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The Mysterious Protagonist

Anonymous asked: “How do I create a main character? I have so many side characters and a decent plot. I like them better with a bit of mystery. I want my main to be interesting enough to not be the plain, boring, ‘chosen one’ stereotype. Help?”

Who ever said your protagonist can’t be mysterious? I’ve read novels where I don’t even get to learn the protagonist’s name or others that I go along thinking I know a lot about this character only for them to flip a switch and show I know nothing about them at all. 

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anonymous asked:

Could I request a Yoosung HC/scenario/whatever you're cool with where Yoosung gets mad/pouty because he taught MC how to play LOLOL but she's so much better than him. ((If you already wrote something like this that's fine I love y'all and this blog so much))

I estimate that this request is from like, March :^)


Request Killing: 17/30

MC who’s better than Yoosung at LOLOL

  • “You’ve never played before?” He gaped at you in shock. LOLOL was practically his life. He couldn’t imagine how anyone lived without it.
  • You’d never had any reason to play the game… and you didn’t want to get invested with it, either. Look at Yoosung—he spent almost all his living hours playing LOLOL.
  • “Oh, please try it out!” he begged, pulling out his best puppy eyes, grasping your hands tightly.
  • You frowned. “There’s really nothing in it for me…”
  • He paused, realizing that was true. “Weeell… you love me, don’t you? Aren’t you even a little bit interested in the game I love so much?”
  • “It’s a video game,” you deadpanned.
  • He smiled innocently, ignoring your question.
  • You groaned in resignation. It’s not like you had any real reason to reject him. “Okay. I’ll try it out… only a little, though, okay?”
  • He guided you through choosing your character and the tutorial, teaching you cheats and tricks he’d learned over time.
  • After a few hours, you’d already managed to advance to Level 20! He was surprised, to say the least. How come it was so easy for you? It had taken him days and you’ve only played for 8 hours.
  • A bit grumpy (and jealous), he rolled back onto his bed. He didn’t want to complain or anything, though. After all, he was the one who had asked you to try LOLOL. Before he knew it, he had fallen asleep.
  • When he woke up several hours later, he noticed you were STILL playing. There were bags under your bloodshot eyes.
  • “LEVEL 100?!” he shouted suddenly, eyes wide in disbelief as he noticed your player’s level achievement, “THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!”
  • You shrugged, shushing him as you were absorbed in winning your current battle on the screen.
  • He felt a bit annoyed—you’d already ignored him for almost an entire day after he had initially taught you the game. Yoosung walked behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist tightly.
  • “Aren’t you hungry?” he murmured, playing with your hair. He wanted you to stop playing already… It was almost embarrassing how much better you were at his favourite game. He hadn’t expected you to be this good. How was it even possible?
  • His jealousy got the best of him and he decided to mess with you, swivelling you around in your chair so he could kiss you. One hand was pressed at the back of your neck to draw you closer while the other travelled up the sides of your body under your shirt, making you shiver at the sensation of his cold fingers.
  • You pushed him aside, annoyed. “You made me lose!” you whined.
  • He pouted in return. “But you were so into it… I felt like I was going to lose you!
  • A chuckle escaped your lips. “Silly. It’s only payback. Now you know how I feel when you’re playing, don’t you~?”
  • He nodded, eyes lowered to the ground from guilt. Yeah. It was pretty lonely.
  • Yoosung held you close, whispering promises that he would be more mindful of you from now on.
  • As he cuddled next to you quietly on the bed, he finally asked the question that’s been troubling him. “How did you level up so fast anyway? I don’t think that’s even humanly possible.”
  • “That’s what hacker friends are for!!”
  • Yoosung’s jaw dropped as he finally understood. “CHEATER!”
  • …Secretly, he was happy that you weren’t better than him at LOLOL though.
😊Piano Keys (Grayson x Reader)

Summary:  Okay so we all know Gray plays the piano, well all the real fans 😎 anyways I was wondering if you would mind writing something about walking in on him playing piano and it can be all cute and fluffy if you wouldn’t mind, and he would be hesitant and doubting himself like “its not very good.” Or “i don’t know babe..” and yeah ps. You are gorgeous, love your writing <3

Warnings: None

A/N: I’M BACK!!!! Finally at a comfortable place to sit down and write as I still learn how to be an RA and a student while running this blog! I’ve been so busy these past few weeks that I finally get to breathe! I hope you guys enjoy this!

Originally posted by punishmedolans

I was driving to pick my boyfriend Grayson up for our first date since he’s been home. Ethan was out so they weren’t filming so he finally had sometime for me which was quite nice. They have been back from Jersey for about two weeks now and I’ve seen Gray maybe twice? I noticed the clouds had started to turn dark and ominous which made me a little uneasy for our date, but I was determined. I arrive at his apartment and I noticed sprinkled raindrops on my windshield. I called Grayson to tell him I was out front and that it was lightly sprinkling outside.

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring “Hey this is–”

I let out a groan as I unbuckled my seatbelt. I didn’t want to have to get out of my car since it was sort of raining outside and the last thing I wanted was for my makeup to run down my face before our nice dinner date. I open my door as I quickly rush under the awning of the apartment. I attempt to gather myself as I realized I missed only some drops, but I still felt good. I hurried up the concrete steps to 236A. I was about to knock when I heard a faint tune. I realized Grayson was playing music on his phone which is probably why he didn’t answer his phone. Which didn’t make sense, because whenever I get a phone call while I’m listening to music, the music will stop. I knocked three times to which I receive no answer. My key I had for his apartment was in my car and I was not about to run back down in heels in the rain. I knock again to which I still receive no answered.

“Grayson!” I shout but still nothing. Only the faint and gentle tune playing. I decided to dig around and look for a spare key, but then I remembered Ethan was the last one to leave. Ethan never locks the door if Gray is staying home because Ethan never takes his apartment key because he has lost his keys a countless amount of times to where it’s just easier to leave it behind. I twist the handle only to hear the faint tune is now louder as I smile. I recognized the tune as When I See You Again on piano. I push open his door ever so gently in order to not startle him, but I’m stuck with a smile on my face. I see Grayson’s fingers running over the piano keys as he also hums the tune to the song. His hair is messy and he’s wearing a gray cotton shirt with his 4OU sweats on. I lean against the doorframe as he continues to strike the keys.

“It’s been a long day. Without you my friend.” Grayson sings gently as he focused on the keys under his fingers. I decided to make my presence known.

“But I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.” I chimed which Grayson jumps, unaware of me listening to him.

“Y/N babe what are you doing?” He asked startled as he turned around on the bench to face me now. I walked into his room towards him.

“Grayson how come you’ve never played piano or sang to me before?” I asked in awe as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed the top of his head. My body was in between his legs as his arms wrapped around my back.

“I’m not all that good babe. It’s just something I do when I’m bored.” He was cut off by the loud thunder outside which made me chuckle.

“Well if you were so bored you could have gotten ready for our dinner date.” Grayson’s eyes open wide which meant he had forgotten about our date. I shake my head smiling.

“Babe I’m so sorry–” I cut him off with my lips on his. My hands press to his cheeks as his hands hold my hips in place. I pull away smiling. He was too. That damn smile always had me hooked.

“I don’t care about the dinner date. I’m happy you didn’t get ready. I wouldn’t have learned about you playing piano or even singing.” I could see him blush as he looked down. He looked back up to me.

“I love you.” His lips pressed back to mine again gently as we both smiled.

“I love you too. Now I’m going to change out of this dress and into some of your clothes while you order us a pizza and we just have our date night here tonight. I just want to be with you. I want to learn more about you like when did you learn to play piano?” Grayson chuckled at my idea but he nodded.

“I mean I’m not that good babe.” I playfully smacked his chest to which he chuckled again. “Okay babe. I’ll put on a movie and we can cuddle and talk while we listen to the rain okay?” I nod and give him a peck before I raid his closet for some comfy sweats.

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Was it hard becoming an animator


I think having the skills to work in animation is not hard, but it takes a lot of patience and repeating the same boring actions over and over again until your hands, eyes and brain do the things you want them to do. I was a kid who grew up playing video games, playing the piano, drawing comic books and learning new languages, so I found learning really rewarding. If you find a way to make learning less frustrating I think you could become whatever you want. Also my goal was not becoming an animator, I just wanted to find a job where I could draw 8 hours a day. I think enjoying what you do is more important than having ambitious goals, just do whatever you love doing and find a way to get paid doing that.


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Idk if you've ever watched supernatural but I'm imaging rob and his s/o like dean and cas. Like he learns about being human from you so every little thing/trait/habit you do he copies to seem more human bc he thinks it's something every human does which secretly pleases you. He'd also go through phases of trying to be like the other egos, role-playing as them which some of them would love and others would see as taking the mick etc

I do love supernatural and I love it! 
And now I am imagining Rob dressing up like Anti and acting like him. And Anti just rolls with it because at least he stopped holding his hand. 
But then Rob finds that his S/O doesn’t really like him acting like Anti, so he swaps between the Egos to see which one they prefer. But then they sit him down and say they love him. Not the others.

Chase is hiding around a corner absolutely gushing over the cuteness. I’m pretty sure Rob and his S/O are Chase’s OTP.

Plot Bubble is looking for audio & video editors!

Our podcast community is looking for talented people who can help turn our show from an hour of meaningless rambling into pure podcast gold, just as our fearless editors do every week. We’re looking for people willing to dedicate just a few hours a week to be part of PB - some experience with an editing program (like Audacity) is preferred, but not necessary if you’re willing to learn!

Successful candidates will also have the chance to be part of some exciting new things in the coming seasons but please note this isn’t a casting call. We’re looking for people who want to exclusively edit, making this perfect for those of you who’ve asked if you can help out without actually being on the podcast.

This year we’re adding a new option: Video editors! In order to begin producing video content such as Let’s Plays or Behind-the-Scenes, we need talented and dedicated video editors to help produce more content to make Plot Bubble grow bigger and better with every week!

Send an email to our production manager Sam at and we’ll be in touch. A demonstration of your ability is preferred but not required. After all, we aim to help people cultivate their skills! Also, be sure to share this with any audio and/or video wizards you know out there!

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Did you make that train heist from scratch? Like the classes, etc?

Used Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition as a system base, made the rest myself.

The characters are not full “classes”. I just gave each character a few basic, easy-to-understand abilities that fit their theme, and would be easy to get in to. That way our new player at the table didn’t have to learn a full class… They could just focus on what’s in front of them.

It’s a nice way to introduce new players to Role-Playing Games without numbing their head with stats and numbers. Instead, they’re free to focus on what really drives the game: The Role-Playing.

Me and @r-n-w are playing with the idea of polishing up the train heist and releasing it as a fun wild-west one-shot.

ID #24031

Name: Abed
Age: 24
Country: Israel

Hey :) My name is Abed lol 😊 , I though I’d love to travel the world and live in every city at least for two weeks just to explore their culture. Arabic is my mother tongue ,fluent in English and I’m also learning French

I majored biology and double majored as food technologist , I’m into anything related to science and nature ; books are my new passion

I’m a huge Music and art kinda guy ; I love being outdoors in general and also I cant say no to new adventures ,Tech plays an important role in my life . ummm I love being around people ,but sometimes you gotta be alone.

this is where my babies come in, I am fucking in love kitties, plants animals in general, headphones and music .

Mostly looking for friends, someone to rant with and have deep conversations I’m looking for those people who just know how to have fun and want to have fun , those whom can be there for others.
I prefer using google hangouts , but tumblr is also great

Preferences: not much really , 20+ M/F knows how to keep the conversation going (lol i hate awkward silence)

For those who might need it

I recently noticed I have 108 followers. I was thinking what I wanted to do and I want to do something to maybe inspire people (or maybe just one person). I am not good with words but I hope this reaches someone who needs it in the rp community (or any community).

This is for those who are starting to role play, who have been doing it for a while and for those who want to. Do it! Keep doing it. If you thought “I want to do it.” Then do so. You thought about it for a reason. Everything takes time and practice, of course it does. And it can be tiring and complicated. But how are you going to improve if you don’t start?

You will learn, improve, make new friends and have fun. Of course there will be people who will be demanding, maybe they won’t like what you do, how you do it or who you are. Well, surprise: that´s life. But there will also be people who will like you, find you cute or funny, and even be inspired by you. Maybe you will make someone smile at the other side of the world, maybe you will help them fight for their dreams. I know some people inspired me to start.

I started to rp because I wanted to. I wanted to do it from years now but started a few months ago. Why I didn’t start before? Because there was no one who inspired me, who said the right words to me. I was afraid of what other would think about me or say to me. I was afraid that people wouldn’t like what I had to offer.

You can’t live scared your whole life. It sickens you, while others don’t even care what is happening to you. Don’t do things thinking about what others will do or say. Do them because they make you happy. Because you feel like doing them.

I started to rp because I am starting to do things I like and not what others want me to do. I am doing this for my own good, for my health. I am starting to love myself and this helps me. I want to own my life. This is part of my healing process.

I live in a house with four more people and none of them know I am doing role play. Because I know that if I tell them they will take this away from me. Even if they say it is for my own good. This is something I want to do for myself and not others. And that makes it hard to do too. Some role players have the approval or their families don’t mind, even their siblings are part of their blogs. And that’s amazing, I love to see that. But I don’t have it. And who knows, maybe in the future they will know and be part of this. But right now I do this for myself.

If someone out there doesn’t want to start rp because they are worried about what their families have to say or don’t want them to know, it is all right. I know it can be a complicated decision to make. You will not have enough time to be online or are afraid they will find you dressed up (or down) as someone else. I do understand it.

Ask yourself: I don’t do this (anything) because others opinion or because of mine? If it is because of others, throw that thinking out the window. You don’t live to please everyone. You will hurt people, doesn’t matter what you do, if you are careful or if you have the best intentions. If you don’t do it because of you, then find what is stopping you and fix it. If you really want to do it, look for a way to fix it.

You can do anything you want to. You don’t have the right clothes? Don’t worry, we don’t notice or mind. You don’t have wigs? Make a headcanon why the characters have that hair color. Or don’t. You don’t own us anything. You don´t have time? We will wait or you can write down your ideas and ask someone to do them for you. You can’t keep a straight face while filming? Don’t worry, practice. You don´t have any ideas? Ask or look for them somewhere. Just fix the problem and do what you want to do.

Do things because you feel like doing them. If they make you feel happy do them. Would you prefer to have a life where you lived for other or a life where you lived for yourself? You can have mistakes, but they will be your own. People will talk, but that is what they always do. Just be who you want to do and don’t let others stop you.

If you needed a push to do what you want to do, then I hope this helped you to think about it.

Just be creative, be true to yourself and do what you want or not to do.

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I was wondering how hard it is to keep japanese, korean and chinese apart. Especially the first and the last one because as far as i understand the characters are the same but the meaning isn't so isn't that confusing? Plus, when learning korean, is it neccesary to learn Hanja? Like, I know Kanji plays a big part in Japanese but is Hanja the same case in Korean? Or can you perfectly read without learning it?

Hello! Ooh, thank you for the interesting question! And sorry for taking an eon to answer. Heh. 

So, let’s tackle Japanese and Chinese first.
Japanese uses Kanji and Chinese uses Hanzi. Within Hanzi, you get traditional and simplified characters. From my experience (please correct me if I am wrong, anyone), Japanese uses what stems from traditional Chinese characters. Japanese also has some of their own unique characters. I think judging from your question you already know a bit about Kanji and that it is pronounced in two different ways - kunyomi and onyomi, depending on what kind of word it is (pure Japanese/Chinese base) etc. 

So let’s move on to Korean Hanja. Hanja is mostly used in newspapers to shorten words, and sometimes in restaurant menus to indicate a big (大)or a small (小) portion. These are pronounced as 대 and 소 respectively. The pronunciation stems from Chinese (da and xiao), but it is different enough to not be mutually intelligable. These are also seen on toilets indicating a flush for number 1 and 2, lol.  Shin Ramyeon, the spicy Korean noodles, also uses a big hanja for “spicy” (辛). However, without a knowledge of Hanja, you will do perfectly fine in Korean. Most communication outside of the media and legal documents etc etc will usually exclusively use Hangul. Some books include Hanja, but this is to explain the meaning of a compound word better. You’ll see the Korean word and in brackets the Hanja. This is also because some words sound and are spelt the same, but have different meanings based on the Hanja. 

I hope that made sense! 


Huge shoutout to @ananonymousauthor for tagging me!! love ya bud

Rules: Always post the rules. Answer the questions given to you and then write 10 questions of your own. I’ll just keep these if that’s ok?? Tag 10 people 

Here are my questions:

1. Do you play any instruments?

I used to play violin, but I stopped and forgot :( . I’m (very slowly and badly) learning guitar at the moment!

2. What achievement are you most proud of?

ahh I guess one of them is coming out to my school this year! I haven’t done it yet but idk it took time and I’m glad I finally got the guts to do it

3. What song is currently stuck in your head?

Pink + White by Frank Ocean 

4. What’s the kindest thing someone’s done for you?

So many people have done such kind things for me, but if I had to choose it would be my parents and best friend for supporting me through tough times. I couldn’t be stable without them.

5. What unanswerable/philosophical question do you think about a lot?

The concept of infinity. The thought of forever just puzzles me, and it’s really hard for me to think that something will never end. 

6. Have you ever traveled outside of the country you live in? If so, where?

Yes! I have relatives in Japan, so I visit them about once a year. It’s always fun to go, not only to see family but it’s also a really good cultural experience as my heritage matters a lot to me 

7. Do you cry during movies?

Yes, but only when I feel connected to the scene from personal experience.

8. Do you cry reading books?

Yes, same answer from q 7 ^

9. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

ahhh I’m not sure! The world is so big, but definitely somewhere with lots of culture and nature. 

10. Do you believe in having a soulmate?

Yes, but I believe that a close platonic friend can be as much of a soulmate as someone you are in a romantic relationship with. The term ‘soulmate’ to me means a person who can understand you better than anyone else. However that is just my opinion and I completely understand if anyone else thinks differently! :))

ahh ok I tag @wallflowersbloom @just-a-weirdo-dia @woowidoo @lesterdoddle @dontjudgemeimtrash @alexiousace @wholewheathowell @phandana @technicolor-child @annenonimusblog but if you don’t want to do it that is fine!!

sessme  asked:

How would someone broken inside and tries to act perfect to everyone to avoid judgement react to someone insulting them? (Dialogue/a scene or telling me how to write the character is fine)

Well that depends, what were they insulting? Insults can be meaningless if they’re referring to a subject the person being insulted, couldn’t care less about. Say I play the piano, and am very sensitive about what people think about how I play the piano. I also play the violin, but I fucking hate the violin, I avoid playing it at all times and only know because I was forced to learn it. You insult me on the piano? I might be heartbroken. The violin? I’ll probably laugh and tell you to fuck off.

Thing is, you mention your character “tries to act perfect” which might mean they’re just sensitive to criticism. Everyone should learn to react well to constructive criticism, people who point out flaws (which you can fix) with the aim to help you improve are invaluable to anyone and everyone. 

So the question is, did someone give them constructive criticism (e.g. “you were flat, try again.”)?

Or insult them (e.g. “You sounded horrible.”) without giving them any advice on how to improve?

Your characters reaction to both of these actions can’t simply be predicted by me, I know they try to act perfect. But that’s it, are they given to fits of anger? If so violence? Do they break down when insulted? Or walk away like nothing happened? Are they prone to the silent treatment? Are they passive aggressive? Asking me to give your character personality traits, isn’t this blogs, or anyone else’s area. The only one who can do that, is you.

im-a-monstah  asked:

hi i'd like to weigh in on the overwatch VA thing. as a game design major we learned about voice acting, and the thing with it is, is that it not only has to be understandable, but it's very much like theater. you have to be over the top with the accent/ voice line so people can understand where the character is from, or what they're saying with little difficulty. that way you can focus on playing instead of straining to listen. it's also for people who maybe haven't heard that accent before.

That’s very interesting to know and it makes sense!


This mycena mushroom hoop is done! It was such a learning curve to return to an idea I had a few years ago and incorporate new skills I’ve gained since then. Really happy with how this turned out and feeling hyped to create some more woodland landscapes! What do you think of this? I’m still playing with ideas as how to hang this.


rollingshield  asked:

pssst, would you happen to know where i could find a menu guide/translation for puyo puyo box? o:

I don’t think there is one but the menus are pretty straight forward and easy to learn just by poking around.

I can give you some directions on where on the menu you find some of the new stuff that Puyo Puyo Box offers.

You’ll find most of it under ぷよBOX

The choices on the signs are for how many players are playing. 

In order from top to bottom the choices are 1 player, 2 players and then 4 players. Bottom choice is to return to the main menu. It’s also possible to play normal 4 player matches alone with the CPU.

The red box that says ごちゃまぜ lets you play through courses of 10, 20 and 30 opponents with the ruleset of your liking. The cool thing with this is that the opponents you fight are from various Puyo Puyo games and even spin-offs.

The green box that says クエスト is the quest mode. It plays like an RPG but the battles are Puyo Puyo matches.

It’s not very long and you can get through it even if you don’t know Japanese. I like it a lot and recommend giving it a try.

Loi challenge 61


*Addy and Weaver have a moment, and Maxon has to discipline Addy and is miserable about it because of Clarkson

“Adrienne? Jameson? It’s time to come inside for dinner.”

“Awww,” Jameson whined from his perch near the top of the tree castle.

“Five more minutes?” Addy negotiated, because five minutes felt like an eternity at her age.

“You already had five more minutes.” America reminded her. She’d learned to ask her kids to stop playing an extra five minutes before she really wanted them to leave, that way she had room for negotiation.

“I’m not hungry.” Addy insisted. “I want to stay here.”

“You can’t stay out by yourself, Birdy.”

“You can stay, too.” Addy pointed out.

America shook her head and rested a hand on her enormous stomach, “But the baby is very hungry and ready for dinner.”

Addy liked that her mommy was on maternity leave, it meant she could spend more time with them. But on the other hand, her tummy was too big to play a lot of games, and she was always sleepy, and she was always hungry. It really wasn’t the same as having her normal mommy all to herself (and Jamesy).

“Well that baby is too much!” Addy yelled down from the treehouse. “I’m not leaving!”

Jamesy looked nervously between his mother and his sister.

“Excuse me?” America called back. “Adrienne Schreave, if you’re not down from that tree house in five seconds, you’ll be in serious trouble. Do you hear me?”

Addy considered this, too, scowling at the threat. On the one hand, she didn’t want to be in trouble, but she also really wanted to keep playing.

Then it occurred to her that her mommy couldn’t climb up the tree castle right now because of her baby belly. What could she actually do? Addy could stay up as long as she wanted, and there was nothing her mommy could do about it.

Addy crossed her arms and turned around, returning her focus to the pretend game she’d been playing for all of play time.

Jameson gulped nervously and stood up, “I’m kinda hungry for dinner, Addy.”

Addy couldn’t help but feel betrayed. “Fine! Go!”

“We’re having lasagna.” he reminded her. Lasagna was his favorite, but Addy just thought it was okay. She wasn’t even tempted. Giving up, Jameson climbed down clumsily and then hurried to his mother’s side. “I’m sorry, Mommy.” he said.

“You’re not in trouble, baby.” America told him, but she said it loudly, in a way that made it clear that Addy was in very, very big trouble.

Addy ignored them, on the verge of tears. She was staying in her tree castle, and she was going to keep playing. It was the most fun she’d had all day, and she wouldn’t get to come back until tomorrow, and that was too long. But her mommy didn’t care if she had fun. Her mommy didn’t care if she was happy. Her mommy only cared about the baby and eating dinner and having an extra long naptime.

Addy wasn’t even having fun anymore, she was so upset, but the treehouse was her only shot at feeling happy again, so she sat down, crossed her legs, and stayed there.

Maybe it would have worked, but her mommy cheated. She called Weaver, and Weaver walked up the ramps into the tree castle. As soon as Addy saw him, she knew what he was there to do, and she started screaming a high-pitched wail, but it didn’t matter. Weaver picked her up and carefully carried her down to the ground. Addy kicked and squirmed, screaming the whole time, but Weaver had not trouble holding onto her.

When he’d brought her to her mother’s side, America said, “You’re making a fool of yourself, Addy. You look like a baby, kicking and crying like that.”

Normally, Addy would have been deeply ashamed to look like a baby, but she didn’t care anymore. Maybe, if she acted enough like a baby, her mommy would actually care about her again. Addy screamed louder.

America took a steadying breath and glanced down at Jamesy. Then she looked back up at Addy, “You need to pull yourself together or you can’t eat in the dining room, Adrienne. It’s time to go, Daddy is waiting for us.”

It was all lost on Addy, who was still mid-tantrum.

America turned apologetic eyes on Weaver, “Just take her to her room and leave her there. We’ll deal with her after dinner.”

“Yes, Ma'am.”

“I’m so sorry, if I could, I’d carry her myself.”

“I’m happy to help.” Weaver promised her.

The whole country was ecstatic for the birth of a new royal baby, they were eager for pictures and video to fawn over, but the elite Palace guards assigned to the royal family’s personal detail were operating on an entirely different level of eagerness. It was a combination of excitement and being constantly hyper-alert for any possible threat, that combined in them and seemed to turn them all into an army of adrenaline-fueled overprotective uncles.

Some part of Addy thought that maybe her mommy wouldn’t go off to dinner. Maybe she’d turn around and apologize for being so mean. But as they rounded the corner, America brushed a hand through Jamesy’s blond hair and Addy realized that her mommy wouldn’t turn around. She’d take Jamesy to dinner because Jamesy was hungry, and she only cared about Jamesy and the new baby.

“Princess?” Weaver’s voice soothed, even as his arms held her firmly in his grip through her thrashing tantrum, “We’re not going to your room yet.”

Addy gulped to clear her throat, not sure she heard him right over her cries, “What?”

“We’re going to stand right here for a minute.” he looked around the garden. “I want to smell those roses. Will you smell them with me?”


“I think they’ll smell nice. And I won’t get to come back outside until tomorrow.”

“Me neither.” Addy lamented.

“But we’re here for one more minute. Let’s smell some roses.”

Addy had stopped trying to escape him from the moment he started talking to her, and he lowered her gently to the ground. He held her hand and they walked over to the rosebushes and leant down.

“Mmm, can you smell that?” Weaver asked.

Addy blinked, her long lashes each bearing their own teardrop, “My nose is runny, I can’t–”

“Here you are.” Weaver produced a handkerchief from his pocket, and Addy blew her nose as hard as she could.

Nasal passages cleared, she took a sniff, and this time she could smell the sweet scent of the flowers. “Mmm.” she nodded.

“You know, there are a lot of flowers planted throughout this garden. I’ve often wondered if it’s possible to smell them from the third floor.”

Addy turned back to the Palace and looked up to her parent’s balcony, “I don’t think so.”

“Let’s stop by the balcony on our way and find out, want to?”

Addy nodded sadly, anything to avoid her room.

“You’ll be back out soon.” Weaver promised. Then, he did something surprising. He picked one of the roses off of the bush and handed it to Addy. “For our experiment. Let’s go.” he offered her a hand and she took it.

The entire walk up to the third floor, she held on to Weaver with one hand, and the handkerchief and rose in her other. Before going to her bedroom, they turned into the family room and took the door in her dad’s bedroom out to the balcony.

“There’s that outside air.” Weaver smiled.

“Yeah. It’s warm.” Addy agreed.

“Okay, take a big sniff and see if you smell any flowers from below.” Weaver suggested.

Addy went to the railing and took a deep inhale through her nose. “I smell the air… I don’t know…”

“Sniff the rose to remember what it smells like.” Weaver encouraged.

Addy nodded and obeyed, sniffing the rose and then sniffing the air around rail of the balcony. “I think… I think I can smell some of the garden a little…” Addy said tenuously.

Weaver smiled, “I think I can, too.”

They stood there for another minute, and then Weaver said, “I think you have some fun toys in your room, you can play until your family is done with dinner.”

Addy shrugged heavily, “Will you still be my guard when the new baby is here?”

Weaver blinked, surprised at the sudden turn of the conversation. “Of course I will. I’ll always be your guard.”

“What if the baby is really, really cute?”

“I’m sure it will be, but there’s no amount of cuteness that could make me abandon my responsibilities to you.”

Addy wasn’t sure what to make of this. She believed that he believed that, but this new baby would change everything one it got here. “Try to stay my guard.” Addy encouraged, hopelessly.

Weaver’s expression was sympathetic, and he escorted her to her room. Addy sat down on her bed with the rose and the handkerchief still in hand, and Weaver bowed to her as he closed the door behind him.

It felt like forever in her quiet bedroom. Addy wasn’t sure what her best move going forward was. She was in big trouble, and her mommy didn’t care if she was sad or not, so the punishment might get really, really bad. She didn’t have a lot of good options, but one idea occurred to her, and it seemed promising. There was one place where she was always welcome and never in trouble, and there were lots of things to play outside, and lots of treats. She could go to Grandma’s.

Addy nodded, sliding off the bed, positive that this was the right decision. She’d pack a bag with everything she’d need to survive a walk to Grandma’s– some crackers, some water, Elephanty– and then she’d head off. Nobody would notice she was gone until she was already at Grandma’s, and Grandma wouldn’t send her away.

Addy didn’t have any bags in her closet, but she knew where to find one. She wasn’t supposed to leave her room, but she was about to leave the Palace anyway, so what did it matter? She tiptoed across the hall, into the family room, and then into her dad’s room. There, on his desk, was his work bag. It wasn’t pretty, it was just a leather rectangle, but it had a handle and would hold her stuff. That’s all she needed.

Addy carried it, nearly half as big as she was, back to her room and lugged it onto the bed. She fiddled with the clasps, working to unlatch it, so focused that she didn’t even hear the door open behind her.

“Adrienne Emlyn Schreave.”

Addy froze, her throat going dry. She turned around to find her father standing in the doorway.

“Daddy? Is dinner over already?”

“I came as soon as I spoke with your mother. She’s very upset, Adrienne. ”

“I know. She’s mad.”

“No, she’s sad. You ignored her instructions and you yelled at her. You are never, never to raise your voice to your mother. Do you understand me?”

“Daddy, please don’t make me in trouble. I don’t want in trouble.” It was a last ditch effort, an attempt to flutter her lashes out of this terrible situation.

But of course it didn’t work. Her daddy didn’t care what her lashes did anymore, he only cared about the baby.

“You need serious consequences for misbehaving. Otherwise, how will you learn?”

Addy wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say to this. It was like he was talking to himself.

“I don’t want in trouble. I won’t yell at Mommy anymore.” It was true. She was leaving, she wouldn’t have to ever yell at her mommy again.

“If you didn’t want to be in trouble, you shouldn’t have thrown such a temper tantrum.” Maxon scolded. He stepped into the room, placed a hand on her shoulder, and said, “You’ll have extra homework for the next three days. You’ll do that instead of playing outside. If we can’t trust you to behave yourself up in the tree caste, then you can’t go into the tree castle.”

Addy felt like her heart had been stabbed. She wailed in protest, and Maxon flinched back lightning quick, as if he’d been scalded. Then he examined her shoulder, as if worried that she’d been scalded too. When he was satisfied that she wasn’t hurt, he turned that examining gaze on her eyes.

“That’s enough.” he thundered.

Addy wouldn’t have time to pack. She’d just take Elephanty and go. She turned to her bed, grabbed her toy by the trunk, and tried to get out from around her dad.

“You’re staying in your room for the rest of the night.” Maxon reminded her.

Addy tried for a few minutes to get around him, but he was blocking the door like Uncle Gerad blocked the soccer goal. Finally, patience at an end, Addy snapped, “I’m leaving forever. Move!”

Maxon’s first instinct was to scold her for yelling at a parent again, but then he processed what she’d said. “Excuse me?”

Addy had seen on cartoons where people could get by if they crawled through someone’s legs, so Addy dropped down and made a dash, but Maxon caught her easily and picked her up, setting her back on her feet.

“What did you say, Adrienne?”

“I’m leaving forever.”

“No you’re not.”

“You can’t stop me.” Addy challenged.

“Of course I can!”

“No! You have to go to dinner soon, or you have to check on Mommy, or you have to go to work. You can’t stand here forever. As soon as you go, I’m leaving, and I’m never, ever, ever coming here again. I hate it!”

Maxon was flabbergasted, “Because of dinnertime? You hate your home because of dinnertime?”

“You don’t understand! Everybody cares if you’re happy, you’re the King. No one even cares about me, they just think I’m annoying, they don’t want me to be here!”

“Who? Who are you talking about?”

“You! And Mommy! And everybody else in the whole Palace! They only want the baby, not me, but I don’t care anymore, I’m leaving. I’m going to Grandma’s because she wants me.”

If Addy had been paying more attention, she might have noticed the tears in her father’s brown eyes, “Adrienne, you think we don’t want you? Bird, we love you so much.”

“No you don’t. Mommy was too mean to me, she doesn’t love me. And all you care about is the baby anymore. You don’t love me. You’re just saying that because daddies have to say that.”

Maxon shook his head ever so slightly, “Oh, Addy, believe me, fathers do not have to say that they love you.”

“You’re just saying that so I won’t leave!” Addy accused.

Maxon narrowed his eyes at the fire-tempered redhead standing before him. “If I didn’t want you here at the Palace, why would I be trying to stop you from leaving?”

Addy opened her mouth to retort, but she came up short. “You… just… You just would…”

Maxon shook his head and knelt down on one knee, “I’m sorry if we’re spending a lot of time getting ready for the baby. We’re nervous. It’s scary, having a little baby who can’t take care of themselves enter the family. And you… you’re so independent… you’re so able to take care of yourself… we just let you.”

“If I can take care of myself, then I can go to Grandma’s.”

“If you want to go to Grandma’s, we will call Grandma and set up a sleepover. You are not allowed to run away, Adrienne.” he insisted.

“You wouldn’t even know.” Addy sighed. “You’d just be at work or tucking in Jamesy… I didn’t even get a tuck in this week…”

Maxon rubbed his eyes hard with both hands, then placed those hands on Addy’s shoulders. His fingertips were wet. “I’m sorry, Bird. I thought, having Mommy with you all day, you wouldn’t need a tuck in as much.”

Addy shook her head, “Mommy just sleeps and eats snacks, she doesn’t play with us or read to us or anything. I’d rather have Aunt Kenna, because she plays with us.”

“Mommy’s doing the best she can, it’s just the baby–”

“Yeah, yeah. The baby.” Addy sighed. She’d heard it a thousand million billion times.

Maxon collapsed from where he was kneeling, now sitting before Addy. “Would you rather have a sleepover with Grandma tonight, or would you rather camp with me on the balcony?”

Addy turned her head, not certain she’d understood at all. “I’m in trouble, Daddy.”

“I know it. You can’t go back to the treehouse for three days, and you will have extra lessons. But I didn’t say we couldn’t camp on the balcony, did I?”

Addy furrowed her brow, “You can’t. You have to stay with Mommy.”

“Mommy will be just in the other room. If she needs us, we’ll be close.”

“Just you and me? No Jamesy?”

“Just you and me. Although, I might do something fun with Jamesy, one on one, soon. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you. But it’s nice to have special time together every once in a while, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I would be okay with that.”

“So, is it settled? You’ll… return my briefcase to my desk, call of the runaway to Grandma’s, and we’ll camp out instead?”

“…Are you sure about this? If I went to Grandma’s, you wouldn’t have to camp with me anymore.” Addy reminded him.

“Oh, sweetheart. Birdy, no. I love camping with you. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It’s just that I also have a busy job, and your mom needs my help right now, and your brother is a lot less independent than you are. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to be with you. I love it.”

Addy sighed heavily. “I can say sorry to Mommy now.”

“She would love that, but I’d like to speak with her first.”


“She didn’t know you were so sad, sweetheart. She loves you more than you’ll ever know. She’d move mountains for you, she’d rewrite the entire constitution to help you.” He always said that, but Addy still wasn’t sure what it meant. “She was never this tired or uncomfortable when you or Jamesy were in her belly. This has been a really hard nine months for her. But she never meant for you to think that she didn’t love you, even though she wasn’t feeling good.”

Now Addy felt bad. She knew what it was like to feel yucky and be cranky because of it. She’d had a stomach bug just the previous week, and hadn’t felt like playing games the whole time.

Addy sighed, “Will Mommy feel better when the baby is born?”

“Yes, after a few days. She’ll be sleepy because the baby will keep us up all night, crying, but she’ll be feeling much better otherwise.”

“Maybe she’ll play a game then.”

“I know she’d love to. And don’t forget, Aunt Kenna, Astra, Leo, and Rogan will all be here much more often once the baby comes. You’ll have a lot of people to play games with, not just Jamesy and Mommy.”

“Yeah.” Addy smiled, “Astra will come a lot?”

“Lots and lots. And you two can have sleepovers. And I know Grandma wants to have a slumber party once the baby is born, to help Mommy and me. That’ll be great.”

Addy looked at her daddy’s work bag on her bed and felt silly. How could she have thought of leaving home forever? She sat Elephanty back on the bed.

“Daddy, I’m kind of hungry.”

“Ready for dinner?”

“Yes, please.”

“Good, so am I. Let’s go see if Jamesy left us any lasagna.” He stood and offered her a hand. When she took it, he pulled her into a tight hug and then swept her up for a piggyback, Addy unable to control her giggling at the surprise.

Hello! My name’s Kira, and I’m a 16 year old trans girl from New Hampshire USA. I’m definitely asexual, but boy oh boy am I confused on the romantic side of things. I know that I like girls, but if I’m aromantic I have no idea.

I play the bass guitar, I love learning languages (I speak Spanish and French, and I want to learn Finnish, Icelandic, and Russian), and overall I am a funny and sometimes odd person!

Who am I looking for? Anyone really! Because I speak Spanish and French, it’s okay to talk in those! Also, I’m looking for friends, but maybe a relationship too if it works out that way (I don’t mind long distance at all!).

My Tumblr is dont-question-the-plaid
nd my Instagram is @notacatbutsecretlyacat

Thank you!

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5 things you can find on my blog:

1. Aesthetic (I like to think)

2. Photography 

3. Edits

4. Trash

5. Some more trash

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

1. Earphones

2. Hair accessories

3. Lipstick

4. Purse without any cash

5. Gum

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

1. Me

2. Stacks of unfinished writing

3. Books

4. Clothes

5. Definitely not my will to live

5 things i have always wanted to do:

1. Write a book

2. Learn how to play an instrument

3. Go to a concert

4. Travel

5. Meet online friends

5 things that make me happy:

1. Clouds

2. Sunset

3. The sky

4. Sunrises 

5. Did i mention the sky??

5 things I’m currently in to:

1. Music

2. The evil within (video game)

3. Cyberpunk

4. Writing

5. Theatre

5 things on my to do list:

1. Travel 

2. Get a job

3. Figure out my shit

4. Finish school

5. Be happy

5 things you might not know about me:

1. I fucking love Batman with all my heart

2. I’m pretty sensitive and impulsive

5. I’m constantly in a state of nostalgia

4. I ruin everything

5. I just really want to fix everyone



That’s all I can think of, whoever wants to do this go ahead