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Imagine if One Direction had just won an award and got up there and said, “This doesn’t have Zayn’s name on it, does it?”

i don’t like doing this but i’m going to make that post because i want there to be a post that isn’t from someone w/ a raging hateboner for either

as a southeast asian woman, the thing gigi did hurt. “asian eyes” is a very loaded topic bc it ties in w/ stereotypes and yellowface and all that ugly stuff. it’s obviously wrong and the right thing for her to do would be to apologize and admit what she did was wrong.

the thing zayn did was not any better. yes zayn is asian like me. but besides the whole “a person gets a pass bc they’re dating someone of that race” (i don’t want to open tht can of worms rn), zayn has no place speaking in what gigi did.

the asian community is large and very diverse (and sad to say, still very divisive bc of the intra issues tht include colorism, classism, and discrimination within the whole community). the asian eyes issue does not really affect zayn because this is an issue that’s tied to southeast/east asians. it’s the same way desi issues would not affect me. so in turn, like i would have no place to speak about being called a terrorist, zayn has no place to speak about the thing w/ asian eyes. 

i still love them both but what they did was wrong and hurtful to a group of people and that does deserve some calling out and people in that group are allowed to feel what they feel. this doesn’t mean they are inherently bad people, it just means they did something messed up and it shouldn’t be defended. 

also discussing this topic, ppl needn’t bring up past mess ups because that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual topic at hand and it’s v obvious ppl who do so only do it to fuel the fire.

i wanted to make this post bc asian issues esp across different cultural and ethnic groups are v nuanced and many people don’t seem to understand that. also i wanted it coming from a genuine place, not just from someone who severely dislike either zayn or gigi or both.  

Sami | better man won | Zayn



Okay, so Seth is your ex of 2 years and you’re called up from NXT with Sami Zayn, to the main roster. You’re put into a valet gimmick with Seth, who promptly begins to pursue you.. Meanwhile, you have fallen in love with Sami, who has no idea and has fallen for you too but he thinks you only view him as a friend. 

After !Heel Seth pushes too far with the over the top gestures to win you back, you wind up letting your feelings pour out to Sami in a steamy first kiss that gets caught on camera backstage.








and a huge thank you to @fan-fiction-galore who is amazing and helped me so fucking much with this!!!

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“Did someone die in my dressing room or did I miss something?” I shut the door firmly behind me  sneezing and eyes already beginning to water… It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the gesture, but… Seth had done it again, he’d mixed up what I actually like and what he ‘thinks/pretends he knows I liked’ and he’d gotten nothing but daisies for some reason totally unknown to me.. I’m allergic to them and you’d think that after 2 years of dating the jerk, he’d at least attempt to learn that..

I promptly groaned when I saw Seth making his way over. Naturally, that smug and self absorbed jerk had something to do with it. Biting my lip, I prepared to once again ward off his advances.

“Did you get my surprise? Happy Birthday! I remembered you love daisies…”

“It’s not my…” I started but Seth, as usual, but in. And when New Day made their way over and Xavier raised Francesca, ready to play, I shook my head. “Don’t.”

I turned my attention back to Seth. “We dated for 2 years, Seth… And not one damn time in those two years did you get my birthday right.” I opened the door to my dressing room and turned my gaze back to him, tapping my foot. “Seriously? It looks like the CCU or a funeral parlor in here!” I whined as I pursed my lips.

I hated the way his face fell, but I hated the way lately he seemed hell bent on popping up everywhere I  was, usually with some off the wall ‘token of his affection’. Creative, however, seemed to like it and as soon as I got called up, they put me into an angle with my ex. Which I’ll admit, was hard at first.. It was hard not to give in to him, to go back to the way things were. But almost as soon as I realized that his behavior hadn’t changed a bit and the only difference now was that he bought me gifts or bribes, well… That quickly made me see the light.

Besides, these days, I had my eye on someone so much better and lately, I was starting to suspect that Seth was only even pursuing me further because somehow, he knew that and he hated losing at anything.


I shook my head, stopping him from speaking further. “Just don’t talk, okay? I can’t with you because all you do is talk. You never stop and listen! Did you learn nothing when we broke up, Seth?”

“Oh come on! That’s not fair! I learned, okay? Besides,  I’m just trying to make sure you know that whoever this other guy is, he’s nothing like me! Who is it, huh? Tell me and I’ll go show ‘em you belong with me!” and that was enough for me, I growled to myself and turned on my heels, stomping off down the hall, leaving him standing there, holding a bouquet of the daisies he’d gotten me.

I was more worried about finding someone else at the moment. Sami was supposed to be in the arena already, talking to Creative, something about his debut match tonight. I’d been waiting rather impatiently to see him all night. I hadn’t seen him yet and frankly, that worried me a little bit. I had a plan, sort of.

Sasha said that the reason he hasn’t responded to any of my flirting is because well…. I’ve been doing the same things I do around friends to him and naturally, the giant goofball thinks that I’m just being friendly. Tonight I was going to go for it, I was going to find those little friend boundaries that he seemed to think he was stuck in – because Sasha said that he confided in one of the guys that he really, really liked me and they’d told her- and I was going to steam roll right over  them.

It was obvious to me that I was going to have to make a really, really big move.. And the sooner I did it, the sooner I could be happy, the sooner Seth would see that yes, this time, the word no was my final answer and yes, he’d lost me and all the over the top grand gestures in the world was not going to bring me back. That my heart completely and totally belonged to Sami Zayn and my mind was made up, nobody else was going to do.

Lost in my own thoughts, I turned a corner, still fuming about the flowers and I found myself chest to chest with the very person I’d set off to look for in the first place. Large and warm hands steadied me and Sami looked down at me with a friendly look of concern. “Are you okay?”

“Flowers.. Too many..” I bit my lip, wanting to punch myself in the throat because naturally, this whole bold and brave approach was harder than I thought, especially if every single time I set eyes on Sami Zayn, my brain turns to tapioca pudding and I’m soaked and tense and practically begging for him on the inside and I literally cannot think straight, I swear I have it worse than a teenage girl.

But it’s not just that; this is nothing like my usual pursuits or relationships.. I want to kiss him goodnight, I want to share a shower with him, I want to steal his shirts and sneak up from behind him and hug him, give him massages when he’s had a rough day at the gym.. The guy even has me trying to learn how to BAKE, for God’s sake and that’s not.. It’s just not who I was before, okay? It’s not. But I like this so much better. Being his friend used to be enough, or I was doing a fair job convincing myself it was, but… I wanted more. I was crazy in love with Sami Zayn.

He eyed me; a confused look.

I bit my lip again, harder this time because my nose was filled with the scent of his cologne and his chest was pushing against me and it was firm and oh dear God, he was tall.. taller than I realized… and his eyes were almost this golden brown, like pools of chocolate and again, I was staring like an idiot and hypnotized.

“Interrupting something?” came the all too familiar voice from behind and I tensed a little, looking up at Sami as I mouthed, “And he found me.” and it must have kicked in a little, part of why I’d been practically running when we collided and he stopped me from knocking us both down because he chuckled and eyed Seth. “Actually, Seth, I was kind of talking to __. She is my friend.”

And there it was, that word again.

The word I definitely wanted to disappear from any and all conversation between Sami and I. I swallowed hard and I could feel the cameramen surrounding us because like… This was intense, it looked that way, it certainly felt that way and some of them must have thought it was a new storyline.

The thought had my stomach churning, but carpe diem, right?

I took a deep breath and I moved closer to Sami, further away from Seth, looking up at Sami apologetically as he raised a brow, a little confused. My hand curled in the fabric of his olive green t shirt and I gave this giggle that I can only describe as three parts nervous energy and two flirtatious.. Yeah, it wasn’t flattering at all, and trust me, I can assure you that I’m normally nothing if not at the top of my flirting game when I’m in full blown flirt mode..

Well, obviously not always, Sami just… He throws me for a loop every single time, okay? I don’t know why because if it’s not obvious already, it should be obvious by now that before I met and befriended and then fell for Sami, he’s kind of the polar opposite of the type of guy I thought I wanted?

But hey, that’s love for you, am I right?

Sami eyed me, cheeks reddening. Seth was gaping in sheer confusion because of all the guys on the roster he somehow never had a thought that I’d fall for Sami and he was shocked beyond belief.

“___” both men said it at the same time, but I gently pressed a fingertip to Sami’s lips, cutting off whatever he’d been about to say while raising to tiptoe, sliding my arms around his neck and my fingers through his hair, molding myself against him, careful to leave a little distance just in case he wanted to push me away, to save face if he shot me down like I was so afraid he was going to. At first, it took him a few seconds to realize what I was doing, but when he did, his hands slid down, moving from my hips to my ass, lifting slightly so that I didn’t have quite so far to stand as I nipped at his lip and his tongue slid past mine, finding my tongue, taking dominance in the kiss.

“Him?” Seth was coughing uncomfortably now, and still gaping in shock and all I could honestly do was laugh into the kiss as Sami asked with a curious look into my eyes, “___?”

“Yeah?” I mumbled in a huskier tone, eyes fluttering open a little wider to look up at Sami.

“Not that this isn’t completely fantastic but… Is there a reason you’re kissing me?” Sami’s voice was deep and gravelly and it literally ripped through my core, further soaking my panties. My response to that and to his question was to grab onto his t shirt harder, molding myself completely against his body and I nodded.

“Why the hell are you kissing him?” and the question had me turning slightly, I was fully aware of both sets of eyes fixed on me, and the fact that Seth was angry, the look of jealousy making his eyes burn a brighter shade of brown.

“Because, Seth… You wanted to know who, right? It’s Sami.. I want Sami. Not you and empty promises and a literal fuck ton of flowers and weird gifts. I want Sami.” I made sure to slow down the last three words really slow because sometimes Seth has a hard time comprehending the word no, or being shot down in general and I wanted to make it crystal clear to Seth that yes, this was happening. I also wanted to make it crystal clear to Sami too.

I heard Sami coughing a little, I turned back to look up at Sami again just in time to see the look of shock on his face change to a smirk as his hands gripped my hips, pulling me closer. “You want me, huh?” he mumbled against my lips, giving me a gentle peck as he looked over my shoulder at Seth and made it a point to tell him firmly, “Obviously, Rollins, she’s not gonna walk you to the ring tonight. You can go now, buddy.”

Seth pointed to himself, a brow raised as he shook his head. “Did you seriously just dismiss me?” and then, he eyed me. “And have you lost your mind? Him? Don’t make me laugh. It’ll last a week and you’ll be begging to come back to me. Have fun with this whatever the hell it is.”

“Seth?” I asked in the sweetest no nonsense tone I could muster, “Kindly fuck off? We’re trying to have a moment. You know, not everything is about you, right?” and finally, Seth turned and walked away.

“What did you mean when you walked up though? You said flowers… too many.” Sami chuckled as he bought up what I’d said earlier while trying to make my brain work properly around him. I sighed and then bit my lip as I rested my head on his chest and laughing softly, “I arrived at the arena to find my dressing room crammed full of flowers.. Like it was so full I couldn’t even get in.. It looked like they were holding a wake in my dressing room? I think that a stagehand is getting the flowers out right now… The worst part?”

“What’s that, tiny?” Sami was trying not to laugh and I lightly smacked at his chest, pouting. “They were frickin daisies..For my birthday..” as Sami raised a brow and then asked, “Aren’t you allergic to those? And wasn’t your birthday last week? Wow.. that’s just.. I mean, E for Effort, right?”

“Mhmm.. So I had to get away, get a crew member to get them out. I’d give him an E for effort but he was only doing it because this is all a game to him.. And there’s someone I want so much more..” I was leaning against him and he slid me up into his arms, squeezing me against him as he smiled into another long and slow kiss again caught by the cameras backstage, neither of us really caring at this point.. “Can I change in your dressing room? I mean since I’m not walking Seth down tonight.”

“Anymore. I mean if you… If you want to.” Sami cut in, licking his lips as his eyes fixed on me and he leaned in, brushing hair out of my eyes, nervously shuffling his feet  as I nodded and I gave a soft laugh, correcting myself. “Anymore.”

“That’s better.” Sami scooped me up and carried me down the hallway and into his dressing room.

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  • Harry: So? What do you think? Good melody, yeah?
  • Niall: ...
  • Zayn: ...
  • Louis: :D
  • Liam: Okay, I'll bite. "Traces in your hair"? Really?
  • Harry: What?
  • Liam: Harry...
  • Harry: Liam...
  • Liam: We're not singing about orgasming on a person's scalp, Harry. Some of our fans are fourteen.
  • Harry: Your mind is in the gutter, Liam. My intentions were innocent.
  • Liam: There's no way I'm gonna believe that, but let's hear your excuse.
  • Harry: Such little faith. I meant traces as in smell.
  • Louis: Wait, what? I could swear you meant what we did in —
  • Zayn: Nope! Hold it right there. We don't need the details.
  • Niall: Speak for yourself, mate. You could swear he meant what you did in...?
My favorite song on this album is I Want To Write You a Song, purely because it’s the kind of song I’ve always wanted to write for somebody… and I haven’t really thought yet ‘this is the song that I’d have written for someone’

Liam talking about writing IWTWYAS

so, just to clarify, liam wants to

1. write zayn a song

     -one that’s as beautiful as he is sweet

     -with just a hint of pain for the feeling that he gets when zayn is gone

2. lend zayn his coat

     -one that’s as soft as his cheek

     -so when the world is cold, he’ll have a hiding place to go

3. build zayn a boat

    -one that’s as strong as he is free

    -so any time he thinks his heart is gonna sink he knows it won’t

4. write zayn a song

    -one to make zayn’s heart remember him

    -so any time he’s gone, zayn can listen to his voice and sing along

Sami Zayn Drabble:|| "No one's going to hurt you, okay?"

Based on the drabble prompt, ‘No one’s going to hurt you, okay?’. Probably ridiculously awkward as I haven’t written in a good while, but like Y/N in the below drabble I just had a anxiety attack. However, unlike Y/N I don’t have a personal Sami to look after me, so I wrote this instead to calm myself down. I hope you enjoy.

My heart thumping and my anxiety disorientating me to my surroundings, it took me several moments to even realise that I had woken up from my sleep. The first bits of reality that I recognised was the warm body next to me and strong arms wrapped around my back. The sensation of my hair being gently caressed was the next thing I felt. Sami didn’t say anything at first, he knew me well enough to allow me to get my bearings first, before trying to talk to me.

“Y/N, you’re safe. No one’s going to hurt you, okay?” he whispered to me after a while. He pulled back to look me the eye and I took the moment to watch him back. My little ray of sunshine I called him in my head. I had called him that out loud once and he had blushed fully from face to neck.

I had suffered from anxiety for several years now and while on the whole I generally had it under control, I still had my bad days. It had been one of the reasons I had been hesitant to start something with Sami when we had first met several months ago, but Sami hadn’t cared and ultimately I realised I would just end up kicking myself, if I didn’t give an amazing guy like him a chance.

I clung to him for a moment, using all of the many tricks in my repertoire to calm myself. All the time he murmured gently to me, soft, soothing words and that combined with my own coping mechanisms; I was soon able to regain the control that my anxiety had temporarily robbed me off.

I took a moment to smile at him, to assure him that I was fine.

“Want me to check that the doors are locked?” he questioned, although he was already half way out of bed already. I nodded, almost slightly ashamed at my behaviour. Sami knew me so incredibly well. He knew when I woke up from an anxiety attack in my sleep like this, I felt the need to check the doors afterwards. It was silly and I knew it, yet it made me feel safer and less vulnerable, even though logically I knew that I was sleeping right next to Sami and the security at this hotel was nothing to sneer at.

He was quick to return to the bed. “All safe and secure” he told me, accompanying his words with a slight cheeky wink and I couldn’t help but smile slightly in return. It was hard not to smile around him. He held out his arms to me, gesturing for me to snuggle up to him. “Come on, sweetheart. Don’t hold out on me”. I snuggled down further under the covers, resting my head on his chest. I could faintly hear his heart beating in a steady pattern, subtly lulling me to peace and onto the verge of sleep. “I’ve got you, Y/N. I’ve always got you” he murmured to me, his voice husky with approaching sleep and I smiled into the material of his t-shirt.

“Thank you, Sami. I love you”.

“You don’t need to thank me. It’s what I’m here for. I love you too”.

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A/N: this is a random one shot that I wrote in a moment of temporary freedom from essays and life.I didn’t read over it so I don’t know if it’s good or makes any sense whatsoever…. Anyways….. xo

I just had to tell myself to keep breathing. I told myself it wasn’t going to be as bad as I was making it out to be. It was all in my head.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I made my way in to rehearse. It was the first time I was going to be performing the song live and I wanted it to go well. I didn’t want to let everyone down. But it was just the place, the event, the memories….

I stood up straight and walked confidently to the side of the BRITS stage. Well, at least I thought I looked confident.

“You okay there, T?” Zayn asked, looking at me weirdly as I got closer to him and the floor producer for the show.

“Yeah, totally fine.” I replied, plastering a smile on my face as he looked at me, not at all convinced. I knew Gigi would have mentioned something to him. All my friends knew why I had been hesitant to accept the invitation to perform tonight, without me even telling them they knew.

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I just wanna make you smile. Is that okay?
Yes, Zayn. I love you.

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Drabble Prompts

So, apparently 18 year old Louis Tomlinson was 5'8 (1,72 m).

Do we think he grew? an inch (2 and a half centimetres) since then? Or have we solved the mystery of his height? x  

anonymous asked:

I'm so dead at people going on ztan blogs all confused why we're not all collectively unstanning bc of stuff like this, I don't see Niall stans dropping him for being a rude dick to someone about trump but yeah we're all idiots for staying Zayn fans okay I guess lol

You can like a celeb without condoning everything they do or so lmao like ultimately its meant to be fun and make u happy and you’re not their keeper or obliged to constantly defend or debate about them

Small Moments Part I

To cover the (small) best aspects of one of the best relationships of this century. Total opinion but also facts. I decided to do a five part mini series on why these two humans are married.

I don’t think it’s a secret that Niall loves Zayn’s art work. Vice versa. So lets go over the big and the smalls.

Niall has no six pack and Zayn trying to draw Niall Dragon Ball style makes me laugh but the fact that they sat next to each other and Niall was goading Zayn to draw him is pretty special. Especially since you had no abs Niall.

Okay but how about Zayn drawing all four with no input. One of these things is not like the other.

And I’m not just talking about how Zayn draws a ♥ over the i in Niall either.

This was ridiculous. It just needs to be pointed out based on prior evidence that Zayn Malik is a top tier liar on all accounts.

Here are some of the pages from the sketchbook that was taken from Zayn’s luggage. I don’t have to go into deep analysis to explain how flirty these pages are. I get these were done with private intentions. I don’t condone that behavior but the glimpse we got to see of this was really BIG.

Also has been said but the amount of trust Zayn has in Niall to look and write in his sketch book speak volumes.

Seriously though, “fuck you” and all Zayn does is reply with a heart. I hate them. And asking how “Neil” is doing. Wow.

Zayn under selling himself while Niall wants Zayn to get the credit and recognition he deserves makes me sigh very heavily.

A compliment and keeping the original work. What else could Niall possibly have?

Zayn went out of his way to give proper credit to Niall for his icon and his photography expertise. Lifting each other up like this doesn’t get anymore beautiful.

But this has been happening since the beginning so I’m not REALLY surprised.

Like of all 1000 tattoos on those 4 boys and he picks this tiny little robot on Zayn which I think is still skeptical. But very endearing. And if you listen closely to the video before Niall gives his answer, Louis tells Niall “don’t fuck it up.”  👀

I love Niall appreciating Zayn’s tattoo’s and the dorkier they are about it the better. Done.

This speaks for itself but they literally went on a roadtrip to get Zayn something he really wanted. 

Now for the real talk right?

Remember these?

And it’s not really news that Zayn likes the skull design nor that he likes doing his own fashion.

Now I’m no detective or anything and sadly these were the only shots of Niall this day but that back design looks very Zayn? You can side by side some of Zayn’s skulls for comparison and it matches very heavily to his style. 

I don’t blame Niall. I’d love having the privilege to wear his art.