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LiS Before the Storm, featuring gay, gay, and more gay.
  • Life is Strange Before the Storm Team: Okay. So Episode one of Before the Storm was pretty gay. And hella crazy.
  • Fans: yES
  • Team: Here's episode 2's trailer.
  • Team: Oops. We're making it gayer. And crazier. Like, hella crazy. And gay. Did we mention gay?
Last words of infamous criminals

Jeffrey Dahmer- “I don’t care if I live or die. Go ahead and kill me.”

Carl Panzram- "Hurry it up, you Hoosier bastard! I could hang a dozen men while you’re screwing around!”

Timothy McVeigh- "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

Ted Bundy- "I’d like you to give my love to my family and friends.”

John Wayne Gacy- "Kiss my ass.”

Aileen Wournos- “ “I’d just like to say I’m sailing with the rock, and I’ll be back like Independence Day, with Jesus, June 6th. Like the movie, big mother ship and all. I’ll be back.”

H.H. Holmes- “Take your time. Don’t bungle it.”

Albert Fish- “I don’t even know why I’m here.”

Donald Gaskins- “I’ll let my lawyers talk for me. I’m ready to go.”

Andrei Chikatilo- “Don’t blow my brains out! The Japanese want to buy them!”

What Goes Up...

The group I DM for, mostly levels 4 and 5, had been asking if they could do a quest that involved sailing. So I dusted off Stormwrack and settled of The Sable Drake. They had tracked the ship to the pirates hideout and were engaging in a sea battle offshore. The crew were all still alive but Captain Naki had all but crippled the ship and were preparing to board.

Cleric casts Wind Wall

Cleric: “That will keep them from shooting us but they can just walk through it.”

Ranger: “Yeah but the captain’s a wererat. If she gets on board she could bite us. I don’t want to get bit!”

Bard OOC: hey *DM* is the catapult still loaded?

DM: Yes, but the Sable Drake is too close to use it.

Bard OOC: Can I tie my rope to the rock.

DM: Yes? It takes 5 feet to wrap the rock. May I ask why?

Bard: I tie the rope and tell the crew member to prepare to fire. Hey, *Ranger* can I borrow your rope?“

Ranger: “Uh, sure.”

Bard: I tie her rope onto mine and say “Get ready.”

Captain Naki proceeds to board the ship after the party surrendered.

“So nice to have an easy capture. Just hand over the valuables and I’ll make your deaths quick.”

Bard: “Now *Ranger*!”

Ranger throws the rope at Naki and the bard casts Animate Rope on it to ranger her. Naki fails her save and is tangled.

The DM suddenly realizes what the rope is for.

Bard: “Fire the Catapult!”

The catapult is fired and Naki goes sailing towards the beach. The DM didn’t even bother to roll for fall damage.

“Good job. You’ve Tom and Jerry’d yet another boss fight.”

Entire table is losing their shit.

The party then proceeds to capture the Sable Drake and for themselves renamed it The Flying Goblin.

Guardians of Notra pt. 1
  • Random New Blood, sets their hand on Cal's: If I touch someone, I can feel their feelings.
  • Cal: that's nice.
  • Random New Blood: You feel love.
  • Cal: yeah, I guess yeah, I feel a general unselfish love for just about everybody-
  • Random New Blood: No... sexual love...
  • Cal: No, no I dont-
  • Random New Blood, points to Mare: FOR HER!
  • Cal: NO!
  • Cal: Dude come on, I think you're overreacting a little bit.
  • Mare: blushing a lot
  • Kilorn, bouncing up and down and grabbing the New Blood's hand: DO ME! DO ME! DO ME!
Last words of infamous criminals

Jeffrey Dahmer- “I don’t care if I live or die. Go ahead and kill me.”

Carl Panzram- “Hurry it up, you Hoosier bastard! I could hang a dozen men while you’re screwing around!”

Timothy McVeigh- "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

Ted Bundy- "I’d like you to give my love to my family and friends.”

John Wayne Gacy- "Kiss my ass.”

Aileen Wuornos- “ “I’d just like to say I’m sailing with the rock, and I’ll be back like Independence Day, with Jesus, June 6th. Like the movie, big mother ship and all. I’ll be back.”

H.H. Holmes- “Take your time. Don’t bungle it.”

Albert Fish- “I don’t even know why I’m here.”

Donald Gaskins- “I’ll let my lawyers talk for me. I’m ready to go.”

Andrei Chikatilo- “Don’t blow my brains out! The Japanese want to buy them!”

The 105th Annual Titanic Commemoration has begun.

Sync up your watches. Queue up your favorite version of the film. Ready your blanket fort.

Because this is the day where right now, somewhere in history, there’s a ship sailing on a still sea. Lights and reflected in new crystals, the gaiety of a sea side band echoes in dinning rooms filled with laughter and leisure. 2,200 hearts are beating. Humming a shared song of humanity. A chorus of unknown possibilities, of unlimited potential.

Somewhere in history, prayers have been said and children tucked into their beds. Lovers have strolled the decks of this new ship, their ship, a ship of dreams, Somewhere in history, in this tiny pocket, those dreams are still alive. Still whispered. Carried to see as their breath mixes with the sea air. Somewhere in history, those dreams are still sewn together with the possibilities of someday.

Two sailors look at the still ocean, a calm, unnervingly calm, sea. They don’t see it yet because it’s not there. Not in front of their eyes, not even in their thoughts. There isn’t the slightest chance that anything could separate them from their warm beds when their watch comes to an end. Certainly not an iceberg.

Somewhere men are playing cards. Nannies and turning the lights off and checking on their young charges. Somewhere the melody of the Marconi is still serenading the shore, Families are still together.

And those are the moments that we choose to live in. To Savor. Because we know what is to come, but for a few moments, we all try to hold on to the somedays. The what could happen. The what might have been. We don’t want to remember what happened, We want to hope that this time, they’ll see it. This time, they’ll clear it. This time the rudder will be larger. This time the bulkheads go up one more deck. This time they’ll never need to worry about the shortage of boats as they won’t be needed.

But we all know better.We know it can’t change. We know that even this pocket of history is not immune to the finality of time.

So we find our way to process. We find our way to remember. Our way to never forget

After all, It’s been 105 years, and we can still smell the fresh paint.

We are in the midst of an amazing astrological time, and that is why we wanted to release a bulletin for you – make the most of this beautiful time period! The powerhouse of Mars is going to supercharge this time period for everyone, and as we are in the shadow period of Uranus before the retrograde, we will find that some of our most ancient problems, concerns, anxieties, and traumas are being reawakened within us. Toxins that are years or even decades old are attempting to make a powerful appearance now, and it is important that we take time out to deal with them.

What is upsetting you right now? What has you concerned, angry, or worried? Don’t look at the surface of that problem, but look at old memories, experiences, habits, and traumas that may have magnified that for you. Now is the time to reprogram your brain and start manifesting something you truly like.

You are going to feel overwhelmed with a very astringent energy during this time period, as the spirit is taking time to detoxify and start anew. As we are in a new astrological age that is brimming with change, we all find ourselves in a sort of boot camp that is pushing us to release old wounds and embrace new abundance.

You are going to find that during this New Moon, Mars squares up with Uranus which is falling into retrograde soon – part of your releasing the old will feature rebelling against authority, possible arguments, detachments from people who no longer suit you, aggressive forward movement, plans, strategic actions, and a lot of artistic expression. You are going to feel yourself overwhelmed with passion, but passion without purpose or direction is a ship with no sails. You will be surrounded by opportunity but unable to take it anywhere. Take the time in advance of the new moon’s approach to set your goals. Write down anywhere from 5 to 10, be specific, give them dates, associate them specifically. Don’t say “I’d like to have more financial freedom.” Set a goal with the intention. “I will make $1,000 through my start-up company by the last day of August.”

Even if, for some reason, you do not manifest these specific goals, you will find that you  are much closer to them than you would have been otherwise simply by placing a heavy amount of energy into a perceived outcome. Put sails on your ship and you will invariably head in the direction of the wind you choose to propel you.

Avoid an over-active ego or too much aggression during this time period. The astringent quality of the energy will have you mildly uncomfortable, and will build up over time, having you ready to pop off at someone who may not deserve it. Change your mode of thinking and operating during this time period. Understand the purpose of what you are doing. Understand your goals are not the responsibility, duty, or impediment of anyone else, and do not accept these messages from others either. You will not gain anything from aggressive interactions during this time period unless they are oriented toward the permanent release of a person or a truth that you have been withholding.

The best thing to do during this week and during this new moon cycle (You will invariably feel the vibrations of this new moon for a few days before and after it), is to put all of your aggression, fears, instability, and anxiety into a work of some sort. Rotate the tasks you can do while feeling this intensity. Do things with a purpose. Make sure that your self-care is good for your body. Have multiple tasks laid out that you would like to tend to, be they work related, home-care related, or simply a hobby such as reading or drawing. This is an important time to harness your aggression, as anything that is turned into an achievement will pay off for you later on. Follow your intuition at this time, as you will invariably know what is meant to benefit you and what to stay away from.

We would recommend taking this time as a time capsule. Find a notebook that is empty, or perhaps oriented toward manifestation and goals. Write down a status report of yourself. Whatever matters to you, mention it. Look at your goals and desires and see where you are in relationship to them. Write your relationship status, your physical status, your job, your finances, whatever you think will be important. Write down a healthy goal for any of these things a year from now. Set a reminder on your phone to revisit it and see how you have come closer to those goals or maybe oriented yourself toward achieving new ones.

This last wave of Cancerian energy is extremely important as it is supposed to help you wash away your guilt, your anxiety, your perception of lack, and any pain or ailment that is causing anguish in your body. You will even see this in a physical sense as many people are taking to body positivity, or even find themselves enduring different surgeries to come out healthier. Many individuals have the majority of their interactions with hospitals and healthcare during the Cancerian season.

Soon the Leo season will come, an astrological season of assertive action, strategy, planning, and career orientation. The Leo season is often where most people set their goals and find themselves empowered with the most energy to make it happen. It is important for you to face each of your uncomfortable emotions, toxic relationships, lack-of-confidence spells, and moments of tiredness and overwhelming thoughts. Utilize powers of forgiveness for yourself and others, and eliminate those thoughts by flushing them out with a new perspective. You must push the mess out of the way to allow the spotlight to shine on you, and it is time for you to take to task and become a leader this season. If you are reading this still, you are obviously feeling a connection with the vibration being sent out by this moon. It is a definitive clearing house. It is okay to embrace the things you are most afraid of in this time, to look for strength in difficult times, and to reorient yourself away from what used to be to what currently is.

This is a very important time astrologically as its point is to show us a new paradigm. This is a paradigm where money doesn’t lord over us and where the universe provides as is needed and as it is asked. We are entering a paradigm of fearlessness where we no longer embrace the worst case scenario and we no longer fear repercussions of others that truly do not matter.

Some extremely helpful things that you may want to try to do in the period between 7/18 and 8/3 are:

🦁 Write down a list of traumatic feelings and opinions you don’t believe in, and that you don’t believe serve you any more. Set them on fire, bury them, whatever you can do to symbolically dispel them.

🦁 Take a cleansing and rejuvenating bath – you can use Epsom or sea salts, bath bombs, or whatever makes you feel good. Set an hour aside for this, and try to make sure the bath is either very hot or very cold as you can tolerate it. Both temperatures can do something healing in a very different way. Calendula and Chamomile would be good herbs to use.

🦁 Write a list of goals and intentions for the next week, month, year, and five years on a piece of paper, preferably in a manifestation notebook.

🦁 Find four or five affirmations you would like to do in a day that would be important for you, and get an Affirmation Reminder app on your phone that reminds you to do this every day.

🦁 Do some cleaning in the areas that matter most to you. This may not even be in your home or office, but on your computer or phone. Change your wallpapers to suit a theme focused toward your goal, ambitions, or your thought process.

🦁 Make a dream-board on the computer, using pinterest, or using cut outs on a poster the old fashioned way. You will find that looking at familiar goal images really helps you bring your dreams into focus on a hard day.

🦁 Form an A-Team. This may be best suited to a chat group on facebook, or even an IM chat group through facebook, skype, or otherwise. Find a group of people that wish to take care of each other and keep tabs on each other. If you do not have this network, find manifestation groups, spiritual groups, and otherwise on Facebook that may help you expand your community.

🦁 Write nice things to yourself on your mirror, as you are going to have a rough go of it for a little while, and the best help you can find is right inside yourself.

🦁 Figure out a lifestyle you want for yourself and change one habit every day or two until you have made your lifestyle match your desire. If you have to work at it a bit to keep this schedule steady, don’t be hard on yourself. Use this time to try and get a sleep schedule that is efficient for you, a food schedule that is healthful, and find where your “you” time is during the day. Even if this is only during a commute or morning shower, spruce these areas up so that they are more nourishing.

🦁 Take time out of your day to remind yourself how far you have come each day before you go to bed. Even if you feel you haven’t changed your life much in the past year or two, think about the things you have endured in that time period that were not under your belt long ago.

🦁 After you wake up, light a candle, hold a crystal, or bask in the sunlight as you say your thanks for what you have and make prayers and wishes for those things you wish to have. Follow this with affirmations.

🦁 Be kind to yourself and others. The door to opportunity swung open, but this period of a few weeks serve as a very long, very steep stairway to your next step. Use this time to drop the baggage that doesn’t serve you, and learn to make the best of the baggage that you are carrying with you. Look up constantly, only looking back to remind yourself of progress.

You’ve got this.

Let the water wash your wounds, and then step forth with pride, Leo Season is near!

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Beyond the Horizon: Chapter 40

Fic Update: Beyond the Horizon

Summary:  When Princess Emma’s ship is captured by the Jolly Roger and Captain Killian Jones, she offers herself as a hostage for ransom if he will let the ship and the other passengers go. With Emma, Killian remembers the honour he once held dear, and Emma catches glimpses of the gentleman Killian had been. Against all odds, the pirate and the princess begin to fall for each other.

Read this chapter on here

                                              Chapter Forty
                                                Pixie Dust

Killian took a deep breath when he came up on deck, inhaling the sweet scent that perfumed the air in the small cove where the Jolly was anchored. Lieutenant Courtice’s accusations had burrowed under his skin more than he wanted to admit, each expertly-aimed barb reminding him of the man he used to be. Or the man he still was, a few recent good deeds could hardly be enough to wash away the considerable sins of his past. The lieutenant clearly didn’t think so, and neither did Emma’s father, Killian could tell. There was no sign of the the two of them or of Emma’s mother, and he wondered if Courtice had gone to tell the king and queen about his many crimes, letting them know exactly why the name Killian Jones was feared and reviled across the sea. Perhaps he was even pressing his own suit, putting forth his name as a possible match for their daughter once they returned to the Enchanted Forest and regained their kingdom at last. He wasn’t a prince or a lord, but Killian was sure the lieutenant came from much more honourable stock than he did. The glory that would have redeemed the Jones family at long last had died along with Liam, when he’d been cast adrift in the world to forge his own destiny alone.

It was warm in the cove but not humid, not like the thick jungle on Neverland where sweat had beaded on his brow and plastered the linen of his shirt to his back as he’d followed Liam unknowingly into danger. Everything about that island had been wrong, it had felt wrong, it had looked wrong, it had even smelled wrong, though lush and green there had been an unmistakable whiff of decay hanging in the air like the rotting of overripe fruit left too long on the vine. But the Fairy Queen’s domain was as beautiful as a perfectly cut jewel and when he took another deep breath the smell was like a mix of all the good things he could think of. Freshly baked bread and highest quality rum, and the sky after a heavy rainstorm, when the clouds parted and everything had been washed clean and fresh from the downpour. But most of all it smelled like roses, a scent he was rather more intimately familiar with now than he ever had been before thanks to the soap he bought Emma every time they made port. The floral aroma was particularly stubborn, it clung to the collars of all his shirts, lingered in his bed linen and permeated the handkerchiefs she unabashedly stole from him while he pretended not to notice. Would the scent of roses remain even after she was gone, another ghost to taunt him in the dead of night when he was left alone in a cold bed and sleep wouldn’t come no matter how much rum he drank?

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Imagine being the fianceé of Captain Salazar

Pairing: Armando Salazar x reader

A/N: So this is how we open our blog… with Captain Saladbar, hooray! Spanish is actually my first language, so i apologize for grammar, i´m still learning. If you think i should correct anything please notify me via message.

Credit: the beautiful art was created by @salmicka1 her blog is awesome! go check it out!

Warnings: Angsts, violence, broken heart

He had a mission, and you couldn´t be prouder of him. He also made a promise, as soon as he came back to land he would marry you, you just had to wait… and you did.

Many years passed and you were almost ready to lose hope (he was as stubborn as a mule and courageous as a bull, he couldn’t just… he couldn’t!) but you heard the rumors of a Spanish captain hunting down a pirate named Jack Sparrow, the same Jack Sparrow that supposedly was guilty of sinking the Silent Mary. Your fiancé was alive, it couldn’t be anyone else but him.

You told your father, a very important man of high rank, that your husband to be could still live, sailing somewhere in the sea. In no time a ship and a whole crew was ready to look for him. The only thing that your father wasn´t counting is that you were going along with the crew to find him.

When they found you hiding amongst the provisions it was too late to go back, and it was obvious that you wouldn’t get down without a good fight.

Days had passed, your course was only guided by rumors of honourless men you met in the docks of towns, until one night you were awaken by the explosions of cannons, apparently you had finally met another ship, but clearly they weren’t as cordial. The Spanish Royal Navy had no enemies in this waters, no one except… pirates. The kind of filthy pirates that took the love of your life away from you.

Your thoughts of realization were interrupted by the screams of fear and grunts of pain coming from the crew fighting for their lives. No! Your journey couldn´t end like this! This couldn’t be happening. But the silver glow of a sword hanging from the wall at your right filled you with rage, but rage and courage.

You took it without a second thought. Everyone was here because of your orders, you wouldn’t let them die alone. Enemy steps were coming down the stairs directly at your chambers. You hid next to the door, took a deep breath and as it opened you stroke right to the chest. Your gaze rose only to meet a patch and a golden eye, “¿Lesaro?” your lips spoke in almost a sob, “¡señorita!” he simply responded, clearly surprised too.

Lieutenant Lesaro, the right hand of Armando Salazar, was being impaled by your sword. You let out a scream and released your tight hold on the handle. He quickly retreated upstairs again. You went after him, how was he still standing? A heavy fog met you at the deck, figures running around in the darkness of the night. “Everyone stop!” Lesaro commanded, the shadows stood their ground obedient. “Capitán! This is- is one of our ships, a Spaniard ship” “No…” a strong raspy voice growled back. The fog started to dissipate almost as if they were the ones controlling it, you were met with the gaze of at least 30 men surrounding you and the terrified surviving crew.

Most of the candles had been blown out, but in the darkness you could still recognize the old black and white striped uniforms they bared before you. And up there next to the rudder stood Lesaro (still with your sword logged in his chest) along with a strong figure using a sword as a cane.

Your eyes filled with tears “Armando!” you screamed at him, pain mixed with anger. “and la señorita is here too” Lesaro said almost ashamed of not telling the captain sooner. Salazar panted, he couldn’t believe his eyes, his beautiful fiancé stood before him. “(f/n), amor mío” he spoke, it truly was him.

Your nightgown danced as you ran to meet him, but he stopped you raising his hand “¡no! Don’t come any closer” he shook his head, you could have sworn his dark locks floated. “Why? W-what’s the matter?” “fear not mi amor, soon we’ll be together. But for now you must be strong and patient, I promise I will come back to you. Now, go back to land where it’s safe-” “safe from what, Armando? From you?” you reached for the last burning lamp and climbed the last steps of stairs towards him and Lesaro, he tried to step back, looking away. “What are you hiding from me?!” but that man was not your loved captain, not anymore. The lamp almost slid from your fingers, a dead man, the corpse of the great Captain Salazar stood before you, black ink (you hoped) dripping from his lips. “Go back to land (f/n), please. You’re too precious to me, if any of those disgusting pirates got their hands on you I- go back to land!” his voice rose.

You didn´t fear his temperament nor his appearance, clearly he still cared. Stepping closer you copped his face in your hands “mi amor… what have they done to you?” “I will have my revenge, they will pay for hurting us this much. I love you.” he kissed your forehead and banished back to the Silent Mary before you could kiss him back.

“The capitán taught you well” Lesaro returned the sword, your tears collided with the smile he planted in your face, “take care of yourself, señorita (l/n)” “bring him back to me Lesaro, that’s an order” you tried to joke but your heart still broke “I will (f/n)” he gave you a bow and jumped back.

The ship sailed away while you hugged the sword that gave you some strange comfort, you suffered a sad deja vu from years ago. Why couldn’t he just take you with him? Why must he abandon you again? You needed to be by his side and protect him, but right now you could just honor his wishes, “back to land” you commanded to the survivors, it took them a few moments to process what just happened but they obeyed, mostly because they wanted to get as far from them as possible. An island was not far away, an island with a single habitant, a woman who was abandoned too but in her case she was abandoned by a pirate.

CS FF: Forever Yours

Summary:  My version of how season 7 should open.  Set in the future during a time of peace in Storybrooke, Emma and Killian are living a blissfully happy life with their seven year old twins.  But this is still Storybrooke.  And things can change in the blink of an eye.

Rating: PG

Note: Thank you for the responses to ‘Never Stop Fighting’. Since Emma is only guaranteed to be back for one episode, we know that CS will have to be separated somehow.   Given what we know so far, this is how I would like things to go in the season premiere.  Oh and there is no mention of Henry in this because I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how that whole thing is going to work and what exactly will happen to him in the future.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Forever Yours: Part 1/1…

Killian came up behind his wife, as she stood at the stove making pancakes.  He wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled his nose into her neck.

“Something smells delicious,” he muttered.

Emma giggled as his lips moved to her neck.

“Don’t start,” she warned.  “The kids are already up and in the living room.”

“What?” he asked, nibbling on her ear.  “I was talking about the pancakes.”

“Sure you were,” she replied with a laugh.

Emma spun around in her husband’s arms and snaked hers around his neck.  His lips came crashing into hers, his tongue quickly diving into her mouth.  He pulled her body up against his, as Emma threaded her fingers through his hair. 

“We can’t,” Emma breathed before kissing him again.

Killian reached behind her and turned the stove off, as his lips moved down her throat to her chest.  

“Perhaps if we are quiet, we can make it up to our bedroom and the children will simply think we are still asleep.”

Emma squeezed her eyes closed, as she held his head to her skin.  

“Only one problem with that: they already saw me making the pancakes.”

Killian pulled her robe back a bit with his hook and kissed her shoulder.  

“We can think of an excuse for our disappearance later then,” he said.  

His lips moved back to hers for a quick kiss and then he grabbed her hand, leading her to the stairs.

“Let go!” Leia screamed.

“You let go!” Liam yelled.

“MOM!  DAD!” they both bellowed.

Killian and Emma stopped dead in their tracks, mere feet from the stairs.  

“Bloody hell.  They must have inherited their grandmother’s terrible timing,” Killian mumbled.  “Why did we decide to have children again?”

Emma laughed, as she kissed his cheek.  “Because we wanted to share our love and watch it grow everyday.”

Her husband bobbed his head, as he placed a kiss to her forehead.

“Aye, that’s right.  Sometime I forget.”

“Come on,” Emma said, as she dragged him to the living room.

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So you’ve been crying at the sky, fists pounding against rock until it became sand pooling at your feet, voice howling across the ocean, and no one has answered your calls.

Here’s what you do. You build a ship, a boat, a raft, anything you can; you build it with your own hands piece by tiny piece if you have to, whenever you can spare your strength, and one day, you’ll be ready to set sail and wave these rocks goodbye. And you will set out, hope building in your heart with the gentle breeze in your sails, and given some time and given some space, the wind will carry voices your way. The world isn’t empty, though it may seem so more often than not. Search the seas for long enough and you will find what you have called for, and you will remember a time when you cried towards the sky and howled out your pain on a distant shore listening for a reply that never came, and know that you became the person you needed then for all those voices in the wind, and that when you called out to them this final time, there came an answer, loud and clear.

I’m sorry but Norman DID NOT say it was like mother/son.
He chose the words wrong, but what he meant was that Daryl was feeling like a kid when he asks “why did you go”. Like a vulnerable kid left behind.
The RELATIONSHIP is not like mom/son cause they ARE THE SAME AGE, and they LOOK THE SAME AGE. period

You haters can go hate somewhere else, or find something more interesting to do.
If you weren’t threatened by what you saw, you would’t be here sending hate: you’d be sound asleep.

Mind your business and leave our ship alone, cause it’s damn ready to sail

Appreciation without Anxiety: Commenting 101

This time last year I was just starting to peek out from lurkerdom. There was a little bit of time cause of holiday breaks and I’d read so much amazing stuff at last year’s erised, but I was so nervous to start commenting. A year later it’s way easier and I figure there are some other people out there in the same boat I was in. So, from a fanfic writer and frequent commenter, some thoughts about how to start commenting with minimal fear

1. Before we even get into this, do writers really care about comments? OMG, we care so much. Writing is hard and you don’t know if anyone is going to like what you’re writing. Finding out that you did something right, that you don’t suck, means everything. Really. There have been moments where I’m stuck on a story and get a comment on an old fic and it’s so encouraging and energizing. Your words mean more to us than I can even really describe.

2. But why would they care about my comment? You - yes, you, exactly, precisely you - you, the reader, are who we’re writing for. If you’re reading our stuff, we care. It doesn’t matter if other people have commented. You, as a reader, as you, come to the story with feelings and perspectives that no one else can bring to it. Just by having read our stories, you have something worthwhile and important to say about them, and we truly want to hear you.

3. What the hell do I say? First and most important: anything nice you say will be the right thing. Short of telling us that we suck and our stories are awful, you really can’t go wrong.

4. No, but actually, what do I say? Here are some things you can say. You can use one or two or all of them. You can mix or match. But these are some good tangible ways to start.

  • You can keep it simple - Great story!“ "Loved it!” Taking the time to share a few short words still means loads to us.
  • Say how the story made you feel - “This brought a smile to my face!” “I got all choked up!” “I needed a cold shower!” “I couldn’t stop laughing!” Anything like that is fantastic.
  • Tell us what it was like to read the story - “I was on the edge of my seat,” “That was a great twist,” “this stayed on my mind all afternoon,” “I could see this world so clearly,” “I totally lost track of time.” Writers can never know what it’s like to read our own work - telling us what it was like for you is a huge gift. 
  • Mention moments you liked - “[Favorite Line Here] - wow, what a great line!” “I loved when X just threw Y up against a wall and kissed him!” You don’t have to explain it. Saying what stood out is helpful and exciting and can be an especially easy way to comment - copy, paste, “loved this line!” and go.
  • Talk about aspects of the storytelling that stood out to you - Plot development, pacing, dialogue, characterization, the conclusion, chemistry between the characters, secondary characters, how the story related to canon, cool headcanons that were included. I think this can be the hardest type of commenting because some of this stuff is hard to articulate, so maybe this is more like Commenting 102, but if you’re trying to figure out what you liked or want to be more specific in your comment, anything from that list would be a great place to start.

4. But what if I embarrass myself? What if there’s a typo or I comment on the wrong story or just end up flailing incoherently? I think most of us kind of love it when readers are left in a state of incoherent flailing? So don’t sweat that. If you’re worried about commenting on the wrong story, double check that you’re on the right page, then proceed. And if you do comment on the wrong story, delete it. No harm, no foul - really. We’ve all clicked on a wrong tab sometime. If there’s a typo, don’t sweat it. There’s probably a typo in the story. There’s probably a typo in this post. I’ve misspelled “typo” a couple times already. NBD. You left a comment - you are already a winner.

4a. No, really, I’m not sure you get how nervous this makes me. Totally possible. I’ll mention one other thing that helped me (and I was really super nervous): starting with anon fests. The anonymity made it way easier. Maybe I was commenting to one of my all-time faves who would normally leave me totally incoherent, but maybe I was commenting to another n00b just like me. Anon fests are a great way to give it a shot.

5. But what if English isn’t my first language and I accidentally say the wrong thing? First, if you’re reading and commenting in a language that’s not your first language, props. You’re awesome. That’s awesome. Second, it’s the general sentiment that matters. I’ve gotten comments where the grammar or conjugation is a little off and, really and truly, I am so excited to get the comment that that’s what matters. And knowing English isn’t your first language and you still went to all the effort of reading my story is an unbelievable gift. I will be flattered and amazed by you.

6. But I don’t have a username, what should I do? There are two great things about non-anon comments: (1) we can thank you, (2) It’s super extra exciting to realize someone liked one of your things enough to read another one of your things. So I generally am in favor of having them, and they’re free and whatnot, but that’s an opinion. If you don’t have one and don’t want one and still want to comment, unless a comm has disallowed anon comments (which if it’s done is usually to prevent trolling), go on and comment anonymously. Your words still mean a lot, and we still want to hear them!

7. What if I didn’t like the story? Just don’t comment. Easy.

8. What if I really liked the story but I’m kind of embarrassed that I liked the story? Yeah…been there. The story’s great, but it’s got a kink you never knew you liked and whoa why do you like it so much? Or it’s kind of cracky, or it doesn’t align with your politics or whatever - it happens. And you’re never required to comment. You could also sit on it for a while and come back later if you decide you want to comment or you could comment anonymously. One thing to think about: if commenting feels like putting yourself out there, imagine how it might have felt for the author to hit “post.” Being honest about what you like is a way to end up with more of it, and to show support for authors who are willing to take those risks.

9. If I start commenting, do I have to comment on every story? Nah. It’s lovely if you do, but comments are not a requirement. It’s not like entering into a new world of homework. Comment on what you like, on what moves you or excites you, on things you enjoy. There’s also, at least on AO3, the kudos option, which is still a nice way to give a writer a general thumbs up

10. That’s all nice or whatever, but why should I spend my time commenting? Aren’t the stories just there for me to read? Well…kind of. The stories are there for you to read whether or not you leave a comment after you read them. But fandom is a community, and fanfic is a labor of love. Reader feedback is really the only thing we have to go on. The most popular on A03 in the whole of my favorite ship has gotten kudos 7% of the time and comments .001% of the time. Repeat: comments .001% of the time. And it’s a little hard to know, as a writer, what’s going on there. If a story of mine has been viewed 7500 times and has 320 kudos and 13 comments, does that mean that 7180 people really didn’t like it very much? Are people clicking on it, reading the first paragraph, and deciding it’s so bad they have to back-button immediately? I don’t think that’s the case, but without reader feedback, all we know is that you clicked on something. Without knowing that you liked things, or why you liked things, or what things you liked…it just gets hard. Harder to feel like the writing is doing what (for a lot of us, anyway) it’s meant to do: tell stories that move you, that help you stay in these amazing worlds, that give you (and us!) a way to revisit favorite characters and ideas. Harder to be motivated to write. And then ships and fandoms start shrinking, and no one wants that, right? So, yes, the stories that are already there will be probably there whether or not you comment. But commenting is a way to keep a fandom healthy and thriving. It’s a way to meet people (if that’s a thing you want to do), to encourage writers, and to end up with more fanworks to enjoy. Your comments are the wind in your favorite ship’s sails, basically. And that makes commenting one of the absolute best ways to show your fandom love.

11. Okay. This makes sense. I’m ready. How do I start? The next time you read something, click “leave a comment.” Write some words there. You can use some of the examples above if it helps. Let yourself be nervous if you’re nervous. Try an anon fest if that makes it easier. If you want to try it with someone who is thick-skinned and non-judgy and hard to offend, you can try it with mine (potentially self-serving, I realize, but you already know I’m down for comments and chill about them). And then hit “submit.” And you will have made somebody’s day.

The Mermaid and the Pirate

Killian Jones x Reader Imagine

Summary: You’re a mermaid from the enchanted forest and one day a pirate is dropped in the water where you are swimming. You decide to save him, and are banished from your family onto land, because you are supposed to let humans die. Years later when you seek passage out of the enchanted forest, Hook recognizes you.  

10,138 words

Note: This is the first story I used with gifs. I used ones of Ariel and Hook because I felt those fit the story best- so just pretend Ariel is you because THIS IS a hook x reader story.

(y/f/n): Your friends name

“(Y/n) we really should be getting home. You’re mom’s gonna be pissed. We’re not supposed to even look at humans, let alone be this close to them,” (y/f/n) tells you. She was right, you really should be getting home, but you were swimming in your favorite spot, right near the docks, where you got to people watch. “Just 10 more minutes,” you shrug her off. Tonight you were watching a pirate with a hook for a hand. He’d been arguing for a while now with another pirate you recognized as Blackbeard. “You owe me a ship!” Blackbeard spits in his face. “And you cheated! Who plays with 6 aces?” the hooked pirate spits back at him. “Alright (y/n) you’ve watched the dashing pirate enough, now let’s go!” (Y/f/n) pulls you back in the direction of home. “Go ahead without me, I don’t care if I get in trouble,” you shrug her off for a second time. “Suit yourself,” (y/f/n) lets go of your hand and swims off in the opposite direction. “Alright enough of this, you owe me a ship. We played for the bean, and you lost, now pay the price,” Blackbeard says facing the pirate. “I will not give up the Jolly Roger till you give me the bean, the game is useless. You cheated,” the one handed pirate replies. From what you gathered, the pirate needed a way to another realm, and they played for the bean and the ship was what he gave up when he lost. “Well Captain Hook, you’re going to pay one way or another. So I guess you’re going to pick the other way,” Blackbeard states as he knocks the leather clad pirate out with the butt of his sword. You gasp from below the surface of the water. “Well now I definitely have to stay, he needs help,” you reason with yourself.

Originally posted by rosee1103

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A Reprise In Brotherly Love

When Liam the second shows up unannounced on the Jolly Roger, Killian finds an unexpected ear to listen to his doubts of earning Prince Charming’s forgiveness. Set after “Murder Most Foul”.

Words: 4.5K

Rated: G

Author Note:  This was born of the swirling vortex of Captain Charming feels that is my heart these days, as well as rumors of Liam II and Nemo returning to guest-star in an upcoming episode. Special thanks to my pal @welllpthisishappening for listening to me gush about the Jones brothers and for looking this over for me. 

Find on A03 here. 


Killian hadn’t seen his half brother since their shaky reconciliation and Liam’s reunion with Nemo, but he had seen to it, with a copious amount of gold doubloons, that their stay at Granny’s was covered indefinitely. It was the least he could do. 

The wind seemed to come and go in spurts, at times nipping through Killian’s leather jacket before dying back down to a light caress across his cheek. Whenever he could spare a moment in the day, he came to check on his ship. These days, those free moments were fewer and farther between. Even so, he managed to make it over to her at least once a week. 

It was odd, forging time in his days to check in briefly on a ship that had been his home for centuries. Once in a while, he would linger, take up his old place at her helm and grasp the spokes of her wheel in his hand, or take his time swabbing the deck alone. It was cathartic work, despite the strain it earned his back, and he enjoyed caring for his ship with his own touch. Still, easier were the days when he had a whole crew at his disposal to take care of the more mundane chores. Henry was the only one who offered to help, or agreed to help when asked. Most of the time, the old pirate took care of it all, himself. 

Today was one such day where he had come to spend some extra time alone on the Jolly Roger. When sailing regularly, deck swabbing was a daily occurrence. These days, with the ship sitting idly in the harbor, it was really only necessary after a storm, or a particularly choppy day when the waves could reach high enough to leave salt residue on the main deck. If he didn’t get to it in time, within a day or so at most, the old wood would start to show extra wear, in spite of its enchanted state. This was not something Killian would allow. 

As he strode across the docks, his ship looming before him, his mind was elsewhere, untethered and darting between memories. Dark circles stubbornly took up residence under his eyes, betraying to anyone who looked at him how little sleep he had been getting lately. Rest eluded him, and when it came, it was fitful. Every time he closed his eyes, he could see that face staring back at him. 

“I swear on my son’s life. I just want to get home to my family.”

There was a familiar twist in his gut. 

Abruptly, a male voice called down from the Jolly Roger’s deck, “I asked the harbor master which ship belonged to the infamous Captain Hook.” 

Killian tensed, not recognizing the voice at first. He paused at the ship’s loading ramp, raising his hand to shield his eyes as he squinted against the sun. Liam the second’s smiling face came into view, and Killian relaxed visibly. 

Liam’s hair was tousled, the longer strands of it whipping into his face as the wind picked up, and he raised a hand and ran his fingers through it. He was leaning on the wooden rails of the ship facing the docks and offered his half-brother a small smile.

“He told me it was the ‘old wooden one that looks like it’s up to no good,’” Liam continued, still smirking. “Figured it was this one. Although, I was expecting darker sails." 

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Turn back the time for me - Part 5

Part 1 here - Part 2 here - Part 3 here - Part 4 here

Imagine: You have to comfort Björn before his raid to Paris because Þorunn’s mental state is going downwards and he is losing his strenghth to take care for her and Siggi.


Timeline: Situated around S03E06

The last words Björn spoke to you a few moments earlier still rushed through your head. They had been painfully realistic and you knew it would take a while before you place the impact. In your head as well in your heart. There was no denying you didn’t care for him. Yes it was your duty as a servant to obey his demands but you both felt the chemistry that hung between you. Last night confirmed that. Björn captured a place in your heart, it even exceeded Ragnar’s conquests. He intrigued you in a way you could have never imagined. It made you so confused, but it also made you feel warm, and now he was leaving, crossing the sea to a land they had never been before. Who knew in which state he would return, who knew if he even would return. You came to a halt and looked over your shoulder. The shed where you shared the night with him was an end behind you and so far you knew he was still inside. Was he thinking about you like you were thinking about him? Was there absolutely no way to make him forget his problems, and soften his sorrows? Was there absolutely nothing you could do for him? Mean to him? You felt your eyes getting wet again and you looked down to prevent someone from seeing you crying. Your eyes fell on your shoes, old and worn out. Your skirt, torn and patched. Björn was right, you were only a servant and you couldn’t made a difference in his life. Being with you would be making the same mistake as he did with Þorunn. You were only a way to take his mind of his problems, there was no way you would ever mean something to him. Something real. “Y/n.”
Gasping for breath you looked up, expecting to see Björn. But it was his mother. Lagertha looked at you in a questioning way, she was carrying some straw baskets filled with food. “Is there something wrong?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. The way she asked her question made very clear she didn’t wanted to hear a negative answer. “No there isn’t. Can I help you with those?” Desperate you tried to prevent your tears from rolling down your cheek. But luckily Lagertha didn’t seem to notice. “Actually you can.” Immediately she pushed the baskets in your arms and you did everything in your power not to drop them. “Take them to the ships.” She commanded you, turned around and left. You felt like you were pinned to the ground. With an unsure glance in your eyes you looked at the ships in the bay and realised you had to turn back to the place you just tried to escape from. A sigh rolled over your lips and you closed your eyes for a second. Slowly you started moving your feet, followed the path to the bay and heard the sounds of the crowd getting louder and louder. Strong men were loading the boats, carpenters were making last adjustments and dressmakers were sewing the masts. At first your eyes constantly where looking for Björn, but he was nowhere to be found. Eventually you were able to focus on your job and ban him out of your mind for a moment. By the time you helped some other servants loading the baskets into the ships a certain period of time passed. It was when Aslaug appeared with her children everyone stopped with their work. She was carrying Ivar and Ubbe, Hvitserk and Sigurd were standing next to her. It was clear that the ships were almost ready to sail of and it was time to say goodbye. But only: Þorunn was nowhere to be found. You frowned your eyebrows, shook your head slowly from left to right.
Your breath was heavy when you arrived in the keeping room from Ragnar and Aslaug. You pushed aside the canvases and entered the bedroom where you knew you would find Siggy. And just as you predicted the little girl lay in her cot. By the glance in her eyes it looked like she just awoke. Or was awoken. “Come.” You whispered softly as you put your hands under her body and lifted her out of her bed. And when you did that, you heard a door slamming. You expected to hear footsteps on the wooden floor, but they didn’t came. So instead of entering, you had heard somebody leave. With Siggy in your arms you ran towards the door, maybe somewhere hoping you would see Björn. But when you opened the door and looked outside, the only thing you saw was a person running of to the forest. The stranger was wearing a cape and a hood. “Björn?” you shouted and frowned your eyebrows. The stranger stopped, turned around and stared at you with a glance of death in.. her eyes. “No.” you whispered in a startling way. The scar on the woman’s face was impossible not to recognize. “Þorunn.” You shouted her name full with anger. “You can’t just leave them.” But she gave no response, the only thing she did was pulling her cape closer to her body before she ran away.
Filled with emotions you set foot to the bay again. Your eyes looked like they lost their glance. The girl you were holding in your hands just was abandoned by her mother. The man you loved was left by his soon-to-be-wife and he wouldn’t even know until he came back to Paris. He wouldn’t know because you weren’t planning on telling him. What would he gain with it except from more grief and sadness? You swallowed away the lump in your throat and walked towards the side of the crowd, a discrete but obvious position for Björn to notice you. Or that was what you hoped for. Your eyes were searching for him, and eventually you saw him standing next to his mother on the wooden quay. Ragnar was saying goodbye to his wife and other sons. With your breath held you watched him closely, saw how he was scanning the people who were there to wave his father goodbye. He was looking for you. And all of a sudden he noticed you. Immediately you saw him leaning towards his mother, whispering something in her ear before he jumped of the wooden platform. Björn ran over the beach right in your direction. Some people watched him, but most of them where watching Ragnar and Aslaug. But you didn’t wanted to be seen talking to him. Because people saw the both of you in public, he had to treat you like the servant you were. And you wanted him to treat you like you. So you turned around, walked towards a densely wooded area and waited from him there. Although you weren’t quite sure what you wanted to say to him and what not.

In first instance I thought I would end this serie with part 5. But yeah, that didn’t work out as planned as you can see/read. Probably there will appear a part 6 in a few days. If you guys would love to read a part 6 ofcourse.