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so i have no idea if this is normal?? but as a ftm trans headcanons making people trans just make me kind of uncomftorable?? and of course there's nothing wrong with the headcanons, i have nothing against them [ they're pretty cool ] but you're the smartest person i know about sexuality and this has kind of been freaking me out for the past couple weeks

OH that’s so weird you brought this up because i was just thinking about something like this last night. first off, i have no idea if this is a particularly common thing? if it is, i haven’t seen anyone post on it - but at the very least, i get where you’re coming from. so while i can’t give you generalized advice on this subject, i can give you my own personal experience in the topic

a while ago (and even nowadays whenever i have Bad Days), i used to be sort of in the same boat? and it really, REALLY got to me, because i had no idea why trans headcanons made me feel so uncomfortable when i wasn’t even cis myself, yknow??

it took me a REALLY long time to realize that the discomfort i felt was from dysphoria, and even then, i was still kind of upset?? because hcs generally make me feel more included and comforted but that just wasn’t the case in this situation, which i think may be because i experience dysphoria really, really frequently (i look/sound traditionally feminine, i guess, and i still go my birth name - i get misgendered all the time) and seeing that represented in things (even if the content wasn’t dysphoria-driven?) made me reflect on my own feelings and it just wasn’t a good situation. it’s an ongoing process, tho, because i’m slowly but surely overcoming all of that.

idk if it’s dysphoria specifically in your situation, tho! it took me a super long time to recognize that it came from that in the first place,,does any of that sound familiar? i dont even know if other ppl have experienced the same thing or if its just a me thing @__@ i hope i helped somehow..???

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)


but it’s better if you do - panic! at the disco

Color Reference Guide to Recognize & Avoid Whitewashing

I’ve made a tutorial on how to color adjust to fix washed out coloringsbut I noticed people aren’t always sure when their coloring needs fixing in the first place. So I’ve made a bunch of colorings you can use to compare your own to. It’s designed to help avoid whitewashing, but also help avoid over-correction.

If you’re not a content creator, you can also use this guide for reblogging as well. :)

Using the Guide

  • Each set comes in three: cool, neutral, and warm. If your coloring is bluer/whiter than the cool tone, consider readjusting.
  • Examples of what might be too pale/bright are beneath each set
  • There are various categories (daytime, night scenes, etc) for each type of scene you might encounter
  • Each coloring has a color palette beneath for the highlights, midtones, and shadows of the character’s face. If you’re having trouble eyeballing it, use the eyedropper tool to double check.

1) For the sake of simplicity, I’ve used one character per category, but characters of color are not interchangeable. Identify the skin tone for the character you’re coloring and work with that. This is only meant to give a frame of reference for what is and isn’t whitewashing

2) If any of the colorings look different than what they’ve been stated as (i.e. the cool tones look too warm or some look way too dark to be visible) calibrate your monitor. It means your screen color and gamma needs readjustment.

Guide itself is under the read more!

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do y'all realize… that you don’t have to look androgynous to be nonbinary ?? did you know that ppl can “pass” as one gender and still be nb ?? because i’m sick and tired of nonbinary ppl being expected to have a great fashion sense and look androgynous all the time… let me wear makeup and do “girly” things but also let me be “manly” and don’t think anything of me other than what i am. nonbinary.

sometimes you need to accept that yes i may have been a little bit manipulative. yes i worded something in a specific way that would make my friend/fp/SO feel a bit guilty. yes i could have handled that situation in a much better way. yes i am wrong.


[On being on the show and it’s long running legacy]

It means a great deal to me! I mean, I-I-I wasn’t here from the very beginning but at this point I’ve now been here as long as or–longer then some of the people who were here from the beginning. So, it’s a crazy thing.

“And then he called me a stupid cactus! Would you believe that?”
“I know right?! Just because I’m a succulent doesn’t mean I’m some stupid cactus!”

Ochara likes to associate himself with roses because of having thorns and feeling important and gets angry really fast when someone points out the truth. Then again pretty much everything makes him angry, he’s worse than an angsty teenager and just complains about everything ever. Others like to make fun of him because of how easy is to make him angry :>

Ewoqi is mute, so he can’t exactly talk back, but for some reason still tolerates Ochara and enjoys his very undemanding company.


@RachelWhiter if the genders were swapped, who’d you choose to play usnavi??

@Lin_Manuel Oh, @HereIsGina would be DOPE.

I’m so baffled right now.

Someone recently bought something from me and asked how long the item gonna reach their place and if I offer express shipping. I said no and it might take 1-2 weeks to reach their place.

They were shocked and asked where the hell I live. I told them the answer and that they should’ve known that if they check my store FAQ carefully. I ended up getting lectured that my reply was ‘curt’ and that they’re a busy person and have 5 children with a husband working for Disney and I’m just ??????

commissions open! help me pay for rent and food and get a really cute drawing in return. please send inquiries to

  • i’ll draw anything ! including gore, explicit, ocs, fanart, robots, animals, just ask if you’re unsure :)
  • prices are in USD and payment is thru paypal only! full payment is due once the first sketch is approved
  • you’ll receive a hi-res .png file upon completion that you can use however you’d like (except selling/commercial use lol)

thank you for reading! reblogs are very much appreciated

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time


 Caesar(Ozmafia!!) Wallpapers Requested by sulika 

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can u,, perhaps tell me some Cool ppl to follow like.... im starting fresh and i need to establish myself again i need more mutuals

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