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Here’s a post of the cursed drawing all on it’s own. Also my scanner ruined the image quality but you know what I don’t care

The Madness of Spiders Georg

Ink and paper, 2018


“average person eats 3 spiders a year" factoid actualy (sic) just statistical error. average person eats 0 spiders per year. Spiders Georg, who lives in cave & eats over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted”

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Thst doesnt answer the question. How did you almost die????

Well, you see… There was this bear and it escaped the zoo… I thought I could convince it to turn ‘round and go back to the wild and be free with the other animals, you know? So there I am, talkin’ to this bear and everythin’ is goin’ good - The bear is listenin’ to me and she’s right ‘bout to leave and stop causin’ panic… But then this 8 foot tall man comes outta no where, right? And he starts sayin’ all sorts of mean stuff to this bear and I mean, obviously she gets mad. I would too! You should’a heard what this guy was sayin’! So she’s growlin’ and this guy - He’s with the zoo. The guard of the zoo. Keeps all the animals inside. He’s still yellin’. 

So I’m in the middle, tryin’ to calm them both down but it ain’t workin’. So I throw my hands up in the air and say “HEY! ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE!” And the big guy swings at me. Lucky(?) for me, the bear pushes me out of the way in time. But she don’t know her own strength and you know, I’m a human. So she pushed me a little too hard and I got sent flyin’ through a window! But it’s okay. It wasn’t the bears fault. She was just lookin’ out for me.

Apparently the parted ways all nice and such, but yeah. I almost died.

D4 Farmer Billy’s Quest Prompts

Players love exploring concepts you’ve done little prep for, and falling in love with NPCs you literally had to name on the spot since they didn’t exist 15 seconds ago.

When they are more interested with helping the local farmer than doing the main quest roll on the table for the riveting task the farmer has for the PCs.

1) Babysitting: His kids are are madness inducing forcing whatever PCs watching the kids to make a saving throw every hour or slowly go mad (DMG p.258)

2) Milk the Gorgon: Why does Billy have a gorgon!? Well, because he thought he was buying a milk cow obviously. He still needs the milk though.

3) Egg Gathering: Get the eggs from Billy’s chicken coop. However, he forgot to mention his rooster is a cockatrice. Oops.

4) Go back to the Main Quest: ‘I hear XXX has a job for ya. Why are you even talking to me? I’m a random NPC that the gods have to roll on a table for to give me any semblance of purpose. My life is pain! Just go back to the main quest so I can stop existing please!’

this was gonna be part of a much longer vent post I deleted bc it was tedious but I’m sharing this bc I’m still mad about it:

When I was about eleven or twelve I wanted to read the Harry Potter books because they were all the rage and, you know, I wanted to know what everyone was talking about. I discussed it with my mom, who still pre-read much of what I wanted to read to see if she was going to allow me to read it or not. I was nervous bc I knew she thought Harry Potter was a “bad influence” (this was back when the hot take was that it was somehow satanic, I don’t remember why except there were good witches in it).

My mom told me she thought I was succumbing to peer pressure rather than expressing a genuine desire, and therefore that I was being worldly and she’d thought she’d raised me to be a good Christian. And, she said, she wasn’t sure I was ready for this because she wasn’t sure I “knew the difference between reality and fantasy” and she was afraid I might start thinking I could do magic because I’d read the books.

It’s been twelve years or more and I’m STILL angry that she heard my desire to read a popular series of children’s books about a wizard and thought “hmm, but is my normal twelve year old who read Lord of the Rings at ten REALLY aware that they can’t do magic by waving a wand? I’d better tell them I don’t trust their perception of reality just in case”.

5 Male Freebies

this is that list thing right? partner can’t get mad kind of thing? even though I’m quite content to be forever single, I’ll still take on any of these lush lads… @the-consulting-strange-vidder you’re wicked ;)

1. Idris Elba - the most handsome man on the planet, without argument, without question. his smile just…

2. Benedict Cumberbatch - our benny ♥

3. Jude Law - The Holiday. ‘nuff said

4. Hugh Grant - 90′s-present, whatever. a good ol’ english gent. and his films re just my cup of tea

5. Derren Brown - super gay and has me in stitches. love him

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“I’m in a position to hurt you now, and I’m pissed enough to do it,” I spoke, my voice low.  “But I won’t.  This vendetta against me ends, now.  You got your shot at me, you fucked it up.  If you’re still mad at me, you fucking better cope, got it!?”

I love this. :D

She snarled out two muffled words.  I suspected they were rude.

Yeah, probably.

When I spoke next, I bent low and whispered the words for her and her alone, “When you’re tossing and turning and trying to sleep, remembering what I did and said here and getting pissed off about it?  Remember that you were the weak one.  You embarrassed yourself, fucked up, you were the weakling, the wuss who couldn’t even confront me face to face.  And knowing you like I do?  I’m betting it’s going to gnaw at you.  That’s as much a punishment as I could inflict, I think.  That’s on you, not me.

Hooooly shit, Taylor.

Holy shit.

You know who this is reminding me of? Sophia.

“You said it yourself, a while back.  It’s a mistake to underestimate me.  You want another shot at it, it had better be really damn good.  Because if it isn’t, I’m going to survive, I’m going to get away.  And then I might break your jaw for real.  For starters.”

Just… holy shit.

Prompt List

This is my prompt list. Feel free to choose any for a request or what not. All the love xx

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1. “Somewhere over the rainbow.”

2. “Lost boys”

3. “You sick, dirty bastard.”

4. “How am I supposed to take that, honestly?”

5. “You got what, on you’re what??”

6. “You’re just mad because I kissed a girl.”

7. “Niall looks like a good fuck.”

8. “Give me some sugar, daddy.”

9. “Not one bloke in this whole ball would miss a chance with her.”

10. “Why the fuck is there a miniature pony in the back yard?”

11. “I’m still rocking your hoodie, and chewing on the strings.”

12. “She likes you more than me.”

13. “This has become an actual issue.”

14. “What are you talking about you ‘changed your mind’?”

15. “This is for when I’m gone you know?”

16. “Bitch you broke.”

17. “My fucking sandwich.”

18. “Fuck your chicken strips.”

19. “I’ve never loved a man like you.”

20. “Your lips so kissable:”

21. “Let’s get messed up, for old times sake.”

22. “I thought you studied law.”

23. “I need to go to Trader Joe’s.”

24. “We’re too young for this.”

25. “Camille who?”

26. “Baby boy knows how to move.”

27. “You did not just do that.”

28. “Listen Mr. Grinch.”

29. “I banish you from the kingdom.”

30. “I know you’ve wanted this.”

31. “You are actually insane.”

32. “Bite me.”

33. “Valentines Day”

34. “Are you the adult or the child.”

35. “What is this cheer competition I hear of.”

36. “Your eyes are so dark.”

37. “What happened to your pants.”

38. “Baby doll, you’ve got it all wrong.”

39. “She’s an angel.”

40. “Tell me something I don’t already know.”

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hi there. i took the edit of boba fett down and deleted the rant post. i suggest not to judge people only by the cover of because you think i'm pro whitewashing. i've never been a racist and i'll never be. have a nice day.

Are you serious? See I actually thought this was genuine but you still do not get it .

I confronted you because you white-washed a character of color.  You respond by ranting about it, and getting mad. And instead of apologizing and accepting your mistakes, you delete your posts and then send me this.

The way you reacted to me calling gout you white washing proves that you are racist. You may not even realize it, but that was a very racist response.

If you are here trying to justify your white washing –which is what you did–and not accept your mistake, if you are still trying to play victim instead of understanding what you did was wrong, then you are racist.

Don’t come up here with that “don’t judge me” shit if you clearly cannot see how you were in the wrong.

I am so sorry for the things several of you had to witness in the stream yesterday. it was a wild ride.


1. frecher manage to loose the other doodles she was doing and forgot to save. and all she did was open a picture of iblis to meme and it managed to crash sai completely. Is she still mad about it? YES.

2. my friend smoo was about to strangle me when i was about to show everyone her old ass sonic yt videos from 7 years ago. sheeven fucking called me in the middle of the stream.

3. several of you having to watch me make mokey mouse emojis instead of drawing.

me: watches stranger things
me, who was not alive in the 80s: god this really brings me back

The Devil

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*wakes up in the middle of the night, grabs phone*

But another thing that really bothers me about this whole situation so fact that Melanie had the gall to make an album that so many rape and abuse victims really connected with. She made them feel like, made all of us feel like, she was somebody who understood and who we could connect to. Yeah she’s a little quirky, we thought, but she gets it. Turns out, heck yes she gets it because she is not playing the role of the victim here but instead the perpetrator. How freaking dare she. Who does she think she is? To do something like that and have the gall to face the world and pretend that she was better than the antagonist of her songs. She is the antagonist of her songs. She is the villain in the story line.

And she wanted us to think she was Crybaby when all along she was taunting her victim by calling her a crybaby.