are you saying that you hate our country


For all the people saying, “just get over it! your candidate lost. it’s over,” this isn’t a sports game where one team lost and now we can all just go back to living like usual with only damage to our pride. This has serious, long-term effects on our lives, our country, and our future… for everyone.

Here’s why I’m scared:

His professionalism:

  • Trump’s anti-Muslim, anti-LGBTQ, misogynistic, and racist rhetoric normalizes hate speech and emboldens his followers. There have already been reports from people being harassed.
  • You might say that these are only words or the media portrays him unfairly, and he doesn’t have control over what his followers do. As a leader, whether it’s of your church, company, or the United States, you have a moral responsibility to lead by example and create a culture that helps shape how people act.
  • I’m scared for every person of color, every member of the LGBTQ community, every woman, and every minority in this country. I’m saddened that they have to live in fear and worry about their families.
  • It’s also an embarrassment to all of the people he represents.
  • He will probably never release his tax statements. He is unqualified to lead a country. He had extreme advantages (like an existing company and money from his parents and the ability to attend an Ivy League school) to be successful in business; therefore, it’s hard to say if he’s actually successful.
  • “The media only focused on this stuff.” Okay, but what about the things that Donald Trump has said directly? The primary sources he’s released about his policy plans.


  • I would not be surprised if Donald Trump defunds or cuts funding for educational and community services like Headstart, NPR, libraries, PBS, after-school programs, academic research, etc.
  • Trump has planned to stop federal loans for higher education, forcing families to rely on often aggressive lenders and volatile interest rates. He also proposed to abolish the Public Loan Forgiveness Program (which I currently use, but I believe/hope will be protected since I’m already signed up). This program ensures that we have a workforce that is giving back to local, state, and national communities through working in nonprofits.
  • Trump will most likely overturn the regulations on the for-profit higher education system which has been defrauding students for years.
  • Trump has proposed basing loans on student loans on income-earning potential which would mean that only the wealthy would be able to afford liberal arts and sciences degrees. This could mean that millions of potential changemakers would not have access to education. Trump also will undoubtedly cut funding for Pell grants that help low-income students go to school.
  • Trump plans to “repeal Common Core,” despite it not being a federal law but a set of standards adopted by over 40 states. Forcing the states to reject it would mean that he’s going against his “power to the states” philosophy.
  • He’s threatened to dismantle the Education Department, limit federal support for schools, and rely on a “market-driven approach” for schools. Pushing charter schools and school choice would weaken our public education system. We have no idea where the money for his “vouchers” will come from.
  • Cutting or not using the Office of Civil rights which protects students through investigations of sexual assault at colleges, examining schools that have high expulsion rates for students of color, and protecting trans and LGBTQ students.
  • Many children of color fear Donald Trump’s presidency, forcing teachers to have tough conversations with their students and distracting from academics.
  • His Supreme Court nomination could help strip back affirmative action policies which help protect minorities from racial discrimination and societal disadvantages.
  • Trump’s ban on Muslims would mean that many Muslim students would not be able to attend college in America, meaning that we’d lose their talents.
  • Trump has advocated for more job-focused education, meaning humanities departments, women/gender studies departments, and other critical academic areas could be cut or defunded.
  • We don’t know. Trump really hasn’t outlined his plan on education, so we have no idea. Personally, I was planning to go back to grad school eventually, but under Trump, I doubt this will be a wise or possible decision.


  • We import $21b of food from Mexico. While I hate seeing tomatoes in January and agree we should localize our food, we don’t have the agricultural workforce meaning food prices could skyrocket (whether because of supply/demand or because of new tariffs). To meet demand and with Trump’s lessened environmental regulations, American agribusiness will continue to grow.
  • The agricultural and restaurant sectors, for better or worse, rely on migrant labor. The “wall” of increased immigration restrictions coupled with deportation means that a labor force will be deplenished (and crops left unharvested). Companies will have to pay for American labor, increasing costs passed invariably passed onto consumers. Another possibility, under Trump’s removal of a federal minimum wage and decreased regulations, is that this job would be left for the poorest, most desperate Americans under harsh conditions.
  • For small scale farmers, who aren’t able to recover from increased costs, this could be devastating. More and more small scale farmers would go under, increasing large agribusiness.
  • Not believing in climate change, an issue that affects farmers, Trump’s regime could leave farmers behind in the cases of increased severe and abnormal weather.
  • I kind of like my food to have strict quality and health regulations. Trump proposed to limit the role of the FDA, and his plan to “renegotiate” trade deals might further limit the restrictions and regulations other countries must pass to import healthy food into the United States.
  • I also like regulations that protect the surrounding environment (including communities) from agricultural pollutions such as waste and chemicals (including antibiotics used in animal production).
  • Decreased regulation could mean even worse conditions for farm animals. Not only impacting animals, this impacts our moral conscience, our communities, and public health.
  • Removing SNAP (“food stamps”) from the Farm Bill means that it’s more vulnerable to cuts, leaving people hungry.
  • Trump is a huge supporter of fast food. Standardizing food means lower quality, reliance on monocultures, and heavily processed food.

Economic plan:

  • A hiring freeze on federal jobs means that millions will go unemployed.
  • Potentially pulling out of NAFTA. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of NAFTA because of its effects on Mexican food, environmental devastation, health of Mexicans (we export and flooded their markets with HFCS and refined, processed foods), and labor abuses, and I also agree that it should be renegotiated because 15 years ago things were different. However, tariffs would mean that companies would ultimately pass those costs onto consumers, increasing the costs of goods for Americans.
  • It is highly unlikely that American jobs will return for several reasons.
    1. Most companies have a race to the bottom mentality and will find another cheap job market. 
    2. Automation has decreased the number of jobs, not just outsourcing.
    3. Lack of an American work force with the skills needed. 
    4. Lack of an American work force willing to do the jobs.


  • Appealing ACA (“Obamacare”) would mean that millions would lose health insurance. Personally, this could mean me, as I have a pre-existing condition, and without the ACA, I could face higher premiums or outright loss of coverage. 
  • Women’s reproductive health needs may not be met or covered.
  • Again, we have no idea because he hasn’t laid out a plan after appealing ACA.

Foreign relations:

  • Trump plans to “label China a currency manipulator.” America already did this in the early 90’s and it did nothing to slow down our trade deficit with China. Besides potentially violating our commitments with the WTO, this would have serious political and economic effects on our relationship with China and their allies. China could retaliate by increasing tariffs on our imports or sell its holdings of our bonds.
  • Trump’s demagogic speeches and erratic behavior could affect our relationships and diplomacy with so many countries. The damages could be economic or more serious, leading to increases in war or terrorism.


  • Opening up energy reserves and approving the Keystone Pipeline may mean (often short-term and dangerous) jobs, but it will wreak havoc on the environment and speed up climate change. 
  • Even if you don’t believe the countless scientists that say climate change is real, spills and disasters will poison communities of people right now. 
  • Okay, let’s pretend you’re some being that doesn’t need to eat, drink water, or breathe, spills mean lost profits which would be passed onto the consumers.

“Law and Order”:

  • No one really knows what this means. The amount of force and power that it would take to remove the number of people from our country and ban the number of people from entering is unprecedented and troubling.
  • Increased militarization and power to police would increase tension between the police and communities, putting all people at risk.
  • Privatization of the prison system has led to serious allegations of human rights abuses as these prisons focus on profit not people. Cutting costs and corners is dangerous for prisoners but also workers. Understaffing means workers work longer hours to manage these often overcrowded facilities. They are also prone to corruption (“kids for cash”) and increased incarceration rates (primarily people of color). As a society, private prisons do not align with our values of justice and rehabilitation. 
  • Many offenders have trouble re-entering the workforce which increases dependency on social programs. Without the social safety net, people could turn back to crime.

Human rights:

  • All of these policies will have dangerous implications for the most vulnerable in society. Horrible effects on the lives of people of color, women, immigrants, Muslims, people who identify as LGBTQ, people who are in the lower socio-economic brackets, prisoners, the elderly, children, people with disabilities, people who are ill - chronically or short term, and other minorities.
  • Donald Trump has opposed marriage equality.
  • His policies allow for human rights abuses here and abroad. Increased funding for military and damaged relationships could lead to more war.
  • Climate change will affect the world’s most vulnerable populations.
  • Donald Trump has supported waterboarding and other mistreatment/abuse of prisoners. Increased surveillance of citizens, use of drones, and militarization could continue or increase under Trump’s “law and order.”
  • Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, has a horrible track record for LGBTQA support.


  • They say the biggest fear is the fear of the unknown. We have very little idea how he will lead the country since he has no political experience, poorly laid plans, and erratic behavior and stances on issues. How can we prepare if we don’t know what’s coming?

So, no. I’m not afraid because he used the word “p*ssy” and isn’t politically correct. I’m afraid because this could be the end of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as we know it. I’m afraid because he doesn’t give a shit about us, acts in his own financial self-interests, and will hand power to large transnational companies that value profit over people and the environment. I’m afraid because this ushers in a terrifying reign of power and a culture of oppression.

look, i’m not in favor of jumping to violence as the immediate solution to bigotry but if you see posts about violence against fascists (groups which actively seek to enact violence and spread rhetoric which directly and indirectly results in violence against marginalized people) and your first instinct is to jump in to defend the FASCISTS or parrot the tired “don’t fight hate with hate :(((” drivel, you are not trustworthy.

fascism gets people killed. verbal violence isn’t “less serious” than physical violence. the act of saying “[specific minority] is ruining our country and must be eliminated” is violence and actions in response to that must be seen as self defense. liberals seem to love this idea that, if nobody throws a punch, no violence is occurring, even though hate speech, propaganda, and bigoted policy changes are shown to hurt people in even more terrifying ways than one-on-one physical violence.

I posted this to Facebook and I’ll post it here as well:

So, Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States. To me, this is no longer about Hillary versus Trump. It’s not about Democrat versus Republican. It’s about the fact that Donald Trump is who we, as a nation, have chosen as our leader.

We have elected a hate-mongering, misogynistic, Islamphobic, ableist, racist, lying, selfish, violent-minded fool to lead this country. Why? Because Trump “says aloud what everyone else is too afraid to say”. Because Trump “isn’t afraid to not be politically correct”. But if Trump is all of these things, then what does that say about us as a nation? We chose him, after all.

“Well, those aren’t MY ideals,” you might say. And maybe you’re right. Maybe they aren’t. But they’re the ideals of enough people in this country for Donald Trump to have ended up the Republican candidate over many others who were far more qualified. They were the ideals of enough people to choose to elect him as President of the United States.

These are the people who are willing to turn a blind eye to Trump saying things about women such as, “you just grab ‘em by the pussy”. People who are willing to look away from that are the same people who are willing to turn away from the girls in this country being raped every single day and then say, “Well, what was she wearing?” or “She was asking for it” all in order to protect their male, football playing rapists. “Boys will be boys”, after all. A rape accusation will ruin their career. I mean, Donald Trump is proof of that, right?

These are the people who agree with Trump’s claims that we do not have a problem with guns in this country. These are the people who are willing to turn a blind eye to the statistics that deaths by guns in America are far higher than they are in most other countries in the world. These are the people who are willing to forget the 15 people who died at Columbine, the 33 at Virginia Tech, the 28 (most of whom were children) at Sandy Hook, the 50 in Orlando, and the countless others who have fallen victim to gun violence.

These are the people who agree with racist claims that minorities are violent drug dealers and rapists who need to be removed from this country. And yet, they’re willing to look away from the rape allegations against Trump himself. They’re willing to look away from the insanely high amount of African Americans who are being shot and killed by white, male cops, and then claim that police brutality isn’t an issue—all the while having the audacity to shout, “All lives matter”.

These are the people who agree with Trump that Muslims are dangerous radicals. These are the people who cry for religious freedom, and yet cower in fear at the sight of a woman wearing a hijab simply as an expression of her faith. These are the people who claim that the legalization of gay marriage and abortion is unfair to the Christian faith, but then claim that Muslims don’t even belong in this country and should return to countries that they didn’t even originate from.

We as a country don’t care about anybody but ourselves. As long as we and the people immediately connected to us are safe and privileged, then we could care less about those who are suffering. We don’t care about the people who will be removed from their homes. We don’t care about the women who are going to be raped and ignored. We don’t care about the African Americans who will be the victims of police brutality. We don’t care about the sick and dying who can’t afford proper healthcare. We don’t care about the people who are struggling to get by on food stamps. We don’t care about the homeless veterans living on the streets. We don’t care about the LGBTQ+ community who have struggled for years against violence and hate. We don’t care about the women who want the rights to their own bodies. We don’t care about the countless innocent both in America and outside of America who will be victims of Donald Trump’s violence. As long as it doesn’t directly affect us, we could care less.

Yes, neither candidate was perfect. I dislike Hillary Clinton just as much as many other American citizens do, and I’m sure if she had won I wouldn’t have had the best things to say about her either. But that doesn’t matter anymore. At the end of the day, she did not win. Donald Trump did. His ideals are the ones America wants our leader to have because they’re the ones that align with our own.

I could go on and on, but there would be no point in wasting my breath any longer. Tonight we have elected a fool. We’ve elected a man to give nuclear weapons to who can’t even handle a Twitter account because he’ll “make America great again”. But if these are our moral grounds as a nation, since Donald Trump apparently “says what everyone is thinking”, then we really shouldn’t be surprised by the results. The entire world is laughing at us right now. I hope you’re happy America.

pro tip for speakers at rallies:

stop saying “you and your children”. stop saying “our children”.

because you know who you’re explicitly not talking to when you do that? whose presence and right to be included in the conversation you’re ignoring? children.

include children in “you”.

include children in “us".

the young people of this country are not “the future” of this country. they’re not waiting at home for their parents to fight for their rights. they’re here with us, in this mess, now. they’re part of this country, not in the future, but now. they’re affected by policies, by ideologies, by the normalization of hate and violence, not in the future, but now.

and they’re acting now. they’re making signs. they’re marching. they’re staging walkouts. they’re working in their communities. they’re advocating. they’re volunteering. they’re organizing. they’re starting movements.

stop talking about them like absent third parties.

Our country has proven itself to be even more hateful than I could have even imagined. I don’t even know what else to say. To those who are threatened by the shrunken orange I stand with you. I will speak up for you if your voices have been silenced. We cannot sit by and allow this blatant racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, islamaphobia, and other discrimination to run rampant. Everyday we will wake up and we need to look at our decisions and decide how to move on from this. Let’s try to make the right decision from now on America

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I hate how some anti-sjw push the idea that Islam has to be violent and radical. My dad is in the military so our family was stationed in Kosovo for a year. Kosovo is mainly a muslim country but not more than say Germany is a Christian country. You basically never see women in veils and you can buy pork most places. Had a muslim guy claim the ban on pork just referred to the rim of fat on it so if you cut it out you could eat as much as you wanted. (1/2)

(2/2) And I know Kosovo has had a lot of trouble, but that has been about ethnicity and not religion. Albania and Indonesia are also muslim countries and not radical about it. It’s like anti-sjws only see the middle east and nothing else. It’s absolutely possible to just be causally muslim just how most Christians don’t even bother visit a church every Sunday.

I think anti-Islam is one of the most anti-sjw things to push because it really seems primarily born as a reaction of SJW’s unwavering support for Muslims in our current political environment.

Rationally speaking, we know that deaths due to terrorists are extremely rare, even when you factor in 9/11. But because 9/11 was so high profile and was perpetrated by foreigners, it creates an “us vs. them” mentality in a lot of people who are then unable to step back and see the bigger picture. Combine that with the fact that a lot of SJW opinions are already poorly informed or too extreme to make sense, and anti-sjws then have the perfect opportunity to latch onto unreasonable islomophobia.

And going back to what you said, people forget that there are those of all religions that are “casual” about it, even if they know “casual Christians.” Again, it’s the inability to empathize with people who are different from us that gets us into this situation, and only by looking for facts can we start to overcome that.

What is freedom of speech?

So I keep seeing things about “Freedom of speech” spread on this site that’s both informative and incorrect. 

the first amendment says we have freedom of speech. Theoretically it means we can say what we want without the government punishing us with arrest. It also means the government cannot make us say something against our will except in rare cases. But due to the ever changing laws in this country, this isn’t  the case. Sometimes you can be punished for what you say or don’t say.

Here’s what freedom of speech doesn’t cover

1) Criminal testimony. You may be forced to testify in court, and you must tell the truth under threat of arrest. This is one of the rare cases where they can make you to say something under threat of legal consequences.

2) Fighting words. A concept that basically covers anything threatening, provocative, hateful, or the like. If you go through a Jewish neighborhood saying that Hitler was right to gas the jews, then you’re obviously looking for conflict. Generally fighting words covers anything deliberately profane, provocative, or threatening that is deliberately said to get a negative reaction out of someone and then expecting them to do nothing. 

3) Slander and libel. While the government can’t arrest you for it, you can still have legal consequences.

4) Threats against people, especially public officials, or threats of terrorism. If people believe you are capable of doing an act of terror, going to kill someone (especially a public official) then you can - and likely will - be arrested for a federal offence. 

5) Anything a private entity (including a government employer) decides to do. If you trash talk about your job, your boss, other people, then your employer can fire you. If you’re unpresentable on social media, your boss can fire you. If you hold opinions that are controversial your boss can fire you. apparently since this also has been controversial (especially on tumblr and social media in general) is deleting your account or posts. You signed a contract saying you wouldn’t do certain things on their website. They control the content they want to produce. they can delete anything they want. Facebook can delete anything they want, can restrict who can and can’t post, and the like. These sites can also censor what they want. 

Note that freedom of speech (and press) does cover depictions of criminal acts. You can make violent games without repercussion because of this. And private entities have the right to refuse to sell it without repercussion from the government. The only exceptions are things tht can be construed as threats as a public official, certain types of pornography (such as realistic depictions of minors in porn), libel and slander. 

Mr. Trump,

I get it. You hate me. You hate me for being the wrong gender, the wrong orientation. You hate me for being mentally different, physically disabled, for choosing the wrong college and the wrong degree and thus being poor like it’s a bad taste in your mouth.

You hate my friends and neighbors for being the wrong color, for being born in the wrong place, for being the wrong religion, for being no religion. You have a lot of hate in you and a lot of power to direct it right now.

But, Mr. Trump, you are on the wrong side of history.

We may take steps back, it may take violence and revolution and pain and time, but progress moves inexorably forward. We will take back our civil rights, and we will rebuild the country on love instead of hate. On welcome instead of bigotry. We will rebuild by loving each other and supporting each other and saying you can’t have them.

You may hate us, Mr. Trump, but you can’t have us.

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Here's a bunch of numbers: 3, 7, 10, 11, 14, 18, 23, 24, 27, 30, 31, 36 & 40


Favorite color? Crimson - the colour of luuurve and blood 

Favorite TV show? Supernatural

Favorite actor? Jensen Ackles <3

Favorite actress? Can’t think of one right now, I’m not very good with actor names. 

Nickname? Jess

Dream job? Psychologist

Country you live in? UK

Cooking ability? Average, I can follow a recipe lol

Favorite fandom? FT right now  👍

Which character from FT would you date? I would love to say Natsu but I know in RL Gray would be more suited to me 

Which character from FT would you be bffs with? Lucy/Levi we would fangirl over our book obsession

Most hated book? King -  Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, worst £1 I ever spent. I just hate her writing style, everything that can go wrong writing in 1st person. 

Why write? How else will I satisfy my cravings for my OTP? And let my imagination run free ;)

We, the Tokio Hotel Fans, the aliens, must listen to many things about the guys. Let me show you an example: You talk about the guys and after that comes the question: “They are still in the music business?” You say: “Yes! The fifth album is coming soon.” and think: “This is the most unnecessary question ever.” The guys gets hate, especially Bill. Why? Beause he’s different and incomparable? Because they still successful after 12 years? Because they have fans all over the world? Our alien family is one of the biggest family that exist. We are everywhere - in Germany (everything started here), in France, in Spain, in Russia, in Italy and in many other countries. I can’t describe how proud I am. The next Album, Dream Machine, comes on March 3rd. The tour starts on March 12th. I recently read a comment: “Tokio Hotel have no fans anymore.” I gave myself a facepalm and thought: Right, that’s why they go back on tour and the most upgrades are sold out, just like the Deluxe Box. My clue for all haters: First think then write. My favorite is Bill - everyone knows that, haha. Also everyone knows he’s my biggest inspiration, but nobody knows what he really means to me, except me. When I had the bad time, he was there. So! And why doesn’t anyone accept that he’s important to me? Or why isn’t it accepted that the GUYS are important to US? I already read confessions at @kaulitzconfessions, where I got goose bumps - the guys rescued lifes or somebody started to learn german to understand the interviews or the first songs. We are all more than grateful that we may call Tokio Hotel our favorite band. F*ck ya haters, we are all proud to be an alien!!! 💪👽💕

People: It’s just a joke. You people can’t take a joke. Holy shit.

Me: *points at all the Jewish hate*

Me: *points at all the Nazi symbols being sprayed all over cities.*

Me: *points at people saying the 14 words and the amount of people who want to do the SS bolts tattoo.*

Me: *points at everything going wrong right now and how fucked up our country is.*

Me: Oh dude. It’s a joke? You fucking totally got me on that one. It’s so damn hysterical. I almost missed it.


-Admin Red

You decide to prank Mark while he’s filming.

a/n- It’s like 2 AM and I realized I haven’t updated this blog in almost 2 weeks

“All I’m saying is that capitalism is no longer beneficial to our country,” you shrugged.

“I know, I know. You hate “crapitalism.” But I gotta get back to filming. I want to stay on schedule so we don’t have to change our plans,” Mark replied, making sure all his equipment was ready.

“Alright. Go ‘be pro’ or whatever it is you gamers say these days,” you joked, giving him a peck on the lips.

“I’m too pro,” he laughed.

“Alright, then. I’ll see you later.”

“See you soon.”

You smiled to yourself, exiting the room and leaving him to his work. You made sure not to close the door.

“Hello, everybody. My name is Markiplier and today, I’m going to be playing yet another indie horror game. This one is called Fearless, and since we all know I am totally fearless, this should be a piece of cake,” Mark began, launching right in to his next playthrough.

Your friends often asked if it bothered you that he spent so much time doing his

YouTube things rather than hanging out with you. You’d give them the same answer every time:

“It makes him happy, and he always makes sure to fit me into his busy uploading schedule!”

In truth, you kind of liked that he was so dedicated to his fans. He was always doing his best to be a good role model and steer them in the right direction. He worked hard to bring a little joy into others’ lives.

Hopefully, you were going to do the same thing. You had concocted a little plan that you could now put into action. It was just a simple little prank, but you still found yourself giggling in excitement.

You had to be patient however, or it would never work. You sat on the couch, checking under the pillow to your right. The mask was just as you’d left it. You were glad you were finally getting a chance to use it. You had received it as a gift from a viewer. They had sent a very sweet and heartfelt letter and masks for both of you. You had gotten the world’s creepiest clown mask. It looked like clown’s the make-up had melted, dripping down it’s cheeks. The mouth was twisted into a grimace of yellowed, rotting teeth, red lipstick smeared way passed it’s scarred lips. The dark red hair was patchy and uneven. Pure nightmare fuel. You placed the pillow back over it just in case.

All you had to do was wait a few minutes until Mark was in the midst of the game. The longer he plays, the more focused he gets, and the easier it is for you to creep in. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and unlocked it, immediately seeing you had a flood of notifications on Twitter. There were some new death threats, a few messages of encouragement telling you to ignore the hate, and a bunch of people asking you to tell other gamers like PewDiePie they say hello. So, nothing new since you and Mark went public with your relationship.

You browsed your newsfeed. Twenty One Pilots were up to something again. Another celebrity was being dragged. YouTubers were promoting their videos. Same old, same old.

You had just switched over to your messages to respond to texts when you heard what sounded like a pterodactyl screech coming from where Mark was filming.

You decided now would be a good time to pull off the prank since he seemed immersed in the game. You pulled the mask out of its hiding spot and put it on, slowly starting to creep toward the source of the horrendous noise. You heard another scream, this one more reminiscent of an elephant being attacked by a swarm of bees.

You did your best to sneak into the room as silently as possible. He did have his headphones on and the volume was probably really high, but it was better to be careful than to waste this perfect opportunity. When you were right behind his chair, you slowly began to rise up until you were in view of the camera. You watched him on the live feed, waiting for him to glance over and see you.
You had been standing there about two minutes when he finally turned to address the audience.

“Guys, this game is totally screwing with me. I know that I- WHAT THE FUCK?” he yelped upon noticing the terrifying clown of death behind him.
He spun around as you were taking off the mask. You doubled over laughing.


“I’m sorry!” You said, trying to catch your breath. “I saw the opportunity, and I just had to take it!”

“I am so gonna get you back for that!” he said, leaping up and chasing you out of the room.

i’m sorry but i have no sympathy for people who bully or harass people for having different beliefs
like yes i understand that there are some people whose opinions promote inequality and injustice, but you calling them names only makes worse. especially bc you’re acting like you’re this great person who is all high and mighty when you’re not allowing people to have opinions.
like these people who say “if you voted for trump, unfriend me now!!”. THAT is a huge reason why our country is so divided. there are people with hateful beliefs that i don’t want to associate with, but there’s so many people who have valid and just reasons for voting for him (or a third party candidate.
and then there’s the milo yiannopoulos thing. when that man came to my campus, their were signs all over campus the next day saying that people who are trans are mentally ill. yes that was upsetting and made me feel a bit uncomfortable on campus, but milo didn’t instill those opinions on people, they already had them. these people protesting his ability to speak his opinion, as hateful as it may be, are so damn absent-minded. and quite frankly, the people at UC Berkeley who contributed in the non-peaceful acts at the protest are worse than he is. there’s a difference between voicing an opinion and stopping someone from expressing theirs by real and violent threats.
i know that’s a little different from the original topic of this post, but it really irks me when people from both sides (although i’ve mostly seen it on the left lately) just resort to harassment instead of conversation. disagreement is GOOD. it allows us to grow. you’re never 100% right, and things in politics are never black and white.

YOURE ALLOWED TO DISAGREE. just be respectful and at least hear them out before you jump the gun

I am not voting for Bernie Sanders because I’m young and naive. I am voting for Bernie Sanders because the world that was left to us is one of rampant corporate corruption and greed. The only country my generation has ever known is a country where more attention is paid to the “planned parenthood exposed” video series, than is paid to the millions of jobs, our jobs, that have been shipped overseas.

I am not voting for Bernie Sanders because, as so many of you like to say, “I just want to be a rebel.” If you believe Bernie Sanders policies are “rebellious, outlandish, foolhardy, or impossible,” then I advise you to research the policies of several leading European countries.

I am not voting for Bernie Sanders because I hate capitalism. I am voting for Bernie Sanders because I believe that capitalism, like any other economic system, must be regulated in a reasonable manner in order to prevent the kind of catastrophe we saw in 2008.

I am not voting for Bernie Sanders because I want “free stuff.” I am voting for Bernie Sanders because I worked hard and put myself through college, all while maintaining a full time job, and believe that I deserve more for my effort than a collections notice for my student loan debt. My story is not the exception, it is a reality for millions of recent college graduates.

I am not voting for Bernie Sanders because I am envious of the upper class, nor because I believe that they should be punished for their success. I am voting for Bernie Sanders because I believe that my parents, two of the hardest working people I know, have the right to retire at a reasonable age. I believe that after a lifetime of hard work, work that began as a child when he earned extra money for his family by laboring in the fields as a picker, my father has earned a retirement free from constant financial worry. I believe that after dedicating her life to the betterment of her children, my mother deserves the peace of mind that comes with knowing her prescriptions will not one day be unaffordable.

While referring to his opponents, former President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “They say that those on relief are not merely jobless—that they are worthless. Their solution for the relief problem is to end relief—to purge the rolls by starvation. You and I will continue to refuse to accept that estimate of our unemployed fellow Americans. Your Government is still on the same side of the street with the Good Samaritan and not with those who pass by on the other side.”

We are voting for Bernie Sanders because he stands on the same side of the street that we stand on. Our side of the street is not paved with gold. It was not paid for by a Wall Street executive or a pharmaceutical lobbyist. Our side of the street was built by the people. It was laid brick by brick and through the sweat and hard work of people like my mother and father. The time has come for all of Washington to respect and remember those who built this great country, and that is why I am voting for Bernie Sanders.

—  Brett Howell

I’m really over people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds saying “Race does not matter”. Especially when it’s a Black person. White people created race y'all I don’t know why they don’t educate their annoying/entitled offspring or the self hating Black and Brown folks on this shit. If they never forced themselves into Black and Brown countries, if they never colonized and stripped us bare of our ethnic groups we would NOT be having these conversations. That is why race matters now. They should have left us the fuck alone. I don’t want to hear another Black person say they’re “above” race and “don’t see color”. The world around you is designed to work against you. Don’t be foolish. Just because you choose to live in this fantasy world where the systematic oppression of Black men, women, and children exist does not mean we must cave to your delusions. This is what happens when you don’t properly educate Black children. They grow up to be one of the Black people who cry about doors not being open and having to work extra hard while their White peers skate by. They go into these situations with no solid foundations. As long as White people uphold race, feed the prison industrial complex with Black bodies, bar you from employment because of your “ethnic”/“ghetto” names, gentrifying out neighborhoods, ignoring the high amount of missing Black women/girls, and put us as the face of social services so we can be demonized for receiving government assitance, race will continue to matter. Get real.

  • white celebrity: [says the n-word]
  • whites: actually shouldn't get angry at this. It's free speech and hate only breeds more hate, besides, if you guys can say it, why can't we? :)
  • obama: [says the n-word to prove that white people care more about the n-word than racism]
  • whites: i cant believe our own president would use such a racial slur.......what is this country coming to hes just like those THUGS
I need to say you something

Hey:) Sorry for my English, it’s really bad, cause I’m Russian, but I hope you will understand me:) I saw a lot of posts about my country or our politic, or about Russian people. I guess, you think what people in my country are totally intolerant and wild:D It’s not true. Of course, we have people who just can’t respect other sexual orientation, but this kind of people is everywhere. I hate it, but it’s true. They are living in your country too. But sometimes it’s seems to me what you guys think that we all hate gays and our government burning them or something. No. Many people in my country support them. I totally support this brave people, who can freely say about their love in our imperfect world. My classmate is gay and everyone in our school know it. We are okay with this fact (but I’m not okay with his stories about his boyfriend which make me blush:D) We are free people. We can be proud of our country. We are imperfect. And we’re can be hurt by your words too. So, yes. I’m Russian and I love you no matter where you are.

@nonbrits can you stop making jokes about the eu referendum result?

this vote is going to have devastating results on the entire country. acting like we dont deserve sympathy or help when we’re literally descending into a facist, economically desolate hellhole literally overnight is… really hurtful, especially when you act like we’re all white people
personally responsible for colonialism

literally all of these joke posts you’re making about our current situation sounds like “im a leftist and prioritise the working class…. until theyre getting fucked over but they live in a country with a colonial past so i dont care because they deserve what they get”

im saying this as a nonwhite person. im saying this as someone who belongs to the most hated ethnic minority in europe (the roma). im saying this as someone whos first language is spanish because i grew up outside of britain

dont make light of something thats going to be so catastrophic for so so so many people

When people hate Muslims and Arabs, and tell us to go back to “our country” but then use us as a political tool when talking shit about Obama by saying “Obama’s crying over gun violence in the states while he’s bombing innocent people in the Middle East.” Literally shut the fuck up. You don’t give a damn about what’s happening in the Middle East and don’t pretend like you do.