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Steve Rogers x Reader Fic

A/N: Once again I have been trolling Spotify instead of focusing on what I should be, and this is what comes of it. 

Summary: A dance party of Tony’s takes a turn when a joke is played which you don’t find funny, causing you to reveal a long kept secret.

Word Count: 3482  |  Warnings: Foul language, small angst, mostly fluff

Songs : Can’t Feel My Face by The Weekend, Sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony, There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes

Your heart pounded in your chest, racing in time to the music. The bass thudding, beat heavy, sultry lyrics floating through the air. Sweat glistened on your skin as you danced with Wanda and Natasha.

Tony always threw the best parties. 

Food, drinks, and music abounded. You got to dress to the nines, fabulous clothes and shoes which made your legs look divine. There was nothing like it, in your estimation.  

The only thing which would make your night better would be if the tall blond soldier standing by the bar would come dance with you, but Steve was being the stoic, brooding Captain you knew and loved.  

Not that he knew you loved him. Everyone else did, but not Steve. The man was oblivious.  

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Love Over War

Characters - Peter x Reader, Steve, T'Challa, mentions of Tony

Word Count - 1029

Warnings - Fluff

Request - Hoooooows about the reader being SUPER smart about Peter’s age on #teamcap and set after civil war, when Tony is too big to reach out to Steve for help Peter contacts y/n and the team kinda gets back together ‘for the kids’ sake, cause they’re in 'puppy love’????!!!1!1!!1!? (Anon)

A/N - I went a little off from the request. Idk, I started writing and it just happened. Please let me know what you think!

“Y/N,” Steve mumbled your name after hearing you sigh for about the fourth time in the past half hour.

Though your eyes were glued to the window, he knew that there was a longing dancing within them. Your heart was aching and you couldn’t help the knots that twisted tightly in your chest as you thought about the fight in Germany. You wanted nothing more than to just leave, you hated that you had to pick sides on the matter.

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anonymous asked:

(Not a prompt, just need to unload this from my mind)(Part 1) Oh god okay so I read the precious headcanons of dino-obessed bb Peter, coupled it with all the daddy issues of The Judge (which I just watched for the first time and pretty much cried my way through the second half of it), and came up with Howard somehow time travelling to a Super Family future and Tony of course having to collaborate with him to get him back to where he’s supposed to be. And bb Peter coming into the lab periodically

(cont.)  to spout dino facts to his daddy and lovingdad!Tony being completely happy to hear them and absolutely doting because his son comes first dammit and he side-eyes Howard the entire time because he can tell he’s getting annoyed. And Howard is just so confused and irritated because why in the world is Tony letting himself be distracted by the useless ramblings of the kid and why is he even allowed in the lab in the first place they don’t have time for this, but he keeps silent at Tony's protective warning glances. It’s the same way he’s bewildered by the subtle glaring looks and formal tone Steve and the rest of the family give him, how can they not see how counterproductive all this sentiment is? And after a couple weeks he’s sent on his way back to the past with the knowledge that his son has succeeded him with even greater accomplishments and with a completely different approach from his. He doesn’t really know how to feel about it. Somewhat bitter certainly. Basically rather than the hc’s of Howard being a complete abusive bastard, I usually tend to lean more toward seeing him as neglectful and emotionally oblivious and I love it when I find fics that just rub in his face how amazing Tony turned out without his continued influence. SO THERE HOWARD. Yeah.

AN: I agree with you. I don’t think Howard was physically abusive, because I don’t think he needed to be. A boy like Tony, so smart and enthusiastic, would have been broken much more quickly by being ignored completely. 

Tony couldn’t help but keep glancing across the room. To his credit, Howard had kept very quiet and to himself, adapting to Tony’s holoscreens with relative ease as an aid in helping them try to get him back to his own time.  Even still, Tony had never felt so ill at ease in his own space like he suddenly found himself before now. 

The quicker they found a way to get Howard back to his own time, the better, basically. 

They had been at it a good couple of hours, trying to unlock the secrets of the multiverse, when there came a hiss at the other side of the room that told Tony the doors had just been opened, and he looked up. Finding himself immediately feeling better when he spotted five year old Peter padding across the room, he smiled and pushed himself away from his desk so he could scoop the little guy up to sit on his lap. 

“What’re you doing here, little man?” he asked, tucking them both back under the desk. 

“Bored,” Peter replied, producing a little dinosaur from one of his pockets to run across the surface of the desk. “Papa sez dinner’s gonna be ready soon.”

“Good to know,” Tony nodded, glancing across at Howard before he could stop himself. He let his gaze drop as soon as he realised he was staring right back at them, looking perplexed. “What dinosaur are you playing with today?”

Peter seemed to produce a new dinosaur every day. Tony didn’t know where they kept coming from (the kids had that many toys that it was hard to keep track), but they kept the little guy busy and happy, and that was all that mattered. 

“Stegosaurus,” Peter replied enthusiastically, holding the little toy up for Tony to see. “Dey were herb - herbivores, so dey only eated plants an’ veggies.”

“So the opposite of you, then,” Tony hummed, and then chuckled when Peter let out a little squawk of indignation. “Don’t give me that, kiddo. The day you eat a carrot will be the day pigs fly.”

“Stegosaurus couldn’t fly,” Peter told him seriously. “Not like Ptero - Pterodactyls. But dey had deez points on dere backs t’help protect ‘em. I… I dunno what dere made of.”

“Neither do I,” Tony agreed, pulling up a new window on his computer. “Shall we Google it and find out -?”

“Is there not a more pressing matter at hand than researching dinosaurs?” came Howard’s voice from the other side of the room, and Tony felt his hackles immediately raise in defence. 

“There is nothing more pressing than my son’s happiness,” he found himself snapping, and watched as Howard gave him another bemused expression. Grumbling under his breath as he turned back to his screen, he muttered, “And the Stegosaurus isn’t the only dinosaur in this room, old man.”

Peter giggled; at least the kid appreciated him. 

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