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This is a short piece from an AU I have where Bruce and Clark met during Bruce’s Batman training. Years later, they’ve been married since before they were heroes, but no one knows. Until Batman is caught kissing Clark Kent.

“You knew Jimmy was there!”

“I- You know how much of a distraction you are, and it was on top of a building full of reporters-”

“You.” Bruce whirled around, jamming his finger into the man’s chest. “Are lying to me. And you are still bad at it.” Kal was quiet for a long moment, standing in place. At long length, his shoulders wilted.

“I… I didn’t plan it, but- but I did notice him,” he admitted, pained.

“Before or after you kissed me?” Bruce challenged. Kal’s silence said it all. “What the hell were you thinking?!”


“What kind of PR can I spin about this?! Batman doesn’t do press!”


Don’t you dare make a joke about him ‘doing’ the press right now.

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Your wife is hot part 2 - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : The Justice League is coming over at Wayne’s mansion for a barbecue…

Someone asked for a part two, so here’s a part two …Hope you’ll enjoy :s

Part one


You didn’t really expect the Leaguers to take you up on your barbecue offer…but they did. And this times, they were all here. Fortunately, Wayne mansion’s garden was massive. And with multiple trips to shops, Alfred you and your boys were able to bring enough food of all kind that it was all good. 

Except that you were stressed, yet again. So many superheroes in the same place, wasn’t it a bit of bad luck ? Like asking for a catastrophe to happen ? Oh my God, what if a major world threat arrived in your garden and started to destroy everything ?

You felt an arm go around your shoulder, and, instantly recognizing it, you wrapped your own arm around his waist. 

Bruce. Your Bruce. You snuggle into his side. 

-Are you nervous again ? 

-Is that this obvious ? 

-Only to me, I know you darling. 

You smiled to him and went on your tip toe to kiss him. Even on your tippy toes though, you were too short and he bent forward to meet your lips. Fucking giant man. 

-It’s going to be alright. They know they should leave you alone, they might be all more powerful than me physically, but they know better than to actually piss me off. You know, I got plans to take them down.

You laughed, and he smiled at you. He loved your laugh. 

-Alright mister I’m-smarter-than-everyone-and-I-always-have-a-plan, alright. I’ll try to relax, and if anyone bothers me, I’ll just point at you and take a menacing look. 

-Atta girl. 

You both laughed, and he squeezed you a bit closer to him. You two watched your sons help Alfred settings tables full of food and such as you waited for your first guests. 


Of course, Flash arrived first. All of the flashes. The original, Jay Garrick, the current Flash, Barry Allen, and his sidekick (also best friends with your eldest son), Wally West, aka Kid Flash. 

You hugged Wally, he was a lot around the mansion. And you shook Jay’s and Barry’s hand. The latter was avoiding your gaze, remembering the punch he received from your husband, and you gave a scolding look to Bruce. He just shrugged and gave you the “bat smirk”. You couldn’t help but smile too. Especially since, once again, you felt Barry shiver as you shook his hand. 

Slowly but surely, all of the leaguers arrived…it was time. 


You thought your organization of the barbecue wasn’t half bad. Everyone had food and drinks, and talked to each other, just happy to have a day off with friends without having to save the World and almost dying. You prayed nothing would happen today that required the Justice League assistance…

You met so many people that your head was starting to spin. You knew them all, and were quite proud when you could call all of them by their given names. They all had heard of you from the few leaguers who came to visit the mansion a few months ago, and were so damn curious. Especially since you were the one that made Batman jealous of Flash, going to the extent of him getting punch in the face by Bruce because he kept insisting on the fact that you were hot. 

It wasn’t as bad as you thought it was gonna be. Your husband did gave the “bat glare” to a lot of his partners, both men and women, because they had “the spark” in their eyes when they looked at you, but it was fine, because none of them actually dared to flirt the slightest bit with you. But your natural aura was shining so brightly that a lot couldn’t help but have “the spark”. 

It had been like that all your life, and you were used to it. Even though you probably would never be too fond of the attention. You never wanted to be the center of attention, or to be envied because you often were. You just wanted to be you. But no matter what, it seemed people just wanted to talk to you, to be around you. You were so damn likable. And though you weren’t the most beautiful women in the World, hell, the most beautiful women present at this barbecue, your charming ways were just freaking hot. 

But again, fearing the wrath of the Batman, even though most people here were more powerful than him, no one dared to say anything. They still asked questions about your relationship though, it was too interesting to pass on it.

You had told the story of your meeting with Bruce about ten times when your eldest son, Dick, went to your rescue. 

-I’m sorry everyone, I’d like my mom to meet my friends.

And without waiting for their response, he took you away. 

-Thank you honey. 

Dick smiled at you and gave you a knowing look. 

Your sons’ friends were all so sweet, you kinda wanted to adopt them all. You discovered you enjoyed their conversation even better than the one you had with adults, and they made you laugh quite a bit. They didn’t ask about you and Bruce, though you were pretty sure it was because your sons told them everything already. 

You thought it was extremely cute how Damian glared at some of his friends for looking at you with a bit too much insistence. He was like a tiny Bruce, cute cute cute. He made Conner (Superboy) and Kaldur (Aqualad) uneasy by staring at them until they’d quit looking at you. You didn’t say anything though, they were teenagers, their hormones were probably going haywire. You felt a bit awkward though when Shazam kinda hit on you…Because he looked like a grown man, but you knew he was just about Damian’s age, and it made you feel highly uncomfortable. Your youngest son punched him in the face (not really hurting him) and warned him to never EVER flirt again with you…You didn’t know if you should thanks your son because really, it was awfully cute how he protected you while his father was elsewhere, or if you should explain to him that hitting someone right in the face wasn’t exactly a good way to resolve conflict…You were about to say something but Dick was faster. He praised Damian for wanting to protect you, adding that you were perfectly able to defend yourself, and also scolded him for the punch. Perfect. A rush of pride washed over you as you looked at your sons talking, taking care of each other, and teaching lessons to one another…And it didn’t even turn into a full on war as Tim and Jason joined. Win. Such a win. 

At some point, Bruce came to take you away from the kids, and you went to sit down with him, Clark, Diana and J’onn at a table to eat a bit. The day was going pretty well…


You couldn’t remember who suggested it. Maybe one of the Young Justice kids ? Or was it Flash ? You didn’t know, but what you knew, is that you were in front of Arthur Curry (Aquaman), bat in hand, ready to hit the ball he was gonna throw to you, and run home. 

Baseball. You guys decided to play baseball. Of course, there was too many people, and some were forbidden to play anyway (like all of the Flash, they wouldn’t resist running fast around the field) because of their powers. And somehow, you found yourself in one of the teams. 

You shredded them. Destroyed them. Surprised all of them by your catching and batting skills. Whenever someone from the other team had a good hit, you’d get them out of the game either by catching the ball before it hit the ground, eliminating them right away, or either by throwing the ball to one of your teammates so fast that they’d touch the “enemy” before he or she could reach a base. And when you had a bat in hand, you only hit home runs. You were good. 

Bruce knew you were a boss at baseball, but of course didn’t tell anyone. He liked showing you off. Making others jealous because you were his. 

Flash was standing next to him, mouth opened, and Bruce couldn’t help but smile. He disliked the way Barry was staring at you, but it kinda felt good to know he didn’t stand a chance…Yeah,  maybe sometimes Bruce was a little bit of a prick. 

The game was over, and your team won, by far. Everyone cheered you, and congratulated Batman for being so lucky. He just smirked, and glared some more at some of his friends. And then you facepalmed, because of course Flash wasn’t going to stay quiet. As you came towards him and Bruce (and some others) that were standing on the side of your makeshift baseball field, not far from the swimming pool, you saw Bruce’s face drop. You never knew what Barry said, all you saw was Bruce preparing a mighty punch for the Flash…


A few seconds earlier : 

Barry Allen was never the kind of man to learn from his mistakes…Or rather, sometimes he forgot he already made a mistake, and so would do it again without really thinking. Like right now. 

-Wow, that was impressive. She’s good.

-I know. 

-Ok but Bruce, let’s all be honest for a second here. 

Bruce Looked at Flash suspiciously. He kinda felt like he knew what was gonna happen. With a serious look on his face, Barry got in trouble : 

-If you don’t want us to say your wife is hot, then maybe don’t let her do that kind of things. Cause seeing her win that game like that…that was damn hot

Long after, The Justice League would talk about that time they went to eat a barbecue at Batman’s house, and the Flash got hit so hard in the guts he fell in the pool with his clothes still on. 

Young Justice Batmom: Part 3

Prompt: Batmom in the young Justice universe

words: 393

AN: I love diving into this universe. This first part is a little short, but the next parts will be longer. Thanks to my wonderful Beta’s who are plowing through my stories!

Part 1, Part 2

“So, how’d the talk with Clark go?” Bruce’s scowl tells you everything you need to know, “That well huh?”

“He insists that he’s not the boy’s father.”

Your small little laugh has Bruce frowning, and you immediately move towards your husband. Going up on your toes you pull him in for a kiss. It’s long and slow, and totally inappropriate for a workplace setting. All you can think is that it’s a good thing that Bruce’s office is locked. You have about three more hours until you have to pick up Dick and head to the mountain.

“What else did he say?”

Bruce takes a seat before gently pulling you into his lap “That he needs me and Red.”

You smile “Maybe he’s right.”

Bruce raises an eyebrow at that, “You want to adopt him?”

You shake your head, “We obviously can’t do that, too many roads would lead to you being Batman. That doesn’t mean that we can’t make ourselves available, that we can’t be there for him. The kid needs somebody, and right now Clark isn’t up for the job.”

Bruce just smiles, before gently cupping your face and kissing you, “My beautiful crazy wife.”

Three and a half hours later finds you back at the mountain. You watch the training for a bit before watching Superboy wander off on his own. You follow him outside where he’s sitting on a ledge.  You sit down next to him, but you don’t say anything. You know that he’ll talk when he’s ready.

Sure enough, after about ten minutes he says, “Robin says you’re a good person to talk to.”

You smile, “I’d like to think that it comes with the whole mom territory.”

There’s another moment of silence before he says, “I feel lost. Superman wants nothing to do with me, and I have no one. When I was being fed those pictures and information by the genomes they sometimes showed me this picture of a mom, a dad and a kid, of a family. And it makes me mad that I don’t have one of those.”

The boy sitting next to you is bigger than you, but he’s just that, a boy. You lean back and take a deep breath of the ocean air, “They have this saying that blood is thicker than water,” You pause, and make sure to look him in the eye for the next part, “I hate that saying. Family comes in all different forms and shapes. In the grand scheme of things, unless you need a transfusion, I find that blood means very little. Caring about someone, loving someone, that comes from the heart, hun. You have a family, here with the team if you choose to accept it. And me, I am always here for you,” You hand him a card, “You need me, have a question, or if you just want to talk, you give me a call.”

“I …I don’t know what to say.”

You lean forward and hug him. He’s very stiff for a moment before he relaxes into it. Then, after a moment he begins to shake, and the sobs come a moment later. You just hold him closer and stroke his hair and you say, “Let it out it baby boy, let it. It’s okay to cry. Just remember that you are so very loved,” When his arms encircle you, you know he’s heard you.

You don’t let go until he does. You offer him a tissue, which he gladly takes, and then you wait for him to compose himself. He gives you a small smile before heading back inside, along with a thanks. Then you just sit there and wait.

Sure enough he comes out of the shadows a moment later, and sits on the opposite side Superboy had been on. He snuggles into your side and you wrap your arm around him. Your hand goes to his head, and you run his fingers through his hair. It’s coarser than it had been when he was eight. You suppose that comes from his time spent in the elements. You kiss his forehead before asking, “Were you jealous baby bird?”

“No, Superboy needed someone, and as Batman says, you were the best one for the job. As long as it doesn’t become a regular thing, we’re okay.”

You let out a little laugh “Dick!”

“It’s Robin, Batmom, Robin!”

The smile doesn’t leave your face as you kiss his head, “Baby Bird, you have a bad case of only child syndrome.”

“I do not!” You look at him for a moment and watch as he visibly deflates, “I’ve already lost one mom; I don’t want to lose another.”

You squeeze him tight in response, “You’re not going to lose me, Robin. You might have to share me a bit, but you’ll never lose me.”

“Share you?”

You look him in the eye as best you can, and curse the fabric hiding both your eyes and his, “A lot of your teammates don’t have a mom, Robin, and in some instances they’re going to need one. My job here is to be not only your support system but theirs as well. That being said, you automatically get more time with me.”

He perks up a bit at that, “So I’m your favorite?”

You give him one more squeeze before standing up and walking back into the cave. You pause at the entrance to grin at your son, and teasingly say, “Mother’s don’t have favorites, Batmom, especially doesn’t.”

He just grins and races after you, grabbing your arm and chatting your ear off the entire way back to the main cavern, as he tries to convince you that he’s the best one.

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Dermatologists HATE Batman! Has been 30 since 1939. Local vigilante exposes shocking anti-aging secret, learn the $5 trick for his stunning results!

Are you jealous of how Batman manages to have it all? A large, loving family and a full-time career as Gotham’s protector? Inside are 10 easy tips on how you too can protect and serve your city and your family! Number 3 will make you go batty!

Favorites (Stiles/Jackson)

@dragon-temeraire said: For the prompts, how about Stackson with “But that’s my favorite shirt!” Good luck with with your irl stuff! :)

I hope you enjoy this, bb!

Favorites. Stiles/Jackson. Teen. Also on AO3.

Jackson helps Stiles pack up his dorm room.

“But that’s my favorite shirt!” Stiles reaches across the bed to pull the red flannel out of Jackson’s hands before he can put it into the garbage bag. “You can’t get rid of it.”

“You’ve said that about the last seven shirts I’ve tried to throw out,” Jackson points out in that condescending voice that always makes Stiles want to slap his mouth. With his own mouth.

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(Not My Gif)

Out of the corner of your eye you could see Damian giving you dirty looks as you talked to Bruce. When you first met Damian you guys got along fine but lately he seemed to hate you with a burning passion.

Once Bruce left you thought it may be a good time to ask the boy about it.

“Er Damian” you started “are you okay?”.
Damian didn’t respond. He only narrowed his eyes.
“You don’t seem to exactly like me” you finished.

“Of course I don’t” Damian said cooly “I’m better than you in everyway! Why does father like you more than me?”.

“Wait wha…?” You began but the young man had already stomped off.

Was Damian actually jealous of you?

- You probably have a huge crush on batman, before you know that they’re the same person

- “Terry did you see that backflip? He’s so cool!” You’re practically bouncing with excitement as you watch the news on TV

- He can’t help but grin.

- “If I didn’t know any better I’d think Batman was your boyfriend.”

- Yoy just roll your eyes, shoving him away slightly.

- “For someone so cocky you sure do get jealous easily”

- He just laughs, and laces his hand through yours.

- He usually think it’s pretty cute when you gush over his alter ego

-But he’s only human, and he can’t but feel a little jealous when you seem so into batman.

-especially considering you don’t know it’s him.

- “Come on, let’s get something to eat.”

- Despite the cocky attitude, he’s a really good guy.

- and you know that.

- “Hey are you cold?”

- “hm? No I’m okay, don’t worry about it.”

- but he doesn’t really listen, he’s already sliding off his jacket when you start talking.

- “Well I don’t want you getting a cold.”

- You always let him copy your homework, and you usually have to re-teach a lot of the lessons to him too.

- “So you just have to multiply q and p?”

- “pretty much.”

- If he ever ends up falling asleep during the middle of a date, you let him.

- “The billionaires running you pretty dry huh?”

- “you have no idea.”

Imagine being Crowley's significant other and being a big fan of Batman and Crowley getting jealous and wanting your attention.

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“Oh my god! I would love to be Batman’s side kick! We could seriously kick some ass!” you exclaimed as you watched the Batman movie. “Plus, I would have a few things to say to Joker for treating Batman that way! The dude just deserves a break!”

Crowley just looked back to the TV with a sigh. It was clear he was getting annoyed with the constant fangirling over a dude in a suit that was constantly fighting a clown. Crowley didn’t want to admit it, but he was becoming slightly jealous over the fictional character. If you loved Batman that much then where did it leave the relationship between you and him? He knew it was stupid, but he couldn’t stop himself.

“Did you see that, Crowley?” you asked as Batman busted through the window. “Oh man, Joker’s gonna get it now!”

“I’m gonna kill that bloody bat.” Crowley mumbled under his breath.

“What was that?” you asked.

“I said I’m gonna kill that bloody bat!”

“Aw, you sound like Joker!”

Crowley clenched his jaw. “Don’t compare me to that clown!”

“Aww, is someone jealous?” you teased.

“Me? Jealous over a fictional character? Please, darling.” he said offended. “I just wish you would stop freaking out every time the stupid bat takes a breath. And also, I think I look better than Bruce in a suit.”

That was it. You broke out in laughter. You couldn’t believe it! Crowley, the king of hell, was jealous over a fictional character!

“You are jealous!” you exclaimed.

“Okay, fine. Now, can we please find something else to watch and talk about?”

“Aw.” you said in your best Harley Quinn voice. “No one could replace my puddin”

requested by: @drunkkarkitty

Fanfic - "You're a much more comfortable pillow than Eddie!"

Edward was confused. 

The Joker – now his cellmate – has been back to Arkham for an hour now, and he still hasn’t said a word, which was completely out of character for the lively and talkative clown.  Besides, he was always happy when he got back to Arkham, because it meant that he had spent the night ‘dancing’ with his Bats/Batsy/Darling/Honeycakes/Whatever. But right now, Edward could see that he was angry. No, furious


He had to know. He hated not knowing. But he was a smart man, and he knew that if he wanted to stay alive, he’d better not talk to the Joker for now.  So he got back to his crosswords.  He knew the Joker:  he wouldn’t be able to stay quiet forever. He would crack, eventually.

In three…two….one…

“That damn cat!” the Joker yelled.

“So it is about her…” Edward said, grinning.

“As if it wasn’t bad enough that she gets to sleep with MY Batsy, now she has to ruin our romantic dances!”

Edward sighed.

“What happened?”

“Everything was going well! I had let Batsy win, as usual. He cuffed me with his cute lil’ batcuffs of his and just as he was about to throw me into his Batmobile to take me back to the fun house, well, that BITCH showed up! From that point, Bats’ attention was completely focused on her! She even had the nerved to kiss him in front of me! I mean how rude is that, everyone knows Batsy’s mine, right? Right?”

“Of course.”

And it was true. Every villain knew the Joker was very possessive when it came to Batman. Only an idiot would dare to attack him (or, in this case, kiss him) just in front of the clown’s murderous eyes. But Catwoman has never truly been one of them. Maybe she thought she was above the rules or something.

“And it’s not even the worst part!” the Joker spat. “Nooo the worst is, since Mr Bat-playboy here was having his way with his fat-ass kitty, then it was fucking commissioner Gordon who had the honor to take me back here! You know how much I loooooove those precious minutes I get to spend alone with Bats during the ride back to Arkham! And SHE TOOK THAT FROM ME!”

From that point the Joker’s face had turned a pretty shade of bright red from anger. Edward kept watching him, amused.

“That’s it!” the Joker growled. “I’m escaping NOW and I kill her in the most horrible way I can think of, and believe me, I can be reaaaaally creative when I want to, hehehehahahahahahHAHAHA!”

“It’s a very bad idea if you want my opinion,” Edward said with simplicity.

“Well, that’s the point, Eddie, I don’t want your opinion.”

“Too bad,” he shrugged.

Edward got back to his crosswords, humming. After a short while, the Joker finally said:

“Ok, I’m listening.”

Edward smiled arrogantly.

“Well, if you decide to kill Catwoman, it will only make Batman hate you even more. But what if you found a way to get is attention?”

“Ooooh, thank you for that piece of advice, smart-ass! I would have never thought of that myself! Heh It’s not as if I was causing mayhem in Gotham every night JUST TO MAKE HIM PAY ATTENTION TO ME!”

“That was not the kind of attention I was talking to.”

“Then explaaaaain, godammit! I don’t have the energy for your riddles tonight!”

“Alright, alright,” he chuckled. “I think you should make him jealous. Just like he does with you.”

The Joker blinked, surprised by his cellmate’s suggestion. Then he burst out laughing.

“HAHAHA-HEHE-HAHAHAAHA! That’s a good one, Eddie! HAHAHA! But I don’t think Bats can get jealous. I’ve been dating Harl for three years now and he never got jealous. Not even once. Hehehehe!”

“That would be because everyone knows you don’t love her. Everyone except poor Miss Quinzel, sadly…”

The Joker stopped laughing, and looked at Edward.

“You’re right!” he said.

“Of course I’m right.”

“If I want Bats to get jealous, I have to pretend to date someone I actually kind of like…”


“Someone we’ve both known for a long time…”

“Yes, that would help.”

“And someone who is smart enough to not fall in love with me at the end – I don’t want another Harley…”

“Ha, you’re not that irresistible, you know?”

He laughed slightly, not noticing the sudden silence of the clown.

“Hahaha…ha.…hum…Why are you looking at me like that?”



The Joker came closer to him, batting his eyelashes.

“Oh, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie…”

Edward stared at the Joker, realizing what he was implying.

“…No way.” he said, readjusting his glasses.

“Aaaw Eddie, pleaaase!”

“I said no! Go ask Jonathan or Jervis.”

“But…Eddie, you’re soooo perfect. Handsome…smart….adorable? Who could be a better fake boyfriend than you, hm?”

“Well…You do have a point, but…”


Edward sighed. He knew he would regret it…


The night after, Edward and the Joker escaped Arkham. They set a random building on fire, and were now waiting for Batman to come.

“We could have sent him a riddle in order to find us instead of this. Fires are too mainstream.”

“Shut up! He’s going to be there in any moment now!”

He sighed. This plan was going to be a total disaster.

“Quick, Ed, take me in your arms!”

Edward made a face but he did as he was told.

“Ah c’mon, you think I’m enjoying this?” the Joker spat. “You’re too skinny for my tastes. I like men with muscles, hehe.”

The worst was that Edward couldn’t honestly tell if the Joker was joking or not.

“Besides, I’m sure it’ll be fun.” He added. “Dar-ling…hehehe.”

“Mfh, ok, I’ll give you that. It can be fun.”

“Ssssht” he said, putting his finger on Edward’s lips. “I can feel him…the Batman…Ooooh he’s watching us!”

Edward looked all around him, but he failed to see any hint that would lead the Joker think Batman was already here.

“Oh, Eddiiiie!” the Joker cooed loudly. “You are sooo funny, and sooo charming, and soooo not serious! Hehehe you are all that Batman isn’t! And that’s why I love you more that I love him!”

“Oh, thank you, Jokey. I can’t believe you lost all that time running after the Batman while you had me waiting for you. It’s obvious that we were meant to be, honey.”

Edward had to bit his lips in order to not laugh. Or throw up. Or both.

“Joker! Riddler! Freeze!” came Batman’s voice.

The vigilante had just appeared in front of us, in a cloud of dark smoke. He looked just as angry as ever.

“Hehehehehe ! Sorry, Bats, but Freeze’s not here tonight.”

He laughed at his own joke, then he said:

“It’s just me and my boyfriend Eddie. We were enjoying some quality time together, so would you mind leaving us, please? We’re not into threesome.”

The Joker could swear he saw Batman’s gorgeous blue eye twitch under his cowl. He smiled in delight.

“I’m too tired for your nonsense, Joker.” he growled.  “Riddler, tell me what’s happening.”

The Riddler never did anything for no reason. He may be annoying as hell, but, unlike the Joker, he usually made sense.

“But the Joker has explained it all, I think,” Edward said. “I know you’re not as smart as us, but even you could understand that we simply are on a date.”

“A date?”

Batman…no, Bruce was too astonished to do anything but staring at the pair of villain like a fish out of water.  The Joker was dating the Riddler? What the hell?

“Yes, Bats, a date,” the Joker said. “We deeply love each other, isn’t it right, my Eddie-darling?”

He rubbed his nose against Edward’s in a loving way. Batman looked away, disgusted by this display of affection.

“I don’t care…” finally managed to say Batman. “You’re going back to Arkham, you lunatics.”

“Never mind, as long as we are together,” Edward said.

Both villains were really about to burst out laughing. How could Batman think that they were NOT pretending the whole think?

The Joker snuggled even more against Edward’s chest. Having fun was a thing, but now he wanted to make Batman mad with jealousy.

He smirked, and then gave Edward a small but loving kiss on the cheek.

When Batman saw the bright red lipstick mark that seemed to taunt him on the Riddler’s cheek, something broke inside of him. He wanted to punch the Riddler harder than ever. To make him pay. To make him suffer.

He didn’t want the Joker’s attention to be focused on someone else. It made him feel…betrayed for some reason. The Joker flirting with him was part of their fights, part of their dynamic. Besides, he needed his nemesis. Would the Joker still want to fight him if he was in love? If he had someone to lose? Someone other than…him?

…And why the Riddler of all people? Honestly!

“I think it’s wooorking!” the Joker whispered gleefully in Edward’s ear. “Look at his face!”

“Haha, yes. What’s red, wearing a bat-suit and that is going to explode in a second?”

“Batmaaan, aahehehehehhahaha!”

Batman threw a batarang at the Riddler, wanting him to stop giggling with his – hum, with THE – Joker as if they were sharing the most wonderful private joke ever. The Riddler ducked just in time. He would swear that Batman had aimed at his throat.

“Eddie, you might want to run, now. Bats’ gonna kill you. I don’t want him to break his rule for you.”

Edward couldn’t agree more.

“Good luck,” he said to the Joker.

The Joker nodded him thank you. For a very short second, he thought that maybe he really did have a friend.

Eh, this feeling would probably fade away as soon as Edward would piss him off at Arkham with his narcissistic tendencies. It wouldn’t take long.

The Riddler managed to run away from the angry bat, leaving the clown and the vigilante all alone.

The Joker kicked Batman’s back, throwing him against the wall. Batman fell on the floor, his back aching. The Joker pinned him to the floor, positioning himself on top of him.

“Don’t get too close…” Batman hissed in between his clenched teeth. “Your boyfriend may get jealous.”

“Hehehe, you do have a sense of humor, Bats!”

He slapped him.

“But I think that the one who’s jealous here, is you, sweetie…”

Batman tried to head-butt him but he failed. The Joker was definitely in control. He put his delicate hand on Batman’s heart.

“It hurts, isn’t it?” he purred. “To see your other half in the arms of someone else…”

He took his strong jaw and forced him to look into his eyes.

“Now you know how I feel when I see you with you damn kitty…She doesn’t even love you, you know that?”

“Shut up. What do you know about love, you psycho!” he snarled.

“Well…” he giggled, tracing Batman’s nose with his index. “I’m in love with Eddie.”

“Joker, seriously.”

“Hehehe, ok, Bats, no need to get maaad… You know perfectly well you’re my one and only love, darliiiing….And you are jealous.”

“I’m not.”

“You were about to kill poor Eddie…”

“That’s because he’s annoying.”


“And stop calling him Eddie.”


“It sounds stupid.”

“Hehe you are soooo jealous, Bats! That’s hilarious! Just admit it, admit that you loooove me!”

Batman shoved him away. He was tired, and not in the mood for the Joker’s games. It was almost three am, and all he wanted to do was to get some sleep.

He was about to leave the Joker handcuffed here and then call Gorgon to take care of him – he was too tired to do the ride to Arkham with a non-stop talking Joker - but he remembered that the Riddler was still on the loose.

There was absolutely no way that he would give the two villains an opportunity to get reunited tonight. And since he was too tired to go after the Riddler…

He really did want to sleep.

Sighing, and thinking that it was a very bad idea, he took a large blanket from his Batmobile that was parked not far away, and then came back to the Joker.

“What are you doing?” the clown asked. “Are you planning to strangle me with a blanket? Cause that would be funny, heheheh!”

Batman sat against a wall.

“Come here.” he ordered.

The Joker frowned, but eventually obeyed. He sat next to Batman who covered him with the blanket. The Joker smiled wide, and rested his head on Batman’s broad shoulder. He was tired as well.

“You know…” the Joker whispered. “You are a much more comfortable pillow that Eddie…”

“Stop talking about him,” Batman growled. “And I promise I won’t let Catwoman kiss me in front of you ever again.”

“Ok, but you have to admit that you’re jealous, hehe.”

“Joker, I want to sleep.”

The Joker crossed his arms, pouting. Ah well. Denial was part of his Dark Knight’s charm, right?

He smiled.

“Good night, my love.”

Both of them fell asleep, and Edward, who had been watching the both of them, grinned to himself, thinking that he really was a genius for having thought of making the bat jealous.

Hopefully, the Joker would be in a better mood when he’d go back to Arkham, and he would be able to fill his crosswords peacefully…

The end! 

A/N: Didn’t exactly know how to begin or really end this so I left it on a ‘cliffhanger’. You can either end it how you wish or I may continue it when I have finished all of my requests and you guys react to this well. Please tell me what you think!

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Anonymous: Hi! Could you do an imagine where joker gets jealous of batman since the reader is old friends with him and they were at a party together. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense :)

Warning(s): Swearing, violence

Word count: 1,765




Your closet was packed with tons and tons of clothes and while you found all of them suitable to wear to a party, you just couldn’t find anything. You never knew how much stress it was just going to a party, let alone dressing for it.

Maybe it was because this one was different. You had been invited to a party by Bruce Wayne, your old friend. In school, you two were inseparable as best friends. You’d go everywhere together and do everything together. You were practically joined at the hip. That was until his parents were murdered. You can still remember the look on Bruce’s face as he had told you and the way in which he cried. It sounded like utter pain and helplessness and you knew there was no way that things would be the same again. In the end, he pushed you away, which was understandable. To this day you still wished you stuck by him, despite being pushed away, because you could have helped him get through it and still be friends now.

But that would mean you wouldn’t have your other best friend, the Joker. Your relationship with him was a weird and complicated one. It was never easy with the Joker, especially since he was a dangerous criminal but more importantly because you fancied the crap out of him. You guys had started off as friends, god knows how, and something just clicked. You knew the Joker didn’t have many friends, if any at all, so when he found you, he did everything to keep you as his friend. Not that he needed to, of course. It was his fault that things had changed. You were hanging out at his one evening and you were messing around and having some kind of play fight (he was very heavy-handed) when he just kissed you. It was intense and electrifying and you, not knowing what to do, just kissed him back. That’s when you got feelings for him. But since it happened you guys had never spoken about it and pretended it never happened. So you never knew what he really felt about you and you were angry at him for making you fall for him like that. You were doing great until it happened.

You snapped yourself out of your trance and concentrated on the current dilemma in front of you. There were so many dresses and you didn’t know which one to wear. Long or short? Loose or tight fitting? And oh my god there were so many colours.

“Fuck it.” You mumbled, with your eyes closed. You waved your hand about in front of the clothes and stopped somewhere around the middle, opening your eyes to see your hand right in front of a black dress. It definitely wasn’t the best way to choose a dress but now you had taken it off the hanger, you thought you might as well stick with it. After all, it was only Bruce who you really knew there. And from what you can remember, he never judged anyone, least of all you.

Slipping on the chosen dress, you admired yourself in the mirror. It was a beautiful black lace skater dress, one that you forgotten you even had. It complimented your neutral makeup and loose wavy h/c hair perfectly and you were quite proud of the way you looked, which was a first. Pairing it with some cute boot heels, you quickly grabbed your purse and left for the party.

You followed the address on the invitation card that was sent to you and found yourself pulling up at a rather large and very expensive looking house. It gobsmacked you. How on earth could Bruce… Your Bruce own such a gorgeous house? And the amount of people dressed in posh attire was outstanding. As you slowly climbed out of your car, you looked down at what you were wearing, suddenly feeling very out of place. Everyone else looked lovely and compared to them you looked… well, you looked cheap.

With caution you entered the building, gazing around the room. There wasn’t one part of the house that didn’t have something for you to look at and by the look of the amount of people there, it didn’t seem like you’d be seeing Bruce, so the walls and ornaments were the only entertainment you really had. Was this a waste of time?

You were considering leaving and just going home when a light tap on your shoulder caught your attention, making you turn around to see the face of your old friend. He had changed so much and it almost brought a tear to your eye.
“Y/N Y/L/N. After all these years. Look at you! You look… w-well you look…” He stuttered, earning a giggle from you. He may have changed but his ability to express things certainly hadn’t. “You look amazing.”

“You don’t look so bad yourself, Mr Wayne. It’s been so long! How are you?”

“I’m better.” He simply said, looking down at the floor. There were so many emotions being brought back to you. You were just so happy you were reunited with him and that was thanks to the Joker. He was telling you about how much he hated this guy and as soon as you heard the name being mentioned, you freaked. Of course Bruce had heard your name floating around too. You were well known by quite a few around Gotham for being the Joker’s best friend (which, by the way, was quite dangerous (but it was worth the risk)). “Y/N, I’m really sorry.”

“Bruce, stop.” You told him, putting your hand on his cheek. His skin was a lot different to how it used to be. It used to be smooth and now it was all rough. It was still him though. Tears were brimming his eyes slightly, him coughing avert the attention to his eyes and to push them back. “You did what you had to do to recover. I forgive you.”

His smiles were what you lived for back in the day, it would always cheer you up. And here it was, only a lot sadder. It was clear you both regretted leaving each other. You guys were practically twins and you were just suddenly parted on such awful terms. But it didn’t really matter anymore, because he was right in front of you and you felt like a kid all over again.

“Dance with me.”


“Dance with me, Y/N.” He smiled, offering his hand. As if by coincidence, a slow song had begun playing and a few couples had taken their places at the centre of the room while the rest just hung around in clusters. You looked at his hand and back to his face, the look on it the same as ever. Small hand in large, you were lead to where all the other dancers were and placed your hand on his shoulder as his hand rested on your hip, both your bodies swaying to the music. In the moment it felt as if you had never been apart…

Suddenly, four loud gunshots echoed in the mansion causing everyone to scream and the music to cut out, many people rushing to the corner of the room furthest to the door. You and Bruce were still in the centre of the room, Bruce seemingly not scared and you absolutely shitting yourself, despite being best friends with someone whos life revolved around such things. In walked three men, dressed in suits and holding machine guns, pointing them around the room until it landed on the man opposite to you.

“Boss, he’s here.”

Following them, your eyes widened when you saw bright green hair, a pale face and those dark red lips that you always wanted on yours ever since the day you felt them. It was the Joker and he looked angrier than you had ever seen him. Bruce’s grip on you tightened where as you relaxed a little. You knew him and you knew he wouldn’t hurt you. Although by the look on his face, he looked like he would just about do anything at that moment.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, genuinely confused as to why he had turned up. He took slow and intimidating steps towards the two of you, his eyes casting downward to Bruce’s hands around your waist, pulling you protectively into him.

“Get off of her.” The Joker growled, his icy eyes wild with rage. Bruce didn’t move, just stared back at the Joker with just as much anger. This was the most intense you’d ever seen the both of them and being in the middle of it was killing you. “I SAID GET OFF OF HER!”

Everything was all a blur after that. The sight of the Joker punching Bruce square in the jaw was all you could comprehend. The guests were gasping at the sight of the Joker and Bruce rolling around on the floor, knocking each other about while you were thinking of something that would stop them. You knew there was nothing you could do.

“Not so strong are you now, Batman?”


“Back off, Joker. She doesn’t want you!”


“STOP!” You screamed at the top of your lungs, the people in the room flinching and the Joker and Bruce actually pausing the fight, hands still on each other, to look at your face which was fuming. “What the fucking hell are you doing?”

The Joker let go of Bruce’s collar with a push and stood up, his shirt torn and almost hanging off his body. Bruce soon followed, standing alongside the Joker looking flustered and angry but a little embarrassed with himself.

“Y/N,” Bruce began, stepping towards you. “He’s dangerous. Please, I’m begging you, don’t get involved with him anymore. You’re in serious danger, the whole of Gotham is talking about the two of you.”

In an instant the Joker raised his arm, pointing a gun to Bruce’s head. The Joker’s breathing was heavy and he looked like he was about to catch fire and you had never before seen him in such a state. He must really hate him.

“Put the gun down.” You warned through gritted teeth. But this time, he didn’t listen and instead pulled the safety. Bruce just smirked and glanced in your direction.

“Don’t you get it?” He spat in the Joker’s face, grabbing his gun and throwing it across the room. “Joke is on you. She doesn’t love you! You’re shooting to miss.”


Good Luck Charm {Part 2}

I would just like to say. Thank you so much for the amazing support I had from Part 1. I couldn’t believe the amount of support I was receiving! Thank you all so much <3


Part 1 < Here 

Imagine Jensen is single in this. No hate towards Danneel and JJ and they’re *coming soon* additions, love them all. This is just for fun. This was saved in my draft, unfinished. Decided to finish it. Hope you guys enjoy.

Jensen X reader

word count;  2134

Summary: The reader attends her first Spn convention, expecting it to be it to be her once in a lifetime opportunity to finally meet her favourite TV stars. The cast of Supernatural. But is her good luck charm more than just a silly good luck phenomenon or is it density.

All the way down to the lobby, You stood there in the elevator, stunned, unable to move due to the previous overwhelming event. You tried so hard to move or to even say a word. Nothing. Mouth Dry. The muscles in your body weren’t responding. You felt numb. You just met Jensen Freaking Ackles. He just gave you his Shirt! And he called you Beautiful. You kept replaying that memory back in your head. Making sure you were never to forget this moment.

It also seemed that you were in a dream,-  for example, you know how TV shows or movies portray a dream, with all the bright lights and what not, well this was exactly what you were experiencing -  ( and plus, the lights in the elevator wasn’t helping much either. Bright as Heaven, they were )

You were lucky that the elevator ride was a long one. This gave you enough time to gather yourself and to return yourself to you normal state. If “ Normal” Meant being a crazy fangirl, then yes, Back to your normal state.

The door to the elevator slid open revealing a very happy (Y/F/N). A huge smile was drawn across her face. She stood there like she needed the bathroom, Fidgeting - she was more or less, Hopping in one place - her knuckles clenched.

In your mind, you were trying to figure out what triggered her to release this, active and jumpy side of her. ( Any bets it was “Her Dean”, the boy she ditched you for) .

You stepped out of the elevator, With a very confused and a *go on, tell me face*, to be honest, she wasn’t giving you much to work with here, the only thing you were getting from her was whether she needs the toilet or not.

‘Do you need the toilet or….’ You trailed off, waiting for her to fill you in on the details .

Waiting for her response, Her smile just got bigger and bigger, while also her fidgeting become more of an explosive jump. Jumping straight into your arms, she wrapped her floppy arms around you. Giggling like a little school girl.

'Woo! Something has definitely set you off!’ You laughed furrowing your eyebrows.

'Dean…I mean Sam!…..’ she began (already you were lost ) 'The guy that I ran off with…The one dressed up as Dean…..His name is Sam, Ironic really, you would have thought he would have gone as Sam….But anyways ways, we hit it off so well! And….’ She stopped in her tracks 'Oh my god, I can’t believe I ditched you for him, I am so sorry! I know, I know Sisters before Misters’ (Y/F/N) apologised.

She was really the type of character that was all bubbling,  energetic, all sunshine and rainbows.

'Hey! It’s okay, Plus if you hadn’t ditched me then I wouldn’t have met….Um, Jensen Ackles’ You lingered on making it seem like it was any casual meet up, but really you were just messing with her, you were honestly still freaking out inside. Her ears seemed to twitch as if she was a deer detecting danger. She followed you like a stray puppy to the hotel’s restaurant  . You turn back to catch a glimpse of her reaction. She was hunched over, her arms dangling in front of her and her mouth wide open, her eyes were darting all around your face.

'You, You, M-Met, Jensen Ackles she stuttered. Her voice rose to an octave when saying his name, practically a squeal.

'Yes, I met “Jensen Ackles you mimicked her reaction

'How are you holding up so well? This wouldn’t be your normal reaction’ (Y/f/N) pointed out. I mean she had a point, usually,  by now you would have probably  exploded into space due to how hyper you would have been.

'Let’s just say, the ride down the elevator was long, giving me enough time to extract all of my *internal fangirling* so all the fangirling I did Was on the inside And trust me, I  was a freaking mess You chuckled  and to be honest, It was hard!, internally fangirling was not easy, to be able to contain yourself when in the face of your beloved actors.

You pretty much used up all your fangirling juice the whole time you were with Jensen. But there might be some after efforts, like a little giggle here and there. Nothing too crazy.

(Y/F/N) and You both made your way to the Hotel Resturant. Settling down with your food, you told the whole story to her, from the very point where Jensen Spilt he’s coffee over you, down to the point where he gave you his “Batman” Shirt! Which (Y/F/N) was really really Jealous about. She asked if she could touch it and smell it! Yep, that’s (Y/F/N), good old creepy fan girl! After you told her the story she said and I quote “This is some Tumblr Fan-Fic shit right here” those 7 words set you off like a waterfall! You couldn’t help yourself but laugh. Tears of laughter were rolling down your cheeks. Man, I guess she was right, It does sound too good to be true! But you already checked….This moment, this life…All real!

'Now hurry up, We don’t want to miss tonight’s Karaoke, now do we?’ You asked, not really needing an answer, as your question was already answered due to (Y/F/N) devouring her steak in rapid time.

In under 2 minutes, (Y/F/N) was done, Yes you timed her! And it was her personal best too! You and (Y/F/N) headed your way to the hall! You were waiting in line for the hall to be opened up.

You were Facing a - now - very very Jumpy (Y/F/N), - oh god, something has set her of again! - You rolled your eyes playfully, nodding her off!

'No, No, don’t you dare Nod me off (Y/N)(Y/L/N), Not before you see this!’ You were confused to what she was indicating to.

She turned you around so you were facing the other side of the hallway you were waiting in and there he was. Jensen Ackles! Standing on the other side of the room chatting with Jared! So perfect! (Y/F/N) didn’t really help much as she made you noticeable as hell, with her hands waving about everywhere direction known to man, she finally caught the attention of Jensen and Jared from the corner of their eyes. Jensen’s Smile grew bigger when he finally noticed it was you. You gulped, your body started to shake. It was hard for you to keep still, Every body part twitching. It was also hard to break eye contact with Jensen, with every passing second his gaze would dig deeper into you, making it harder to resist .  You were mesmerised by his smile to even notice that (Y/F/N) was actually tapping you on your shoulder for your attention. His smile gave you a feeling that would trigger every muscle in your body to flutter. The laughter lines that were visible to see were starting to appear, something you found very cute. You were again in your Dream like state, everything around you felt lighter, you felt like you were drifting among clouds. The only thing that brought you back to reality was the feeling of (Y/F/N) violently shaking you!

'Heyy!!!!! What I was saying is……Jensen is looking at you’ You turned back around to face her once again. Man, you loved (Y/F/N) but sometimes she could be a bit slow

You just stood there, giving her the biggest smile ever! Well, if it wasn’t for her then you wouldn’t be here in the first place!

You twisted back round to where Jensen and Jared were. Jensen must have whispered something to Jared as it cause him to look up and smile directly towards your direction,  followed shortly after by a wink from Jensen. Okay, so at this very point your insides were bursting with butterflies and fireworks. After having the boy’s mentally abuse your mind,- how did they abuse you?- well, the intense stares from Jensen didn’t make you relax, it only caused you to think unholy thoughts and the fact that Jared was Teasing Jensen about you wasn’t helping either. But, lucky a bodyguard poked her head round the door to take the boys in. As they departed, you let out a sigh of relief, you were finally able to breathe again.

Walking into the great hall, your seats were located in the front! And to (Y/F/N)’s luck also Sam (Her Dean to her Castiel) was also in the front row! Get ready for some cheesy flirting, ladies and Gentlemen. 

The hall was starting to fill up fast and also, your excitement was starting to build up! Your foot began tapping on the floor, normally this meant that you were nervous as hell, but that’s the thing, why were you nervous? It was only karaoke, You just felt something else was going to happen, this being said, you were also stroking your good luck charm! this calmed your nerves down a bit.

(Y/F/N) noticed ,of course, - being the concerned and the over protective friend she is!- 

‘Hey! Its fine, I’m here!’ She gave you a sweet smile ‘And if that doesn’t make you feel any better, Jensen is just over there!’ she pointed out near the end of the stage. Not wanting to follow her direction you gave her an *I can’t believe you look*

‘Really, you had to go and ruin a perfectly sweet BFF moment’ you snickered

‘I wasn’t ruining it! I was making it better! Like I’m going to make it better again! Because here comes Jensen!!…..And he’s got his freaking Guitar!’ instantly after she jumps from her seat and started cheering like mad, moments later you joined her and the rest of the room.

As Jensen made his way to the stage, all you could hear were roars and cheers coming from every direction, You screamed your lungs out! ( resulting in your voice being sore afterwards)

Jensen chuckled due to the overwhelming support he was receiving, mouthing the words ‘Thank you’

‘Hiya, Guys! Wow! Thank you so much, It feels amazing being here! being in the presence of you guys is just incredible!’ an explosion of ‘Wows’ and cheers waved through the room. ‘Now this first song, this was a last minute thing, but I’m going to be singing ‘Crazy love’ *shit did he just say, Crazy Love, * a thunder of applaud bounced through the room. Everyone in the hall started to sing along to the lyrics.

You looked up from playing with your fingers and all you could see was him giving you a soft loving smile, you could almost see the twinkling in his eyes. Other than him, you didn’t take in anything else, the cheering of the people around you, it was all a numb sound. Time stood still but you and Jensen Still carried on going. The time you spent during the song, Exchanging stares, sharing smiles, Jensen almost forgot his words when you started biting your lips. The experience was delightful! You didn’t want it to end…But sadly things must come to an end. As Jensen finished his song one more finally applaud rang through the room.

‘Thank you, all so much, And I’ll see you tomorrow!’ he waved as he departed from the stage, giving you one last look.

The rest of the evening was then handed to the ‘Kings of Con’ Rob and Rich. Besides Jensen, Jared and Misha, they were your favourites

‘Hey, Rob! I would who that lucky lady was that Jensen was Eyeing up!’ Richard spoke confidently through the mic

‘Well, whoever it was, you lucky shit! I had dibs’ This gained a huge roar of laughter from the audience and yourself.

The rest of the evening was filled with laughter and enjoyment, as you sang along to some ‘Supernatural Impala Hits’ …That’s how Rob described the songs. Many of which was ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ Which by the way was one of your favourite songs of all time, so you were practically belting out every single word, you weren’t only singing the words but also humming the beat and singing the backing vocals and guitar solos. To finish off the night. We all sang the fandoms Anthem ‘Carry on my wayward son’ To be honest, this moment was actually really  emotional, that fact that everyone in the room had such a strong love for the same interest as you, it blew you away. Everyone united in a family! What you loved most about this Fandom.

Making your way up to the room, you couldn’t get the picture of Jensen’s smile out of your mind, not that you wanted to anyways. The way he looked at you, with soft eyes, laughter lines that would appear every time he smiled. The way his eyes would light up whenever you looked at him, or the time he would hang his head shyly whenever he got a response or attention  from you.

So you laid there in bed, replaying! All of what happened today just one more time before you slowly drifted off to sleep, wondering if Jensen was thinking about you too! And he was.


Sorry, this was such a boring chapter! I promise that they’ll be more excitement in the next chapters to come - plus I’m really tired haha! It’s coming up to 1 am here! Lol. Hope you enjoyed! Love you all x

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