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If you could recommend one thing right now to everyone reading this, what would it be?

please, please, i am begging you: watch Nirvanna the Band the Show. it’s a tv show where the two main characters are “actors” and everyone else is real and doesn’t know they’re being filmed. it is, no bullshit, the funniest + most interesting comedy i’ve seen in years, and has totally filled the void Nathan For You left in my heart

the first episode is free on youtube!

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Thomas! I saw your tweet about the OA, and although I don't watch the show I wanna know, do you like Jon bellion (besides human?) because I would legit DIE he's my favorite !!!

Yeah, I’ve loved him since forever!!

I literally had this conversation with my best friend the other day

Me: *sitting watching Kara and Lena scenes*

Friend: *walks in, looks at the screen* ugh, now what lesbian show are you watching?

Me: wh–I… Just—ugh now I’m so mad… *tries not to scream*

Friend:…um… what’s happening?

Me: *takes a deep breath* neither of them are gay, and she—*points to kara*–has a male love interest.

Friend: Are you serious? *sits down to watch* what the–SHE JUST BIT HER LIP WHAT THE HELL


What am I hearing?? Regina and the EQ wont be reunited? And the EQ is with fake Robin? The split queen arc was just a ploy for OQ to be together in an AU? If this is true…

I’m so happy I quit watching this hack of a show!

When you think these writers couldn’t ruin their own show any further… there’s always worse!!!

Congratulations @onceabc for officially being the shittiest show on TV

All you have to do to be an Evil Regal is enjoy Regina and Lana.

All you have to do to be Swen is enjoy Swan Queen.

If you want to boycott, great. If you want to watch the show, that’s also great.

Your fandom experience is yours. Find people who make it happier, not sadder.


I feel like this version of bolero is going to be stuck in my head for a while.. also with this music goes one of the most visually creative scenes in tv (lately)

On this week’s episode of “Stupid Crap In The Rebels Tag”:

1. Kallus isn’t allowed to have a redemption arc because he’s a member of a fascist government with some allegorical inspiration from the Nazis.

2. “The show isn’t treating their female characters right!”  *conveniently ignores that Sabine had her own character arc this season and more named female characters than ever had important roles in the plot (Pryce, Brunsen, Ursa, Mon Mothma)*

3. “The show doesn’t treat their POC characters right!” *conveniently forgets that Kanan, Ezra, and Sabine aren’t white*

4. We are still whining about Ahsoka.  Even though with the lead time they have on this show there was no possible way they could have squeezed her into Season Three along with everything else.


I somehow managed to sling together another review, this time of KonoSuba, a show everyone already knows is good, to let you know if you should watch this good show

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People are allowed to boycott episodes and this one is a slap in the face of all SQ fans. It might be a good episode for Regina, but ERs = SWEN so I'm not sure why it's a surprise that we want to boycott the episode.

Sure they are.  Watch or don’t watch.  That’s up to you.  I’ve said that in every post on the subject.

But you know what I’m going to respond to… when people add content to my posts that suggest that Lana Parrilla is lying or saying she likes the episode for marketing reasons.  

And I’m also going to point out that the boycott is a completely ineffective means of hurting the show.

You are welcome not to watch.

If the thing is hurting you don’t watch it.

But don’t lie to yourself or say shit about Lana Parrilla.  Then I’m “allowed” to tell you that you are operating under a misconception or are just an asshole.

PS:  The more often someone says that ERs equal SWEN the less I want to be SWEN.  So thanks for that.

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So, I've been seeing your posts on Trollhunters and wondering if I should watch it. Can you give me a sales pitch for the show and why you like it?

just … THESE GUYS:

Originally posted by lapna-xerio

no but all fangirling aside; i wrote (kind of) a review of the series here but here’s a two-sentence summary:

it’s about a mystical rock monster world and some kids trying to fight the bad guys - it’s simple and fun :D (and the villains are absolutely BADASS and developed, and they have CHARACTER - the villains are the best seriously ;U;; you WILL feel something for these villains if you want to or not)

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HC for Ardyn finding his s/o trying on his clothes and acting like him in front of a mirror! I'm glad you are back, btw. <3

((I am glad to be back. o u o d))

  • Boy, this man is going to be quiet, unbeknown to you while he is watching. This is a nice little show for him, and yes, Ardyn finds that one small spot where the mirror won’t catch him. 
  • The second you start putting on the rest of his clothes and don’t understand how to put it on, he starts snickering loudly. Scaring the be-jeeberz out of you. He’ll continue that evil snickering as you run around the room trying to find him. 
  • An bam, there he is. Ardyn grabs you up in his arms, a devilish grin on his face as he mocks everything that you were trying to do. 
  • Surprisingly, he does not try to strip you - though the thought was there. 
  • This hobo actually tries to help you with getting his clothing on correctly, and he gives you some credit on the items of clothing you were about to achieve victory with. 
  • Of course, Ardyn teases you on how you were doing an impression of him. But with those smooth words, he’s got you on his finger again until he makes you try to say the same words.
  • When it fails, he’ll grab you and whisper something into your ear before laughing. 
  • What happens next, well, you can just guess what it might be as long as the Nifs don’’t exactly need him. *wink wink*
46. Phil x Reader

Heya! I loVe your writing! Could you do prompt #46 with Phil my guy? If so, thanks! (:
“I think I’m in love, shit!”

You had just gotten to Phil’s place and you couldn’t be happier. Seeing him was the best pet of the week. The two of you have been seeing each other for about four months with the two of you being officially boyfriend and girlfriend for just under a month. Neither of had dropped the L bomb yet but it was going to happen sooner or later. It was mostly about who would most likely slip up and say it first. It had actually started to become a game for the two of you.

One night, in particular, the both of you were sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket watching some crap tv show that neither of you was truly watching. You were too busy talking about everything and anything. After a particularly funny story, you almost lost control and almost said the big words first. “You’re making me laugh so hard that my sides hurt.” Phil gave a poke the mentioned sides as you giggled a little more.

“At least you didn’t pee your pants!” The both of you laughed more and then sat in the comfortable silence before your phone started to interrupt the comfort. You had set an alarm so you would be able to get home at a decent hour. Unfortunately back when you set it you didn’t expect to want to stay forever. “Do you have to go home?” It was such an Innocent question filled with a deeper meaning. You had felt that maybe the relationship was a bit slow going but you quickly realised that Phil was just over cautious of pushing you too far or making you uncomfortable in any way.

“I really want to stay here forever. But I have to go home otherwise, I will miss the last train.” You looked down feeling a bit sad at the thought of leaving the warmth of Phil into the cold outdoors. Your train of thought was quickly interrupted by Phil pulling up your chin to better look at you.

“I want you to stay forever.” Mere inches away from his mouth it took everything in you not to finish the gap between the two of you. “I will pay for your cab if it means I get even another ten minutes with you.” The responsible you knew you needed to go home. The careless you could care less. You were in deep.

“Would you just kiss me already so I don’t say something stupid like I need to leave.” Phil obliged pushing his lips into yours. It started sweet but ended up in a battle of the both of you wanting to be more dominant.

You were the first to pull away from the kiss so you could take in a few deep breaths. “I think I’m in love. Shit!” Phil laughed into your lips as he pressed multiple soft quick kisses to your lips.

“I’m so glad you were the first one to break. Dan was sure I would be the first one.” Slapping Phil in the chest you pushed into another kiss. Letting your eyes close at the enjoyment as Phil mumbled “love you’s” into the kisses.

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