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literally just a 3-page continuation of the previous 3 pages, aka, how it should have ended

  • <p> <b>My future child:</b> why is my cousin's name rose?<p/><b>Me:</b> because your aunt loves roses<p/><b>My future child:</b> then where'd you get my name from?<p/><b>Me:</b> I'm busy now, The Range Of Diversity In Rick Riordan's Books<p/></p>
[ red roses ] ✧ kim doyoung

warnings: blood

pairing: doyoung x reader

genre: angst + fluff at the end

word count: 1,455

about: hanahaki disease!au + college!au 

note:  “The Hanahaki Disease is a fatal disease caused by unrequited love, where flowers bloom in your chest and forces your body to cough up petals and blood. The only cure is to have that love reciprocated, or to wipe away all one’s memories of their beloved person by surgery.

ps i have not edited this so its probably real shitty with lots of grammar mistakes forgiv m3 plz i’ll edit it by tomorrow xoxo

“ I love you and it’s killing me “

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BTS Chat: A Promposal to Remember (Jimin, Y/N & Jungkook)
  • Y/N: I'm going to ask Jimin to prom.
  • Jungkook: Why would you want to go to prom with Jimin?
  • Y/N: Why wouldn't I? He's CHIM. Cute, Hot, Irresistible and Masculine.
  • Jungkook: No, he's CHIM, Crazy Hyper Insane Man. Also, Y/N I thought you knew that I, you know?
  • Y/N: what?
  • Jungkook: Umm, well, that I like--
  • Jimin leans on the doorway, running his CHIM hands through his hair.
  • Jimin: Hey Y/N...
  • Y/N: Jimin! Oh my God, how long have you been standing there.
  • Jimin: Well I heard you're going to ask me to prom, if that's what you're asking.
  • He strides over to Y/N and gets down on one knee.
  • Jimin: So before you do that, it's about time I prompose....
  • Jimin is so CHIM, pulling out a red rose from literally nowhere, but who cares, this is romantic AF. But not for Jungkook;
  • Jungkook's Brain: NOOOOOOO!!
  • Y/N and Jimin are startled, they look at Jungkook inquisitively.
  • Jimin: -- To Jungkook. Kookie, do me the honor of going to prom with me?
  • Jimin hands the rose to Jungkook who grabs it and wraps his arms around Jimin.
  • Jungkook: Of course Jiminie, I was so scared you were going to ask Y/N!
  • Jimin: Never.
  • Jungkook and Jimin laugh together, embracing while Y/N quietly slips out of the room.
  • Y/N: Did, not see that coming.
  • A/N: I did.


For you Ash!!! a.k.a @fragranceofroses Cause today is your b-day!!  and of course I wanted to draw you something nice~ Yes, lots of roses cause I know they are your favorite!

tbh I’ve been wanting to do something like this for you for a long time. ;w; Not only something for your birthday, but just because you really are that wonderful~ and you’re always kind and always there for me. You really were one of my first real friends on here and in the servamp fandom! Thanks for always sharing SLS things with me, they always made me smile. But I also enjoy knowing about all your cool animals, crazy work stories, “ANIME FRIEND™ ” and just happy we talk almost everyday. Doesn’t matter if its a little or a lot. It makes me happy regardless. Thank you for being my friend Ash~! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I hope you like the drawing~

thank god I still know how to draw roses omg

read it all before you judge

ok, so i just heard that the new dw girl bill potts is gay.
are you fuckin kidding me.
im actually furious over this, Steven moffatt you have absoloutely no right to do this to such a prestigious show as doctor who.
first off, I’m not mad at the fact she’s gay, I’m bi myself, and I fuckin love jack and ianto, this isn’t about that.
And it’s not about the fact that she’s black either, god, white, black, blue, idc.
no, the problem is,
you wanna take rose, transplant her personality into a copy cats body, but OH HEY GUYS ITS OK SHES GAY.
what about the fans who have been there from the VERY beginning, what about the fans who have been there since the second begining. WE FELL IN LOVE WITH ROSE & 10 and you are taking her, just copying her, repeating her like she didn’t mean shit.
And like I said, this isn’t an attack on anyone bar Steven moffatt.
Steven has no fuckin right to do this to someone as important as rose tyler, let’s flip it, imagine if he did this to jack harkness, but made him straight and destroyed every flirty quirky part of his personality. “BUT HAY ITS OK HES STRAIGHT”
and i know im not the only one feeling this.
someone take this legacy the fuck off him.


rose would be turning in her grave.


It was dark when Ritsu and Shou first kissed. They kissed after Shou broke his own window and busted the screen out so they could get out of his house. It was after they ran to the middle of an open field in the dead of night and Shou had collapsed to his knees with grass knitted in fistfuls between his fingers. It was after Shou’s dad had yelled at him for the umpteenth time. It was after they pulled away from a long silent hug and their noses brushed against each other. It was after they stared at each other’s cloudy eyes and shared the same unknowing fear of what would happen if they turned back. They didn’t know if they would ever see each other again. So with a concoction of dread and concern boiling in their stomachs, they kissed. Both of their hands were on each other’s cheeks and they held each other there until they couldn’t breathe. It was wet between both of their tears and it broke when Shou couldn’t keep his mouthed closed from a sob. They stayed there and cried until the sun rose.

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hi!! how are you?? your writing is incredible!! i was wondering if you could do a scenario where jungkook falls for a very very shy girl?? or a drabble about what jungkook dating a shy girl would be like?? i'm a very shy jungkook stan so i always imagine what it's like for him to date someone shyer than himself. thank you!! i hope you're having a good day!! xx

and i hope you’ll like my writing too, knowing that rose truly was a lil bit gifted (lmao she’ll kill me). i chose to do a list type of thing because i’m not good with drabbles or scenarios. i might try to do a tiny drabble later, though. :3
i hope you enjoy this, anonie~

(it’s kind of short, sorry for that e_e)


  • first of all, only god knows how you two got together because he’s also a shy bean-
  • wait
  • what’s that sound…? 
  • oh
  • oh nO
  • ok i’m sorry
  • but really though, jungkook is a dipshit and the fact that you are shy would make his ego jump over the roof. someone should put him down that’s why i want him to get a confident girlfriend/boyfriend
  • but yeah back to the drabble
  • first of all (for real this time) jeon jungkook will tease the hell out of you
  • and not cute teasing
  • but annoying and stupid teasing
  • and sometimes he will hurt you by teasing you too much, but it’s okay, jungkook is also very sweet and caring, so he will comfort you and cuddle you and tell you cute things and he won’t tease you for a long time
  • i’m already weak hold me
  • enjoys watching you blush, so will do anything to witness you blushing
  • he will do things like “oh wow look at smol/tol you lemme just get real close so that i can look down at you/see if we are at eye level hah”
  • i hope god is on your side because the smirking galore is literally never ending and you might pass out 
  • i would pass out 
  • he??? smirks every time he catches you looking at him??? AND EVEN BEFORE HE TURNS TO LOOK AT YOU BC HE’S THE GOLDEN MAKNAE AND FEELS AND KNOWS EVERYTHING 
  • (i hate him)
  • will subtly try to feel you up in public and whispers dirty stuff in ur year and then laugh at flustered you (ONLY IF YOU’RE OK WITH THAT OF COURSE) 
  • if you were very shy outside too, don’t worry. he’ll order for you stuff and also pay :)
  • i’m in actual pain jesus christ 
  • he will find you cute nonetheless because he finds your shyness adorable and the faces you pull make his day and he’s fucking lame and whipped 
  • will make you tiny gifts just so he can see your reaction 
  • hopes that you will get over that shy state but doesn’t mind if you don’t
  • introduces you to his friends and when you act all cute he’s literally ‘awww'ing and pulling you into a side-hug, all bunny smile and shit 
  • if you are a smol he will stand tall when you want to kiss him that jerk 
  • if you are a toll then he would run away from you (like, in a playful way. probably wants you to see how shyness looks like idk he’s lame)
  • he’s melting for you anyway, doesn’t matter if you’re tol or smol, because you are so cute he thinks his heart will explode or implode or both when you act all shy and stuff and sometimes he wants to tell you that your cuteness makes his heart do the thing but even if he’s cocky nochu, he’s also shy 
  • like, he would convince you to cuddle, and when he pulled you closed you made this tiny giggle or hid your face in his chest or something and wow he’s in fucking lovE
  • don’t get me wrong 
  • he’ll be cocky like 80% of the day 
  • but he’s also sweet like 5% and memey 15% 
  • so he’s forgiven 
  • btw you either get that killer smirk or that big big big bunny smile but it’s good anyway i guess
  • god, please love him i swear he loves you even if he acts like an asshole he’s super cute and scared so protect that tiny lil human bean

sorry for being so aggressive but i get full of emotions when i write about kook and i wanna explode bc bruh he’s perfect wtf

~ admin alexa

The Supernatural Angels
  • Castiel: I'm going to use my powers to help humanity and the Winchesters.
  • Balthazar: ...Fine, I'll use my powers to help him.
  • Lucifer: I will use my powers to cleanse the earth.
  • Michael: I'll be using my powers to stop him
  • Raphael: I will use my powers to do God's will.
  • Gadreel: I will use my powers to redeem myself.
  • Gabriel: What's that chasing you?? Oh my God, it's the Hulk! Who did that? How brilliant. Time to slow dance with an alllien. You ever been beaten up by beautiful women in lingerie? Stop! Alligator time! Look at your man, now look at me, there's a rose in my mouth, candles are lit, how did that happen?
  • Rose: If you bite it and you die; it's poisonous. If it bites you and you die; it's venomous.
  • Colin: What if it bites me and it dies?
  • Damian: That means you're poisonous, Jesus Christ, Colin, learn to listen.
  • Maps: What if it bites itself and I die?
  • Suren: It's voodoo.
  • Maya: What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Damian: That's correlation, not causation.
  • Maps: What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Maya: That's kinky.
  • Rose: Oh my god...

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•eth wanting to participate in the wedding planning 100%


•"which of these frostings will look better when i smush it in your face?“
“Oh god im marrying a 10 year old”

•eth getting weirdly into picking napkin colors

•"i said DUSTY ROSE you gave me ANTIQUE MAUVE”
“Ethan chill”


•amy and kat coming with you to pick out a dress

•amy and kat lowkey tearing up when they see you in your dress

•turning into a bridezilla but its ok because eth is a groomzilla


•the people gasp as you begin to walk

•ethan literally cries when you walk down the aisle

•eth thanking the universe for giving him such a beautiful partner


•"I knew you were the one from the moment i saw your smile"

•ethans vows makin u cry

•"i’m so lucky i get to spend my life with the my favorite person on the planet"


This is getting long oops but lmk if you want a part two!!


His eyes swept slowly over your figure, a dark spark of hunger glowing deep within their depths.

The music drifted through the air, the deep bass booming softly through your body as he pressed you against the wall. His head dipped down to the crook of your neck, “You’re always so eager for me, baby girl.” His hot breath against your neck fanned the growing fire in the pit of your stomach, intense need surging through you and making its presence known through the wanton moan you released. His lips ghosted over your exposed neck and along your jaw until they nibbled playfully on your ear. “I bet,” he breathed huskily as his hands began to crawl over your hips to grip your ass, “he could never make you this crazy.” Your breath hitched and your boiling blood spiked icily in your veins.

Abruptly he spun you around, large palms smoothing along the front of your thighs before dragging the hem of your dress upwards, the olive tinged silk lightly tickling your heated flesh. “Does he know,” he pondered as he ghosted a finger along the inner corners of your trembling thighs, “where to touch you to make you cry out his name?” You gasped as he flicked his thumb over your lace veiled pearl. “I didn’t think so,” he growled lowly as he slotted his lips against yours, guiding your violet painted lips with his as he dipped a finger into your slicked panties. You moaned loudly against him and closed your eyes as he continued to stroke your too-sensitive pearl. He licked hotly into your opened mouth as he dragged his hips against your ass, letting his arousal be felt deeply by you. You arched your back and pressed harder into him while dipping your hips just so that his finger slipped between your soaked lips and into your velvety walls. A loud groan tore through him as he felt your temple fold in around his finger, his fingertip brushing against the ridged altar that made you see stars. “Fuck, baby,” he growled as he slipped in another finger to worship at your heated and needy altar. You tilted your head back to rest against his broad shoulder and whimpered pathetically, your hand working its way up to grasp weakly at the nape of his neck. “So dirty, baby girl,” he teased as he pulled your earlobe between his teeth. “So needy for me and just me. Isn’t that right, baby?” You could only nod weakly as the tidal wave of pleasure he had been steadily making you swim towards rose up high above you, ready to crash over you and drag you out to the blissful sea. “God, you’re so beautiful like this,” he husked as he spread his fingers wide within you, making your hips buck forth and pushing you dangerously close to the edge. “You’re mine, all mine, baby girl. Isn’t that right? C'mon, baby, tell me who you belong to.” Your lips fell open as you panted hotly against his neck, unable to vocalize properly due to the intense drags of the waves you so desperately wanted to drown in. “I said,” he growled harshly as he flicked his thumb against your aching pearl, “tell me who you belong to.” A scream tore out of you as he bit down hard at the juncture of your neck and shoulder just as the massive orgasmic tidal wave crashed over you, dragging you far beneath its blissful surface into the most intense high.

Except the name you screamed out wasn’t his name. As soon as his name shot from your lips, he roughly pulled away from you, leaving you trembling and slightly disoriented. “I touch you like this,” he hissed, “and you still shout his name.” You scrambled to find the right words but his icy voice stopped you, “Get out and go fuck him for all I care.”


  • Ruby: So you two are dating, right?
  • Yang/Blake: *Both spray their drinks out and stare at Ruby whilw muttering.* Huh?
  • Ruby: You two. Dating. *Ruby motioning her hands together.* Each other. Correct?
  • Blake: *Both Yang and Blake look at each other, searching their partners eyes before looking away with a blush.* It's... complicated.
  • Yang: We... We're going through some things Ruby.
  • Ruby: But you both love each other right?
  • Yang: Well... I mean... *Yang began before going silent with a nod.*
  • Blake: *Oddly though, upon seeing this Blake's cat ear shot straight up as she looked at Yang with some surprise.* Wait what? Y-you... With me?
  • Yang: Oh come on Blake. You know I do.
  • Blake: B-but why? I left when you needed me.
  • Ruby: That reminds me.
  • Blake: OW! Why did you kick!?
  • Ruby: Making Yang cry every night?
  • Yang: RUBY!! Don't tell her that!!
  • Blake: Oh God. Yang... I am so sorry.
  • Yang: It's fine.
  • Blake: No its not, Yang. I betrayed you.
  • Yang: You were trying to protect me.
  • Blake: But I didn't tell you!
  • Yang: You think I would have let you leave if you did?
  • Blake: No but I wouldn't be able to leave if I did.
  • Yang: Why?
  • Blake: Because I love you too.
  • Yang: *Yang lightly gasped before tackling Blake with a hug.* Blakey... I love you too.
  • Ruby: So Dating then?
Valentine’s Day Yooran Ficlet~

So, I personally have a huge vendetta against Valentine’s day (ihateitsomuchohmygod) BUT. The concept of Yooran on valentines day/first crush/admitting feelings/etc etc cute FLUFF just brings me joy. Because Yooran. 

SO. I wrote a Yooran Valentine’s day fic. This one switches between Yoosung and Saeran’s POV. Each switch will be notified with their name Bolded like so- Yoosung. or Saeran.

I hope you all enjoy it, and happy V-Day! And if you don’t like it like I do, happy tuesday lmao

“Will You Be my Sun?” a Valentine’s Yooran Fanfiction by Pansexualtrash.


I twirled my pen in my fingers, my lip caught between my teeth as I stared at the paper before me. I dropped the pen in frustration, tangling my hands into my hair, shaking my head in defeat.

Valentine’s day was only two days away- and I finally had someone I wanted to give something to, for the first time in my life- but there was one small problem. I had barely spoken to them.

Ever since Saeran started living with Saeyoung, I ran into him a lot. Saeyoung was one of my best friends, so I often went over there to play video games and hang out with him- of course, Saeran was there. I was intimidated by him at first, but I realized very quickly that he was shy, and awkward, in a different way than I was, but I couldn’t help but find it endearing.

I remember there was one day I showed up to see Saeyoung, but it turned out he wasn’t there. Saeran had answered the door and told me this, and I made to leave, but he stopped me, shyly inviting me inside for tea.

We didn’t speak- we just sat across from each other, occasionally exchanging glances, sipping the tea before us. I thanked him, and left.

The smile on his face as he waved goodbye made me realize that I definitely had feelings for him. I wanted to give him something as a Valentine’s gift- and hopefully ask him to go on a date with me, maybe eventually even be my boyfriend- but I had no idea what to do, I had never done this before.

I sat up in my chair, looking out the window in thought- now that I think about it, Saeran probably hasn’t either? He was just saved from the cult- this past year is the first time he’s experienced anything outside of that, so, it wasn’t just me who was inexperienced.

This thought comforted me somewhat, and I felt a smile curl up on my lips as I turned back to the pale pink paper before me, picking up my pen once more.


“You’re going away on the 14th?”

“Yeah! It’s Valentine’s Day! I’m taking Layla away for the night.”

I raised an eyebrow at my brother, still not quite understanding why he was doing such a thing.

“…What’s Valentine’s Day?”

Saeyoung’s shoulders fell as I spoke, realizing I had never been told about such a day, holiday, whatever it was.

“Right. I didn’t find out what it was until after I left our mother’s house,” Saeyoung rubbed his neck softly, shaking his head to dispel the sad memories, “Valentine’s Day is a day where you celebrate the person you love, or confess your love, or just do something for someone you love- it’s basically about love.”
“Love.” I repeated the word, my brow still raised sceptically, “It sounds stupid.”

Saeyoung smiled, laughing under his breath.

“I used to think so too, but maybe things will change for you someday too. Regardless- you’ll have the house to yourself on the 14th. We’ll be back around mid-day on the 15th, okay?”

I nodded, watching him as he walked back towards his bedroom. I stood as soon as he was gone, making my way back to my bedroom, closing the door softly behind me. I walked over to my bed, softly sitting on the downy bedding, leaning back onto it, staring up at the ceiling.

I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to celebrate such a day. It seemed pointless, and completely arbitrary- although, ‘love’ was not something I had any experience with.



I took in a deep breath, willing myself to knock on the door- the day had finally come, February 14th, and here I was, standing before Saeyoung and Saeran’s house. I was just silently hoping I would get the answer of the twin I desperately wanted to see.

I heard footsteps padding behind the door, a lock clicking out of place, just barely beyond the sound of my blood rushing in my ears as the door opened, and I met mint-coloured eyes burning into my gaze, shivers quaking down my spine.




I stared at Yoosung in confusion- His face was bright pink, his eyes staring at mine like a deer caught in headlights. He was holding a bag in front of him, his thumbs nervously picking at each other. He wore a purple button-down shirt with a folded collar, and black skinny jeans, along with nice black shoes.

I looked back up at his eyes, blinking slowly, unsure of what to say.

“…Saeyoung isn’t here.”

Yoosung laughed nervously, his voice breaking in high-pitch, and he brought a hand up to his mouth, clearing his throat quickly before speaking.

“Um, well, actually- I’m not… I’m not here to see Saeyoung.”

I continued staring at him, now truly confused.

“Who else would you be here to see? There’s nobody else here. Layla is out with him.”

Yoosung stared at me, shifting awkwardly where he stood, his violet orbs seeming to flash with nerves. Realization suddenly washed over me, and I felt my cheeks warm up ever so slightly. I looked at the ground, my grip on the doorknob tightening for a moment before I stepped aside.

“…Do you want to come in?”


My heart skipped as he invited me inside, and I flashed him a nervous smile, walking inside the doors. I took off my shoes, walking into the living room, Saeran following close behind. I set the bag on the coffee table, turning back to him nervously, my fingers dancing together nervously in front of me.

“Um, so.. Do you… Do you know what today is?”

Saeran crossed his arms, nodding slowly. I couldn’t help but notice his cheeks were slightly flushed- he looked so cute like that. I blushed harder at this thought, shaking it away from my mind, focusing on my task at hand.

“Yeah, so… This might seem strange since we haven’t talked much, but um… I wanted to give you this.”

I reached into the bag, pulling out a handmade card, holding it out to him. Saeran looked at me apprehensively, taking it gently in his hands, opening it to read.


I felt my hands shaking as I read the card, my body reacting on its own. I wasn’t sure why I felt so nervous- maybe the idea of someone giving me something? I had no idea.


Since meeting you, there is one thing I’ve realized-

You don’t need to exchange many words to see the light in a person.

I see a light in you- and I want to see more.

Will you be my sun?’

I read the words again, my face heating up even more. I looked up, and blinked in surprise as I saw Yoosung holding out a rose towards me. I gently took it, staring at the deep red of its petals. He cleared his throat nervously, his eyes searching the room anxiously.

“So, um…”

I looked back at the card, the rose, and back to Yoosung, my heart pounding in my chest. I felt my lips curl up at the corner, a small smirk settling there.

“… ‘Will you be my sun’..?”

Yoosung threw his hands into his hair, pacing back and forth immediately.

“Oh god, was it too corny? It’s too corny isn’t it. Oh man. This is so embarrassing, oh my god, I’m so sorry, just forget you saw that-“


He froze mid-sentence, turning back to me, tears dotting the corners of his eyes. I set the flower and the card on the table, rubbing my wrist gently.

“… It’s corny, but I didn’t say I didn’t like it.”


I stared at Saeran in shock, sniffling gently as I stepped towards him.

“R-Really? You like it?”

Saeran avoided my gaze, his grip on his wrist going stronger.

“… I guess.”

My heart jumped up in my chest, my smile growing wide across my face.

“So, you’ll accept it..?”

“Accept it?”

I shook my head slowly, remembering how silly I must sound.

“Right, you probably don’t know much about that- Um, i’m basically asking if you would go on dates with me, or… Um…”


I rubbed my neck softly, smiling up at him through my lashes.

“…Or be my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend,” He repeated the words slowly, glancing back at the rose and the card on the table, “…What do boyfriends do?”

I swallowed hard, tapping my foot in a feeble attempt to get rid of some of the nervous energy I was feeling.

“Um, well they go on dates, spend time together, get to know one another, romantically and um, physically-“


I blushed harder as he stared at me, his eyes genuinely curious.

“Do you mean like the kissing and hugging that Saeyoung and Layla do?”

I felt relief wash over me as he mentioned this, having worried he was implying something else-

“Or did you mean what they do at night?”

My heart felt like it was going to burst as I met Saeran’s gaze, a small smirk on his face, his mint eyes flashing with a hint of playfulness behind them. I couldn’t stop the flip my heart did at the sight.

“Are- are you teasing me?”

Saeran’s smirk grew wider, his hand coming up to cover his mouth.

“Was it that obvious?”

I let out a soft laugh, shaking my head.

“God, you and Saeyoung really are twins…”

“I meant it though, about the first part at least.”

I looked back at him, how the blush on his cheeks enhanced his eyes even more, made them even more striking, if that was possible.

“..Which part?”

Saeran didn’t speak- instead, he simply stepped towards me, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me into a hug. I gasped at the action, not expecting this reaction, but my arms slid up around his neck on instinct, my eyes fluttering closed as I took in his scent.

Saeran leaned his head against mine, burying his face into my neck, his grip tightening ever so slightly.

“…You’re warm.”

“So are you.”

The silence hung in the air, but it was different than the other silences we’ve shared. This one was much more comfortable- and also much more connected. Saeran shifted in the hug, bringing me back to reality.

“So… Are we boyfriends?”

“I would like that- but, do you want to be?”

Saeran pulled away gently, looking me in the eyes, giving me a nervous smile, his hair falling into his eyes gently. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching up and brushing it away, my heart skipping as he leaned into the touch slightly.

My body leaned in as if on autopilot, and I was in too deep to really register that he was doing the same until our lips had met- the kiss was warm, and he tasted like these gummy candies Saeyoung always buys him.

He pulled away from the kiss fairly quickly, his face almost as bright as his hair, looking up at me slightly.


I smiled, gently sliding my hands into his.


Saeran looked away, staring at the ground with a hard gaze.

“…Happy Valentine’s Day.”

I laughed gently, leaning in and kissing him on the cheek, smiling as his blush grew deeper.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Saeran.”

JUNG HOSEOKS NECK AND JAWLINE. did i grab ur attention or ?? ????

hello everybody its rose again with another neck kink post…. 

i honestly have no words, so let the pics speak 4 themselves

ouch!! ! !!! !! i just got a cut from looking at his motherfucking jawline :’)

save me god


kill me please

oh……. fuck.

and now im deceased. 

thank you for your time. if you’d like to attend my funeral, msg me for dets. 

(jungkook edition)

reading the young elites/rose society be like
  • Me: I wonder which one of you is the cinnamon roll
  • Me: is it you?
  • Me: or is it you?
  • Me: perhaps it's yo-
  • Character: *does something*
  • Me: oh fuck, god what are you doing? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
  • Me: *glancing around at everyone doing same thing*
  • Me: everyone here is a horrible person, they are absolutely awful
  • Me: .....
  • Me: *whispering* I love them all
Hopeful Beginnings [Shiro x Reader]

A/N: Collab with @memento-scribet cause she’s a beautiful person. Go check out the second part ‘So Long For Now’ on her blog!

<First Person POV>

Italicize = Flashback


I never knew how hard it would be without him. Waking up alone, morning coffee alone, alone, alone, alone. It’s been about a month since Shiro left for the Kerberos mission. Of course I was ecstatic for him, he gets to follow his dreams. With Mr. Holt and Matt no less. So I put on a brave face, even though Shiro would see right through it every time.

I was sitting, fiddling with the coffee cup in my hands. A soft sigh escaping my lips.

Shiro heard it from where he was doing dishes. “What’s the matter?” crouching beside me. Hand rubbing my thigh.

“It’s nothing” taking his hand in mine. “You know I don’t believe that” keeping his eyes glued on me, as I kept my gaze on our hands. Looking up I met his eyes, tears brimming. “I’m just going to miss you”

His heart broke as he stood to pull me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around his waist and buried my head in his chest.

Kissing the top of my head he whispered, “No matter what I will always come back to you”

Those were the words that got me through everyday. Just remembering his voice saying those words gave me comfort every night. So I went on with my life, just waiting for the time to pass. Praying for it to go quicker.

Though after the second month, I noticed something.. Off. I had been feeling nauseated in the mornings and just at the sheer smell of food. I was a month late. In a panic who else would I call other than my best friend.

“Hey I need a favor” my voice shaking at what I was about to ask for.

“Anything what’s up?” [Bff/n] said, curious as to what I had to say.

“Umm, I need you to go to the drug store for me. I need a uh, a pregnancy test” Voice growing quieter with each word.

“WHAT?!” She yelled over the phone. “I know I know just please” I begged, hearing her sigh “I’ll be there in 15”

True to her word [Bff/n] was there in 15 minutes with three pregnancy tests. Taking a deep breath I headed into the bathroom. Upon returning she set the timer. Sitting in silences my mind swirling.

“When do you think?” [Bff/n] broke the silence. “I mean the last time I had done anything was the night before Shiro left. But I can’t remember if he used protection or not” burying my face in my hands.

“I guess we’ll find out in about 3 minutes” She checked her timer. “God, what am I going to tell Shiro when he gets back? What if he doesn’t want the baby?” Looking over at her. She gave me a ‘you’re joking right?’ look. “[F/n], Shiro will be ecstatic. We both know he loves kids and he loves you. It will be his two favorite things” she laughed.

Relieving some of the stress that made its way to my muscles. Though they soon tensed again when the timer went off. Taking a deep breath I rose and went into the bathroom. Looking at the three tests.

Positive. Positive. Positive.

Walking back out I looked at her, “I’m pregnant” saying in disbelief. Though when it set in a beaming smile made it’s way on my face, “I’m pregnant!” [Bff/n] smiled and ran over to hug me. I’m having the love of my life’s child and I cannot wait to tell him.

Before I knew it, they were five months into the mission and I was five months into my pregnancy. My family and friends very supportive, taking me to doctors appointments and helping while I was on maternity leave. I had found out it was a girl and began to think up names. ‘Jennifer, Julie, Jenna, Jemma… hmm Jemma.’

It was the day I picked a name that I found out about the incident on Kerberos. I was cooking some lunch, [Bff/n] was over checking on me. When there was a knock on the door. “I got it” she called as I continued with the food.

I heard a male’s voice at the door, “Is [F/n] [L/n] here?” upon hearing my name I wiped my hands on a towel and headed to the door. “I’m [F/n], please come in”

There were two men, both in garrison attire. Their expressions turned to more somber ones upon seeing my protruding stomach. “Is there anything I can get you?”

“That won’t be necessary, Miss [L/n] I’m afraid we bear bad news” The more authoritative man said. I stayed silent, afraid of what they had to say. “I’m sorry Miss [L/n] but there was an incident with the Kerberos mission. We are being forced to believe all parties involved are deceased”

Shock ran through me like electricity, “What?” chocking out. “We are very sorry for your loss Miss [L/n]” the other man consoled.

“H-How?” feeling tears stream down my cheeks. [Bff/n] wrapped an arm around me. “We believe it to be pilot error”

Shaking my head, “That’s bullshit. Shiro never once failed any test flights or simulators, there’s no way in hell it was his fault”

The men only frowned before standing, “We’ll show ourselves out. But take time to grieve this can be a lot to process. Again we are very sorry” they said before leaving.

“But he promised me he’d come back” I whispered causing [Bff/n] to just hug me tighter.

The following days the memories of the day he left replayed in my head.

“Don’t miss me too much okay?” Shiro had his arms around my waist. Wrapping my arms around his neck, whispering “That’s like asking me not to breath”

“I love you [F/n], I promise to be back as soon as I can” gently connecting his lips to mine. Pulling away I said, “I’ll be here, waiting. I love you too”

“Shiro we have to go” Matt called away from the both of us.

“Go, live your dream” I patted his chest. Smiling he kissed me once more, “You’re my dream, this is my job” before pulling away and heading aboard his ship.

Not knowing this was the last time I’d see him.

No matter how much I wanted to wallow in my memories, I had to live. I had to stay healthy and carry on because I’m not just one person anymore. Though the loss lead even more people to check up on me. Keith used to call only once or twice a week but he upped it to once a day. He was a good kid, though I hadn’t told him about the pregnancy because I know it would worry him.

Even with all of these people coming to visit me each day, they always left that night and weren’t there in the mornings. Leaving me alone during what were once my favorite times of the day. The times where I was with him with no interruptions.

Though about four months later, I wasn’t alone anymore. No, my once quiet home was filled with little noises and cries all hours Jemma filled that silence, and helped fill that void. She was gorgeous taking after her father’s jet black hair, and sported a pair of stunning grey eyes.

The little bundle of joy gave me the love I’d been missing for months, but I still can’t help but wonder what Shiro would say when he first laid eyes on his little girl.

drgairyuki  asked:

Weiss would have an awkward talk with Ruby's mothers, Summer and Raven, as they kinda went through the same relationship like their daughter Ruby and her girlfriend while Ruby busy play with her and Weiss' daughter.

You lost me at while ruby busy playing with her and Weiss’s daughter. However I assume you mean something like this.

Penny: Now hold on Ruby. I do not want you falling off. *Penny smiled as she felt Ruby’s arms and legs around her tight.*

Ruby: Roger that, Penny! Now, TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! *Ruby cheered as she and Penny took off into the air and began to fly around, leaving Ruby’s mothers Summer and Raven alone with Weiss as all three watch The two spin in the air.*

Summer: Wooooow. I didn’t know Penny had a built in jet pack.

Raven: That actually reminds, Next time Qrow is over remind me to give in a hundred bucks for winning the bet.

Weiss: Bet?

Summer: What bet?

Raven: The bet for Ruby marrying a weapon and or robot.

Summer: Please stop making bets about our daughter’s love lives.

Weiss: Well You’re half right. *Weiss muttered as she sipped her coffee.*

Summer/Raven: Do tell? *The two older huntresses said together now focusing soly on Weiss.* 

Weiss: Uh, well, I mean…

Summer: Weiss. Is there something you’d like to tell us.

Weiss: NO! NO! I mean its just Penny has a soul so she isn’t just a robot is all.

Raven: Bet included that and I can tell that you’re lying.

Summer: It’s true. She can.

Weiss: I… It’s just… Ruby is kinda… in a relationship… Like… You two.

Summer: True.

Raven: Unless Penny has a dick… Wait… Jesus, Can Penny have a working dick? *Whack!*

Summer: Ow. Are you wearing shin guards? *Summer asked her wife as she rubs her foot after trying to kick Raven for being rude.*

Raven: Yes.

Weiss: Uh, No. True me. Penny does not have a dick. I checked. Although I wonder if we could get her one. *Weiss said with a blunt tone before thinking out loud, catching Summer and Raven now looking at her like she grow a second head.* … Sigh. What I meant is that Ruby and Penny are also… dating… me. Like you two are with Tai. *Weiss admitted.*

Summer: AAAAAAAAAAW!~ That is so cuuuuuuuuuute. I’m so proud of our little rose. *Summer smiled*

Raven: Yeah good for Rubes but that doesn’t make you three’s relationship like Ours.

Weiss: How so?

Raven: You’re not like me at all.

Summer/Weiss: Eh?

Raven: Look Penny would be the Tai. Ruby the Summer, Which leaves you to be like me and you are sure as hell not like me.

Weiss: And why is that?

Raven: You’re a bitch.

Weiss: EXCUSE ME!?!

Summer: Raven! That is rude! *Summer scolder her wife and added.* Plus, You were kinda a bitch to back around her age.*


Raven: Oh Summer dear. That is where you’re wrong. *Raven told her as she leaned over and gave her a kiss.* I was and will always be an asshole. Big difference.

Summer: Hehe, True but your our asshole and we love you, Also, your whole butt cause its so sexy.

Weiss: Oh my god it’s like watching Ruby and Penny Talking about weapon stuff.