

it depends, i mean if he starts being all rude and shit on me y’know what i’m talkin’ about i’m like ‘damn son’  and if he’s being all cute and shit on me i’m like ‘fluffy squishy baby’  ¯\_ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) _/¯

6. what is the best compliment you ever heard / or like to hear ?

I love when people say they’ve seen such a nice side of me or if they say they’re proud of something i did or how i managed a situation. I always say i don’t care about what others think of me, but in fact i value others’ opinions very much. 

7. describe your best date plan ?

Hmm, it depends on my mood. Right now, going to an amusement park or just taking a walk would be nice.

8. Favourite song at the moment?

i’ve listened to Dope - Japanese ver. a few days ago for the first time and i got addicted to it. 

9. first impression you had of your bias group

it’s funny because i started seeing more and more gifs of BTS on tumblr and my first thought was ‘wtf is dis ignore ignore’ and each time BTS popped on my dash i was like ‘ew these guys again’. So all in all, my first impression of BTS was ‘ew’ and now i’m thinking back about that time and i’m like ‘wtf bish why would you do that’  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

10. Describe yourself in three words…

nicest sarcastic soul

11. favorite dessert ?

I love anything sweet tbh. 

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1. What other groups do you listen to?

2. Do you own kpop merch?

3. What’s your biggest dream?

4. The thing you love the most about yourself

5. What do you like reading?

6. Where would you choose to live for the rest of your life?

7. Biggest accomplishment up till now

8. Introvert or Extrovert?

9. Favourite kpop mv of all times

10. Favourite lyrics from a song

11. Place you visited you’d return to anyday

Happiness of now

Often we only see happiness in our future, I think. So I was thinking and I think I need to remind myself what is making me happy in my life right now;

My friends - thinking about them, talking to them, just knowing they are out there. They make me happy.

Climbing - sometimes it feels like I’m just going through the motions and I can’t really stop climbing now without feeling very stressed and it makes me forget that actually I love it. Every time I do it it’s good. Routes. Trees. Whatever. It makes me happy.

Pets - again sometimes I get bogged down in their care, I worry about money, I feel like I neglect them, I gro weary of cleaning up after them. It makes me forget that actually I love them, I love that I’m never alone, I love that they have a perspective on the world so different from my own. I love watching them. That make me happy.

I guess that will do for now. There are small pleasures. Clean clothes, coffee, the stars…etc. But they don’t ‘make me happy’.  Hopefully this list will expand a little when I’m more cheery. I don’t want to be so focused on being happy in the future that I look past now. It’s such a trap.