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Joji - I Don’t Wanna Waste My Time

I don’t wanna waste my time
If I can’t be by your side
You really shouldn’t think about that
If she can’t see where you hide
And we don’t gotta talk about nothing nice
If you wanna come down
And she don’t gotta know about nothin’
And she don’t gotta know

And if the stars collide
Will she relieve my soul?
And when we feel alive
I know she’ll let me go
When you read my lips
I know you feel my cold
But I promise you
My heart is made of gold
(Oooh, Oooh)

I don’t wanna waste my time
If I can’t make you decide
You’re only on my mind when I need you
And I don’t need to know about
What you do when the sun goes down
‘Cause I don’t gotta know about nothin’
‘Cause I don’t gotta know
(Cause I don’t gotta know)
(Cause I don’t gotta know)
(Ah, ah)

And if the stars collide
Will she relieve my soul?
And when we feel alive
I know she’ll let me go
When you read my lips
I know you feel my cold
But I promise you
My heart is made of gold

if Aleinn Um Jólin was used in the actual show I think it would go something like this:

[Stephanie, staring out the window at Robbie, who is walking around in the snow-covered streets without even a coat on, shivering]

Sportacus: “What’s wrong, Stephanie?”

Stephanie: *sighs* “It’s just…sad, I guess, to see Robbie out there in the cold like that.  Even if he WAS sneaking around, planning some kind of trick…No one deserves to be alone and cold on Christmas.”

Sportacus, nodding: “I’ll tell you something, Stephanie. There’s a saying, that my grandmother taught me…” [music begins, as Sportacus thinks] “Ah, how does one say it in English…”

Sportacus [singing]:

Do you know what’s said of men, who often turn away

when they see a holiday light?

Do you know what’s said of men, who stand on their own?

That they most need a friend on Christmas

[Robbie, pacing and shivering]:

I’m no one’s friend, and I don’t care

though while I’m out here FREEZING, they’re HAPPY in there

I want peace and quiet on Christmas!

That’s why I’m alone…on Christmas

[Zoom in on Stephanie, brows furrowed at the window, singing softly]:

If it is true that dark turns to light and cold turns to warmth on Christmas Eve

Then is it so strange, that I think he could change?

If we help him find peace this Christmas

[Stephanie turns away while the instrumental continues, finding her uncle]


“Yes, my dear Stephanie?”

“Can we invite Robbie Rotten inside? He’s out there in the cold, and he’s not even wearing a jacket!”

“Oh goodness me! Yes, yes, bring him in!”

[Robbie, tearing his eyes away from the window, singing:]

What’s wrong with me? I’ve got to be

Sneaky and nasty and villainous ME!

I want peace and quiet on Christmas!

That’s why I’m alone…on Christmas

[Robbie starts walking away, dejectedly, but over his shoulder you see Stephanie opening the door]

[Stephanie singing]

Oh Robbie, please don’t be alone

[Robbie turns around as Milford joins her at the door, they sing together]

Please come to the warmth and the light of our home

[Everyone inside singing as Robbie smiles and walks toward them all]

Do you hear the bell? That means all is well? On Christmas

[There’s laughter and chatter as the kids pull Robbie into the house and show him all of their decorations that they’ve made. Sportacus is watching off to the side, leaning against the door, smiling fondly.]

[Sportacus, singing]

Do you know what’s said as well?

“Love your neighbor as yourself”?

Throughout the year

Beginning now

On Christmas

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Masterpost: {x}

Pairing: Lams

Summary: What if John Laurens hadn’t died?

Warning: mentions of time periodic homophobia, panic attack, cheating

Word Count: Word Count: 3,627

Dedication: @imwritingmywayout , @mutantplant  ( @plantwrites ), @overfour-sets-of-corsets they are my betas and they do so much for me!!! Also, @eightmonkeys because they came up with the John Lives AU!!

Tags: @starfreckledlaurens , @bring-me-the-misha

A/N: if you like the story, PLEASE REBLOG! My goal is to become an author and exposure does a lot!!  Anyway, enjoy!!

My Dearest, John Laurens,

            ‘Tis been awhile, for you have been in the cold, unforgiving ground for an approaching decade. I still find myself in times of trouble, especially in this season of relentless heat. It is hot and humid, much like my days as a child, but you know plenty of it.

            I shall spare you the details of my life, as not much has changed since writing you last. My dear James has grown, as with Philip and Angelica. They are becoming outstanding citizens of society and are still very young! Philip is mature for his age, but does find pleasure in jesting. I would assume he acquires his playful attributes from my façade. I cannot deny that I abhor not being my true self whilst around my family, but John, my true being perished with the acknowledgment of your death.

            We were to be the emperors of Congress, my dear John. We were to be comrades through all of our trials and tribulations. I firmly believe that life would be much less despairing if we worked side by side, but that is a question left unanswered by the cruel grips of fate.

 Forgive me for rambling, my mind cannot cease when thinking about you.

 Adieu, my love.

 Ever yours,


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Reaction #3: Their S/O randomly nuzzles their face into their neck because they are cold

SeokJin (Genie):

Because he’s mostly an innocent smol pink princess, he will definitely not think twice to cuddle them because they are cold or just in general.

“Aw Jagi you’re cold, come cuddle with me”

(make pretend you are the lucky bear in this gif)

Yoongi (Yeon Ki Min):

Yoongi, oh Yoongi, he would pretend not to lose his cool and would just notice you laying there, chill nose/face hitting his neck and would slightly jump and make a nonchalant comment about how cold they were, but he deep down actually thought it was really cute when his S/O did that and enjoyed it a lot. A little later he then responds again and this is how the conversation goes:

“Okay fine I guess we can cuddle”

“Really?? wow this is the first time you actually suggested-”

“Ahh Don’t ruin it y/n” he would say trying to hide back his smile, but nonetheless, still gives his S/O that small smirk.

( Aw Yoongi just can’t help himself ;) )

Hoseok (J-Dope):

Hobi would LOVE when his S/O would randomly nuzzle their nose or face into his neck when they are cold or shy and would look down adoringly and wrap his arms around them.

“AHH!! you’re so cute when you do that Jagi!”

(The heart is for u)

Namjoon (Monie):

Like Hobi, he would think that it was cute whenever they do that and would kiss their forehead EVERY.SINGLE.TIME because namjoonie just can’t keep his hands or lips off of them. 

“You’re so cute y/n. Now let me warm you up.”

(Look at this cheeky boy)

Jimin (Christian Chim Chim):

This smol mochi would be so shy. As soon as his S/O would nuzzle their cold nose or face into his neck he would get all giddy and he automatically will give you that smile that lights up the whole wide world and his cheeks will turn a shade of pink.

“Ah y/n you’re making me blush”

(Jimin is shy shy shy)

Taehyung (Jack):

This boy would be so extra about it and as soon as his S/O nuzzled their cold nose or face into the crook of his neck, 2.5 seconds later he would automatically cuddle them and wrap his S/O in a tight embrace because we already know that he’s a cuddle master.

“Yayyy cuddlesssss” he says as he automatically nuzzles his face into your hair or forehead.

(How cute!!)

Jungkook (Justin Seagull):

It had became a typical thing for you two. Every time his S/O is cold, they would automatically do a small cute gesture like nuzzling their nose or face into the crook of his neck, hold hands, or anything and he would always keep you warm. Even though this smol baby would be shy around you, he would always find a way to warm you up, whether it be covering you with his jacket or blanket.

“Oh y/n you’re cold! uh- here you go” he would say with a shy smile.


A/N: Ahhh sorry this was terrible but I tried, but side note, I do NOT own these gifs, credit to those who do!


Jackson Wang X Reader


Word Count: 1,256

Anon asked: OMG! The dating Jackson one was so perf! <3 Could we maybe get a little Jackson fluff? Like maybe you are new to Korea and he’s one of the first people you run into and he’s just super sweet and helpful…or whatever you want!

Summary: You moved to Seoul, Korea only to find out that everything is so different than back home. Seeing you struggle to navigate, a man walks up to you to provide help but soon realizes you’re much more than a confused girl on the sidewalk (✿´‿`)

A/N: First off, I really like this request! Second, I’m in love with this gif. Third, I’ll update the next chapter sometime tomorrow!

Originally posted by kpopeyton

Part 1 ~ Part 2 

As you walk down the streets of the new community in which you now live in, you find yourself a tad lost. You take a deep breath while the cold air rushes past your body and you try to relax after getting frustrated with yourself. 

“Excuse me, Miss? Do you need help?”

 You jumped at the sudden interaction and turned towards the voice. It’s a fairly tall man with nicely styled blond hair.

“Uh, I’m not quite sure actually.” You breath out, silently laughing at yourself. “I’m just kind of wandering around, trying to get a feel for the place.”

“Oh. Are you visiting someone?” He asked with a small smile.

“Nope, I moved here yesterday from out of the country.” You explained.

“Wow, really? Well, I’m not doing anything. I could give you a quick tour.” The man smiled brightly.

“No, I wouldn’t want to burden yo-”

“Nonsense, anything for a pretty lady like yourself.” He interjected.

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In Sickness and in Health (Jason x Reader)

Request: Can you do a Jason Todd x reader where the reader is sick and Jason is taking care of them (btw you’re an amazing writer!)

A/N: I hope you like it anon!

Y/F/S: your favorite show


“I said, I’m fine.” You sneezed into the tissue you were holding, wiping at your nose before continuing. “It’s just a cold. You don’t need to stay home with me.”

“No, it’s not just a cold.” He tucked the blanket in around your sides a little more snug. “You have a fever of 102 degrees (fahrenheit) and you threw up an hour ago.” He pressed his hand against the back of your forehead and frowned. “You’re still warm.”

“I’m fine.” You said stuffily. “Really, Jason, you don’t need to stay here. I’m fine taking care of myself.”

“You’re shaking.” He checked his phone momentarily before shutting it off. “I’m not leaving you until your fever is broken.”

“If you need to leave, then leave. I’m not going to die.” You noticed he was looking down at his phone buzzing in his pocket.

“Roy can live without me for a day or two.” Jason shut his phone off and set it screen down on the table. “You’re what’s important right now. Drink this.” He handed you the water bottle you’d been drinking from. “When I come back, I want half of this gone.”

“Okay.” You smiled at him and took a sip. He walked into the kitchen, and you heard him moving around. You drank some more water, grimacing at the gurgle that it made when it hit your stomach, and turned on your side to take a nap.

Five minutes later, you ran to the bathroom, hurling up your insides. Jason followed behind you and gently pulled back your hair while you released the contents of your stomach, patting your back kindly. When you were finished, he had a washcloth ready and wiped your mouth, then handed you more water and kissed your forehead.

“Please don’t get sick, Jay.” You sighed before taking a slow drink of water.

“I never get sick, Y/F/N.” He smiled at you. “Go sit back down on the couch, and I’ll be back in a minute.”

You obliged, and went to sit down. A moment later, he walked in with a bowl in each hand, one of which he handed to you. You looked down at the bowl and smiled. “It’s chicken soup.”


“I knew there was a reason that I kept you around.” You grinned and blew steam away from a spoonful of soup before slurping it up. Damn, Jason could cook. “When did you learn how to make this?”

“Alfred taught me when I lived at the Manor. Dick and Bruce came down with the flu one time, and I learned how to cook soup to take care of them.” He shrugged. “It’s not that big of a deal.”

After finishing your soup, you and Jason settled into the couch to binge watch Y/F/S. Jason cuddled up to you and made sure that you were tucked under the blanket, taking your temperature every hour. Halfway through the fifth episode, you fell asleep on his shoulder.

Hours later, you woke up feeling refreshed– if not amazing. You looked around to see Jason missing from his spot next to you on the couch. You stood up and walked around the apartment, stopping at the bathroom door. There, lying with his head pressed to the floor, was Jason.

“I thought that you never get sick?” You knelt down to feel his forehead, finding that he had a fever.

“That’s what I thought.” He mumbled against the cool tile. Poor thing. If he felt anything like you had a day ago, you felt sorry for him.

“I’ll call in sick today.” You smoothed back his hair. “In the meantime, you get settled, either on the couch or in our bed, and I’ll bring you some water.”

He moved into the bedroom while you brought him a glass of water. He started to try and feel up your forehead, but you cut him off.

“Jason, I’m fine. It’s probably 24 hour bug. Right now is… 8 AM, so we have a while.” You moved to the other side of the mattress and climbed in next to him, laying his head down on your lap. Jason intertwined your fingers with his.

“I love you, Y/F/N.” He stared up into your eyes and kissed your hand.

“I love you too, Jason. In sickness and in health.”

Dramione ‘Morning in May’

for @ficsandteamakeahappyme

Morning in May - Ludo

Draco exhaled shakily, leaning into Hermione’s touch and curling around her body as she laid down on the pillow.  He’d been waiting so long for this, it almost didn’t seem real.

“You’re shaking…” she murmured.  “Are you cold?”  

He gulped and nodded.  “Mmm.  Should be fine in a few, though…”  

“I can go fetch another blanket…” Hermione offered, but he shook his head and tightened his hold on her waist.  

“I’ll be fine in a few, Granger.”  

A Royal Commission (5)


The bench is a bit chilly but Prompto doesn’t mind as Noctis sits down, looking around the park a bit nervously. Prompto rolls his eyes, and pulls out the tube of lotion gesturing for Noctis to turn around.

The Prince huffs and rolls his eyes but does so, tugging up the back of his shirt for Prompto to see the ink on his lower back.

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I Love You


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Saying I love you to each other for the first time

Side Note: I hope to the anon who requested this, that I haven’t let you down with the idea you sent in for this imagine. Thank you for the idea and I really hope you enjoy reading it. x

You felt relief turning the door knob and walking into the fruity scented apartment. Placing all your work related documents down, the allure of a hot shower was becoming increasingly harder to resist. Taking off the clothes that had been sticking to your body for the last 24 hours, you welcomed the soothing feel of the warm water.

By the time you gained enough will power to leave the shower, the clock on your phone displayed 7:10pm, meaning that you had been basking in the hot water for at least 30 minutes. Shivering as cold air came in contact with your body, you found the nearest towel and quickly begun to change. Now with a fresh set of lingerie underneath your nightgown you felt relaxed and content after a hectic day at work.

Walking into the bedroom you didn’t expect Mac to be home yet, but there he was spreading the last of the rose petals from his hands onto the floor.

“What’s all this?”.

Mac beamed, but a hint of nervousness was evident in the way he was playing with his hands. “I just wanted to do something romantic for my girlfriend”.

“Job well done. This is beautiful, Mac".

You were searching through your mind trying to remember if you missed an anniversary, birthday or any other special occasion. But nothing came to mind. While you were deep in thought Mac’s hand slipped in yours.

“I do have a reason for doing this, I just wanted to get the mood right first”. Mac paused, making it impossible for your heart not to beat like a drum against your chest. It was way too early for Mac to proposal. “I promised myself I’d keep this short and simple, so here goes”. He drew a breath, held it for a couple seconds before exhaling. “I love you, Y/N”.

You completely forgot that Mac was still waiting for a reply, you were too adsorbed in repeating the words over and over in your head. “Oh, god. You don’t feel the same…”. Breaking out of your trance, Mac continued to panic, mumbling oh god.

Closing the gap that separated you both. “Mac, shut up for a second”. He did as he was told, the worry still left in his eyes. “I love you too”.

The two of you were now sitting on the couch, basking in each other’s embrace. Mac pulled you onto his lap causing part of the night gown to slide up. You weren’t concerned much about it, all your focus remained on Mac.

“Say it again”, you whispered as your forehead touched his.

Mac’s hand trailed up your skin that had been exposed by the nightgown, his touch feeling light, just like a feather. “I love you”. Kissing your lips ever so softly, “I love you”. He repeated.

Fiddling with the two top buttons of his shirt, his eyes firmly on you. “I don’t think I’ve ever get tired of hearing you say those 3 words, or get tired of saying them to you”.

“I hope not, because I’m going to say them to you everyday”.

“You say that now, but wait another 5 or so years”. You joked, but Mac didn’t laugh. Instead he secured an arm around you, his other resting comfortably on your thigh. “That’s not going to happen, Y/N. And I’ll prove that to you everyday for the rest of my life”.

Nothing, not even an intrusive phone call from Jack or the Phoenix could ruin this perfect picture moment. The first I love you was one of the huge milestones in an relationship. You and Mac had now reached it after a year of being together.

Throwing a leg over to the side so now you were straddling Mac, you unbuttoned his shirt, placing light kisses along his jaw and neck. He reached for your nightgown and untied the material. Letting the gown fall off your shoulders, revealing a black lingerie two piece underneath.

Mac carried you to the bedroom. Setting you down on the rose covered bed. The room was dimmed, the candles flickered and Mac kissed from the hem of your underwear all the way to your lips, locking in a heated make out session.

“Want me to say it again?”.

You nodded, biting the corner of your lip as Mac’s fingers ran themselves over the thin material of underwear. Slightly arching your back as you felt his wet lips come in contact with your neck, nibbling the skin. Having no doubt that a blue, purple bruise would appear in the morning as a reminder of this romantic night.

Mac’s hot breath tickled your ear, “”.

And those were the only words, apart from each other’s names that were uttered that night.

2404mkmb  asked:

Do you like the Cold or hate the Cold? Do you like or hate Snow? Whats your favorite season?

autumn. i like thunderstorms and rain best.

spring is ok too, i guess. 

winter’s too cold and i have a love-hate relationship with summer because i love being out in the sun but i have sun allergy so if i spend more than like an hour in the sun, i break out in hives and look like an overcooked lobster for at least two weeks.

anonymous asked:

Hi Lys! I'm back with another headcanon for you: There is one thing that Robin!Jason likes about being sick (which he will vehemently deny). When he's all tucked in bed, cold compress on his head while he sniffles through his little red nose, Jason listens to Dad!Bruce sitting next to him as he reads out loud "The Sign of Four" (Bruce's favorite Sherlock story) as the cold meds gently lull him to sleep smiling. Now, Hood!Jason listens to an audio book so he can sleep when he catches a cold.

i’m not crying you’re crying

anonymous asked:

Fi-Fi???? What the fuck is wrong with you? He's the villain, you said it yourself! He isn't some cute fucker who picks flowers and makes babies cry. He's a tactician who can tear apart entire organizations without breaking a god damn sweat! He would never have fucked Dazai and he wouldn't flirt with Chuuya.

Could you imagine being killed by someone named Fi-Fi with a calm smile on their face and nothing but cold condescension in their eyes? Could you imagine being killed by someone who’s not only a boogeyman for children but for adults too? A person who’s mere name forces people to drink to calm themselves so they don’t throw themselves off a pier in fear? 

Because I think, Fi-Fi is more terrifying as a nickname than Fyodor by itself. Something sweet and unassuming all the way up until you’re on the ground, spitting blood :)

Also LMAO You’re a little shit over the SHIPS?!! Holy shit, you’re just mad I had Fyo fuck Dazai and flirt with Chuuya, wowwww. Okay, you do you.