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I'm sure you've been getting this a lot lately, but with the release of dream daddy people have been torrenting it and saying stuff like "I don't wanna give money to the game grumps and etc." I just wanted to know if they did something horrible or something, because I have absolutely no clue what's going on. Thank you!

well tumblr in general loves to hate everything that becomes popular, so with the release of dream daddy people started digging back through old game grumps content to find a reason to hate them (including going back to arin’s newground days, which is literally over a decade ago), and seeing as how they’ve made over 5000 unscripted videos, there’s of course bound to be some ‘problematic’ stuff.

and look, i won’t deny that gg have said some ignorant things in the past, but they’ve apologized, and improved a lot. also, some of the stuff people are accusing them of is kinda fucked up, like calling them anti-semitic, or straight up nazi’s, when at least 2-3 of the prominent members are jewish

either way, even if you dislike game grumps, torrenting dream daddy is not going to hurt them. however, it will hurt the development team (which consist of mostly lgbt people), and our chances of getting similar games in the future. 

OK to all the people dragging Theon, seriously what would you have done in that situation??

- Surrounded by enemies

- You’re all alone

- The squad you rolled with is dead

- Everything is on fucking fire

- Your post traumatic Reek disorder is kicking in hard

For a moment I thought Yara was gonna signal Theon to jump ship anyway. If he tried to fight and go out like a G, he would have died, and I’m pretty sure Yara realized this. She would have wanted her little brother to live

So no Theon isn’t a bitch for dipping tf outta there. He was smart

i’m going on a semi-hiatus

oh look, here goes ashley making another hiatus post bc she’s overwhelmed nothing new 

hi guys. i’m sure if you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve realized how completely out of the loop/inactive i’ve been when it comes to tumblr/the phandom.

if you give a shit to know why i’m going on semi-hiatus, then read under the cut, bc this shit is going to be long. 

if you don’t care, just please reblog to spread the message. 

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I can’t seem to find my muse for writing a full story (plus once season three arrives the story will be completely out of the canon window), so I’ll try to come up with some headcanons and put up this prompt if anyone wants to flesh it out.

-Lance acts like he doesn’t believe Keith at first when discussing lion swaps

     -”You just want to pilot the head!”

     -Subconsciously knows it’s the right thing to do, but upset that Shiro trusts Keith more

-Alternately, refuses to pilot Red because of jealousy

     -Cold shoulder, disobeying, etc.

     -”Shiro trusted- trusts- you more than me, but I sure as quiznak don’t!”

-Begrudgingly flies Red when forced to for mission; bonds quickly

-Basically, Lance pilots Red happily, refuses to listen to anything Keith says

     -”Okay, Lance, fly in on the- LANCE!”

     -”Whoops, seems like Red wants to go this way!”

     -”Lance, you are incredibly lucky we are in the middle of battle right now.”

-Keith eventually snaps after close call on a mission

     -”We are a TEAM. If you can’t handle following simple instructions, maybe you’re not meant to be a paladin of Voltron.”

     -Silence. Something indescribable passes across Lance’s face and he leaves

     -Keith storms off

-Keith decides to apologize a few hours later (in other words, “Sorry for being harsh, but I’m still right”)

     -Lance isn’t in his room

     -Note on the bed: “Find Shiro first; it’ll be easy to find a better paladin than I was.”

     -Cue *eyes widen dramatically*

-Escape pod gone from bay, Pidge manages to track location

     -Keith rides in with Red

     -”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it” “That doesn’t make it any less true” “WHAT NO”

     -B O N D I N G M O M E N T

     -Lance faces his fears of being left behind, not being as good, etc.; mutual understanding and manly emotional sharing ensues

-Happy ending

     -Flash forward to next battle

     -All lions fighting, cut to Lance whooping in Red (scene from trailer?)

     -Red and Black side-by-side, Black using power while Red supplements with speed

     -”On your left!” “Nice save!”

-”Alright,” Fond smiles from both to kill the feels… “Form Voltron!”

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Hey, I'm a future ap spanish student and I'm still having trouble with tildes and like certain rules and such. Do you know any cheat sheets I can use just to get me started? It's really hard for me sounding out the words because I feel like everything needs a tilde lol. Thank you so much and your blog really helps out ❤️

You’re going to want to check out the rules of esdrújula because that explains a lot of the tilde rules.

(I’m not sure how well this is going to show up as an image)

Monosyllabic words (only one syllable) are written without a tilde (fe, ve, dio, fue, vio, guion), except monosyllabic words that require a diacritic accent mark  and él as opposed to tu and el

Monosyllabic words are classified as tonic (dé, sol, ve) and atonic (de, con, su)… meaning some are vocally stressed and some have no vocal stress.

[this is why you see tres and seis without accent marks but then dieciséis and ventitrés do, because they need to show people where the accent should be]

Polysyllabic words are accented visually according to the placement of the tonic stress [where you put the vocal accent]  within each word, and the letter it ends with.

1. Agudas [sharp] = The stressed syllable is the last one / ultimate

  • el telón = curtain [theater]
  • el colibrí = hummingbird
  • el señal = sign / signal

2. Llanas [flat] or Graves [deep/serious] = The stressed syllable is 2nd to last / penultimate

  • el árbol = tree
  • el lunes = Monday
  • el tema = subject

3. Esdrújula = The stressed syllable is 3rd to last / antepenultimate

  • la gina = page
  • modo/a = comfortable
  • único = only / unique

Sobreesdrújula = The stressed syllable is right behind the 3rd to last [due to conjugations and commands for the most part]

  • gamelo = tell me [usted command; “tell it to me”]
  • maselo = eat it [usted command; “eat it (up)”]

Words that are agudas take an accent when they end in a vowel OR when ending in consonants N or S (not preceded by another consonant)

  • acá = here / near
  • el comité = committee
  • aquí = here
  • revi = [3rd person] revised / reviewed
  • el iglú = igloo
  • la razón = reason
  • el compás = rhythm / compass [mathematics; not sailing which is brújula]

When they end in more than one consonant they don’t have an accent mark. And there’s also no accent mark when they end in Y


Words that are llanas/graves have an accent when they end in a consonant OTHER than N or S

  • el piz = pencil
  • la rcel = jail
  • el nel = tunnel
  • el rax = thorax

They also take an accent mark when they end in more than one consonant, and when they end in Y.


Words that are esdrújula or sobreesdrújula ALWAYS have an accent mark.

(It doesn’t matter what vowel or consonant they end in, they’ll always have accent marks)

I love Thorin Oakenshield so much. Life has been stressful for me lately, but he’s my short angry smol and that’s all I need. 

Speaking of - Who would like a starter?

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Who did it first special (not sure if we just pick one question, if so then number 2) with Tokoyami please!

Tokoyami Fumikage

Who asked who out first?

Tokoyami asked you out first. He kinda of goes on a tangent, mostly because he’s nervous, using flowery phrases that sound like he’s asking you on a date, but you’re not sure. When you ask for clarification he ruffles his feathers and in more simple terms asks you to go out with him. 

Who initiated the first kiss?

You did. Tokoyami was too hesitant, afraid of making a wrong move, so it was up to you to show you wanted nothing more than to smooch his cute self. He’s surprised that you’re the first to move on, a bit flustered, but nonetheless happy because kissing you felt quite heavenly. 

Who said I love you first?

You did. You didn’t know if he was going to say it first or if he was waiting until the time felt right, as it would fit with his character, but when you felt it, you felt it. You tell him you love him without hesitation and he senses that, making him feel much more confident when he finally replies about also loving you. 

Who would have the others picture as their phone background?

He’s got a photo with you two under a snapchat filter, mostly because you had thought the picture was so cute and great that you insisted it had to be his phone background. He agreed, of course. 

Who proposes?

He does. He has a talent for coming up with dramatic speeches that make you teary-eyed, and he’d use this tactic for his proposal too. It’s something he’d been working on for days and though you’re initially confused, seeing him get down on one knee you realize exactly what he’s getting at and how much planning had really gone into making the moment perfect. 

Who does the dishes?

He will. He doesn’t mind doing some household chores or helping you out because he prefers things be clean, and he’ll do them as soon as possible because he knows he might forget if he puts them off. He has a little list of chores written out for himself pinned to the fridge that he’ll check off daily to make sure he did all that had to be done. 

Who’s the first to wake up in the morning?

Tokoyami. He’s quite the night owl but even then, he still wakes up relatively early even after going to bed late. He can function on less than 6 hours of sleep easily, though he can sleep in for an hour or so if it was a really late night. 

Who gets to pick the movie type on movie nights?

He lets you pick, and just goes with what you want for the most part. If there’s a movie he wants to show you he’ll let you know, but otherwise, he just goes with the flow of movie night even if he dislikes the type of movie you pick. 

Who lavishes the other one in gifts?

Tokoyami isn’t too big on getting gifts, and he doesn’t like to be frivolous with giving them. He likes to spend time together making memories, and prefers that to gifts any day. 

Who worries more about the other?

Tokoyami keeps a calm face on for the most part, but he does worry about your well-being when he’s not around. He’s very protective over you in a knight in shining armor way, and will defend you until he breathes his last breath. 


Michael: “Any plans after school, Jacobina?”

Jacobina: “Just the usual, homework, watch some TV. Why?”

Michael: “I was just wondering if you wanted to grab some dinner? If you’re not busy, that is?”

Jacobina: “Sure! I love to eat! Shall we see if Wilf wants to come too?”

Michael: “Oh, he can’t… He’s busy.”

Jacobina: “Is he? I don’t remember him saying anything. But alright. Where are we going?”

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92 😊

I don’t know if I remember right, but you did want Robron and Bob, right? Anyway, here you go.

This is also for @dasoni and @aarondingel and everybody else who loves Aaron’s love for toast.

 “You make me happy.”

“It’s not my fault,” Robert said for what felt like the hundredth time.

“You were the last one to use it,” Aaron argued.

“And it worked fine when I used it,” Robert said.

“So, you’re saying it’s my fault?” Aaron asked, eyebrows raised.

“I know it’s a hard concept, but yeah, maybe it is actually your fault,” Robert said and couldn’t help but smirk.

“Never in my life have I ever broken a toaster and this wasn’t me either,” Aaron said and opened the door to the café for Robert.

“I promise I will buy a new one after work and I will pay for this breakfast,” Robert sighed. “And if it makes you feel better I will take the blame for this.”

“Thank you,” Aaron said and turned to Bob on the counter.

“Having a little domestic, aren’t we?” Bob asked.

“He broke our toaster,” Aaron said and Robert just shook his head.

“So, lots of toast and two Americanos?” Bob guessed.

“You make me happy, Bob” Aaron said. “Do you wanna switch places with Rob?”

“Wow,” Robert said. “You just sold me off to live with Brenda for some toast?”

“Oi,” Bob said. “You could do a lot worse.”

“Doubt it,” Robert muttered. “I’ll find us a table while you sell me off,” he added to Aaron who just grinned at him.

Robert sat down at a table by the door and Bob grinned at Aaron.

“You two like winding each other up then?” he asked.

“Oh yeah,” Aaron said. “But this is dead serious. No one messes with my toaster and gets away with it. Let me know when Brenda is available for a blind date.”

Bob laughed and handed him the two coffees.

“Will do,” he said. “Go ahead, I’ll bring you a big piles of toasts right over.”

So, I found some quotes from the next two episodes. They’re from DragonglassBenjen (freefolk, reddit). I’m not sure if they’re real or not but they seem legit.

I’m going to post them after the cut if you want to see them, so everyone who doesn’t want to see them won’t be (potentially) spoiled.

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So since Marvel announced that the main villains of "Captain Marvel" will be the Skrulls...
  • *scene from "Spider-Man 2 Prom"*
  • Michelle: Pete?
  • Peter: Yeah?
  • Michelle: Do you want to go to prom with me?
  • Peter: ...really, you mean it?
  • Michelle: *nods her head*
  • *Romantic music starts to build-up. Peter walks up to MJ and, to Michelle's surprise, holds her face like he's about to kiss her. Michelle closes her eyes, expecting a kiss...but then Peter starts squishing her face*
  • Michelle: *pushes Pete away* PETE, DAFUQ?
  • Peter: Sorry, sorry! I just needed to make sure you're the real MJ and not a Skrull.
I think Jon and Sansa will see each other again.

I mean there’s still that stupid wight hunt so wouldn’t Jon stop by winterfell?

I mean that is his kingdom and home, he’ll want to make sure Sansa and his home are still standing.

Also to remind Littlefinger he’s still alive and will kill him if he’s hurting Sansa.

Also Sansa and Jon didn’t really have a proper goodbye so you can’t leave everything hanging like that.

He probably wants to check on his sister *cough* wife *cough*.

Arya and Bran might be there.

He’s gonna need to rest, get supplies, feed the men he took with him.

It’s his home?

Why would you miss the slim chance to go home?

I mean?

#69: Excuse me for falling in love with you. - KENNY OMEGA

Thanks to the anon who sent in the request for this one. Hope you like it!

You looked down at the contract sitting in front of you. With it came everything you had worked towards in your career. The hours spent on the road, the workouts, the grueling matches, the days and weeks spent away from your family to chase your dream. It all led to this contract.

There was just one problem. Kenny. Going to Florida meant leaving Kenny in Japan. You wanted to go to NXT, but you didn’t want to go if it meant losing him. You weren’t sure you’d be able to make a long distance relationship work when you would see each other once every couple months at best.

“You going out with us?” Kenny asked as he came out of the bathroom, dressed to impress for a night out with the Bucks and the rest of the Bullet Club.

“I think I’m gonna pass tonight,” You said.

“What’s that?” He asked as he came over to see what you were looking at. One look at the top of the page was all it took for his smile to fade.

“You’re signing with them?” He asked. “You’re signing and didn’t tell me?”

“It’s just an offer they put on the table. I have a couple weeks to make a decision.” You said.

“You’re not going, are you?” He asked as he sat down on the edge of the bed so he could pull his shoes on.

“What would you do if I did?” You asked as you looked over at him.

“Why do you want to go there?” He asked. “I thought you were happy here.”

“I’m happy here because of you. I haven’t wrestled a real match in months, Kenny. There’s nothing for me to do here except be the Bullet Club’s valet. I have to think about my own career too.” You said.

“You know I’ll never see you if you go there, right?” He asked.

You sighed and nodded. You knew that all too well. The schedules were too different. He was a major star in Japan, and you would be focusing all your time on training in NXT.

“You know what WWE is like. Look what they’ve done. They’re destroying Superstars! They’ll do it to you too!” He said.

“Kenny I can’t sit on the side lines and be the eye candy that walks to the ring with you every night. I’m more than that! I’m against a glass ceiling here. I am dying to be in that ring. WWE has a competitive women’s division. That’s where I need to be.” You said.

“Please don’t go,” Kenny said as he looked over at you with sad eyes.

“Why do you want me to stay so bad? You know how unhappy I am here.” You said.

“Because I don’t want to lose you. It’s going to be impossible for us to make it work if you go. I’ll never see you. I’ll be a mess without you. Relationships never work when there’s that much distance.” He said.

“We can make it work. We’ve made it work so far. We’ll find a way, Kenny. We can call and Skype-“

“Y/n, stay. Stay with me.” He said. He stood up from the bed and walked over to you. He knelt down in front of you and took your hands in his. He looked up at you with those beautiful eyes of his. “Stay.” He pleaded with you.

“Why are you making this so hard on me?” You asked.

“Well excuse me for falling in love with you.”

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How would Sans react that Reader give him a piggyback? [Ut, Uf, Us, Sf]

UT Sans: Hu…? You, you want to carry him. Sure go for it, he may look bigboned, but he isn’t to heavy, he promises. Just don’t mind him….taking….a..quick nap……..

UF Sans: You? Carry him? Pffhaha, what does he look like to you, a babybones? Ok, he has been on his feet since morning, and he really doesn’t feel like teleporting again. Ok, you can carry him, just don’t drop him.

US Sans: Ohhh! A Piggybackride!? Yes please! But he will carry you around next, he can’t be magnificient if he makes you do all the work. It is nice to snuggle and walk at the same time too. Piggybacks are always amazing.

SF Sans: Ah….he really want’s to..but he isn’t a babybones, and he can walk himself. But maybe just a short piggybackride, jsut let him climb onto you for a bit. Ok, this is actually pretty nice, maybe you don’t have to put him down again that fast. But he has to uphold his reputation, so he has to give you a piggyback next.

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Hey there! Do you have any tips on how to keep lips hydrated and get rid of fine lines? When I apply lipstick, I always have dry areas and the lipstick settles in the cracks of my lips. Any tips? Thank you 💋

Hello, xo!

My best tip would be choosing lipsticks that aren’t as drying as others and lipstick prep. If you do want to go for a super matte, long wearing lipstick make sure to 

  • Exfoliate your lips. I like to use a sugar + coconut oil scrub or a toothbrush to very gently buff away dry skin. 
  • After exfoliating, follow with a deeply hydrating lip balm. I like the Glossier Balm Dot ComJack Black Lip Therapy, Bite Beauty Lip Mask, Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask. The first two steps work best at night so they can have all night to “soak” and hydrate.
  • Apply a thick layer of a heavy lip balm while you’re getting ready and save lipstick for last, this will let your lips immediately prepare for lipstick.
  • Apply a thin layer of lipstick with a lip brush. Using a lip brush will give you a thin, even layer. The more product you apply on the lips the more drying it will feel. A thicker layer of lipstick cracks more easily, too. 
  • Finish the lips with a layer of translucent powder (will explain below)

Opt for non drying liquid/matte lipsticks like NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment, MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks, Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick, Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick, Lancome Matte Shaker Liquid Lipstick, and Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick. These are all matte formulas that either have added moisturizing ingredients or are in formulas that are slightly more whipped, creamy and lightweight. When a lipstick feels and dries like a thin, liquid paint that is usually the first sign the lipstick won’t be as flattering on the lips. :)

My favorite way to get matte lips that don’t make them look/feel like a desert is applying any lipstick and then dusting translucent powder to take away any shine/sheen. The translucent powder not only makes the lips matte but it softens and blurs any lip lines and makes everything look more smooth similar to how to makes your skin look smooth when you apply it as a finishing powder!

Black Eyed Monster - Year One

Originally posted by petricor-inc

Summary: After a breakup between the reader and Dean, she makes a drastic decision…

Request: No

Pairing/Characters: Dean x Reader, Dean x Demon!Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel

Word Count: 2089

Warnings: angst, language, violence, drinking, mention of sex, mention of torture, violence 

A/N: haven’t done anything original in a while. This will be a nine part series based on the hours of the demon cure. Tell me if you want to be tagged in this series! Will be updating the masterlist, frequently. Hope you guys like it :)

Pain. That’s what I felt as I drove away from the bunker. Tears streamed down my face and I felt like my heart was going to fall out of my chest. A fight was what broke Dean and I apart.

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Prompt: "What on earth are you wearing?!" (Magnus/Alec)

“Magnus, hurry up! I thought you didn’t want to be late?”

“Darling, you know that perfection requires time! I’ll be right there.”

Alec took one last sip of his juice as he looked over the printed guidelines for something called ‘audience participation’ for a show they were about to go watch in less than half an hour. Magnus had been positively gleeful when he told Alec about it, knowing that Alec had never seen this Rocky Horror Picture Show before - whatever it was. Alec had agreed to it, not really knowing what he was about to expect. He wasn’t sure if he was not going to regret it. The goodie bag filled with props had seemingly random items, like confetti, newspapers, water guns and toast.

“There, all done. We can go now.”

Alec turned towards his warlock… and then promptly spit out the juice he didn’t get to swallow yet.

“What on earth are you wearing?!”

Alec was used to Magnus dressing up whenever the mood struck him, but this… this was something new altogether. Alec didn’t know if it was the fishnet stockings, the garter belt, high heels or the glittering corset that shocked him the most. Or maybe it was the pair of black silk panties that left very little to imagination.

“Oh darling,” Magnus giggled, “I can already tell that this lesson in modern pop culture is going to be so much fun.”

I think Grant had a S1 Twitter moment in one of those interviews. Saying that Barry would have stayed IF ONLY Iris had said “don’t go”. Like….. Grant….. IRIS WAS SOBBING AND YELLING AT THE FUCKING SPEEDFORCE THAT THEY COULDN’T HAVE BARRY. Like… it’s not like she was standing there silent. 

Sooooooo, since we all know that Grant likes to make Barry-esque arguments sometimes, I’m pretty sure that when Iris is mad at Barry for leaving her, Barry will be like “all you had to do was say ‘don’t go’ and I would have stayed.”

Iris will promptly screech really loudly (for iris), and tell Barry that his ass is sleeping on the couch (that she had been sleeping on for the last 6 months) for the foreseeable future. At least that’s what I want to happen, because that would be a dumb ass argument for Barry to make. 

“Oh, Iris, if only you’d said ‘don’t go’ and I would have said ‘Fuck you Speedforce, my Iris needs me and all would have been well” 

Vanish in the Dark Pt 4

Pairings: None at the moment(Still got nothing.)

Warnings: Language,

Word Count: 3500+(Holy crapola)

Summary: Assassin’s Creed AU and Marvel AU crossover.  The Brotherhood has spent years hiding in the shadows keeping the Templars in line as the years pass on. When the Templars company Abstergo Industries strikes up a deal with Hydra, things have to change. The Brotherhood decides to step out of the shadows, reaching out for the help of the Avengers. What could go wrong?

A/N: So because of all you wonderful people who’ve followed me, I’m posting two parts(Pt 3 and Pt 4) today. And holy crap, this ones long you guys. There’s a lot I had to fit into for this part and I couldn’t didn’t want to split it up. While I’m sure the Avenger’s aren’t this oblivious, you have to think, they’re working with an organization whose been doing the spy thing for millennials. They Avengers are awesome, but I think the Assassin’s would have their shit together a bit more and know how to one up them. Side note: I know it’s not canon but I always imagine that every time the assassin’s go into eagle vision, their eyes turn gold. It’s a shift in their vision and the only way you’d know they turned the vision on. I figured it could also be a way to communicate without words between them. Sometimes whistles are too obvious. I hope ya’ll enjoy! Also liking and rebblogging also helps me know if i should keep going. Thank you guys!  ❤️

Once again, the gif is not mine, credit to the owner.

*Part Three* | *Part Five* (Coming Soon)

“Are we sure this is such a good idea?”

Steve answered with an exasperated sigh before he took a sip from his cup of coffee. He glanced over to where Bucky sat two tables down, who was grinning stupidly into his own cup of coffee. Bucky snorted in response to Sam’s whine, and nodded at the waitress who brought him his pastry. The sat at the café across the street, their eyes watching the open courtyard in front of them.

“Seriously, you bought food?” Natasha questioned. Bucky rolled his eyes and turned to look around the area, his eyes skimming over to her location. She sat on a bench on the other side of the street, Wanda sitting on the other end flipping through a magazine.

“You’re only upset that you didn’t get this spot.” Bucky mocked, making a show of enjoying the chocolate covered pastry. Natasha opened her mouth with a retort, but was stopped when Sam jumped in again.

“Seriously. This is a mission, and you two are acting like children.” He leaned against the pillar of the building next to the Abstergo’s, chastising the two of them. They simply chose to ignored him. Sam focused back on the building, taking it all in.

The two buildings were relatively close together, the press conference with in reaching distance from his location, the only thing separating them was the small walkway between the two buildings. From where he stood, he didn’t have to move his head to see everyone. It also meant he could see the other people milling around the walkway. He tuned out the other’s on the com when his eyes landed on a tall blonde.

The woman was dressed in a pencil skirt with a white button down blouse that screamed frazzled business casual. Her hair was pulled up into a messy bun, the dark rimmed glasses slipping from her nose, and her purse had fallen to the crook of her elbow. She struggled with piles of paper she had in her grip, and Sam watched a book slip out from beneath her arms. She stumbled in her heels, and soon all the contents of her arm and purse flew across the walkway right in front of him. Sam’s hand shot out on reflex, catching the woman before she could hit the hard pavement.

“Oh my god.” The woman let out a sob, turning to Sam. He froze at the sacred doe expression, her emerald green eyes threatening to spill out the tears she was holding in. His other hand went out to gently grab her other arm, pulling her to stand. He didn’t let go, her eyes captivating him. It wasn’t until Steve spoke his name that he was snapped out of it.

“You okay?” Sam breathed. The woman gave him a broken smile, nodding as she stepped back. Both Sam and her bent to scoop up the piles of papers, apologizing to the people that stepped around them. She tried to tell Sam it was fine, that he didn’t need to help, but he insisted. Once the stacks, while unorganized, were neatly stacked once more, Sam stood to pass them to her open arms. The woman had scooped up the contents of her purse, shoving everything in without a glance, as if she had done this many times before. She turned back to Sam, smiling widely at the man who found himself once more enamored by her beautiful green eyes.

“Thank you,” The woman bubbled, taking the papers from him. “Thank you so much!” She stepped away, although hesitantly. With a small nod, she turned and walked away, ginning stupidly to herself. Sam watched her go, a similar smile on his face.

During it all, he missed the way the woman had glanced at him, the way she sized him as he reached for the papers. He missed the way she glanced over to the crowd of media for the conference, her eyes landing on dark grey. He missed the subtle flicker of gold in her eyes, or the way the dark grey responded with their own gold. Sam missed a lot when she stumbled, including the small beads that spilled from her purse when the larger content spread out on the pavement. He also missed when two men passed in front of him after the woman had left, their eyes flicking over to him while he watched the blond move around a corner, disappearing from sight.

“Sam.” Natasha snapped, bringing Sam back. “We’re on a mission, can you please stop acting like a child.” She joked. Wanda stifled a giggle, glancing over to Sam who was openly glaring at them. Both women grinned at Sam, but were pulled away when two men stepped into their line of sight. The two men were built wide, muscles rippling under their shirts that look a size too small for both of them. Not that the two women were complaining. They couldn’t seem to pull their attentions away, instead settled on watching the men.  

One was grinning at the shorter, while the later was frowning and grumbling under his breath. Natasha’s eyes flicker down noticing that while they looked to be in some kind of argument the other was winning, their hands remained interlocked with each other. The taller nudge the shorted with his shoulder, leaning into the shorter’s side.

“Oh come on, it’s not that big of a deal.” The red head laughed. The shorter snorted, running his free hand through his black wavy hair.

“Not that big of a deal?! You’re mother embarrassed me, and you just sat there and let it happen!”

“Oh, come on.” He rolled his eyes, shaking his head. “She wasn’t trying to be mean, it’s just what she does. She only picks when she cares.”  The dark haired man turned to stare up at the red head who was still grinning at him.

“I don’t think her making fun of my profession is the best way to tell someone you care.” He snarled. He opened his mouth to begin again, but the chorus from ‘Princes of The Universe’ by Queen stopped him. He huffed and pulled his hand away to allow the red head to reach into his pocket.

“Speak of the devil,” The man grinned. The dark haired man rolled his eyes and stepped away, reaching into his own pocket. He pulled out a thin box of Altoids, the plastic still wrapped around the box. He unraveled the plastic, while his partner chattered away. The dark haired man looked around, spotting the trash can that was besides Natasha. Natasha immediately looked back at the book in her hand, but never kept the man out of her peripherals. He walked the short distance, the red head following close behind still talking animatedly, and threw the plastic away. The man moved a step towards the red head, popping open the box. Right as he went to reach for a mint, the red head gestured with his hand, hitting the box from his grip. The mints flew out of the box, scattering on the pavement, several bouncing off of Natasha’s head.

“Shit!” The dark haired cursed, bending to pick up the can. “I’m so sorry!” He didn’t know what to do, his hand reaching to do something. Natasha just laughed, waving him off, picking up the few mints that landed on her to toss into the trashcan.

“It’s alright, accidents happen.” She giggled. The red head had stopped mid-sentence, his eyes wide.

“I gotta go Ma.” He said as he hung up. He moved to his partners side, looking guilty for being the reason why she was pelted with mints. “I’m so sorry! I get excited when I talk with my mother.”

Natasha smiled warmly at the two, once more waving them off. “Boys, don’t worry about. It’s just mints. Not like you poured hot coffee on me.”

The two didn’t seem to buy her apology, but they both nodded. “Again, we’re sorry. We’re uh. We’re just gonna go and leave you to read. Sorry again.”

Natasha simply smiled at the two, watching as they sulked away from her bench. Wanda smacked her with her magazine, grinning stupidly at Natasha.

“You’re ogling Nat.”

Natasha shrugged, turning back to the book. “You saw them. It was hard not to.”

Tony made a noise of disgust, while the other groaned. Wanda simply giggled, looking over at the mints that were still scattered on the ground.

“Should we pick them up?” Natasha shook her head, glancing over to the seats of the media.

“Nah, they’re just mints, they’ll dissolve in the rain.”

Wanda shrugged and went back to observing around them, keeping a look out for anything out of the ordinary. Neither noticed how the two men had purposely stepped in their line of sight. Neither notices that the mints weren’t all mints. And the two never noticed when the men glanced over their shoulders, smirking to one another. The Avengers were too wrapped up in themselves to notice the nod the two men gave the woman sitting by the café as they moved further down the street.

Steve shook his head, a thought going through his head. ‘What was going on today?’ He knew they were on an important mission, even though they barely knew what the mission was about. They had time to take everything in last night, to talk about everything that had taken place. While they still weren’t happy about everything, they knew the group needed to set aside their frustration. This Brotherhood wanted the same thing. They hadn’t hurt anyone of them, at least not physically. All the group had managed to do was point out a few flaws in their system. A low blow, but it wasn’t life threatening.

Steve looked back at the cup of coffee in front of him, watching the liquid swirl in the cup. A chair shifted in front of him, and curiosity got the best of him. He froze when he saw the woman sitting across from him as she settled in the seat. She pulled out a sketch book and pencil, her gaze shifting up and to her left while she looked for a person or thing to draw. When she saw Steve staring her whole body tensed. Neither could seem to look away, both lost in each other’s eyes. Steve felt his chest tighten, the same feeling he had the first time he say Peggy worming it’s way back into his heart. He found it hard to breath, as if he was having his first asthma attack in decades.

“Steve?” Bucky called softly, noticing his friends shift in behavior. Steve blinked, clearing his throat. He looked away first, ignoring how her eyes were still taking him in. He glanced at Bucky, scratching his chin to let him know he was fine. He couldn’t speak while she still observed him, which fortunately wasn’t much longer. He felt her gaze leave him, but could sense it every once in a while return. He dared a glance, noticing how her hand was moving across the page. The woman was sketching something, the corner of her tongue poking out of the corner of her lip, her brow creased slightly. She glanced up again, eyes raking over his body before settling on his face. She froze once more, having been caught staring again. She grinned sheepishly, but returned to her drawing. Steve relaxed, having put the two and two together. He turned back to wait for the press conference to start, but kept a close eye on her.

The woman flipped the page after a while, and paused to find another person to sketch. Bucky had been watching the side of her head for a while, and when she scanned the area, her eyes settled on him. Bucky sat straighter in his seat, his heart caught in his throat. She noticeably sucked in air, a blush raising on her cheeks. She smiled slowly at Bucky, who found himself returning to the smile. She turned back to the paper, her hand quickly move across the sheet. She would peek up through her lashes every few seconds, grinning when she saw the way he was still watching her intently.

Unlike Steve, Bucky wasn’t uncomfortable with being caught staring. It brought back memories from the before the war, having a beautiful dame ogling. He found himself reverting back to what he once was with just a simple look. He grinned, his blue eyes flicking over to Steve who was once again shaking his head at this friend.

“What?” He asked quietly through the com, lifting the cup to cover his mouth. “There’s no harm in it.”


“What is with you people?!” Tony all but snarled. “We’re on a mission! Knock it off! And quit looking at each other.”

Bucky and Steve sighed, mumbling an apology. He was right though. They needed to focus. The sound of a phone ringtone broke through their mental berating, both soldiers to turning to the woman that sat between them. She fumbled in her backpack, cursing when one of the pockets flipped open the contents spilling out, along with the phone she was searching for. She picked up the phone and answered while scooping up the pencils and erasers that scattered.

“Hello?” She paused mid zip, and then her head popped up. “Are you serious?!”

Steve watched as her expression shifted from disbelief to pure elation. She quickly shoved her sketchbook into her bag, slinging it over her shoulder.

“How is she? Is she okay? Is the baby all good?” She bubbled, scooting the chair back. Steve and Bucky both watched as she moved through the tables, grinning widely to whatever the person was saying on the other end of the phone. “Boy or girl?” She paused. “Yes! You owe 20 bucks! I told you it be a girl! I’ll be right there!”

The woman giggled, giving the two men she had been drawing less than a minute ago a quick happy wave before practically skipping down the street. Steve and Bucky watched her skip away, grinning stupidly to themselves, her happiness infectious. Both looked at each other for a moment, before they broke out into laughter. Today was odd, but that wasn’t as bad as they had thought.

Of course, they were so focused on the woman and her smile, they missed the small balls that fell out with the rest of the contents of her purse. Neither saw her subtle kick of the tiny beads in Bucky’s direction as she moved around the table. They missed the look she sent across the courtyard when she stepped away with her back facing them. They also missed the dark grey respond with matching gold as the woman skipped away. They were too wrapped up in the performance to notice it all.

“Seriously.” Tony barked, now more than annoyed. He twisted in his seat, glaring over to the others that were scattered around the area. “You people need to focus. This is ridiculous, and Oh, my god!” He seethed, turning around to glared at the woman that sat in the seat in front of him. “Do you have to pop your gum so loudly? Is that really professional?”

The woman smirked at him over his shoulder, chuckling low. She tucked her auburn chin length hair behind her ear and raised a brow at him.

“I’m sorry, does that bother you?” She smiled wide, looking more like the Cheshire cat than a reporter. She rested her elbow on the back of the seat, leaning back. Tony stared at the woman with a flat look, his eye twitching ever so subtly. He had been listening to her pop her gum ever since she sat down half an hour ago. “I gotta ask though. Why are you, Tony Stark, here?”

He folded his arms across his chest, leaning back in his seat. He wasn’t going to answer, but the grin on the woman’s face grew with each second he refused to answer. Right as she was about to turn back around, Tony leaned forward.

“Not that it is any of your business, I’m here because they have some interesting technology that I want to know more about.” It was partly the truth. The woman considered it for a moment, looking him up in down with her steel grey eyes. They studied his face, grinning at the flinch when she popped her gum again.

“You could just ask somebody for a free walk through of their buildings. You are Tony Stark after all.” She pushed, raising a brow. Tony rolled his eyes.

“Tried that. Apparently not even my name will get me a golden ticket.”

The woman hummed, looking to her left. “That’s a shame.”

Curious, Tony looked in the same direction. There was nothing of interest, and when he turned back to the woman she was back to staring. He narrowed his eyes at the woman at a very obnoxious pop of her gum.

“Is there something I can help you with?” The woman shook with glee, trying not laugh outright at the frustration the man had directed to her.

“No, I’ve just never seen you so annoyed before. Normally you’re cool as can be.” She popped her gum again, grinning when he ground his teeth together.

“Maybe it’s because I’ve had to listen to that for the past half hour, and the person responsible for it wouldn’t mind her own damn business.”

“Language.” Steve grunted, although he was finding the whole thing rather humorous. Not often did Tony let people get to him so easily, and somehow this woman managed to do it in under half an hour. He made a note to find her later to take notes. 

The woman opened her mouth to speak, but was stopped her phone began vibrating in her lab. Reluctantly, she turned away from Tony to look at the name. Her loud groan pulled the attention of other around her, all looking rather irritated at her behavior. She lifted her phone, showing the screen to the small crowd she earned.

“Sorry, boss.” She rolled her eyes as she answered. As she said hello, she turned back to Tony, who tensed under her gaze. “What’s up, doc?”

Tony was sure his eyes would have rolled back into the head of his head permanently by now with the amount of times he rolled them today. And it was all because of this annoying, boisterous woman. He watched as her grin faltered, before slipping off her face.

“What-No. That was put on your desk yesterday-“ She stopped, flinching at the volume of the voice on the other end. “Alright, alright! Pull your thong out of your ass crack, I’ll get it to you before 3.” She snapped. The voice on the other end was unintelligible, but the tone was clear. They said a few more angry words before hanging up. The woman glared at the phone in her hand. She looked up at Tony, who was feigning disinterest.

“Well it seems you got your wish Stark.” She muttered, bending down to scoop up her brief case. Tony watched as she stood, trying to keep in his relief. But he was finding it rather hard to accomplish. “Maybe we’ll see each other around.”

Tony snorted, turning to the podium at the front. People were starting to show, the conference starting momentarily.

“Let’s hope that never happens dear.” He waved her off, dismissing her. He didn’t look back at her as she moved through the rows. If he had, he would have seen the knowing look in her eyes. He was so wrapped up in his frustration, he missed everything. He missed her move when he turned to the left earlier, not even realizing it was all part of the plan. Because of his distraction, he didn’t see when she subtly reached down, sticking a cylinder under the seat. When she popped her gum after he turned back, he missed the quiet beep that came from the cylinder. He missed the small balls that spread on the pavement after she bent to pick up her brief case, the noise of her standing hiding the taps as the scattered.

When the mic let out a loud squeak, all heads turned to the podium, including the rest of the Avengers. They didn’t pay the retreating reporter any mind, instead focused on the speaker as they stepped up. If they hadn’t, one of them might have notice the smirk of the woman’s face. They would have seen her reach for her phone, dialing the same number that called earlier. They missed the confirmation that all was in place, that they group didn’t notice a thing.

Y/N nodded, catching the woman’s eyes from across the courtyard. She stood to the left of Abstergo’s entrance, hiding in the shadows, only steps away from where the sponsors stood. Both eyes flashed gold when they acknowledge the other, and the woman ducked around a corner. Y/N turned back to the podium, waiting for the show to begin. Once it did, they’d only have five minutes. Now she could only hope nothing went wrong.

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Okay so yesterday I was talking with a friend and suddenly she said “can you stop talking about Park Jihoon for three damn seconds?” And I was like “yeah, sure. One, two, three. So did you see Jihoon…”, and she screamed “fFS JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM”. I smiled, nodded and quickly changed the topic to Wanna One in general.

I swear, for a second I thought she was going to kill me.