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In today’s story of “These White Womens”…

Lena Dunham recently spoke out candidly in her Lenny Letter regarding her met gala experience sitting next to Odell Beckham Jr.. She surmised a series of conclusions— literally telepathically, resulting in an innocent black man’s character now being called into question in the court of public appearance.

This isn’t the first time a white woman’s telepathy, rather inspired by insecurity, prejudice, or meritless offense–has put an undeserving black man in a position of unwanted, unnecessary, and at times dangerous attention.

Let’s take a look at the problems with Dunham’s story:

1. At no point does Dunham state that there was any verbal communication between her and Beckham.
2. At no point does Dunham state that there was any written communication between her and Beckham.
3. At no point does Dunham state that there was any notes delivered via carrier pigeon from Beckham, to her, stating any of the insults or opinions she forcefully attributed to him in an effort to placate herself.

With that in mind, Lena becomes the only one between the two that seem hostile. If given the opportunity to sit next to Lena Dunham, I’d be on Instagram, too.

Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t owe you a conversation, doesn’t owe you a compliment, and doesn’t owe you any attention whatsoever.

You sound like a creep in a bar, angry at a young girl for ignoring his subtle advances and minding her own damn business.

Here’s a suggestion to Lena’s PR, if you want to spin this in her favor–say she wrote that Lenny Letter in an effort to convey just how silly men sound when they complain about the attention they feel entitled to from women being withheld. That’ll teach em.

In closing, if women like Lena Dunham didn’t exist–Emmett Till would probably still be alive today.

- The Restless Introvert