are you really though

I know you feel damaged and broken…
And I know just how tempting it is to withdraw from the world and surround yourself in a cocoon of darkness. It seems to make perfect sense… to hate everyone who’s ever hurt you and never love anyone again… But darling, love is like sunlight – without it you cannot grow.
Sure, you can survive on hate alone but that’s all it is… surviving. It’s not really living… because hate doesn’t nourish you, and though that fire in your chest feels like a warmth that will keep burning forever – it won’t. Eventually it will die out, and when it does you’ll be alone in the cold and the dark… and you deserve so much better than that.
I know you’ve been hurt… and I know just how terrifying it is to risk being hurt again… but please, let the sun shine through. Learn to love again and rejoin the world…
It can’t afford to lose someone as beautiful as you.
jungkook as your roommate

a/n: this is a re-post from my other blog, but it’s edited it a bit tho. and the gifs don’t belong to me, credits to the owner.

meeting // moving in-

  • the first day when he moved in
  • it was so awkward between the two of you because
  • he avoided your eye-contact and didn’t even tried talking to you
  • and just went straight to his bedroom when 
  • it became dark outside 
  • he realized it was a bit rude to just walk away 
  • without telling his roommate that he’s going
  • so he decided to knock on your door
  • “yeah?”
  • “i’m sorry for being disrespectful earlier, i’m like this to people i don’t really know”
  • “it’s okay, you can come in though”
  • you and kookie probably talked for the whole night
  • he went back to his room when you fell asleep of course
  • before he left, kookie smiled at himself
  • knowing that this was the start of a friendship that he’s never ever gonna forget 
  • and totally gonna love lots


  • i can see you two making up many many rules
  • but would end up 
  • just having two real rules
  • like caring for each other when one is sick
  • not to eat each other’s food without telling each other
  • i can see him saying things like
  • “but what if there’s like a zombie apocalypse, y/n?”
  • “then you should eat the wall”
  • “but that’s too hard to eat”
  • “ew kookie you’re not saying you want to eat me right”
  • “that sounds so wrong and no, i’m never gonna eat my roommate that i love”
  • one of you would eventually end up breaking the rules
  • “jungkook!”
  • “what?”
  • “you ate my food!”
  • “no i didn’t, it wa- oh.”
  • “yeah oh. now i dare you to eat all the chocolate bars!”
  • “no way, y/n, my stomach is gonna hurt the next day”

feelings for each other?-

  • i can see him getting feelings for you
  • but noT showing any signs that he does
  • jungkook wouldn’t help but get butterflies whenever
  • you say his name
  • it would hurt him when you come home with a guy
  • he doesn’t know about 
  • jungkook would try calling his ‘experienced friends’ and ask them
  • about it what he’s feeling
  • “it means that you’re jealous,”
  • “no. i can’t be, right. it might be something else that i’m feeling…”
  • “jungkook, listen. if you confess to y/n everything will be solved.”
  • “are you sure about that?”
  • “not really 100%”
  • “that’s not funny”
  • let’s go to you
  • i think for you, you wouldn’t straight up realize that
  • you actually like him, no, love him
  • because jungkook, is such a talented handsome perfect guy
  • you would end up talking to yourself like
  • “no. there’s no way he likes me too?”
  • “he did dropped a few hints at dinner last night…”
  • “should i tell him about this?”
  • “and when i brought daniel (yas changkyun) home a few days ago he seemed..”
  • “jealous?”

sharing _____-

  • bathrooms
  • just imagine his face
  • when he walks in on you dancing on dirty songs
  • he’d be so flustered and walk out of the bathroom
  • and act like he didn’t saw that
  • “i’m sorry! i didn’t mean to disturb you, mr/s dancer.” and then winking at you 
  • “i swear if you come in again i will kill you jeon jungkook”
  • and sometimes you need someone to fangirl/boy with
  • that you just storm into the bathroom while he’s showering
  • “really? that’s good! but as you see i’m showering”
  • okay your guys bathroom would be full of clothes
  • and sometimes you accidently pick up his boxers
  • even though in yours there are holes as well
  • the bathroom made you two closer tbh


  • cleaning days has come
  • i can already see him getting ready to leave in the morning
  • around 3am
  • “i hope s/he won’t notice i left”
  • and you would hear it from your dream and wake up
  • you would chase him around the house
  • and his punishment is to clean the toilet, the garden with 10000+ insects
  • “but it’s not fair”
  • “it’s not fair that you go out and let me clean the whole house by myself jeon jungkook”
  • expect him to put loud music as well every where he cleans
  • like he has some really big speakers with him
  • he’d continue listening because he can’t hear you
  • jungkook would happily dance to the garden
  • and would suddenly scream because all insects were climbing on him
  • you would just look at him with an evil smirk on your face
  • while watching your poor roommate struggle
  • in the end you’d eventually help him get the insects of him
  • and you and jungkook would clean the house together

lazy days-

  • the whole apartment would smell like rotten cheese
  • even though there’s no rotten cheese
  • you wouldn’t even come out of bed 
  • the same for jungkook you two just throw something
  • at the door so it opens and you guys can 
  • talk to each other
  • “y/n.”
  • “jungkook.”
  • “do you want to order some food”
  • “i don’t want to pick up my phone”
  • “don’t you sleep next to your phone??”
  • “i do but it’s all the way at the end of my bed”
  • you would eventually stand up and go to his bedroom 
  • to lie down next to him
  • “so basically”
  • “yeah”
  • “we should stay like this for the whole day bro”
  • the two of you would build a fort in his bedroom
  • you and jungkook would lay down there and look at each other 
  • both with smiles on your faces
  • you two would end up talking about really random topics 
  • from how cool the last episode was of the japanese cold case to how pens are made
Just a PSA

If an edible looks/tastes EXACTLY LIKE it’s non-medicated counterpart (sour belts, gummy bears, cereal, chips etc) it’s very likely that they ARE those foods, just sprayed with tincture and boosted in price.

Companies will buy store candy in bulk (at a discounted price making it cheaper than store bought), spray it all down with tincture, then repackage the individual pieces with a monstrous upcharge. Spraying things with tincture leads to extremely inaccurate dosing and is a cheap way to make $20 off four sour belts. It’s not technically infusing, but companies are more than happy to charge you as though they really did all the work of making an infused candy.

Do yourself a favor and make your own version. Buy a gram of wax, decarb it, blend in some coconut oil or everclear, and mist it onto your favorite candies. That’s exactly what these companies do. You’ll save money and be able to medicate whatever you want without buying into their price gouging.

If you want real infused edibles, there’s plenty of people on here who will happily sell you their handmade edibles at reasonable prices for the work they actually put in. @legitimatelala @royallyoily @thefourtwentytimes just to name a few.

I’m just so tired of seeing people getting ripped off. Practices like tincture spraying are unfair to patients and providers alike, please don’t support companies that do it!

There is this lady at the park that never remembers me and I get it, I can be forgettable, it is one of my survival techniques BUT Jazz is very memorable. And we have actually had some pretty long conversations. So now, when she asks if our dogs can meet I say, “I think they’ve met before, this is Morgan, right?” And because her husband was walking with them today I told him that Jazz also has allergies and asked how Morgan’s acid reflux was doing.



“I’ve finally listened to you and Soo to move on and made the first step this week. I went on a date with some girl and even though the date itself wasn’t a big success, I feel so much better, you know?”

“I’m actually really happy, though it might sound rude, as Elune’s my cousin, but… I’m glad you’ve moved on, Kai. I really am!”

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Ahhh it's me Fluffy Anon. I did not expect to show myself like this, but I really wanted you to see what I wrote, even though it's small, and my first BTS related written work, and my first written work in years. I just posted it on my tumblr, so just search "for jen" and it should come up. Ahhh i hope you like it!!



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Oh… this moss is living. Is it gem-possesed like most things they’ve been dealing with before?

She did? Why would Rose need to plant that?

I guess she really liked flowers, and nature in general, judging by all the roses on everything related to her, she might’ve been some kind of a gardener.

If Rose could create living mosses and overpowered laser light cannons, imagine how much of a powerful person she was, holy shit.

I just want to point out how sad Pearl sounds when talking about Rose being gone. I noticed that in Laser Light Cannon as well. The three of them (plus Greg) apparently had to deal with the grief, but perhaps Pearl was the one who took it the hardest, or at least this is how she’s been acting.

I mean that’s… an extraordinary fetish, Rose. Not going to judge you, though.

Interesting, apparently Rose was really loving and caring, this explains some traits of Steven’s personality.

I’m happy we’re finally getting somewhat a sense of what Rose was like.


“Your calligraphy just now was really neat though. Did you practice it in secret?”
“Actually, I’m not good with calligraphy, but since everyone’s watching me, I just tried my best!”

That’s cute, Mamo-chan…XD

PS. Will stop posting about Mamo now…Sorry…>_<”

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kris scares me so much omggggg, you seem really nice though and you are so pretty like sometimes im like "am i really gay?" and then i see your selfies and im like "YUP" (plz dont kill me, kris)

Haha this is so funny. Thank you.

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You know, the usual stuff, like newt cares more about his creatures than tina/family. They being completely opposite that dont work as a couple. Or the old katherine/eddie don't have chemistry. I'm just so sick of it, that makes me angry when it shouldn't. I mean, it's not worth it, right? Also about your fics, don't feel bad like that, you write really great ones (the Leo's birth, always my favorite). Sometimes I read in here, on tumblr, and kinda forget about the feedback, sorry.

Don’t worry about the feedback thing, to be honest - it was me being kind of petty and sad. I’m glad you like my fics though, that means a lot.

These people really shouldn’t be worth our time; I’ve written my pieces on pretty much all of these, but to summarise:

  • The idea that Newt would care MORE about his creatures than his wife/children or that he would put his wife/children second is quite simply bullshit in my eyes.
  • They work as a couple because they’re both somewhat socially awkward and learning to be themselves, how to best utilise their skills, because they’re both extremely compassionate (Credence) and passionate about their jobs.
  • Anyone who says that Eddie and Katherine don’t have chemistry needs to rewatch the film and then watch their interviews together.

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I rest my case. Have a lovely day, lovely anon! :)

Porps out!


Vivian: So really though, how was it you weren’t able to tell me and Dante were together? If anything, I thought Roxanna or Jayla would have told you by now.

Levi: You should know this by now. I’m not exactly a prier, nor do I listen in on gossip. If someone wants to tell me something, then I’ll listen. Otherwise, it’s not my business.

Vivian: Well, I’m still sorry regardless.

Levi: (shrugs) So, how did it even happen?

Vivian: First he asked me to hang out at the arcade, then he asked me on a “second date” at the park for a cute little picnic. He kissed me, and ever since then it’s been history. (smiles)

Levi: He kissed you?…

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Are you ok, friend?

Honestly not really, thank you so much for caring though. I saw this in my inbox for a while and I just wanted to save the message before replying since it doesn’t feel like anyone in real life seems to care about me at the moment so I really do appreciate someone caring

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I've been following you for some time now and I still haven't figured out what your deal is. Are you hidden under 100 levels of irony or just sincere or somehow a combination of both? Either way you're pretty cool though. I like your content.

i dont really know what i even do nowadays that can be remotely interpreted as irony. everything i say is pretty straightforward, i think. i mean, a lot of times i word things in a certain way to lighten the tone because i rarely try to be extremely serious or aggressive, but that’s about it

03.26.17: One day post finals. 

This week has been the longest, roughest finals week I’ve ever endured. I have never studied so much in my life!!!!! Time to rest my brain. x_x

On another note though, 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1K!!!! I REALLY APPRECIATE THE SUPPORT. <3 I will try to post as often as I can! Happy studying! xoxo

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hey do you have any podcasts that center around and abusive cituation/chara going through an abusive situation and it getting resolved or, working to get it solved? I could use smth uplifting kinda like that?

I had to do some research, but I did manage to find a few that at least deal with themes of abuse. Nothing awfully specific to what you’re asking, but I hope what I found will suit you. 

One that immediately comes to mind is The Bright Sessions that bases its story about emotions and therapy, has a few scenes that convey emotional abuse, trauma, and manipulation.

The Penumbra Podcast has heavily implied past family abuse that the main character is coping with. Rover Red has some instances of child abuse and a pretty headstrong protagonist to give you that sense of power. 

I really hope this is what you’re looking for. Though if you’re aiming for an “uplifting” feeling, I’d always recommend a good, lighthearted comedy show.