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Sherlock Is Actually A Girls Name

It means I love you.
I love all of my fellow sherlockians so much.

It’s really disappointing that we didn’t get a new episode today… But there’s still hope. Even if we don’t get a new episode, I’m still eternally proud of all the things we have accomplished this week; Created an entire survival kit with evidence and details that gave us hope and a reason to survive, and hundreds of dedicated fans contributed to this kit.

People like and wrote beautiful works of fan fiction to help us through the week. along with and SO many others created amazing gifts and beautiful content that entertained us and helped us imagined what could have been.

I could continue mentioning all of these amazing human beings because there are so many more of us, but let me get to my point;
This fandom is the fandom with the best and brightest people I have ever had the good fortune of knowing, we have been through so much together. As I previously stated in one of my other posts Sherlock brought something out of each and every one of us.

Because of Sherlock we became, writers, readers, artist, authors, editors, painters, conspirators, but most of all we have become a community. A community of intelligent people that come together to talk, fan girl, debate, cry, argue, analyze, synthesize, read between the lines, share ideas, create theories, we’ve become a family.

(We literally destroyed Apple Tree Yard on Twitter which is hilarious.)

I really wish to be with you right now, this whole ‘compute screen’ thing is really hard for me. I wish we could be together and talk this out, and hug and shred a tear or two as we silently hope for our a secret episode to come.
Even if it never comes, we’ll still be here, at least I know I will. I hope you guys do too because tumblr is nothing without you.

Since 2013, which was when I started watching, Sherlock has been a massive part of my life. Even people who have never talked to me before but seen me around school know that I’m a fan, I have a neckless key chain of 221B and take it with me every where I go, I guess it protects me somehow, it makes me me. But The television show isn’t the only thing I love about Sherlock. I love you guys too, I love randomly meeting you in public and become instant best friends, kinda like Sherlock and John did.
It may be the end of Sherlock but it isn’t the end of us. We’ve always have been known to survive and we’ll survive this. Our fandom will go on.

Before I conclude this I have one more request, for Moffat and Gatiss;
One more thing… One more miracle please Mofftiss… For us… Just don’t let it be the end. Please. Could you do that for us?
Just. Don’t. Be. Dead.

If they think it’s “retrospectively clever” to name the last ep The Final Problem because Sherlock had asked “how are you going to burn the heart out of me?” and Moriarty had answered “that’s the final problem” then you know … The Final Problem should’ve … you know … maybe tried to burn the heart out of him ?? instead of have his sister play games with him where random people no one cares about died and molly got a phone call before they all hugged and played violin together ??



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Part One

Request for part to from @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch.

My dearest Y/N,


There is no doubt that I love you. I spent the majority of my life telling myself that I could not love and that caring is a defect. I do think it is a defect however I am content with myself in the fact that I looked past that and fell in love with you. Whatever has happened, please know that I have and will love you.


You could consider this as a suicide note but I have not taken my own life. If it has gone to plan, then I should have fallen off of the roof of Barts. Why? For you. The man the world knows as Richard Brook is actually a criminal of crime. ‘The Napoleon of Crime’ is what I like to call him. James Moriarty is what you know him as. He’s the bastard that abused you. If I 'die’, then maybe he will. This is why I hope that it goes well.


So as you may have figured out, I won’t actually die. I’ll leave for maybe a few years and then return when he has been discovered. I’ll dismantle his network while you pretend you don’t know I’m alive. It is vital that you do not tell anyone; not even John. So for now I wish you the very best, my dear.



Settle down boys - Sherlock Holmes

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Requested by anon!! Hope you enjoy it my love!


You stood in your office on your ipad with the bluetooth piece in your ear. You were in the middle of something extremely important. You were young, but extremely powerful. So powerful you were the boss of Mycroft Holmes. Your boyfriends brother. To tell the truth you were probably smarter then most people your age and that’s how you got the job. You were clever on how you made things happen. Most of the time people hadn’t noticed it had happened but it had. You run schemes to help stop bad things from happening to the city. You ran London.

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you heard your message ringtone and you fished your phone out from your bag. it’s your mom, sending you a terribly embarrassing childhood picture. you immediately closed your message window and look up from your phone hoping nobody sees it, and you see Jim making this face as you looked up.

later that night when you walked past his office you heard him laughing uncontrollably. your had a terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach, so you walked in.

[Y/N]: please tell me that is not what i think it is.

JM: it’s already my lockscreen, dont worry.

I invite you all to hear Who You Really Are, the final song of The Final Problem by David Arnold and Michael Price

Hear that and tell me that you are not glad, absolutely happy and proud to have found this amazing series called Sherlock and LOVE it, tell me that you’re not glad to be part of this crazy but brilliant fandom… I DARE YOU but, It’s impossible! I can’t hear this song without putting all the volume up, with my headphones, and seriously can’t stop smiling and having goosebumps when I hear it!!
I love that song it was perfect to end season 4 and it always make me think about how much I love and ENJOY this series!

Please if you haven’t, you will not regret it, listen to it! :)

Maybe season 4 wasn’t the best Sherlock season, but the soundtrack was impeccable, as always and even better than the other seasons that’s very very remarkable!!

After rewatching the final problem

Favorite moments:

  • Mycroft’s smile while watching his family tape where Sherlock hugs him
  • The umbrella / sword / gun
  • Martin’s Perfect Hair
  • John is family and that is why he stays
  • ”The deduction thing”?
  • Such a beautiful cinematography
  • Mycroft disguised as the fisherman
  • Mycroft being all power and orders in front of the governor
  • Eurus being bysexual
  • John being all soldier about the recordings and telling Mycroft to shut up
  • Moriarty and his geeky red alert voice recording
  • QUEEEEN!!!
  • “How do you want me?” Moriarty
  • “I will not be manipulated like this” Mycroft
  • “To hell with what happens with us” John
  • Sherlock explaining his Mycrofts true intentions
  • Mycroft promising his Brain to the Royal Society
  • Sherlock solving the song for the sole sake of saving John 
  • Mystrade being canon
  • Greg surprised to be told his name twice in a season
  • Sherlock being better than a great man, being a good one
  • Sherlock and Eurus duet 
  • Reconstructing 221B
  • Parentlock
  • Mommy Holmes taking Mycrofts hands
  • “My Baker Street boys”

Hillarious moments:

  • Sherlock calling off the prank 
  • “If there’s a cue join them” 
  • Ms Hudson being a metalhead 
  • Sherlock Holmes, the pirate
  • Moriarty street speañing
  • “This one has more stamina but he’s less caring in the afterglow” Pansexual MORIARTY
  • Ms Hudson spraying 221B

Scary moments:

  • The fucking clown
  • Mycroft describing Eurus childhood behavior
  • Eurus being colder and not being able to relate to feelings
  • Eurus feeling the need to exterminate her family
  • Eurus recordings
  • Sherlock seeing but not observing
  • Mycroft’s unbuttoned shirt 
  • Mycroft unsure and scare about killing the governor and killing it
  • “She’s very clever”- “I’m begining to think you are not”
  • Sherlock experimenting emotions after Molly’s phone call
  • Mycroft being so cold hearted toward John and saying all the hurtful things he said 
  • Eurus loosing it because sherlock decided to kill himself
  • Sherlock being so lost in emotion by remembering his Childhood friend

Hated Moments:

  • The plain metaphore making Eurus look vulnerable when she clearly isn´t
  • Why does the freaking skull paint keep changing through the episodes 
  • John not able to identify a granade (he is a soldier FGS)
  • John quoting Oscar Wilde after feeling this show was a whole queerbait
  • Sherlock rewritting his memories because in that case we cannot trust even his memory
  • The regret in Mycrofts face being unsecure about Moriarty and Eurus meeting
  • John specking about Mary while watching Sherlock in the eyes making him feel guilty again.
  • The stressfull atmosphere created by the changing lights and Moriarty’s messages
  • Are sherlock grandparents even alive to be metioned by the little girl on the phone?
  • Molly’s phone call and not because of the ship but because of what it does to her as a character, her suffering is just a horrible thing to watch.
  • The doctor doen´t recognize human bones…
  • Eurus’ voice changing when she is talking about the plain metaphore sounding like the child 
  • Holmes parents blaming Mycroft for the measures he took to secure her
  • Mary saying that whan they can become doen´t matter even though she know who they really are

Overall this is a GOOD episode, is it the finale we wanted? NO, at least no must of us. We are dissapointed but it is not a bad episode so please don´t throw shit to the creators. Hopefully some kind of statement will be said in the next weeks and we wil not feel fooled or worst Queerbaited…

No Dates ~ Sherlock imagine

Description : You are Sherlocks daughter and is secretly dating Moriarty. Sherlock and Moriarty met up and Moriarty brags about how amazing you are to him *wink wink* and Sherlock almost kills him

Warnings : none

Word count : idfk

You were just leaving Jim’s flat, walking down the cold London streets back to the flat you shared with your father and Uncle John when your phone buzzed in your pocket.

You pulled it out to see a text from John saying, ‘You might want to save your father from committing murder.’ Along with an address at the bottom of the text.

You turned in the opposite direction and began running, your boot-covered feet slapping down into puddles and dirtying your favorite high waisted white jeans.

Once you reached the building John said, you took the elevator up to the roof. Cautiously you peeked around a large radiator and saw Jim and your father pointing guns at each other.

“How dare you touch my daughter,” your father was saying.

“Oh Sherlock, is that all you think we do?” You caught his eyes and he gave the slightest of winks before grinning maniacally at Sherlock.

“Stop.” You whispered to yourself, not wanting your boyfriend to get shot.
But of course, he didn’t stop.

“Providing the information that you are her father of course you don’t know what your beautiful daughter is capable of doing for another man,” he smirked, “what a lovely mouth.”

Sherlock’s face turned bright red and his hands started to shake.

“You don’t know what your doing Moriarty. I’ll shoot you right now.” Sherlock hissed.

“Oh certainly go ahead,” Jim shrugged, “But frankly I’d be dissapointed that you let these words affext you, the great detective, so deeply,” he taunted Sherlock.

“She’s got such a beautiful voice, especially when she’s calling my name,” Jim hissed at Sherlock with a grin, “she’s just great at giv-” before he could reveal any more of your private romantics, you stepped out from behind the radiator and screamed,

“DAD! PUT IT DOWN.” when you screamed 'Dad’ They both looked at you, making your Cheeks tinge pink but you held your composure.

Giving the slightest of nods to Jim, he slipped away unharmed along with your boiling father.

Walking with him down the stairs, you denied Everything jim had revealed, secretly knowing the affect you had on him and him on you. Smirking, you went home with Sherlock.

I just saw a gif from the pool where Moriarty says ‘I see why you like having him around but people do get so sentimental about their pets’ and I was like 'hmm… that actually fits maybe the writers aren’t THAT dumb-’ and then I remembered that Moriarty met Euros AFTER the events of the pool






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