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Draw my boy Raz being rad

You asked for Rad, but somehow my brain jumped to bring your son to work day two nerds in lab coats. I’m…so sorry;;; I hope you can still get some enjoyment out of it lol

Art Museum

Summary: On your day off, you invite Bucky to an art museum. You’re sure he probably wants to spend his time doing something else besides looking at art, but you soon find that his definition of art might be a bit different than yours.

Word Count: 1,429.

A/N: Just another random idea that came in mind. Special thanks to @bovaria for being a doll and for previously reading this through. <3

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Burrito Blanket Batmom - Bruce Wayne/Batfamily x Reader

I kinda love the idea of a “burrito blanket” batmom haha, and since I thought the request from anonymous I received was quite similar, I mixed them up together. Hope you’ll like it, particularly you @dannysanime, as usual, feedbacks are very welcome :) : 

(my masterlist :


-Are you alright mother ?

It’s early in the morning when your youngest son finds you in the living room, wrapped in a blanket on the couch, eyes wide open and not really looking at anything in particular. You don’t even react as he approaches you. 

-Mother ? Hey ? Mom are you alright ? 

Finally, you turn your head to look at him, blanket all the way up to your chin and wrapped around your head (and all around your body really, your face the only thing peering out of this burrito you made of yourself), you say in a croaked voice : 


Damian is immediately worried. It isn’t often, if not never, that you complain. That you let things get you down. You’re the cheery one of the family. You and Dick often are the ones that see the positive things in everything, so, seeing you there, laying on the couch without even the TV on, and looking as if you were completely done with life…Well, it worries your kid. 

You realize that he’s concerned about your well being when he kneels in front of you, and put his palm on your forehead. Oh, sweet boy. If only everyone could see him as you saw him, if only he’d be as nice with everyone as he is with you…No one would ever call him “brat” anymore. 

-I’m not sick honey, I’m just…I’m just….erf…

-…You’re just “erf” ?

You shrug your shoulder. Or at least, Damian thinks you shrug your shoulder, he isn’t really sure, seeing as you’re wrapped tightly in that damn comforter. 

He’s not sure what’s wrong with you, but he still wants to help. 

-Hum…Is there anything I can do for you ? Do  you want coffee ? Something to eat ? Or do you want me to go put a movie on or something ? Anything, really ?

You smile weakly at him, and it makes him frown. Your smiles are never weak ! They’re always so bright, warm, beautiful ! They always make him feel better, not matter what. Awkwardly, he brushes a few fingers against your cheek, and your smile widens a  little. Here. Better. 

-You’re already doing a lot my boy. 

“My boy”. He loved when you called him that. It made him feel…It just made him feel loved. And like a part of the family. Your son. But of course he was your son, you never saw him in any other way, even at the difficult beginnings…

He kept on brushing your cheek lightly, putting some strand of hair out of your face. You managed to take an arm out of your blanket, and caressed his hair lovingly, he laid his head next to yours, kneeling on the floor in front of you, and you just shared a sweet mom/son moment…So much that you both fell into a deep and comfortable slumber. 

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He Hears You Swear For The First Time - Harry Styles

Pairing: Harry x Reader

Plot: The first time he hears you swear.

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 233

You were sitting on the floor in the living watching one of your favorite TV shows while Harry sat beside you on the couch. As he scrolled through his phone, his eyes would avert and land on you every now and then when he would hear you yell at the TV.

“Oh my God, you’re stupid.” You said, eyes glued to the television as Harry’s went to you again, amusement evident on his face as a wide smile started forming, “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” You continued as the scene switched to a girl in bed with a guy.

You stared at the screen then your jaw dropped when they showed who the couple was, “Are you serious?! After everything he’s done for you?! You fucking cheating slut! What the fuck is wrong with you?!” It cut to a commercial seconds later and you averted your focus.

It was then that you realized Harry was beside you the last time you knew and you hoped he had left the room or the house but as you felt eyes on you, you looked to your right to see him staring at you, his green orbs wide.

“Hi.” You smiled innocently.

“Where did that come from?” He asked, shock still written all over his face.

“My vocal chords.” You answered half sarcastically.

“Louis is a bad influence on so many levels.” He smirked.

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OKAY so one of the recent posts mentioned Annie not feeling her nose so much and it got me thinking tbh

So Annie started styling her hair with her bangs covering one side of her face as an attempt to hide her nose. Kids can be jerks and they used to make bird sounds whenever she walked by and it was the best way to hide from them and her own insecurities. That can work for both canon and modern aus, but for more modern purposes, being friends with Reiner and Bertolt helped her out a lot because Bertolt could relate to that feeling and Reiner could help her accept it in a more positive light. Also side headcanon that her S/O always gently kisses her nose before bed as a reminder that they love every aspect of her. :^)

BTS Reaction to thier girlfriend using drugs

Anon Requested:  Can you do a bts reaction to their girlfriend using drugs

I hope you like this!

Jungkook: He was shocked if anything else. Seeing you flick your thumb having the flame come up on the lighter and you inhaling from your small pipe just utterly shocked Jungkook. He couldn’t believe that you were actually smoking weed let alone with others in your apartment. He couldn’t say anything, all he could do was stare at you as you let out a big puff of smoke.

Taehyung: The minute he saw the line that was on your kitchen table disappear he immediately grew angry. His face was stoic and he immediately tugged you away from the table making you stumble into your room. He slammed the door and that’s when he erupted. “Are you fucking kidding me?! You’re going to do..that?! Are you stupid?!”

You knew he was pissed, you knew you shouldn’t have done this but it wasn’t the first time. “This could put my whole career at risk! Do you not understand that?” His chest heavy up and down, he was furious with you and all you could do was lay down in bed as you were too high for anything.

Jimin: He grimaced looking at you as you continued to laugh on the floor with your best friend. He was absolutely disgusted with your behavior and what you had just done that he couldn’t even look at you. So he left, he left you on the floor of your apartment and went back home trying to forget what he had just witnessed. 

Hoseok: If he was being honest he didn’t know what he was feeling when he heard the bubbling of the water and you inhaling and exhaling the smoke. He saw all of the smoke disappear into the air yet you just smiled looking at him. You smoked a lot yet never told him, his first time seeing you like this and he just felt blank, he didn’t know what to feel. 

Namjoon: He wasn’t going to lie, he was incredibly upset. He was upset that you decided to do this to your body, he was upset that you never told him you did this and he was upset that you proceeded to giggle upon seeing him and his reaction. Namjoon was overall upset about everything that was going on but he knew taking care of you was more important, so he had to grin and barret.

Yoongi: Yoongi wasn’t going to stand for this, seeing the joint in your hand pissed him off and he immediately slapped it away. “You are not fucking doing that. Do you understand that if someone took a picture of you that my career could be jeopardized? You can’t be fucking doing this (Y/N)!” You were upset that he wasted a joint but seeing how upset he was made you realized that you caused this which upset you even more.

Jin: Jin was absolutely confused. He didn’t understand what the white powder was until you started to act funny a few moments later. He was completely and utterly confused as to why you felt the need to do any of that. He looked at you puzzled as you swayed back and forth smiling at nothing. He didn’t understand any of this and frankly he didn’t want to.

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whats the title of your blog from?? whos jack and why his name is crossed out

eep so john laurens was often called jack by his family and i guess people he was close with and so when alexander found out about johns wife and child he wrote a letter and crossed out the word ‘jack’, (“and now my dear jack’) 

a lot of us think that he crossed out the word jack bc it was supposed to be used ‘affectionately’ and he wanted to show he was hurt and not really feeling affectionate in a way only john would understand. he then went on to describe what he wanted in a girl and then basically said that he was only kidding and just wanted to keep talking to him longer.

anyways its my blog title because i love the fucking sass i think alexander felt while crossing out ‘jack’ lmao “you know what. the asshole lied to me what makes him think he deserves nice petnames such as jack” *crosses it out making a mocking face*

Joshua High School AU

Being on the welcoming committee had some perks. Perks like having an excuse to talk to the cute new student.

Joshua had first seen you during orchestra. He saw you and a teacher walk past the band hall, and he watched you walk, a shy smile on your face. He fell almost immediately. Not only because you were beautiful, but because he recognized you.

He remembered seeing you help a kid from his neighborhood whose backpack fell and spilt its contents. He saw you help pick them up and comfort the child, and he was touched. Seeing you again, at his school must be fate.

He saw you again when he walked past a classroom. Seungkwan was word vomiting on you, and he pursed his lips while he stood at the window. Besides him, Jihoon rolled his eyes.

“You can’t tell me you like them?”

Joshua snapped out of his trance and shook his head, “I just think-”

“That they’re cute?”

“Yeah-no wait, that’s not-”

Jihoon sighed and began walking, Joshua close behind him. Joshua sighed and stole one last glance at you before they entered the faculty room, and spoke with their teacher.

“Oh and Joshua. Do me a favor and welcome the new student.” Joshua smiled and nodded, and he and Jihoon went back to their class.

“Don’t you think Seungkwan was too forward?” Joshua said while tuning his guitar. Choir would start soon. Jihoon rolled his eyes and scribbled on his sheet music. “I mean, I’m all for making friends but sometimes Seungkwan can be a little..”

Jihoon stood with a huff and handed Joshua the music, Joshua took it as a sign that he was oversharing and shut up.

Lunch came and Joshua ran to the cafeteria, searching for your sweet smile among the crowd. He sighed in relief when he saw you lunch in hand, standing alone. Joshua began walking towards you, fixing his uniform tie, but began to speed up once he saw Seungkwan walking your direction. He won their little race and introduced himself.

You smiled immediately as he invited you to his table, and quickly followed him. At the table, he spoke to you more, and you spoke to him, occasionally smiling at him as he spoke. Joshua could practically see himself fall.

The rest of the day was a blur, Joshua’s mind constantly roaming back to you. Even on the drive with Jeonghan and Seungcheol to the park, all he thought about was you. A little part of him hoped that you’d be there, even though it was really unlikely.

That little part almost cried when he saw you at the park. Your outfit made you stand out amongst the others there, and he found himself walking towards you immediately.

“(Y/N)!” He called out to you as he reached you.

You smiled and adjusted your bag, “Joshua! Are you here to ‘chill and eat ice cream’ too? Vernon and Seungkwan invited me.”

Joshua nodded and smiled, not having anything to say. You opened your mouth to speak, but Vernon walked over and handed you your popsicle and started talking to Joshua.

As the afternoon turned to evening, you told everyone you had to go, gave your number to anyone who didn’t already have it, and said your goodbyes. Joshua offered a ride, and despite not wanting to be alone with him because of reasons, you agreed.

“I saw you that day. The day you helped Samuel.”

You turned to Joshua who kept his eyes on the road. “Samuel? That kid who dropped his backpack?”

“Yeah. He lives in my neighborhood. I was getting home from choir when I saw it. I thought it was really nice.” Josh spoke softly, reminiscing the way you smiled and comforted Sam. You blushed and looked out of the window, “I didn’t think it was anything…just helping someone in need you know?”

You arrived at your house and said goodbye to Joshua, who told you he’d message you later.

He did, in fact, message you later. It was different from the other twelve goodnight text messages, because Joshua practically wrote a poem out of it. You read over the message again and again, your heart jumping in circles. You knew it probably meant nothing but it was nice to dream.

Joshua sighed as he stared at the message he had sent you. He felt like he had wrote too much, and cringed at the thought of you finding him creepy. He waited for an answer, hating the three dots on the screen, taunting him. Finally, a message appeared.

‘Joshua, thank you for today, and for letting me sit at your table too. I had a lot of fun with you. I hope you sleep well~


Joshua stared at the message. “With me?” He re-read the message and kept coming back to two words.

‘With you’

He felt his face turn pink and quickly turned his phone away, laying down in bed. The next morning he woke up and made breakfast, again reading your message. Another message popped up, it was you, asking him, for a ride. Joshua didn’t hesitate in accepting and quickly getting ready to see you. He drove to your house and watched you come out, fixing your uniform, a smoothie in your hand.

“My dad was supposed to drive me, but he got a call from work last night and he had to leave earlier than me. It was either you or Minghao, but I’m glad it was you. Minghao listens to some weird music.”

Josh smiled and mumbled something about being happy it was him too, the idea of anyone getting to spend more time with you than him made him get a bitter taste in his mouth. The two of you talked about your strange dreams and school, and when you arrived at school, Jeonghan was waiting for Josh.

“Jeez, lovebirds, could you walk and slower?”

Both of you turned bright red and began sputtering. Jeonghan smirked and linked his arm with yours, watching Joshua get upset. Oh, how he was going to use this…

“Jihoon, if you liked someone, how would you tell them?” Joshua asked while fixing his stand. Jihoon sighed and stared at his friend. “I would be pretty blunt about it, but because it’s you, you’ll probably do some big romantic gesture, won’t you?”

Joshua thought about it before nodding silently. A big romantic gesture? He had never done anything like that, but then again he hadn’t really dated anyone before either. He decided to do some research on the topic, all the while falling for you harder. It seemed that every time he thought he had a good idea, he realized it wasn’t enough, that you deserved more. Prom wasn’t until next semester, so that was out of the question, and he couldn’t seem to find anything that would suit your tastes.

Jeonghan continued to make Josh jealous by being incredibly touchy-feely, something he couldn’t do. Joshua was scared that you would fall for Jeonghan instead of him, but Jihoon told him it wouldn’t happen. “You should be more worried about asking them out, before someone else does.”

It had been about a month and a half since you arrived at that school, and Joshua had finally decided to ask you out, he had a huge bouquet of roses, and a nice dinner ready. All that was left was to invite you out. He had to make sure you would agree, so he decided to make it seem incredibly casual.

“(Y/N), are you d-doing anything this Saturday? I mean- tomorrow?” Joshua bit his lip and waited for your response, gripping tightly to his phone. On the other end of the receiver, your heart was practically exploding. You tried to calm down before answering.

“N-No, I’m free!”

“Do you want to come eat with me at this new restaurant? I-I heard it was really good…’’

Your face was beet red,“J-Josh?”

“A-Ah yes? I mean-what’s up?”

“Just come pick me up at my house, okay? T-Text me when you’re on your way! Goodnight!”

You hung up and immediately and grabbed your pillow, using it to muffle your screams. Had that really happened? You could only pinch yourself and hope you weren’t dreaming.

“I’m happy for you, (Y/N). But it’s almost midnight so goodnight.” Jeonghan hung up on you and you sighed, glad to see it wasn’t a dream.

The next morning, you got up and immediately got started on getting ready. You did an extensive routine to make sure everything, from your hair to your nails to your skin, was perfect.

Joshua was a mess. He couldn’t seem to stop his heart from beating erratically while he drove to your house. He recited his little speech he was going to use to ask you out over and over again, until he was at your door, waiting for you to come out. When you did, he could hardly look you in the eyes, and he hoped he wasn’t noticeably red. You were staring at your feet, hoping the same.

‘Remember Joshua. This is casual. Be casual.’

Josh walked you to the car and began driving to the restaurant, speaking about what kind of food they’d have. You could only stare at your phone and hope you wouldn’t say anything dumb. When you arrived you were seated and given menus. You and Joshua started talking more, and soon enough were speaking normally, only stuttering when your eyes met. You decided to take a leap of faith when you were done with dessert and getting ready to go.

“You know, I was really surprised when you asked me to come… It felt too good to be true, you know? It’s just…I’ve liked you for the longest time, and I know it’s kind of silly for me to think of this as a lot, but I wanted to tell you…”

You looked up and saw Josh as he began to laugh a little. Your heart felt like it stopped, had you said something dumb?

“I-I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that…”

Josh shook his head, “No! It’s not that it's—I had this whole speech planned where I was going to tell you that I liked you. I was just so scared that you wouldn’t feel the same!”

You felt your heart start again, and it pumped all the blood into your cheeks. “You what?”

“I like you, (Y/N).” Joshua chuckled, “I had a speech, but being here now all I want to say is that. I like you.” You felt your heart skip a beat.

Josh took you back to the car where he gave you the bouquet he had ready. You smiled all the way home, watching his ‘goodnight’ messages appear. You stared at the sweet poem of a message, feeling heat rise to your cheeks again.

Find Me | Johnten Chapter 2

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Genre: Soulmate!AU, Angst

Summary: When your fate is sealed from birth, you’re supposed to be ecstatic, but when you’re given no fate at all, things get slightly more complicated.


I ran away from the voice, covering my ears and trying to block out any emotions, even with sweat running down my face, making my breathing falter.

“Don’t move!”

My legs ignored the shouts as I heard the click of a gun, skidding down an alleyway and jumping over the bins that lay strewn in my path.

“Goddamn it, just listen to me Johnny, stop running kid and I won’t have to use this!”

I couldn’t stop, I needed to get away, out of sight and out of mind of the predator, who was almost pressing on my heels. I stumbled up the steps towards a mall, hoping that the amount of people would scare him off, but no, he followed. He always followed.

Diving behind a food stand I watched his terrifying gaze scare off children and adults alike, he kept moving closer and closer and I grew more and more sure that he’d seen me. So I got up and scarpered, heading for the nearest exit, colliding with several people who just wanted an easy-going day at the shops.

The moment I fell was the moment the first gunshot rang out.

Loud and whistling and sharp as it flew over my head and hit a wall, ripping a gaping hole and alarming the staff and people around me. Everyone began to scream, fearing for their lives, I tried to use the crowd to my advantage, weaving between them like I was running through blades of long grass. But it was to no avail, he shot again and again and again. Three times he’d missed me, but others had suffered in my place.

Above the cries of distress I heard a roar of frustration and the whirring of sirens. Looking back I saw him pushing over people to get to me and I cursed myself for being so tall. Police made their way over, some ushering us to the exit, others tried to detain him. I managed to move outside, pushing my hands in my jacket pockets and walking slowly away.

Why had I done it?

Was it for the money? I wasn’t desperate for cash.

Was it to prove to my family that I could be responsible? No, joining a gang and then wanting to back out after they brought out drugs was not responsible, at all.

It was because I was scared. Nothing had ever gone right in my life, I’d seen those gangs around my house for years and they were feared by anyone and everyone that crossed their path. But one day they caught me on a late spring evening, after hours in a music studio, I’d nearly made my way back home. I was almost there, almost at the front porch when someone yanked out my headphones. They pressured me to join, saying it was a life or death situation. But not for me, for everyone I loved. Saying no would mean their deaths, saying yes? Would probably lead to my own.

I agreed after a second of pondering, and now, rather than turning up for college, I’d sit in my house, scared of being called in to transport some weapons or hold someone at gunpoint. Today was supposed to be my first mission, but I’d royally fucked up. I couldn’t go home anymore, I had to escape. And now, with only a phone, credit card, passport and a set of directions inscribed on my neck, that’s exactly what I did.

From Chicago I’d managed to trek over to New York, taking buses and trains to get there, wanting to be as far away from home as possible. I’d stayed in hotels, ignoring every worried text I received from my family, crying over my mother’s heartfelt voice messages that I stopped receiving after a week - maybe she’d given up. I hoped she’d given up, she deserved a better son. One that wouldn’t be so cowardly and shy away from his chance to find a soulmate for his whole life. Just simply because he was scared it would be a girl and he’d have to explain to her that he was gay.

Liking guys was always something I was shamed for, in our society, you shouldn’t ‘close off’ your choices before you met your soulmate. So I simply gave the world a middle finger and chose not to find my soulmate, it was easier that way, because my soulmate was in Thailand, thousands of miles away.

“Room Service, I have two waffles with maple syrup and bacon.”

Removing myself from my endless thoughts, pocketing my phone, I rushed to answer the door, taking the tray, paying and thanking the staff. I shoved some food into my mouth right away, looking out of the high rise window, starting to wish I wasn’t so stubborn and that I was in Thailand right now.

I made my way towards the mirror checking my neck, the coordinates were still the same ones as they had been for a week now. Was my soulmate okay? Had they not moved for a reason? I started to worry, thoughts practically exploding as I came up with every possible explanation, some of them downright ridiculous.

Is he okay?

I stumbled away from the mirror. What was that? Was someone next door talking? But I thought I was the only person on this floor? Going to sit back down on the bed, I thought that maybe I was just hearing things.

He hasn’t come out of his room in a week…

This time it was a different voice, it was female and it cracked towards the end, as if she was about to erupt with tears and emotion. I was seriously concerned now, where were these voices coming from? The cars were still droning by and the shouts of kids playing tag were loud against my eardrums. So why could I hear these voices the clearest of all?

I tried to stand up, hoping that a walk would clear my senses. But as I did so, a shot of pain coursed through my neck, rendering me paralysed. I clutched the skin, panicking.

He won’t even eat?

“Who are you talking about?” I laughed dryly, on the verge of madness. I was speaking to myself seemingly, no one replied, I must’ve looked insane.

No. It must be because of his soulmate, or lack of one.

As the woman finished her sentence I cried, my neck responding to her words by making me double over. Did someone spike my waffles? No Johnny, that’s stupid.

If we just knew their name then maybe Te-

I screamed in agony, the door banging as someone hesitantly asked a question I could no longer decipher.

And then, everything faded to black and I fell into the void of which my mind could not escape.

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OMFG MEL HELP! I was just lying in my bed and there was really huge centipede walking on my pillow towards my face, I screamed like a little kid😂😂... and I instantly remembered ch126 and Tokyo Ghoul so I crushed it with my phone.😂😂😂 Chapter 126 theories intesifies 😂


Can you believe i’ve never seen a centipede before? i have many friends who told me that they saw one walking in their house or something but i’ve never stumbled upon one :o that’s so weird, i feel so lucky, i’ll die if i see one, i don’t even know how to kill those monsters 

A Normal Amount

This drabble is lovingly dedicated to @allykat023​ who lets me yell about things like Yuuri being a dinosaur kid. 

One Sentence Summary: Victor quickly finds out how much Yuuri likes loves dinosaurs.


Victor loves learning new things about Yuuri.

The way his eyes shine when he’s talking about one of his passions and especially the little shimmy Yuuri unconsciously does when he’s really excited about something.

So when he saw the way Yuuri’s face lit up as he nodded enthusiastically at Mari’s mention of a new dinosaur fossil discovery, he absolutely wanted to explore this love of dinosaurs. Although Yuuri mentioned that he was fond of visiting museums on his trips to new cities, he’d never mentioned anything specifically about his interest in dinosaurs.

“Yuuri, you never told me that you had an interest in dinosaurs,” Victor said, smiling.  

“Oh…yeah I did. A little bit. When I was a kid,” Yuuri said softly.  At that Mari snorted with laughter and Yuuri’s cheeks colored slightly.

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Namjoon's story from tonight's VLive

nj: “I used to go to this stationary store all the time when I was a kid. The man who ran the store was really scary; he used to yell at me all the time, like "Don’t pick that up if you’re not going to buy it!!”

I went back there for the first time in 11 years, right after the Fire era. The man wasn’t there, because he wasn’t feeling well, but his wife was running the store in his place.

In the (center or back, I can’t remember) of the store, there was a huge sticker of Jhope’s face. It was a sticker or a poster of sorts. But it was his face, with a smile on his face like this *smiles* I asked the wife, “Do you know who this is?” And she replied back with “Yes, they’re pretty cool!” It was really cool and weird.

Then these two 7 or 8 year old girls came in, and when they saw me, they started saying “Wait, aren’t you…?” I was so deep in reminiscence that I was caught off guard. I pointed at the poster, and said to the wife, “THAT’S ME!” Even though, you know, that’s Jhope, but it had “BTS” on it so I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal.

I ran outside the store, and looked back. The two girls were following me. I should’ve just smiled, and said “What’s up?” But I was so panicked for no reason, that I began to run. And you know, once you start running you can’t just stop. So I ran for 5 minutes straight.

To the two ladies at ○○ Stationary, around 7 to 8 years old, if you’re watching this, I’m sorry for running away from you that day. Next time, I’ll smile and greet you.“ -Kim Namjoon

That whole “Bitty never jokes about babysitting” thing absolutely killed me like, can you imagine little southern gay Eric R. Bittle who has internalized the idea that gay men can’t have kids, and even though he’s always wanted a whole mess of children, has just kind of resigned himself to being Uncle Eric to all his friend’s kids. And then one day while he’s in the kitchen baking, Jack comes in and sits down at the counter with a notebook and says, “Okay I know you said you don’t want me to even think about proposing until after you’ve graduated, but I’d really like to start thinking about the house we’re going to buy, so I can set aside some of my bonus for the downpayment”. And Bitty gets halfway through an internal ‘this boy’ when Jack keeps going, frowning down at his notebook. “It really depends on how many kids we want, I guess. For how much space we need.” 

And Jack’s sitting there with his serious face on, thinking about how they definitely have to make sure the backyard has enough room for a homemade rink, totally unaware that he has just murdered his boyfriend. 

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Could you tell your uneducated followers, such as myself, some more about Ramadan? You're allowed to eat between sunset and sunrise, just not during the day? Are there rules about working during Ramadan if you have a job? Obviously some people can't take time off, but is it preferable to stay home with family? Do some countries, that you know of, recognize it as a holiday and give time off to Muslim citizens? Do you really fast everyday for the whole month!?

Sure. :)

From sunrise and sunset we can’t eat, drink, smoke or have sex. Obviously, if you live in a country with extremely long hours of sunlight it is a little different. 

You are allowed to go about your day as normal as possible. It is advisable to spend time with family and you should be focusing on strengthening your faith. 

Fasting is for those who are abled. 

If you are sick such as having the flu, have a health condition such a diabetes, old age, mental illness, being forced to do it against your will -‘compulsion’, experiencing intense hunger and/or thirst, you are travelling or you would face prosecution or experience fear due to fasting you may be exempt. People don’t fast while they are on their period (well, for good reason since that be incredibly uncomfortable), pregnant/breastfeeding (up to their discretion) and children are not required to fast (Some children do want try it out. I remember as a child I would get in the habit of fasting until midday as practice. Obviously it was not forced on me and I wanted to do it. Of course, parents need to be very watchful of their kids.)  

You can either make up the fasting days or if you have a long-term condition donate to charity. 

It is a festive time. We like to go out for special dinners, prepare special food and do more community activities. But most importantly the month is centred around helping the less fortunate. This is the time of year where we pay our yearly zakkat to the poor. A required amount of donations from your total earnings to someone in need. 

Fasting is suppose to teach patience, steadfastness and remind you of those who go hungry and thirsty. It is about controlling your desires. We do it the whole month- 29 or 30 days depending on the moon. 

Fasting shouldn’t be a distressing experience. For most people, fasting is relatively easy or just mildly uncomfortable. Most people report to feeling better during ramadan as it is good for the digestive system and lots of people actually gain weight surprisingly enough because they tend to have feasts at dinner. We eat two meals know as Suhoor in the morning and Iftaar at night. Water and dates are ‘sunnah’- Optional but a good habit- to have at both times as that is what the Prophet Muhammad (SA) use to do. 

Islam teaches that you must have a good breakfast before sunrise and that you break your fast as soon as it is sunset- it is forbidden to delay breaking your fast. It is not required to starve yourself at all. Healthy, abled people fast without any difficulties. It shouldn’t be at the cost of your health.

You are to prioritise your health and well-being. 

I live in Australia and nothing changes for me. I am not bothered by it because for me my life goes on as normal as fasting is not a difficulty. I went to a religious school for Primary School and High School so we had shorter days during ramadan. 

I am not aware of how it is practiced in Muslim countries. 

Thanks for your ask. Have a great day anon! 

It’s a [Tinder] Date! (Part 1/3)

Summary: Thinking he needs to find a date, Natasha signs Steve up to Tinder. In Queens, Peter Parker does the same to you. It’s a match! 

Word Count: 1,723

A/N: This is already planned out and written (in my head). I loved writing this.

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Nat raised a brow, a mysterious curve to her smile. Steve was immediately suspicious. He felt his shoulders stiffen and his back straighten. He knew he looked like he had a stick up his ass, but he couldn’t help himself. Not when Natasha looked like the cat that had eaten the canary, and wanted to get caught.

“You left your phone on the coffee table,” she said. Her tone was relaxed, which made Steve more nervous.

His eyes narrowed. “What did you do, Romanoff?” he questioned, broad arms crossing over an equally-broad chest.

She merely shrugged before she turned her right-hand palm-up and relaxing it. Steve’s phone was revealed. “See for yourself.”

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