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Hey, you know who I feel doesn't get enough love in these batfam headcannons? Lucius Fox. Imagine all the times the kids have come to him with some insane gadget request or they crashed the Batmobile and don't want Bruce to find out. I don't know, maybe it's just me. You think you could come up with a few funny Lucius Batfam head cannons?

(sorry it’s taken so long for me to get to this)

-Lucius would get a series of panicked phone calls because “Hey, how bad would it be if I asked you to maybe completely remake the Batmobile in like… a day? This is totally theoretical of course, but if you could…” and he would sigh and just say “Bring whatever’s left in and I’ll see what I can do”

-Tim gives Lucius these blueprints that he sketched on a napkin after having an energy drink cocktail potent enough to kill a water buffalo and Lucius is thinking “I don’t get paid enough for this”

-Sometimes Lucius will comply and make some of the less crazy requests from the kids (and occasionally Bruce) just to surprise them, though he usually only does this for special occasions like birthdays and holidays

-If he’s feeling a bit vindictive, he’ll make the fam do a whole bunch of ridiculous things just so they can appreciate how much trouble he goes through  and then as soon as they finish, he just laughs at them and tells them that he already finished what they asked for a week ago

-The family does get him gifts and whatnot as thank you presents because they know how difficult it is to try and make these things (this was discovered after the kids tried to make their own equipment and they failed miserably only to come into the lab and have Lucius just give them this look of pure judgement)

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hello friend! do you mind doing fnv companions + vulpes reacting to a tiny courier? like 5' 2" and always ready to fight. thank you in advance; i hope you have a lovely day! 🌸

*says I’ll work on asks but doesn’t post jack shit* but also thank you so much!!! 

Arcade: “How are you so small yet so….feisty..?”

Boone: He doesn’t comment on people’s physical appearances generally, but some times he’ll run into the Courier when he isn’t looking. 

Ed-E: Does he care? We just don’t know.

Lily: She doesn’t pay much mind to their height actually. It’s pretty funny to see her being the Courier’s ‘grandma,’ it really makes them look like a kid next to her.

Raul: Doesn’t say anything, but thinks it’s low key funny to call them boss, when they’re so much smaller than him. 

Rex: They’re big compared to him so

Cass: Makes fun of them pretty much on the regular. She doesn’t MEAN to hurt their feelings or anything, just a casual way to poke fun; if they asked her to stop she would. 

Veronica: She does that thing where she puts one hand on her head and another hand on the Courier’s head to try and compare the difference between them. “Whoaaa,” is all she said. 

Vulpes: He also doesn’t tend to mention someone’s physical appearance but it is his unspoken job to scavenge the higher shelves in places. 

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Anyone who hates Lindsey because she married Gerard is a fake fan, they obviously dont care about him at all because he really loves her, they have a wonderful marriage, and a kid and!!!! Anyone who IS a fan of Gerard would be stoked!!! Plus Lindsey's super nice, talented, and funny!! She's cool!! And it's so pathetic for jealous creeps to come to a msi blog to say she sucks, and like?? 'Oh btw imma block you' how much you wanna bet they refreshed your blog waiting to see what you said? Pathetic


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im having issues with internalized biphobia and the things online ive seen (such as someone calling bisexuals "bihets") and another person saying bisexuals are freaks makes me legit suicidal. like last time my internalized biphobia was that bad i tried to kill myself and force myself to be just binary and gnc (i also had internalized enbyphobia and transphobia too which is even worse). i want to tell my therapist im nb and bi and the fakeness i feel makes me suicidal but ibdont wanna be outed

In your online sphere, unfollow, block, get away from those people. Tumblr is a hellsite fueled by nauseating discourse, but you also control what gets sent onto your dash. If you want kittens? Find people with kittens! Find people with funny stories! Block posts with terms like bihet! You have control over these kinds of things!

As for your therapist - mention bisexuality and nonbinary identities to them, see how they react. It’ll give you a good idea if you’re good to tell them.

You’re not faking it. No one who’s faking it would be this distressed over being outed, or over being closeted in a similar fashion. If you worry you’re faking it, then you’re not. And faking that you’re straight/cis? That could very well be saving your life.

You are not to blame for saving yourself.


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Raven and Tai's first kiss

Tai: Hey Qrow. Can I ask you something?

Qrow: You just did.

Tai: Ha Ha. Very funny. Listen. Do you think that maybe, with some possible chance that maybe-

Qrow: I am not helping you get a date with my sister. Besides you’re not her type.

Tai: Then was is her type.

Qrow: Okay. You see everything you are?

Tai: Yeah?

Qrow: Opposite of that.

Tai: You’re a dick.

Qrow: True and the ladies love it.

~Else where~

Raven: How should I make Tai mine?

Summer:  You mean date?

Raven: Same thing.

Summer: You could ask him out.

Raven: Too girly.

Summer: Then why don’t you just kiss him?

Raven: …


Ozpin: Now as you can see class The Grimm- *Ozpin was saying before Raven Kicked open the door.* Can I help you Miss Branwen?

Tai: Raven what the hell are you doing? *Tai asked as Raven marched up to Tai and lifted him from his seat by his shirt.* Uh, Raven? What are you-MMMH!?

Raven: *Raven crashed her lips against Tai, driving her tongue into his mouth before pulling away while biting his lip slightly.* You are mine now.

Tai: O-Okay.

Ozpin: Miss Branwen.

Raven: Hmm?

Ozpin: Detention.

Raven: Fuck.

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I feel bad for asking this but are we getting more nsfw stuff? Bc I loved the last drawing, I want more, and I would like to see more development. Btw I think I lost my innocence around the age of 14 too bc of a pervert friend so you're not alone lol

((o k one more ask?? before i actually make an attempt of going to sleep

and oh no its alright! as for the nsfw stuff… maybe idk it really depends on what people send me and how i interpret them i guess

so its actually up to the asks i get like if i get an nsfw ask and i cant find a funny route to it then yea i’d draw nsfw))

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The ESs like to read everything they see, so i am going to read Mackenzie's new pic. You know what it looks like? She was getting ready to go out, doing her make up and a certain someone walked into the room and felt enchanted to watch her doing her little things, so he get the phone and pictured that moment. The legend 👁❤️ says it all

Oh Anon, I could not agree more.

Isn’t it funny how quickly the ESers just gloss over where Sam was this past week while Cait was on her incredible safari. Not with Sam. Because they can’t handle the fact that Davie stated before he picked Sam up that he was looking forward to it. And Sam confirmed. As did Valbo. Who has no reason to lie. He had a quick work out with his good friend. He saw him for a quick stop between flying in and out of Glasgow. Which was confirmed by two other people who have no reason to lie and who posted up to their traveling that they were headed to Scotland. And then to have someone else see him at MOMA and another one confirm that. But ALL of that isn’t even mentioned. They claim he was MIA. He wasn’t. Remember, he doesn’t report on his personal life and he isn’t filming any more so guess what? He let others do the reporting. But he confirmed the airport sighting by saying he enjoyed the little chat with the fan. You cannot get any less MIA than that. He wasn’t hiding in a hotel room in NYC. It’s a big city to get lost in. Nope, instead he went to a world famous museum. And it was confirmed he was there as was his girlfriend. Who now posts her own photo, most likely taken by the love of her life, Sam, who confirms they are indeed in NYC. And let’s not minimize Sams IG photo he reposted that pretty much says “IM IN NYC”. Wow. Are they reading anything other than tea leaves these days? How much wronger can they be! Lol

Thank you for pointing out their deficiencies. They just look stupid. 😘

Have a great evening! 😘😘😘

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My friends are just throwing around gay jokes and insults thouwards gay people, how should I subtally tell them I feel uncomfortable about it? (Sorry for the bad english)

I don’t even think you’d have to be subtle. You could just say “that was a very queerphobic thing to say and I don’t see why it’s funny”. Another subtle/snarky way would be to ask them to explain the joke because you don’t get it. And then why they try to explain aka justify their queerphobia it’ll be hard for them to then go “I’m not a queerphobe” once you confront them about it.


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Her team can't do shit. No matter what they say it will not fix anything. This is the only thing they can do, nothing. You think a statement would take away the pictures or chsnge how people behave themselves to Gillian? People hate her now as you can see on the things they send to her on tumblr and twitter. The pictures are everywhere. People saved them too. These pictures will come back every time people are unhappy with Gillian. Just like the icloud celeb leak didn't go away either.

These pictures will stay with us for a long time. I can’t help it but every time I look at her, it’s what I see. And I know I’m not the only one. The funny things is that at the beginning we thought that PM needs to boost his image that’s why he is paired up with GA. Now it seems he is the one who damaged her image big time, but this time it’s irredeemable. I doubt that he is worth this much to sacrifice her life and image she’s been working for so hard over the years. Talk about feminism…

I think one of the most interesting parts of all this transcribing stuff...

…is getting to do a lot of comparisons with the French text and seeing how many changes there are. 

I still find this way too funny:

Candy: C'est pas vrai, on va se faire tuer !

Armin:  Faut bien mourir un jour !

Candy:  Tu veux mourir sans avoir récupéré ton jeu peut-être ?

Armin:  Euh… Non.  Attends je vais bouger les casiers.

For reference, this is how it was translated in the English game:

Candy: Armin!! We are going to get in big trouble!

Armin: Well, we all learn from our mistakes…

Candy: You will never get your game back then!

Armin: Uh… Wait a second… I’ll move the lockers.

The censoring in the game is so weird. 

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in relation to the following post: /post/161939099020/ - Honestly I don't get it, I *understand* the concern for unrealistic expectations in childrens films etc but... its a fantasy cartoon film for entertainment? Not a documentary called "how y'all bitches should look"? (lel) The proportions aren't really meant to look realistic or accurately mirrow real life, I mean in moana isn't the guy in it a massive hulk? You don't see men irl looking like that. Funny how it only goes one way that.

It’s really a pain in the ass… this prescriptive creativity really kills actual creativity. Trying to dictate exactly how things can and can’t look or what they should and shouldn’t address and how they should or shouldn’t address it… you’ll just get the same, stale stories presented in the same, stale way over and over again. Allowing people the creative freedom to do something or talk about something you might not necessarily like is how we can continue to develop new ideas… ones that you may come to actually like.

Well, maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I like to think that’s how it is.

Phew! Scooby survived the night, and gets his million-dollar inheritance.

The officer presents him with the chest…

…and Scooby opens it, to find…

a million dollars in antique Confederate currency – divided into $500s, perfectly preserved, and in great condition!

I mean, as well as you can gauge condition from a lowfi frame of a cartoon that was hastily drawn and colored in 1969.

Wow, Scoob, you’ve struck it rich! That’s easily worth–

Velma: “How do you like that! We spend a night of fright for some worthless money, in a haunted house that wasn’t even haunted.”

*we never see or hear of this money again, implying the gang just threw it away*

*I spend 10 seconds researching possible values*

*it’s currently worth $1,000,000-$2,000,000*

Good job, teenage super sleuths. Good job.


love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung

Signs as boyfriends

Aries: passionate at making out, passive personality but physically really dominant and protective, good at massages, wraps you in their arm when walking, little pecks on the top of the head and cheek

Taurus: wraps you in a hug every time they see you, tells you how cute you are everyday, tries cooking meals for you, lots of humorous banter, makes bad jokes to make you laugh, brings you flowers

Gemini: reserved when you first meet them but talks a lot when you get closer, lies in bed with you all day, lots of pda, holds your hand all the time, likes to listen to your goals and encourage you

Cancer: peppers you in kisses, really bashful about it though, makes you giggle a lot, likes more outgoing partners to bring them out of their shells, has cute quirks that you fall in love with, very sensitive

Leo: will hold your hand a lot while taking you on a new adventure, takes a lot of pictures of and with you, will sing and dance crazy with you, smiles at you for no reason, shows you lots of affection

Virgo: kind of shy about getting physical with you, brings you cute, thoughtful gifts, knows how to cheer you up even if you don’t want to smile, says corny lovey-dovey things to you

Libra: takes you on elaborate dates, stays up late talking to you, makes sure you’re okay, tight hugs, breaths in your scent, likes to just stare at and admire your face, late-night talks

Scorpio: is really awkward when they first start dating you, slightly less awkward throughout, sends you suggestive memes, seductive stares and sheepish smiles, can get jealous

Sagittarius: always wanting to try new things with you, gets wild once you get to know them better, dirty talk, gives you the smoldering look a lot, tells you stories, wants to please you

Capricorn: teases you a lot, ruffles your hair, gives you strangely adorable nicknames, goes on movie marathons with you, compliments you a lot, can seem rigid at first but underneath is lovable

Aquarius: tickles you and turns into making out, is really chill, plays video games with you, loves running their hand through your hair, encourages you to have fun even if you’ve had a bad day

Pisces: loves cuddling and spooning, will just look at their partner and think how pretty they are, makes playlists for you, remembers every little thing you tell them, lets you know how much they love you

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Please please share your thoughts on Wonder Woman? Thank you! :)


Some thoughts:

  • So we all knew it was going to be emotional to FINALLY have a female superhero movie, but the movie exceeded those expectations. The fight scenes were incredible and so focused on Diana and what she was capable of – the men basically weren’t even there. The fuckin no man’s land scene SAVED MY LIFE. Superhero movies are known for being heavy handed and this one didn’t escape that for sure (the love speech at the end was….a lot), but that scene was so well done…they didn’t have to stoop to some Éowyn knock off line of “I am no man,” we were allowed to just see her do what real women do - step up and do it. Even though that wasn’t the first time we’ve seen her in full Wonder Woman costume on screen, it felt like it was, like it was the first time I’d EVER seen ANY hero before and it took my breath away. By far the best Superhero Reveal Moment I’ve ever seen. My girl taking out bullets right and left, drawing fire from the entire German army!! Fuck me up!!!
  • You can’t talk about this film without talking about gender role reversals. Chris Pine was So Perfect and I think they really couldn’t have pulled the movie off if they’d cast any other white boy in the role. He was funny but genuine, capable but never arrogant, charming but not entitled about it. He learned quickly what Diana was capable of and respected her for it, always moving to the sideline during the fight scenes (the shield moment with the bell tower comes to mind - who needs a sniper when you can fuckin launch a god at the shooter??), knowing that these were her fights and never trying to mansplain her out of them. He wanted to protect her, but didn’t underestimate her - all the things that a typical female romantic interest does in these kind of movies. It was amazingly well balanced, so much so that I didn’t even mind the romantic sub plot. Plus he was almost entirely naked there, way to play to the audience my dudes!!!!
  • The historical context did the movie such a great service. The outward displays of sexism became so ridiculous when faced with Diana, who genuinely had never had to deal with the patriarchy’s bullshit before. It didn’t just make the men in London look pathetic and mean, it cast a large shadow over the way that women are treated today. 
  • The Dark DC Gradient™ on all the shots isn’t my favorite but it did Chris Pine’s fuckin bright blue eyes a huge favor
  • Gal Gadot was so fuckin good??? Not only was she beautiful, like really really distractingly beautiful, like I kept having to force myself to pay attention to the dialogue cause I, like Steve Trevor, could not stop looking at her (and she’s standing next to Genuine Stud Chris Pine and still?? SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL). But she was way more then that, her performance was spot on. Diana was naive, commanding, strong, compassionate - while never being reduced down to just a one note version of these things. She felt so real to me, in a genre that spends very little time on character development. Even in the sappiest parts of the script, she sold it. She absolutely sparkled. 
  • Some of the best dialogue was the back and forth between Diana and Steve when she’s asking questions about mankind/London - it was cute and funny without being too overdone or obvious, which it easily could have been
  • The villains weren’t much to write home about, but they didn’t need to be. The movie was so laser focused on Diana and Steve that they really didn’t matter, you could self insert whatever you wanted to there
  • Themyscira is the ideal for I too want to hang out on the beach and never see a man again
  • Also that lesbian line, and how stupid male reviewers blindly did not understand it!!! Fuckin drag em
  • But also the fight scenes on Themyscira were INCREDIBLE. I wish that first section had been a bit longer just because I was enjoying it so much, but it was so refreshing to see all women on screen - women who fought and loved and supported each other. Incredible. 

I haven’t enjoyed, really enjoyed, to the point of not having to think about the message or the structure or how much fuckin time I’ve wasted listening to some male superhero talk about honor or some equally boring garbage, since The Avengers came out in 2012. Even then, Wonder Woman felt like something else entirely. It leaned on many of the same tropes and sequences, but there was enough reinvention in between (particularly the characters, who I felt were much more fleshed out then any superhero movie I’ve seen before) to make it feel fresh and exciting. This so easily could have been a throw away movie, a chance for movie execs to point and say, hey we tried with women that one time!! But Patty Jenkins, and Gal Gadot, and all the other women who worked on this incredible production, knew what was at stake, and weren’t going to let that happen. Every time I see a little girl dressed up as Diana Prince, on her way to the theater, my heart fills more and more. During the film, I found myself on the verge of tears five or six times - sometimes because it was so beautiful, to see a woman who felt so real being strong and vulnerable and saving the damn world, but other times because the plot itself genuinely moved me. Wonder Woman is revolutionary for the industry, sure, but more importantly, it’s just a damn good movie. 

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'#I'll never get over just how obvious his crush was... while also being something people were able to miss??#henrik just nailed it PERFECTLY' yeah i always think about because i totally get why people were skeptical and thought even was a fuckboy because he had a gf!! but also looking back he was SO into isak from the jump and it's so funny how obvious it truly was

I myself can’t really see people how people thought he fucking with Isak, because he was so clearly framed as the love interest, but I kind of like that they did? I like when people are working hard to read a story and have a lot of questions (when it pays off, lol). But I can DEF see how people were entirely taken in and thought he was cool and mysterious and “wtf is this guy’s deal!!” “wtf pt 2: he has a gf?????” alongside Isak.

It’s great that you can take just the first two episodes (I like to think about it before we even get to even’s room in mekke øl!) and nothing else and go “okay, whatever is going on with him… dude has a crush” though:

he’s legit not paying attention and scanning the room until he sees isak, wow…

he’s so nervous, how did I not notice how nervous he was??

do you know how hard I worked for us to have accidental eye contact

p l e a s e, he’s so happy a chance to talk to his crush fell into his lap like this

and then this shyest, crushiest little birdface!! he was so… obvious

I just love that it’s not that specific hints were dropped but rather if you watch Even closely, you can see it from his perspective the whole time. Henrik deserves a lot of credit imho for how well he walked that line and the directing/editing for showing you just enough but not too much. Production makes a huge difference, sometimes it’s down to the lighting and post processing! Do you remember how when Passe på meg aired with “I saw you the first day of school”, there was suddenly a deluge of people lightening the first meeting at kosegruppa and ‘discovering’ Even’s face then?? I laugh now at how perfectly D A R K those shots were:

And how much that worked to obscure his expression:

Everything about Even’s perspective in those early eps was so well done and it adds so much to the show that you can go back and see through his eyes once you know him better.


Hi there! You’re about to witness a whole lot of word dump up ahead so fasten your seat belt, hold on tight, enjoy the ride!

Note: This is an extremely long post 

101 reasons why Jikook/Kookmin is my ultimate OTP
or 101 times Jikook made my heart flutter

1) When Jungkook tries to find reasonable excuses to hold Jimin’s hands (in which he usually succeeds). Example: A decent round of arm wrestling or a hand massage.

2) It’s nice to know Jungkook isn’t the only one who enjoys the occasion; Jimin does too, even comes up with the most absurd idea (like who arm wrestles while sitting 5ft apart? and knowing he will definitely lose?) urm 128 rounds, 128 losses…

3) The way Jimin ruffles Jungkook’s hair, as if to say “You did well, baby. I’m proud of you” or the way Jungkook leans into Jimin’s touch when he pats his hair.

4) When Jimin asked for kisses from Jungkook, but he panicked and jokingly pushed Jimin away, all the while grinning like the shy boy he used to be.

5) The moment Jimin asked for a peck on the cheek on Jungkook’s birthday but Jungkook just smiled at the camera.

6) When Jungkook softly answered “no” when asked by Jimin if he likes his hyung that much. He just couldn’t resist teasing hyung because of how adorable he would look afterward.

(Time frame: 3:45-4:10)

7) The numerous times Jungkook would wait for Jimin even though he keeps on complaining about Jimin’s sloth-like pace.

8) When they strut around the airport or basically anywhere, side by side. Even when others are way ahead they would take their own sweet time.


After fansign…

and of course, at the airport….

9) Jungkook probably feels that it’s a part of his responsibility to make Jimin happy, so more often than not he would try to joke around and comfort the older, even if it means turning himself into a dork.

10) The glistening look in Jungkook’s eyes whenever Jimin talks in interviews. 

11) When Jungkook made Jimin wear a tiara at a fansign and called him princess.

12) The uniformity of Jimin’s Twitter hashtags when Jungkook is there with him. It’s always #JIMIN and #꾹, making it easier for trash like me to find what I’m looking for haha.

13) Jimin and Jungkook being domestic and sharing soggy cereal in one bowl, using one spoon. Also the many times they share drinks and food.

14) “I will sleep here with Jimin” while pointing at the top bunk of the caravan in Bon Voyage , which, for me, strengthens the possibility of them sleeping together in the dorm. Reminds me of this too: “Everyone, Jungkookie cuddles me to sleep”.

15) When Jungkook suddenly stepped in front of Jimin while he’s talking to apply lip balm on his lips. The hyungs’ reactions were gold. They were stuck to one another like glue the whole broadcast and It hit me hard.

16) The times Jimin said “I Love You” to the camera and Jungkook stared at him like he’s the one being confessed. 👣

17) Jungkook knows his limit when he makes fun of Jimin, always being there for his hyung when insecurity gets the better part of him and I think that’s very, very beautiful. 👣

18) It’s OBLIGATORY for me to include We Don’t Talk Anymore cover by JM and JK here. No explanation needed because I’m sure you feel the same way as I do.

19) When Jungkook waited for Jimin to complete the formation during his part in The Rise of Bangtan in Nanjing, then turned to Jimin and serenaded him.

Serenades Jimin…

Turns to fans…

20) Jungkook knows Jimin, remembers every single thing Jimin does better than the man himself. He’s quick to answer things pertaining to Jimin.

21) When Jimin fell down at Taipei airport, Jungkook wasn’t there because he was filming Flower Crew. He joined them a little while later for their Epilogue On Stage. However, on their way back to Korea, Jungkook made sure to stick close to Jimin and walked by his side until they checked in. The fact that Jungkook was there with him made me cry a little./okay lie/

22) When Jimin took a blanket and a soft, fluffy pillow and tucked Jungkook in, and made sure he’s comfortable enough. Also the fact that Jungkook didn’t even bother waking up and sleeping in the room.

23) The amount of times Jungkook and Jimin hang around with each other, usually accompanied by another member.

  • A date
  • Big Bang Concert with Hoseok
  • At the waterpark with Jin

  • Eating Ramen at Hangang with Namjoon

24) “오~갖고 싶다” (Oh, I want you) That iconic moment in Now3 need I say more.

25) When Jimin hung around behind the camera while Jungkook was getting interviewed. 👣

26) When Jungkook squished behind Jimin when Jimin got his photo taken even though he could’ve gone away and NOT be in the camera.(Fancafe content)

27) When Jimin picked up a slice of cake and fed Jungkook in Bon voyage.

28) Jungkook’s way of carrying Jimin up bridal-style during Limbo game still has me feeling some kind of way, and I will not get tired of seeing it, not anytime soon i bet. (Every time it appears on my feed I’ll stare at it for hours)

29) How Jungkook’s ears perk up whenever Jimin says something. He’s extra attentive when it comes to Jimin. I don’t know if Jimin’s melodic voice gets him or what, cause if it is, boy I feel you. Example: Run! BTS in the US, when Jimin screamed “엄마ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ~~~~” (mommy~~) because he’s scared of the roller coaster and Jungkook was like “왜?” (why?)

30) When Jimin laughs an octave higher whenever Jungkook does something funny.

31) The way Jimin sat on Jungkook’s lap and how tight Jungkook pressed him against his chest in Summer Package Dubai.

32) Jungkook didn’t bother about the fans’ parents who sat across him because he needed to make his hyung look good and that was all that mattered.

33) After Jungkook hurt his back at Mama, Jimin took care of him at the airport, gently keeping his hand on Jungkook’s back the whole time they were walking.

34) The fact that Jungkook and Jimin monitor each others’ scenes when they’re filming, waiting around and constantly giving support.

35) When Jungkook and Jimin held hands on stage.

36) The No More Dream lift that has changed over the last couple of years.

37) That moment Jimin made siren sound when Hoseok told everyone that his sister liked Jungkook. I find it cute. (Sukira)

38) When Jimin and Jungkook being lovey-dovey at Manila Airport. 👣

39) Jungkook and Jimin still had their own photoshoot even though they’re both paired up with someone else. Also the iconic “Jeomsoon-ah, please be my baby’s mom” by Park Jimin.

40) Jungkook randomly barging in and interrupting Jimin’s vlive and just….the immense amount of flirting and eye-fucking throughout the whole video…caught me off guard. 👣

41) No matter how many times Jungkook messed around with him, Jimin didn’t have the heart to say stop. He couldn’t say no to Jungkook; that’s how soft he is for the maknae. But yea, speaking quite frankly, Jungkook didn’t even try. There are million other ways to piss someone off but what he did? nope, that’s not how you do it,boy haha. (Run BTS spy episode)

42) And it took 0.000001 sec for Jimin to say thank you to Jungkook. Although Jungkook kept telling him he’s handsome, something he rarely does, Jimin still couldn’t catch on;Still became flustered and shy afterward. It made me asdfjkl. (Undercover mission in Japan)

43) I love Jungkook’s determination. Jk’s inner monologue: I have to make Jimin hyung wear this goddamn headband *gets on his back and forces him to wear it*

44) When Jungkook pinched Jimin’s nipple the instant Jimin went in for a hug lol. (Fancafe content)

45) Jungkook and Jimin have no chills when they’re seated together at fansigning events. They pay attention to each other more than they do to their fans. (don’t get me wrong they still love their fans)

46) When Jimin pretended to be mad at Jungkook for not sitting beside him at a fansign, and how Jungkook played along,claiming his current seat was his original seat when it’s not lol.

47) When Jungkook snatched the snack from Hoseok’s hand for himself, but stopped and gave it to Jimin instead when Jimin asked to be fed.

48) The various times Jimin snakes his slightly smaller hands around Jungkook’s waist and shoulder, and sometimes when it seems that Jimin has difficulty standing after putting his hand on Jungkook’s arm, Jungkook would bend to better accommodate him.

look at him tiptoeing…

49) When Jimin back-hugged Jungkook (and kissed his shoulder from what i saw).

50) The cutest nicknames they gave for one another. 👣


Okay pause. I’m afraid I’ll have to break it down into two parts, as seeing how freaking long this has gotten ahaha. Part 2 will be posted really really soon~~~

French TV shows rec list:

Fais pas ci fais pas ça:

Comedy about two very different families living right next to each other: The Lepics and the Bouleys. There are nine seasons so we can see the characters evolve on a really long time period. Some serious issues are tackled with humour, like education, how to cope with the death of a loved one, or how parents react to one of their children coming out as gay, for instance. Most of the characters are really lovable and you easily get attached to them even though they can be annoying sometimes. Also, there are some really funny moments. I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favourite shows ever but I had a nice time watching it (though, I haven’t watched all the seasons yet).

Trigger warning: none that I can think of (this show is suitable for children).

Level of difficulty when it comes to French: I think it should be fine (there’s nothing really technical, the show’s about everyday life, so it mainly uses colloquial/casual French).

Les Bleus premiers pas dans la police:

A four-season show about rookies in the French police. I used to really love this show when I was in middle school, and I have very fond memories of it now, even if I haven’t watched it for a long time. This show has diversity and representation: a Muslim man (who is one of the main characters) and his family, gay men (one of them is also a main character), a bisexual woman (also a main character in the first seasons), and so on. It also portrays strong female characters (including a woman in a position of power, from season 2 to the end I think). The characters are very lovable (in my opinion), and funny. By the way, this show has very funny moments as well as serious moments (including the scenes showing how the LGBT characters and the women deal with discrimination at their workplace or elsewhere). The only problem with this show is that the end is a bit unsatisfying considering it stopped because it failed to get renewed (or at least that’s what I understood at the time).   

Trigger warning: depiction of discrimination (for instance, homophobia), and of course the usual warnings when it comes to cop shows (even though it is far less graphic than most other shows of this kind, and there are less murder investigations than in most investigation shows).

Level of difficulty when it comes to French: I think this one is okay too. There might be some terms describing police stuff, but all in all it’s pretty casual.

Le Bureau des Légendes (ongoing show):

A show about the DGSE (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure), which is basically the French intelligence agency concerning foreign matters. It has three seasons so far and it’s one of my favourite TV show ever. It’s captivating, I got really attached to many of the characters (and most of them are not completely good or bad, there are a lot of grey characters, which is great), and it’s also really moving (especially the last season I think). One of my favourite thing about this show is its subtlety: it’s deeply moving, but in a subtle and somewhat low-key way. There are close to no typical tear-jerking scenes, with sad music and close-ups on the crying faces of devastated characters. There are really sad scenes, but they are played out with a great sobriety.

Trigger warning: psychological and physical torture (nothing too graphic though).

Level of difficulty when it comes to French: it should be mainly okay, I think. There are probably some technical terms, since it’s about an intelligence agency, but it should be understandable as a whole. Also, many scenes are in other languages (English, Farsi, Arabic, etc) and are subtitled in French, which is really good in order to practise your written French ;)

Les Revenants (ongoing show):

A show about dead people coming back to life in a village of the Pyrénées. It only has two seasons so far, but I’m really looking forward to more. The show is really mysterious, with a gloomy atmosphere that I absolutely love. The dead people (who are from different generations and died at different times) come back to their family/loved ones (when they have some), and no one understands what happened, including the dead people. After their arrival, other very strange events take place in the village. Some characters have very dubious motives and you’re often unsettled, not knowing what to think of them. However, you can’t help but to get attached to some of them anyway. This show has some very serious themes like how to cope with the death of a loved one, death in general, love, family (by blood or by choice).

Trigger warnings: death, suicide.

Level of difficulty concerning French: I think it’s pretty okay… The show aired on American TV so you can probably find a subtitled version quite easily, which is pretty cool :D


My favourite French tv show (and even my favourite show ever). This show depicts the Arthurian legend in a humorous way, and it’s one of the funniest thing I’ve ever watched. The humour is unique, the characters are really lovable, and the entire show is extremely creative: this is honestly pure genius. Plus, the atmosphere evolves from something exclusively light and funny to something that is serious and deeply moving at times. The show goes from episodes that last a few minutes to far longer episodes in the 6th (and last) book (=season). I could go on and on about this show, but nothing I could say would make it justice. Honestly, just give it a go, this is brilliant.

PS: Alexandre Astier (who plays Arhtur, wrote the scenario, the music and basically came up with this entire masterpiece) is a national hero. That’s all I had to say.

Trigger warning: it’s really funny and you’re having the time of your life, and suddenly there is a serious/sad scene and you feel like crying (but it’s worth it)… just be prepared ^^

Level of difficulty concerning French: it might be pretty hard at first, because they speak quite quickly and use weird expressions (but then, use these expressions in front of Kaamelott fans [ie a looooot of people] and see their faces lit up => it could be really rewarding I think).

Apart from these, all the creations canal + (Braquo, Engrenages, Cercle polaire…) have a good reputation/positive reviews I think, but I’ve only watched Les Revenants and Le Bureau des Légendes for now, so I only talked about those ^^

I think many people like 10 pour cent and Hero Corp too, but I haven’t watched them (yet) so I couldn’t include them in the list.