eren, mikasa, and armin would be the kind of people to go to the beach at two in the morning just to see the stars above the ocean before the sun rises

What the hell?

I posted a pic of Alan Turing because it’s his birthday today and it gets marked by tumblr as NSFW?! What the hell is up with that @staff? Really? Because he’s a gay icon? He is way more than just a gay icon, though that is awesome too. But he was also a genius who came up with algorithms that paved the way to modern computers, lap tops, tablets and cell phones, not to mention all the other things he was interested in. But to my mind the most important thing about Alan Turing, he is a true hero who saved thousands of lives during WW2.

As for my post, there is NOTHING NSFW ABOUT IT. It is a tribute to a great, and good, man. I find tumblr automatically tagging posts like mine as NSFW just because it is about an openly gay man offensive, especially ON HIS BIRTHDAY. You should be celebrating Alan Turing today, not labeling posts about him as NSFW.

Skype Calls with Lilleh
  • Me: *reading a fic out loud* Peter replied, once again rabbing-
  • Me: *stops and realizes I said "rabbing" instead of "rubbing"*
  • Me: *starts singing* RRAABINGGG
  • Lilleh and I: *starts laughing*
  • Me: Hey if you mess up why not make it more awkward
  • Lilleh: When you mess up, why not sing your typos... or, your speakos
  • Me: *starts laughing hysterically*
  • Lilleh: *smirks and starts singing* SPEEEAAKOOSSS