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The Lady of Calormen

Peter Pevensie x Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: This was a fun one to write! I got a bit carried away though lol

He knew the others weren’t a fan of this plan. Peter wasn’t so hot on it himself, but there was no other way to seal their alliance with the Calormen.

“Peter, I don’t see why one our Archenland allies couldn’t be the one to seal the treaty. Why do you have to marry her?” Edmund demanded.

His brother sighed.

“Because Ed, it’s my duty as High King. That, and… I wasn’t going to let them force you into anything you clearly didn’t want.”

“Yes, but–”

“Enough about it. What’s done is done.”

Edmund was clearly dissatisfied, but he didn’t protest it any further.

“When is she arriving?”

“This afternoon.”

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Teach me

“Malfoy?” His last name came floating towards him from the entrance of Draco’s dorm, where someone had been standing for quite some time before making themself known.

“Yes?” Draco answered without looking up from his work.

“What are you doing?” Potter, who was now by some stupid twist of fate his roommate, asked as he took several steps in Draco’s direction. He didn’t walk all the way over to his desk though, which was strange since Potter usually didn’t give a damn about personal space.

“I’m reading. Don’t you remember we have an oral potions exam tomorrow?” Draco lifted an eyebrow but he did so without taking his eyes off the pages. He was only half listening to Potter at the moment, because potions still was his favorite subject even though the new teacher was very hostile towards him due to his past.

“No I mean with your hands.” There was something so distinctly odd about the way Potter said those words that Draco stopped reading and actually listened to the man.

“Never saw a man knit? Honestly Potter if Skeeter comes up with a theory that you were raised by cavemen I think I would actually support it.” Draco put down his knitting work and dropped the floating charm on his potions book so he could turn around and look at Potter, who had uncharacteristically not responded to his insult yet.

“Could you teach me?” The other man blurted out after several seconds of awkward eye contact. Awkward for the other man of course, however dented Draco’s pride might be, he still had his mask firmly in place.

But the unexpected request make a visible dent in Draco’s calm facade.

“Teach you? Why would I do-” Draco stopped himself. He was a changed man now, or at least he was supposed to be, and his new image included the stupid characteristic of being nice, so he shouldn’t be refusing Potter’s request.

“Why would you want to learn knitting?” He settled on eventually, and he was surprised to see relief flood Potter’s face. If knitting was something he wanted to learn he could have just asked the Weasley matriarch. Merlin knew she didn’t do anything but knit sweaters all year long.

“I’d like to make something.” Potter answered in an almost shy tone as he scratched the back of his neck. Draco had to stop himself from laughing as he thought of how bizarre the situation was. After the childhood bullying, the war, the trauma, the many apologies and the nights and days drenched in shame, after all that Harry Potter was asking him how to knit. 

The world was a funny place.

“So do I.” Draco heard himself say in a tone more gentle and kind than he thought he could ever produce. He pulled out an ornamented chest full of yarn. “So Potter. Let’s pick a colour.”

Apperantly I can’t do anything anymore without turning it into drarry #fml

I hope you liked it anyway.

I Hate That I Love You

Title: I Hate That I Love You

Requests: Hey , do you think you could do an imagine where , the reader is Josh’s best friend , and despite how long they been friends she is scared to talk about it with him ? Maybe get some rain action ? And a sappy ending ? I l or sappy endings with kisses ☺️❤️ this would be great , love your work .

Hey! I was wondering if you could write just a SUPER fluffy imagine with Josh. I need some good fluff rn before midterms.

Characters: Josh Dun x Reader, Tyler Joseph

Warnings: Underage drinking, cursing

A/N: I know the requests ask for fluff and I promise part 2 (and maybe 3 if I want to make it longer) will be fluffy!

Part 2 - It’s Always Been You

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anonymous asked:

8 and 83 with Prinxiety

8. You’re so f*cking hot when you’re mad.
83. You’re just leaving me here? At least have the decency to finish me off with a stick.

Believe it or not, I was hoping somebody would give me #8. I’ve got ideas, and prinxiety fits perfectly into them. That other one is really random though. And again, I don’t cuss and neither does Thomas so forgive me for using substitute words.

Roman ran through the fairy tale forest as fast as he could. He felt fire catch on the trees behind him because the heat was so intense.

Today’s daydream wasn’t exactly going according to plan.

“GIVE IT BACK” a voice boomed across the landscape.

“Never! You will have to defeat me first!” Roman yelled behind him.

Though, this was pretty fun. Maybe he should trick the emo jerk into playing with him more often.

Roman ran into a huge stone wall. A fortress? When did that get there? Was Anxiety adding to his landscape? That fiend. He had just gotten it the way he liked it.

He stood his ground with his back to the fortress and his katana in hand. A fire burned to form wall in front of him, barring his escape. Anxiety emerged from the fiery wall not wearing his hoodie. The snow on the ground melted around him. He pointed to the black hoodie tucked into the prince’s belt.

“Give it back, Roman,” Anxiety said. “Or at least let me make a new one. Or do you want me to ruin you day?”

Roman smiled mischievously. “You’re so amazingly hot when you’re mad,” He said.

Just as he predicted, Anxiety’s flame grew hotter. Roman laughed dramatically. “Wasn’t I supposed to be the fire elemental, you witch?”

“Oh, so you want a witch do you?” Anxiety said. “Be careful what you wish for, your stupidness,”

“Alright, that is your worst insult yet. I can stand being burned, but if you are not going to put half an effort into your insults then… What are you doing?”

Anxiety moved his arms, and the fire turned black. It twisted and turned and warped until it formed itself into a tornado around the prince, trapping him. Then it forced him further and further back until the tornado of black magic collapsed the stone wall behind him, pinning him under several feet of stone bricks.

Anxiety began walking away. Roman didn’t know what to say here, so he just blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“You’re leaving me here? At least have the decency to finish me off with a stick!”

Anxiety broke a stick off a nearby tree and pointed it at Roman in a very Harry Potter type fashion. The hoodie flew out of Roman’s belt and Anxiety caught it and put it back on.

“Daydream over, Princey,” Anxiety said. “And don’t let me catch you barring me from doing things again,”

SP I see you and I don’t like you.

I need to vent. I’m tired. So freaking tired of the franchise insulting, changing, destroying and hurting my beloved ship out of jealousy, bitterness and sexism. Yeah, okay, SasuSaku is the most popular het ship in the series even though it doesn’t include Naruto, yes okay Sakura chose Sasuke over the main character Naruto who according to the franchise deserves the universe and then some. Yes okay, Sasuke is Naruto’s rival and needs to be put in his place because ‘Main character’.
But you’re supposed to be professional. And yet, you keep insulting, excluding and forcefully changing Sasuke and Sakura as characters and a ship, while everyone else gets to keep their happily ever after. And why? Because Naruto isn’t part of the ship.
What was the point of keeping Sasuke away from his best friend’s wedding and having a sad Sakura be jealous at everyone around her getting into relationships? Even though 699 had them both understand each other’s feelings?
What was the point of changing the few ‘moments’, if you can even call them that, SasuSaku had in the novels by changing scenes such as the one where Sasuke gets a letter and it’s mentioned that Sakura remembered his childhood dream but instead, in the anime, it’s Naruto that remembers it?
What was the point of animating almost every stupid novel, even the ones that honestly do not matter at all, all while leaving out Sakura’s where she gets to shine and Sasuke is shown to care through going out of his way (like in canon) to travel back to rescue Sakura?
Why re tell the Boruto movie in a manga and cut out the scene at the end where Sasuke and Sakura sit on a roof as if Sakura was never an important part Sasuke thought of when making important decisions (like in Gaiden where she was included in the Hokage meeting)? 
What’s with the ‘yay Hokage nay papa’ bullshit you force onto Sarada even though her relationship with Sasuke was completely fine at the end of Gaiden?
Why the hell are you making Sasuke care more about Naruto’s brat than his own family? Are you sane?

SS gets pushed aside, ignored in fillers, insulted and torn apart. And honestly, if what I saw regarding the cast for the new anime is true, it wouldn’t surprise me if SP tries to destroy my ship entirely in the anime. Noriaki isn’t even listed, and neither is Chie. Why is that? Are they going to make Sasuke travel again with the excuse that he has to ‘investigate’ the mark on Boruto’s hand? Are they going to keep him out of the picture by making him train Boruto outside the village for a few years like Jiraiya did even though Jiraiya didn’t have a freaking family to look and care for? Are they going to keep Sakura out of the picture by letting her simply disappear and never return again because lols reasons? If I didn’t know the franchise as well as I do, I would call prank or bullshit on this. but I do. Even Shino is listed as a returning character in the anime. Can you believe that? That’s how far those people are willing to go for their hatred towards SasuSaku.

People need to finally open their eyes. SP isn’t going to give you more kids, nice flashbacks or cute little fillers free of stress, angst or negativity. It will continue to shit on your ship, hide it in a nice looking gift box to make you believe it’s actually something cute and positive, only for you to notice that you have been tricked once again (aka the last or road to ninja or boruto the movie).

I could deal with all of this way better if it wasn’t for the fandom. Because a very large portion cannot or refuses to face the fact that all material that is not produced and released by Kishi can be seen as not canon.

And even though all of this is a burden I hate, I’m still happy with my canon SasuSaku ship. Because canon, once it’s not buried under a pile of filler shit anymore, is pretty amazing.

Trustworthy (pt. 1)

Summary: Being sent to one of your favorite worlds, you are disappointed when it is just as cruel as the world you left. Receiving insults from the company members, you slowly start to close your self off. Can the king fix this?

Pairings: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 1,945

Warnings: Everyone is a bit OoC; Kind of Cracky; Mentions of Abuse (physical, emotional, and mental) From Parents/Partner

Author’s Note: I will be posting part 2 on Sunday.

Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series - Part 2

Originally posted by d-a-black

Requested by: 

     Anon: Can you do a reader insert of a really tall (human or elf) reader being in the company and being teased or made fun of for it

     @pandepirateprincess: Can i get a Thorin and x reader? Maybe a fluff one about tryin to resist falling for him or him trying win over reader cause she was mentally abused and has trust issues?

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| Encounter | Legolas GreenLeaf

[permanent + legolas tag]: @avistella 

“Stay by my side, I will acquiesce the talk. If it comes down to it and we must trade blows, keep hidden in the trees.”

Talk?? They’re orcs, Legolas! They don’t talk. They maim.” You whispered the words harshly in his ear as the two of you peered down at the path from the trees. 

Legolas merely faced you with a raise of a slender eyebrow. His piercing blue eyes seemed to glow in the concealed shade of the leaves, wisps of silvery blonde hair dusting across his jaw.


And with that he disappeared from sight to the ground below, as lithe and graceful as ever. You didn’t even hear his feet touch the floor, when of course they did. 

“Show off…” You muttered, though you knew it to be false. Legolas was just too…

A kind, patient smile and strong hands squeezing your shoulder.


You had tried your best to rile him up, force him to let you go with him and fight, but he never got angry no matter the calculated jabs you threw his way. It was like he had the patience of the revered Queen Galadriel herself, and eventually his complacent tilt of lips got you irritated beyond belief.


You watched Legolas attempt to converse with the disgusting filth below you, the orcs you’d passed by on your trip. You had no idea why he felt it would be necessary to attempt peaceful negotiations; you could merely continue your journey through the trees.

You smiled snidely in mirth at the orcs’ reaction at seeing him. You could never understand the feeling, but you had heard of what the mortals said about the Elven kind. Like silent, deathly angels you were called. You absentmindedly brushed a strand of hair behind a pointed ear. Once you’d encountered a human on your trip to Rohan and they had quite literally fainted at the sight of you.

Again, you didn’t understand it, but you didn’t understand most of man’s idiocies.

Your attention was drawn again when one of the orcs stealthily approached Legolas from behind. You tilted your head in curiousity as to what they planned to do, and wasn’t surprised in the least when they all tried to ambush your partner.


“I did tell him,” you muttered and slowly got to your feet, stretching languidly as Legolas dispatched the enemy around him. 

Your hands instinctively curled around to your back like they had done tens of thousands of times before, the coarse wood beneath your fingertips a familiar sensation. You slipped an arrow out from the pack and notched it in your bow in less than a second, pulling it back taught and brimming with tension.

Wind rustled your hair as your arrow split through the air and pierced straight through an orc’s head, exiting their eyeball with a satisfying squelch.

“Disgusting,” you murmured before jumping down to join Legolas, whirling delicately around the creatures attempting to bring the both of you down.

Hmph. They might have had a chance if it were more of them. Even fifteen to two, this fight was practically already over.

“What are you doing?” Legolas asked you as you rolled under a leaping body besides him.

“Helping. What does it look like?” You drawled. The two of you paused your speaking to interrupt another wave of fighters.

It was a dance, Legolas at your back when you were exposed, your blocks at his side when he looked away, both working like a well oiled machine. 

“I told you to dutifully linger in-” A stab of another arrow. “the tree!”

Was that a hint of anger you heard in his voice?

“And you are not my designated potentate or father, Legolas.”

Distracted as you were, you failed to see a pair of sharp claws headed your way and were surprised when you were roughly shoved to the side, Legolas coming to your rescue. He drew the blade he used ever so rarely, swiftly ending the life of the miscreant who had dared try injure yours.

Within the next couple seconds the battle was over (if it could even be called a battle) and the air of the forest was silent once more. Your ear twitched. The animals had been frightened but were beginning to come back out again, and you calmed when you heard the woods coming back to life.

Well, until Legolas turned to you with fire in his smoldering eyes.


You stayed locked in your position as a gesture of defiance, uncaring when he pushed you up against a tree.

“I specifically entrusted you with the simple instruction to stay put,” His teeth were gritted. 

This was interesting.

“And I decided not to open my ears to your silly command,” You narrowed your eyes. 

Legolas’ hand gripped your chin firmly. “You are hurt.”

You very nearly rolled your eyes, a rude and discriminatory attitude unworthy of your elven status.

“It is a scratch, Legolas. I am no fragile piece of crystal glass.” And yet you both knew what that meant. You honestly couldn’t remember the last time you’d been injured in a fight other than a spar with another elf. Legolas himself did not look the slightest bit ruffled though he had been in a fight only mere minutes ago. His attire was immaculate, and not a lock of hair was out of place. The tiny nick on your cheek was enough proof that you were losing your edge.

The sting of the cut was odd, but intriguing.

“You are insufferable beyond name, Y/N!” Your eyebrows rose at his display of annoyance. You had never heard the prince exclaim a mere insult, yet he looked achingly close to burning you alive.

“Why I would assume you are a child, but it seems you do not even have the wit to take on that title!” He had definitely lost it, nostrils flaring, his face flushing. “Even a child knows when to duck and hide!”

“I am no child!” You felt your patience ripped from you. “And would you rather me give up my honour for a simple case as this? If I hadn’t seen your reprehensible face for the last few hundred years I would assume you do not even know me!”

You are making me wish I never did!”

I could care less about your notions!”

His fist slammed beside your head on the tree bark. You sneered at him for a half of a second before he was suddenly too close and his mouth was on yours.

You roughly pulled his hair to bring him even closer. He hissed and smoothed a hand over your hip to force no space between your bodies, parting your lips and bringing up your head so that he had full access to send you spiraling into an abyss of pleasure. 

Another moment of passion, another tug and pull and clash of your mouths and then he was gone, and with him left any anger or resentment.

“Well then,” You sighed, pressing your forehead to his. “I concede I must rile your nerves to a considerable amount more often if this is the result.”  

He chuckled, and he wasn’t even out of breath, the bastard.

“Although I would like the end product, I suppose I would not enjoy the process,” He mused, brushing a silk thumb against the nape of your neck. “Ánin apsenë, melda heri.”

You scoffed even as your cheeks flushed at the smooth syllables rolling off his tongue and into your every pore. Though you preferred to speak in the common language of the lands, there was no comparison to the language of your own kind.

“I suppose,” You answered. “Though do not expect any sympathy at a later date, my prince.”

You watched under lidded eyes as he lifted your hand to press a lingering hot kiss to your palm, then to the inside of your wrist.

“If it is so, may you be my princess?”

“Don’t push it,” you said even as you leaned forward into his touch.

“You have my utmost word.”


Out Of Hand

Type: Smut

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Plot: Yoongi never knew how to control his temper in a fight. When he finally felt the last piece of string snap in his heart, his anger flooded him with such a strong desire to lash out that he knew he couldn’t prevent it. He was afraid of hurting his, in his eyes, fragile lover, so he instead transfuses it into one of a carnal sexual desire.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

This was a somewhat request, more of a thank you to @anastaisiaramirez

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TEACH ME | Chapter Four

mastelist: (you can also fin the previous chapters): 

summary: Not now, Holland. I’m not in the mood of hearing your nasty comments.” you answer him back.
“If you really want to be noticed by Harrison we have to work together.”
You roll your eyes “So what’s your plan, Genius?”
Tom smirks “I’ll give you a few lessons about how to flirt with a guy, how to kiss, things you can say during a first date and so on.”

taglist: @sarcasticvodka @mamanewta5 @dr-tardis-who @petah-parkah-and-potahtas @wandering-at-midnight @peterparkersgal @castellandiangelo @i-survived-my-trip-to-nyc @once-upon-a-walking-wolf-demigod @notfabulousanna @dec-snowy @b0okjump3r @lancesome-mullet-spacegays @sunshine-little-miss @marveltomjunkie @whiitee–sxxl @kawaiianime03 @homecomjng @espritdefleur @muffinfangirl28 @brokenanxiety

you have to love me, I have published the chapters two days before

Teach me | chapter four

Sunday passed faster than you expected.
You spent the whole day at home in your bedroom, with your phone switched off as you told your parents you weren’t feeling well and you wanted to stay on your own.
Every time you close your eyes you see Harrison kissing the mysterious girl or Tom kissing you. A shiver run down your spine remembering of Tom’s lips on yours
You are feeling guilty. You took your angry out on Tom when he was just trying to help you. He was right: he kissed your first and you kissed him back, a part of you wanted the kiss to last more. And that’s what makes you angry the most. You shouldn’t have like the kiss!
You sigh and get up from the bed. You have to go to school and you’re definitely not in the mood of seeing Harrison. You don’t want to hear him talking about his date all the time.
You reached your desk and switch on your phone that after a few seconds started to buzz. You received tons of messages, mainly from Tom asking you if you are feeling better and if you’re coming to school. There was just one message from Harrison.

“Hey love! How are you? You disappeared ☹️ Unfortunately you won’t see my pretty face today, I’m sick 🤧”

You sigh of relief. Of course you are sorry that Harrison is not feeling good, but in this way you don’t have to avoid him intentionally.
Feeling more relieved, you open your wardrobe and pick a pair of skinny jeans and a pink jumper (that Candice lend you once and you never gave her back), your brush your hair and apply a little bit of mascara on your lashes and a pink lipstick on your lips.
You look at the reflection in the mirror satisfied.
At school you can notice everyone’s gaze on you and you just smile at them and their surprised expressions.
You turn around to see your friend’s Violet with a confused expression painted on her face.
“Is that you?” She mocks you coming closer to you “let me see you. You are so pretty. Bless the saint who made you change like this!”
You do a small twirl so that she can see you from every point of view.
“Do you like it?” you ask.
“Of course! I’ve always thought that you would look cuter with a more feminine outfit”
You smile, happy to hear that also your friend likes your change.
Violet is one of your only female friends, she always dresses up elegant and she’s very witty.
“Have you seen Tom?”
“Uhm, yeah. He was talking with a few friends in front of Math Lab” she explains “But… why do you care?”
You froze for a second “It’s because… today I haven’t insulted him yet”
Violet nods “Ok, I know you’re not telling me the truth. After class we need to talk” she waves at you “And I want to know everything” she adds, emphasizing the last word.
You shake your head, thinking that Violet is completely insane. But maybe she’s right, you need a female advice about how to solve this crazy situation.
As Violet said, Tom is in front of the math laboratory talking with a few member of the basketball team.
You arrive from behind so that Tom doesn’t see you when you join the group.
You wave at your schools mate who give you a cheeky smile. When Tom sees you, a red shade floods his cheeks.
“I need to talk to Tom” you tell them.
One of your schoolmate makes a funny comment while another one whistles.
“They are just being stupid. Don’t mind them” Tom reassures you.
“I don’t care. Actually, I’m here to apologize. I was a bitch Saturday and I ruined the night.”
Tom sighs “I have to apologize as well. I shouldn’t have kissed you” he makes a pause and thinks about what he has just said “Not because I didn’t like it but because I didn’t ask you the permission, you know”.
A small chuckle escapes from your lips “That’s fine, Tom. I’m happy we have clarified”
Tom joins you and giggles as well “Next time I’ll make sure to ask for your permission before kissing you again”.
“Yeah that would be nic- Wait, what?”
Tom chuckles again as his hands cup your cheeks “Darling, do you seriously think I didn’t notice that it was your first kiss?” you blush even more than before as Tom approaches you “even if I think your inexperience is a turn on, you have to practice a little bit. Are you free after school?”
“Ok then. We can have lunch at my place and after have lesson together. Wait me in front of the main entrance.”

When the last bell of the day rings, you run outside the door to reach the main entrance. Tom was already there, chatting with a few school mates. You also notice how close he is to a ginger girl who is literally undressing him with her eyes.
A strange grip spreads into your stomach. More or less the same sensation you felt Saturday when you saw Harrison with that girl.
You shake your head.
“No” you think “I’m just surprised because Tom has never mentioned any girls.”
When Tom spots you, he smiles widely and, after excusing himself, he leaves the group to reach you. A victorious smile appears on your face as you look at the girl’s disappointed expression.
“Hello, darling” he says giving you a quick kiss on the cheek “Are you ready?”
“Sure, let’s go.” you proceed.
“What would you like to eat?” Tom asks you politely.
You think about it and then you light up “Can we make pizza?”
Tom gives you a confused look and then laughs at your excited expression.
“Ok, as long as you know how to make it.”

What seemed a good idea turned soon into a food battle. It all escalated very quickly: one moment  you were weighting the flour and the second later you felt something fluid on your head. An egg.
Behind you, you could hear Tom laughing.
“You’re so dead, Tom” you warn him, taking a handful of flour in your hands and throwing it on his face.
“I’ll make you pay for that” he replies tossing flour on your pink jumper.
“My sister will kill me” you complain between laughs “And then she will kill you”
You keep fooling around like kids until Tom’s arm surrounds your waists and your back is pressed on his chest.
“Time’s up, baby girl” he whispers as he tries to catch up his breath “Are you ready to give up?”
“Never” you yell as you slip from his strong grip and escape in the living room.
Tom follows you and his hand stops you by the wrists, forcing you to turn around and look at him.
“You’re mine” he says looking deeply in your eyes.
You can’t help thinking he’s just so beautiful even covered in flour, with his messy curls and the creased t-shirt.
Tom’s eyes are glued on your parted lips like he was asking you for permission.
“You can kiss me if you want” you whisper, your words sound more like a plea than a question.
Tom doesn’t even reply, his lips set down yours and, once again, you feel that weird sensation in your chest. His hands cup your checks taking you closer to him as yours sketch imaginary paths on his strong arms.
A soft moan escapes from your lips as Tom bites your lover lips.
“Did you like it?” he asks you.
You just nod as you kiss him again “I need more”.
“That was just the beginning, darling”

Arranged {Part 9} [D.M.]

Character: Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 1003
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Draco and Y/n aren’t on the greatest of terms, however when both receive news of an arranged marriage, they must learn to tolerate each other, and possibly fall in love…
Other Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 8 Rewrite Part 9
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it
Tags: @celine4u @friceaurelia07 @poisonapple13 @zeusmyster @theglitergeek @divisionlunar @lena-lightwood @johnmurphys-sass @grungepolaroihds @codename-petrova @ruiens @elliewatermelonlemonheart @buckyb-avengers @deans-celestial-princess @rissbennett @flags-and-fanfiction @psychogirl0000 @xoxoaudreymarie

+ + + + +

You opened the door to your dorm and placed your textbooks into your trunk, before standing up and heading to sit down on your bed. It had been a long day, your morning classes feeling as though they had taken years - it wasn’t even lunch time yet.

As you went to sit down, you noticed a small piece of folded parchment laid carefully in the centre of your duvet, labelled with your name on, which you tilted your head at and frowned on confusion, picking it up.

You unfolded the note, then turned it the correct way so you could read it properly.

Meet me in the Astronomy Tower tonight at 9.
Love, Draco’

You couldn’t help the way your cheeks reddened, or how your heart beat faster. A small smile played at your lips, and butterflies erupted in your stomach.

What was this? Why were you suddenly feeling… excited to have Draco send you a simple message?

The last week or so had been pleasant - no arguments, no insults, nothing of the sort. You hadn’t yet tried the transition from friends (that kiss) to lovers - after all, it was strange to say or even comprehend that you and Draco Malfoy were now friends.

Because that’s all it was. You and Draco are friends. Friends that occasionally kiss, but friends nonetheless. And though you felt somewhat bitter about only being friends, it was agreed to take things slow, and not rush into anything too quickly.

The question racing through your mind was

Is this a date?

Maybe Draco felt the same way you did.

To say you were nervous about it was an understatement, even if you knew you still had two more classes and two meals to go beforehand.

You folded the note back up and placed it into your trunk, under your textbooks, hiding it from unwanted eyes.

Trying to hide a grin, you headed up from the dungeons and towards the Great Hall. The room was filled with students, all separated by their houses. You found the Slytherin table to the far edge of the room, and took your place next to Y/f/n, who greeted you happily.

As you smiled back, you couldn’t help but feel at least slightly guilty that you hadn’t told her about the arrangement, or anything of the sort, however you didn’t want more people than necessary to know.

As the food appeared, you took all the food you wanted, expecting to be able to finish it all. In reality, all you could focus on was the note, and Draco, who was gazing directly at you.

You didn’t look up, for fear you would blush, and hoped that he’d perhaps turn away soon.

After minutes of toying with your food, you couldn’t bear it anymore, and finally looked into his ice blue eyes, quirking an eyebrow at the smirk that played at his lips.

Without giving him any sign that you had received his note, you simply turned to join in with a conversation happening to your right, facing away from him.

You could still feel him staring, and for some reason, this actually made you want to smile.


You climbed up the stairs to the Astronomy Tower, your shoes hitting the brown wood with every step, and the sounds slightly echoing around you.

It had taken you a good 25 minutes just to get from your dorm to the tower, as Professor Snape insisted on patrolling around the corridors more than once, not to mention you had to avoid Filch and Mrs Norris like the plague.

As you entered the tower’s main room, you glanced around, feeling a sense of shock or, more accurately, surprise.

The room was nothing like you were used to in your Astronomy lessons - all school supplies had been moved to the outskirts of the room, and instead, there was a blanket laid out over the floor, with rose petals dancing across it. Beside that stood Draco, in an all-black suit, looking as handsome as the day he had to fake propose to you, making your cheeks heat up, and your heart race.

“Did you do all this… for me?” You asked in astonishment, looking around the room in awe. “Maybe,” Draco said with a smirk, glad you seemed to like it.

You took a step towards him and smiles up at him, “Thank you.” “It was my pleasure.”

He took your small hand in his large one, and sat down on the blanket with you, laying in a position where the stars seemed to be in touching distance.

“They’re so beautiful,” you whispered, watching the stars sparkling in the dark blue sky. When you didn’t receive an answer, you turned questioningly to Draco, who didn’t seem to be paying attention to the stars, but to you instead. “W-What?” You asked nervously.

“Nothing! Sorry, you’re just… I mean… you’re gorgeous,” Draco rambled. You laughed, placing a soft kiss on his cheek, which turned red under your touch, and you moved closer into his chest as you looked back up at the sky.

“I like this,” Draco said after a while. “You like what?” “Us, getting along without yelling or fighting or whatever. Just basking in each other’s company.”

“Yeah?” You turned around to stare into Draco’s blue-grey eyes. “Yeah,” he confirmed. His gaze dropped slightly to your lips, before flickering back up to your eyes, and before you knew it, his lips were on yours.

It was warm and inviting; a loving kiss, that enveloped you in all the affection that Draco felt towards you.

His hand held your cheek as he propped himself up with the other, slightly leaning over you as he deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue into your mouth.

He pulled himself away from you, though he kept a hand resting on the curve of your waist, before looking up through his lashes at you.

“I love you,” Draco muttered, resting his forehead gently against yours. You smiled softly, “I love you too.”

Filet Mignon

@notedchampagne man, I hope there’s enough fluff in this to make up for the lame title.

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Title: I’ll be seeing you

Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane x Bastard Stark reader

Quick apology for any mistakes, I tired my best to proof read and edit. Hope everyone who reads enjoys it, and requests are open.  

(Found the gif on Google, but still credit to whomever made it)

You were surprised at how long you lasted in Kings Landing, after all you were a bastard. You remembered the day Lady Catelyn told you that your presence was a insult to the royal family, yet here you were still alive. Though, you got the worst of it being here, probably worse than Sansa or so you thought. Poor Sansa still had to marry the boy King Joffrey, which made you sick to your stomach.

You had found yourself biting your tongue to keep from firing back at them with comments that could possibly have your head rotting next your fathers or rather where your fathers head once was. There was one person that would hold you back, or give you a warning glare to stop, and his name was Sandor Clegane

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008. prince!taehyung

008. “i love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck.”

Taehyung had a heart of gold, without using any that he possessed to melt them into his veins. He was kind by nature that breezed against the skin of anyone in his presence; never rude, always polite, able to structure and formulate his thoughts in a way that no one could get mad at or offended even if it meant telling you in simpler terms: what you said earlier was absolute rubbish and made no sense. He could be insulting you and yet, you’d thank him for it.

To add more points to that, Taehyung would also do anything and everything including extras for the one he loved.

That… being you… now surrounded with a banquet of dishes and delectables of your favor, cooked by none other than - “Tae… you shouldn’t have,”

“Only for my princess,” His signature box smile comes to view and you know you’re going to hell if you reject eating his cooking. Let’s just say, God was fair. As talented and amazing of a person Taehyung was, there was something (cooking) that he can’t get good at no matter how hard he tried and… in the future, all the cooking should be left to be done by you.

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Slow dances and charity events

Requested by @princessnightwing here, I really hope you like it!

This got a little long, so that’s why the cut it’s there!

Word count: 1221

Tagging: @speedypan @insideoflit @the-shadow-of-atlantis @nightwing-rules @werewitchling

“Hi” you say, taking a deep breath and feeling the smell of his cologne surrounding you.

“Hi,” he says, balancing his weight in the heels of his black dress shoes. “I-I, you… wow.”

You look up to his eyes and Dick does something that you’ve never seen him doing before. He stutters. Words seem to slip out of his mouth before he even has the chance to process or say them, his hands glued to his sides, his cheeks a hotter shade of pink the more he stares at you.

The soft breeze of the night brushes against your face and you feel yourself blushing too, unsure of what to do with the throbbing of your own heart in your ears. You glance at Dick and his neatly combed hair, his tux somehow enhancing the blue of his eyes, sparkling as he stares at you.

There’s a few moments of silence before you decide to turn around to close the door of your apartment and then you feel his arms around you to keep you from falling when you take the few steps down, staying right where they are even after you’re standing in front of him and the car.

“Dick,” you call, smiling at the way his jaw loosens up, “we should get going.”

His grip tightens a little and he nods, ignoring the small difference in your heights that the high heels fail to save and leaning down to leave a peck in your cheek.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispers underneath his breath, putting a straw of hair behind your ear, “I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you here with me. To have you in my life.”

“And I’m so lucky you let me in, handsome boy” you giggle, moving your hand up to cup his face and tilting your chin up so your eyes connect. His are shining with a emotion so intense it melts down on your stomach, making your breath hitch the moment he moves closer.

It isn’t the first time he kisses you but, with his hands holding the small of your back and pressing you to him, it’s the first time you realize how much meaning such a simple action holds inside. Dick pulls back, smiling,  and the both of you get in the car silently.

The quiet mixture of nerves and excitement flutters around you as you sing with him during the trip, turning your head to see him occasionally. You know he’s nervous too when you see him nipping at his nails in the red lights, the same gesture he did during most of your first date and on the day he jokingly put the candy ring around your finger.

You watch Dick fingers tapping against the steering wheel, fast, contrasting with the soft rhythm of the song on the radio and you sigh, waiting for him to park before resting your hand on his shoulder.

“It’ll be okay,” you say in the most calming tone you can manage, “your family won’t scare me away from you.”

Dick raises an eyebrow at you, “Do you promise it?”

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LoneStorm’s Official Fairy Tail Fanfic Rec List

Alrighty, requested by an anon, my so far fave Fairy Tail multichapter fics!  You’ll probably pick up on how much I love AUs… 

There are some I’m following and haven’t decided on the favorite label yet.  Need to see a LOT of writing before I decide to add, so please don’t feel insulted if you don’t see yours on this list yet.  Or I may not have found it yet haha.  But please send me ones you think should be on the list and I will read and add, even if they’re your own!

Find all my faves (Including awesome oneshots)  on my favorites list on, but here are my personal recs including ones on tumblr, in alphabetical order.  Ones not marked with the (complete) are still ongoing.  (All have Nalu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza, and the rest is pretty random):

AAA by BlackLynx17

EEE!  In one sentence, the shy otaku freshmen, Wendy, starts an anime club to make friends and shenanigans ensue.  It’s hilarious and though slightly cheesy and confusing at times, it’s a fun read and rather heartwarming.  Natsu’s adorable.  

Age of Gladiators by Nicole4211

WOW.  Historically accurate and picturesque descriptions and interesting plot ftw.  Saw some really good art on this by approvesport.  Natsu as prince but dad gets killed when going off for arranged marriage in Rome and has to become a gladiator and AWESOME STUFF HAPPENS but beware of the smut children do try to keep a clean mind and skip that…  :)

Assassin’s Creed: Bonds by Soprana-Snap

THOSE DESCRIPTIONS THO yeah I know nothing about the game but you don’t really need to to understand.  It’s so FANTASTIC ALREADY EEK So Natsu’s an awesome Assassin (except he doesn’t kill anyone, and that’s why we love him) in the Fairy Tail Assassin’s guild, and when he’s ‘practicing’ he just so happens to fall off a roof.  Don’t worry – he grabs onto a window, but it happens to be the window of a rich heiress longing for freedom… woohoo!!!

Bound by Lock and Key by Ayumu Foxtail-chan

OOO!  This new chapter came out the other day and I FREAKED.  I don’t even know why Natsu is the secret, powerful boy hidden in her father’s dungeon BUT I WANNA SO BAD!  Hard to explain but AWESOME READ IT!!!

Controlled Chaos by Absolutely Unsure (Complete)

This is a buncha beautiful Nalu oneshots in a collection.  Makes your shipper heart sooooar…  These were just fantastic and I couldn’t stop reading it.  But beware – don’t get too excited about the multichapter one in the middle because the fic hasn’t updated in a loooong time.

Dark Waters by Miss Mungoe

WOW FAB!!!  Seen a lot of art for this too, much by the fabulous rboz.  So shark-people/mermaid AU GAJEVY CUTEST EVER mermaid gets a forbidden crush on a shark dude and CHAOS AND EVIL ENSUE AHAHA oh and check out Mungoe’s other stuff too she’s fantastic all around.

Dragon’s Guide to Claim Your Mate by BlackLynx17 (Complete)

I know what you’re thinking.  "Storm, no, not the mating season cliche!“  Chill, dudes.  I know the idea of Natsu’s dragon instincts making Lucy his 'mate’ or whatever is overused and considered way too… no.  But this story is one of the most hilarious and adorable you’ll ever read and I have read it several times.  Ignore the slight OOC and unrealisticness and enjoy the story and Naluness.  Basically Natsu figures he’s in love so he looks at the 'Dragon’s Guide’ that Igneel left him for advice.  Please don’t go without reading ehehehe

Living With Him by amehanaa

OKAY OKAY SO THIS FIC OKAY THIS FIC I FREAK OUT MY FANGIRL SHIP FEELS AL;SDKFJA;SK okay so this one is basically Lucy and Natsu accidentally get assigned the same apartment as high schoolers and decide all they can do is keep it that way, for cost and necessity reasons.  And then stUFF HAPPENS!!!

Love at First Site by amehanaa (Complete)

One of my fave Nalu fics of all all all time.  Honestly my feels couldn’t survive a single chapter of this beautiful frickin’ fluff and cuteness and UGH well basically Lucy gets a laptop, and the first art site she goes on, she sees there’s this guy who likes to draw, and she likes to watch him do it on the site.  Eventually, he invites her to his friends’ and his private chatroom and CUTENESS HAPPENS.

My Sk8er Boi by Tatertotrocks (Complete)

Awww, but the tough guy cute girl thing…  short AU fic but so cute, what with all the skateboarder boy falls for ballerina girl that’s restricted by her father and… just read it.  <3  Cuteness you will find nowhere else.

On Whom the Pale Moon Gleams by snogfairy

WOW SNOGFAIRY SENPAI This is the first fic I read by her and I am still amazed.  This entire concept and they’re so in character and now we’ve got some action and Nalu Nalu Nalu and it’s really hard to explain so just trust that it’s one of my favorite things ever and go read it because WOW LIFE THIS FIC

Opposites Attract by Bugseey

Ah, a lil OOC but it takes a lot to get on this list so that’s fine with me, personally.  Band member that has a mysterious past falls for a young business woman and funny stuff and later action and drama happen and YAY!

Passion is Technically Passion by EvilByNecessity (Complete)

Also a bit OOC but HILARIOUS AND SO CUTE AND WORTH THE READ!  High school AU in which Lucy and Natsu are arch enemies… but do they really hate each other as much as they say they do?  I laughed so much please read.

Possession by HawkofNavarre (Complete)

I CRIED IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL STORY.  (And then went back and read it like five times)  A very very accurate version about how canon Natsu and Lucy fall in love and ugh just so good.  Really quality.

Shaved Ice by EvilByNecessity

LAUGHED JUST AS MUCH AS HER NALU ONE OMG.  Gruvia prequel to Passion is Technically Passion. Juvia, skilled at swimming though awful on ice, joins the hockey team in order to get closer to the hot captain that she’s in love with.  Much shipping and SO SO FUNNY.

Tails&Talons by snogfairy

alskdja;lkjfa;lkjs honestly probably everyone is reading this because SNOG SENPAI IS THE OFFICIAL FAIRY TAIL WRITER OF THE FANDOM AND AMAZINGNESS WOOT.  CUTEST AU – Natsu is a tattoo artist that gets hired by his cousin, whose shop is next to that of a pretty florist and BEAUTIUFL NALU HAPPENS. *SPOILER* (omg Natsu and Lucy made out like FINALLY ABOUT FREAKING TIME SENPAI… not that I’m one to talk…)

Tales of Fairies by RicardanScholar Clark-Weasley

I cannot explain my love for this fic.  It’s a massive oneshot collection, over 200 chapters, all quality and full of feels, humor, shipping, angst, and ANY FT THING YOU COULD THINK OF!! It updates about every single day.  So, so much love for this.  Every member of the Fairy Tail fandom should be following this.  Much Nalu.

The Amulet of Pyralis by rivendell101

Not very long yet but SUPER INTERESTING AND LIKE YOU JUST ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS YOUR HEART WILL BE BURNING WITH “OMG RIVENDELL TELL ME HOW THE THING HAPPENS ALREADY!!”   It’s a Djinn AU (I don’t really know what that is.)  But basically Lucy is one of the last of the Djinn Clan, who had been wiped out.  Kept in a prison, Lucy never dreamed she’d regain enough magic to break free… (A lot more than that – awesome stuff about the amulet that I cannot yet explain well so JUST READ IT)

The Dragon’s Ward by au revoir pets (Complete)

This is one of the most quality and heartwarming Nalu fics I have read.  Mentioned it in TKOF, too.  Ooooh, the feels.  Everyone on earth should read.  The princess, put to sleep to be protected from the evil Hades, is guarded by a boy with the powers of a dragon…

Troublemaker by LaynaPanda

OOC but so worth it omg.  Natsu is the guy that always torments her, but she ends up falling for him, and his jealousy is proving that he may be hiding something as well… High school AU and super addicting.

Unwanted Necessity by AelithiaSienne

Very, very interesting AU – boarding high school yet with magic and magical Nalu that warms the shipper heart.  Lucy’s the scary girl in school that has to put up a mask to keep herself safe, and while Natsu would have nothing to do with her by choice, he bears a terrible curse in which he just cannot stay away…  It’s really going somewhere!  I wasn’t going to put it on the list because the author had abandoned it, but just the other day, she updated and said she’d decided to continue!  ‘Tis fated to be put on the list, I suppose…  (Some commonly repeating typos, but worth the read nevertheless)

We Are Young by koa-chan

WOW THE WRITING IT’S SO SO SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL A;SLKJFASL;DFJ I CRIED.  A LOT.  YOU KNOW HOW OFTEN I CRY.  ALMOST NEVER.  This author is just so skilled in putting all emotions into the piece, making amazingly long chapters that come out every month,  and keeping the characters beautifully… in character ehe.  This is a high school AU but it is the ultimate high school AU – don’t live without reading this.  Your life would be unfulfilled.  

What’s a Witch by mslead

MSLEAD IS MY FRIEND AND SENPAI. SHE ALWAYS SAID SHE WAS A BAD WRITER WHICH  IS BULLSHIT BECAUSE THIS IS AMAZING.  Okay awesomeness Nalu AU in which Natsu is a demon king that accidentally gets himself bonded by accidental magic to this human girl on earth.  So far it follows the story of them trying to survive with one another until they can get Natsu back to where he came from… if he still wants to leave by then…  THE WRITING IS QUALITY OKAY READ IT

Your Virtual Reality by Dark Shining Light

OOO This one has a really interesting plot!  Reminds me a bit of SAO.  Though they are best friends, Natsu seems to be pushing Lucy away, mostly through playing his new video game.  So Lucy gives it a try… and ends up stuck in the game!  Still wondering how she’s gonna get out and the SUSPENSE A;LSDJFASDFJ


#123 - Dennis

Omg, I don’t remember who requested this! 😵 But thank you anyway, hope you all enjoy this! 🤗💕

Pairing: None
Drabble challenge:
#123 “Oh, did I scare you, big boy?”

The air inside the small bar was warm, and sticky, and filled with thick smoke. The light was dim and the music barely hearable over the chattering voices and other background noises.

You had a good view on the bar counter and the pool tables, which were standing in the center of the room. A couple of younger men were playing and placed bets while they drank pint after pint. You had also noticed the few shady looking people sitting in the far corners of the place, as soon as you had entered. They were mostly keeping to themselves, even though you could feel a pair of eyes watching you every now and then.

You kept yourself busy with your phone. It gave you a fake feeling of safety and it also kept the guys around you at bay since it already looked like you were waiting for someone. In fact, you were waiting for someone. Not a big, intimidating dude, but your smaller, emotionally fragile girlfriend.

She had just recently broken up with her boyfriend and her idea of closure and solace was meeting her friend, namely you, in the sketchiest bar around town.

Fucking Perfect.

You took a sip of your lukewarm beer and tried to ignore the urge to grimace. You hated the taste of beer, even more so if it was warm. But frankly, it was the only beverage you were confident to order when the bartender had asked you what drink you wanted. You were sure you wouldn’t find something like a Strawberry Margarita on the menu anyway.

You let your gaze wander around the bar again as you mentally cursed your friend for being late. Thinking of the devil, your phone buzzed with a text of your friend, informing you she was not coming to the bar.

I’m meeting up with Ken.. he wants to talk about everything. Don’t go to that bar alone! I’ll call you tomorrow xo

With a deep sigh, you shoved your phone back into your purse. You decided that it was best for you to find some new friends. Friends who were reliable; friends who would never leave you all by yourself in a shady bar full of thugs, bikers and whatnot.

Without further hesitation, you got up and left for the door. You slithered through the crowd of people and ignored anyone who called out for you; who tried to get your attention. You didn’t stop moving; you were beyond done with this place.

Cold air hit your face as soon as you stepped outside the stuffy bar, and you didn’t notice who left shortly after you.

A shiver ran down your spine. It was already colder that you had expected, even for pre-fall season. You zipped your light jacket up and started walking towards the few parking spaces, a little offside the bar.

You slowed down your pace as soon as you spotted the five gentlemen standing by their motorcycles. You weren’t the type of person to judge someone by their looks, but – they looked intimidating; to put it mildly. You were usually confident and not easily scared, but everything changed whenever it turned dark outside, especially when you were all by yourself. “Great.”, you muttered under your breath as they abruptly  stopped talking after noticing you.

Their eyes were on you. You just knew, without even looking at them, and you kept your eyes fixated on the ground as your stomach twisted into a knot of anxiety.

“Hey there, sugartits.”

Your cheeks grew hot as you kept walking past them. You felt so uncomfortable ignoring him when he was clearly talking to you; fearing that it will upset him, even though you were disgusted by his nickname for you.

His friends started snickering as one of them just got an obvious rejection from you. He did not like that.

“I said hey!”

You flinched and did the one thing you should not have done; you stopped walking, dead in your tracks.

“You shouldn’t talk to a lady like that.”

Puzzled, you looked to your right, at the stranger next to you. His cold gaze was fixated at the bikers, unfazed by their looks and beside his somehow nerdy glasses, you were sure he was not one to be messed with.

“And who’re you? Her boyfriend?”

“You could do better than that, sugartits.”

They kept mocking you until the stranger leaned a little closer. “Do you want me to walk you back to your car?”

You swallowed hard as you looked at him, unsure if you should trust a stranger just to get away from other strangers. However, you decided that he looked like the lesser evil, like you could at least beat him if you had to. Hesitantly, you nodded.

“Alright, come on.” He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jacket and walked closer to you as you passed the men, insulting both of you while doing so and yet you were relieved they didn’t assault you at least.

“You shouldn’t be here all by yourself.”, he suddenly said in an almost scolding way.

“My friend cancelled on me.” You side glanced at him, and decided he wasn’t unattractive. “Besides, you’re alone too.”

He snorted. “No, I’m not.”

You rounded the corner to the parking spaces behind the bar as you furrowed your brows at him, wondering if he had a date or if he had been at the bar as well.

“I’m – Dennis, by the way.”

“Hm”, you hummed acknowledging as you spotted your car among two others. “(Y/N).”

The small place was barely lit by the lights of bar and suddenly you were aware that you were solely by yourself, relying on a stranger’s help. Frantically, you rummaged for your car keys, just as you heard footsteps behind you.

“Aw, look at these two lovebirds.”

Your breath hitched in your throat as you turned around. You could barely make out the huge silhouette of the guy who had called out to you at first.

“Am I interrupting you?”, he snickered as he walked up to you, and you were surprised when Dennis gently pushed you behind him.

“Oh, did I scare you, big boy?”, he kept mocking as he got closer while Dennis kept quiet, and instead of jumping in your car, you were frozen with fear.

“I just want to talk to your little friend there, man. How ‘bout you treat yourself a drink? I’m not in the mood to crush your face, you know.”

“I don’t think so, but I suggest you turn around and leave before something happens.”, Dennis advised, voice low and taut.

“Well, ain’t you a brave one.”, he chuckled darkly before his fist lunged out. You shrieked as you squinted your eyes shut, convinced you wouldn’t survive the night.

However, the fight was short-lived. You heard a few quick punches being thrown and a heavy body slumping to the ground.

“You should leave now.”

Cautiously, you opened your eyes again and were met by Dennis, furiously wiping his hands on a bright yellow cloth. You stared at him in disbelief, wondering who carried a cloth around like that; except for professional serial killers. Probably.

“T-thank you.”, you stammered as you scurried to your car, opening the driver’s door with trembling hands.

“Don’t mention it.”, he murmured, before he disappeared, leaving the unconscious biker’s body in the shadow of the other car.

anonymous asked:

"I'm just so nervous" for the prompt thing

did i go overboard with this one? probably. do i regret it? not for a second.

“I’m just so nervous.” My fingers tap nervously on the steering wheel and Harry reaches over and squeezes my knee.

“There’s nothin’ to be nervous about, love.”

“You don’t understand, you’ve never dealt with them all at once.”

“No, but your mums are great so I’m not worried.”

It was true, my moms both loved Harry to death, always asking when the next time we’d come to dinner was and “you don’t even have to come, love, just send Harry over.”

It was almost insulting.

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Undisclosed Desires (part 11)

Words: 3.6k

Summary: You and Castiel discuss where your relationship stands.

Warnings: Probably spoilers here… smut (dom/Sub elements, oral sex on female, multiple orgasms, Enochian handcuffs, ) lots of feels.

A/N: Enochian translations at the end. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, send me an ask or DM.


You woke up slowly in the dark motel room, you must have been asleep for hours. When you started to stretch, you felt your blanket twitch.

You heard a deep chuckle next to you. “It’s not a blanket.”

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My Lovely Angel

gif is not mine

Title: My Lovely Angel

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 866

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you all enjoy! I love you all so much!

Lucifer met you not by destiny, but by chance.  He wasn’t supposed to meet you, but he was fortunate enough to have met you.  He liked that you never tried to change him from the moment you met him.  You didn’t judge him for who, or what, he was.  That’s what attracted him to you in the first place.  The more he ran into you, the more he started to have feelings for you.

It was when he saw you for the tenth time that he made his feelings for you known.  He was glad to know that you felt the same way.  With you being an angel, he felt unsure about you, but then he would find himself anticipating your next meeting.  After a while, he learned to ignore those feelings of doubt.

“[Y/N],” Lucifer called from the bushes behind the playground.  “I was hoping you’d get a vacation soon.  Aren’t you tired of that painfully white ‘oasis’ yet?”

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funnyarseweirdo  asked:

An you do another Eddie x reader for me (my baby) and they broke up but the song, "breaking up is hard" keeps playing as they're all like 'screw it! I love you and I want to get back together with you" THANKS I LOVE UR IMAGINES <3

you entered to your favourite coffee shop to get a drink and calm down, its been a week since you and Eddie broke up and it has taken a toll on you. 

once you finally got your drink you made way to the counters near the windows, it started to rain which matched your mood.then the song came up on the radio about a break up, great..

Don’t take your love away from me
Don’t you leave my heart in misery

you mindlessly stirred the coffee with a stick, all you saw is happy couples sharing umbrellas together. 

“get a life” you mutter and took a sip

sure you missed Eddie, what made you take the rash decision of leaving him? that’s right, he wouldn’t stand up to his mother when she insulted you yet again. instead he allowed the women call you bad things and telling Eddie tom break up with you

Don’t say that this is the end
Instead of breaking up I wish that we were making up again 

“stop being such a mommas boy, we’re through” was the last thing you told him,  you really wanted to take back those words 

Can’t we give our love another try?

someone tapped the window you where at, it was Eddie drenched in water and out of breath. You ran to him forgetting about the rain

“Y/N I’m sorry I should’ve stood up for you” he panted

“Eddie I’m sorry too, I didn’t mean it”

“give me a second chance” you both blurred out

you guys laughed and hugged each other

“ I love you Eddie”

“love you too Y/N”

a kiss sealed the contract on a rainy day 

Come on, baby, let’s start anew