are you seeing how funny this is

Texting Hide
  • Kaneki:hey hide!
  • Hide:Hey!
  • Kaneki:Hide!
  • Hide:I said hey.
  • Kaneki:Why aren't you listening.
  • Hide:WTH are you talking about!
  • Kaneki:I was telling you to hide.
  • Hide:What! Why do I....Oh I get it, hahah very funny Kaneki.
  • Kaneki:Now you see how it feels, when you do your stupid puns everyday.
  • Hide:So, but I KEN do it better than you.
  • Kaneki:.....
  • Hide:Don't hate appreciate.😆

Six years before IV′s incident, the bots were working in Roswell, New Mexico. AKA the home of Area 51(nevermind, I lied).  I wonder what they know?  (But their memories were probably wiped.)

Funny how it was six years before IV went into space that they worked with potential space stuff, and now we’re on Peter VI (six)(which, if you flip his title backwards is IV) and we’re on the 4th album, and we’re returning to space.

  6+4=10 and I’m trying to see if 10 can fit in, anywhere. :/

EDIT:  Okay, so I’ve been informed that Area 51 isn’t in New Mexico, but Nevada. :I  Still, Roswell is known for a supposed UFO crash in 1947, 10 years before the bots were there. THERE’S MY 10!  Bam!

Thanks, dieseldaisy  !

My experience with spontaneous love declarations

You know when your ship (before becoming canon) accidentally draws parallels between something they love and someone they love? Like (for a dumb example) Person A from a ship ADORES yorkshire terriers. Like, they fucking LOVE them. And one day, person B does something funny and person A says something like “OMG you look so much like an yorkshire terrier rn.”


Turns out that happens in real life… And when you realise what you just said you feel like digging a hole and putting your head there. And stay. Like…… Forever.

I watched Carmilla (webseries with a very hot lesbian vampire) and I was astonished by HOW FUCKING HOT AND BEAUTIFUL the actress who plays Carmilla (Natasha Negovanlis) is.

So I met my bae after not seeing her for like 5 months and I was really excited and talking really fast (mostly about Natasha) about how her bum was out of this world and her voice was like liquid porn and her hair would make Aphrodite jealous and I’m not even starting on her eyebrows. I even told her that now Natasha was the second most beautiful woman on the world (after Emma Watson, of course) in my opinion.

And then I just said “Oh, you actually remind me of her!”

Please, lord, save me. Let my bae not realise what I just did… Like… Ever.

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It's funny how you're so "body positive" and "comfortable" in your own skin when all you do (like 99.9%) is take pictures of your face, in an angle where nobody sees your double chin or face flab. Also the self-harm and shit. You're a bad example to struggling fat teens, I don't see how anyone could take you as an inspiration. Fake it til you make it, I guess?

this message is so weird and pathetic and none of it is good at all and im sexy regardless of my mental illness also i dont cut myself??? i slipped in some mud and skinned my knees? anyways,

oh wait i read this again and have more to say 1) why does my body concern you 2) why are you so mean 3) have you ever even looked at my face or body to see how hot i am 4) whats it like being a bad person 5) why would you make fun of someone for lying about being body positive like???? “oh haha lol you dont actually love yourself!!!!!!! how embarrassing!!!!!!” YIKES you suck Have fun disappointing your parents

all of u guys: “hey lets play a fun game!! lets not tell the autistic child with abandonment issues and severe anxiety why we hate it and secretly talk shit about it behind its back because its so funny to see it have breakdowns. can you BELIEVE it said _____??!?!! *screenshot* *screenshot* wow im going to vague about it and ignore all its posts in hopes it gets the hint (: this Autistic Child must understand exactly why people dislike it (: lets continue ignoring it and not telling it how to get better”

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Does it ever bother you how so many people ask about your fic updates? I dunno, I just hope you don't feel pressured because of it and I've been seeing a lot of people asking nonstop lately. It just worries me, idk.

No it doesn’t bug me at all! I’m so glad that so many people are interested in my dumb dang fic. It’s a bit of pressure, sure, but it really is nice. And people are usually nice/funny about how they ask.

And I think most people get that I’m a person and not a vending machine. I can’t imagine anyone hunched angrily over their computer ranting loudly to their cat about how much I suck for not being faster. Basically the stuff going on in my life right now is calm enough that I can afford to focus all the necessary extra time and energy into this fic.

You’re Younger - 5SOS blurb

Shutting down bandandbookimagines soon, so I’m transferring all my older (crappier) writing here!

I don’t really think that Ashton would mind or think about it all that much. At first the fans wouldn’t like you much but they’d get over it pretty quickly after seeing how cute you were together. You’d be much more mature than him, which he’d find really cute and funny and so would the fans.

He wouldn’t really care. He’d probably forget sometimes too. Like, he’d probably be going out to drink with the guys and he’d ask you if you wanted to come with him so you’d need to remind him that you’re not even legal yet and he’d just be like ‘oh yeah’ and kinda feel bad.

He’d be overprotective and always defending you, especially whenever you got hate. He wouldn’t dare tease you because he’d be afraid of hurting you. I mean, he’d know that you were strong but he’d still treat you like fine china. He’d try to go everywhere with you and when you were studying for a test or something he’d always try to help.

He’d probably tease you, like a lot. He would only do that because he knew that you didn’t really care when it came from him. He wouldn’t know about all the hate until he’d find you with your laptop open and you’d be crying, then he’d send a tweet saying to back off and he’d get really protective of you ‘cause no one can tease his princess but him…

Ok but xfiles au trohley

Andy is assigned to be Joe’s partner and work on the xfiles

And Andy goes to meet him in his dimly lit basement conspiracy theorist office and it’s murky with cigarette smoke and the first thing Andy says is “Smoking this much’ll kill you”

And Joe looks up from his desk and says “Who asked you? How did you get in here?!

"I’m a doctor”
“Well /I/ didn’t /order/ a doctor”
“No, but the bureau assigned me to work with you on the x-files.”

And it’s funny because Joe’s office is so dark that the first time they see each other they don’t really get an idea of how attractive they find each other

So when they actually have to work on their first case Joe is a little floored when he sees Andy

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Hi! My name is Tess and I almost always laugh so hard I cry. Also I wanted to know if you have a favorite dessert. :) Ps. I have notifications on for for your blog I love it so much!

I do have a favorite dessert (its pretty obvious, I’m a chubby person) I freaking love cheese cake. And apple pie. Ugh pie is so good. Thanks for asking <3 


You sat on the cat walk with Owen. He watched his raptors below as he ate his lunch.
You guys had been friends for a very long time. He was your favorite person to talk to. He was smart, funny and clever. You would always eat lunch with him because he had a new topic that caught your interest every day. But today, he decided to see how hard he could make you laugh.
Why can’t you hear the pterodactyl going to the bathroom? The P is silent.“ He smiled at you. You just rolled your eyes.
“Not funny, Grady.”
“Dinosaurs are amazing animals. They have existed being solid, liquid and gas. Get it? Because lava melted them and now they’re gas.”
You gave a small chuckle.
“It would have been more funny if you didn’t have to explain it.” You took another bite of your lunch.
“Why did the Archaeopteryx catch the worm? Because it was an early bird!”
His jokes were getting better and you tried to hold in your laughter.
“What do you call a plated dinosaur when he is asleep? Stegosnorus.”
That time you couldn’t help but let out a laugh.
“Okay Owen, you got me.”
But he gave a devilish grin. He knew how you were when you would start laughing.
“ What made the dinosaur’s car stop?  A flat Tireannosaurus.”
You continued to laugh. And Owen continued to tell jokes.
Your stomach was starting to hurt, the muscles in your face was tensing up and there were tears coming out of your eyes. Below you the raptors watched you. You couldn’t stop laughing.
When you had finally stopped you were laying next to Owen trying to catch your breath. He just looked at you smiling.
“You have a really cute laugh you know.”
“Shut up.”

Yo I know I've reblogged posts that say this before but I wanna say it myself

If you all ever want to tag me in something, please, do it! It makes me so happy when someone sees something and thinks of me and wants me to see it. I’ve gotten messages from people asking me if that’s alright, and really, it is! I’d love it if you did that for me! You honestly don’t know how happy it would make me! Whether it be Yixing or Kyungsoo or Jackson or Yoongi or anyone from any band that I remotely stan, or even something funny or something sad or something you think I’d relate to, it would make me soooooo happy if you saw it and thought to yourself ‘hey, I bet Kelsey would like this’ and tagged me in it! It makes me feel like you all really appreciate me! Idk this has just been a little thingy I’m sorry about the rant

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adding on to your other anon, why do zayn stans always have to be the ~bigger person~ in this scenario when people are being petty about him? i find it especially noticeable since a lot of us are not white and it always smacks of people talking down to us for reacting to awful shit being said about zayn especially since i've seen loads of white and some poc ot4 stans say zayn stans love pulling the race card about everything and i'm just like.... oh i see that's what you think, interesting.

1d fandom has proven time and time again how nasty / immature / racist they can be. Do people think bc zayn left it would magically change or something. If anything it only got worst and I always find it funny how people pretend they don’t see the stuff ot4 say and try to spin it like oh its just one sided. all on us. Ot4 isnt just larrie tinhats btw. and nope. zayn fans shouldn’t feel like they have to be the bigger person

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do you think it's worth watching each episode completely through? because i started running man recently and i'm invested except i don't want to spend THAT much time catching up on 240+ episodes especially when some of them can drag on. also do you recommend going in order if i need to understand inside jokes? thanks for this blog it's really helpful in terms of choosing episodes :)

When I first started I watched from ep 130 on (there were only like 160 eps out then). I mean you don’t HAVE to watch it in order for it to be funny, but just like every tv show out there, I think if you enjoy it then going through all of them is definitely worth it. For the eps that drag out you can just skip them. It’s just interesting to see how the members change over 5 years. In the end you can do whatever you want though. I know some people who just watch the eps with their favorite idols in them. 

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Hello! I would just like to say your blog is amAZING!!!😊 And I love Keeping Up With The Cullens! Where did you even come up with the idea of KUWTC?!?!

Honest to god I got the idea when I was making screencaps of the BD2 special features. Seeing the actors in costume/make-up talking about filming made me think of how funny it would be if these weren’t on-set interviews but rather a “confessional” thing like on a reality TV show.  It was originally the Volturi I thought of, but I really didn’t have enough pictures of them (or enough story) to make it work. The Cullens work better, since they were around for all the major events of the books (except the middle of NM, but even there we have some idea what they were up to) and because there are LOTS of images of the actors speaking to the camera while dressed in character. 

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What did you make of the Candice's fart comment? I'm not sure Grant farted. I think he just made a farting noise when he picked up the box. I heard that the phrase that she used is a funny pick up line. If you google it it comes up under that heading of funny pick up lines. She definitely said it to him in a very sultry way. I wish we got to see his reaction to what she said. Of all the footage why do you think they decided to use that one of Candice? Odd choice. I think she liiiikes him.

It’s possible he may have made the sound, but it was still funny/???/cute nonetheless. It kind of makes things even more interesting if he was playing around lol. Which, again, means they are cool with each other. Like I said before, I thought it was flirty and sultry as you put it. I can’t really figure out the right word to describe how she said it, but it had like a bit of sexiness too it? What I’m not sure of is if she was flirting, or if that’s how she is, because I know people have mistaken me as being “flirty” before without even intending to. Honestly, what this clip does is put together all the playful “evidence” I’ve been collecting on these two. lmao

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Oh so you do care about what Stydia shippers tag? Does this mean you feel threatened by our ship? Huh. Maybe you can help me "get my facts straight" and explain why tagging is bothering you so much. Are our words hurting the poor Stalia shippers? Who *cough* got an entire season of their ship. Including mentally unstable sex in a mental asylum? *cough* Funny that I found your post in an anti Stalia tag when I was supposed to be seeing looking at anti Stalia posts. *cough* Signed, sweetheart.

Sweetheart, try checking the tags. I always tag correctly so if you were seeing it wrong then that’s your or your computers fault, not mine.

Also, the fact that you’re excusing tagging incorrectly and in the same breath reason it by saying that I tagged incorrectly (when I didn’t) just goes to show how pathetic you are and how you either need to re think your crap or just shut up altogether.

Try asking the Stydia shippers who get pissed at seeing Stalia/Marrish in their tag why it bothers them so much because I can assure you it bothers them just as much as it does me.

Still, let me put it simply for you; I go into Stalia tag? I want to see Stalia. I go into Marrish tag? I want to see Marrish. I go into Stydia tag? I want to see Stydia. That is it. It is honestly that simple.

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I was cruisin in my Nate lane and I'd see Swazz and be like "aww he's a cutie" and just 4 or 5 days ago I got hella feelings for Swazz like it came out of nowhere

Lol that’s how it happens!! It hits you out of nowhere! Like I’ve posted so much Swazz content this last week it’s not even funny 😅😅😅😍