are you insulted yet

SP I see you and I don’t like you.

I need to vent. I’m tired. So freaking tired of the franchise insulting, changing, destroying and hurting my beloved ship out of jealousy, bitterness and sexism. Yeah, okay, SasuSaku is the most popular het ship in the series even though it doesn’t include Naruto, yes okay Sakura chose Sasuke over the main character Naruto who according to the franchise deserves the universe and then some. Yes okay, Sasuke is Naruto’s rival and needs to be put in his place because ‘Main character’.
But you’re supposed to be professional. And yet, you keep insulting, excluding and forcefully changing Sasuke and Sakura as characters and a ship, while everyone else gets to keep their happily ever after. And why? Because Naruto isn’t part of the ship.
What was the point of keeping Sasuke away from his best friend’s wedding and having a sad Sakura be jealous at everyone around her getting into relationships? Even though 699 had them both understand each other’s feelings?
What was the point of changing the few ‘moments’, if you can even call them that, SasuSaku had in the novels by changing scenes such as the one where Sasuke gets a letter and it’s mentioned that Sakura remembered his childhood dream but instead, in the anime, it’s Naruto that remembers it?
What was the point of animating almost every stupid novel, even the ones that honestly do not matter at all, all while leaving out Sakura’s where she gets to shine and Sasuke is shown to care through going out of his way (like in canon) to travel back to rescue Sakura?
Why re tell the Boruto movie in a manga and cut out the scene at the end where Sasuke and Sakura sit on a roof as if Sakura was never an important part Sasuke thought of when making important decisions (like in Gaiden where she was included in the Hokage meeting)? 
What’s with the ‘yay Hokage nay papa’ bullshit you force onto Sarada even though her relationship with Sasuke was completely fine at the end of Gaiden?
Why the hell are you making Sasuke care more about Naruto’s brat than his own family? Are you sane?

SS gets pushed aside, ignored in fillers, insulted and torn apart. And honestly, if what I saw regarding the cast for the new anime is true, it wouldn’t surprise me if SP tries to destroy my ship entirely in the anime. Noriaki isn’t even listed, and neither is Chie. Why is that? Are they going to make Sasuke travel again with the excuse that he has to ‘investigate’ the mark on Boruto’s hand? Are they going to keep him out of the picture by making him train Boruto outside the village for a few years like Jiraiya did even though Jiraiya didn’t have a freaking family to look and care for? Are they going to keep Sakura out of the picture by letting her simply disappear and never return again because lols reasons? If I didn’t know the franchise as well as I do, I would call prank or bullshit on this. but I do. Even Shino is listed as a returning character in the anime. Can you believe that? That’s how far those people are willing to go for their hatred towards SasuSaku.

People need to finally open their eyes. SP isn’t going to give you more kids, nice flashbacks or cute little fillers free of stress, angst or negativity. It will continue to shit on your ship, hide it in a nice looking gift box to make you believe it’s actually something cute and positive, only for you to notice that you have been tricked once again (aka the last or road to ninja or boruto the movie).

I could deal with all of this way better if it wasn’t for the fandom. Because a very large portion cannot or refuses to face the fact that all material that is not produced and released by Kishi can be seen as not canon.

And even though all of this is a burden I hate, I’m still happy with my canon SasuSaku ship. Because canon, once it’s not buried under a pile of filler shit anymore, is pretty amazing.

LoneStorm’s Official Fairy Tail Fanfic Rec List

Alrighty, requested by an anon, my so far fave Fairy Tail multichapter fics!  You’ll probably pick up on how much I love AUs… 

There are some I’m following and haven’t decided on the favorite label yet.  Need to see a LOT of writing before I decide to add, so please don’t feel insulted if you don’t see yours on this list yet.  Or I may not have found it yet haha.  But please send me ones you think should be on the list and I will read and add, even if they’re your own!

Find all my faves (Including awesome oneshots)  on my favorites list on, but here are my personal recs including ones on tumblr, in alphabetical order.  Ones not marked with the (complete) are still ongoing.  (All have Nalu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza, and the rest is pretty random):

AAA by BlackLynx17

EEE!  In one sentence, the shy otaku freshmen, Wendy, starts an anime club to make friends and shenanigans ensue.  It’s hilarious and though slightly cheesy and confusing at times, it’s a fun read and rather heartwarming.  Natsu’s adorable.  

Age of Gladiators by Nicole4211

WOW.  Historically accurate and picturesque descriptions and interesting plot ftw.  Saw some really good art on this by approvesport.  Natsu as prince but dad gets killed when going off for arranged marriage in Rome and has to become a gladiator and AWESOME STUFF HAPPENS but beware of the smut children do try to keep a clean mind and skip that…  :)

Assassin’s Creed: Bonds by Soprana-Snap

THOSE DESCRIPTIONS THO yeah I know nothing about the game but you don’t really need to to understand.  It’s so FANTASTIC ALREADY EEK So Natsu’s an awesome Assassin (except he doesn’t kill anyone, and that’s why we love him) in the Fairy Tail Assassin’s guild, and when he’s ‘practicing’ he just so happens to fall off a roof.  Don’t worry – he grabs onto a window, but it happens to be the window of a rich heiress longing for freedom… woohoo!!!

Bound by Lock and Key by Ayumu Foxtail-chan

OOO!  This new chapter came out the other day and I FREAKED.  I don’t even know why Natsu is the secret, powerful boy hidden in her father’s dungeon BUT I WANNA SO BAD!  Hard to explain but AWESOME READ IT!!!

Controlled Chaos by Absolutely Unsure (Complete)

This is a buncha beautiful Nalu oneshots in a collection.  Makes your shipper heart sooooar…  These were just fantastic and I couldn’t stop reading it.  But beware – don’t get too excited about the multichapter one in the middle because the fic hasn’t updated in a loooong time.

Dark Waters by Miss Mungoe

WOW FAB!!!  Seen a lot of art for this too, much by the fabulous rboz.  So shark-people/mermaid AU GAJEVY CUTEST EVER mermaid gets a forbidden crush on a shark dude and CHAOS AND EVIL ENSUE AHAHA oh and check out Mungoe’s other stuff too she’s fantastic all around.

Dragon’s Guide to Claim Your Mate by BlackLynx17 (Complete)

I know what you’re thinking.  "Storm, no, not the mating season cliche!“  Chill, dudes.  I know the idea of Natsu’s dragon instincts making Lucy his 'mate’ or whatever is overused and considered way too… no.  But this story is one of the most hilarious and adorable you’ll ever read and I have read it several times.  Ignore the slight OOC and unrealisticness and enjoy the story and Naluness.  Basically Natsu figures he’s in love so he looks at the 'Dragon’s Guide’ that Igneel left him for advice.  Please don’t go without reading ehehehe

Living With Him by amehanaa

OKAY OKAY SO THIS FIC OKAY THIS FIC I FREAK OUT MY FANGIRL SHIP FEELS AL;SDKFJA;SK okay so this one is basically Lucy and Natsu accidentally get assigned the same apartment as high schoolers and decide all they can do is keep it that way, for cost and necessity reasons.  And then stUFF HAPPENS!!!

Love at First Site by amehanaa (Complete)

One of my fave Nalu fics of all all all time.  Honestly my feels couldn’t survive a single chapter of this beautiful frickin’ fluff and cuteness and UGH well basically Lucy gets a laptop, and the first art site she goes on, she sees there’s this guy who likes to draw, and she likes to watch him do it on the site.  Eventually, he invites her to his friends’ and his private chatroom and CUTENESS HAPPENS.

My Sk8er Boi by Tatertotrocks (Complete)

Awww, but the tough guy cute girl thing…  short AU fic but so cute, what with all the skateboarder boy falls for ballerina girl that’s restricted by her father and… just read it.  <3  Cuteness you will find nowhere else.

On Whom the Pale Moon Gleams by snogfairy

WOW SNOGFAIRY SENPAI This is the first fic I read by her and I am still amazed.  This entire concept and they’re so in character and now we’ve got some action and Nalu Nalu Nalu and it’s really hard to explain so just trust that it’s one of my favorite things ever and go read it because WOW LIFE THIS FIC

Opposites Attract by Bugseey

Ah, a lil OOC but it takes a lot to get on this list so that’s fine with me, personally.  Band member that has a mysterious past falls for a young business woman and funny stuff and later action and drama happen and YAY!

Passion is Technically Passion by EvilByNecessity (Complete)

Also a bit OOC but HILARIOUS AND SO CUTE AND WORTH THE READ!  High school AU in which Lucy and Natsu are arch enemies… but do they really hate each other as much as they say they do?  I laughed so much please read.

Possession by HawkofNavarre (Complete)

I CRIED IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL STORY.  (And then went back and read it like five times)  A very very accurate version about how canon Natsu and Lucy fall in love and ugh just so good.  Really quality.

Shaved Ice by EvilByNecessity

LAUGHED JUST AS MUCH AS HER NALU ONE OMG.  Gruvia prequel to Passion is Technically Passion. Juvia, skilled at swimming though awful on ice, joins the hockey team in order to get closer to the hot captain that she’s in love with.  Much shipping and SO SO FUNNY.

Tails&Talons by snogfairy

alskdja;lkjfa;lkjs honestly probably everyone is reading this because SNOG SENPAI IS THE OFFICIAL FAIRY TAIL WRITER OF THE FANDOM AND AMAZINGNESS WOOT.  CUTEST AU – Natsu is a tattoo artist that gets hired by his cousin, whose shop is next to that of a pretty florist and BEAUTIUFL NALU HAPPENS. *SPOILER* (omg Natsu and Lucy made out like FINALLY ABOUT FREAKING TIME SENPAI… not that I’m one to talk…)

Tales of Fairies by RicardanScholar Clark-Weasley

I cannot explain my love for this fic.  It’s a massive oneshot collection, over 200 chapters, all quality and full of feels, humor, shipping, angst, and ANY FT THING YOU COULD THINK OF!! It updates about every single day.  So, so much love for this.  Every member of the Fairy Tail fandom should be following this.  Much Nalu.

The Amulet of Pyralis by rivendell101

Not very long yet but SUPER INTERESTING AND LIKE YOU JUST ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS YOUR HEART WILL BE BURNING WITH “OMG RIVENDELL TELL ME HOW THE THING HAPPENS ALREADY!!”   It’s a Djinn AU (I don’t really know what that is.)  But basically Lucy is one of the last of the Djinn Clan, who had been wiped out.  Kept in a prison, Lucy never dreamed she’d regain enough magic to break free… (A lot more than that – awesome stuff about the amulet that I cannot yet explain well so JUST READ IT)

The Dragon’s Ward by au revoir pets (Complete)

This is one of the most quality and heartwarming Nalu fics I have read.  Mentioned it in TKOF, too.  Ooooh, the feels.  Everyone on earth should read.  The princess, put to sleep to be protected from the evil Hades, is guarded by a boy with the powers of a dragon…

Troublemaker by LaynaPanda

OOC but so worth it omg.  Natsu is the guy that always torments her, but she ends up falling for him, and his jealousy is proving that he may be hiding something as well… High school AU and super addicting.

Unwanted Necessity by AelithiaSienne

Very, very interesting AU – boarding high school yet with magic and magical Nalu that warms the shipper heart.  Lucy’s the scary girl in school that has to put up a mask to keep herself safe, and while Natsu would have nothing to do with her by choice, he bears a terrible curse in which he just cannot stay away…  It’s really going somewhere!  I wasn’t going to put it on the list because the author had abandoned it, but just the other day, she updated and said she’d decided to continue!  ‘Tis fated to be put on the list, I suppose…  (Some commonly repeating typos, but worth the read nevertheless)

We Are Young by koa-chan

WOW THE WRITING IT’S SO SO SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL A;SLKJFASL;DFJ I CRIED.  A LOT.  YOU KNOW HOW OFTEN I CRY.  ALMOST NEVER.  This author is just so skilled in putting all emotions into the piece, making amazingly long chapters that come out every month,  and keeping the characters beautifully… in character ehe.  This is a high school AU but it is the ultimate high school AU – don’t live without reading this.  Your life would be unfulfilled.  

What’s a Witch by mslead

MSLEAD IS MY FRIEND AND SENPAI. SHE ALWAYS SAID SHE WAS A BAD WRITER WHICH  IS BULLSHIT BECAUSE THIS IS AMAZING.  Okay awesomeness Nalu AU in which Natsu is a demon king that accidentally gets himself bonded by accidental magic to this human girl on earth.  So far it follows the story of them trying to survive with one another until they can get Natsu back to where he came from… if he still wants to leave by then…  THE WRITING IS QUALITY OKAY READ IT

Your Virtual Reality by Dark Shining Light

OOO This one has a really interesting plot!  Reminds me a bit of SAO.  Though they are best friends, Natsu seems to be pushing Lucy away, mostly through playing his new video game.  So Lucy gives it a try… and ends up stuck in the game!  Still wondering how she’s gonna get out and the SUSPENSE A;LSDJFASDFJ


if one member of NCT bothers u SO MUCH that u wanna say ugly and mean stuff about them,,did you know you can,,,UNSTAN omg if they make it that much of an inconvenience for u to enjoy the group or music just unstan like,, if you’re gonna sit there and make comments about one member and you literally cannot stop yourself from it why bother liking the group i dont understand why make it a bad time for other stans that like that member and the group. if it bothers you that you wanna insult their talents or question their abilities, yet you dont wanna take the time to learn about them, you just wanna sit behind a screen and say gross stuff about them instead then why stan i-

I might lose followers for this, but:
if you identify as a feminist and stick up for gender equality, and yet you hurl insults and vitriol at women who aren’t feminists/who don’t agree with you,
you’ve really gotta consider who you’re actually fighting for.
I’ve seen so many supposed feminists call anti-feminist women bitches and sluts and attack their looks. I’ve seen them threaten anti-feminist women and wish injustice upon them.
you’re perfectly within your rights to refute their arguments and engage in humane debate. but the second you insult someone’s appearance and threaten them or suicide bait them, you lose any credibility and respect you’ve gained from me. you’ve established yourself as a hypocrite and you need to reevaluate your motivations.
are you striving for actual equality or are you pushing conditional rights only for people who agree with you? because the latter isn’t justice. it’s fucking authoritarianism.


Anonymous said:Can you please write a Lydia Martin imagine? She comforts the reader after she finds out some people (reader’s ‘friends’) insult her intelligence often just because she’s forgetful and has a lot of blonde moments, but she’s actually smart?

A/N: Heya, lovely! Of course I will write this imagine for you! :) Thank you for sending in your request and I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with: Sorry that it took so long for me to write and post your imagine! <3

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Lydia comforting you after she finds out your friends have insulted your intelligence because you’re forgetful and have frequent “blonde moments”.

Your figure was curled upon the tiled floor of the stall in the school’s girls bathroom. The deep grey smudged rivers were drying as the sobs still raked through your entire body, holding you captive.

You felt so stupid, weak, pathetic. Your friends had insulted your intelligence yet again after you’d had a little ditsy moment at the lunch table. Although they meant it as a joke, some meant it entirely seriously, but they failed to see beyond your forgetful spells and blond moments to realize just how wise and wonderful you truly were.

A large sob tore from your throat the moment there was a tittering knock upon the stall door. “Are you okay?” a familiar voice inquired, hesitation and worry evident within this angelic voice.

“Yeah, fine.” you sniffle, swiping the tears away from your face like a wild maniac.

“(Y/N)?” the girl called your name from the opposite side of the door. “(Y/N), it’s Lydia, open up; what’s wrong?” alarm rose in her voice and you could just picture her facial expression consumed with concern.

“I’m okay.” you snapped stubbornly through gritted teeth, but Lydia Martin was no fool, she knew when her best friend wasn’t doing so well.

“Stop being stubborn and let me in!” Lydia’s voice rose, the alarm rising. “Please…” her voice crackled helplessly and you felt her pain at your attempt to just push her away.

You drew in a deep breath, rising from the tiled floor as you unlocked the stall and eventually drew the door back. You were a mess; hair disheveled and runny mascara stained your cheeks, chin and neck. Lydia wasted no time in engulfing you in her small arms. “What’s wrong?”

Her embrace only caused the rush of emotions to return, leaving you sobbing into her designer shirt. If it had been anybody else she would have averted from them and scolded them, but you were another story; you were her best friend.

The sobs that shook you in Lydia’s arms drew out incoherent words that oddly enough, Lydia was capable of understanding. She ran her hand comfortingly up and down your back, anger tugging at her features. “Don’t listen to them, (Y/N). Don’t you dare listen to those back stabbing fake friends. You’re better than them and if they cannot accept you…” she trailed off, shaking her head, drawing back slightly to wipe away your tears.

“Those aren’t real friends, (Y/N). You’re so brilliant and smart, that I’m jealous!” Lydia grinned, looking up into your eyes. “If they knew all of the detective stuff you did with Stiles and how much you figured out, they’d be so amazed.” she grins up at you. “Yes, you’re forgetful and you have blond moments, but that’s what the pack and I love about you.” she smiles, running the pad of her thumb over the apple of your cheek, catching a grey tear that escaped your waterline.

A grin spread gradually across your face as you wiped your nose with the back of your hand. “Really? You guys don’t mind that I’m stupi-”

“You’re not stupid!” Lydia corrected you sternly, a look of seriousness flew across her features. “You get the highest marks next to me in class, how can that make you stupid? You’ve helped Sheriff Stilinski solve so many of our cases. You’re book smart, street smart and people smart. You’re the most intelligent girl that I know!”

“You really think so?”

“Of course! You’re my best friend and I love you: I’d never lie to you.” sincerity shows in her expression, orbs and tone. She was such a sincere friend.

“Now, let’s get you fixed up, you wouldn’t want to walk around this place looking like a Goth, huh?” she giggled, earning your own burst of laughter.

“Sorry about your shirt,” you frown at the black stains on her top.

Lydia’s eyes followed your gaze and she smiled. “I don’t care, I didn’t really think it was my color anyway.” she shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant, but you understood that the shirt she was wearing was her absolute favourite.

“Shut up! Every color is your color.” you grinned wildly.

And as the two of you cat walked back into the cafeteria, Lydia’s eyes turned into slits, focusing her death glare right on your “friends”. They cowered slightly into their seats, because the wrath of Lyida Martin was not what anybody wished to face.

  Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow for more.

Part 1

You watched as Luke paced in front of you with a slight frown on your face. Every now and then he would pause, glance at you and then shake his head as if dismissing a thought.

Calum had long ago left the room with the excuse of giving you both some space to “work your shit out” as he had so eloquently put it. Before he had left he has whispered to you to tell Luke how you truly felt before he exited the room.

Neither you nor Luke had said a word since then, you both too caught up in your thoughts.

“This can’t be happening,” Luke mumbled, finally stopping pacing to slide down the wall opposite you. “There’s no way we’re married. There’s no way we’d be that dumb.”

There was nothing venomous in his voice when he said it, nothing that was meant to be taken as an insult. Yet you couldn’t help the feeling that washed over you. Was this such a horrible thing? Was being with you so god damn bad? Were you that horrible?

You knew Luke didn’t love you. You knew that the only time you two would ever be together was in your head, in that imaginary place that you got lost in all too often.  You understood that the feeling was not and will never be reciprocated. You understood that, most days you could ever accept it but this…knowing that he couldn’t even stand the idea of you two together hurt in a way you never thought it would.

You remembered the joke you and told had: that if you two were both single by thirty-five you’d marry each other. When your relatives were being nosy and asking when ‘you two kids are going to get together?’ you’d both smile and reply that you were already engage and would laugh at their confused expression.

You’d laugh because it was a joke. Not a promise, you realized, like you always thought it was. Just a joke, something to laugh about. Never something that was supposed to happen, never something he wanted to happen.

“What are we going to do?” Luke asked, glancing at you before looking away.

You rolled your eyes at the question. The answer was obvious. “Get an annulment, clearly.”

The moment the words were out of your mouth Luke was up, his large limbs bringing him across the room in two strides. His arms found themselves around your waist, his eyes wild with an emotion you’ve never seen before his lips crashed out yours.

It was the most intense kiss that you two had ever shared, his lips moving feverishly against yours, your hand tugging at his hair, your bodies pressed together desperate to make more contact.

Then all two soon he was pulling away, resting his forehead against yours and whispering, “He’ll never make you feel as good as I do,” before he was gone, leaving the door wide open.

Part 3?

anonymous asked:

I can see you're a Deangirl . (✿ ♥‿♥) same here! I'm looking forward to s12 but I hope they have less Sam/Dean scenes. Sam use to be a cool character but he's gotten to be an emotional downer. His scenes with Dean are always sad and kind of pathetic like they go through the same stuff every season and Sam is always blaming dean for everything. Boring! I just don't understand why they would keep going with all the old plot lines instead of focusing on the intense chemestry between cas/dean.

First of all… ’chemistry’ is your opinion. It is your non-canon ship, not reality. The show will never have a relationship between Dean/Cas as anything more than a brotherly/familial sort of relationship. If waiting for Sam to disapear and this to become the Dean/Cas show, you’re watching the wrong show.

Second of all, and most important…you say you’re a Dean!Girl… yet you insult the most important person in Dean’s life? 

Dean would hate that. 

You’re right, I do call myself a Dean!Girl, and on my about page what’s right next to that….

That’s right… ProtectSammy2k16 … I am a Dean girl, but I LOVE Sam. 

The show starts with Sam. It all begins with him. Yes, the story is mainly about the brothers, but it starts with Sam

His character development is a large part of the show, just like Dean’s development. The show has done a great job of the brother’s character’s evolving but still retaining what makes them… them.

Sam left the only sense of home he’s ever had to chase his dreams. That in the life of a hunter, little Sam did his homework, wanted to learn… wanted something more for his life and had the courage to try and find his own happiness all the while thinking his father hated him for that decision. How his happiness is ripped away from him by the same creature that took his mother. That’s the same Sam that went through the trials, the same Sam that jumped in the pit, the same Sam that to this day would do anything for Dean.  

Sam Winchester is brave. He stands up for those who can’t. He stands up for what’s right and strives to choose good over darkness. Sometimes he fails but doesn’t give up. He does these things all the while that he’s not good enough, that he’s a monster. He takes all the blame and puts it on himself. That's not pathetic That’s heartbreaking, beautiful, and tragic. And guess who else has those same ‘pathetic’ flaws…. that’s right, our fav Dean

He doesn’t blame Dean for everything. No, he’s more likely to blame himself. Like I said, they both place so much blame on themselves. 

An ‘emotional downer’??? It’s a testament to his character that everything he’s been through hasn’t changed him into a bitter, cynical man, or an alcoholic, emotionally constipated man like Dean. Sam continues to believe in the good of people in spite of everyone he’s loved been killed. Watching his brother die over and over. Being emotionally manipulated. Being tortured. Sacrificing his life for the world. 

He’s not an ‘emotional downer’ he’s affected by his life experience… much like Dean. 

No, his kindness remains in spite of everything… No matter what he goes through he still believes that there is good in people.


and finally, I think I’ll let Jared speak for me….

What it's like denying your sexuality

When your gay friends joke about you being a “hetero” and you die inside because you’re not out yet and it feels like an insult.

When you follow lesbian blogs and most of your friends are gay and they joke about how ironic it is.

When someone asks you if you’re gay and you say no and they laugh it off because they “didn’t think so because you don’t look gay”……!?

When your boyfriend tells you he’d be accepting if you were bi and you laugh it off because you’re secretly afraid he’d leave you.

When your father ‘confides in you’ about how your bi sister’s choices bother him and he’s so glad he raised you ‘right’.

When your father casually talks about how nice your bi sister’s ‘girl friend’ is with his friends because “Her decisions are hers and we don’t need to tell my friends about that.”

When Ruby Rose puts out her 'Break Free’ video and you watch it with your lesbian friends and they all talk about how hot she is and how “you wouldn’t understand”.

When you get sick of being in the closet and try to come out, and although it’s freeing for you; no one seems to be as supportive as they were when all their other friends came out.

All in all, it’s hell every day. Every time you wear what you truly like, people joke that you 'look gay’, and it’s funny because you’re not. You can’t post a picture of a girl without someone making an irony joke. You feel like you’re lying to everyone, even yourself.

You wear more dresses because maybe you’ll turn back and that would be easier. You wear lipstick because it’s supposed to be more traditionally feminine. You change your choice in porn because you feel like maybe this will change your sexuality subconsciously. You are afraid to come out completely because you think your family will hate you.

You become resentful and angry at the world. You say that you appreciate a beautiful girl; but you’re not attracted to her, even though that’s completely false. You call yourself “shallow” because you resort to saying you “like hot people.”

I would tell you what it’s like to then accept yourself and love yourself unconditionally, but I haven’t done that yet. I’m bisexual and I’m still learning to love and accept myself.


this isn’t the first time the Crewniverse nailed a really subtle expression, featuring shrinking pupils. and i really hope it won’t be the last either.

i love how soul-wrackingly communicative this show can be with just a look 

For God’s fucking sake, Hetalia fandom, stop drawing pictures of APH France crying as “tribute” art to the terrorist attacks. I mean, yeah, nice sentiment, but using an animé to get it across? Seriously? Hell, I don’t even think that tribute art* is appropriate until you reach at least the mensiversary. It feels too much like trying to get attention.

*Graphics are a bit different largely because they’re supposed to get reposted as a quick way for others to mourn or show support. Photography is completely different.

That being said, at least the Hetalia fandom seems to have improved over the years. Not as many sad France pictures tonight as there were were bleeding Japan pictures after that big earthquake a few years ago.

But still, this happened yesterday (that is, a few hours ago) and France is currently in a state of national emergency you fucking vultures.

(Also applies to other fandoms shoehorning French characters or any other character, really - stop making fanart as a way to express your solidarity! It’s stupid!)

One more time for new followers:

So i’ve gotten a lot of followers in the last week. Y'all are new so a lot of y'all don’t know the deal, but I’ve been at this for 3-4 years.

I am fat. Do not tell me that I am not. I am a fat person and I am in love with my body. There is nothing wrong with being fat or even using that word. If you equate fatness with sloppiness, unhealthiness, ugliness, laziness, etc., then you are apart of the problem. Fat is not a bad word, stop thinking of it as an insult. If you don’t feel comfortable calling someone fat yet because you don’t know how they’d take it, called them plus size or a person of size.

While we’re at it, I am black and a queer woman. My views on racism, sexism and queerphobia are of the “prejudice + power” variety. I critique and reblog critiques of institutional racism and sexism on the regular. I do not know as much about them but I do sometimes reblog posts that address other ethnicity related problems such as antisemitism or islamophobia.

I’m able bodied, neurotypical and cis and working to constantly check my privilege as well as do what I can to educate others like me.

If you are interested on learning more, I have a masterpost I’m working on. Don’t like it, you better get out now.

re oitnb issue.

I can’t believe some people are such guilt tripping assholes. the OITNB fandom managed to make me more angrier at them than at what happened and I haven’t fucking even watched the show yet.

like what gives you the right to insult a whole fandom, keep calling everyone racist and guilt tripping them that “they don’t care” when 99% of them haven’t even seen the episode or had no idea what happened? hell I don’t even know what happened except that she died. 

but the fact that none of the OITNB people contacted anyone from the movement nor the movement blog, and then dared to point fingers and saying we don’t do shit is just too much. you only whine and insult everyone. I’m not here to take your shit. where were you when we were yelling about other 20 dead wlw characters? I guarantee you not all of them were white and I know because I personally made posts about them that circulated around tumblr.

also what gives you the right to mock the movement, nor participate and then blatantly copy all our stuff, things that so many people worked on for months while grieving and not give credit and still send us hate? who do you think you are?

sorry not sorry if I personally don’t feel like helping people who got mad at me instead of getting mad at the show and started “calling me out” for not caring when I didn’t even know there was anything to care about. fuck that shit.