are you tryin' to make me fat

Signs as Hamilton Lyrics

Aries: And I’m never gonna stop until I make ‘em drop ‘em and burn ‘em up and scatter their remains (Guns and Ships)

Taurus: Raise a glass to freedom something they can never take away no matter what they tell you (The Story of Tonight)

Gemini: I’m running out of time. I’m running and my time’s up wise up eyes up (The World Was Wide Enough)

Cancer: I’m dedicating every day to you domestic life was never quite my style when you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart (Dear Theodosia)

Leo: We gotta go, gotta get the job done gotta start a new nation gotta meet my son! Take the bullets out your gun! (Yorktown) 

Virgo: We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and when I meet Thomas Jefferson (Unh!) Imma compel him to include women in the sequel! WORK! (The Schuyler Sisters)

Libra: Every action has it’s equal opposite reactions thanks to Hamilton our cabinets fractured into factions try not to crack under the stress, we’re breaking down like fractions (Washington on Your Side)

Scorpio: I wish I could say that was the last time. I said that the last time it became a past time (Say No to This)

Sagittarius: Hamilton publishes his response: Sit down John you FAT MOTHERF*CKER!!! (The Adams Administration)

Capricorn: They are asking me to lead I am doing the best I can to get the people that I need I’m asking you to be my right hand man (Non-Stop)

Aquarius: I’m dying inside as you wine and dine, and i’m tryin’ not to cry cuz there’s nothing that your mind can’t do (Helpless)

Pisces: Love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints it takes and it takes and it takes and we keep loving anyway we laugh and we cry and we break and we make our mistakes (Wait for It)

Stone Cold

You can’t take it

I’m tryin to fake it

Til I fake make it

I’m heart sore

Tired to my core

Always needing more

You lambast me

With high soul fee

Never gonna be free

I give it all away

All you do is play

I’m fuckin lost anyway

You always want

But care for naught

Funny brutal little jaunt

You care about everything

But can’t give anything

Can I come back from this soul thing?

Take my heart and rend

Don’t stress I’ll mend

Long as I keep my friend

Can we do that?

Wear that top hat

Fake ass fuckin fat cat

Slap me with greed

Drop to my knees in need

Sadistic fuck watching me bleed

Kill me with an earnest kiss

Rise up and fuckin hiss

Wish it were a near miss

Fuck it…goin stone cold

Darkiplier dear, how are you?

(Most people write darkiplier as another person, someone in a different body than Mark. Not me, not this time. Prepare for nightmares)

Jack had come for a visit to L.A.. Matt and Ryan had tried to get him to stay in a hotel but Jack wanted to ‘fuel the flames’ by staying at Marks house. Matt and Ryan couldn’t say anything about it, because they had no reason to even ward Jack off. They just felt something strange around Mark. It had taken Months but they finally saw it. Little things. Like the way his head tilted when Matt and Ryan discussed news reports about murders. How he was unfazed when Matt had splashed blood from a raw meat package all over the kitchen. How his smile seemed different when he talked about a horror game. Not just those things either.

The atmosphere, it reeked with a lust that made a person gag. The kind of lust that you saw on a screen, the kind that shown serial murderers.

So they had moved out. Mark didn’t seem to mind, only asked if they would help edit his videos still. Of course they agreed.

But back to Jack. The Irishman had laughed off their warning, which had been placed out like a joke in the first place, and stayed with Mark. They could tell Jack just wanted to see tumblr explode with fangirls and raunchy art any way. So they let him go, but they also might have slipped a crucifix into his suit case.


Mark watched Jack unpack from the door way. They where chatting and just hanging out, but Mark could feel it. His gut twisting and just KNOWING. He wasn’t dumb like he so often acted. He knew he was probably insane, but he also knew he wouldn’t have it any other way. He was really a very organized person, very meticulous. He rarely did things late or was off schedule. Well except for uploads. He MADE himself upload on off times. He would sleep in late or say he was going to record and sleep instead. Why? Well he stayed up most nights.

He would stalk the streets, or hail a cab and ride into the next town. He would watch young ladies stumble out of bars, unknowingly being followed. He would tear them to pieces and laugh well doing it. He would initiate fights with other men just for an excuse to snap their jaw out of its place. He would stalk prey and leave it in a pool of its own blood.

He became addicted to the colour red. Which is why he had dyed his hair. He didn’t want to disappoint the millions of people that followed him. He wanted to get better.

But the hair only curbed his appetite. He still wanted that crunch, that smooth slice of blade into flesh. He NEEDED it. But he was alone in that.

Which is where Jack comes in. Jack was his friend, his best friend. He had even said he never wanted Mark to go through anything alone, ever. So he MUST not want his to have this alone either. Well, if Mark was honest ( which he wasn’t) he would admit he was twisted. Matt and Ryan had left, and he knew why. Their sideways glances had been showing. But he didn’t care. They could leave, as long and he gained someone else.

Jack was jabbering on about Uncharted when Mark regained focus.

“How about diner?” Mark interrupted. Jack snapped his head to Mark, eyes wide and apologetic

“Sorry, I was ramblin’ wasn’t I?” He laughed sheepishly. Mark shrugged. He didn’t know how to do this. He had done it once before. Convinced a young woman to kill her boyfriend with him, but he had seduced her. She had looked so lovely with that crazed look and splatter with blood. But Mark had killed her anyway. She WOULD have talked. But Jack won’t. Jack would NEVER sell Mark out for the world.

“How does burgers sound?” Mark asked. Jack groaned in disgust.

“Are ya TRYIN’ to make me American and fat?” Jack joked. Mark frowned.

“First, racist! Second, I am not trying to make you anything a'tall Jackaboy.” 'Except maybe make you crazy’ Mark thought. Jack stuck his tongue out and rushed around, trying to find a phone book to order food.


Jack thanked the delivery boy, which made Mark grind his teeth. The boy held Jack’s attention. Mark grabbed the boy arm before he could walk away.

“Hay, I think I just hear my neighbors dog get loss. Go around that way so it doesn’t see you. It can get mean sometimes.” Mark smiled, pointing towards the garage. Knowing the boy would probably hug the wall. Which meant he would get scratched by the tiny blades Mark had slotted into the bricks. The blades where lined with poison.

“Ah, thanks man.” The kid seemed so happy to have meet them, which hurt, but didn’t. Mark couldn’t care less, Jack had smiled and laughed with the boy. HIS Jack didn’t need anyone else.


For protesting so much Jack devoured his food quicker than he opened it. Mark didn’t eat, just sat there and watch Jack shounen his face full. Mark had gotten him a cup of water, with a few more 'additions’ to it. He slid it over to HIS friend and watched the other male gulp it down, then make a face is disgust.

“Ah that was salty!” The Irishman yelled. Mark feigned surprise.

“Oh sorry. I used a cup earlier to gather salt when Chica split it. Must have been that one.” Mark laughed at Jacks face.

“Ew man!” Jack laughed through the disgust. Mark simply chuckled.

“Yeah sorry.” Mark dipped his head down. Jack shrugged.

“No problem. Hay how come you haven’t eaten?” Jack asked, taking another bite. Mark shrugged and was saved from answering by Chica. She wanted to be let out. Mark sighed in relief. He had almost answered with ’ The real meal comes later.’


The drugs began to kick in a few minutes later. When Jack had snuggled down into the couch to play a game with Mark. Mark had sat within reasonable distance of HIS friend. He noticed jacks eyes begin to roll around, wanting to shut.

“Hay Jack, remember the salty water?” Mark whispered. Jack looked up, just barely sleepy, but enough for Mark to start. “I lied. I actually put something in your drink. It induces sleep.” Mark spoke casually. “It’s a common date rape drug picked it up off a boy who’s pockets I went through.” Mark glanced over at the now shocked looking Jack.

“W-what the heck Merk? A-are ye sayin’ ye d-drugged meh?” Jack questioned. Mark smiled and nodded, humming in approval.

“Yep!” Mark exclaimed joyfully. “Sure did.” He purred as he set down his controller and stood up. He turned to the weakened man besides him and leaned over, one arm on the couch back and the other on the green haired males knee.

“W-why?” Jack had tears in his eyes. Mark smiled softly, yes, this was VERY nice.

“Because, you are the only one I want. But you won’t listen. Unless I make you. So I needed you to take a nap. So sleep now Jackaboy. You’ll need your rest.” Marks voice sounded toxic, even to himself. Jack unwilling obeyed.


Mark had long ago learned that using rope to tie up his victims didn’t work as well as chains. So he had used this on Jack. Sure they pinched and where cold, but they where not able to be cut or undone easily. This Jack woke up in chains. His top half was bare, not only of clothes, but if hair too. His chest, stomachs, and arms had been shaved.

“What the bloody hell?” Jack whispered. Mark chuckled.

“Sorry, body hair gets in the way on a knife. Makes the blade bounce instead of glide.” Mark explained in a conversational tone. Jack flinched away.

“Why would you need that?” Jack asked, voice already taunt with fear. Mark chuckled as he picked up a scalpel from the rolling table. He smiled at Jack as he usually did, but he saw in HIS friends eyes the fear.

“All the better to cut you with my dear.” He purred.

(there ya go. I have sinned and need Jesus!!!)