are you revolting

The election went south. The country proved how many hateful, selfish people it houses. I am terrified for the future of human rights and this planet.


Yesterday afternoon, I walked into the courthouse with my fiancée, and–in leather jackets, old Chucks, messy hair and a Nightwing baseball cap–we legally married. I am her wife. She is mine. And in August, we will have the big party, the nice clothes, the public declaration of our love. In August, we will have our wedding.

But first, we had the private protection of a marriage before anyone could take it away. And if that is the only good to come out of this hellscape, at least I have her by my side, fighting every day against the world. She is my wife. I am hers.

In that small way, we have won.

If I see the “Marilyn Monroe was a size 16, therefore she was fat and everyone still thinks she is gorgeous” argument again I swear to God I will scream.

Marilyn was a size 16 by 1950’s standards. Sizing has changed dramatically since then, (and is still changing with the trend for vanity sizing, so fatties feel better about themselves), but these measurements show exactly how slim she was.

Fatties need to stop claiming Marilyn as one of them and face facts; she was a fit, healthy woman who was very slim but still curvy. PSA for lurking fatties; curvy means an hourglass shape with an attractive hip to waist ratio NOT one giant globe shape. If you cannot see your genitalia when you look down because your FUPA is in the way you are not curvy you are revolting.

Just stop with the attempts at self-justification and the pathetic excuses. It is proven that to lose weight all you need to do is reduce your calorie intake; not starve, not spend hours at the gym, just put the fork down FFS. Its not a difficult concept.

no matter what happens the fact that this election is so close is absolutely disgusting and im sick to my stomach this country needs to get its shit together also literally fuck third party voters youre a bunch of idiots and im revolted by you as much as i am by trump supporters bye

Some Wodehousian forms of address

If you’re lacking ideas how to call your family and friends, you may try these:

  • “old thing”,
  • “old egg”,
  • “old fruit”,
  • “my little chickadee”,
  • “you old ass”,
  • “my fluttering old aspen”,
  • “my dear old mysterious hinter”,
  • “old fever patient”,
  • “old ancestor”,
  • “old thicker than water”,
  • “old flesh and blood”,
  • “(my dear) old relative”,
  • “my dear old faulty reasoner”,
  • “you poor chump”,
  • “my poor lamb”,
  • “my misguided old object”,
  • “you ghastly goggle-eyed piece of gorgonzola”,
  • “face”,
  • “ugly”,
  • “aged relative”,
  • “you young blot”,
  • “my beamish boy”,
  • “old blood relation”,
  • “you abysmal chump”,
  • “Lord Spodecup” (instead of “Lord Sidcup”),
  • “my (beautiful) bounding Bertie”,
  • “you young hellhound”,
  • “you revolting object”,
  • “you young muttonhead”,
  • “my dear old police sergeant”,
  • “poor ditherer”,
  • “Attila”,
  • “Watson”.
Reposting Work

I dont see why all these people feel the need to revolt against @dement09, @beautysnake, and all these other artist. Why do you want to be stubborn? What is wrong with yall??? If an artist wants you to stop reposting their work then YOU DONT REPOST IT. Simple as that. Dont throw a fit. Dont get mad. Dont revolt. You respect the artist. They made that work you have no control over it. IF this shit keeps up i very clearly see some artists revolting back and not posting anymore. It is stupid.

Ive seen #Savesublogs or some shit like that and im like??? are you kidding me?? Let the artist control their own work. It isnt a free for all unless they say so and clearly Dement has not said so.We shouldnt have to say “dont repost my work” but it looks like we have to because you stubborn assholes want to keep on. Thanks a lot you guys for not caring about our work. If you like it so much then fucking share it on the respected platform of Tumblr by REBLOGGING IT.

Monogatari Messages in One Sentence

Bakemonogatari: Life is fucked up and you need to deal with it.

Nisemonogatari: Family is family no matter how messed up it is.

Kizumonogatari: In the end, everyone is happy because no one is happy.

Nekomonogatari Black: Not everyone is who they seem to be on the surface.

Nekomonogatari White: CHILD ABUSE IS WRONG.

KabukimonogatariYou cannot save everyone, since you might make things worse.

Hanamonogatari: Move past old wounds.

Otorimonogatari: When in doubt, revolt.

Onimonogatari: You cannot lie about who you are.

Koimonogatari: Not everyone is evil, just mostly everyone.

Tsukimonogatari: Do not become a monster if you can help it. 

bee: *stims, didn’t manage to finish school, is sometimes unable to take care of herself, has sensory issues with water, gets excited when food/cooking is mentioned, relies on deckard / puppycat a lot*

people: why cant bee be a perfect neurotypical allistic??? natasha why would you make her so revolting??????

Jungkook Scenario: Shared Fates - Part 1.

Request: Girls hello!! I love everything about this blog❤️❤️ you have no idea! Can i request jungkook being a prince? But i want something a bit different like y/n saving Jungkook? Something that is different and a little funny and romantic too! Is this too much? Maybe y/n can be a bandit and she thinks the prince is full of himself but helps him get over a difficult journey. I will be so happy if you can make this❤️

Genre: Fluff / Drama.

Part 2

The city was on fire, the royal guards were falling dead like flies as you could hear the screams but not without taking with them some of the revolters. You watched everything from a distance the fire wouldn’t touch you but if it kept spreading like that then you’d have to find a new place to stay the night.
The smoke burned high and black over the castle, the city at its feet in total clamor. You adjusted your hood over your head watching everything from the hill in which your current home was located. Snorting you looked down at the piece of bread you had been munching, those royals must be pissing on their beds or running around like chickens without heads.

Looking around you saw the irony of it all, you were in a poor part of the city, this was a just a crashing point for the homeless or the errant, everyone that wanted to remain unknown to the big royal city ahead stayed there at the hill. People often avoided it, as they said strange things were cooked there. But today the hill was untouched and the glamorous capitol would soon become ashes.
A hand grabbed your shoulder making you draw the dagger hidden on a flap on your robe. You turned around as the man in front of you still held your shoulder, but with the blade pointing at his neck he looked more than mortified.

-It’s me, Y/N, It’s me, remember me?-

You examined the man in front of you, the long beard and opulent vestment, he didn’t belong to this part of the city, and you did know him. He had been a loyal client of your father when he worked as a smith, you hadn’t seen him in a long time, you didn’t see much of old man Shiyoung after your father died, he was after all, one of the king’s counselors, judging by the state of the city you could tell all the counseling had gone wrong.

-What are you doing here?- you asked putting down the dagger, although you kept it out in your hand.

-I need a favor, I didn’t know who else to ask and at this time…- he looked to the burning city and then at you. -I figured I could trust you-

-You can’t- you rushed to answer. -Whatever it is I want no part in it-

The old man didn’t let you dodge him. -Please, this… I wouldn’t ask this if I had other choice, but you know how to handle yourself, you know these lands and the use of weapons- he stared down at your dagger and then you, you were trying not to glare at him for pointing out your position as mere bandit, when someone said “you know your way around” it wasn’t exactly a compliment, but to the old man it seemed to be today an extremely valuable asset. -There is gold- he assured.

You had your ears on that, gold was scarce and after today even rich people would be ruined. -How much?-

-Whatever sum you precise-

You frowned at that, when people were willing to pay too much it was usually a lie, or a death trap -What do I have to do?-

Shiyoung told you to follow him, going down the hill but instead of taking the main road he pulled you the a side, going into the woods almost blindly as the torch he had lit barely brought light to the place, but as he had said, you knew these lands and you knew these woods so that didn’t worry you. What grabbed your attention was the cart that you could see a few meters from your position and the horse that was tied to it.

-What is this old man?-

-Y/N, I brought you here with the trust I bared for your late father, and because I know that your rough life gave you some… skills-

-What is it?- you insisted not amused by him naming your father.

-The city will fall, the defenses had fallen and it’s only a matter of time, there’s help coming but, but it’d be too late if I do nothing-

You were losing patience with this old man, you were about to turn around and go when you saw him pull the cover of the cart. A man sat upright when the cover was out of the way, you recognized him as you had seen him a couple of times, riding on a fancy caravan one time, winning a tournament, and how could you forget, ignoring every single person around him as he rode to the castle in his mighty white charger, oh there you had him, the crown prince.

-Please, I beg of you Y/N, save our prince-

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