are you saying that you hate our country

pro tip for speakers at rallies:

stop saying “you and your children”. stop saying “our children”.

because you know who you’re explicitly not talking to when you do that? whose presence and right to be included in the conversation you’re ignoring? children.

include children in “you”.

include children in “us".

the young people of this country are not “the future” of this country. they’re not waiting at home for their parents to fight for their rights. they’re here with us, in this mess, now. they’re part of this country, not in the future, but now. they’re affected by policies, by ideologies, by the normalization of hate and violence, not in the future, but now.

and they’re acting now. they’re making signs. they’re marching. they’re staging walkouts. they’re working in their communities. they’re advocating. they’re volunteering. they’re organizing. they’re starting movements.

stop talking about them like absent third parties.

                  Vikings; The Great Army sentence meme!

❛ That is my knife ❜
❛ You are crazy! ❜
❛ Father gave me this knife! ❜
❛ I will kill ___  with it. I will kill ___ with ___ knife ❜
❛ That’s enough! ❜
❛ Give it to me!  ❜
❛ We have important decisions to make ❜
❛ As usual you must tell us how to behave! ❜
❛ I wish ____  was here ❜
❛ Hopefully he will be home soon ❜
❛ I’m listening.  Say something .. interesting
❛ That is the message that he wanted me to bring to you ❜
❛ There he is .. the voice of reason. I hate reason ❜
❛ How do we overcome that when we have never attempted anything like that before? ❜
❛ We raise a great army. An army bigger than ever before ❜
❛ In the name of our dead father. In the name of ____  the greatest hero of our country. And in the name of ____ . We declare war on the whole world ❜
❛ When we return,  ___ and I, and our brothers. We will have to avenge our father’s death ❜
❛ You will not be welcomed for what you did to all of us, and I would have to kill you ❜
❛ Will you come with us? ❜
❛ I also have a reason to stay here ❜
❛ I know what your father would have wanted me to do ❜
❛ I do not trust him ❜
❛ You should look to improve your own security ❜
❛ If the Gods don’t protect me, then who can? ❜
❛ It’s good that we have met, ___, we need ambitious men ❜
❛ I still have a bone to pick with you ❜
❛ Why were you silent when I demanded justice from ___ ❜
❛ We have different memories of Mother ❜
❛ He/She had eyes only for you, and for ___. To me she/he was cold and distant ❜
❛ So you feel sorry for yourself? Poor, little ___ ❜
❛ I’m telling you the truth. I have a very good reason not to feel so angry with ___ ❜
❛ What kind of a son are you? ❜
❛ What does it matter what your ___ did to you? He/She was still your ___ ❜
❛ Are you just really sad she can’t breastfeed you anymore? ❜
❛ Whoever would have thought that you two are brothers? ❜
❛ I promise you, we are already well prepared for any incursions into our kingdom ❜
❛ I am not sure you realize the scale of their possible retribution ❜
❛ We are fully prepared ❜
❛ I have no wish or need to be allied to such a degenerate monarch ❜
❛ As for you, ___ , you may enjoy the aridities of heaven without my discomforting presence, and that of every woman whose only crime was a desire to be free ❜
❛ I know what I have to do ❜
❛ Us?  You are no longer a part of us, ___. ❜
❛ What is ‘us’ ___  is changing. Only you won’t accept it ❜
❛ Too much bad blood, ___ ❜
❛ Once a betrayer, always a betrayer ❜
❛ You came back to us. Thank God. Truly, thank God ❜
❛ You will have to be free in order to marry one of us ❜
❛ I can see that you are bored already ❜
❛ One day, you may be King. I hope so with all my heart ❜
❛ You need to drink more wine ❜
❛ Now, you keep saying you understand. But you obviously don’t ❜
❛ Don’t ever let yourself be influenced by other people. Specially people like me. Always have your own thoughts and act on them ❜

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You can’t fucking hate people for their government, hate the government, not the people. It pisses me off when you say russians deserve something like what happened today just because they are russians. We all are people of our world, why cannot we support each other? I just can’t understand this world anymore. We all eat, breathe, we read books, we listen to music, we love art - why is that not enough to understand that we all are human beings and deserve a life? Fuck terrorism, fuck wars.
I hope everyone got home safely, St Petersburg, I am so sorry that happened to you.

Their first kiss takes place at the bottom of the stairs, where their first laugh was. And, that’s where it starts, the ‘double-tap’, Sherlock calls it.

As John slowly separates their lips, he tugs Sherlock’s forehead down to his own and brings their temples gently together twice. Though Sherlock notices it happening, he has no urge at all to question it. Not when his mind is already spiraling after the first touch of John’s lips against his own. Foreheads be damned. 

But, Sherlock notices the double-tap again. This time at night, in their bed. John’s holding Sherlock from behind, arms secured around the detective’s waist. Sherlock is drifting off into the milky feeling of sleep, when he feels a small ‘bump-bump’ against the bare skin along his spine – followed by a small puff of warm air as John sighs contently.

What was it? Why does John do that?

Sherlock applies some rather embarrassing internet searches to the topic of forehead-bumping your partners…but comes up with nothing but juvenile sites for teens venturing off into the ‘Exciting World of Relationships’, as well as sites that gives tips on executing a successful headbutt that will knock out an attacker in one go.

Neither of those help. So, Sherlock assumes it’s just a John-thing. Which is fine, because that means it’s going to be easier to figure out. Sherlock just needs to focus on it better.

Two and a half weeks into the Bump Study, and Sherlock’s not really gotten anywhere.

What originally Sherlock thought was an action done after kissing, turns out to be an action done before falling asleep, after saying hello, before saying goodbye, after an argument, after tea, in the middle of watching a film, etc.

What does it mean??

One day, Sherlock gets fed up with not knowing. He hates not knowing.

“What is that?” Sherlock asks, and in confusion, John looks down at the only thing he has currently.

John waves a hand toward his plate. “Toast with peach jam…?”

“Damn the jam, John.” Sherlock rubs the heels of his palms against his eyes. “The head thing, what is it?”

“Your skull…?”

“Oh, John. I envy you.”

John rolls his eyes. “Yes, yes. I know.” He says. “Lucky John gets to be an idiot, while I, the Sherlock have to lug the weight of my big brain around.”

Sherlock peeks up from between his fingers. “You take that back.”

“You probably only have curls to hide the massiveness of your head that your brain causes.”

“I just. Want to know. Why you bump me with your forehead.” Sherlock can’t believe the conversation they’re having.

“Oh,” John’s frozen for a moment, then he’s shifting about. “It’s just…”

Sherlock is quite literally on the edge of his seat. “Yes??”

John is blushing. “I do it for a lot of reasons.”

Sherlock’s mouth falls open, then snaps shut. “Goodness, John. Your ability to specify leaves our country forever indebted.”

“Prick,” John dry-laughs. “Anyway, it’s words, Sherlock.”


“Each tap is usually a word, and sometimes it’s a single word with two syllables.”

“Tell me. Which words?”

"Okay,” John says. “Warning though, this is very sappy.”

“So be it. Sap on.”

“The words are: ‘thank you’,” John gets out of his chair. “’Need you’, ‘want you’, ‘love you’, ‘hate you’…” He stops in front of Sherlock, leans down until he’s close enough to softly bring their foreheads together twice. “’Sher-Lock’.”

John breaks the name into its two separate sounds to show how it fits into the double-tap.

Sherlock doesn’t know why he feels so near tears.

Honestly Britain has gone to shit

-I once yelled cilit bang and got three people yell back ‘bang and the dirt is gone’
-The go compare adverts Still Exist
-You buy on you get one free. I saId yOU BUY oNE YOU GET ONE FREE
-fredos pal
-the dfs winter sales seem to.. always be… happening.. always
-Cheeky nandos is still something people say
-Oi oi lads
-Bus wankers
-Getting simultaneously offended when people say everyone in Britain likes tea and when you find a British person who doesn’t enjoy a good cuppa
-Apples and pears
-dum deedeedum deedeedededidydidydum
-autoglass repair auto glass replace
-hello all
-5p for a carrier bag like piss off with that shite
-being upset that Barry Scott no longer shouts in the adverts
-*whispers* he fucked a pigs head… and we let him… run our country….
-Hating but being possessive over Jeremy Kyle
-Get the London look
-missing the pure gross comedy dick and Dom brought to your lives

Please just let us live


I’ve spent a lot of time deciding whether or not I should write this post now, when I’m upset and salty, but with every negative comment about Russia and Russian people I was growing more assured that you, guys, really should read this and fucking THINK.
Here’s the thing: I LOVE Sherlock fandom. I love the Russian part of it, full of incredibly talented people who literally make ART and I love this big English-speaking part, too, you’re fantastic. We don’t ALWAYS get along, there’s a bunch of really bad toxic people talking shit. These guys are everywhere. But the big question is: are those the ones talking right now or is the whole fandom full of shit?
You know what happened: Russian Federal Channel leaked the new episode before the actual air date. Let’s not talk about all the “fake ep” thing with multiple endings theory and whatever and focus on the part where SOMEONE. FROM THE TV. FUCKED UP. We don’t know and probably we’ll NEVER know if it was an accident or this certain someone did it on purpose, but RUSSIAN DUB OF TFP HAS ENDED UP SOMEWHERE WHERE IT SHOULDN’T BE.
We, Russians, all reacted differently. Some people stopped whatever they were doing and went to watch the episode (and I’m SURE that most of you would have probably done the same thing), some were very upset and quit all the social media to avoid spoilers, some started spreading these spoilers EVERYWHERE (who can judge them? It is Sherlock after all).
That’s it. That’s the whole story. We didn’t have a referendum on deciding should we leak TFP ep or not. We didn’t ask the channel to do this. We are probably even more surprised than you are, AND lots of people are not even going to watch the leaked episode.
When I logged into my tumblr account I EXPECTED something like this. You, guys, are not really fond of Russians or Russia in general, I understand that. It’s funny and upsetting and we just kinda accepted this shit. However, I never expected the amounts of HATE towards our nation and our country and WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?
I haven’t said anything to the yoi fandom, because, well, homophobia is smth we really are responsible for and I have nothing to say but THIS.
I really REALLY wanted to finish this with wishing you love and peace, but not this time, no.
THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE. About all the people like me (angry, bitter and disappointed), or unlike me (probably REALLY upset and insulted). THINK AND

Here’s the thing about the “ACLU supported Nazis!” shit that’s going around completely context-free on this website and other corners of the Leftist Internet, and that I’m now hearing “Woke People” use for why they no longer support them. (Under a cut, because long:)

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John Laurens and Francis Kinloch

This post is a compilation of the information I have gathered about the Laurens-Kinloch relationship, their subsequent “breakup,” and their post-breakup interactions.  This was honestly one of my favorite posts to research and write.  It’s a long one, but I promise you that it’s worth your time (there are some quotes that rival that Hamilton-Laurens correspondence in terms of affection).  Some of the quotes I have in this post are from transcripts sent to me by Massey and are generally not publicly accessible.  If anyone wants me to post the whole transcripts of the letters, just let me know, and I’d be happy to oblige.

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you want to dislike Portugal’s song? go ahead. as long as you have plausible arguments such as ‘ i didn’t like it because the song did not touch me as much as it has others, or the performance was lacking certain points in (specify area) “.

you don’t have to like it, we won’t force you. people all have different tastes. and with errors we improve the next day and do better. there is why constructive criticism exists.

But, what I will not take is pettiness, and people distorting the truth of what a guy who was being blatantly honest about how music industry nowadays is caring more with the money than expressing feelings, instead saying that he basically mocked his fellow contestants performances, or the pop music in a whole because this is not the case at all. 

or saying that ‘how can a ballad win this? it’s so stupid and boring. ‘ 

I’m not saying this because I am portuguese: I also liked Azerbaijan’s performance a lot and even if they had won or Bulgaria had won as well, i would not be throwing a tantrum over it and would recognize the effort of the contestants clearly without spewing hate out of my mouth.

this is why people who are reading this and fail to recognize these points are being called heartless, pitiful and petty and as we say ‘ you need to apply cream to the wounds, because envy is a sad thing to see. ‘

You think we have money to bribe juries? 18 juries? and the televote? what kind of planet do you live in? because for sure no one ever speaks mighty of our country and every now and again i hear tourists saying how ‘ we’re so behind, or like a third world country ‘ when it isn’t even the case; but we don’t have for sure the most powerful economy in the world. we work overhours, we tire ourselves out, and even so we can’t reach the same financial stability as countries like Germany or the U.K. so having people say that we bribed the juries, and the televoters on such a contest of a massive scale? shame on you, because if this was not an important thing to win on you would laugh in our faces and not care, but since it’s not a big country who won or even your fave, you can’t take it like a good sport, and you want to throw every ounce of hate and misery you have at us.

No, it was not because the guy has a heart disease that people voted. People voted because the song touched their hearts, as he wished. He wanted to express music with feeling, and I don’t care if you say that ‘ it’s not gay enough’ for you, or even ‘flashy ‘, or how his hair and clothes don’t fit into the situation.

he was there for the music. to express music. and people loved it because it was not the usual flashy, overbearing energy we are used to having in this festival. it was different.

It could have been another country to win, but the people voted for that light melody because in contrast to many other energetic songs , that one ballad touched their hearts.

Let that sink into your conscience.

  • Viktor and Yuuri: *Walks into a room where other figure skaters are*
  • Viktor: *To Yuuri* So, I was thinking, what do you want todoafter we’re getting married?
  • Yuuri: *Thinks* I don’t know… We’re probably not gonna get married in the near future anyways.
  • Viktor: That depends on how well you do next time, if you win, then surely we’ll be married soon. So, what do you want to do? Do you want to adopt?
  • Yuuri: *Shocked* Adopt?!?
  • Phichit: *Hears it and comes over* Are you two going to adopt?
  • Viktor: *Smiles* Yes!
  • Yuuri: *Looks down* No..
  • Phichit: What kind of child are you going to adopt? Are you going to adopt one from another country?
  • Viktor: I was planning to adopt a Russian child, so I don’t know if you can say it’s from another country?
  • Phichit: Do you have a sex in mind?
  • Viktor: A boy.
  • Phichit: What age were you thinking?
  • Viktor: I was thinking that he should be a teenager, possibly around 15 years old or a little older.
  • Phichit: I see, what would his profession be?
  • Yuuri: *Thinks aloud* Is this a talk of adoption or a way to find an alternative boyfriend?
  • Viktor: I would want our child to be a figure skater like me and Yuuri
  • JJ: *Overhears and comes over* What sort of personality then?
  • Viktor: very angry and hates most people, but still in a really cute way!
  • Yurio: *Overhears and comes over* Shut up. I am NOT cute and I am not EVER going to allow you to adopt me. Never EVER!
  • Yuuri: *In chock* WHAAAAAT!!!?
Why I cannot do that.

I’m reading a lot of posts about Donald Trump and how Americans should support him because of his presidency. Let me just calmly tell you WHY I CANNOT DO THAT.

Donald Trump is not an ordinary president. He is not an ordinary Republican. I personally might have voted Republican had there been another candidate that was opposing Hillary just for the time being(in an extreme situation only) But that wasn’t the case.

Donald Trump is not a Politician. He has absolutely no experience for the job that he has won. He bought his presidency with his billions because be did not win the popular vote. But people ignore this.

They blatantly ignore the fact that he has sexually assaulted multiple women, degraded women, been openly racist to Americans of color, openly mocked a handicapped man at his rally, called wounded veterans “weak” and has removed our healthcare because of his vendetta against Obama.

Donald Trump spends so much time stroking his own ego and having immature Twitter battles online. Why do you all ignore these things? How can you respect a man who hasn’t shown respect in return? I don’t respect that man simply because his position..That would be called Blind Nationalism which is absolutely anti American.

Donald Trump pretends to be a Christian, but what sort of Christian sexually assaults people? What sort of Christian promotes violence and then promises to pay the legal fees for people who do? Is that what your Jesus wanted? No, absolutely not. He is not a Christian, he is not a man of God. He is a man for himself and his bank account.

You people sound like a broken record. You fear Muslims but you fail to realize that the extremists are just a drop in the bucket. They’re are MILLIONS of Muslims in the world who are just regular people. You are terrified of an entire religion because of hate mongering and racism preached by people like Trump. Yes. There are the extremists, but do not assume that ALL Muslims are terrorists. Do not assume that because then the same could be said for white people all being KKK, or Nazis. You cannot generalize like that because you are the one who looks stupid.

Gay marriage is legal because your religion is NOT IN CHARGE OF AMERICA. We are a country of many religions and we are under no orders to abide by a god we do not believe in. If YOU personally don’t want to get gay married, then DON’T. But you have no place telling other human beings what is wrong or right in their own life. It doesn’t matter what you feel about it because it has no effect on you. You shouldn’t try to ruin other people’s lives simply because your own religion doesn’t like it. That’s not how a free country works. You don’t get to do that.

Illegal immigration needs to stop, but building a wall is not the way to handle it. How about making the immigration process more straightforward and cheaper so that families in need of refuge can actually move here legally. How about reforming immigration process to accommodate people that aren’t rich? Why do we need to build another Berlin Wall? That only preaches hatred and otherness. It tells our children that Mexicans are to be feared. It teaches the wrong message. Yes, illegal immigration needs to stop, but it will never stop unless we reform out policies rather than building a plastic bubble around our country.

I don’t hate Republicans. When I talk about Trump I’m not talking about hating everyone. I’m talking g about one man, one man who is about to make things really dangerous for a lot of people.

And I say this to you… If you are a white , straight middle to upper class person, Trump might not seem so want to know why? Because it won’t effect you personally. You will be fine because you are his target audience. But your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors etc…They don’t have that luxury. My Muslim and Mexican friends have expressed their absolute terror for what is to come and they were born here. People who aren’t in Trump’s ideal demographic are going to be hurt.

He has already started by taking away healthcare without a suitable replacement. I can understand repealing Obamacare..But if there is no backup..Lots of sick people are going to die. And for some reason, Trump supporters are just okay with this.

You think this man is going to “make America great again”… Tell me, at what point was it so great that we want to return to? We are still striving every day to reach that greatness. We have made tremendous strides with civil rights and gaining our freedoms..But now we might take giant leaps backwards. We are going to lose rights rather than gaining them.

So I ask you, how can you support this man? How can you wake up and support such a monster? Are you that uncaring for your fellow Americans? This isn’t a liberal versus conservative thing. We are way passed that. This is a freedom versus tyrant thing.

When Hitler first came to pow, he was popular, he was joked about and media outlets mocked liberals for being afraid of him. They told people that they were babies for fearing mean words. They treated him as a mockery but many supported those mean words. And that how it starts. It starts with words and then grows to actions. Trump already proposed tagging Muslims even if they were born here, and entering them I to a database…That was one of the first things Hitler did to the Jews when he rose to power. This is not some liberal conspiracy. Tyrants never begin as a fearsome monster..They start as a boisterous, radical leader who commands the attention of the rich and powerful. And you are blind to it.

I am just so utterly baffled by the fact that his followers seem oblivious to all of these things. I am so angry that this country sank so low.

You tell me to give him a Chance, innocent until proven guilty…..He is already guilty. Before he even took office he already did unspeakable things. He has no chances left. You have him chance after chance but your hatred for the left made you blind . You. Ant see passed your own pride. He is a bad man. He is a cancer on this nation.

I don’t condone violence and riots. I don’t agree with vandalism. But I can understand the anger behind them. Protests aren’t supposed to be sanctioned and ask nicely..Thats not what a protest is. And not to mention that the rioters are only a tiny portion of the protests that you for some reason choose to link together with everyone else. There are thousands of peaceful protests going on but you ignore that and only point out the small riots instead.

I think a lot of people need to take a minute to really think about why it is that they are alright with ignoring Trump’s racism, homophobia, sexism and just general nastiness. Why are you okay with this? Why am I labeled as some liberal hippie tree hugger because I happen to care about people outside of my own demographic? I dont intend to feel bad anymore. I’m tired of tiptoeing around the feelings of everyone else. We need to remove this man from office , even if another Republican comes to power I could welcome he or she with open arms for now. This is urgent and incredibly important and I seriously can’t stress that enough. You want me to respect a tyrant? I just gave you more than enough reasons why I cannot do that.

Even more context from a Southeast Asian person

Alrighty so the thing about Asian countries is that

1. Asia is not a monolith

2. not every country was subjected to the same kind of European imperialism

For example in the Philippines, the Spaniards and Americans imposed their own brand of colorist/racist standards, which is why you got an island called Negros (Occidental and Oriental) and a tribe called Negritos (I don’t know what they were called before that though, sorry)

China, Japan, and Korea are much more insular countries. They weren’t penetrated by Europeans in the same way. I think the explanation here for colorism is absolutely valid and i’m not going to add on to it but there’s an added layer in colorism in the Philippines that has to do with the Asian hierarchy talked about in this post.

That is to say, colorism in EAST Asian countries are not always the same in SOUTH and SOUTHEAST countries

The impetus for wanting pale/white skin in the Philippines is because Japanese, Chinese, and Korean people are seen as desirable IN ADDITION TO wanting to flaunt a Spanish mestiza/American/European heritage. Their pale skin makes them glamorous. Our own brown skin makes us look dirty and undesirable. In fact the darker you are, the more associations you get to being poor and coming from a tribe. This is all coming from self-hating brown folks.

So this is just to say that it makes sense for it to be both colorism and racism in the Philippines. Two things working together to see darker skinned people as undesirable.

In this instance in South Korea referring to a Korean person, it is the centuries of colorism and heck even their status as celebrities, that resulted in that one SNL line

The gist of this:

1. Dark skinned people everywhere are treated like shit

2. When Asian people try to explain what colorism means in their country, it might be better to pay attn instead of talking over them

3. It can be both racism and colorism considering the country and historical context. This is one of those things that isn’t an OR situation, it can definitely be one AND the other thing, or just one of those things.

4. If we’re still trying to pick apart racism and colorism as one being more important than the other then we’re all losing here. I don’t think anyone who’s saying that it isn’t racism isn’t trying to erase what racism is which is kind of what I’m getting here. But for once in my life I’d just like to see conversations about colorism w/r/t to South Korea relating to a Korean person not be decontextualized the way it’s been happening for like, forever. It would definitely be both colorism and racism if they were talking about a mixed race Korean person though.

If you’re reading this and you still don’t buy it that’s ok with me haha. We all have experiences with colorism and racism within our ethnic and racial communities and I understand if people don’t want to bother differentiating between the two. Both of those things are hurtful either way.

gservator  asked:

You know what sickens me? I talk about the fact that my countrys government is taking away our right to Free speech and everyone just responds with "well I told you to leave cuck-anada". How would you feel if my response to your issues was to laugh and say just move, fuck your country.

A lot of people don’t really care about what’s going on unless it’s happening right under their own noses, so feel as though they can just casually dismiss massive issues like that.

You can have huge problems with your country, but that doesn’t mean that you hate it or stop caring about it as a whole. That kind of response is just callous and cruel.

fuckthedoldrums  asked:

yes, i'm genuinely interested. i don't understand why you think we don't care about our people being killed.

Well for a start you can just look at the reactions to every islamic terror attack in Europe. Instead of mourning the victims and trying to understand and prevent what caused the terror attack you have people saying “terrorism has nothing to do with islam” and “not all muslims”. Instead of everyone saying “stop hatred against non-muslims” you have people saying “stop hatred against muslims” when it’s crystal clear that it was hatred against non-muslims that actually caused the mass murder, and that’s what we should be trying to fix. 

Our politicians keep letting in muslim migrants and refuse to deport the illegal immigrants even though they know very well that in today’s political situation the more muslims you have inside your country the more islamic terrorism you get. 

They refuse to monitor and restrict mosques and islamic preachers and in some countries mosques even get state funding. 

Then you have the hate speech laws. If you criticize muslims or islam you might get arrested or fined for hate speech and for sure you’ll get a huge social backlash and even maybe fired from your job. You just have to silently accept that muslim men (not all) are raping and harrassing European women, committing extreme amount of crime and are holding anti-western values.

(though of course not all muslims follow the scriptures) killing, oppressing and waging wars against non-muslims is a big part of islam and that’s simply a fact we have to accept. In today’s society you’re seen as a bigoted racist for being afraid of an ideology that wants to marginalize and execute you for living a free and secular life.  

the whole concept of facing terrorism with “love and tolerance” is such a dangerous form of victim blaming, it’s destroying our society. 

SKAMily Accent Challenge

SKAMily Accent Challenge

This was a brainchild from our Skam group chat. Feel free to ignore.

What languages do you speak?
Home country?
Favorite food from your native country?
Do you like waffles?
Do you believe in parallel universes?

Your favorite skam quote (in English or Norwegian)!
Your favorite Skam song?
Say “Kardemomme”, “Everyone is fighting a battle you don’t know about, be kind, always”, and “Man of my life/dreams”
Favorite season? Why?
Favorite and least favorite characters?
Which character would you marry? Which character would you want as your best friend?
Character you would like to learn more about.
Which character do you most relate to?
Snakesak or soft! Isak?
Your favorite ships (wlw, mlm, wlm)?
Pick up a book and read a passage (in any language).

Our country has proven itself to be even more hateful than I could have even imagined. I don’t even know what else to say. To those who are threatened by the shrunken orange I stand with you. I will speak up for you if your voices have been silenced. We cannot sit by and allow this blatant racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, islamaphobia, and other discrimination to run rampant. Everyday we will wake up and we need to look at our decisions and decide how to move on from this. Let’s try to make the right decision from now on America

I get that u hate the fact that he might be a homofobe, i live in this country and ive never heard of him being one but by your internet searches it seems like he was one about a decade ago, which is a long time mind you. I dont know what hes like personaly but are you honestly offending him and trashing Croatia cause of what says on the internet happened 10 years ago? He had a good song and has a great voice so yeah, i think our country deserved more

Why Reverse Racism Is Not a Real Thing...

You have no idea how many Facebook or Tumblr arguments, how many discussions with my family, with my friends, with classmates, with friends of friends, or just people who aren’t my friends I have had or seen about this issue of “reverse racism”.
Believe me I’ve heard it all. The Google, the Merriam Webster, and Wikipedia definitions spat back at me, the “It’s harder to become a rapper for me”, the “It’s harder for me to get into college”, the “white people can definitely experience racism"… People have even gone so far as to call me a white people hating idiot, a ratchet (?), ignorant, or even insane for saying what I believe, which is that racism against white people, more commonly called “reverse racism”, simply does not and cannot exist.
I am a white person. And here I am, explaining to you, most likely a fellow white person, why “reverse racism” is not a real thing. You are not being attacked and nor I nor anyone else at any point is saying you are racist. Also, we first off have to realize that there is a pretty significant amount of systematic institutionalized racism in our society/country.
From my experience, usually the people who make reverse racism claims have experience some kind of discrimination or have been insulted because of the color of their skin; because they are white. That’s not right. It sucks. And I’m sorry that it happened to you. But that isn’t racism.
With this previously established claim that there is a good amount of institutional racism in our society, which I will elaborate on later, that leaves you and I, as white people, to be of the perceived superior race. Now that isn’t our fault. It is not because of any conscious choice you made. Racism doesn’t happen because someone says one day: “Hey! I’m going to go and be racist! Sounds like a good idea!!!” No.
The same way all other types of inequalities work, racism is something you pick up by accident. It’s not something you consciously decide to make happen.
As a white person you are never going to experience racism because racism is institutionalized oppression. Racism is a social construct. As a white person, you will never have to face institutionalized oppression on a societal level.
What I mean by that is that as a white person your skin color will not be the first thing people notice about you. Your skin color will not be noticed before your merit. Since our culture dictates white culture to be the superior and the acceptable one (and all other cultures/parts of cultures to be “acceptable” only to a certain extent, only if it benefits white people and only if white culture deems it to be acceptable.)
How does and how is it possible for “white culture” deem anything to be anything? Well, as we said before, white people are born into a country with a society where they have immense privilege, where they started at the top with extra “advantages” that other races in society did not start off with. And we never stepped into a little portal and in the blink of an eye switched from a racist society to a non-racist society. Not only are we still in a racist society, but everything and every advancement towards the end of racism that we have ever made has been gradual, step-by-step. You must understand that we are not there yet. Racism is still ingrained in us and is still all around us in ways that you and I might not even notice.
Racial inequality isn’t just in the big blatant things, in the hate crimes or in the anti-PoC groups… It’s in the slyer things too. It’s in the way that kids call the beige crayon “skin color” but call the brown crayon “brown” when they don’t know better. It’s in the way that many times people of color feel insecure about their naturally curly hair and straighten it to make it look like it’s a white person’s hair. It’s in the way that telling someone they are “talking black” is an insult and telling someone they are “talking white” just doesn’t make sense. It’s in the way that if you search up on Google “beautiful woman” or “beautiful man”, you will find at the top only white people. It’s in the way that PoC walk down the streets not knowing if the police will back them up or incarcerate them, or maybe injure them or maybe even kill them. (Out of “self defense!” of course)
As a white person you are born into a world with a society in which you are in all ways favored. Your whiteness is encouraged, endorsed. You are set as the default; you are set as the standard. Anything else is thought of as “other”. White is the beauty standard, the face in the media. White people in American society are dominant in all aspects; politically, socially, economically… You are maybe not racist, but you benefit from a racist system, without maybe even knowing it is in every little part of your life, whether it’s in your education/job opportunities, your ability to succeed in any field you’d like, obtaining benefits from the government, legislation, etcetera…
As I said before, it isn’t your fault. But you need to be aware. You need to learn to be an ally, and to stand up for the rights of PoC. You need to acknowledge your privilege and you need to stop neglecting it and remaining in your ignorant bliss, that our society has allowed us to remain in because of the color of our skin.
Accept that your race is not oppressed! Stop trying to link a PoC’s experience with your own. If a black person were to say that they disliked white people then that would be prejudice. But that’s where it ends: at prejudice. Now there is a definition of racism that can be found: The one that says that racism is simply the belief that some races are better than others; racial prejudice. But if this is your only argument as to why you think that “racism” against white people is possible, let it go. Keep in mind first of all that racism as we see it today and as it is in our society was initially begun by white people to justify slavery!! Secondly, a white person wrote this definition. And third, you need to understand the social definition of racism; the one that everyone is referring to when they talk about racism in our country/society. If a black person hated white people, their hatred/prejudice would not in any way be backed up by years of social values, and would not hold any truth of social realities.
Think of it this way.
If I had clear skin and I made fun of one person with acne, that would be mean. My insult would be reinforced by the fact that societal beauty standards say that clear skin is beautiful, thus making my insult have more weight.
But if I were the one with acne and I made fun of the one with clear skin, my insult would not have the same power or weight, being that clear skin is what is considered to be socially acceptable. Yeah, it’s rude to shame someone for their skin, and in the two scenarios the same type of offense was made, but in both instances not the same amount of power/weight was in the insult.
Now, if a white person shows hostility towards a PoC, their prejudices, hostilities or acts of discrimination would be backed up with the huge amount of power that we previously established that they have. That being said, an acceptable definition; the one that takes into regard social realities, history, historical and systematic oppression, etc., would be that racism is racial prejudice based on a system of power. By this definition, people of color cannot be racists, because as peoples within the U.S. system, they do not have the power to back up their prejudices, hostilities or acts of discrimination. Because the key to racism is that it is a system. It is a very powerful, complex, and corrupt system. And even a couple of lines in a definition can’t even come close explaining it or to getting to the core of it.
Using the term “reverse racism” or even just “racism towards white people” is simply a way to deny privilege and stay ignorant. But what you don’t realize is that if you stay ignorant it is at the expense of other races. If you don’t realize the repercussions of your actions, which, by the way, if they are racist, can go completely unchecked, (thanks to your society!), you only further perpetuate racism!

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I wonder how is the Borgia family fame in Italy? Are they hated because of all the corruption of the church at the time? There is still descendants of them? Everytime there's someone with the Tudor last name they're​ very proud of it so how does Borgias feel about it. Your blog is awesome btw

Yes there are some Borgias in Italy anon, in as many as 438 cities/towns around the country! I don’t really think they directly descend from ours but I remember reading and article from 2003 (anniversary of Rodrigo’s death) where a lot of the Borgias complained about the stigma attached to their name. I wouldn’t say they’re hated but there are a lot of jokes going on, you know? Do you poison people, that sort of things. I heard one myself because a Borgia girl was in my uni. By this point it’s more about jokes than prejudice I’d say, although in their particulare case the two things are strictly related.

And thanks a lot <3

Seriously, snowbaz fics are so American it’s funny; they all talk about sidewalks and the mailman, and it’s just weird to read when the next sentence is about how it’s set in Watford. They’re lovely fics but here’s a couple of English things that I felt the need to impart:

The word ‘cheeky’ is huge

Going for a ‘cheeky nandos with the lads’ is also a common line (amongst idiots)

Calling anyone a lad

I got called a top notch lad on my birthday multiple times

We like to be ironic and we think we’re hilarious

Everything is ‘banter’

‘The archbishop of banterbury’ is a thing (again, mostly perpetuated by idiots)

Popular shows are strictly come dancing, goggle box and the great British bake off

I’m not gonna mention doctor who and Sherlock

or Harry Potter

We all make fun of each other’s accents. If you’re from Essex you make fun of Surrey. If you’re from Surrey you make fun of Essex.

Practically everyone loves going to London and we all say we are ‘going up to London’ wherever we actually live on the country, as if it’s on a higher ground than us mortals.

Sarcastic, dry humour where we mock everyone but mostly ourselves

Seriously, if you aren’t tough you get torn down very quickly

The Scottish hate the English on principal and mostly vice versa

Lots of people make fun of France and America

Sunday roasts and roasts on a Wednesdays in schools

Fish and chip Friday

We don’t have thanksgiving, so Christmas is our biggest holiday when all family come round and it’s a big deal if you’re atheist/Christian

Curry is our favourite meal

The tube is a godsend

Apparently the right way to say scone is actually like the pronunciation in gone

But we argue about it a lot

Just in case this needs clarification- we go to primary school from the ages of 5-11 and the secondary school from 11-16 and then sixth form/college 16-18 and then university any time after that

the first public exams taken are when we’re 16 which are GCSEs and we take a couple of exams for each of the subjects we chose, so like 3 for history, although you only get one GCSE qualification out of it

they literally control what you can do with your life even if you have no idea what you want

most people take 9-11 GCSEs and a C and above is a pass

we have to wait 2-3 months for the results and they determine what A levels we can take even if you have no idea what you wanna do because you’re sixteen which is way too young, it’s especially hard is you are someone who is not particularly inspired by academia

A levels are like super intense and detailed GCSEs and most people take 3 but some take 2 or 4 or 5 depending and you can literally do anything from English or maths to forensic science if you go somewhere specific for sixth form

If it helps, the harry potter schooling system of owls and newts are based on the GCSEs and A levels

The first year of primary school is called reception and you are 4 and then the first year of secondary school is called year 7 where you are 11 and then the first year of sixth form college is called year 12 where you are 16

Apparently if you don’t learn to drive on a gears type car instead of automatic you are a failure and a weakling

There is green everywhere if you go like 2 meters outside of a city. If you have ever flown over Britain you’ll know what I’m talking about.

we love cafes. Like proper sitting with a coffee for over an hour on a coffee shop with a friend chatting, and we love all the main coffee shops; in my very small town we have two Starbucks, two costas, and two neros and both coffee or tea is available

it rains all the time or is cold a lot and everyone complains about it and then when it’s sunny people complain that it’s too hot and then when it snows people complain that they can’t get places because this country wasn’t built for weather

we are v grumpy
but also polite
so what you get is people who smile very forcefully and half jog across pedestrian crossings so as not to hold up cars and people who apologise for apologising

i apologise when i bump into tables

thats all i’ve got we are just pretentious and grumpy but also polite people with a crazy school system

literally just watch bake off and look at the tag on tumblr for gbbo and you’re set