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harry potter rated by mentions of goats
  • philosopher’s stone: mentioned that a bezoar can be obtained from the stomach of a goat which would be pretty solid except its mentioned in the context of snape being a dick to some eleven year olds. the goats didn’t give up their magic healing kidney stones for this. 3/10
  • chamber of secrets: no mentions. 0/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: no mentions. 0/10
  • goblet of fire: both karkaroff and young dumbledore are described as having goatees, a type of facial hair that, unless you’re idris elba or brad pitt or someone, is probably best left to goats. first mention of my main man aberforth and his fondness for goats, though unfortunately phrased in a way that convinced half the readers he fucked a goat. 5/10
  • order of the phoenix: a nice bit foreshadowing in which the hogs head smells like goats. unfortunately, there’s also a mention of the giants eating dead goats. a harrowing image. -5/10
  • half-blood prince: harry reads the half-blood prince’s tip about bezoars and with some truly stunning information retention, remembers what snape said about them being an antidote to most poisons + coming from the stomach of a goat in their first ever potions lesson. i am so proud of him. harry uses this totally unprecedented feat of academic success to flunk out on doing any actual work and piss off hermione. worth noting that harry also uses a bezoar to save ron’s life, begging the question, would the wizarding world be ruled by voldemort and all of our faves be dead if it wasn’t for goats? the answer is yes. a monumental achievement for goats everywhere. we owe them so much. 20/10
  • deathly hallows: aberforth and his fondness for fiddling with goats returns. he apparently throws goat dung at people in times of stress- what a guy. a goat patronus saves the day by looking kinda like a stag if you squint a bit. aberforth reminisces about feeding the goats with ariana. a touching, bittersweet moment. all around a pretty good time for goats. 10/10

Is it just me or “self-diagnosers are faking it for attention!” makes absolutely no sense? Like…

This is the Internet. You have complete anonymity here. You can reinvent yourself and lie about every single aspect of your life. You don’t even need to try very hard to convince everyone. You can say you are whoever you are, you can say you are from a different country, of a different age, different gender… I mean technically you can even say you are Idris Elba or Hillary Clinton or something like that, although there’s a smaller chance people will believe you.

Now if a neurotypical person, or a person with Münchausen, would want to fake being neurodivergent/mentally ill, for attention or “special snowflake points” or whatever… what would stop them from saying they have a formal diagnosis? Cause it’s not like you can demand them to post their medical records - many actually professionally diagnosed people don’t have access to those.

I mean, why put yourself at danger for being mocked, ridiculed and doubted? Why not say you have been diagnosed years ago and have been in therapy and hospitalized twice and abused by psychiatrists and so on? Cause that will give you much more attention than saying “My name is Jamie, I’m a self-diagnosed autistic with anxiety, who knows scripts for job interviews/good stim toys to replace skin picking/home remedies for anxiety nausea?”.

To me if a person says they are self-diagnosed, that communicates that they are ready to tell the truth, admit the possibility of a mistake on their behalf and their intention to be a part of the community to share ideas and get support and help. It’s a small sign of their honesty and genuine intent. Now someone lying they have a formal diagnosis will insist on it because it seems more valid even though professionals can make mistakes too.

And considering that “you’re self-diagnosed!” argument is often used against people who most certainly have a formal diagnosis to silence them and mock them, it makes absolutely no sense to me why you need to spend your precious time attacking self-diagnosed people. They may not be exactly right about their subjective psychiatric label, but if they are talking about it, they probably have real traits and symptoms, so I doubt they are neurotypical.

So if you go around attacking self-diagnosed people, there’s a high chance you are harming those “actually disabled”/“actually mentally ill” people you claim to be trying to protect.

Sincerely, a professionally diagnosed mentally ill autistic person who supports genuine, well-informed psychiatric self-diagnosis.


My dream cast for The Lion King,  considering that Disney’s doing a new one.

  • John Boyega as Simba
  • Idris Elba as Scar
  • Morgan Freeman as Mufasa
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Rafiki
  • Kerry Washington as Nala
  • Anthony Mackie as Timon
  • Chadwick Boseman as Pumbaa
  • James D’Arcy as Zazu
  • Viola Davis as Sarabi
  • Michael B. Jordan as Banzai
  • Octavia Spencer as Shenzi

Alec X Reader

Requested By Anon

Alec had missed you, that much was clear, the moment he got back and had the chance to be alone with you he took it. Jace didn’t even complain that he hadn’t got to hear the full details of your adventures in Idris he just let Alec hurriedly shove him out of your room.


“I missed you.” He mumbled as he kissed and biting at your neck.

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If you said making Captain America black was a cheap stunt, if you said Doctor Strange can’t be Asian because it’s not true to the comics, if you said Idris Elba can never be James Bond because 007 has always been white…

…But you’re celebrating Scarlett Johansson being cast as Major Motoko Kusanagi in the Japanese political drama Ghost in the Shell…

You might have a problem.

I think some of us forget that the way sebastian was, wasn’t his fault. valentine injected him with demon blood before he was even born. he then further manipulated him into believing that he was a monster and that no one would ever love him and he trained him into a physco cold blooded warrior. having that demon blood in him and having valentine as a father is the reason he was like that. if you want to blame someone blame valentine, the asshole who experimented on kids.


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AJ / Alec Junior (Readers Nickname)

“Well if it isn’t Alec junior, what are you doing out here?” Magnus stopped in front of you and crouched down, gently wiping a stray tear that had danced its way down your cheek.

“Alec said if I don’t approve of the wedding then I shouldn’t come and if I can’t see that he’s doing this for us that… maybe I should go back to Idris.” You sighed and looked away from the Warlock before snapping your eyes to his face. “Wait why are you here?” You asked quickly.


“I had an invite from Izzy.” He said simply. You grinned and jumped up, hugging onto the warlock who, after a few seconds he hugged you back and chuckled.

“Thank you for coming Magnus… please you have to make him see reason, he can’t be miserable for the rest of his life, not for me and Izzy we won’t have it.” You gasped quickly.

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‘Jungle Book’: Scarlett Johansson, Idris Elba And More Embrace Their Inner Animals In Photo Shoot

This photo shoot highlights the one of the bankable elements of the picture, namely the all-star cast playing somewhat well-known animal characters You’ve got Idris Elba as Shere Khan, Lupita Nyong’o as Raksha, Scarlett Johansson as Kaa, Christopher Walken as King Louie, Giancarlo Esposito as Akela, and Sir Ben Kingsley as Bagheera.