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y'all today i went on a date with this girl and we drove like 40 minutes north and went hiking and then when she was dropping me back off, we went to visit the tallest building in atlanta and it was so fun and cute

Frugal Witchy Tips #1

1 - Crystal Hack: You really don’t need special crystals to work your magick. Places like Walmart and most dollar stores have cute polished rocks that can work just as well when charged with intent. You can also just go find them out in the wilderness if you’re the outdoorsy type! Just pay attention to colors, shapes, and if you find them yourself look at where you found them for their associations! If that isn’t doing it for you, grab some acrylic paint and paint runes, little pictures, even just write words on them to strengthen their meaning to you. Be sure to seal them with Mod Podge or even clear nail polish so the paint doesn’t chip off!

2 - Dirt: It’s dirt cheap! Hahaha Joking aside, if you don’t mind the bit of extra work many practitioners use different kinds of dirt for different spells, and if you put some thought into it you can find good associations for most spells. I’ll list a few below;
Graveyard Dirt -
Spirit work and hexing (Be sure to ask permission from the spirits first!)
Crossroads Dirt - Life changes and hexing
Dirt from a Police Station or Courthouse - Magick relating to laws, justice and correcting wrongdoing. (You may want to avoid this one if you don’t want to draw the attention of the law to yourself.)
Dirt from Your Own Home: Protection of the home, family and hearth spells
Dirt from a Place You Want to Live: To help you find a good new home
The list goes on and on, an entire post could be made just listing the kinds of dirt that can be used in different spells, (Maybe a post for the future?) but just give it some thought and you can find an association to dirt for just about any spell.

3 - Candle Hack: Most practitioners know you can substitute white candles for just about any other color, but did you know it’s super easy to make your own candles? If you’re in the position to be able to order a few affordable things from Amazon or Etsy (or if you can make a trip to a local craft store) and have access to a heat source you can make any kind of candles you want! I often buy cheap white candles from the Dollar Tree just to beef up my collection of colorless wax and I always save the wax from old candles or wax melts that have lost their scent so I can add it to new candles! Just get yourself some basic wicks (or google how to make your own) and either buy some heat safe glass jars or a candle mold and there you go! You can also add herbs that you associate with the kind of spell you want to do to give your candle a bit of extra umph!

4 - Herbs: You do not need fancy organic herbs from a foreign land to work magick, the herbs you find at your local grocery store will work just fine! Don’t get me wrong, fancy herbs can be fun but they aren’t really necessary. For any specialty herb you read about I guarantee with a google search you can find a mundane culinary herb you can use instead.

5 - Sigils: I love sigils because you can make them anywhere anytime and do anything with them, all you need is a pencil and a piece of paper. Do a quick search for “how to make sigils” and you will find a whole slew of different methods, pick one out that works well for you and start getting creative! In a pinch you can turn any spell into a sigil, just charge it up and go!

Camp pt.2 - Jeon Jungkook

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The first few days were rough and you didn’t think they would be getting any better. You were hot and miserable and there were too many mosquitoes biting your skin. You weren’t all that athletic yourself and you had to go through obstacle courses teaching trust and such with the girls of your group. You went on hikes with the younger groups, baking in the sun. You weren’t the outdoorsy type and it made you grumpy.

On top of that, Jungkook made it his mission to egg you on. When he would see that you were starting to falter, he’d taunt you until out of sheer annoyance and anger you would be able to finish the courses. He was cocky and made fun of you, enjoying getting a reaction out of you. He liked getting you flustered and blushing. You were getting sick of his laughter, usually at your expense, and they way your eyes always seemed to be drawn to him.

At night, the girls would talk about people and places you didn’t know and of mission trips to people groups you couldn’t name. You would try to interact and they tried to engage with you, but you felt like you were to coarse for them. They were sweet where you were a bit on the bitter side.

One night, after they fell asleep, you decided to have a little alone time. Reaching into your bag, you found your water bottle of vodka you managed to smuggle to camp and grabbed a flashlight.

Quietly, you crept out of the cabin after the counsellors made their last rounds of the night. You waited until you were further into the woods before clicking on your flashlight and following the path to the lake, taking deep drinks of your alcohol.

It burned in a familiar way as you tried not to trip as you managed through the woods. You switched off your flashlight as you walked onto the boardwalk, the moon illuminating the night around you. You laid down on the walk, watching the stars and getting buzzed on the vodka.

Your body warmed at the memory of Jungkook singing and playing guitar with his long, sure fingers. Your hand trailed the hem of your shorts as you imagined what else he could do with those fingers. Dribble a basket ball, catch someone who was falling, make you scream his name…

“Sneaking out after lights out?” Jungkooks’ voice called softly and you jerked your eyes open finding him standing before you, a cocky smirk on his face. He seemed pleased with himself for having caught you. His eyes trailed up and down your body, darkening. “That’s a big no-no.”

“You are out too.” you hummed and closed your eyes, focusing on hearing his voice, enjoying that his eyes were on you. He moved to sit beside you and you opened your eyes to find his on yours still. He reached his hand over, gently lifting up the bottom of your shirt that was exposing some of your hip. His fingers traced the tattoo and you tried to hold yourself steady, heat from his touch surging through you.

“You are being a bad girl. What am I going to do with you?” he murmured, his eyes lifting to your face. His hand went up, pressing a palm against your flat belly, rubbing your soft skin. You bit your bottom lip, enjoying his touch as he leaned over you. His brown eyes were mesmerising as he hovered his face above yours, noses almost touching. Your breath hitched as his hand trailed up further. Your senses were on hyperdrive, very aware of his toned upper torso pressing against you.

He surprised you by pulling your shirt back to its proper place as he looked down at your lips and smirked. You braced yourself sure that he was about to kiss you, as he grabbed your water bottle. He sat up and proceeded to dump it into the lake.

“Hey!” you sat up, as he gave you a stern look on his handsome face.

“You’re distracted, lazy, grumpy and now you’re sneaking out and drinking?” he shook his head, a dark look on his face as you crossed your arms defiantly.

“You’re not my dad, you can’t tell me what to do.” you said suddenly and he smirked, as though your words amused him before masking his face and standing to his feet.

“Gotta teach you a lesson soon. You need to be a good girl.” he said mischievously. “If you keep being such a bad girl, you’ll have to face the consequences.”

You watched as he walked away in disbelief, annoyed and surprised by his words. Who did he think he was? You got to your feet, agitated and wanting to go back to your bed. You looked around for your flashlight but it was no where to be seen.

You cursed as you realised he must have taken it along with your bottle leaving you to find your way through the woods back to the cabin in the dark.

You made your way through the woods by memory, stumbling over upraised roots on the path and running into bushes. You got lost a couple times, doubling back and using certain ugly trees as your markers on the path. Your ankles were scratched and your back was coated in sweat by the time the cabins came into sight. Your whole body ached and you were exhausted.

In your bed there lay your flashlight on the pillow. You rolled your eyes in annoyance knowing that Jungkook must have snuck in here to drop it off.

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Camping ☼ Terrornuckel

“You know, I never took you for the outdoorsy type.” Brock got out as he followed behind his boyfriend of just a few months. The relationship was still fresh, hence this little trip. The trail to the campgrounds was short, but it had still felt like they’d been walking for hours.

Brian turned around and grinned, “Well then there’s a lot you still don’t know about me, Brocky.” The bags on their backs were heavy with supplies. Things like blankets and cans of food, flashlights and such. Brian carried the fishing poles, while Brock hefted the tent in one arm. “We’re gonna have fun, trust me.” The Irishman continued as he kept walking through the path. It was a beautiful weekend for camping, sun high in the sky, not a cloud in sight, and the temperature quite moderate.

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Are you outdoorsy? X

yaa i love beach stuff like paddle-boarding and swimming, also hiking and rock climbing :–)

Pleasant Smells Asks
  • Lavender: Are you peaceful, energetic, or a mix?
  • Cinnamon: Do you like adding ingredients to coffee/hot chocolate?
  • Fresh Air: Do you like playing on playgrounds?
  • Sugar: On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad would you rate your sweet tooth?
  • Chlorine: What's your post-swimming routine/preferences?
  • Smoke: Do you prefer candles or perfumes?
  • Fresh Fruit: What fruit would you say your personality is like?
  • Roses: Do you like a suspenseful romantic tension or a canon ship (typically) when you watch a show?
  • Citrus: Describe your ideal clothing style, if you could have it.
  • Cotton Candy: Amusement Park, State Fair, or Renaissance Festival?
  • Grass: Where you outdoorsy as a kid?
  • Vanilla Extract: Forget the important or remember the useless?
  • Pine: Do you prefer the smell of Womens' or Mens' shampoo?
  • Coffee: What would you pull an all-nighter for?
  • Maple: Favorite breakfast food?
  • Cake: Do you want to get married: yes, no, maybe so? (Optional; ideal wedding?)
  • Herbs: Do you like plants?
  • Snow: Do you like making a nest with blankets?
The 16 types as styles

INFJ: bohemian
INFP: romantic
INTP: high-end nerd (they look like geeks because they want to)
INTJ: punk (owns more black than you thought possible)
ISFJ: outdoorsy (pretty much always looks like they’re about to go hiking)
ISFP: artist (probably has paint somewhere on their body)
ISTP: casual classic
ISTJ: formal (bow ties and vests go for any occasion—one can never be overdressed)
ENFJ: preppy
ENFP: flirtatious
ENTP: eclectic/hipster
ENTJ: minimalist
ESFJ: quirky (most likely to show up wearing a superhero costume when it’s not Halloween)
ESFP: thrown together without a care (Hawaiian shirt with plaid shorts? Why not?)
ESTP: bright colors and crazy patterns (yet always worn with style somehow)
ESTJ: bold, brassy, and powerful (lots of leather and skin)