are you seeing this vania


Daibadi’s Polynian line is a very unique, very cool-looking one, but while I thought the first one I got, Yume, was pretty neat, she had enough QC issues to dampen my enthusiasm a bit, and was still ‘basic’ enough that I wasn’t blown away by her. Fortunately, the company’s ever-expanding lineup brings out a wide variety of styles, and now we have Vania, who is WAY more my speed.

Right out of the box, Vania feels fit-together a lot better than Yume was; there’s no joints sliding out annoyingly or parts that refuse to plug in without minor modification. They’ve even updated some issues from previous figures: The handle on the school bag is now softer plastic so it doesn’t feel so liable to snap when you’re plugging it into the hands. This one just comes across a lot more playable, less annoying to fiddle with than Yume, and that’s a big plus for such cool, toyetic designs.

Vania’s design, as alluded to, is the other big point in her favor. She’s got that snappy red color scheme, she’s got a cool scarf and sporty ponytail, and her weapons of choice are these big mecha-gauntlets with snap-on, I dunno, booster brace thingies. Yeah, I’m kind of in love with her. The gloves alone just lend her so much action-oriented stuff she can do purely with her hands, and including open and closed fists for them helps even more. They were also kind enough to chuck regular forearms in with her, so she can have some down-time. She feels like a wonderfully complete, expressive character. The posable beam-scarf, ponytail that can be adjusted high or low on her head, and the expressions including a delightful gritted-teeth faceplate only enhance that.

The only major quibble is that the scarf itself is kinda stiff to pose; it works a bit better if you detach the ends and pose their joints independently, Revoltech-style. The included stand is also still not great, an irregularly-shaped foot-peg-only affair. These things badly need some Tamashii-style clamp arms, though I guess that’s why stands can be bought separately. Overall though Vania’s pretty much everything I could have asked for for me specifically when I first discovered this line. Hopefully the range of Polynians only continues to expand.

Glad you waited up for me tonight, everyone! Hope you had fun, and I should see you on time again next week!

name: nicole 

age: twenty six! 
timezone: cst

favorite play-bys: i love trying to go for faces that not a lot of people use. however, if i can’t get the play by that i want, then i do have some favorite faces that i tend to use : scarlett johansson, gwedonline christie, tao okamoto, goshifteh farahani, lizzy champlin, and stana katic (i pretty much post the same faces in my intros, but they’re my go to faces. lol). but i’m super excited to use gal gadot this time around! 

fun fact about yourself: i have five tattoos, and i want more! i wouldn’t mind having either eight or ten.

song/music ref that fits the site aesthetic:
 the growl – star trek into the darkness soundtrack and john wick mode by le castle vania.  
what would you like to see from us? an active rp community, friendly members, and lots of plotting opportunities, along with site events. :D
who is your favorite robot?  K-2SO makes me laugh a few times! but i like r2-d2, and baymax too. 
favorite meme that relates to you: