This is Rick F-342. His Beth miscarried her Morty, and he wasn’t around to do anything about it. Now he lives in her house out of a sense of guilt, although he can’t connect with his Summer very well and doesn’t have many reasons to keep on living. Or he didn’t have, until recently.

A few months ago, a Morty started visiting him on his bedroom at night. The Morty comes through a portal, has sex with him and then leaves without a trace. He doesn’t speak, doesn’t stay after the deed is done, appears only in his room after midnight and won’t come if someone else is there. Any and all attempts on Rick’s part to track him down or otherwise discover where he comes from, why he continues to come visit him or anything else about him have proven to be futile. Rick can’t even acquire any solid proof that this Morty even exists outside their encounters, and he’s slowly going mad because of it. Now he spends most of his night sitting on his bed in the dark, sleepless, awaiting this Morty and questioning reality.

Now we KNOW where Tama get it from

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I vote that at some point Captain Georgiou found out that Michael had never had a nickname yet she’d always wanted one(I feel like Vulcans just wouldn’t do nicknames) so for like a month Georgiou insisted they refer to each other exclusively as Mikey and Pippa.

“It’s what we humans do,” the Captain says with a friendly smile.

“It is not particularly logical,” Michael insists, though she notes that argument does little to dissuade her new superior officer. “It was remiss of me to ask about nicknames. You do not need to give me one to make me feel better, captain.”

“Pippa,” Captain Georgiou corrects.

Michael’s mouth clamps shut, and she feels a sudden surge of warm giddiness prickling along her skin, like the too warm sunshine of Vulcan.


Georgiou rests her chin in her hands, and leans herself forward by her elbows on the desk between them. She has a mischievous look on her face that Michael is becoming intimately acquainted with.

“Pippa. It’s the nickname I had as a child. Or Pip, if you prefer.”

“Starfleet regulations clearly state that I am to address you as ‘sir’, 'ma'am’, or 'captain’ during my active duty hours.”

Georgiou simply shrugs. “Captain Pippa, then.” And there’s that smile once more, although this time it’s much more relaxed, sympathetic even, as if she can see through Michael’s skull and straight into her mind and read exactly what she is feeling like text on a screen. “If it makes you uncomfortable for me to call you by a nickname, Number One, I won’t do it.”

“No, it’s not that,” Michael cuts in immediately. Georgiou raises an eyebrow at the contraction, something Michael rarely if ever uses, but doesn’t say a word. She only waits patiently for Michael to continue.

Michael runs her tongue across the back of her front teeth. “I actually prefer Mikey over Mike,” she finally says, hesitantly.

Georgiou’s grin is as bright as any star, and Michael’s heart flutters when it happens. It’s at that moment she knows without a doubt that she definitely wants to see it again.

“Of course, First Officer Mikey.”

(Eventually the entire Shenzhou bridge crew got in on it. It was great.)


Because Slytherins know what they’re worth and have self value; something we’ve been told to have since birth

But it’s not ok when we actually do

Because there’s a double standard when you’re told to have self respect

We expect you to dress and act modestly and if someone disrespects you we’re going to get angry that you stood up for yourself

There’s a double standard when you’re told not to underestimate yourself

Any time you’re simply honest about your skills we’re going to treat you like you’re lying and bragging

There’s a double standard when you’re told to be confident and believe in yourself

We’re going to treat you like you’re cold, calculating and conceited because you don’t feign the needy self deprecating behavior that everyone expects and society finds attractive

We are Slytherin.

Yeah, we have weaknesses, but not the same way everyone else does.

I’m not going to apologize for that.

the way the dursleys treated dudley transcended spoiling. it was straight up neglectful, endangering his health and well-being by allowing him to eat and do anything he wanted. he could hardly walk he was so overweight by age 11, and by age 15 he was basically a gang member. a shitty gang member, sure, but the point stands

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But beta males are male feminists who are subservient to women. They're not sexist. So Summer's line makes no sense. I'm just going to chalk that line up to Summer being a dumb millennial teen who doesn't know what words mean.

anyways since im sure most of yall dont know this tumblr user ha/lpde/von used to draw pedophilia (has since been taken down but was drawn when op was a grown ass adult) in the sw fandom and is also super fucking racist (x) so please please please block them and keep their art off peoples dashes 

example of their art: