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i don’t usually get political but this has all the world to do with my blog and yours.

if you’re an american, please read this. even if you’re not, please read this and signal boost it. 

america has laws on something called net neutrality. this keeps internet service providers from regulating media. without it, they could 

  • block whatever websites they please
  • charge extra for websites
  • charge extra for different categories like social media or research
  • make competitor websites run slower

and our government is voting to repeal it. 

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“I’m trans and to know you accept me makes me feel better about my existence”. Well, yeah, it’s crazy. Like in the UK it’s been a really bad week for that ‘cause all of our trashy, cancerous, garbage news papers have been printing those, like, horrendous articles just… you know it’s that kind of like should trans people be allowed to use bathrooms? Should schools allow trans people to wear what they want? Should we take it serious if someone is under eighteen and they want to define their own gender? And it’s just like… I’m sure they do understand which just makes it even more evil. It’s like we’re debating people’s right to exist, which is just… it’s insane. It just sounds so crazy, doesn’t it? Like questioning these things, it’s not a political debate, it’s like you’re literally saying: these are people that are now comfortable with how they want to define their own existences and you’re questioning whether their existences are valid? Which is so crazy because these things don’t affect other people. It’s something like gun laws, it’s like y'all don’t need guns but there’s a whole debate there and it’s a legitimate debate but how somebody chooses to live their own life that doesn’t affect other people. People say it will influence other kids. To what? To be aware people can make their own choices? It’s just logically, it doesn’t make any sense, so there’s things you can disagree on and then there’s things you can’t even disagree on. … Just think about how problematic everyone in culture was two years ago, three years ago, five years ago, eight years ago, it’s so crazy. You know, it’s like eight years ago everyone would just use the word “retarded” and not think about it. Years before that, like in the ‘90s, people would just say “tranny” all the time and it’s like you constantly look back and you’re just shocked by how horrifying and just how… ignorant everyone was. But everyone is progressing so fast now that even though it can seem like there’s dark times, I think the pace of which things are getting better only bodes well for the future. We just need to wait for all the old, ignorant people to die and it feels like generally our generation is more good than bad and then as long as that’s the case and we keep our ground political system, it should all work out. Let’s just stay strong in the meantime.

@danielhowell during his live show on the 21st of November 2017 (x)

Quotes from Dan (105/?)

All trans people are valid.

Protection | BTS Reaction

Summary: You’re out with your boyfriend at a party, celebrating their latest win in an awards show. All the famous people are there and everyone’s drinking and having fun…Your abusive (Mentally and/or physically) ex turns up however - as they are part of a famous group also, but your boyfriend doesn’t like them due to how they treated you. Your ex tries hitting on you, but your boyfriend has other ideas.

Disclaimer: There are elements of abuse, mental and physical. There isn’t a lot, but they are still there. So just a warning. 

Jin: You were stood by the drink stand whilst Jin had gone to talk to a bunch of people who had congratulated him on his win with the boys. As you stood there, you were suddenly tapped on the shoulder and you turned around “(Y/N), it’s been a while.” said the familiar face. You knew you’d see your ex today, but you didn’t think he’d speak to you

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In the UK, it’s been a really bad week for that, ‘cause all of our trashy, cancerous, garbage newspapers have been printing those, like, horrendous articles, just- you know, it’s that kind of like, ‘Should trans people be allowed to use bathrooms? Should schools allow trans people to wear what they want? Should we take it seriously if someone is under 18 and they want to define their own gender?’ And it’s just like… I’m sure they do understand, which just makes it even more evil. But it’s like we’re debating people’s right to exist, which is just- it’s insane. It just sounds so crazy, doesn’t it? I mean, like, questioning these things, it’s not a political debate, it’s like you’re literally saying these are people that are now comfortable with how they want to define their own existences, and you’re questioning whether their existences are valid, which is so crazy! Because these things, like, they don’t affect other people. Something like gun laws, it’s like, y’all don’t need guns, but there’s a whole debate there, and it’s a legitimate debate. But, what- how somebody chooses to live their own life, that doesn’t affect other people. I mean, people say, ‘oh well, it will influence other kids,’ To what? To be aware people can make their own choices? It’s just- You know, logically, it doesn’t make any sense. So there’s things you can disagree on, and then there’s things you can’t even disagree on.

In a hurry

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 600-ish

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sexual intercourse (let’s assume Dean’s girl is on the pill)

A/N: A to Z kinks - Quickie for @tardis-full-of-fallen-angels This was written and posted entirely on my phone. Sorry if it sucks!

Originally posted by lokiandthorblr

“Hey, gorgeous!”

“Oh. Hi, you!” Your hands went to your stomach to lay on top of Dean’s as he held you from behind.

Coming into your shared room you stood by the dresser to splash some perfume over your body when Dean surprised you, wrapping his arms around you middle and kissing you just below your ear.

“You lookin’ all glowy today,” he spoke inhaling your scent.

“Hm,” you chuckled, “it must be that keratin shock.” Carefully combing your hair with your fingers to avoid messing its shape, you pushed it all to one side, clearing the path for Dean to kiss down your neck.

“I don’t mean your hair. Though it does look good I gotta say.” He peppered your skin with soft kisses.

“Thanks,” you whimpered as his teeth tugged on your earlobe.

“I mean all of you, Princess. You look… Happy. Radiant” Each couple of words was interrupted by a kiss.

“Haha. Maybe it’s because I’m finally off my period.”

“Really?” Dean asked, suddenly ending the trail of kisses down the column of your neck. “Does that means no more pain or cramps?”  

Dean’s hands slid up your body, cupping your breast, gently kneading the flesh through your clothes.

“Wait…” you checked yourself for any kind of uncomfortableness. “Yep, all clear!” 

A moan left your lips as his whole body hauled you up against the dresser and you felt his growing erection against the crest of your butt.

“Dude, I’m so loving where this is going but we’re gonna to miss the movie and I already made the reservations online because I’m really wanna see Coco.”

“You sure?”  Dean rutted against your ass. One hand slipping under your shirt, the other popping open the buttons of your jean.

“Oh man.” You pushed back into him and twisted his left hand to check his wristwatch. “Okay, we’re in a hurry so you have 10 minutes. Fuck!” you jumped a little as his fingers crawled past the barrier of your underwear and found their way through your folds.

“That’s all I need!” Dean growled into your ear.

Rapidly you helped him push your clothes down your hips, just enough to allow him access and then you waited for him to do the same with his jeans, while his hand still toyed with your nipples.

You turned around just in time to watch him spit in his hand and spread it all over his length before pulling his T-shirt up his chest to hold it with his chin. His fingers went back to your pussy to smear your wetness around and with one of his legs Dean spread yours open.

A couple of desperate fails attempts were all of took for Dean to find that giving spot and he chuckled when you gasped as the sudden feeling of fullness.

“Fuck, sweetheart. I’ve missed you!” With a hand on your hip he kept you still as he buried himself to the hilt, pressing your ass apart with his hips.

And without preambles he started thrusting in and out of you. You held onto the edge of the dressed pushing back, arching you back, supportive your weight with the tip of your toes.

Dean alternated between rapids shoves and leisurely circling his hips whilst he remained inside you. His fingers landed back on your clit and he started massaging it as his release approached. You cried out his name as the pressure he was applying to pay off. But before things began to heat up enough for you to come Dean announced his imminent release, his hips stuttered and he howled loudly in your ear.

“Sorry!” he panted heavily. “So sorry. I-I couldn’t-”

“Hey!” you interrupted him. “It’s okay.” Turning your head and  stretching your neck to meet him halfway and kiss him on the lips, you assured, “Don’t worry. You’ll make it up to me as soon as We get back.”

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Can you do the S&M brothers' s/o lovingly caressing their face or stroking their head while sucking her blood?

Admin Mawile: (*・∀・)ノ゛


-That is not the reaction that humans are supposed to have to a bite. He’s honestly surprised that you’re acting more affectionate than pained, and while he is too lazy to force you to stop, he’s not particularly fond of what you’re doing. It feels much too kind for the situation. 


-He’s not pleased at all that you’re touching him without permission, and gives you a very strict reprimand on why that is not allowed. However, now that he’s discovered that you feel such affections for him, enough to even look past the pain of a bite, he has new ways of manipulating you. 


-He pulls back almost immediately, looking at you like you’ve gone crazy. While sometimes humans like being bitten, being so affectionate is highly unusual, and he’s not entirely sure how to react. He’s likely to be twice as rough now, just to see what kind of reaction you’ll have then. 


-He immediately pulls back, screaming at you for touching him so suddenly. He has an absolute fit over the situation, and is nothing short of furious that you’re not following the pattern he expects. Even though the reaction was positive, he sees it as wrong that you’re not acting like every other human. 


-He happily leans into the touch, taking it as an invitation to get even closer to you. It’s rather strange that you’re reacting so affectionately, but he has no problems with getting closer to you. Just be careful; he tends to take the slightest offer of contact as permission to do much more. 


-He tenses up almost instantly, completely unused to the humans he preys on being anything but terrified. It’s extremely strange to have someone he’s feeding on being so affectionate, and is completely unsure of how to react to you treating him with more love than horror. 


-He does not appreciate being suddenly touched without permission, and gets almost angry that you dared to think for yourself and try something like that. You’ll be punished for acting out, especially because the kindness was such a shock to him that it actually did something break his cool. 


-He doesn’t understand why you’re trying to be nice to him when he’s doing something that hurts you. It’s downright bizarre that you’d be kind to him with nothing in return, and he’s left horribly confused about why you did that. It just doesn’t make sense to him, why you’d give away affection so easily. 


-He can mostly ignore what you’re doing, and as long as you don’t interfere with his meal, he won’t particularly care. Trying to be so nice to him while he’s doing nothing but biting you is stupid, and he can’t see why you’d go out of your way to try to encourage what he did to you. 


-He loves any and all kinds of affection from you, and practically melts into the touch. Hes delighted that you enjoy his bites so much, and takes the kindness as encouragement to cause you more and more kinds of pain. He’s honestly just happy that you want to be so nice to him. 

Truesday notes:
  • I am doing my best to keep it in cruise control today. If people want to freak out about stuff here, they are more than welcome to. I am just gonna sit here and model parts all day until it’s 2:45 and time to gtfo.
  • Charlie Rose has been fired, and rightfully so. All these motherfuckers need to be held accountable for their shit, and this is the least of what they should get.
  • If any of you work in retail and are required to either work ON Thanksgiving, or Black Friday, my hat is off to you. I can’t even begin to imagine the fuckery you will be dealing with this week. Please be safe.
  • We have a new employee (why, I am not sure?) but I am doing my best to keep it “positive” in front of her which is difficult due to the layoffs, and overall feeling of what in the actual fuck with this place anymore? 
  • I was discussing this with @dameofgroans the other day that I my moral compass is at odds with the industry I work in that allows me to pay my mortgage, and eat. I am by no means making enough money to take reap the benefits of the Republican tax plan, but I do okay generally speaking. Then you see that Keystone spilled out 5,000 fucking barrels in South Dakota, and like ughhh…
  • I am not really 100% sure how Thursday will play out. I am certain I will be around drinking beers. Those of you who are gonna go to one (or more) Thanksgiving gatherings, I hope you have the best time. Those are not? I am certain I will be drunk posting.
  • Tacos will be had for dinner today. 


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Hi, Do you have a Pinterest account? Because sometimes I see your art on there but I'm not sure if it's yours or if someone else is reposting them :/ :/

It is definetely someone else’s repost. I don’t post my sketches and comics on Pinterest (i use Pinterest for saving ideas and references). I post my sketches only in three sites: tumblr, Instagram and twitter (@potterbyblvnk). If you see my art in any other site without the statement that I allowed them to post there, that’s not the original source!

You can’t pick one thing you loved the most about him. His eyes, his voice, his smile….all of him was just too good to be true. Sometime you wonder if you’re just dreaming, but then he touches you and reminds you that he is definitely no dream. He spends most of the night making sure you remember that.

When you collapse onto the mattress, exhausted and worn out he pulls you closer to him and plants several kisses onto your face. Sometimes when Balor allowed his wings to be freed he’d use those to cover you like a blanket.

Your hands would brush back the small stands of sweaty hair from his forehead and travel down his handsome face till your thumb traces his bottom lip. His tongue darts out to taste your skin again making you shutter.

And when sleep finally took you, your king would confess everything he had felt. Sometimes he wonders if you ever actually hear the things he says. Either way, he knows what he feels and isn’t ashamed for it. You’ve given him a life and a happiness he never thought he’d have.

He was eternally grateful for you, and never plans on letting you go.

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Dragon DarkMark with Mark as a Prince

(( This may become multi-chaptered I love this idea so much ))

When Mark first made the announcement he was to be the next sacrifice, there was an outcry from the court, but there was no dissuading him.  Enough people had been sacrificed to keep them all safe, and he wasn’t comfortable allowing that to continue. No. He was going to protect his people, as a prince should. Despite all the uproar, he left secretly the night before the sacrifice was due to be made. His closest friends helped.

“Take care of the kingdom.” Mark whispered as he hugged them all.

“We’ll make sure no one follows you.” Tyler confirmed, “Are you sure about this?”

Mark nodded. “I won’t let anyone else suffer death at the hands of this dragon. By the time the next sacrifice is due, it won’t be a human life.”

Amy, Ethan, Kathryn and Tyler smiled sadly as Mark hugged them all once more before whistling for his dog Chica to come and join him.

“She’ll keep you safe.” Amy murmured.

“I know.”

There was nothing else to be said and a thousand things they all wanted to say, but with the night growing darker, Mark needed to start soon in order to reach the sacrificial cave before day break. It was an easy trek, all things considered. Chica was suspicious of travelling at night, but she also enjoyed running freely as they travelled. As day broke Mark was at the entrance to the cave. With one last look back at his Kingdom far below, Mark entered the cave.

It was cold, but not damp. Hard to see, Mark focused on outing one step in front of the other, hand pressed to the cool stone wall and Chica beside him. She was whining low in her throat, and as they went further in, the cave began to illuminate itself, and Mark could see Chica’s ears were pressed flat against her skull.

“Easy girl.” He murmured.

The chamber they entered was lit with torches, and it wasn’t the cavernous room Mark had expected. There was a bloodstained alter in the middle and from what Mark could see, another entrance on the other side, but that was it. Chica refused to enter the chamber, so Mark sat at the entrance with her, stroking her softly to calm her down as they waited for the dragon to appear.

After what felt like hours, a figure appeared at the other side of the chamber. Keeping to the shadows, it moved around the room, and Mark waited with baited breath. Chica whined again, and the figures head turned towards them, one keen, red eye the only thing Mark could see. Fear paralysed him, but the figure didn’t approach him, just stared.

“Stop hiding in the shadows, little one.” They eventually called. “I know you’re there.”

“A funny thing to say when you’re hiding in the shadows yourself.” Mark retorted almost with thinking.

The stranger laughed, “So, they send a live joker to me this time. It’s about time they changed things up a bit.”

Mark surged to his feet and stepped into the chamber, keeping the alter between him and the figure. Chica did not follow, remaining at the entrance to the cave.
“You…you’re the dragon?!” He asked in disbelief, “But you’re-.”

“Human?” The dragon interupted, “Yes, funny that no one ever seems to realise we don’t spend all our time as winged beasts.”

The tone he used was sarcastic and smooth, not at all what Mark had been expecting, but there was still something incredibly unnerving about him.

“I want to bargain with you, before you kill me.” He stated firmly, “Come into the light.”

There was a pause before the dragon moved. Suited in grey, with bare feet and slit pupils, he cut an imposing figure. Black hair parted over one eye, huge black horns protruding from his skull and small dark specks of scales across his skin completed the look. But it was his actual face that shocked Mark, how similar it was to his own. The dragon smiled, showing extremely sharp teeth, and a forked tongue.

“You’re the prince? I’m assuming they didn’t allow you to come willingly?” He inquired, hands behind his back as he paced towards Mark. When the human didn’t answer, the dragon continued. “You’re wondering why we look so similar?”

“I…yes.” Mark whispered. It felt as if the being had stolen all the air from his lungs and he would just accept anything the dragon wanted despite his earlier conviction to make a bargain.

“I’m an ancestor of the royal family, betrayed to the darkness of this land. I had a name once that you might recognise but you may call me Dark.”

“Dark…” Mark repeated, “I…how did you become a dragon?”

“That isn’t something you should be concerning yourself with now.” Dark shrugged, “What do you have to bargain?”

“My life.” Mark said firmly, “I’m a prince as you said and I’m willing to make sure that you get payments in gold…or any other type of food.”

Tilting his head to the side, the dragon did not look impressed. “Do you know why someone is sacrificed to me, little one?”

Mark shook his head.

“Hmm. They do it because they believe it is the only way to stop me from attacking the town. And I set it that way, to make sure they no longer attack me.” The dragon pushed his hair out of the way, revealing a scarred, maimed eye, and Mark sucked in a breath. “Now you really think your life is worth the entire town?”

“I don’t want anyone else dying because of you or to your hand!” Mark snapped, “No more.”

Dark laughed, shaking his head, “You think I kill the victims? No my dear little one, they are killed and left as dead bodies for me.”

“No!” Mark cried, “No, that isn’t-.”

“It’s true,” Dark sniffed, “I’ve never killed any of your people.”

Mark stared at him in shock. As the words settled in, he couldn’t move, completely frozen as Dark stalked closer and gently stroked his fingers down Mark’s cheeks.

“What’s your name?” He asked, “Little one?”


“A nice name.” Dark mused with a gentle smile. “So, tell me, your bargain? Your life…and what would your people promise in return?”

“To…stop hunting you? To…leave you be? Send you gold? Anything you want.” Mark stated, confidence slowly returning to him despite the dragon being so close to him.

“Hmm, let me give you a chance.” Dark decided, “Come with me to my true home and I’ll give you my decision in a week. What do you say, little one?”

Swallowing thickly, Mark nodded.

When The Going Gets Tough… Family Mood Board

photo credit: to zee014 for allowing me to use her photo manip… Thank you! Photo bottom right all credit goes to her. Raya one top center not sure who to credit so if anyone knows hit me up would love to gibe credit where credit is due. I cant manip to save my life… I’ll stick to writing)

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How's Oreo doing? Am curious

The first day that we brought her home, she was a terrified antisocial mess hiding as far under the bed as she could get. She stayed that way through the night, and we expected that it would be about a week before she felt comfortable enough around us to actually come out. So, with that in mind, we all went to bed.

Kid Sister woke up the next morning to find Oreo sleeping on her chest.

And now that cat is out *all the time*, and she is a little cuddly monster! If you walk into her room (sure, some people still mistakenly call it Kid Sister’s room, but it isn’t anymore. It’s Oreo’s and Kid is just lucky that she’s allowed to still stay in there), and you don’t immediately go and give her a pet, she will MEOW like there is no tomorrow. She loves scritches behind her left ear, and her tongue feels like sandpaper if she licks your fingers.

We got her a bunch of toys, and she’s nuts for them. Especially the laser pointer. Oh my gah, her and that friggin laser pointer. She’s a funny little muffin, because at first she’ll sprint after it, then she’ll get bored and lay down on the floor while stretching out one paw as far as she can to reach it.

That’s another thing. She likes to flop. Just. She’ll be standing there, then suddenly, FLOP. She falls over! It’s the funniest fucking thing, this cat is so lazy!

She also thinks any piece of food brought into the room is an offering meant for her. A bacon cheeseburger? She’ll start nibbling on it as soon as you set it down. A Lunchable? She’ll sit on top of it, waiting for one of us minions to open it up for her with our handy opposable thumbs. She’s such a brat. I love her so much.

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Guardian angel Herc tho. Best

Hercules tugged at his sleeves. What was the purpose of these… clothes, anyway? It only made his skin irritated. He dragged his fingers along his epidermis, grumbling to himself. Humans, he thought, smart, but very strange. 

He watched you search the racks for something appropriate for him. Sure, maybe showing up to you in what you called “the nude” might have been vulgar, but he wasn’t sure how else to protect you. Hercules overstepped his boundaries, but that wasn’t his fault. God made him this way.

You stumbled over a piece of plastic on the floor, and he flicked his finger, allowing you to gain your balance once more. You looked back, smiling at him nervously.

“Thanks, Guardian,” You said, turning back around. He opened his mouth to correct you but decided against it. That wasn’t exactly his title, but you furrowed your eyebrows every time he said something about it. He didn’t want to make you upset any further. 

“Guardian, please, stop picking at the sleeves. You’re going to rip it, again,” You mumbled, glaring at his fingers. He stopped immediately, and you gave him a soft smile.



At the beginning of the year i wanted to be celibate.

I no longer wanted to share my body with people i wanted nothing more from or filled me with emptiness.

I failed miserably lol. I failed at a lot of things but then again i learned so many lesson and there are so many mistakes i won’t make again that i find it hard to call any of it a failure honestly.

Anyways, i’ve been celibate for 3 months. Unintentionally. I didnt try , i was going through hell and the last thing on my mind was that… well not really but you get my point.

I’m a hoe at heart. Let’s be real. I love sex and i truly believe in sexual freedom.

But i no longer feel the need to use sex to fill any emmpty spot.

I told myself over and over that i wasn’t doing that, but i surely was.. of course.

I was so empty for so long. It blows my mind.

I allowed so many people to treat me like i was less than… I don’t even recognize that person now.

I say “ No” so easily now.

I’m just happy with the woman i am now. I’m not even close to where i want to be, but i had to take a momment to acknowledge this growth.

Please be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, give yourself some credit. You’re progressing. No matter how slow. You’re moving forward, that’s all that matters.

‘Reflect on your choices’ Spell

This quick spell will make the target reflect on any recent actions or decisions they have made. 

Originally posted by pandehamburguesa

What you need:

  • A compact mirror (preferably one with a mirror on both sides)
  • A silver candle (reflection and intuition)
  • Paper and pen OR A taglock
Light the candle and place the compact mirror in front of it, visualise the reflective and intuitive energies entering the mirror.Write the name of the target on a small piece of paper or pick up and hold the taglock. Focus on the choices of the target. You can even voice what you want them to reflect on out loud.Place the name/taglock in the mirror making sure that it is facing the mirror.Close the mirror and allow the candle to burn down next to it.
When you feel that the spell is no longer needed, dispose of the paper or taglock and cleanse the mirror.

Time for a moment of self-reflecting and apologies?

Alrighty, folks. Long story short, I’ve been checking out a block list within one of the regression communities, and I’ve also been learning what makes communities different.

Let me say first that I am not in or associated with any community. I do not have a DNI, on here or on my main blog, and anybody can purchase from me. I have also read that businesses fall outside of most DNIs, so if you would like to purchase from me, I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to. (Not positive though, so ask your mods if you’re unsure! Of course, do whatever makes you comfortable!)

All of that being said, I will admit that I’ve been pretty ignorant about communities and what different terms have come to mean because it was never like this when I first joined years ago. I decided to stay away from them, and thus, did not educate myself. I was even upset and hurt by DNI banners because I did not understand fully. I thought it was just silly terms and petty drama, like, “You say to-may-to; I say to-mah-to; we can’t be friends.” I thought that all words and terms were two sides of the same coin, two words that meant the same thing, etc.

Man, I am rambling a lot before the actual point!

Getting down to it, I’ve crosstagged in a lot of my posts. I’ve even tagged #crosstagging, and I will tell you why. I simply wanted to get the word out there to as many people as I could who like pacis. I started this blog to help people, and I know that people would like a low-cost pacifier from all kinds of communities and for all kinds of reasons. I tagged crosstagging because I thought that meant something like, “Hey, just showing that I am purposefully crosstagging, not trying to hurt anyone, not in any of these communities, just trying to include everybody.” I had good intentions.

Because I hadn’t taken the time to educate myself on terms, communities, etc (I’m still not completely knowledgeable or aware of them all), I didn’t realize that this was bad. I figured it was okay because I myself was not posting any NSFW material.

I’m starting to understand why I was wrong, and I wanted to say that I am sorry. I did not mean to make anybody feel unsafe or uncomfortable in any way. I also was not trying to ignore other people’s comfort to selfishly promote my business! I swear, I just wanted to help people get a paci, no matter what community they’re in. I still feel this way.

I wanted to take the time to post this, explaining myself and apologizing, but unfortunately, most of the people who I potentially hurt have probably blocked me due to my ignorant mistake. This means they’ll never see this post. Still, I feel that this is important to publicly apologize.

I plan to go back through my posts and delete any community tags and terms, and I will not use these tags in the future. I will most likely stay away from tagging all together, other than tags that organize my blog, until I have a better understanding of the concept.

I’m not sure if I’m on any block lists, or if the “businesses don’t count” rule applies on some blogs. Either way, I hope that moving forward, I can prevent myself from being added to any other DNIs due to cross tagging and prevent anyone from getting hurt because of me.

Bottom line, I love all you paci-lovers, no matter what you call yourself or who you interact with! I hope to learn more about what it means to truly respect this. I want everyone to feel safe coming to my blog, and I want the experience of getting your own paci with me to be positive and comfortable for all! If I do anything that potentially goes against this, kindly tell me please!

Thank you for reading <3

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I ALWAYS MISS YOUR SELFIES BUT I'M SURE IT WAS GORGEOUS BC THAT'S LITERALLY THE ONLY OPTION LOOKING THE WAY YOU DO. also i wrote a speech today arguing that a mythological character should be sent to hell so i'm BASICALLY a lawyer now which means i can tell you that you are not only allowed but legally obligated to assassinate everyone who sends you anon hate.👌

I LOVE YOU. thank u now i will refer to any conversation with you by saying “i have consulted with my lawyer” because it makes both of us sound very important and like anything i do is now 10 times more legit

dragonsrequiem  asked:

To scared anon: I had classmates who were in patient care if it helps. They said the biggest thing for them was boredom. Since they were suicide watch, they weren't allowed anything that could be misused to kill yourself. There was group therapy, they had to take their Meds etc. The thing is, if you're there, it is so they can be sure you aren't a threat to yourself or others. Let them help you, don't give them a reason to think you are dangerous to yourself or others, and you'll be out quickly.

^^^^ thank you for answering

shimmer712  asked:

...Kagami was also showing off his tree walking by running walls and on ceilings, wasn't he? Although it's interesting how Tobirama saving Kagami got the Uchiha interested in Hashirama's talks of peace. Maybe Tobirama and the Uchiha's perception of him had them viewing it as too risky. So Kagami's rescue humanized him in their eyes?

Not just that. Hashirama was very unusual in how fervently he talked about putting aside hatred; given how reserved and untrusting Tobirama is they could never be quite sure that it wasn’t a trap or that Tobirama wouldn’t get fed up and depose his brother so they can get back to properly warring. By saving Kagami, Tobirama proves he has values that he prioritizes above the feud. That he has lines he won’t cross, or allow to be crossed, even in regards to his Clan’s greatest enemy. Sometimes, just knowing where you stand with a person can be a great relief. That’s how you know what ground to meet them on.