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I'm so here for the moment that max ask to magnus; are you my brother's boyfriend? and magnus looking alec like "what do I say?" then alec will take magnus' hand and he will look at max and say "yes, he is my boyfriend"


I’m just imagining everybody decked out in their best, just hanging around, chatting before the ceremony starts. Max comes in with Robert and Maryse through the door and Alec sees him immediately. Alec leans towards Magnus, who’s talking animatedly with Jace, touches his elbow and mutters a quick “be right back” before he stalks towards the door and bends down just in time for Max to run into his arms for a hug. 

“It’s your big day, isn’t it Max?” Alec leans back and surveys his younger brother while adjusting his collar, “Looking good.”

“Woah, you look like you’re dressed to impress. Did Izzy pick your suit?” Max looked at Alec, wide-eyed. Alec was taken aback for a second before letting his eyes drift back to where Magnus was and he gave a soft smile, “Come here. I’ve got someone to introduce you to.”

“Magnus, this is Max and Max, this is Magnus, who owns the house we’re currently in,” Alec introduces them as Jace rubs Max’s head affectionately. Magnus looks down with a tilt of his head and extends his hand, “Why, hello. Nice to meet you, Max. Hope you like the…place,” Magnus remarks while gesturing to the room with a wine glass in his other hand. Max reachs out for a firm handshake with a soft greeting and thanks Magnus for letting them have the ceremony at his place, to which Magnus returns a smile, “Well, you have your brother to thank as well. He helped with the decorations.”

Max looks between Alec and Magnus before something clicks in his mind, “Are you my brother’s boyfriend?” Magnus blinks in surprise as he hears Jace’s snicker in the background and looks towards Alec, who was looking just as surprised. He waits for Alec to catch his eye before raising an eyebrow, as if to say well, what are we and as Alec’s eyes grew wider, Magnus forces himself to glance back at Max and clears his throat to answer when he feels Alec step closer to him, shoulders touching and hand lingering next to his, feeling the reverberation through Alec’s body as he says, “Yes, he’s my boyfriend.”

Buster’s “Eddie calling Ash by other names” count

“AMAURA” (aka stop playing Pokemon at 3am pls Eddie)

thanks dad

looking at edward nygma during that final scene in 3x14: how it affected him, and how it might in the future.

so I had a lot of feelings while making this gifset and this gifset, and ya’ll might know that I love to take any opportunity to talk about my son edward nygma (and nygmobblepot) so here we go. 

all gifs in this post are from the gifsets I linked above just fyi

starting off with this gif:

maybe I’m just seeing things, but it seems, if you look at ed’s throat and mouth, like he gulps when oswald says that, which just shows that what oswald said affected him in some way, possibly in a way that he never expected. 

if you want to get a little cynical ed’s reaction could just be because at this point he’s still not sure if oswald really does need him, because he’s not sure if oswald is still the selfish person he always believed oswald to be.

either way ed is clearly conflicted and is (not for the first time in the episode) having a visible reaction that displays that. 

then there’s this gif:

sounds very much like that love riddle ed spouted back in 3x04, no? “I can’t be bought, but I can be stolen with one glance. I’m worthless to one, but priceless to two. Love.” not the same, but I would argue a similar concept. and either way, we have ed’s reaction to oswald saying this:

first he has to readjust his grip on the gun, and then he says “you killed isabella” while refusing to look at oswald. in fact he adjusts his grip, pauses for a moment, then looks down as he speaks.

sure, the looking away as he says it could be down to the fact that he’s still clearly broken up over losing isabella, but earlier in the episode we have the scene where oswald is willing to give up his life to protect ed from barbara, tabitha and butch. that’s something ed didn’t expect, when oswald says (while laughing), “does that mean I passed? ed?” to which ed responds with “I don’t know what it means.”

so of course that’s going to play on his mind. before that point (in the gif above) ed’s main motivation and reasoning for being able to go through with the idea of killing oswald, is the fact that oswald killed isabella and also that oswald could never change.

this is ed’s face after oswald tells him he can’t do it (kill oswald):

now oswald has proven he’s capable of change, so ed doesn’t have that reasoning anymore. of course he wants revenge for isabella, what made that easier with butch and tabitha was that he doesn’t like butch, and I’d like to point out that he never intended to kill tabitha. don’t get me wrong, what he did to her was still horrible but he was absolutely willing to kill butch because he thought butch had wronged him, whereas tabitha has never wronged him, they barely know each other. (yes, she wronged oswald, but ed still wouldn’t have killed her for that, because that would take away oswald’s right).

but of course with oswald it’s different. they’re best friends, they’re supposed to care about each other. ed still has motivation: the fact that oswald killed isabella, but he clearly needed more than that. the fact that he believed oswald was seflish and could never really love another person completely destroyed oswald’s excuse/reasoning of “I did it for love” but then oswald proves that he really does love ed, that’s real. and although that’s still not a good enough excuse to kill isabella, ed can no longer rely on the fact that it’s just some throwaway excuse that oswald is using to try and get out of the situation.

I personally would say that ed adjusts his grip on the gun after oswald says “you can’t have one without the other” because it’s just another reminder that his reasoning, his justification for killing oswald has just slipped away. we also see it in these gifs:

in both ed readjusts his grip (in the first one it’s after oswald says “ed, I love you. I know you believe that now), in both (especially the second one) he looks away, and he clenches his jaw in the first one.

really ed didn’t have to kill oswald for killing isabella, and to actually take that final step he needed to justify it (to himself), because oswald is absolutely right. they’re both better together, (well they were before all the drama went down anyway and even then they were fine for a bit, but ed was clueless about what oswald had done). ed knows they’re better together. sure they’ve both grown separately, and no doubt will do in future episodes, but they’ve made a lot of progress because of each other.

also this is going to be the first time since arkham that ed has been on his own. he had oswald, and then arguably he had barbara, tabitha, and butch. and even if he works with those 3 again it won’t be the same, and we don’t know how all of this, and what’s to come, is going to impact ed so really he’s going to be, or at least feel, very much alone.

anyway, moving swiftly on, we have these gifs:

which show something I’ve always said about ed, he does believe in justice, just perhaps not in the conventional way. back right after he killed kristen (during 2x07) a part of him at least considered handing himself in, hallucination/dark ed says “you probably have half a mind to turn yourself in. luckily, I have the other half.” and with jim it’s a fact that ed’s paranoia was the only reason jim (and the gcpd) found out he killed kristen, and I agree it was that, but also that that small part of ed that wanted to hand himself in was still in there somewhere.

flash forward to more current events he punishes butch for killing isabella, now yes this is most likely for pretty selfish reasons, to make ed feel better, but to ed he’s doing it to seek justice for isabella. you could perhaps even use the example of setting butch up for working with the red hood gang. yes it benefited ed anyway because it meant butch was out of the picture, but it was also justice for oswald, someone ed cares about.

I’d say the first gif above is that moment where ed realises that it doesn’t matter if oswald’s changed, he’s still the reason isabella is dead and he needs to be punished, she deserves justice, but that doesn’t make it any easier. 

and I’ll get onto the second gif in just a second, I promise, because it adds to another point.

anyway from this point to the end of the scene/episode ed is more determined that oswald needs to die (or has regained any determination he lost), however, as this gifset shows there are various times in which, although ed has that determination back, he’s still incredibly conflicted, maybe more so.

going back to the second gif above like I said I would, we can see that ed not only went after oswald as justice for isabella, but for himself too. you can clearly see that he genuinely thinks killing oswald will make him feel better. everything else I’ve talked about shows that that’s clearly not the case. on some level ed was aware that killing oswald was not going to change anything or make him feel better at all, hence the times where he looks unsure or stunned, or when he looks away, or when he readjusts his gun, or clenches his jaw, any of the times in the two gifsets (and at other points earlier in the episode).

so when he pulls the trigger, during the bit where he gently grabs oswald’s shirt and pushes him in, ed seems kind of emotionless. he most likely feels some kind of relief at having finally got his revenge and pulling the trigger, but that’s only momentarily, because as oswald sinks into the water he looks like this:

ed is not okay with what he’s done. I really think that him throwing himself into the riddler stuff in episode 15 is going to be partly down to him wanting to distract himself from what he’s done and/or to possibly try and justify what he’s done (to himself). of course I expect the riddler stuff to be about him finally going over the edge in every capacity, but I feel like how he feels about this final act of episode 14 will contribute to that in a really big way.

I could never believe that these facial expressions and actions (and whatever else) are mistakes, cory is too good of an actor for that, I don’t doubt that every single bit of body language was deliberate.

every thing about ed in this scene, no, this entire episode, is so much more complicated and detailed than it first appears. I see a lot of ed hate around, and this post isn’t about whether those people are right or not (I personally don’t hate him), it’s more about the fact that in this episode it’s more complicated. there’s more than just what we see on the surface, and this episode, this final scene, is going to affect ed for a long time to come in some way, shape, or form.

and I think it’s also a clear example of how complex his character is too.

Damn! This lil 30 CC shot of what sold to me as China White but was actually Fentanyl!!! almost killed my ass just now! I OD'ed lucky my friends was here to help me, please everyone that is battling addiction everyday like me, be safe out here and make sure that when your doing a new bag of heroin make sure you start off slow doing the smallest shot first then gauge after that assessment if you could do another shot or not. Please be safe out here on these streets everyone..have a bless one and happy holidays..Peace☮️..Love❤️..and Happiness 💑 to all ✌🏽

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1, 7, and 14 for the artist ask meme?

1. What is your favorite color to work with?

It’s a tie between pinks and blues.

7. Do you prefer sketching, outlining, or coloring?

Sketching for sure, I can do that all day. 

14. What was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?

Izaya from Durarara. I’m pretty sure I ONLY drew him for a year straight. 

I haven’t drawn him in forever! This was fun, thanks for asking!! <3

>: }}


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Eight-year-old Blair is the girl on the bus that everyone teases. Chuck is the little boy that comes to her rescue. He, too, is an outcast of sorts, struggling to cope with the loss of his dying mother. Together, they invent an outrageous game of “Dare” to keep their spirits alive. Their game becomes a glorious mutual addiction. It binds them together as it tears them apart. As their feelings for each other grow through childhood into adulthood, each must decide if they are willing to finally acknowledge their love for each other. But can they ever stop playing the game?

AU: chuck and blair +  “jeux d’enfants” // ”love me if you dare”.

reasons ed could be spider-man: 

- he’s flexible and quick to dodge and react 

- he’s a secretive person 

- he loves science 

- he’s beyond smart and would have no problem inventing his contraptions/suit

- he loves the color red 

- he didn’t know much about his father and what he did 

- he lived with people his family was close to when they left/died 

- he has good intentions and visibly likes to help people 

- doesn’t have many friends and not many people would notice he’s gone while ‘on the job’

- has light-hearted and quick-witted banter 

Miraxus Headcanons

- Both are very passionate kissers. But when asked which of them is the better kisser, this is probably one of those rare times Laxus would concede and agree that “nobody kisses like Mira”

- In the middle of a heated kiss, Mira enjoys being the first to break off contact for a bit. From time to time, just to tease him. Also to smile sweetly at Laxus, which Laxus really loves ‘cause her smile is definitely among the things he love most about her. When Mira does this, Laxus flashes his signature smirk at her. 

- When feeling under the weather, Laxus would just wrap his arms around Mira’s waist and hug her from behind, burying his face in her shoulder. Mira would know instantly that something’s bothering him and would go, “awww baby, what’s the matter?”, where she would face towards him and run a hand to stroke at his cheek.

-  Mira gets called beautiful every day of her life. Although she appreciates every compliment, she’s not one to be bothered too much by how she looks and she’s not thoroughly aware how she drives men crazy. As for Laxus, it’s not everyday that he compliments her beauty. So when he does, there’s a huge improvement on her mood and she really takes it to heart.

- When Laxus comes home late from a mission, he would always find Mira asleep on the couch, waiting for him to come home. His heart always warms at the sight. If he still has some energy left, he’d carefully wrap his coat around her and carry her to their room. Otherwise, he’d just join her at the couch if he’s too tired and cuddle to sleep.

- Mira is usually the one to wake up early and make breakfast for them. One day, Laxus decided to return the gesture and surprise her with a nice breakfast in bed. He burned the toast and eggs quite a bit but Mira was too happy to even notice and felt honored that she gets to eat Laxus’ cooking.

- Mira is the only other person Laxus allows to touch/wear his precious coat. When watching movies together at home, he enjoys wrapping his coat around her. So when he’s far away on a mission, he’s more than glad to find her scent still lingering in his coat. After all, dragon slayers have heightened sense of smell. 

- When Laxus is swamped with paperworks and has to pull an all-nighter, Mira would bring coffee to him. But before she leaves the room, Laxus will suddenly pull her to his lap and at this, Mira would wrap her arms around his neck. They’d spend a few good minutes sharing subtle light kisses. With credit to their insane amount of control though, Mira would break away first and urge him to continue his work.

- One of the Miraxus babies is named Lux. She’s the absolute sweetheart and Laxus loves spoiling his princess. She mostly takes after Mira (and got her singing talent too!) except for the light blond hair. She’s literally everybody’s princess and ray of sunshine, with much credit to her name. Sweet master Mavis gleefully thinks Lux looks a lot like her (and yeah…well, she does). 

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1. Have you ever watched paranormal shows or documentaries? What paranormal creature do you like most or are you most afraid of?

i’ve watched some documentaries but i’m not sure if they pass as paranormal? mostly only ghosts, and stuff. i did once watch one about nessie and i enjoyed that, so i’ll say nessie is my fave to stay true to my scottish roots lmao.

2. What was your favourite cartoon(s) as a child?

scooby doo, ed, edd, and eddy, teen titans, powerpuff girls, courage the cowardly dog, tom and jerry, etc

3. Which Disney movie do you think had the best morals?

i haven’t watched many disney movies and i’m sure the newer ones have better morals, but i’m gonna say the lion king because it’s my favourite lmao

4. What canon couple do you think are Goals™?


5. Do you like black and white movie? What’s your favourite one?

i’ve honestly never watched a black and white movie. possibly the most ignorant opinion and i apologise for it, but because of the ones i’ve watched my grandma watch, i feel like they are unrealistic and full of sexism and they bore me.

6. Can you recommend a song for your otp?

right now i’m digging toothbrush - dnce (rajiv dhall remix/cover) because it is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard man and it just suits all of my otps so much but most importantly, klance lol

7. What was your best Valentine’s day?

i honestly can’t remember ever having a valentines day? they feel like normal days to me. i’ve never really done anything special for one

8. What was the most traumatizing fic you’ve ever read?

AGREED @ackermenn, The Intern is the most traumatizing fic i’ve read. i don’t like it or what it stands for and i think it’s really abusive and i also don’t like how it gained popularity so much and so fast, especially given all of the problematic stuff in it. then again, if you are able to admit that it’s problematic but that you still enjoy the writing and can see a clear line, i can still fuck w you

9. What are your favorite emojis?

🌞 😸 🌙 ⚔️ 👽 👻 😘 ♌️ i have too many i luv the all

10. If you had to write a brief summary of your life, what would it be?

the shortest yeah boi ever, interrupted half way through so i can pet a cat

11. What Friend™ are you?

a mixture of the meme friend and the “how the fuck did we even acquire her along the way?” friend

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