are you in or are you out

some of y'all need to stop being so unwilling to kick bigots out of the lgbtqia+ community tbh.

biphobes, aphobes, transphobes, nbphobes—there are lgbtqia+ people who hold majorly bigoted beliefs about other kinds lgbtqia+ people, who run entire hate campaigns against them, who harass them and hurt them, and who pose a real and active harm to them both online and off…and yet even when some of y'all don’t share those bigoted beliefs yourself when someone says “we need to kick these people out of lgbtqia+ spaces because they’re making them unsafe for others” you’re still so quick to jump in and say “wait, wait, wait…what they stand for is bad but isn’t that going a little too far?”

like? no, no it isn’t going too far.

when dealing with harmful lgbtqia+ people the fact that they are lgbtqia+ does not trump the fact that they are an active danger to others and that by allowing them to continue to be in lgbtqia+ spaces and defending their ‘right’ to be there we are making those spaces unsafe and showing these people that there are no consequences to their horrible behavior. there are bigots in the lgbtqia+ community who are absolutely flourishing right now because they know that no matter what they say or what they do or who they hurt their access to the community will still not be revoked and this is allowing that bigotry to continue and to spread nearly entirely unchecked.

the fact is that if someone is a proven danger to the community, they should not be in the community. if someone is willing (and with these people so often actually eager) to harm others in the community, they should not be in the community. a bigoted person’s status as being lgbtqia+ does not erase the fact that they are, in fact, a bigot and that allowing their bigotry to exist within lgbtqia+ spaces will (and already has) absolutely without a doubt cause harm to other lgbtqia+ people.

an lgbtqia+ bigot’s right to a place in the community is not as important as the safety of other people in the community. that should not be a controversial statement to make.

hey folks just to apologise for no new doodles lately but I been kind mad busy with the kickstarter and getting TPoH done on time (and I figure that last doodle comic would tide you over for a while!) maybe I’ll get something new done this next week or something, but I love you! thanks for all the kind messages I really appreciate all the cool tags as well :’D

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i could tell you i was under an enchantment that warped my whole personality… an inversion spell strong enough to let me lift the hammer of thor. not mention beat the crap out of him with it. i could tell you that. it’s all true.   for @bardinsp​ . )

It’s actually kinda hard when you’re out as gay irl but then try to explain that you’re also asexual.

Yes i love girls no i dont want to fuck them bc my brain just doesnt even comprehend that way.

“Have you tried?”

Yes ive actually attempted really shady hookups thinking if i just got it “over with” id be fine, and bailed bc sex freaks me out at worst, and at best im like “fuck, what am i supposed to do?” *pokes the titty politely*

“You need to try again”

Bruh. This isn’t for lack of trying.

“You need to try with someone who’ll show you what to do”

The thing is, I KNOW WHAT TO DO. I’ve written kinkier porn than you even know exists, I’ve set thousands of readers on fire, I’ve expanded the sex lives of strangers (literally), and irl im still like “oh fuck, this beautiful girl is naked beside me and this is extremely inconvenient.”

I researched sex at a young age bc I didnt get it. I started writing smut at a young age bc i was trying to grasp my mind around it. If i could understand it, I’d warm up to it. I can write really good shit that i KNOW is good bc ppl will tell me it’s top notch in the fandom, and I’m like “lol maybe?” bc i literally cant tell for myself and over fifteen years later I still 👏 cant 👏 grasp 👏 this 👏 shit IN REAL LIFE.

i used to think “why am i so bad at being gay?” until i discovered asexuality existed and everything finally clicked.

I can’t tell you how good that felt. And i still doubted myself for a long time afterward.

It’s hard enough that my OWN brain is still like, “but maybe if they are beautiful enough and patient enough maybe you’re just shy maybe youre just-” but i literally had my fucking soulmate send me nudes and there was zero pressure bc it was long distance and my reaction was literally “oh no, now i have to figure out how react correctly” and she was fucking gorgeous and i loved her more than anyone else, i thought we were going to get married. I hated being so uncomfortable or at best thinking “i could tolerate it for her” and i cried myself to sleep more than once bc I was worried she’d think i didn’t actually love her, so please dont talk over my experience, you dont know it.

anonymous asked:

I'm a queer Catholic and I have to deal with people always telling me that if I REALLY cared about social justice issues or my queer identity I would leave the Church (and join one of THEIR super-liberal Protestant churches, obviously) and it just drives me up the wall. So thank you so, so much for all of your religion blogging and your unapologetic Catholicism. It's inspiring and wonderful to see.

Thank you for this message, anon! It’s really brightened my night.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why so many people who are otherwise dedicated to diversity and inclusion will have as their first response to a queer Catholic (or a queer Muslim, or a queer member of any other religion that’s commonly perceived as “conservative”), “Wow, you should really change a fundamental part of your identity to better fit in to our progressive community!”

That’s…that’s really not what justice looks like.

Reason #124 why I sometimes hate this community.

So the picture i’m going to post below was apparently posted on the stupid livejournal blog ‘simsecrets’ and I was minding my own business playing Pokemon when my dear friend, @starryfalls, decided to show me this.

Now, some of you, if you bother to read this at all, may recognize some familiar faces. I know I immediately recognized lilsimsie immediately. What that’s not why Hope showed us. She showed me this because the bottom right picture is one she took on her blog… of our simselves. Well, it’s my simself and Aaryn (formally vandeesims). I’m all about equality in every way but don’t bring people’s simselves into it. 

Especially when, I don’t know about you guys, but didn’t choose my heritage and I know damn well that Aaryn never asked to be a transgender male. People are always going to complain and if being upset about my simself and a very good friend of mine being used to spread hate loses me my followers… bye then. 

Using people’s sims is fine, you’re all going to complain about it either way, but you’re literally hating on several of these people’s simselves. It’s a game and I will never understand the drama.


Bim Trimmer in moon shoes
@snowelfxx Thanks for making that post that inspired this drawing!

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“ at some point i realized i would never come first. ” for Varlen :o

It’s always the small things that speak the loudest truths. The wandering of a gaze. The flickering of attention. The itch of limber fingers as they yearned for a book with a far more interesting cover. At first, Varlen had dismissed the signs, assuming he was being paranoid. Ridiculous. After all, that’s what was often said of him, and it took a stronger man than he to not be swayed by such prolific rumours. 

But the day he realised the truth, it had stung harder than anything he could have ever imagined.

“I am returning to my homeland. To Tevinter.”

Those words. Thick with conviction; so thick that there was no room between the letters for anything else. No room for doubt. No room for him. They rose to meet Varlen so quickly that he thought he might be crushed by their weight. Instead, he faced sad, quartz-grey eyes, begging for understanding. For approval. For anything.

“… Amatus?”

That word. A word for him, yet suddenly so foreign in a way that had nothing to do with language. Varlen watched, mute and pale, the colour pulled from his skin by a single sentence. He shook, but in an insidious way that concealed itself beneath his skin. His hands remained limp by his sides.

“Come now. Say something, yes?”

Say something. Say what? He’d said so many words over the months they had spent together, and fool that he was, Varlen had assumed some of them had led Dorian to love him. Or at least care about him. Perhaps both were too strong a sentiment for what they had shared. Perhaps he had just been too deep in denial to see it. Too caught up in a moment that wasn’t even there.

Dorian stepped forward after that, reaching out, that familiar hand of his coming to rest on Varlen’s shoulder, the other brushing his cheek. Sweeping back his hair, cupping his face in a show of worry. It was all a show, after all. It had to be. 

He was such a fool

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