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If we were a fire, we’d be sparked in the forest.

Where, for once, something was more alive than us.
—  Nicole Torres // First Chapter Sentence; Existing Magic;

Firsts things first,I gotta put my best friend, brooklynhighwarlock. Lindsay has been my friend since middle school and I can always count on her to be obsessed with what I’m obsessed with. She definitely pushes me to be a bigger Shadowhuters fan and I have to thank her for putting up with me. She has an amazing blog so I encourage you to check it out! :D

And here’s everyone else! I feel like I’m for sure missing people, so I’m so so sorry! I love everyone I follow.

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WOAH WOW LOOK IM ALIVE!!! Sorry I’ve been gone for SO long cuties! School swept me up and I put this blog on the back burner to focus on class! I’m taking my mid-terms next week but I’ve decided to revsit this blog to answer questions again! I accidentally DELETED ALL MY MESSAGES LIKE AN IDIOT SO IM SUPER SORRY ABOUT THAT! ;__;

Why does Dark exist?

Let me start out by saying that I’ve watched a lot of videos and read a lot of theories regarding what Darkiplier is. Is he a demon that is possessing Mark? Is he a separate personality? Is he simply a voice in Mark’s head that convinces him to act that way? (More on those theories from LadyGwen88′s video linked here).

I would argue that he is none of these things… or all of them. Depends on how you look at it.

Ten few years ago, Supernatural aired an episode called Hell House, where the Winchesters hunted a monster that they couldn’t identify, because it was everything they had seen before, and nothing they had seen before. The stories from witnesses and the state of the victims were so vastly different that no one could figure out what the monster was. It turned out, it was a Tulpa.

So what is a Tulpa? According to Tibetan legend, a Tulpa is a hallucination. While they were students, monks would be tested with a Tulpa. The student was expected to come to the understanding that the Tulpa was just a hallucination.

Tulpas have since become a creature of a hivemind. If enough people believe in the same thing strongly enough, it becomes reality. 

That’s why Dark is so similar to what we’ve been talking about… Why he’s calm and collected, but breaks every so often. Why he makes eye contact with us. Why he wants to provide for us. It’s because we truly created him, just as Mark said.

Edit: navelglazed commented:  tulpas aren’t really hallucinations so much as they are thoughtforms. There is even a practice of western tulpamancy, which is much more like multiplicity than buddhist tulpas.

I admit, this theory isn’t fully formed. I wanted to throw it out there. I might edit this later after I look more into tulpas. Feel free to reblog, comment, add to this theory, and I’ll do my best to reblog your additions.

I’m back

I know, lately I wasn’t very active here. Mostly because of job I had, but because of some accidents I lost it. They kicked me out after I almost fainted. Twice.

I was feeling worse with every day, I even didn’t had an energy to write stupid smiley icon. But, long story short, I was diagnosed with something named Panic Disorder. I’m taking pills now, and I’m slightly better. Still fighting tho.

But the happy news are; I have new laptop, so I’m back on track with art :D

I hope you guys forgive me my lack of activity, and I hope all of you are doing fine and well <3

PS. Please, don’t ask me about what caused this disorder. It’s connected with my past and present, and I don’t feel strong enough to reveal it, not yet. Also, I know some of you really care for me, and I appreciate it very much <3 but don’t say “just don’t think about it” or “just don’t panic” because it doesn’t work that way. Those attacks are striking even when I’m not stressed, even when I’m relaxed, doing something.

And also, don’t worry for me, guys. I’ll beat the shit out of it, I’ll survive it and become stronger, I just need some time to gather my forces for battle against my own fears >:D *battle music intensifies*

Love ya all~