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The Couple Who Had it, Lost it, and Found it

It’s been a whirlwind these past few years for Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook, who started dating somewhere between mid year of 2015. Though the couple has not validated our hopes and expectations by confirming that they’re in fact dating, it’s quite evident that the couple has fallen in love. As their dating life is something they choose to keep private, it’s apparent that Jimin has been in love with the younger for years–maybe even stretching back to debut–however, that has not been miraculously dispatched to the public along with their relationship. In addition to Jungkook, Jimin has had previous lovers, or friends with “benefits” as some would allude to. And the coupling has been referred to as the couple “Who Had It, Lost It, and Found It”.

Jimin coped with his neglect of close proximity and his humanly needs with the one and only Hoseok, some say he was simply used by Jimin and his selfish needs as fans point out to the obvious rejections of Jimin to Hoseok, while they also point out that the two could have been involved in a more lecherous relationship by their more than “mildly suggestive” behavior fans say.

Fans have posted photos on social media of “Jihopes” sensual theatrics.

While they had also shown him “using” Hoseok to make Jungkook jealous.

We understand Hoseok…

The couple seemingly had it, and were doing fine until the only distraction Jimin could recognized appeared and realized his feelings. But even before this couple there was someone Jimin seemed to have authentic feelings for, and we know this couple as the couple who lost it.

Fans post pictures of their “love-hate” relationship and deem it to be like any other real relationship. Some of the lovely photos are shown below.

Though the enduring feelings the two shared for each other seemed realistic, it seems that Jimin’s love for Jungkook Triumphs. Which some indentify this tragedy as a lost love, and describe it as a couple who lost it.

Then again the two may have found comfort in each other, as some of the fans post the two in their natural habitat enjoying each others company and maybe more…

But even then, Yoongi may show his favoritism towards Jimin.

Nonetheless, Jungkook and Jimin are now happily in love, they are the couple that found it(About time).

On the other hand, while Hoseok is his comfort, Yoongi may have found his true love.

Here we have the couple who had it, lost it, and found it. They’ve each experienced trials and tribulations collectively, however, they’ve seem to have found what they’ve been looking for. Army do you think Jimin could have differently coped with the silence of his previous crush to avoid hurting Yoongi
and Hoseok? Post your comments below, and tell us what you think!


Kookie: “Jiminie Hyung’s mine!”

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