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Alright, Fowlie, tell us somethin' about ol' Fritz you've been dying to spill but know will probably never come up in the story itself!

Fritz spent a summer trying to teach himself how to tie a cherry stem into a knot in his mouth, but he’s never been in a situation where he could show it off. 

Fritz is a tragic hero. 

Cures Can Cost AU

idk here have this thing that’s been like running around my mind for a week or so. Sorry for bad grammar and things, it’s 2:30 am, I’m rlly tired, and just wanted to get this out B’) If you no want angst then skip the parenthesis bullets. Sorry for the dumb name too idk why i picked it or w.e. I just wanted a title

  • AU where an akuma either sets fire to places or is able to produce lethal gas
  • and LB and CN are stuck trying to take them down because they’re inside a building
  • LB used Lucky Charm and she gets a mask that would protect one of them from smoke/gas and she sees it light up w/ Chat’s face so she gives it to him and tells him somethin like “You can see better so you should take this too and get he akuma!”
  • and he’ll do it for his lady, so he runs to fight the person and LB is just sinking to the floor slowly because she can’t really breathe and it’s painful but she waits and she waits and her eyes are slowly closing
  • and finally Chat Noir comes back with the item and even though it’s been less than 5 minutes it feels a lot longer
  • She gives him a weak smile and he immediately rips the mask off and hands it to her and she manages to perform a miraculous cure, and once all the smoke/gas has cleared Chat Noir rips the thing and she purifies the akuma
  • but even then she can still barely breathe because her cure just doesn’t work on herself when it has to work on so many other things and people
  • so she like passes out and w/ his better hearing he can tell that she’s not breathing right and it’s getting worse so he scoops her up into his arms and like bolts away to get her help
  • while he’s running to find some help she transforms back and he’s like “oh my god Marinette please be okay, please be okay”
  • (Alternatively: She doesn’t transform back and he gets her to an ambulance and watches it drive away, and without knowing what else to do, he just checks out other people and heads home, really worried. Over the next couple of days the weekend ends and Adrien walks into class and is about to greet his friends when he sees that Nino and Alya are sitting next to each other and comforting one another. He askes what’s up and Alya’s like “Mari’s in the hospital, she got really messed up after that last akuma!!!” and Adrien is thinking “I didn’t???? see Mari there at all????” and then things begin to click with each passing day of no Mari and no LB, and he figures things out and freaks. He plans to go visit her and either things go smoothly or she like doesn’t make it before he can see her)
  • he eventually like gets to people that can help her and he hands her off and he’s like “The cure didn’t work on her I don’t know what to do, please help her!!!”
  • so they take her away in an ambulence and the whole time Chat is just like “please no, please no, the world can’t lose her” 
  • and he’s like crying because Marinette Dupain-Cheng is an incredible young lady that can be awkward at times, but she always brightens the days of others and he’s one of his very first friends
  • and he goes through a mental list of everything he’s seen of marinette, not ladybug, and he’s thinking of how incredibly skilled she is in what she does and how sweet she is, how passionate
  • he leaves soon enough because there’s nothing he can do just standing there, so he makes sure all the people are ok and evetually finds himself at the dupain-cheng bakery, where he’ll tell Sabine and Tom about what happened to her
  • they’ll thank him and rush out to go to the hospital, tears in their eyes and sliding down their faces, and he goes back home to think about his classmate and friend
  • time passes or w.e. and after many visits and so much time going by, Mari is healthy again and although she has to be careful with over-exertion, she’s practically good as new. 
  • (Or you know, her condition just gets worse and she can’t breathe on her own from all the gas/smoke inhalation, so she has to give up being Ladybug)