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Complete and total list of every single Taylor Swift song.


Taylor Swift.

Tim McGraw
Teardrops On My Guitar
Picture To Burn
Cold As You
A Place In This World
The Outside
Tied Together With A Smile
Should’ve Said No
Stay Beautiful 
Mary’s Song
Our Song

Taylor Swift deluxe.

A Perfectly Good Heart

Sounds of The Season.

Christmases When You Were Mine
Last Christmas
White Christmas 
Santa Baby
Silent Night
Christmas Must Be Something More

Beautiful Eyes.

Beautiful Eyes
I Heart ?
Picture To Burn alternative version
Should’ve Said No alternative version
Teardrops On My Guitar acoustic 
I’m Only Me When I’m With You


You Belong With Me
Love Story
Hey Stephen
You’re Not Sorry
The Way I Loved You
Tell Me Why
White Horse
The Best Day
Forever and Always

Fearless Platinum.

Jump Then Fall
Forever and Always piano version
Come In With The Rain
The Other Side of The Door

Speak Now.

Sparks Fly
Back To December
Speak Now
Dear John
Story of Us
Never Grow Up
Better Than Revenge
Last Kiss 
Long Live

Speak Now Deluxe.

If This Was A Movie
Mine (pop mix)
Haunted acoustic
Back To December acoustic


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
State Of Grace
Everything Has Changed ft Ed Sheeran
I Knew You Were Trouble
Begin Again
Holy Ground
All Too Well
I Almost Do
Stay Stay Stay
The Last Time
Sad Beautiful Tragic
The Lucky One
Everything Has Changed

Red deluxe.

Come Back…Be Here
Girl At Home
The Moment I Knew 
Treacherous demo
Red demo
State of Grace acoustic


Welcome To New York

Blank Space


Out Of The Woods

All You Have To Do Was Stay

Shake It Off

I Wish You Would

Bad Blood

Wildest Dreams

How You Get The Girl

This Love

I Know Place


Deluxe Edition


You Are In Love

New Romantics

Soundtrack songs.

Today Was A Fairytale
Safe and Sound
Eyes Open
Sweeter Than Fiction


American Girl

Duets / Collabs.

Highway Don’t Care w/ Tim McGraw and Keith Urban
Both of Us w/ B.o.B
Half of My Heart w/ John Mayer
Two Is Better Than One w/ Boys Like Girls

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever w/ Zayn

Live unreleased songs.

Your Anything

Leaked unreleased songs.

Lucky You
Smokey Black Nights
American Boy
I’d Lie
What To Wear
You Don’t Have To
Your Face
Permanent Marker 
Songs About You
Being With My Baby (demo)
We Were Happy
All Night Diner
Better Off
Closest To A Cowboy
‘Till Brad Pitt Comes Along
Sweet Tea and God’s Graces studio and demo
Dark Blue Tennessee
Drive All Night
Fall Back On You
It Ain’t You (I Know What I Want)
Long Time Coming
Look At You Like That
My Cure
Need You Now
Never Mind pop demo
One Thing
Songs About You
Stupid Boy
Tell Me
10 Dollars and a 6 Pack
Diary Of Me
Thinking ‘Bout You
This Is Really Happening
What Do You Say
By The Way
Check Out This View
Cross My Heart
Didn’t They
Don’t Hate Me For Loving You
For You
Rain Song
Can’t Call It Love (Thirteen Blocks)
Honey Baby
I Guess I Wished On A Plane
In The Pouring Rain
Live For The Little Things
Perfect Have I Loved
You Do
Love To Lose

Unreleased Studio Recorded Songs.

Being With My Baby
Better Off
Brought Up That Way
Can I Go With You
Cross My Heart
Dark Blue Tennessee
Dark Blue Tennessee piano version
Diary Of Me
Down Came The Rain
It Ain’t You
Just South Of Knowing Why (also known as Drive All Night)
Long Time Coming
Making Up For Lost Love
My Cure
Need You Now
Never Mind version 1
Never Mind version 2
One Thing
Smokey Black Nights version 2
Lucky You version 2
Spinning Around
Sweet Tea and God’s Graces
Tell Me
Ten Dollars and a Six Pack
That’s When
Thirteen Blocks (also known as Can’t Call It Love)
This Is Really Happening
Wait For Me
We Were Happy
What Do You Say
Welcome Distraction
Who I’ve Always Been

Unreleased Acoustic songs.

Songs that Taylor recorded, just her and her guitar. Most likely trying to decide which songs to put on an album.
All Night Diner
Brand New World
Brought Up That Way
By The Way
Check Out This View
Closest To A Cowboy
Didn’t They
Don’t Hate Me For Loving You
Fall Back On You
For You
Honey Baby 
I Guess I Wished On A Plane
I Used To Fly
In The Pouring Rain
Live For The Little Things
Look at You Like That
Love They Haven’t Thought of Yet
Love To Lose
Made Up You
Me and Britney
My Cure
Never Mind
Perfect Have I Loved
Rain Song
Stupid Boy
Sweet Tea and God’s Graces
Tell Me
Ten Dollars and A Six Pack
That’s When
This is Really Happening
‘Till Brad Pitt Comes Along
Under My Head
Who I’ve Always Been
You Do

Unreleased Piano songs.

We Were Happy
Thinkin’ Bout You

Unreleased Songs with unknown specifics.

Aching Like A Boy
Bother Me
Castles Crumbling 
Don’t You
Drama Queen
Foolish One
His Lies
I Can See You
I’m Looking Out For You
Kid In The Crowd
Let’s Go
Mr. Perfectly Fine
Someone Just Told Me
Someone Loves You
This Here Guitar
This One’s Different
Too Beautiful
Wonderful Things
You All Over Me

Cover songs.

Last Christmas
White Christmas
Santa Baby
Silent Night
Hot N’ Cold
Our Last Night 
Take A Bow
I’m Every Woman 
Lose Yourself
What Goes Around
Nothin’ ‘Bout You
Gunpowder and Lead
Girl, Put Your Records On
Missin’ You (with Tyler Hilton)
Fall Into Me (with emerson drive)
I’m Yours
Sweet Escape
Just a Dream
Viva La Vida
White Blank Page

Album Demos.

Beautiful Eyes (2 min 58 sec. / Studio)
Cold As You (version 1) (4 min 10 sec. / Studio)
Cold As You (version 2) (4 min 06 sec. / Studio)
Cold As You (piano) (4 min 03 sec / Piano)
Come In With the Rain (4 min 08 sec / Studio)
Come In With the Rain (acoustic) (4 min 03 sec / Acoustic)
Crazier (3 min 20 sec / Studio)
Crazier (ALT) (3 min 34 sec / Studio)
Fearless (3 min 45 sec / Studio)
I’m Only Me When I’m With You (3 min 35 sec / Studio)
I Heart Question Mark (3 min 34 sec / Studio)
Invisible (3 min 19 sec / Studio)
Oh My My My (3 min 30 sec / Studio)
Oh My My My (acoustic) (3 min 22 sec / Acoustic)
The Other Side of the Door (4 min 01 sec / Studio)
Our Song (3 min 18 sec / Studio)
The Outside (3 min 35 sec / Studio)
Perfectly Good Heart (3 min 45 sec / Studio)
Picture to Burn (2 min 51 sec / Studio)
Picture to Burn (acoustic) (2 min 34 sec / Acoustic)
A Place in This World (3 min 40 sec / Studio)
Stay Beautiful (3 min 33 sec / Studio)
Stay Beautiful (acoustic) (3 min 33 sec / Acoustic)
SuperStar (4 min 29 sec / Studio)
SuperStar (acoustic) (4 min 37 sec / Acoustic)
Teardrops on My Guitar (3 min 18 sec / Studio)
Teardrops on My Guitar (ALT) (3 min 16 sec / Studio)
Teardrops on My Guitar (acoustic) (3 min 14 sec / Acoustic)
Tied Together With a Smile (3 min 46 sec / Studio)
Tied Together With a Smile (acoustic) (3 min 42 sec / Acoustic)
Tim McGraw (acoustic) (3 min 35 sec / Acoustic)-
When You Think Tim McGraw (piano) (4 min 17 sec / Piano)-
White Horse (3 min 36 sec / Studio)
White Horse (Grey’s Anatomy version) (3 min 41 sec / Studio)premiered her song “White Horse” on Grey’s Anatomy, some fan recorded the audio and managed to cancel out all of the talking.

Alternative Version / International Versions etc.

Fifteen Pop mix
Love Story piano-based
Picture To Burn alternative, different lyrics
TOMG fast version
Love Story pop version
PTB rock remix
Our Song International
Teardrops On My Guitar pop
Mine pop mix
Mine international 
Should’ve Said No international 
Story of Us International
Back To December international

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anonymous asked:

The "I want you" with Kidd and Mihawk plssss!

The last NSFW post was hot!Can I get a similar one (“I want you/am horny) hcs for Doffy, Roci & Cavendish or Crocodile pls?

of course! ;D

*NSFW warning*


  • Kid would be surprised by that and his eyes will widen a little but that would be quickly gone with the evil smirk 
  • your clothes would be tared off by him and he’d be hovering you and just pound into you
  • Kid is quick to engage in this sort of rather primal sex, you don’t have to catch him in the rare perfect moment like two certain other guys who could go too wilde on their s/o as well


  • He will lift the corners of his mouth in a way that you cannot decide if he’s smiling, smirking or grinning
  • Taking things suuuuuuper slowly just to get you more and more riled up
  • Mihawk is probably the teasing grand master alongside Law
  • During the act he will be faster and just a tad more possessive than usual, but he’d still treat you like a gentleman considering you’re his s/o


  • Fufufu” 
  • will laugh his evil signature laugh and loudly so while taking off his clothes
  • Bro wherever you are, it does not even matter he will mercilessly take you then and there
  • you won’t feel your legs the next day 
  • and Doffy will teaaaase you a lot jfc, like “You wanted it.” and stuff


  • oh my god the only moderately pure and innocent one here xD
  • WOW this will catch Cora-san off guard and he will be even more clumsy and awkward than usual
  • I think he will respond to your neediness but in no extreme way
  • he’d try to go faster and rougher than usual but there won’t be any pain involved, he’s just a little embarassed


  • will smile his dazzling smile that puts the stars to shame
  • I think at this point you probably lost your arousal
  • If not, which could be possible, actually, he will make you ride him with a TON of body worship on the receiving end of course 


  • believe it or not if this grumpy old man is busy with work he could get irritated actually
  • buuuuuut if he’s in a similar mood or wants to meet his s/o’s desires he’ll smirk and play along
  • He’d tease you too, but he’s a dirty talker so he could get a little mean and call you needy brat or something
  • He’d go fast and rough but you’ll be able to walk the next day

anonymous asked:

I want to name my "instrument", but I'm a classical singer. What should I name it then? My vocal chords? I could always name my piano.

name your vocal chords whatever you want and don’t let anyone judge you

kidding, name them steve

i understand the criticism behind 13 reasons why, but it’s up to the viewer to decide whether to watch it or not? and if the viewer is under 18, then it’s up to their parents and if you’re a shit parent and can’t control what youkid is watching, then it’s not the shows fault, it’s your own?? there are plenty of terrible things on the internet and if people seek them out, then it’s their responsibility to be able to handle those things. parents begging for a halt on season 2 of 13 reasons why literally makes no sense when they could just….. stop their kid from watching it? monitor their kids netflix/internet activity? 

Yeah but dark sons of Apollo
  • kids who killed their parents because they all died of illnesses
  • kids who could tell when somebody was lying
  • kids who could tell people their biggest fears
  • kids who would sing songs to manipulate you
  • kids who were tired of being seen as ‘good’ because their dad was the ‘protector of evil’
  • kids who would change the course of arrows directed at them and at campers
  • kids who would put all their forces into becoming the best they can be
  • and without noticing it
  • losing themselves 

* I’m willing to ‘trade’ (needed songs are at the bottom) but I will only be doing three songs per request for those looking to acquire the songs below. AND JUST TO BE CLEAR: I’m not one of those rude Swifties that puts you down, questions your intelligence or forces a trade, song for song. If you want some of these songs (maximum three per request), just ask! I’ve been doing this for FOUR years; I just want everyone to have a fair chance t hear Taylor’s amazing lyrics.

And I’m Canadian, so it’s impossible for me to be mean. ;)


• Beautiful eyes
• Better off
• Brought up that way
• Dark blue Tennessee
• Dark blue Tennessee (piano)
• Diary of me
• I’m every woman
• I need you now
• I know what I want
• I wished on a plane
• Just south of knowing why
• Long time coming
• Making up for lost love
• My cure
• My cure (acoustic)
• Never mind
• Never mind (country)
• One thing
• R-E-V-E-N-G-E
• Smokey black nights
• Sweet tea and God’s graces
• Tell me
• Thirteen blocks
• This is really happening
• We were happy
• What do you say?
• Your face


• A place in this world (demo)
• Am I ready for love (demo)
• Breathe (demo)
• Cold as you (demo)
• Come in with the rain (demo)
• Crazier (demo 1)
• Crazier (demo 2)
• Christmases when you were mine (demo)
• Fearless (demo)
• Hopelessly devoted to you (demo)
• I almost do (demo)
• Invisible (demo)
• Mary’s song (demo)
• Red (demo)
• Spark’s fly (demo)
• State of Grace (demo)
• Superstar (demo)
• Sweet tea and God’s graces (demo)
• Teardrops on my guitar (demo)
• Tim McGraw (demo 1)
• Tim McGraw (demo 2)
• Trecherous (demo)
• You dont have to call me (demo)
• You’re not sorry (demo)



• All night diner
• Angelina
• American Boy
• American Girl
• Baby, don’t break my heart
• Being with my baby
• Brand new world
• By the way
• Can I go with you?
• Check out this view
• Closest to a cowboy
• Cross my heart
• Don’t hate me for loving you
• Down came the rain
• Didn’t they
• Fall back on you
• Fight for me
• Firefly
• For you
• Gracie
• Here you come again
• Honey baby
• I’m alright
• I used to fly
• In the pouring rain
• Live for the little things
• Look at you like that
• Love they haven't  thought of yet
• Love to lose
• Made up you
• Mandolin
• Matches
• Me and Britney
• My turn to be
• Never fade
• One way  ticket
• Perfect, I have loved
• Point of view
• Rain song
• Same girl
• Sparks fly
• Spinning around
• Stupid boy
• Sugar
• Ten dollars and a six pack
• Tennessee
• There’s your trouble
• Thinking about you
• This here guitar
• Til Brad Pitt comes around
• Under my head
• Welcome back song for Grunwald
• You do
• Your anything
• Your face
• Wait for me
• Who I’ve always been



• Breathe (piano version)
• Mary’s song (alternate version)
• Picture to burn (alternate version)
• Should’ve said no (alternate version)
• Teardrops on my guitar (no Drew)
• Today was a fairytale (pop version)



• Breathe (studio piano version)
• Change (studio piano version)
• Fifteen (studio piano version)
• Hey Stephen (studio piano version)
• Love Story (studio piano version)
• Our song (studio piano version)
• Picture to burn (studio piano version)
• Teardrops on my guitar (studio piano version)
• Tell me why (studio piano version)
• The best day (studio piano version)
• Tim McGraw (studio piano version)
• White horse (studio piano version)
• You belong with me (studio piano version)
• You’re not sorry (studio piano version)


• Beautiful eyes (acoustic studio version)
• Breathe (acoustic studio version)
• Change (acoustic studio version)
• Fearless (acoustic studio version)
• Fifteen (acoustic studio version)
• Love story (acoustic studio version)
• Mine (acoustic studio version)
• Picture to burn (acoustic studio version)
• Should’ve said no (acoustic studio version)
• Teardrops on my guitar (acoustic studio version)
• Tell me why (acoustic studio version)
• Tim McGraw (acoustic, extremely rare)
• White horse (acoustic studio version)
• You belong with me (acoustic studio version)
• You’re not sorry (acoustic studio version)



• Hey Stephen



• All because of Ellen
• Barn yard song
• Both of us
• Crazier
• Electric barnyard jingle
• Eyes open
• Hold on
• Hysteria
• I’d lie
• I heart ?
• Love the way you lie
• Mary’s airplanes
• Monologue song
• Permanent marker
• Pour some sugar on me
• Red (ft. Alison Kraus & Vince Gill)
• Ronan
• Safe and sound
• Set fire to haunted life
• Thug story
• Today was a fairytale
• Two is better than one
• When love and hate collide
• You’re not sorry (CSI remix)



• Ain’t nothin’ bout you
• Breathless
• Cry me a river
• Dancing in the dark
• Dare you to move
• Drive by
• How to save a life
• Irreplaceable
• I want you back
• Just a dream
• Iris
• Missing you
• Nashville
• Our last night
• Radioactive
• Run
• Titanium
• This love
• Viva la vida
• White blank page
• When daddy let me drive
• Wrecking Ball



• A perfectly good heart [DELUXE]
• A place in this world
• Cold as you
• I’m only me when I’m with you [DELUXE]
• Invisible [DELUXE]
• Picture to burn
• Mary’s song [Oh, my, my, my]
• Our song
• Teardrops on my guitar
• Tied together with a smile
• Tim McGraw
• The putside
• Should’ve said no
• Stay beautiful



• Last Christmas
• Christmases when you were mine
• Santa, baby
• Silent night
• Christmas must be something more
• White Christmas



• Breathe
• Change
• Come in with the rain [PLATINUM]
• Fearless
• Fifteen
• Forever & always
• Forever & always [PIANO / PLATINUM]
• Hey Stephen
• Jump then fall [Platinum Edition]
• Love story
• Superstar [Platinum Edition]
• Tell me why
• The best day
• The other side of the door [PLATINUM]
• The way I loved you
• White horse
• You belong with me
• You’re not sorry
• Untouchable [PLATINUM]



• Back to December
• Back to December [ACOUSTIC / DELUXE]
• Better than revenge
• Dear John
• Enchanted
• Haunted
• Haunted [PIANO / DELUXE]
• If this was a movie [DELUXE]
• Innocent
• Last kiss
• Long live
• Mean
• Mine
• Never grow up
• Ours [DELUXE]
• Sparks fly
• Speak now
• Superman [DELUXE]
• The story of us



• Back to December / Apologize / You’re not sorry
• Bette Davis eyes
• Better than revenge [ALTERNATE VERISON]
• Dear John
• Drops of Juipter
• Fearless / Hey soul sister / I’m yours
• Fifteen
• I want you back
• Last kiss
• Love story
• Mean
• Our song
• Speak now
• The story of us [ALTERNATE VERSION]
• You belong with me



• All too well
• Begin again
• Come back, be here
• Everything has changed
• Holy ground
• Girl at home
• I almost do
• I knew you were trouble
• Red
• Red [DEMO]
• Sad, beautiful, tragic
• State of grace
• State of grace [ACOUSTIC VERSION]
• Stay, stay, stay
• Starlight
• The moment I knew
• The last time
• The lucky one
• Treacherous
• Treacherous [DEMO]
• We are never ever getting back together



• Begin again
• I knew you were trouble
• Love story
• Mine
• Our song
• Red
• Safe and sound
• Today was a fairytale
• We are never ever getting back together
• You belong with me



• Aching Like A Boy
• Bother Me
• Boys and Love
• Castles Crumbling
• Chevy Radio
• Don’t You
• Drama Queen
• Foolish One
• Her
• His Lies
• I Bet You Think About Me
• I Can See You
• I’m Looking Out For You
• Kid in the Crowd
• Let’s Go
• Mr. Perfectly Fine
• Nashville (not live)
• Scream
• Someone Just Told Me
• Someone Loves You
• That’s When
• This One’s Different
• Timeless
• Too Beautiful
• Welcome Distraction
• Wonderful Things
• You All Over Me
• Your Guardian Angel

anonymous asked:

I always see cute stuff about the RFA members and having kids, but what if mc didn't want to have kids, like ever? (Including Saeran & V pretty please!) ~


  • he’s a little disappointed at first
  • he’s always wanted to prove to you that he’s a real man and not a baby
  • so you have to explain to him that you guys don’t have to have a baby to prove he’s not one
  • you adopt a puppy together instead
  • and then maybe more puppies
  • and goddammit yoosung doesn’t care about babies anymore
  • these puppies are his babies
  • it upsets him a little when his parents start asking if they’re going to get any grandchildren anytime soon
  • not because he feels inadequate or sad about not having kids, but just because he doesn’t want his parents to think badly of you for not wanting any
  • as it turns out, luckily they don’t mind too much. it’s your decision as a couple anyway
  • so, all in all, he doesn’t mind
  • it leaves him more time for gaming after all


  • he’s completely devastated at first 
  • he secretly really hopes you change your mind
  • but you explain to him that…no. you just don’t want kids and never will
  • it takes him a little while to deal with
  • but it’s not too long before he realises what not having kids means
  • it means that the two of you can eternally be the awesome hot couple who aren’t tied down by kids
  • you can travel anywhere and do anything without having the stress of “but what about the kids??”
  • he can get much further in his career, too
  • besides, he loves you for you
  • it doesn’t matter if you guys won’t have kids. as long as he can spend his life with you.


  • she’s actually a little relieved
  • it’s not as though she never wanted kids
  • but the thought of going through the tedious process of adoption or IVF just didn’t appeal to her at all
  • sure, she would have liked kids, but she knew it would be difficult after she fell in love with you
  • she really doesn’t mind all that much, and it’s not a topic she thinks about very often
  • she’s amazing with the kids of the rest of the rfa when they start being born
  • but, honestly, that’s enough for her
  • tbh she doesn’t need more stress in her life
  • she would rather spend all her free time with you instead of washing vomit of her clothes, anyway


  • family has always been a pretty big thing to him, as has tradition
  • so when you first tell him you don’t want kids, he wonders how could possibly not want them?
  • but after you explain to him, he realises that
  • huh
  • despite the fact he’d always imagined himself having kids, he’d never imagined himself, like… actually having kids
  • like, looking after them and everything
  • oh god, he would have been so wildly unprepared for kids
  • he’s glad you’ve shown him that
  • and he really doesn’t mind that you don’t want kids
  • his father is really angry about that at first, but jumin doesn’t care
  • he loves you. he doesn’t understand why he needs to have children to prove that


  • awh he was kind of looking forwards to creating something which was half you, half him
  • but once you tell him you don’t want kids, he doesn’t really mind that much
  • after all, that means you can adopt more cats!!!
  • oh god
  • it might take him a little while to completely come to terms with the fact you’re never having children
  • but when it comes down to it, all he wants is you
  • kids would just have been a bonus, but not having them doesn’t make him love you any less
  • it also means he doesn’t have to worry about protecting them from the aftereffects of the dangerous work he’s done in his life


  • he’s. so. relieved.
  • he would have been open to the idea if you’d wanted kids
  • but he’s so relieved he won’t have to worry about being a shitty father
  • it’s one less stress he has to deal with
  • besides, living with saeyoung is like living with a 5 year old
  • it also makes him feel like it means you can take your relationship more slowly, because you’re not so pressed for time, which makes him feel comfortable
  • he loves spending time with you, and he’s not sure he’d be able to handle having to cut that time down for the purpose of a child


  • it doesn’t even faze him
  • you tell him you don’t want kids and he’s just like “ok”
  • like… V, did you hear what I said??
  • you expected him to react a little more strongly than this
  • but he tells you he doesn’t care whether or not you guys have kids, as long as he can be with you and love you
  • it’s actually kind of a relief, because you’d expected him to get upset when you told him but it turns out you worked yourself up for nothing
  • and he genuinely doesn’t mind at all

anonymous asked:

indica algumas musicas? qualquer uma

Vou falar as q eu curto 

Jorge e Mateus - Mil Anos

Mahalo - Mundo Perfeito

Strike - Sol de Paz

Pretty Ricky - Grind Whit Me

Project X - We want Some Puy

Ron Pope - A drop in the ocean

Awolnation - Sail

Mahalo - Chora Brother

Mike WiLL Made-It - 23

Skank - Acima do Sol

Ariana Grande - Break Free / Problem

Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong

Rael da Rima - Ela me faz

Bedroom Eyes - Ko Kane Lorenzo Zanetti

Beyoncé - Upgrade U

Cartel Mcs - Bates Motel

Cartel Mcs - Ela sorriu

Cartel Mcs - Srta Sexo e Afins

Cbjr - Zóio de lula / Só os loucos Sabem / Dias de lutas, dias de glória / Novo mundo

Chris Brown - Loyal 

Clean Bandit - Rather Be

ColdPlay - A sky full of stars

Justin Bieber - Confident

Criolo - Não existe amor em sp

David guetta - Lovers on the sun

Delumbra - Pode ser que, talvez

Jorge e Mateus -  Duas Metades

Eminem - The Monster / Not Afraid / Love the way

Familia Mada - Sol

Fe Santana - Cada vez mais

Fifth Harmony - Bo$$

Filipe Ret - Neurótico de guerra / Devaneios Retianos / Invicto

Flo Rida - Whistle

3030 - Foda Que ela é linda

Gutierrez - Madrugada Louca

Haikaiss - Existência 

Ivo Mozart - A festa

Jessie J, Ariana Grande , Nick Minaj - Bang Bang

Martin Garrix - Animals

Passenger - Let Her Go

Jorge e Mateus - Fogueira

Justin bieber - Boyfriend / Beauty And a beat / Payphone Boyfriend

Kamau - Só

Kelly Clarkson - Because of You

Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness

Kid Ink feat Chris Brown - Show me

Malta - Diz pra mim

Pitty - Sete vidas

Maroon 5 - Maps

Northend - Legion

Nx Zero - Maré

Skrillex - Make It Burn Dem

SOJA - Rasta Courage

SOJA - True Love

Taio Cruz - Hangover

Trey Songz - Na Na

MAGIC! - Rude

Tropkillaz - Que Passa Amigo

Conor Maynard - R U Crazy

Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say

Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants

Just playin’ some nostalgic games all happy and dandy until I notice it



kidding me




The more I learn about sonic adventure the more I realize that Sega was just high the whole entire time they made this game. There’s just so much random crap happening it’s insane.

Exo reaction #74

Baekhyun: *plays with your kids like they were his*

Chanyeol: Let’s go to market to buy some food

Chanyeol: What do you want to eat for dinner?

Baby: Sausage

Chanyeol: Sausage! That’s real man food!

Chen: Haaah o-okay! What if we now just go to sleep? *has played with them for the whole day*

-When D.o and your baby are having a lunch-

D.O: what are you talking about it’s delicious
Baby: NO it’s not!…
D.o: Let me taste it…

Baby: Starts to eat
D.o: See i told you it is delicious

Kai: Hi there cutieee! <3<3

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Kris: Hii! I’m Wu Yifan the galaxy hyung/oppa.

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-When you have come back home-

Y/N: Okay kids. Time to say good bye to Yifan Hyung

Kids: Bye Yifan Hyung/Oppa

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Lay: Haha omg you guys are too cute!

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Luhan: How am i gonna survive from this? Y/N How many kids do you have…?

Y/N: 5

Luhan: 5!? Are you kidding me… i need help here…

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Sehun: Haha, look at those little things…

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Suho: Don’t worry i will take care of them I don’t regret anything when i added this gif

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Kid: Taozzi you’re a scary cat! You’re afraid of bugs

Tao: blaablaablaa shut up jerk… i tried to save you

Kid: But i had to save YOU

Tao: *being child like always x)*

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Xiumin: PST! Y/N Now tell me how i take care of these…. things..

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