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Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman (and Clark) is something that Christopher Reeve would be proud of. This is a Superman that has been absent from comics and movies for sometime. Tyler’s Superman comes across as the gentle giant who’s humbleness knows no bounds. He is the kind of person who would own a room with presence alone yet yield to the softest voice trying to speak up. This Superman is in command of everything but never gives an order. He is sweet, funny and yet, you would NEVER want to see him get angry. His power demands respect. How Tyler, the writers, and the producers found the balance for this is astounding!

sometimes i think abt how many layers of humor there are to the home life or robbie from gravity falls like. you see this emo kid and you’re like “i bet he is nothing like his parents” and then you find out his parents are morticians and you’re like “oh… maybe he comes by it honestly” and THEN you see his parents and they turn out to be the most jovial people in the world who literally make puns about death and you go back to your original mindset. that is so fucking funny to me. i hope someday i can make a joke on that level

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Prompt: His smile still made your heart do a funny sort of leap.

Character: Kili x Reader

You grinned, seeing your new husband dancing with his brother, and sat down on a chair beside Dis. It had been a long process leading up to this moment; yours and Kili’s wedding day but here it was and you couldn’t think of a time you were this happy.

Dis was talking excitedly beside you about how happy she was that you were part of the family and that she was just so happy for the two of you, “I’m happy, too,” you added, “I’m really happy.”

Kili looked for you and when his eyes found yours, he sent you the widest grin. His smile still made your heart do a funny sort of leap; it would always send you into a frenzy.

“Go to him,” Dis smiled, nudging you out of your seat, “Go dance with your husband.” And so you did and it was wonderful.

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I just thought of something funny about the "Mr. Greg" episode, that you can clearly see that, unlike other musical episodes in other series where they are supposed to be talking but the viewer sees it as a song, here they are actually singing. So I thought "Why would Pearl start singing out loud about Greg and Rose right in front of him?" and I remembered that she doesn't know how sleeping works so maybe she thought that your senses turn off and didn't expect for them to hear her XD

To be fair, the Gems break out into song all the time already.

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bruh, u got nominated for funniest blogger/overall best blogger,,, what are ur thoughts? (i voted for u btw )

so i’ve heard lmao ty for voting, i’ve gotten nominated for things like this before and it’s always funny to see how competitive people get with it. i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, if you wanna vote for me (which you can do so here, here, and here), i’ll personally fight you in an ikea parking lot

but hey if you don’t feel like voting or you wanna vote for someone else that’s cool i’m not holding anyone against their will

Funny how I’ve yet to see obnoxious, essay length posts singing praises to Luke Cage for being such a magnificent, unapologetically black superhero show when I had to put up with similar posts declaring Dankweevil and Jennifer Jokes as groundbreaking, feminist works (when they really, REALLY weren’t) 

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                                         HEY UNDEAD ARMY!


In the meanwhile, enjoy this cover I made for y’all.

See you soon, people.

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I just love Idle adventures like the 1st time you meet Saradomin he asks you to “pray once”. then the very next time you see him it’s basically  “kill 500 of every monster species you’ve ever encountered” like chill lmfao you just met me.

Which is funny bc that’s also how he canonically is.
Aka goes from “I have arrived”, to “ok give me that magical item you worked your ass off for and that I don’t meet the requirements to use.”

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ace im one of ur quiet followers but one time i binge read all of your text posts and snorted laughing until i had to go lie down with a stomach ache and i just hope u remember how lovely and funny u r and the rest of the world sees u in the kindest light so i hope u will stick around for a while bc i will miss u if u go

thank you this means a lot ♡

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I don't play Warframe often, but I play Nyx as my main > 3 >;; When I started, I had to pick between 3 shitty choices and I ended up having to go with Loki because the others didn't seem like something I could use well enough. But I got some platinum and got Nyx and I've been using her ever since xD I like using the bow (the one with the squarehook head, because it's an almost guaranteed kill with a headshot and it's funny seeing them stuck to the walls, flailing madly about.

[[Well this is a NSFW blog, so I wasn’t really sure how to reply to you.]]

[[Nyx is still pretty nice for crowd control and her new augment of her chaos I suppose? I don’t really play nyx all that oten unless needed. However Loki is still pretty much my man for doing most missions. Thanks for telling me your experience in warframe! ^u^]]

it’s funny to me how much a band’s own narrative surrounding an album influences how reviewers describe it. i kept reading about how what went down was foals’ heaviest album when in fact it had two heavy songs (i don’t know if i’d consider them heavier than inhaler or providence though) and overall the album was their most polished yet with the incredibly radio-friendly mountain at my gates.

now with the new warpaint i keep seeing this discourse around how it is their most immediate and accessible album that comes closest to achieving their funky live sound. now i really love this album. but the only song that i think really breaks away from the usual warpaint album sound is new song. maybe whiteout. but the majority of the album is drenched in vocal and guitar effects with dreamy and often dark melodies over that irresistibly groovy rhythm section. that’s standard warpaint. and again i’m not complaining at all because i love warpaint and i think this album achieves the perfect balance between pushing their boundaries and staying true to their sound. but it’s just funny to me how reviews always mimic what the band says about the album and pretend like it’s a unique perspective.

Useless rant about Xe’ra (possible spoiler)

So, wait a fokken minute. I did Black Temple once just for the achievement, so you put up a flashback (actually a pretty funny one) in which you take my character and without even thinking that maybe she should use a bow or a gun you put a sword in her hand. Hunter weapon, I guess? So, you take my now swordman, you put her in charge of a random group and you make me see how they ruthlessly kill this poor raid boss, and you call that a “true betrayal”.

Even if it’s a very story-driven quest, you take away any RP component by making them shout random stuff like “I think Johnny is AFK”, “heal this”, “taunt that” and so on, but you know what? It’s okay. As I said, it’s funny. It actually made me smile. And then what do you do? You ruin it. Because IT IS story driven. And because you say that THAT was true betrayal. He was betrayed by ME (and Akama, and the raid group, okay).

“His rebirth will be the story of your redemption.”

MY redemption? I need to get redemption for killing a raid boss? Because you are a fangirl and you think Illidan’s perfect, he’s the chosen one who did everything right all along and we are all assholes because we treated him badly.

“I felt hatred in your heart as it corrupted your mind.” 

First of all, fuck you. Second, who told you that? Where the fuck is my roleplay? How come that I can’t decide how my characters felt about killing Illidan? How come that I can’t decide if my characters actually did kill Illidan in their story? “It’s a MMO”, you say, “you can’t play it like Dragon Age or games like that”, you say. You are right, it’s not an actual RPG. But even if there aren’t actual decisions to make, I can still fill the gaps with my headcanons at least for my characters. I have older characters, but the ones I play now are young compared to this story.

Taleera is a pretty young troll hunter, who finished her training right before WoD and was sent to Draenor to fight the Iron Horde. She was in training when people assaulted Black Temple. Plus, she’s a serious, cold soldier. She doesn’t feel hatred and it doesn’t corrupt her mind, when she’s given an order.

Garutan is a troll druid who tried to stay alone for a long time and joined the Darkspear when the Cataclysm hit. When people assaulted Black Temple she was probably Dreaming or dancing with the moonkins or whatever druids do when they don’t ask you to do stuff for them while they cry on their master’s body doing nothing else.

Ravilie is a worgen warlock. A gilnean worgen. How the hell was she supposed to feel hatred for Illidan while she killed him from behind Greymane Wall???

I could go on but I think the point is clear.

It’s your story, your plot, your f-ing naaru fangirl that talks to me, but I and only I am allowed to decide how my characters react to it. Even if it’s just an headcanon. Even if no one else cares. That’s how I want to play and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

You know what? You didn’t need to convince me Illidan was right. I loved him in WCIII. I loved him in TBC. I loved him in the book. One of the many, many reason I hate Malfurion is how he treated his brother. So far, I loved HIS part of the story in Legion. But Xe’ra’s (and maybe Blizzard’s) POV is ruining him for me.


LWD & SKOP CHALLENGE: DAY 13 - list of songs for the Addicted series

Don’t ask me why all that text is in a pic and not here (Tumblr is being a motherfucker, that’s why). Hear this funny story, if I put any direct link here or any part of that text, my tags won’t work and you will not be able to see my edit :D :D :D (if you couldn’t notice, I’m this close to have a proper mental breakdown) (i’ve been dealing with this shit for the entire day guyz, I kid you not). I have absolutely no idea of how to solve this, the only thing I could think of was to put everything in three pics (which is a very stupid idea, I’m aware). I’m sad and angry and in terrible need of sleep. If you know what the hell is happening and how to fix this and want to help this poor noob out, plz let me know. I’m deeply sorry for the mess that is this post. - ps.And if you happen to listen to any of the songs (you know, by searching them, since I can’t post that freaking direct link to the playlist), let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts(:” -

Edit: brand new day, brand new attitud- nope, still pissed af. Ive decided I’m going to make a final attemp with the links and post them below, for you to copy and paste if interested (I still can’t post any direct link) (you need to remove the “*” after “beneath” from the links for them to work).

Song1: beneath*
Song7: beneath*

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Hey ur the only person thats been on this hellsite for a while do u know the origins of the skeleton war


God, I don’t know… it was all a blur? I remember when it happened, and I was like “this isn’t funny” but I don’t remember WHY it happened. I just remember fucking seeing it out of nowhere. I think it originated from a tweet that people took too far, or something? I have very vague memories of it. I think Dril had something to do with it, indirectly? Something about how if your grave is marked in a certain way, you’re automatically drafted? I never thought it was a funny meme, so I wasn’t directly involved, and therefore I don’t remember the origins. But this is what I know.

Questions for tau o te ate (soul mate)

Do you think we were about to fall in love last year? I saw you with her and it was right and I just wanted you to be happy and loved by someone as full of light as she is. So I never said anything, even though I so keenly felt your desire for me too.

Do you think we might still fall in love one day?

Do you think this is love but not in love, the deepening of our friendship and understanding?

Don’t you think it’s funny how we are growing so much, right beside each other anyway. The secrets we tell. The tender way you are with me. The way we recognise each other, our harmony.

How happy I am for both of you, that I can celebrate when I see your happiness and love.

How you see me now more clearly than when we first met, when I was a mystery to you that you were so shy of. How I knew everything about you when we first met. I trust you now. I couldn’t trust anyone then, but now you are one of the chosen few.

Maybe there’s a parallel life we both made different choices in. Where we met at the right time.

Maybe in our next life, we’ll be in love then. We’ll be ready.

I just think it’s funny how jealous this girl is of all the support our friend is getting! Sorry that you screwed your friends over and the only one left from our original friend group didn’t even come to see you in concert! But please, continue subtweeting the sweetest person I know because you can’t stand the thought of not being loved like she is! I really hope you find closure within yourself to be a nice person! I also find it ironic about what you typed in the above tweet considering you always have to prove yourself on social media that “You are enough” and that “your parents raised you right.”
Have a great life Lily “All Lives Matter” Ginder