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I've just finished binge reading this whole blog :^) you're writing is amazing! 🌚💕 how would the rfa (+ V and Saeran) act around mc if she was super sensitive. Just by seeing something cute start crying, like as simple as a butterfly. Danks 👅💦

Thank you so much!! 


  • Everyone in the RFA had always made fun of him for being sensitive
  • But now they’ve met MC
  • They didn’t know it was possible for someone to be this sensitive
  • Yoosung thinks it’s adorable  
  • But he’s always nervous about making MC accidentally cry
  • Even if they aren’t upset while crying he’s just still scared of making them cry
  • And even though he is used to MC being sensitive about stuff he still freaks out when they cry
  • He’s the type to start crying by seeing people he cares about cry
  • But he always tries to hold back tears when he sees MC cry
  • But it doesn’t always work so sometimes they cry together


  • She didn’t know about this at first
  • How did MC even keep it from her for this long
  • She found out when the two of them went on a date at the park
  • They were sitting under a tree enjoying how calm it was
  • “Jaehee look”
  • Jaehee looked over at MC and they were feeding a squirrel who had approached them
  • She was about to comment on that this was cute but then she noticed that MC was crying
  • Immediately asked if MC was okay
  • “It’s so cute, Jaehee”
  • Jahee was so confused about why MC was crying. Should she be comforting them???
  • She moves closer to MC and holds on to them, causing the squirrel to run away
  • Which led to MC crying more
  • Not because they were upset that it left
  • But because it was too cute how fast it ran on how it’s tail moved
  • Jaehee makes sure not to be too alarmed if they see MC crying


  • He walked to the living room to see MC covering their face sobbing
  • He freaked out instantly ran to hold on them
  • “Sh, Babe, babe it’s okay. Tell me what’s wrong”
  • “I saw this video.. This video where this guy.. He risked his life to save a puppy”
  • What
  • He was so confused
  • “Ah MC I thought something bad had happened!”
  • MC showed him the video to prove that it was too touching
  • He didn’t cry but he agreed it was sweet
  • He still freaks out like this everytime MC cries over small stuff


  • He was quick to get used to that MC cries over pretty much nothing
  • And he thought it was cute but sometimes got worried about MC crying so much
  • One evening they were relaxing in the living room they were both chatting with wine
  • But somehow MC had ended up on the floor lying in front of Elizabeth 3rd
  • Elizabeth 3rd rubbed her nose on MC’s nose before lying down by MC’s arm
  • This was enough to make MC start tearing up
  • And then start crying
  • Jumin asked them what’s wrong
  • “That was so cute, She rubbed her nose on my nose that means she loves me” MC said while half sobbing
  • This was the cutest thing for him
  • He was probably tearing up tbh
  • He loves when MC cries over Elizabeth being cute tbh


  • He would probably tease MC about it all the time
  • But the first time it happened he freaked out
  • He thought he did something that upset them
  • MC was holding their phone and crying and he grabbed them in a hug
  • “MC, What’s wrong? ”
  • “I just read that-”
  • “Read what? Did something happen?”
  • “That cows have best friends”
  • “…What?”
  • “They get stressed if they’re separated”
  • He couldn’t help but start laughing
  • He thought they were really upset about something
  • Nah just cows being pals


  • They were doing a photoshoot together
  • He would often let MC try to take pictures with his camera
  • They didn’t turn out very good but he thought they were amazing
  • Even tho he could barely see them
  • But it was a day where he was taking pictures of MC and then he heard them suddenly start crying
  • A small butterfly had landed on MC’s hand while V was taking pictures of them
  • He tried to take pictures of MC holding the butterfly
  • They didn’t get really good pictures since MC was crying in in each one
  • And MC sort of didn’t like professional photos of them sobbing
  • But V loved them


  • When he saw MC cry he was ready to fight someone tbh
  • He asked MC why they were crying
  • “Saeran.. Can we get a munchkin cat?”
  • “What?”
  • “They have tiny legs and are so adorable can we please?”
  • “…Is this.. Is this why you’re crying?”
  • He really doesn’t understand Why MC is crying over small cats?
  • MC shows him a video of a munchkin cat running
  • Now he understands

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Reminiscence (Calum imagine)

Summary: You spend Valentine’s Day reminiscing

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: This has to be one of my favourite things that I’ve ever written :) Please pay attention to the dates and times! It begins in the present, and then there are a series of flashbacks. They’re all in chronological order for ease of reading, but please pay attention to the timings if you’re unsure!

This is for @calumsbicth and @calsdream‘s Valentines!5sos blurb night!

Originally posted by hemmoxhood96

Present day, Valentine’s Day

With a cream envelope held between your fingers, you can’t prevent the smile from spreading across your lips. A greying memory slips into your mind, your eyes fluttering to a close as you let yourself get taken away to the land of fantasies.

Valentine’s day, two years ago, 1pm


At the sound of your name, you looked up.  You were in a park, sitting on a picnic blanket. Surrounding you were hundreds of tiny daisies, scattered amongst the green grass like a sprinkling of icing sugar.

“Hmm?” You looked across the blanket to see Calum, your boyfriend, with a wide smile spread across his face.

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Hello! I'm not sure how much you know about the 1848-50 California gold rush, but as a native Californian, I've always been fascinated by the topic. My question is multifaceted. For one: how big would miners plots of land along the various rivers be, and would people actually live on the same plots that they mined for gold? Also, what would it be like for a young woman and/or young men and children in an area like this?

Hello there! Well, aren’t you in luck because we have the Archivist from @scriptlibrarian answering this one! The Archivist has also studied history and has got your back so just read on!

There is gold in them darn hills!

Quick history of the California Gold Rush.  In 1848, John Marshal found flecks of gold in the American River, just below the Sierra Nevadas, in Coloma California, while building a water powered sawmill for John Sutter.

Just days after he discovered the gold, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, ending the Mexican-American War, giving California to the United States and essentially the gold.

The discovery of Gold shaped California into the state is today.  California saw the largest migration influx in the history of the United States.  In 1848 there was roughly 157,000 people in California (150,000 Natives, 6,500 Spanish/Mexican, 700 American/Non-Native).  Within 20 months the Non-Native Population soared to 100,000 and by the mid 1850’s was past 300,000.  This massive population influx put California on fast track to Statehood, and with the Compromise of 1850 California was allowed into the Union, just two years after the land was acquired, as a Free State - leading a imbalance in Free vs Slave States.  

So now that we got background history established let’s look at your questions.

How big would miner’s plots of land along the various rivers be…

I admit, I dug around for this information and beyond going into deep dark storage and digging out (pun intended) my books from school … the best answer I could find is - depends.

Yeah I hate that also.

A miner would first have to  Staking a Claim, which involves first the discovery of a valuable mineral in quantities that a “prudent man” would invest time and expenses to recover them. Then mark the claim boundaries, with wooden posts, capped steel posts, both of which must be four feet tall, or stone cairns, which must be three feet tall. Then filing a claim with the land management agency (USFS or BLM), and the local county registrar.   

There are four types of Land Claims, a miner could make:

  • Placer (minerals free of the local bedrock, and deposited in benches or streams) - This would be your typical visual of Gold Miners.  Bent over a stream with a pan, looking for flexs or small nuggets of gold. 
  • Lode (minerals in place in the mother rock) - next stage up.  The Miner has a section off shoot of the river, and is breaking up the rocks looking for veins of gold.
  • Tunnel (a location for a proposed tunnel which claims all veins discovered during the driving of it) - This would be someone with enough capital to start mining operation looking for gold, and could hire workers.
  • Millsite (a maximum five acre site for processing ore) - This is a full on organization, that is mining not just gold, but other minerals as well.  Has a team of miners, and likely a full town surrounding it to supplement the miners.

So if your character would need to find the gold, stake out his claim, then register it.  Depending on how much gold found, expense to work the land, and fees for the register - would determine the size of his land claim.

Would your character live in the same spot as they mine?

Yes, they would have a camp with a tent and supplies near by, so they could work their claim dawn to dusk.  They did this for a variety of reasons:

Ease of access to the claim.  The last thing anyone wanted to do was hike in and out of the area, wasting precious time traveling when they could be mining.

Protecting their assets.  If they are away from their claim, someone could sneak in and mine the area, or re stake the claim stating it was abandoned.

Also, what would it be like for a young woman and/or young men and children in an area like this?

The Gold Rush was not really a place for children. It was a brutal work, and a very lonely existence.  Many men left their families behind in hopes of making it rich to bring back the gold to them.   

That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t women in the camps.  

At one point there was a call out to women to go to California, because there was a fear men would do ‘untold’ things without the calm and stable influence of a woman (not many headed the call).

There were wives that worked the claims with their husbands, and likely even a few who took over the claim after he died.  Though this was dangerous as she would be on her own, and had very little rights to the land.  

Most of the women seen in or around the camps were washers, cooks, those seeking out a living for their family.  These women came with their husbands, fathers, brothers and ended up making the money for the family to survive, while the men panned for gold.

By the 1850’s there were roughly 1000 women working in and around the mines, but they were still a small part of the population, and  by the 1860’s they were less than 19% of the population of California.

A good resource to look into the role women played in the Gold Rush would be They Saw the Elephant: Woman in the Gold Rush by JoAnn Levy.

Now as for young men, it would depend on what you mean by young men?  

There were many teenage boys out in the fields, either they came with their father or ran away from home. The Gold Rush was an opportunity to make it rich fast, and men from all walks of life, old and young found their way to California.

Children were less likely in the mines or panning for gold.  If the whole family was in the gold fields, the younger kids would be with mom, helping with cooking, washing, etc.  Older boys maybe 12ish would be with dad.  There are not many accounts, but it didn’t mean they weren’t there.  

William Tecumseh Sherman - the future Civil War General, worked in San Francisco during the Gold Rush as a banker, and had his two young sons with him during the time, while his wife and daughter stayed back East.  Now this was in the city and not the gold fields.  Women, kids and families were very common in San Francisco.

In contrast Ulysses S. Grant was in the Army at the time, stationed in the gold fields and had left his family behind.  This also led to him being discharged from the Army, because of his drinking problem, as he had never done well being away from his wife, Julia.

Irony both men would come together a decade later, a friendship that some say changed the world.  But that is another essay.

Some interesting facts about the Gold Rush that could be helpful.

  • The Gold Rush attracted immigrants from around the world, by 1850 more than 25 percent of California’s population had been born outside the United States. As the amount of available gold began to dwindle, miners increasingly fought one another for profits and anti-immigrant tensions soared. In 1850 California’s legislature passed a Foreign Miner’s tax, which levied a monthly fee of $20 on non-citizens, the equivalent of more than $500 in today’s money. That bill was eventually repealed, but was replaced with another in 1852 that expressly singled out Chinese miners, charging them $2 ($80 today) a month. Violence against foreign miners increased as well, and beatings, rapes and even murders became commonplace. However no ethnic group suffered more than California’s Native Americans. Before the Gold Rush, its native population numbered roughly 300,000. Within 20 years, more than 100,000 would be dead. Most died from disease or mining-related accidents, but more than 4,000 were murdered by enraged miners.
  • Early sections of San Francisco were built out of ships abandoned by prospectors. The Gold Rush conjures up images of thousands of “’49ers” heading west in wagons to strike it rich in California, but many of the first prospectors actually arrived by ship. Within months, San Francisco’s port was teeming with boats that had been abandoned after their passengers, and crew headed inland to hunt for gold. As the formerly tiny town began to boom, demand for lumber increased dramatically, and the ships were dismantled and sold as construction material. Hundreds of houses, banks, saloons, hotels, jails and other structures were built out of the abandoned ships, while others were used as landfill. Today, more than 150 years after the Gold Rush began, archeologists and preservations continue to find relics, sometimes even entire ships, beneath the streets of the City by the Bay.  Map of where ships can be found in San Francisco
  • Mining wasn’t cheap! Most of the men who flocked to northern California arrived with little more than the clothes on their backs. Once there, they needed to buy food and supplies, which San Francisco’s merchants were all too willing to provide for a cost. Stuck in a remote region, far from home, many prospectors coughed up most of their hard-earned money for the most basic supplies. At the height of the boom in 1849, prospectors could expect prices sure to cause sticker shock: A single egg could cost the equivalent of $25 in today’s money, coffee went for more than $100 per pound and replacing a pair of worn out boots could set you back more than $2,500.
  • The merchant’s made the money not the miners.  As the boom continued, more and more men got out of the gold-hunting business and began to open businesses catering to newly arrived prospectors. In fact, some of America’s greatest industrialists got their start in the Gold Rush. Philip Armour, who would later found a meatpacking empire in Chicago, made a fortune operating the sluices that controlled the flow of water into the rivers being mined. Before John Studebaker built one of America’s great automobile fortunes, he manufactured wheelbarrows for Gold Rush miners. And two entrepreneurial bankers named Henry Wells and William Fargo moved west to open an office in San Francisco, an enterprise that soon grew to become one of America’s premier banking institutions. One of the biggest mercantile success stories was that of Levi Strauss. A German-born tailor, Strauss arrived in San Francisco in 1850 with plans to open a store selling canvas tarps and wagon coverings to the miners. After hearing that sturdy work pants, ones that could withstand the punishing 16-hour days regularly put in by miners, were more in demand, he shifted gears, opening a store in downtown San Francisco that would eventually become a manufacturing empire, producing Levi’s denim jeans.
  • And to prove how fate is fickle - the man who’s name will always be associated with the California Gold Rush - John Sutter - died in poverty.  As news had spread about the discovery of gold on his property, within months, most of his workers had abandoned him to search for gold themselves, while thousands of other prospectors overran and destroyed much of his land and equipment. Faced with mounting debts, Sutter was forced to deed his land to one of his sons, who used it to create a new settlement called Sacramento. Sutter Sr. was furious—he had hoped the town would be named after him—but he had more pressing concerns. Nearly bankrupt, he began a decades-long campaign to have the U.S. government reimburse him for his financial losses, to no avail. While thousands became rich off his former land, a bitter Sutter retired to Pennsylvania and died.

I hope this information is helpful, and will give you some insight of the world during the California Gold Rush.

Some great sources to check out:

Women in the Gold Rush

Summary of Gold Mining Techniques

Articles on the Gold Rush

History Channel’s Gold Rush

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Do you have any tips for typing people over 40, who have more developed functions? I've been trying to type my mom for months, and I still can't figure her out, I'm not sure if it is because she's an adult and her functions are more developed or if there's something else preventing me from typing her. I'm pretty sure she's INFX. I know that there's a big difference in the cognitive stacks for those two types, but I can't tell if her intuition and/or feeling is introverted or extroverted.

(Gif: Matthew & Mary Crawley, Downton Abbey. INFP, ENTJ.)

I ran into this problem early on in typing my dad, only he’s extroverted. I thought ENFP at first because he fits some of the stereotypes but over time, came to realize that his focus is not on short-term possibilities (that’s where I excel, with Ne/Te) but on far-reaching events (Ni - ENFJ). He’s somewhat private / guarded with his personal feelings, enough that I thought he might be Fi – but he shows no Te whatsoever and is rather impressed when I or my mother use it. And yet, his reaction to everything that happens is first and foremost – Fe.

My Ne also impresses him in its ability to innovate / change direction without much warning (his Ni does not like to adapt an overall vision, even though his Se is excellent enough that he can seize opportunities as they arise) whereas he finds my changeable nature (Ne) somewhat aggravating to his Ni-desire to find a single solution that encompasses and solves all the problems, in a way that will play out positively in the future (Ni) for everyone involved (Fe). He also cares much more about how things work (Ti) and getting to “the truth of something” (Ni) than I do. I want only enough knowledge to serve a goal or purpose (Te).

His insights are far sharper, more focused, and direct than mine – I will say this or that about someone, and he will fire off an intuitive Ni insight into their psyche – he may or may not be right, but he believes the pattern aligns to produce that truth (example: so and so said this to me about that; “so and so is jealous of this aspect of your personality and is retaliating with comments designed to make you doubt yourself in that area”). I am more inclined to assert an intuitive opinion and seek evidence to support it, or seek external affirmation / support for that idea (Ne) as being plausible (Te).

Well balanced or not, NFJs and NFPs are decidedly different – so look for what they share with you, their overall patterns of behavior, and their levels of distaste for change. INFJs are prone to futuristic mindsets in the long term and in stating a conclusion as a personal fact once they have decided on it; once they reach that point (of intensive inner processing spitting out a single truth) they are not inclined to change their mind, whereas the INFP allows their strong personal ethics and feeling of affection / dislike for things to direct their Ne.

INFPs want to share and latch on to other people’s ideas; Ni’s can be somewhat resistant to that. INFJs want to form comprehensive inner worlds (Ni/Ti) that inform their greater understanding of how humanity works (FeTi); INFPs want freedom to pursue their own passions, beliefs, and whims. INFPs will “change” far more often than an INFJ; in anything where a central ethical truth is not involved, their opinions, beliefs, pursuits, interests, hobbies, etc., may shift rapidly over time.

Ni looks to the long term (years ahead); Ne looks a few weeks down the road.

In particular, from strong Ni’s, look for strong futuristic opinions. When Donald Trump entered the GOP presidential race, back before anyone thought he had a chance to even win the primary, my dad read a few articles, heard a couple of his speeches, then said, “He’s our next president. He will resonate with the core of the people.”

Naturally, being an “anything can happen” Ne, I said, “Pfft, YEAH, RIGHT, Dad.”

- ENFP Mod

Since I got a huge influx of followers thanks to a certain -someone-, I figured I’d say hi, hello and welcome to my blog!!!

Originally posted by kylimakat28

I know someone asked for a FAQ page and I’ll likely put one up later this weekend. For now, I’ll just explain a little bit about my blog, myself and where Dark came from.

For starters, I have do have an Art Blog if people are only interested in my work. It’s linked in my header or you can click here. This is my main blog where I post my art as well as a mix of other things. My main blog typically features artwork I like, fanart, cute things or stuff that makes me laugh. I’m a SFW blog with a few NSFW illustrations that may pop up rarely (I try my best to tag them). 

A bit about myself: I’m a recent graduate of California State University, Sacramento where I obtained my BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Digital Media. While I love illustrating, it’s actually something I didn’t study in school. I learned fine art elements and how to use programs like Maya and After Effects in my last few semesters. I’ve picked up the majority of my illustration knowledge from watching other artists online and reading tutorials. I typically create all of my work in Photoshop using a drawing tablet. 

Annnnd Dark….where to start with this? You’re probably wondering, “Why did you make Dark? What -is- Dark? How did he come to be??? WHY are you obsessed with this youtuber you freakin’ weirdo?!?”. All great and valid questions. Mark said it himself in the livestream that Dark was something the fandom created. I remember people joking in the youtube comments on Mark’s creepy pasta videos from way back when. I would see people say, “Oh that’s not Mark in the video, it’s ‘Dark’”. Mark also made a tumblr post around that time jokingly saying Dark wasn’t a character of his, why did you make him real? That sparked me to create the older work that he showed in the livestream. I wanted to create what or who I thought Dark was. After that piece, I didn’t toy with the Darkiplier idea again until about 6 months later. I ran this blog like an ask blog and did some silly things with darko the dork. I gave Dark a persona while using Mark’s face as a model for him.

Originally, my Dark was a creation of Mark’s fears; a nightmarish type monster that was tied to Mark and a reflection of what you can become if you lose your path. I wanted to create a comic with commentary on how fear can control your life and the effects it can have if you let fear rule you. That never came to fruition as school and life kind of got out of hand. I also felt stagnant with the character being so tied to Mark himself. It was humbling to see how much my Dark influenced my friends versions of him and other people in the fandom as well, but I was getting frustrated with the idea. I set Dark down for about year and came back to him just before Mark did that dating skit this February (although that also has had a big influence on me). Currently, Dark is now a separate entity and falls into the Cryptid category. I’m being tight lipped about his story as I’m working out the prologue with @prismkitten-mivy. There will be multiple original characters in this story that are given the task of capturing the escapee, Dark (Who goes by another name but you’ll see that later). I started Dark’s story long ago and now with a new re-write, I plan to finish it. He’s going to be a side project that will keep me and hopefully my followers entertained as I work on other ideas as well.

So there you have it. I still watch Mark’s vid’s from time to time because the nerd makes me laugh. I work 5 days a week and spend most of my free time working on new projects to share with you all here. I’m just a nerd that can draw and likes interacting with folks on here when I can. :)

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Headcanon request: Frank saves a child. The child is overall just very afraid, so this includes being afraid of Frank (who's decked out in his Punisher gear), What does Frank do to help the child realize he doesn't need to be afraid of him?

this has been in my inbox forever omg i knew when you sent it that i needed to write more than just some headcanons so this turned into a kastle fic~

Frank’s grown desensitized to the sound of gunfire. His trigger finger taps against his gun and he doesn’t flinch when shots are fired around him. His eyes don’t even blink when he squeezes the trigger, firing a bullet into the skull of the kidnapper.

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The Set-Up

There was a request for a Gadreel oneshot based on the song I’ve Got This Friend by the Civil Wars



Dean wasn’t one-hundred percent ‘okay’ with angels. A good number of them were dicks, he’d learned.

But there were a few good ones, like Cas and Gadreel.

And since Dean could count the number of people he could truly depend on without getting into double digits, those who were ‘friends’ were more like family.

And family meant helping in any situation.

Dean had noticed the way Gadreel would look at you. The angel was already a strong, silent type, but when you entered the room, his silence grew ten-fold. Dean watched the angel watch you, carefully, a sort of longing in his eyes. On the few occasions Dean had talked to Gadreel about his life he’d been able to discern that there had never really been a love interest in the angel’s life. True, angels didn’t really understand human emotion, but the way Gadreel stared at you made Dean think that he wanted to experience love, and to experience it with you.

But because Gadreel was an angel, Dean knew that he didn’t know how to deal with what he was going through. Strong as Gadreel was, he was no doubt afraid to open himself up to anyone for fear of being crushed by a dismissive word.


Sam’s people-reading skills were more finely tuned than his brother’s. And he’d seen the way you stared at Gadreel when he and Dean were off in the corner, discussing things in hushed tones. He’d seen the way your cheeks grew pink when the angel was in the room and he’d noticed the way you clammed up.

During the three years that you’d tagged along with the Winchesters, Sam had never heard you mention any sort of boyfriend, past or present. You rarely talked about your emotions (though sometimes when you got drunk you started crying at the smallest things). Hunters had to be guarded creatures, but it could make life miserable.

It had taken a while for you to warm up to the Winchesters. Sam knew that it had been a big deal for you to let them in, to let your heart open up a tiny space for them. To let anyone take place in your heart in a romantic way… well, it would take all the courage and strength you had in you.


“We have to set Y/N up with Gadreel.”

Dean looked his brother over. “So you’ve noticed it too, huh?”

“Are you kidding? She couldn’t be more obvious.”

“Wait a minute. She likes him?”

“Well, yeah. What were you–”

Dean cut his brother off with a laugh. “He’s basically been pining after her since they met.”


“Totally, helplessly in love with her. Not that he’s ever said more than three words to her.”

“Well, it has to be a sign, if they both like each other. And it should make things on our end easier. But how are we going to get them together?” Sam sat across from Dean. While he was more intuitive when it came to reading people, Dean was better with the big, romantic gestures. He always knew what to say, what to do. 

Dean thought for a moment. “Okay, here’s an idea…”


You pulled into the empty parking lot of the park. A few lights flickered around you, but the rest of the area was dark. You didn’t see Sam anywhere.

Cautiously, you got out of your car, hand on your knife for reassurance. You checked your phone. This was the park Sam had asked you to meet him at, at this time.

A gunshot rang out from the trees. You pulled your blade out and ran towards the tree line. You veered from the path, crashing through the underbrush. You finally stumbled upon a clearing and stopped short.

In the clearing sat a picnic table. On the table sat two lit candles and a single rose. You carefully walked over to the table, grip still tight on the blade.

The slightest crunching noise made you whirl around, ready to fight. But you stood frozen when you saw Gadreel standing behind you.

“Y/N,” he said. “I did not mean to frighten you.”

You carefully lowered your knife. “It’s okay.”

“What are you doing here?” Gadreel asked, taking a step toward you.

“Sam told me to meet him here. I heard a gunshot and…” You bit your lip and looked up at the angel. “What are you doing here?”

“Dean requested for me to meet him here.”

The two of you stood in a strained silence for a few moments. Gadreel stepped over to the table and examined the candles. He picked up the flower, holding it delicately in his fingers.

“Y/N,” he said, breaking the silence. “While we have a moment without other eyes and ears around us… there is something I would like to tell you.”

Your heart began to pound and you held your breath.

Gadreel’s eyes met yours before darting back down to the rose. “I… I do not have much experience with this.”

You took a slow step towards him, silently encouraging him to continue.

“I… I find myself wanting to be with you at all times. You are a very unique human. Something about you draws me to you. You are intelligent. You are strong. You are fearless.” Gadreel twirled the stem in his fingers. “And you are prettier than any rose I’ve ever seen.”

You couldn’t believe you were hearing these words. Surely you were dreaming.

You stepped closer to Gadreel and slowly reached out. You laid a hand on his, stopping his twirling. He looked down at your hand on his before meeting your gaze again. You gave him a small smile, unable to find the words that would enhance the moment.

But words weren’t needed.

Gadreel took the rose in his other hand and held it out to you. As you took it, his hand under yours turned and opened, capturing yours. Then he slowly leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to your cheek.


The Winchesters carefully maneuvered their way out from their hiding spots, finding the paths they’d cleared so they wouldn’t step on any sticks or crunchy leaves. They picked their way out of the tree line and headed for the Impala, their work done.

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Hi, David! I've read your last answer about Shiväisith. As I can see we have some options:1) use the regular runes (oh my, so many variants!), 2) thinking about creating it by us, fans and 3) ask you to create it... I'd really like to see it from you. And I think not me only. You're the creator after all. If that comes true... But I know you're really busy and, after all, you have a lot things to do and to think.

lol Yeah, I do have a lot to do. At the moment I’m creating two new languages, in addition to doing my regular translation duty—plus I have some other projects I’m working on, and I’m still getting over being sick. Creating a new writing system is tough enough, but creating a font takes hours of work—even for a relatively simple alphabetic script. Plus, anything I’d create at this point wouldn’t be official (the movie’s long over), and there’s little chance of there ever being Dark Elves in a movie again. Even if the people writing the current Thor comics saw a script I created and liked it and wanted to use it, I should get paid to create the script and font (as happened with Defiance and Star-Crossed), rather than create it for free. Plus, there’s next to no interest in this language, outside of one loyal fan, and it’s doubtful that the language will have a future of any kind. It would be an ENORMOUS mistake to actually sit down and create a script and font for the Dark Elf language.

But I did it anyway.

Allow me to present the Dark Elf runic script which I call Todjydheenil (itself the plural of the word for “rune” in Shiväisith, todjydheen):

That’s Shiväisith in Todjydheenil. I took a look at all the runic systems from Northern Europe to get inspiration, but ultimately I decided the runes, like the language, should be original, so there are no phonological correspondences between this system and any natural system. I tried to get it to look vaguely sinister (that’s a technical term) while still obviously being a runic system. I also figured since the Dark Elves have been around for a while and are fairly technologically advanced, they could handle serifs. (Didn’t look good without the serifs—despite the fact that going back and adding serifs took a lot of extra time. It didn’t look right!)

Below are some charts detailing all the runes and what they stand for. This makes exclusive use of the romanization of Shiväisith, so if you’re not familiar with it, check out this post. First up, the vowels:

You’ll notice that the doubled vowels all have separate glyphs. That’s the way the system works (makes words shorter, which is nice). The nice thing is that if you type the doubled letters of the romanization, the correct glyph will pop right up, so no need to go hunting.

Okay, now for the consonants:

All right, something to note about the above. You’ll notice that there aren’t separate glyphs for fth or dh. In addition, you’ll notice that both k and g have h as an alternate reading. This is no accident. In Shiväisith, these sounds are in complementary distribution, meaning you’ll never distinguish the meanings of two words with, for example, t and th. The sounds are thought of as identical by Shiväisith speakers. This means that to use the system, you’ll have to learn to use p everywhere you would use f (though, honestly, the ligatures I’ve created have got your back. If you type the romanization exactly, it’ll come out perfectly). The tricky one is h. There is indeed a separate h sound, but it is not the same as the h that generally occurs between vowels. For example, you know all those infinitives (pohahililjahikarihi, etc.)? All k. That is, karihi is actually spelled kariki. That means it’s actually slightly more difficult to write in the runic script than the romanization, because you’ll have to remember which h’s are actually h, and which are either g or k, but them’s the breaks.

Moving on, these are runes for the diphthongs in Shiväisith:

Those should be fairly self-explanatory. In addition, there are a number of runes that stand for common combinations of consonants that occur at various places in a word. Their forms should be obvious, for the most part:

That’s the system. For the few ancillary bits one might need, I threw in some minimal punctuation:

You can use that period for a period, a comma, a colon, a semi-colon—whatever (they’re runes! Runes don’t care about fancy punctuation!).

And finally, the number system:

I’m hoping you can infer how to use the system just based on the cells for 5 through 9 and 20 there, because I ran out of room. Basically, numbers go to the right of the placeholder until you exceed the placeholder, then you add a counter to the left. With this system, you can go up to 999,999. If you need a million, round down to 999,999.

To put a name to the numbers, see the list below (cardinal numbers are listed first, followed by ordinal numbers—oh, and you just use tifidhoh, “nothing”, to refer to zero):

  1. heth / kyäthis
  2. kör / köös
  3. mitta / mittas
  4. kitta / kittas
  5. pesh / peshish
  6. täni / tänis
  7. gah / gakkis
  8. dulin / dulis
  9. djyyr / djyysh
  10. jav / javis
  11. javeth / javethis
  12. jav kör / jav köös
  13. jav mitta / jav mittas
  14. jav kitta / jav kittas
  15. jav pesh / jav peshish
  16. jav täni / jav tänis
  17. jav gah / jav gakkis
  18. jav dulin / jav dulis
  19. jav djyyr / jav djyysh
  20. körjev / körjevis
  21. körjev heth / körjev kyäthis

After that, you should be able to get the hang of it. You’ll just need the rest of the tens, and so forth. Those are:

  • 30: mitjev / mitjevish
  • 40: kitjev / kitjevish
  • 50: peshev / peshevish
  • 60: tänjev / tänjevis
  • 70: gakjev / gakjevis
  • 80: duljev / duljevis
  • 90: djyyrjev / djyyrjevish
  • 100: vysh / vyshish
  • 1,000: teem / teemis
  • 10,000: jav teem / jav teemis
  • 100,000: teemidheen / teemidheenis

And that’s that.

Here are some sample words so you can get a feel for it. This is the name Älgrim:

Here’s Mälekith:

I wanted to make sure his name looked cool. Love the le combination.

Here’s the word for “Dark Elf”, älfenää:

Here’s the word for the Dark Elf home world, Harudheen:

And here’s a word I think just looks kind of cool—the word for Asgardian, Äskärdhiksä:

Now, since this script and font I created are totally unofficial and are in no way connected to the movie or the Marvel Universe, cinematic or otherwise, I am releasing it to all and sundry. You can download it here (comes with installation and usage instructions). It comes with a CC license (this one), meaning that I don’t want anyone modifying or trying to sell the font, or claim it or the script or some derivative of either as their own work. What you use the font on, though, is your business. If you find some problem with the font, let me know and I can try to put out a new version if I have the time. (Though fair warning: either the ligatures, the kerning or both may not work on Microsoft Word. Microsoft hates anything it does’t already know how to deal with.)

This concludes Shiväisith day on my Tumblr. I hope you enjoyed it! Now let’s get back to talking about The 100, which comes back from its winter break tomorrow! ~:D

Types of Silence

Summary: Dan and Phil were used to the comfortable silence between them but what will they do when one fight changes it all? 
Genre: Angst and fluff
Word count: 927
Beta: theinvisiblephan (Thank you!!!)
Disclaimer: I do not own Dan or Phil and I’m not saying that Phan is real. This piece of phanfiction is also a piece of fiction (stop the press!) and I’m not saying that any of this actually happened.
Warnings: None (tell me if you think that I should warn about something)
A/N: Idek, I got an idea and it turned out like this? I wanted to try to write something with less dialogue so in the end this ended up having almost none. It’s a bit weird but I like it quite a lot. :)

The silence between them was rarely awkward. There were the occasional moments after either of them had said something that they hadn’t really thought through or if they didn’t quite know how to phrase what they wanted to say. But mostly the silence between them was comfortable, peaceful even.

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Part Two: Ghosts

You can find part one here.

Jon/Sansa post Battle of the Bastards, show canon.

Sansa won’t be sold off again, not to anyone. She thinks Jon might be her salvation. (R+L=J)

She and Jon meet weekly to discuss their dwindling funds, the smattering of local disputes, and to drink sour wine in her father’s study. Jon looks small, somehow, seated where Ned Stark once sat, an uncertain shadow of his father-turned-uncle, and to Sansa, he is like a boy trying to fit into the boots of a man. The picture is rather endearing and sitting with him like this, sipping from earthenware goblets, and talking in low voices, she can almost forget the axe that hovers above her neck.


Petyr’s presence hangs heavier about her neck every day he remains in Winterfell, his eyes following her with vague promise. She could tell Jon, she thinks. Explain to him that she sold her soul for Petyr’s help, that fear and guilt and shame had driven her to keep silent about her plea to the Vale. That she is sorry for not trusting him sooner. Part of her had prayed Petyr would come. The other part had desperately hoped he would not.

And now there is a price she has to pay. She can still feel his hands. Feel his lips like chains on hers.

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Hi! I really love your account and I was wondering if you have any tips for writing? For nanowrimo I've been writing a book and I would like to know if you have any tips when stuck in the middle of a scene? Thank you ❤❤

Ah, yes! Thank you!

Since I haven’t started writing yet, I’m still planning and have a long while to go, I’m going to try and give you my best that i have figured out so far.

If it’s writer’s block-

Many have a delicate way of dealing with it, but I think it’s the type of writer’s block that matters.

If you can’t find something out during research, or you’ve been stuck on something for hours, take a break.

If it’s just a small scene you are reluctant to write, kick writer’s block out on it’s ass. (Excuse me.)

Just push through and write, even if it’s terrible. You can edit later-that’s the good part.

If it’s a plot problem-

Before your write any more, figure out every little detail about that scene before you write it, and throw in the necessary amounts of foreshadowing.

Don’t write a scene if it isn’t important later, if it doesn’t have some kind of purpose. If it’s a scene you can’t cut, but doesn’t have a very large purpose, give it a purpose. Add a subplot, make that scene tie into the story in many ways unimaginable.

If it’s simply a “how to write this” or description problem-

I find what helps me with this is reading a book, just a small scene as similar to yours as you can get. Descriptions can be tricky sometimes, so for example, if you are looking for the perfect way to describe a color, google, “different types of red.” It helps. Or, maybe try a whole new style you haven’t tried before, like switching POV’s, or maybe, if you are writing third person, try first, or vice versa.

If you are having problems bringing the scene to life-

Focus on the details, and the aura of what your descriptions are giving off.

For example:

She ran away from the wolf, as the wind blew through the moon-lit forest surrounding her.

Then, to make it a little ( a lot) better ,

As the winds howled like whistle on lips through the moon-lit trees, chilling her to the bone, she let the desolate sound carry her legs farther and farther away from the wolf she so desperately sprinted from, and closer the stars that rested upon the hill that will signal her escape-if the rolling mounds would only come into sight, she could hope. If only.

Maybe try:

I felt the prickled branches tear into my arms and face as I sprinted, but I wouldn’t stop, couldn’t stop. Everything was a blur, a whistle through the moon-lit trees, the darkness coming from behind. I didn’t let myself think about any of it, or that would be what truly took my life-not the monster, the winds, the stars above, the loss of location-what would end me would be my own mind.

So I ran, and blocked everything, both physical and emotional, out, and kept it far, far away, letting the rustles through the air carry the distractions away towards the canopy above, and me towards the starry sky and glittering hills that would be my salvation in the utter darkness of the forest.

Those are not-in-the-moment scenes, mostly just descriptions of what happened within the chase through the forest, if you wanted to describe every little detail, it would be more like this:

My breathing was a mere rasp, and the jagged gashes in my arms from the thorns bled endlessly, but, despite the barking pains in my twisted ankles, I kept up the blurring pace. I swatted a prickled branch away from my face, earning a searing cut on the palm of my hand. The wind stirred the leaves up above within the canopy, which hid the moon and stars above.

There’s a million different ways to bring a story to life, and give a synopsis on a story even in a little paragraph. Hey, the more the merrier-the more words, the better! Go crazy-readers love it. Don’t get too carried away, though-lose yourself in the words, but stay conscious of how they will sound, and what more information the reader will perceive from even a single paragraph.

If you don’t know what to write next-

Well, what do you think would make the story a little more spiced up? Any more crucial scenes you want to add? Maybe a scene that stands for nothing more but important foreshadowing? Maybe a scene to show character development, or a single chapter that illustrates the characters daily, weekly, monthly schedule? (Most of the time, go by weeks-if you condense a month into one chapter, important details can be missed.)

Here’s an example:

The months went by in a dull frenzy, and nothing really changed throughout the days; she simply went to breakfast, trained for hours, spent a couple in the gardens picking roses, and then back to her chambers.

Laylia could tell the seasons were beginning to change-the leaves slowly transformed from bright green to deep hues of red and orange, and occasional streaks of yellow, and from dwelling on the trees to resting on the neatly-manicured palace grounds. She also didn’t fail to notice the shift in everyone’s mood, from normally energetic, to a laid-back aura filling their presence.

It’s mostly a don’t-forget-the details kind of thing, I suppose.

If it’s because you have a dislike for the scene-

Well, of course there will be scenes you absolutely hate with a passion-such as characters death. However, it should be alluring to describe it-when you are the one writing, most have an idea for their characters future, so you hold the power.

To write an important, emotional scene such as death, you have to take the power away from yourself for a moment. Be the reader-what emotions did the writing spark, what information and current situations did you derive from it?

Normally, I suppose you would take your own power away during the editing process, when the novel goes from messy letters to elegant sentences, but if you are having trouble writing a scene or can’t make yourself move on, try editing it right then and there. Maybe make some changes, or if it’s simply a dislike for how you wrote it, rewrite it.

As a fanfiction writer, I have more challenges than a normal writer-we already have the world and characters established, because the authors did that for us. However, that often makes us forget to continue establishing everything and everyone-that’s what fanfictions are about, write? (You see what I did there?)

So keep that in mind-you are establishing everything, think of it as laying out the base of story, so buildings may be constructed on it.

Now is the time to include every little detail; keep in mind your characters personalities, maybe if they are quiet they are a lot more descriptive, or if they are more openly-expressed, they don’t have as detailed descriptions.

Take the character description types from Veronica Roth-I learnt that from her.

I hope this helped! If you’ve got any more questions for me, anyone out there, I’d be happy to answer them to the best I can at this time in my writing career;)

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I've read ahead all of Arya's chapters but Im only in AGoT,caught up with the show though. Question is, when other Starks warg/skinchange into other animals/tree, can they maintain full functions on their bodies/senses? Because Arya seems to except in her wolfdreams because she's of course asleep. Bran becomes unconscious when he slipped into Hodor. But Arya was able to talk to the KM and was stroking the cat while using its eyes. So she's still there. Sorry if the question maybe confusing.

I’m not sure about your exact question, so I just tackled what I think it was as well as a bunch of related topics.

Well, this comes from the misapprehension some of the fandom is under that all wargs/skinchangers are created equal and equal in all things and equal in all circumstances.

A general overview of the factors that come into play:

  • Desire to skinchange
  • Awareness of your gift
  • Acceptance of your gift
  • Connection or bond with the creature being entered
  • Which type of creature is being entered
  • How strong the “gift” is in the person
  • The circumstances of the moment of skinchanging
  • Whether the creature being entered has been entered by another skinchanger before

Some wargs can skinchange into other non-wolf animals, some wargs can’t. Some skinchangers are powerful and can enter into a variety of animals, some can’t. Ability varies and ability matters. There are ranges of power and capability. Moreover, not every instance is the same. Besides the issues of different animals (as I discuss below,) the situation matters.

On the subject of skinchanging into Thistle, the wildling woman:

If she comes back. If I am still strong enough to take her. Varamyr, ADWD

“If I am still strong enough to take her” because Varamyr is weak at that point, dying, and he’s worried his ability won’t be strong enough anymore to skinchange into a human- the worst and hardest of all skinchanging.

So the circumstances can affect the ability to skinchange.

Also, the weirwood tree thing- that’s not a skinchanging talent. To our knowledge, only Bran the greenseer can do it of the Starks, and I highly doubt any of the other Starks could or even would go there. (Though it should be noted that Arya had a moment in ACoK where she seemed to speak with a weirwood tree but entering into them doesn’t seem to be skinchanger related.) 

Anyway, skinchanging varies from person to person and from animal to animal. What I mean is that skinchangers have varying levels of control, awareness, and ability while skinchanging.

When asked about the Stark children and their ability as wargs. He was asked if the trait of being a warg ran in the Stark family.

GRRM: “I don’t know if I want to get into genetics - this is fantasy, not scifi” He replied. “I don’t think this is necessarily a ‘Stark’ ability, though all the children have it to one extent or another. They also realize it to one extent or another. Arya doesn’t realize she has it, she keeps thinking she has these weird dreams, and of course Bran is much further along [source

“All the children have it to one extent or the other” because the Stark children were born with the basic ability- we see that with all of them through their connection to their direwolves. Even Lady/Sansa, Grey Wind/Robb, and Shaggingdog/Rickon, the reason the wolves reflect their emotions and bond with them as they do is a display of their ability as wargs. For some, like probably Robb and Sansa, that’s all we’ll probably get. Especially if the “gift” is weaker.

[Haggon] taught me the way of the warg and the secrets of the skinchanger, though my gift was stronger than his own. Varamyr, ADWD

Being a warg doesn’t indicate you can skinchange into any other creature or even another wolf. The ability has a very large range. 

Bran is very aware of his actions, even the first time with Hodor, it’s intentional and an effort. Arya is still clueless (though she’s working towards realizing her ability.) So that’s part of it I think, Bran throwing himself into slipping his skin while Arya does it unconsciously.

Furthermore, a stronger and more capable skinchanger should have more control and not just pass out/fall unconscious.

But this is the big difference: the animal/creature being entered matters a lot. Certain animals are just easier and better to skinchange into:

Dogs were the easiest beasts to bond with; they lived so close to men that they were almost human. Slipping into a dog’s skin was like putting on an old boot, its leather softened by wear. As a boot was shaped to accept a foot, a dog was shaped to accept a collar, even a collar no human eye could see. Wolves were harder. A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf. “Wolves and women wed for life,” Haggon often said. “You take one, that’s a marriage. The wolf is part of you from that day on, and you’re part of him. Both of you will change.”

Other beasts were best left alone, the hunter had declared. Cats were vain and cruel, always ready to turn on you. Elk and deer were prey; wear their skins too long, and even the bravest man became a coward. Bears, boars, badgers, weasels … Haggon did not hold with such. “Some skins you never want to wear, boy. You won’t like what you’d become.” Birds were the worst, to hear him tell it. “Men were not meant to leave the earth. Spend too much time in the clouds and you never want to come back down again. I know skinchangers who’ve tried hawks, owls, ravens. Even in their own skins, they sit moony, staring up at the bloody blue.” Varamyr, ADWD

There is a sliding scale of easiness when it comes to skinchanging into animals. Cats are not the easiest- “always ready to turn on you”- but they aren’t humans either. Their minds aren’t as strong or resistant. 

A cat would be far easier to enter into than a human. No contest, no question. Even though Hodor is mentally slow, he’s still a person. He actively fights Bran when he enters Hodor. It’s a forced entry as opposed to the cat/Arya skinchanging which is far more natural given they bonded a bit, Arya pets him, he follows her home, ect. Natural vs. unnatural here- unconscious vs. forced.

While the cat is nowhere near as natural as Nymeria for Arya, it’s still far more natural than Bran entering Hodor since Hodor puts up resistance. This is portrayed as difficult to accomplish:

Even so, he never felt comfortable inside Hodor’s skin. The big stableboy never understood what was happening, and Bran could taste the fear at the back of his mouth. It was better inside Summer. I am him, and he is me. He feels what I feel. Bran, ADWD

Bran states that entering into to Hodor “never felt comfortable” and then states that it’s “better inside Summer.”

The Stark/direwolf bonds are unnatural in that they are supernatural, but at the same time, they are incredibly natural. The Starks aren’t just wargs, they are bonded for life to these particular wolves. It’s firmly established that the Starks don’t just warg into their direwolves, they are in many their direwolves and vice versa. That’s why I’m convinced Nymeria’s plotline is significant for Arya. But really just

“He is part of you, Robb. To fear him is to fear you.” Catelyn to Robb about Grey Wind, ASoS

Ghost did not count. Ghost was closer than a friend. Ghost was part of him.Jon, ADWD

“Part of you is Summer, and part of Summer is you. You know that, Bran.” Jojen to Bran, ACoK

So I wouldn’t take any reaction Bran has while skinchanging into Hodor to be indicative of his ability or anyone else’s ability. Too many different factors at play for that. 

As for the other Starks and skinchanging while they’re awake, it varies by circumstance and connection. Look at Jon and Ghost for instance. Jon is completely aware of his gift, but he doesn’t trust it or even like it. He rebels against it, which hinders him in this regard. But he is incredibly close with Ghost- physically and in terms of their bond- so we have moments like this:

(On Winterfell) He wanted it, Jon knew then. He wanted it as much as he had ever wanted anything. I have always wanted it, he thought, guiltily. May the gods forgive me. it was a hunger inside him, sharp as a dragonglass blade. A hunger… he could feel it. It was food he needed, prey, a red deer that stank of fear or a great elk proud and defiant. He needed to kill and fill his belly with fresh meat and hot dark blood. His mouth began to water with the thought.

It was a long moment before he understood what was happening. When he did, he bolted to his feet. “Ghost?”Jon, ASoS

Jon merges thoughts with Ghost while just standing and thinking about becoming Lord of Winterfell. He does so mostly unconsciously as well. This mirrors the way that Arya skinchanges into the cat the first time:

The Lyseni took the table nearest to the fire and spoke quietly over cups of black tar rum, keeping their voices low so no one could overhear. But she was no one and she heard most every word. And for a time it seemed that she could see them too, through the slitted yellow eyes of the tomcat purring in her lap. One was old and one was young and one had lost an ear, but all three had the white-blond hair and smooth fair skin of Lys, where the blood of the old Freehold still ran strong. Arya, ADWD

The only real differences are that A) Jon is aware he’s a warg and recognizes what’s going on while Arya remains clueless and B) Jon has a better bond with Ghost than Arya does with the cat. But other than that, it’s pretty similar.

I’d like to point out that it’s unlikely Arya was talking to the KM while in the cat:

Maybe on the morrow she would tell him about the cat that had followed her home last night from Pynto’s, the cat that was hiding in the rafters, looking down on them. Arya, ADWD

She probably got glances through the cat’s eyes in between or after the KM attacked. It’s not clear though when and to what extent she’s in the cat, probably because Arya still so unaware of her abilities.

My point is that reactions and abilities vary from person to person and there are a lot of factors at play. You have to look at a specific skinchanger/warg and a specific creature and the circumstances surrounding the event to really understand what’s going on, the probability of it happening, what ability someone has, ect. 

hero-complex-girl  asked:

Hi there! I've just recently discovered your blog and all of your metas are very interesting to me, and now I have a question of my own. Perhaps you've answered it before, so sorry if you have, but the other day I was thinking back to season 4. Do you recall that scene where Derek and Stiles are holding down Brett on that table in Deaton's office (or wherever it was), and Stiles says something like, "this would be easier if you used your wolf powers" and then Derek looks at him and says

ask cont. (sorry, ran out of room to type) but anyways, Derek looks back at Stiles and says something, “I’m not the only one here with powers.” Well, I remember when I first watched it I was really confused because he was speaking directly to Stiles. He could have easily said something like “Bretts got powers too” or “He’s also a werewolf if you haven’t noticed.” However, I remember thinking to myself, “Is he talking about Stiles? Does Stiles have the power?” I mean, by that point Derek was losing his own powers fairly quick, but they still seemed to be doing an ok job holding him down, even if Derek’s strength was diminishing. So I was just curious about what you thought of that scene? Do you think I’m looking too much into it, or do you think maybe Derek was hinting that Stiles was the other one with abilities? Haha, I feel kind of crazy for asking that, but I just wanted to know if I was the only person thinking it had a double meaning or not…


I think that scene holds a wealth of clues just like you point out. One of the things that TW and Jeff Davis does very very well is dialogue. Clever wording that makes you at first think it means something - you assume, just like the characters do. And then when you stop and really think about it, the meaning can be double, or they’re not really saying what we think they’re saying.

i wish i had bookmarked it, but i remember reading or watching an interview where they talked about adlibbing in Teen Wolf. Surprisingly there is very little of it. Dylan is one of the very few who gets to do that, but even he has to also film the scene exactly like Jeff wrote it in addition. sometimes he adds stuff, like the sourwolf thing and they include it, but it’s never anything major. One of the characters that never deviates from script is Scott. This tells me that dialogue is super important in Teen Wolf. It holds a well of clues.

This is the exact dialogue from the scene:

Stiles: What the hell is happening to this kid?
Deaton: He’s been poisoned by a rare wolfsbane. I need to make an incision and you need to hold him as still as possible.
Stiles: Hey, Derek, how about a little werewolf strength?
Derek: Yeah, I’m not the only one here with werewolf strength.
Deaton: If you can’t hold him still, the incision might kill him.
(Brett grunting)
Stiles: Derek, he’s slipping. I don’t think I can hold him.
Peter: Ah! I guess I still have a little werewolf strength myself.
Derek: Yeah, maybe more than a little.

Like you said - Derek could’ve easily said “So does Brett” or some variation thereof - instead we get the line “Yeah, I’m not the only one here with werewolf strength” which it’s easy to assume means Brett, but notice how Derek is looking directly at Stiles when he says this.

And Stiles’ reaction is interesting as well - he looks scared almost in a “shit what do you know” kind of way.

I do believe Derek is one of the few who might suspect that Stiles is more than we assume - and this is the closest he’s ever been to mentioning this.

This post by metamewrong just entered my dash relating to this exact same thing - Stiles does in many instances show remarkable strength for a simple human. He also heals fast - haven’t you noticed how he’s never bruised or hurt? the only time i can think of we’ve seen him hurt is when Gerard beat him in s2  and he crashed the car in the s3a finale. I’m finding new instances of him getting hit in the face and never having so much as bruise to show for it… hmmmmmm

Title: (Good Morning) (Good Night)
Words: 1,061
Rating: G
Pairing: Courferre
Characters: Courfeyrac, Combeferre
Cute long-distance boyfriends being cute. That’s it. That’s the fic. (Based on this post by weretaire)

They couldn’t stop sneaking peeks at each other.

Of course, they’d both seen photos of each other, but it was something different altogether to be on a video call.

Courfeyrac pushed his face into his pillow, and glanced up at Combeferre again. “…Hi,” he finally squeaked out.

He had known Combeferre was hot. But he hadn’t realized that he was this hot and thoughts of Jesus Christ Combeferre how dare you be so attractive? were chasing their way through his head.

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You’re Just A Number 3/?

Summary: AU Some say it was fate, others say luck, most say it was just a wrong number (basically Caroline and Stefan meet over a text sent to the wrong number) 

Part 1 Part 2 

It had been exactly 2 weeks, 4 days, 3 hours and 37 minutes since she had spoken to her mystery wrong number. Not that she was counting. The phone remained fairly quiet with just the odd text from Bonnie and a few phone calls from work, mostly discussing her childish behaviour displayed in the recent meeting and her promising it would never happen again. Of course it didn’t because the reason why it had occurred in the first place had gone rogue leaving a much stressed Caroline even more stressed. She often thought about it at night, about how one stupid conversation with one mistaken wrong number could have affected her so deeply. How he left her so calm and relaxed but also made her feel young again, like she was hiding her secret boyfriend making the butterflies he gave hers and only hers.

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#2 Your First Kiss
  • Luke Hemmings: Your first kiss with Luke wasn't magic and rainbows on a typical level, but it was good enough for you. It had character, was something you always said. He'd come along with you when you took your little sister to the pumpkin patch. You had promised her you'd take her that afternoon and forgot about the group project you still had to do with Luke. Conflicted, you just asked Luke to come and brainstorm while your sister played. "A beanie already? It's not even cold, Hemmings," you teased with a laugh. Luke just shrugged it off and smile goofily at you. Seeing as your sister was old enough to play on her own, you stood back with Luke, thinking about the group project. You had the assignment paper on your phone and we're looking over at it. The assignment was to get in a partnership and complete an afternoon of community service; it was to show the importance of making a difference in your community. "We could always volunteer at the dog shelter," you proposed, reading the notes. "What about at that homeless youth shelter?" he asked. You thought about it for a bit and nodded, "Yeah, I actually really like that," you agreed and in an attempt to high five him, your clumsy self had dropped your cell phone. The two of you bent down at the same time to pick it up, and then you fell forward thus pushing him back. You lay on top of him and really looked him in the eyes. They were so pretty and without thinking, you bent down and placed a kiss on his lips. Your face instantly turned red; you were not the type of person to kiss someone first. You struggled to get yourself back to a standing position, then offered him your hand. "Sorry," you mumbled, still embarrassed and wondering what came over you. "Why? I liked it. I've been wanting to kiss you all day," he admitted, looking down at his shows. "YOU GUYS ARE GROSS," your sister yelled before running back to the pumpkin patch, leaving the two of you laughing.
  • Calum Hood: The two of you were sitting on his bed, in his room, with a guitar perched on his lap. His eyebrows were furrowed as he tried to think of the next words to match the melody Luke had given him to work with. Calum stared at you, his eyes transfixed on your dimple. Just one dimple, not two, but he loved that already. You two had only been dating for a few weeks, and nothing was official but neither of you felt the need for labels. "I can't!" He groaned, frustration etched all over his face. He threw himself back on the bed, his head landing right next to your thigh. You ran your hands through his curly hair; his hair always started curling when he needed a haircut. "Yes you can, babe... What about like, well," you weren't a songwriter, and even if you tried suggesting something it would probably be shit. "Let's go for a drive." You stood up from his bed, "it'll clear your head and maybe you can get some inspiration," you said as you picked up his car keys from his bedside table. Calum laughed and shook his head at your spontaneous idea, but took the keys from your hand and followed you out nonetheless. "Now where we going genius?" Calum asked, a sloppy smile on his lips. "Anywhere.. Let's get ice cream, drive around the block, go to the park," you shrugged, "anywhere for you to get inspiration." Calum stared at you intently, the smile on his face growing. He look at you in awe. "It's hard to write about my inspiration when she's sitting right in front of me." He said, before leaning in slowly, and kissing your lips softly. That day, you two ended up at Baskin Robins, then took the long way home.
  • Ashton Irwin: Ashton was a very traditional guy. That meant that he didn't even try to kiss you until you were officially dating, and that he'd asked you to date in a super cute way. It was one of the things you liked about him. Honestly, he was that guy the repetitive twitter accounts talked about. That night, he'd left flowers and a note at your doorstep for you to see when you got back from your sports practice. You smiled, knowing who had dropped them off and wondering how in the world you got so lucky. Upon opening the note, you found it said. "Good afternoon gorgeous, I hope you're not too tired to go out tonight. I'll pick you up tonight at 8:00. - Ashton." You clutched the note to your chest with a huge smile on your face for at least 30 seconds before glancing at your clock and realizing it was 5:00. That didn't leave you much time at all. --- You looked at the mirror one last time and smiled, feeling perfect. It's not that you were a cocky person, but you had a lot of confidence. When Ashton rang the doorbell, despite you being ready, it was your dad who answered the door. You walked out, ready and stared at the two men in your life who looked utterly stunned. "What? Too much?" you joked. Ashton chuckled and shook his head, "No, not at all. You look beautiful," his voice was slow and you could tell he was still stunned, it was adorable. "Thank you Mr. Y/L/N, but we'll be heading out now, the reservation is soon," he announced, before shaking your father's hand. You both walked out, you with the biggest smile on his face and one to match on his. The two of you were still on your doorstep, the door closed, when Ashton turned to you. "I was going to do this at the end of the night, but I can't wait," he said, before leaning in to kiss you. It was the best first kiss you could have asked for, you closed your eyes, and touched your lips when he pulled away. You couldn't wait to kiss him again and again.
  • Michael Clifford: As Michael's friend, and later girlfriend, you had been going to 5 Seconds of Summer shows and garage practices for as long as you could remember. You had even been there, as the camerawomen, for some of the Youtube covers and you loved it. You were so proud of the boys, honestly. It was so rewarding to see them start to play bigger places, and to have people take notice. That night in particular had been an important show for the boys; there was a talent scout in the audience. If they impressed him, then the boys would be opening up for Hot Chelle Rae on tour next summer. You knew it was going to be hard for you to see them tour, because Michael wouldn't be there for months at a time, but you couldn't be more proud. That night, the show kicked ass. Ashton hit the drums a little bit harder, Calum's bass wasn't as hidden as before, Luke's voice wasn't pitchy as it usually was when he was nervous and Michael's energy on stage was unmatched as he played perfectly. You knew that they'd gotten the gig. As soon as Michael got off stage, you ran to him, wrapped your legs around his waist and kissed him hard. "Damn, babe, you're about to be famous."
  • Authors Note: I'm sorry Michael's isn't long, I just thought it needed to be short and sweet for it to get the best impact!