are you mad jun

College!AU Jun
  • [double] major: italian / french 
  • minor: translation studies 
  • sports: track & field 
  • clubs: italian opera enthusiasts, french film club, part-time model when the fashion majors need him
  • someone call a doctor because jun is out here on campus breaking HEARTS 
  • as in he’s the most flirty, handsome, witty, “campus casanova” eVER
  • from the fact that he’s studying italian and french because quote on quote; “i wanna to speak the language or romance” to the fact that he refers to anyone he’s speaking to as his ”tesoro” *darling 
  • also like have you seen him?? double language major jun walking around in expensive foreign brands……..aesthetic to the MAX…..jawline for days……one time during a track meet he took his shirt off because it was too hot and everyone discovered that he has a tattoo in italian on his ribs and when asked what it said he just smirked and said “Ho saziato la mia sete alla fontana dei tuoi baci…….” some one translated it and it meant “I quenched my thirst at your fountain of kisses.” and literALLY JUN WOULD 
  • wants to translate operas and plays and things like that when he’s older so that’s why he has the translation minor. he tutors in italian and people who don’t even take italian as their language will BEG him to teach them and when he’s in the library his table is literally just surrounded by students asking question
  • freshmen love coming up to him and asking him to speak to them in french or italian and like they’ll giggle and videotape it and long story short jun has a campus blog dedicated to him probably
  • studied abroad in france and bought a neck scarf that he loves dearly and wears whenever he’s going out and roommate minghao is like “what. is that.” and jun is like “FASHION.”
  • so here you are in this. intermediate italian class because your schedule got messed up because university sucks and you already told admissions but they were like we need a week to fix it so you’re stuck taking ITALIAN for the time being 
  • and like you come in and some overly excited student tries to greet you and you’re just like “buddy. the language i signed up for was beginner chinese. not this.” and the kid gives you a sad look and you’re like yEAH i KNOW 
  • and just as you’re about to take a seat someone taps your shoulder and you turn around and you’re not sure but you think you’ve just come face to face with a real life Angel (it’s jun)
  • the boy smiles and he’s like “are you new to the italian major?” and you’re like “i………….i……………………i…………….um……………….si?”
  • the kid you just told you were in the wrong classroom: ???????
  • but like you sit down and he’s like….right there in the next seat and he like flips through his notebook and god his fingers are long and he’s so lithe??? and gorgeous, his side profile is like an actors or models
  • and ok you’re totally drooling but so is everyone else. like half the class is shooting darts at you w/their eyes because you GOT A SEAT BESIDE A GOD
  • finally the teacher comes in and thank god she’s like “we’ll just do introduction today in english!!” and she’s like “say your name. major. and the best italian food in your opinion!” and so like it goes around and it gets to the boy beside you and he’s like 
  • “im junhui!! jun for short please. my double majors italian and french. best italian food? pizza.”
  • and in your head you’re like: HOLD UP
  • and the teacher turns to you and you say your name and major but you’re like “the best italian food is pasta. everyone knows that.”
  • jun like looks at you and scrunches up his face and is like “it’s pizza.” and you’re like “UM CAN YOU TWIRL PIZZA AROUND ON A FORK??? NO” and jun’s like “CAN YOU EAT PASTA WITH YOUR HANDs???” and you’re like bOY I WOULD IF IT WAS SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE and Jun’s like WELL WITH PIZZA YOU CAN 
  • and honestly you two get up out of your seats to argue about this and the teacher is just like um
  • but now your onto what kind of toppings and sauces are better on pasta or pizza and you’re like first of all. pizza isn’t even historically italian you can trace it back to the middle east??? and jun is like you can trace flatbread. real pizza comes from naples- 
  • and you two just stand there going @ it about the history of pizza for like twenty minutes before the teacher is like SIT DOWN
  • and you’re like “you may look good but you don’t know what you’re talking about.” and jun snorts like “i do look good and i do know what im talking about.” and you’re like “WELL Obviously you’ve never had REAL GOOD pasta in your life if you say pizza is better.” and jun’s like “what constitutes ‘real good pasta’ for you??” and you’re like this place downtown is owned by an italian family and it’s the best ill give you the address so you can go and SEE THE LIGHT
  • and jun’s like FINE then ill make you see the light with my favorite pizza place
  • you two are still bickering and the teacher is like “YOU TWO CAN TALK ABOUT PLACES TO EAT FOR YOUR DATE LATER!!!! SILENZO”
  • you and jun slip into your seats grumbling but you’re also like ,,,,did the teacher say date,,,,,,,,,,i wouldnt,,,,,,i mean he’s hot but,,,,,,,,pizza > pasta,,,,,,no
  • and jun, you don’t notice, but he likes peeks over at you and grins because like usually he’ll say something and everyone will flock to him and be like yes!!! you’re right!!! even when he knows they’re differing in opinion but you just seriously argued with him over food and like ….
  • he thought you were cute doing it hehe
  • anyway class ends and you’re getting your things and jun clears his throat and you’re like ??? and he’s like “so the pizza place is pretty close by here. do you want to come with me?” and you’re like
  • “now??” and he’s like “yeah??” and you’re like “um id love to go and disprove you but i have another class so……” and you wave and throw your bag over your shoulder and leave
  • and jun’s like stunned because you legit just shot him down (for good reason but…….) and he grins and he’s like “there’s something about that one. they’re fun.”
  • and the next time you have to come in for italian because admissions is taking 29048 years to switch your schedule jun waves and like points to the seat beside him
  • you like awkwardly go over and he’s like “so, you free after class?” and you’re like ?? and he’s like “i still gotta take you out for pizza.” and you’re like oH right and jun’s like wigging his eyebrows and you shrug because you’re like “maybe. i kinda wanted to get some study time in. ive got this presentation in a week so i cant slack.”
  • and like at the end when it’s over juns like “so lets go!!” and you’re like “sorry i really do need to study, my group chat is like telling me i have to go!! sorry!!!”
  • and jun once again watches you leave but he’s not mad tbh he’s grinning even more because he was right, this is going to be fun
  • and like when you don’t show up to italian the next week because your schedule got fixed jun ends up asking around the whole campus to find out where you might be
  • and like he finds you outside the study hall one day and he’s like “hey!” and you’re like “jun????” and he’s like “you’re hard to find, had me running around the whole campus.” and you’re like “why are you looking for me??” and he’s like “pizza, remember?”
  • and you’re looking at him like seriously, you’re not over that?? and jun’s smiling at you and you’re like “i dont have time now-” and jun’s like “give me your phone. im going to give you my number and just text me when you do  - ok?”
  • and you hesitate but you pass your phone over and he puts his contact in and gives it back and you almost throw it at him because hE SERIOUSLY NAMED HIMSELF “Pizza King *crown emoji* *pizza emoji*” and he winks at you and is like “addio~~”
  • truthfully like you get to wrapped up in your own work that like a month passes and you don’t text jun until one day you like look at your contacts and see the dumb pizza king one and you’re like ………….i have this weekend off so…………..and so you nervously text him like “hey, im free tomorrow at 1?”
  • like ten seconds later: “really? can you meet me outside of the theater on campus?”
  • and you’re like oh my god but you’re like sure!! and that’s how you set up your first date (of many coughs) with wen junhui
  • but it’s hilarious you get to the theater at like 12:50 the next day and you can hear music inside and one of the students tells you that the fashion majors are doing like a practice show
  • and you’re like huh and then at 1 you see someone running toward you and it’s jun and he’s wearing ?? like ??? a full tux ??? and like has makeup on ?? and you’re like UM and he’s like
  • “sorry i was just helping the fashion kids out. sorry i look like this-” but then he stops because he sees how you keep looking down because like the buttoned up part of his tux and tie are undone and you’re kinda red in the face and jun bites his lip and he’s like “you know. ill borrow this clothes for our date.” and you’re like AHGIKFS NO PLEASE CHANGE
  • and you like push him back toward the theater like !! go put on some normal clothes !!!! and he’s laughing because aww you’re cute when you’re embarrassed 
  • he finally agrees to change and comes out looking AMAZING anyway and he’s like “the place is close to campus, don’t worry.” and you two walk there and jun orders you guys his favorite kind of pizza
  • and like you’re waiting and you’re like “why are you studying languages?” and jun like drinks some water and is like “because im not good at anything else.” and you’re like ??? what do you mean and he lets out kind of a bitter laugh and he’s like “people always tell me there’s not much beyond my looks and they’re right. language is all memorization, you don’t need skill.”
  • and you can feel his voice is dripping with like sarcasm and you kind of cringe because as confident as he comes off, is this really what he thinks of himself????
  • and you’re like “you must be crazy, language is the hardest major. you’re learning something you don’t even have basic knowledge of.” and jun’s like what do you mean and you’re like “bio majors know the difference between something alive and dead. it’s common sense. literature majors know whats a real word and whats not, what sentence sounds right and what doesn’t. every major has a platform to start on except foreign languages. double majoring in two is something only a real genius could pull off.”
  • and like you shrug because you feel like you’ve said to much and like you try to distract yourself when the pizza comes but jun watches you and he’s just like “i knew it. i knew it was you.” and you’re like ??? and he just shakes his head and eats his slice
  • the rest of your conversation is like cute and small jun flirts in between asking you questions and you mock him in between answering them but somehow you two like fit together the conversation never dies
  • and by the end you’re like “i have to admit, this is good pizza - but…………pasta owns my heart.”
  • and jun sighs and he’s like “fine, ill give up on pizza owning your heart but how about this’; me or pasta?”
  • and he like leans over to look you in the eyes and you’re like …………..”pasta duh” and he’s like DAMMIT 
  • but you both laugh and he walks you back to your dorm and he’s like “since i took you for some life changing pizza, you owe me life changing pasta.” and you’re like “of course, how about next week?”
  • and jun jumps at the offer like yes. anytime for you. anytime anyplace and you roll your eyes because like as much as you don’t want to admit you like jun. but you cant risk letting him now that because something itches at your mind that he’s probably not the committed type
  • and so you and jun say goodbye and he pulls you back to him when you turn to leave and he’s like “we have to say bye like the italians do.” and he kisses your cheek and grins softly before waving and walking off
  • and you’re like I hate his corny butt BUT DO YOU DO YOU…….
  • the next week you and jun meet up to go to the pasta place you wanted to show him and like on your way there you’re waiting for the train and you hear like a group of boys go bye snickering and pointing at jun and you hear one of them basically call jun a slur and another one says he’s good for nothing but how he looks and like it’s within earshot so it means jun can hear too and so you like
  • immediately take his hand and move him further away down the platform and he’s like “dont worry about me.” but you’re like “jun, is that why you were telling me you’re not good at anything? is it because of what people say?”
  • and he just looks down and tries to smile but you can see it’s hard for him and you’re like “jun, you know theyre just jealous right. that they cant shine confidence like you and that they will never be as smart and capable and kind like you. you know that right?”
  • and you like lift his face so he looks directly at you and he’s like “no one… one ever tells me that im doing the right thing. that im doing well-” and you’re like “jun, listen to me, you’re doing amazing. you’re handsome, yeah but you’re a sweet person and you’re incredibly intelligent. don’t take a word they say into consideration ok?”
  • and he chuckles but he nods and you let him go but he pulls you into a tight hug and you’re like jun!!! people can see!!! and he’s like with his head in your neck like let them see i dont care,,,,,
  • once you get to the pasta place you order your favorite dish and like you guys are eating and jun’s like “let’s do the pasta kiss.” and you’re like “jun. no.” and he’s like “………c’mon…….” and you’re like jUN NO and he’s already twirling one end of the pasta on his fork and you’re like aklhfw OK 
  • and it’s cute it’s like the scene from lady and the tramp except you bite off the noodle before jun can and he’s like hey!! and you’re laughing but the second you’re distracted he leans in and steals a kiss and you’re like j U N and he’s like “you wouldn’t do the pasta kiss with me SOOOO”
  • and jun admits at the end that the pasta might be slightly better than the pizza but only because there was a kiss involved and you’re like god you’re so greasy and he’s like “just like pizza (;”
  • everyone knows you and jun started dating because the night of the pasta date he made you two take a selfie outside the resturant and when you woke up it was all over SNS and your roommate was practically yelling in your ear like YOURE DATING WEN JUNHUI PRINCE OF TRACK TEAM ITALIAN SPEAKING HEARTTHROB
  • and you roll over like let Me sLEEp but yes im dating him 
  • you dont have many classes with him but you meet up inbetween and his friends minghao and hoshi are like “break up with jun. you think he’s a flirt before you dated him, now it’s just gonna be worse.” and you’re like looking at jun whose got his arm around you and keeps making hearts with his fingers and you’re like “yeah……..i know what i signed up for.”
  • you complimented hoshi’s shirt once and jun was like “should i buy one just like it?” and you’re like oh my god chill
  • jun likes it when he’s kissing you and complimenting you in italian and you’re like giggling but you’re like !! what are you saying what does it mean!!! and he’s just kissing your neck calling you cute things and saying sweet nothings and he just likes seeing you get all red
  • took you to french film club with him and you were like “jun, this movie doesn’t have subtitles?” and he’s like ‘don’t worry ill live translate” but all he kept saying was how cute you looked and how much he loved you against your ear the entire movie (the head of the club kicked you guys out 15 min in)
  • he likes having you sit like between his legs with your back to his chest especially if you guys are like chilling somewhere with friends or like at your dorm like you’ll be typing on your laptop and he’ll be like sitting against the wall on your bed and he’s like “sit in my lap” and you’re like “jun” and he’s like “please, it’s sad if we’re in the same room and im not like holding you.”
  • jun the type to triple text you good mornings + send a selfie of himself like “look at me. your beautiful boyfriend. you’re so lucky!” LOL
  • jun talks about you so much and like even fore a class he was supposed to recite something in italian only and he recited all the reason he liked you and the teacher was like jesus christ
  • you spend a week trying to learn a phrase in italian for jun and it’s something like “you’re very special to me.” and when you tell it to him he throws his arms around you and is just like im so in love goD
  • you guys still argue over ordering pizza or pasta when you stay in and minghao, jun’s roommate always has to be the icebreaker or he’s like “you two are so loud just get BOTH”
  • jun kisses you in the middle of your sentences and it gets so bad you have to like cover his mouth while you’re saying something because it’s cute i love you jun but GIVE ME ONE SECOND TO BREATH
  • makes out with you against walls and you get shy because like he leaves you breathless and it’ll be like against the wall of the library and freshman walk by and giggle and you’re like ahsdgikw with your face in his chest and he just laughs and fixes your hair 
  • you go to his track meets and jun wears like a headband in his hair and he looks sooooo good in the uniform and like he always teases you by sending kisses to you from the field and you’re like sTOP but he wont 
  • you like pass him water from the bleachers and kiss his forehead and jun is like “if i win- we’re getting pizza the next time you come over.” and you like push him away playfully and he grabs your hand and kisses the top of it and idk it’s cute yall are cute
  • jun in italian: you look good 
  • you: i cant understand you
  • jun: love is a universal language
  • you: im gonna smack you with this book

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When you catch him staring at you (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -he admitted to it right away once he was caught. He thought it was cuter that way- “you know I can’t help but look at your pretty face all the time”

Jeonghan: -he turned his head quickly when you two made eye contact. He usually didn’t stare at you from across the room. He did it when you two were closer so he could see you blush but now he was the one blushing- “crap”

Joshua: -he made an odd laugh sound when you caught him. You raised your brow and asked him why he was looking at you like that- “you know because I love you a lot”

Jun:  - you guys were mad at each other. But he kinda looked over at you for a few before you looked up at him. You both smiled smiled slightly before going back to your grumpy states- *gif*

Hoshi: -he looked at you like he was a little kid when you find something really interesting. You asked him why he was looking at you like that- “nothing Y/N I just find you amazing”

Wonwoo: -he played it off as clueless but he was staring like he was going to burn a hole through you with ease- “what are you taking about baby?”

Woozi: -it was one of the days he took a break and you actually had to work on something for school. You felt his eyes on you and apologized for it- “no it’s fine honey. We all have to work”

DK: -he instantly got embarrassed because you actually caught him doing it. You just laughed at him before you went back to what you were doing- “you don’t find that creepy? That I was staring at you”

Mingyu: -he would throw things at you and then when you would look up you saw he was staring back at you with a smirk- “hey there pretty thing. How are you today?”

The8: -he was being cutely creepy. He was bored in your room waiting for you to finish what you were working on. So he was playing around with your curtains- “baby will you pay attention to me?”

Seungkwan: -he would watch you and you would find it cute that he would watch you do things with a smile on his face no matter what. You cup his cheek and tell him he is adorable- “really?”

Vernon: -he looked away slowly making sure you knew he was looking at you and only you. Before he would turn away leaving you with a blush- *gif*

Dino: -you started complaining about it because you didn’t like him staring at you and then you pushed him away saying to stop it- “why? I really like staring at you. You’re so pretty”

Teacher!Jun {Req}
  • the kind of guy that when he says “i’m a teacher” they think he’s a professor at some advanced institution bc he’s so smart but nah
  • he’s actually a leading arts instructor for special education kids ^^
  • and it wasn’t like a last-ditch thing; he legit wanted to become this because when he was in school, he saw too many people looking down on the special education kids and he wanted to change that so here he is~
  • is proud asf of his job
  • he met you on his very first day bc you were, like, the main teacher of all these sweet angels
  • but tbh? you look so sweet but when you were talking to jun about your kids you were very stern (and for good reason)
  • jun lowkey thinking you’re cute though
  • you think he’s too handsome but nO stay professional
  • doesn’t see you much after that first day because the dance class is on the other side of campus and the TA’s bring the kids over
  • so he only sees you when you walk in the teacher’s lounge to get your lunch or if you took the students out to play
  • oh right– the kids adore mr.wen (he insists they call him mr.jun though) and his class is always lit especially when it’s dance time~
  • jun would just have a lot of patience with them and he’s really sweet and quite clever when one of them can’t calm down
  • gives them high fives and encouraging words when they do a great job on their crafts like he just loves them bc so much energy and happiness~
  • whenever you mention mr.jun, the kids get just as excited as when they see you and you’re just so happy ^^
  • ok so one day jun was driving home and who does he see at the bus stop? you ofc
  • and being the sweet guy he is…..jun pulls over and tells you to come inside and you’re just like ummmmm ok sure
  • jun starts the convo from the get-go and soon he finds that you’re actually not as strict as you seem and you find out that jun is quite easy to talk to despite looking so gorgeous, it’s intimidating
  • oh and yes, jun got your number (; for “professional” reasons ofc…..
  • after that day, you’re suddenly seeing jun a lot more often in school?? or maybe you were finally starting to notice him more
  • during lunch, meetings, just casual hello’s in the hallways……dunno, might be just jun doing this on purpose *shrugs*
  • soon you become comfortable colleagues with him and you’re actually so kind-hearted…..jun is now wow-ed by you
  • but one night….you texted him and asked him to call you and you were actually in tears ;; and jun was like “whats wrong???”
  • you told him about how your day had gone horrible because a co-worker that neither of you liked (well tbh…nobody enjoys being around him)   had said a particularly nasty comment about the subject you taught
  • and jun was furious bc 1) he loves those kids too and 2) you were hurt but he had to calm you down first so he began to tell you about you were the sweetest teacher he’d ever seen and that his insult only proved how big of a heart you had and by the end, jun has you just sniffling and thanking him ^^
  • from then on, you find yourself opening up to jun bc he has so much confidence and is so smart…..he always knows what to say
  • one time you walked over to the dance studio just to check out his class and it was so cute bc all the kids were dancing to this poppy song and jun was leading them and it is so turnt and the kids are having fun
  • one of the kids notices you by the door though and calls out for you which leads to this chain reaction of everyone running up for hugs
  • and suddenly jun is telling you to join them and you’re like i!! don’t!! dance!! but too bad bc its 20 vs 1 including the TA’s
  • lol some students passing by were even slowing down because y'all are so lit yeah it was a fun day~
  • tbh the kids are shipping it
  • one time this boy named marcus gave jun a picture during arts & crafts day and it was a picture of you and jun under a huge smiley sun and he was like “you’re my favorite people…”
  • and jun showed you and you were like omg so cute and jun was like “you are” and you were like “what?” and he was like hUH? lol nothing
  • jun giving you mixed asf signals >< like one time he reached out to put your hair behind your hair and stared at you before going “there’s an eyelash on your cheek…”
  • buying you lunch and then barely saying anything
  • giving you rides home bc he gets worried that you’ll get kidnapped while walking home or something
  • it’s driving you crazy and one time you all were texting about the kids and you were like “have you ever had anybody so special?” and jun was like “maybe….. (:” like what why did you smile wen junhui
  • so how did he confess to you? why, with the help of all your adorable kids~ trust me it’s very cute
  • jun had one of the TA’s get you to come over and the moment you walk in, all the lights in the studio snap on and each kid has a letter in their hand and jun had a teddy bear and flowers
  • did i mention jun is cheesy? no? well…..he ish
  • you’re shook but you read the letters and they spell out “will you be mine?” ahhhhh cringe bc it’s too cute~
  • and you’re all ??? “jun….?” and jun just smiles like “i like you a lot, y/n. you don’t have to say yes but…..would you give me a chance?”
  • when you say yes, all the kids start cheering and clapping and jun pulls you in for a hug and asshdhdkl the TA’s are literally sighing in the corner
  • and in that moment, you realized that if you had jun, these kids and the TA’s, life was going to be just fine ^^
  • however… expect lots of jun making you mad because it’s cute which will lead into playful fights
  • or jun sneaking kisses in school and you have to smack him in the chest to control him lmao
  • also winking at you in meetings and you giving him glares lmao but you know you love it….
  • getting flustered when he dresses up in glasses and stuff because dAMN THAT’S YOUR MAN
  • ooh and also special olympics for the kids and watching jun participate like dude he’s so athletic and cool….
  • ok bye i feel so asdffghjl from teacher!jun

Note: Please tell me if this is offensive to ANYONE! I have never had experience with Special Education classes and this is only based on what I know/seen around school. I would be happy to tear it down and start a new one if you are hurt by this.

- Admin Mochi ✨

anonymous asked:

if it's okay with you, can you write a modern!SoSoo AU where they become a family, So being a devoted father (despite the lack of love he received from his family) and Soo is touched? please ;;;; PS i love your oneshots so much <3 just splendid.

“What if I’m a horrible father?” he muttered.

So placed his head in his hands as he tried to steady his breathing.

Soo crossed their bedroom and took a seat beside him. She placed a hand onto his back and urged him to look at her.

“You,” she said, touching the side of his face. “Will be a great father. I just know it.” She rested her chin on his shoulder. “There’s no need for you to worry.”

“How can you be sure?” he asked, tears stinging his eyes. “I…I never had great parents, you know that. What if…what if I’m like them? What will you do then? I never knew what it’s like to have a real family growing up.”

She kissed his shoulder and smiled up at him. “I’m your family now, So. And I think you’re doing a pretty great job, if I say so myself.”

She grabbed his hand and placed it onto her stomach. “And I know that the baby will think so too.”

He turned his hand and laced his fingers with hers. “Are you ready for this Soo? To be…parents?”

The word left a weird taste in his mouth as he stared at her flat stomach.

“No,” she said. Her reply surprised him enough to finally look at her. “But I will be. And so will you. We’ll learn to be great parents together.”

“That one is called the fixed star,” So said, pointing at the star. “And this one is the anchor star.”

The little boy scrunched his brows in confusion. “But…umma said that’s the North star,” he pointed out. “And that one’s called Cassi…Cassi…”


The little boy turned his head and smiled when he saw his mother walking down to the yard towards them.

“Is your dad trying to teach you astronomy again?” she asked, amused by the annoyed look on So’s face. “That’s never been his strong suit.”

She took a seat between them before their son, Jun, crawled into her lap. “Appa said that’s called the fixed star, but it’s the north star, right?”

Soo smiled as she nodded her head, proud that he was able to remember what she had told him the other night.

“Your mother thinks she’s always right,” So grumbled, crossing his arms. He fell back onto the grass and closed his eyes.

“Jun, I think he’s mad. What do you think we should do?” she whispered.

The little boy smiled, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Tickle fight!”

They both jumped on top of So, tickling his sides. So laughed as he tried to pry them off him, but Jun latched onto him like a magnet.

“Are you still mad?” he asked, laughing as So tried to pull him off his stomach.

So tried to wiggle out of Soo’s arms as she tightened them around his chest.

“I’m not mad anymore! I swear,” So gasped out.

The boy stopped tickling him and snuggled against his chest.

“I think I still see a pout on your face,” Soo pointed out, placing a finger on his lips.

So grabbed her hand and pulled her down beside him. She moved closer to his side, wrapping an arm on top of Jun.

She could see the little boy’s eyes droop as sleep slowly approached him.

“I think Jun’s about ready to fall asleep,” Soo whispered, rubbing the little boy’s back.

“I’m not sleepy…” Jun mumbled.

She smiled as she watched him fight off sleep. She continued to rub his back as his eyes finally fluttered closed.

So glanced down at the sleeping boy and held him close to his chest before carefully standing up. 

“Do you always have to prove me wrong?” he asked, helping Soo to her feet.

She smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Yes.”

So made to say something but Soo quickly placed a finger to her lips as she pointed at the sleeping boy.

“You don’t want him to wake up now, do you?”

He wouldn’t stop crying.

No matter what So did, the baby kept crying.

He tried changing him. He tried feeding him. He tried rocking him.

Nothing worked.

So was scared the baby’s lungs would burst.

He paced the bedroom, tapping the baby’s back as he tried to lull him back to sleep.

“Shh, shh. Go to sleep. Go to sleep,” he whispered. “Please please go to sleep.”

The baby didn’t seem to listen to his dad as his wailing seemed to get even louder, if that was possible.

“I don’t know what you want,” he said, realizing how ridiculous he sounded as he talked to the baby. “Please just tell me what you want, Jun.”

So walked out of the bedroom and around the living room before finally walking outside. Although it was summer, the night air felt cool against his skin when he stepped outside.

“Wow, Jun,” he whispered. “Look at the stars.”

He rocked the baby back and forth as he stared up at the sky. To his surprise, the baby’s cries turned to whimpers as he turned his head.

“See?” So said, pointing at the star. “That’s the anchor star. You’re mom would tell you it’s called Cassiopeia, but it’s not. Trust me, alright?”

Jun began to quiet down, completely tranced by the stars in the sky and his father’s voice.

“So you just wanted to look at the stars, huh?”

So walked around the yard, rambling about the night sky.

He didn’t know how much time had passed but when he looked down, Jun had finally fallen asleep against his chest.

Soo placed a plate of fruit by Jun. The little boy didn’t seem to notice, as he concentrated on finishing the picture in front of him.

He had been working on the drawing for almost half an hour, making sure it looked perfect.

“Are you drawing this for me?” Soo asked, taking a seat beside him.

The little boy shook his head. “It’s for appa.”

Soo feigned a disappointed gasp and crossed her arms. “You always give him drawings. When is it my turn?”

Jun placed his crayon back into the box. “I can draw you something after this one, umma. But I have to give him this one.”

She stared down at the picture, not sure what exactly he was drawing. “And why is that?”

“It’s a secret,” he said, a sly smile on his face. “Sorry.”

“I didn’t know which one looked best, so I ended up buying all of them,” So said, walking in with a huge plastic bag.

He began to pull out several hanboks, each a different color and style.

“You realize he only needs one outfit for his dol, right?” Soo began to pick through each one of them.

“I know but Jun looked so great in all of them, I couldn’t choose,” So said, taking him out of his stroller. “Isn’t that right, little guy? You can’t help that you’re handsome like your dad.”

Soo rolled his eyes as she pulled out a royal blue hanbok. “This is nice. We can have him wear this one.”

“But you haven’t seen him in this one,” So said, picking out a light green one. “Or this one!”

“Our child is not a doll.”

So leaned his head against Jun’s and stared up at Soo. “But he looks like one, doesn’t he?”

It took everything in Soo to not smack the smug smile off So’s face.

“This is great, Jun!”

As soon as So returned from work, the little boy ran up to him and handed him the drawing.

“So this is what you want? Are you sure about it?” So asked, taking off his coat.

Jun nodded. “Yes! Are you going to get it for me?”

“Get what for you?” Soo asked, walking into the living room after hearing all the commotion.

Jun’s eyes widened when he saw his mother walk in. “N-nothing!”

Soo eyed her husband as he quickly hid the drawing behind his back. She didn’t know what was going on between them two, but she knew that whatever they were hiding would not make her happy.

“It’s just something Jun has been wanting for his birthday,” So said quickly, avoiding her gaze. “It’s not a big deal.”

“If it’s not a big deal, then why can’t you tell me what it is?” she asked, walking towards him. “Maybe I can get it for him. Right, Jun?”

The little boy looked back and forth between his parents and shifted his feet. “I-I don’t know…I think appa should get it…”

Soo glared at So before quickly reaching behind him and grabbing the drawing from him. She turned away from him, avoiding his attempts to get it back from her. “I don’t…What’s this suppose to be?”

“It’s a sword, umma,” Jun finally said, frustration in his face. “Can’t you tell?”

Soo turned the paper, the colors and lines somewhat appearing like a sword. “Why would you hide the fact that you want a toy sword for your birthday? I think that’s a great present.”

Jun smiled and folded his hands. “Well…it’s not a toy sword…It’s a real one! Like the ones from TV! I want one that looks like the ones from the Goryeo dynasty!”

“And your father agreed to this?” she asked, not taking her eyes off on So, who had all of sudden become interested in the lint on his shirt.

“Uh huh!” Jun said, jumping up and down. “He said we can have sword fights!”

“Did he now…” Soo bent down and brushed Jun’s hair back. “Hey why don’t you go upstairs and get ready for bed?”

As Jun rushed up the stairs, Soo held up the drawing in front of So. “You think a sword is a good present for our four year old son?”

“He’s turning five…” he mumbled.

“That’s not the point! It’s dangerous!” Soo said, waving the picture in the air. “Do I always have to be the bad guy here? I know you’ll have me tell Jun that he can’t have this for his birthday.”

So wrapped his arms around her and pulled her towards him. “I’m sorry Soo. I know I messed up. I just…I can’t say no to him. I don’t want to disappoint him and be a bad dad.”

She leaned her head against his chest and let out a sigh. “I know, So, but it’s not…it’s not bad to say no sometimes. That’s part of parenting. And yes, he’ll probably be disappointed. But he’ll get over it. He always does.”

Soo looked up and smiled at him. “You’re not your father. Okay?”

So nodded his head before placing a kiss on her forehead.  He pulled back and eyed the stairs.

“So are you saying you’re not going to tell him or…”

She slapped his arm and pushed him towards the stairs. “You got yourself in this mess.”

“But maybe-“

“Go!” she said, pushing him up the stairs. “I can’t believe you’re scared of a four year old.”

“He’s almost five!”

“How was he?” Soo asked, shutting her book and placing it on the bedside table.

“Oh he’s mad alright,” So said, rubbing his eyes. “He told me to get out of his room so he could “think about things”. Are we sure he’s four?”

Soo laughed as she thought about how stubborn Jun could be. “Well he is almost five.”

“He reminds me of you,” So pointed out. “He gets mad when he can’t get his way.”

He walked over to her side of the bed and took a seat. Soo rubbed his back and smiled. “You did the right thing though. And I have to admit, it feels good not being the bad guy this time.”

“So this is how you’ve felt this whole time?” he asked jokingly.

“Pretty much,” she shrugged.

She reached over and grabbed his hand. “He’ll forget it all by tomorrow.”

“I hope so,” So muttered.

She placed a kiss on his knuckles. “I know what can make you feel a little better.”

“Yeah? And what’s that?” he asked.

Soo pulled her towards him, their faces just inches apart. “Well…I’ve been thinking. I want another baby.”

So’s brows shot up just as she crashed her lips onto his. She smiled into the kiss when he finally responded, slowly pushing her back onto the bed.

“And how long have you been thinking about this?” he gasped out, his face hovering over hers.

She stroked the side of his face. “For a while. Couple months actually.”

“You think we’re ready? You think Jun’s ready?”

Soo nodded, brushing his hair back from his face. “I do.” 

“Well I guess I’ll have to help you then. Do my part,” he suggested, nibbling on her neck. 

“Y-yeah, I think you should,” Soo sighed. “It takes two after all.”

Soo had fallen asleep, exhaustion finally hitting her.

The nurse handed So the baby and he thought about how he had never seen anything so small in his entire life.

He gently stroked the side of his face, taking in the baby’s head full of hair and soft skin.

“Hi, Jun,” he whispered. “Thank you for being healthy. For being so…perfect.”

The baby opened his eyes and stared up at him.

“I can’t promise you that I’ll be the best dad, but I’ll try,” he said, smiling down at him. He stroked Jun’s clenched fist and gasped when he grabbed onto it.

The baby’s eyes began to flutter closed but So didn’t move his hand. Instead, he sat down beside Soo and watched Jun hold onto his finger as he drifted off to sleep.

Korean 101: 

hanbok: a traditional Korean dress

dol: a celebration held when a baby turns one years old 

umma: mom

appa: dad

Note: I hope you guys enjoyed it. I for one and super depressed right now because I saw spoilers for episode 16. I am sad and will now be crawling into my bed and taking a nap. 

Also, I had no idea what to name their kid and I felt like Jun was a simple enough name and wanted to follow the whole one syllable thing. :p  

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I know this wont be done right away since you all are so busy (which is amazing congrats!!) but eventually can i have the boys reactions to their gfs ignoring them because they are dog sitting? Love this blog thank you all😍

Thank you! It’s great ppl actually like our account!

*I’m doing their reaction to after you tell them you were dog-sitting.*

*DISCLAMER: None of these gifs are mines! I get them off of Tumblr!*

-Admin Gen

Seungkwan: *apologizes for not asking you first*

Mingyu: *relieved that you weren’t mad at him*

Vernon: *laughs at himself*

Dino: “…”

Seungcheol: *gotta blast*

Jeonghan: *laughs embarrassed*

Jihoon: “Why didn’t you just tell me that?!”

Jun: “So you’re NOT mad at me?! YES!” (smiley jun is my fav tbvh)

Joshua: *explains why you should’ve told him*

Hoshi: *trying to process what you just said*


DK: *you say sorry for not telling him* “Good because you gave me a heartattack.” 

Wonwoo: *ready to fight the dogs*

His girlfriend has a bad temper and almost hits one of the members (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -poor little Chan almost was smacked by something you had thrown. You weren’t aiming for anyone he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Seungcheol had grown used to the angry outbursts you had- “sorry about that! She gets mad sometimes!”

Originally posted by 08081004

Jeonghan: -it was simply a bad day for you and you just wanted to spend time with Jeonghan but Jihoon got to close to you and you nearly smacked him. Jeonghan had to grab you and apologize to him for your actions- “I’m sorry you just caught her at a bad time. You know she’s a sweet girl right?”

Originally posted by mountean

Joshua: -he kinda laughed at how Seungcheol reacted to you nearly hitting him. He was shocked because you and Joshua were so gentle with each other. Joshua hugged you and calmed you down before he told you to go lay down and nap away the anger- “no Y/N is pretty violent when she’s not happy. Luckily I never get to cause or experience it” 

Originally posted by mountean

Jun: -he tried to cheer you up after he had to stop you from hitting Seungkwan. He didn’t worry about Seungkwan even when he whined about you being rude to him. He wanted you happy after being angry- “hey baby look here”

Originally posted by infinitblaq

Hoshi: -he picked you up and moved you away from Jeonghan. You almost hit him and threatened him more than once. Jeonghan said he was just try to make you feel better but Soonyoung told him he could do it himself- “hey baby how about you and I will go take a nap, yeah I think you and I will feel better”

Originally posted by jeonlyu

Wonwoo: -He was more mad at Jun than he was at you. Even if you were the one about to hit his friends. You were having a bad day and all that when Jun seemed to fuel the fire even more- “you’re annoy her and I want you to leave her alone before I also hit you”

Originally posted by jeonlyu

Woozi: -Mingyu could often make you mad by just showing his face sometimes just like today. You almost took him out with the back of your hand and Jihoon wasn’t going to stop you because he liked it when you were mad, he thought it was cute- “do you see how we get along so well?”

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

DK: -He wanted to get you out of your funk as Soonyoung was trying to do the same thing but it didn’t work when he did it. Which resulted in him almost getting hit in the face with a pillow but when Seokmin did it you were happy- “come on baby look at me we need your cute little smile” 

Originally posted by pabospoiler

Mingyu: -you almost took out Wonwoo when you were mad you threw your phone after reading a text from someone that made you mad. Mingyu laughed loudly causing both you and Wonwoo to glare at him- “oh I am so dead aren’t I?” 

Originally posted by jeonlyu

The8: -Joshua seemed to anger you today and Minghao had to keep his eyes on you so you wouldn’t take your anger out on Joshua. You weren’t sure why but whatever Joshua seemed to do annoyed you to the point you almost hit him- “how about you and me hang out far away from you-know-who. I’ll take you out on a date. Sound good?”

Originally posted by scoupstv

Seungkwan: -you were teased by Hansol way too often for you liking. To the point Seungkwan saw your first clenched and decided to save his younger friend from your rage- “you need to run now Vernon she’s going to kill you”

Originally posted by rebelcoups

Vernon: -you seemed to get mad at anything today even the happy virus Seokmin who was just trying to cheer you up. Hansol had to grip your clenched fist to keep you from hitting Seokmin- “babe please don’t injure my group mates because you aren’t happy right now”

Originally posted by sneezes

Dino: -he wasn’t sure how to react to you almost hitting Minghao. At first he thought it was funny til Minghao looked over at him. Chen grabbed your hand and tugged you close to him just in case you needed to run- “oh wow um Y/N I’m sure you didn’t mean that”

Originally posted by 12fools

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Ahhhh can you do the "How would VIXX react to being in an athletic event (like DreamTeam or ISAC) and you were their partner? (You both secretly like each other)" but with 17 please? Thanks ma!!!!!!

would get really into the games and would keep like encouraging you that you guys could do it, giving you cute little like ‘fightings’ and whatnot, they’d do their best to support you in your event so you two could win and they could partially show off to you at how athletic they were, but also score you a win!! afterwords, they’d just be like “wow, you’re so athletic! we make an awesome team!” and would compliment you (and hope to hear a compliment back!): S.Coups/Seungcheol, Jeonghan, Mingyu, the8

would overdo it by trying to protect you and therefore not let you do anything, like they’d be like “don’t carry that!! it’s too heavy!!” or “don’t jump from there, let me do it!!” and it’d be endearing but you’d also be like “calm down, i’m not like a flower, i won’t break!” and they’d get flustered because r-right! they’re sorry they overreacted, but you’d find it cute that they were worried for your safety: Joshua, Wonwoo, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon 

would be way too focused on the game to even notice you, they’d probably try to be focusing hard too so they won’t mess up and look like a fool in front of you, but you’d have to be like “hey- hey- i’m your teammate!” and they’d be like “right, sorry” and get a little blushy when you take over and like do a good job in your event and if you tease them afterwords for being too into they game they’d try to defend themselves, but also happily let you tease them because ah you’re too cute to get mad at…: Jun, Hoshi, Woozi, Dino 

SEVENTEEN reaction: You surprising them with a kiss then running off


“Come on, one more”

Originally posted by hansols


*Catches you red handed*

Originally posted by the8soo


“Love you too baby”

Originally posted by fyjihan


“Where did that girl go?”

Originally posted by minghaon


*Pretends to be mad at you*

(You’re jun): “Don’t be mad okay~? “

Hoshi: *Secretly likes it* 

Originally posted by yoshi-hoshi


“Should i go get her or wait for her to come back again?”

Originally posted by wonwomin


*Literally go happy that-* 

Originally posted by 17-percent



Originally posted by radmingyu


“I knew it. I’m just too irresistible” 

Originally posted by giantgyu


*Happy/approving Af* 

Originally posted by infinitblaq


“Please don’t do this in front of the members” *Embarrassed seungkwan* 

Originally posted by ultimatekpoptrash


“Just one? No no no, come back here Y/N”

Originally posted by hansolence


*Hugs you before you can even run away*

“I love you jagi”

Originally posted by camera-seventeen


Seventeen Reaction to their girlfriend asking them to braid her hair before bed

the only reason this says girlfriend is because the request said girlfriend, but otherwise I try to keep it as gender-neutral as possible. anyways, i love you nerds and hope you enjoy ^-^

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💕 30/30 edits of Jun 💕

🎂 お誕生日おめでとう潤ーくん 🎂

He has a crush on you but you’re dating another member (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -Vernon. You were an idol who’s ideal type involved rappers but no one was ever your age that you were willing to try for until you heard of Seventeen. The Hip-Hop unit began a war over who would get you but Hansol wrote a rap for you and even performed it. Seungcheol knew it was a let the best man win kinda thing but he really felt something between the two of you- “of course it’s Vernon when is it ever one of the other’s you know he’s the visual of the group who had time for the other’s”

Originally posted by han-sanghyuks-nose

Jeonghan: -Dino. He felt horrible liking the maknae of the groups girlfriend but Chan had picked the perfect girl not for himself but for Jeonghan. You were 18(17) year old trainee for Pledis’ new group when Chan’s  goof personality stole your heart. And you melted Jeonghan’s everytime you gave him a smile when eye contact was made but he never knew what to do and looked away. So you assumed he just didn’t like you- *gif*

Originally posted by illuminatikawaii

Joshua: -Hoshi. Soonyoung was blind to the fact Jisoo liked you along with you. So when Soonyoung leaned down and placed a light kiss onto your lips and you blushed it was obvious you two liked eachother. So one day he and the boys were waiting for him to get back from a date with you. Jisoo was ready to kill him until he saw the goofy love filled grin on his face and he couldn’t hurt the clueless male- “how was it? I bet you guys had fun Y/N’s a very nice girl”

Originally posted by bhjsh

Jun: -DK. He was all ready to get in the face of one of the boys who asked you out even though none of them knew he liked you. But Seokmin was someone he couldn’t be mad at especially when Jun saw the way Seokmin looked at you like you were the only girl in the world. He felt like he would ruin something that had a perfect future ahead of it. When the two of you looked to see Jun standing there awkwardly looking at you guys- “hey just wanted to see who you were dating Y/N had to make sure he deserved you. Seokmin does” 

Originally posted by i-wonwoo

Hoshi: -The8. Minghao giggled lightly into your ear and all Soonyoung did was watch you guys because he knew you had a thing for Minghao even though he had a thing for you and he was pretty sure you knew it. But you didn’t after him Minghao said she felt special because she’s never had anyone like her before- “she does but you know she choose someone else because she’s blind to it.”

Originally posted by fabulous-girl-here

Wonwoo: -Seungkwan. He only had a little crush when you started working at Pledis but when he wanted to make a move Seungkwan came rushing in announcing he had a date with you this weekend. And the moment he wanted was gone because he waited to long- “cool man treat her well alright? She’s a great girl”

Originally posted by wonwooe

Woozi: -Joshua. You were convinced you did something wrong to Jihoon because he had been ignoring you since and Jisoo started dating. So when you stopped him and asked what you did wrong he watched your eyes fill up with tears and sorrow. He liked you and he realized he had no right to treat you wrong because you were finally happy with someone.- “No no you didn’t do anything wrong Y/N. It’s been a hard week that’s all alright. Don’t cry I never want you to cry over me ok”

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

DK: -Mingyu. Seokmin was your best friend who only fell for you after Mingyu developed feelings for you and began hanging out. Seokmin caught Mingyu and you in a passionate kiss. His heart broke but he knew that you deserved a good relationship with someone who would treat you right even if it wasn’t with him- “sorry guys. I wanted to say I was heading out and I’d see you tomorrow”

Originally posted by beastdw

Mingyu: -Wonwoo. He was mad Wonwoo knew that he liked you but still went after you but Wonwoo explained he wanted to talk to you about Mingyu but the two of you clicked. When you kissed him, he felt something that he didn’t regret saying he did accept your offer of a date. Mingyu was left with a feeling of betrayal that might put a dent in their friendship- “I can’t believe you. You’re supposed to be my friend but you ‘tried’ to set me up with her when you just wanted her for yourself. Get out of my face I hope Y/N knows what you did to get her”

Originally posted by dugyu

The8: -Woozi. He was happy for Jihoon, he’s never been a ladies man but he told the boys he finally had a girlfriend and promised to bring her around. But when Jihoon came in with a huge smile on his face holding your hand Minghao remembered you from a coffee shop you worked at. And the same one he went to almost daily to see you so he made the mistake of being a few of the boys with him as well- “hey Y/N it’s nice to see you again. Congrats Jihoon’s a great guy”

Originally posted by wonwoof

Seungkwan: -Jun. Seungkwan hadn’t been a nice guy to you since you guys met. He didn’t know how to act around you because he liked you and after saying the wrong thing that made you cry and run off. He knew he didn’t even deserve a shot with you anymore. So when he heard that Jun had asked you out the few moments afterwards when you ended up in his arms. But you never mentioned why you were there and he couldn’t help the feeling of guilt and relief- “awesome man you guys look good together. Just make sure you treat her well she needs a good guy”

Originally posted by minghowcute

Vernon: -Jeonghan. It was a situation where no one knew you were in a relationship and Hansol had to be the one to find out first hand. He went looking for Jeonghan and found him with you in a very heated moment. Hansol had no idea how to respond about his crush shoving their tongue down his friends mouth- “I’m um sorry hyung I didn’t know you had company”

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

Dino: -S.Coups. It was the stupidest thing he’s ever thought of. He knew he didn’t  have a shot you were 20 and had been with Seungcheol almost a year. But how you treated him as an adult and when he talked to you, you gave him full attention. He couldn’t help but fall for you, so he’d always watch awkwardly when you and Seungcheol were having a moment- “why can’t that be me?”

Originally posted by daesgf


Anon are you okay? Do you need a hug? 

Since I have a one group limit I’m only going to do Seventeen. Plus, there’s a lot of them so… This took forever

Hip Hop Unit

Originally posted by fyjicheol

Seungcheol would timidly open the door, grab your hand while bowing and apologizing to the girl for your behaviour, and take you somewhere quiet. He’ll hug you *gif* (you’re Woozi) until you calm down and then he’ll scold you for being so mean. “Frankly, I don’t care what she did or said. You can’t scream at people like that, jagi.”

Originally posted by jishooua

Wonwoo may look like the cool, tough guy, but as we all know, he’s a big softy. He’ll come in with snacks, and, while you’re in the middle of chewing the other girl out, he’ll sneak up behind you and hold them in front of your face to distract you. “Jagiya~~ i brought food. Please stop yelling now.”

Originally posted by the8ght

 Mingyu is gunna be in the same room with you when it happens. At first, he’ll wait it out, hoping you’ll calm yourself down, but when your anger only escalates he’ll interject with something a long the lines of “Babe, it’s really not the big of a deal.” He’ll then come over and massage your shoulders and advise the girl to leave.

Originally posted by mindfuck18

Vernon will fear for his life as soon as he hears you yelling from down the hall. When he comes in he’ll act like everything is fine, greeting you with a smile and kiss on the cheek. He’ll walk you over to the nearest chair or couch and frantically wave the girl off. “W-what just happened?”

Vocal Unit

Originally posted by vernonswagg

Jeonghan will jump up to you with that goofy ass smile and scream “JAGIII PLAY WITH ME!!” He’ll drag you out of the room and take you out for coffee or ice cream. Later he’ll approach the girl and ask for her side of the story. “Care to tell me what you said to my girlfriend to piss her off?”

Originally posted by jihanlife

(You’re Jeonghan) Joshua will try to interject, but when you cut him off, he’ll wait until you’re finished yelling and walk out on your own. He’ll follow you and ask you if you’re okay. “Can I say- no? Okay…”

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

Woozi isn’t having it. He’s in his studio trying to work and the screaming coming from down the hall is making it impossible to concentrate. He’ll storm into the room, ready to kick some ass, but when he sees you he’ll immediately calm down. He’s never seen you this mad so his going to be taken aback, but he’ll still be stern. He’ll come up to the two of you, shaking his head, and pull you back into his studio. Once he closes the door and sits down in his chair, he’ll joke about chasing her down with his guitar. “Should I pull the guitar out? She may be bigger than me, but so is Mingyu, and I brought him to his knees.” This one is so much longer than the others omg

Originally posted by shownusgrl

Dokyeom will come in and tell the girl that someone on the other side of the building needed her. When she leaves he’ll turn to you and hold his arms out for a hug. “Don’t worry, Sunshine oppa will make everything better. Bring it in, babe.”

Originally posted by dokyummm

Seungkwan will come in and immediately start sassing this girl to know end. You two will work together to put her back in her place and when she leaves, the two of you will burst out laughing and high five. When you both stop laughing and catch your breath, he’ll pull you into a hug and make sure you’re okay. “We showed her!”

Performance Unit

Originally posted by cosmic----latte

Hoshi is going to be really confused. He was in the room when you started yelling and he didn’t know what the girl did to make you mad. After he gets over the initial shock of hearing you yell, he’ll jump up and approach the two of you with a smile. He’ll ask the girl to go get something. When she leaves he’ll hold your face gently and kiss your forehead, pointing out how hot your face it. “You got so mad, your face turned red.”

Originally posted by minghaon

Jun will poke his head in the door, and when you don’t notice him, he’ll leave. Later he’ll come back with your favorite drink and then take you to the dorm or your house to cuddle and destress. “That was scary babe. I don’t think she’ll ever do whatever she did again.”

Originally posted by seventeendiamonds17

Minghao will come in after hearing yelling and ask you to come with him. He’ll take you to another empty room and then do a bunch of aegyo to make you laugh. “My cuteness will make you forget your worries~” what a fucking cutie pie i love him

Originally posted by junhuitherealvampire

Dino will be a little scared to approach you, cuz he’s never seen you this angry. He’ll ask his hyungs for help and eventually Joshua will bring him to you and ask for him if you were gunna yell at him. “Channie here is a little scared. you’re not going to yell at him, right?”

Oh my god that took FOREVER!! But I did it!!! Hope you like it!

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How would Seventeen react to you getting mad and ignored them for a couple of days because they kept babbling about a certain girl group member and they even compared you to them. And lets assume you guys are friends but likes each other secretly.

Would follow you around, apologize a million times, make jokes and pester you until you finally broke and started talking to them, even if it was just you telling them to leave you alone: Seungcheol/S.coups, Jun, Hoshi, Mingyu, & DK 

Would know why you were mad and would try to talk to you again, emphasizing the fact that they don’t like that girl group member, not like that at least and would instead try to start a conversation about something you like: Jeonghan 

Wouldn’t know why you were ignoring them and would just get frustrated back at you and refuse to talk to you either until the other members forced you two to make up: Woozi & Seungkwan 

Wouldn’t be sure why you were ignoring them and would continue asking “What’s wrong?” obliviously until you either tell them what’s bothering you or give up the silent treatment because they’re too innocent: the8/Minghao, Wonwoo, Vernon, Joshua & Dino