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The hell you doing, Karen? Going after a guy like this. Because he chose me. It made me angry that he thinks I’d agree with his actions. (requested by serendipitous)

so! people I will not be around for a while (maybe 2 weeks maybe less),i hope in those weeks i find something to read in ao3*wink wink*
it will help with my heal!! :,D
my darling will be a little lonely so please send ask with cute ideas! (notmoreoftheshapeofwaterau…please)

They look at Bran oddly when he expresses his fervent desire to visit the crypts the moment he returns to Winterfell. Nobody questions him though. He is the Lord of Winterfell, son of Ned Stark, brother to Robb Stark.

King in the North.

He likes the darkness. Darkness has been his strength for so long. It is a comfort to be back here. It stops being a comfort when they set him down before the statues, right where he asks them to. There is Lord Rickard, and Lyanna, and the Brandon Stark who was his uncle.

Next to them is the statue of his father.

It’s odd to see Ned Stark’s likeness carved in stone. After seeing his father so many times through the trees Bran can see imperfections, small things that are not quite right but it’s close enough that he blinks away tears.

I never wanted to be Lord of Winterfell, he wants to tell the statue but he’s not alone. His father was a second son too, not raised to rule. Bran wonders if his father doubted the way Bran does. He hopes he can be half as good a Lord of Winterfell as his father was.

He turns his head and sees that the place next to his father is empty.

“Bran,” Meera says softly. “What’s wrong?”

Everything, he thinks, but he doesn’t say that. Meera has enough of a burden to bear without him troubling her with all he knows. Instead he nods toward the empty space but when he looks back at her he sees she understands.

“Robb should have a statue,” he says, his throat tight with remembering that terrible feeling, that dream he had, and Summer’s grief. “Robb was Lord of Winterfell, and King.”

The men who accompanied them down here begin to make excuses but Bran silences them with a look, and a raised hand.

“Find a stonemason,” he commands, his first true command as King. “I will see that it is a good likeness.”

“It will be done, your grace” comes the quick answer.

Bran only has to close his eyes to see Robb alive, praying in the godswood, laughing with Jon, or in the yard training with swords. The trees show him, and when he looks beyond the trees it helps him recall everything vividly, and painfully.

King in the North! King in the North!

The North remembered, and Bran would make sure they never forgot.


GD road trip AU | Alex is feeling stressed out after a busy month at the DEO, so Astra takes her on a road trip. Prompted (and prodded :P) by @foxx-queen.


Terrible Charmer

Enjolras is incredibly charming. This is a thing Courfeyrac - who prides himself on being a debonair charmer - has accepted as fact. The sun is hot, moths can navigate using light or geomagnetic clues, Enjolras is terribly charming. These are all established and accepted facts in Courfeyrac’s life. What is sadly another one of those indisputable facts is that, however charming Enjolras can be when he’s talking about his causes, he’s a terrible flirt. Not in the ‘charming the pants of anybody in sight way’ (that’s Courfeyrac’s thing) but in the other, very horrible to watch way.

You’d think his flirting would be as elegant as his face, beauty in motion. It’s not. Instead, the man flirts with all the grace and elegance of a  brick wall. A badly constructed,  crumbling brick wall who thinks compliments don’t actually need to include signs of visible affection, or even the mention of positive characteristics of the recipient.

Courfeyrac considers himself to be an expert on all his friends’ courting methods, being both a proud self-described wingman and nosy over-involved gossip, but when it comes to Enjolras he’s more of an eternally baffled observer. It’s just so wrong. The math doesn’t add up. Here you have Enjolras, beautiful, eloquent, passionate. A person who sits down thinking about what makes a good man and then truly tries to fulfil that ideal. Anyone would get at least a little weak in the knees when getting all that earnest attention pointed their way.

Courfeyrac himself must admit he was rather awestruck when he first met Enjolras, with his beautiful hair shining in the sun, protesting the visit of an unsavoury dignitary. Meeting someone who looks like an angel, firmly believes they can make the world a better place and also likes you on sight would be enough for anyone to get a little crush, and Courfeyrac has always been a little weak for a pretty smile. Luckily that tingly, bubbly, exhilarating feeling settled into a more survivable and practical love soon after Enjolras grabbed his arm, looked him in the eye and told him they’d be brothers, and that they were going to try and change the world together.

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I’m going to

Go out on 

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And guess that

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Part to Forever?

Well no worries! I have the next part done and it will be posted tomorrow. It is currently nearly three in the morning here and I have to at least pretend I sleep at some point. 

Seriously though, thank you for the interest in my stuff. I love all of you. I am glad you like it. 

…But I don’t want your unborn children. I can barely take care of myself. Please keep all babies with you. Thanks. <3


Thank you to each and every one of you who follow me! I love you all! To celebrate so many people watching me flail around on the internet I thought I would do a little giveaway! And what shall I give away? Cheese! 

Okay not literal cheese. But! I’ve had a few story ideas floating around in my head for quite some time and I never got around to writing any of them because they’re all songfics and I’ve long thought songfics were a bit cheesy for how my writing has evolved. That doesn’t stop me from getting hundreds of ideas for them though! 

So! Here’s how it works. Every like and reblog will get your name in to a hat. Three reblogs and a like? Your name goes in four times. On the evening of Tuesday Nov. 28 I will draw three names and the prizes will be thus:

  • 1st place prize: pick one of the following stories and I will write it for you. You may suggest one thing to include (a person, a place, an event, a line of dialogue, etc) and I will make sure that your suggestion is in the story. 
  • 2nd place prize: pick one of the following stories and I will write it for you as the muse strikes me. 
  • 3rd place prize: pick one of the following stories and I will make a terrible doodle for you based off of it. 

Hopefully there’s a few people interested and everyone enjoys the ideas I have available. If so maybe I’ll do the same kind of thing for another milestone some day. Either way I sure do like writing stories for you guys! I hope you all have fun with this and enjoy the results!

Without further ado here are the stories ideas I’ve had floating around in my head, from which the winners may choose:

Idea 1
Song: Take Me Home - Jess Moskaluke
Summary: Modern au in which Karin meets her ex-boyfriend Sasuke in a bar and he spends the evening acting as though he wants to take her home. Despite being tempted by the one that got away Karin stays strong because she knows very well that he has Sakura waiting for him at home. She’s grown since they broke up and she’s got too much self-respect to let him take her down those roads again. 

Idea 2
Song: Let’s Hurt Tonight - One Republic
Summary: Modern soulmate au in which you remember your past lives. Madara and Tobirama are soulmates but Madara cannot get past the fact that in their last life Tobirama killed his brother and so treats him coldly. Tobirama leaves town for a few years and Madara thinks good riddance. Then one day he finds himself in a nearby city with Hashirama and gets dragged to a concert where he finds that Tobirama has joined a local band and writes all of his songs about the soulmate that he cannot be with. 

Idea 3
Song: Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur
Summary: Just a sweet little thing where Yamato comes upon Kakashi when the older man is playing a guitar and singing to himself, thinking he’s alone. Kakashi has written him a song to express how much he loves him and poor Yams is a bit overwhelmed by it all. 

Idea 4
Song: Mercy - Shawn Mendes 
Summary: A modern au in which Kakashi has been in love with Minato for years without the older man ever realizing it. While out with friends one night Kakashi gets talked in to going up on stage and singing. Unbeknownst to him Minato is on a first date with someone who wanted to go see some karaoke and they happen to have picked the same bar. 

Idea 5
Song: Dirty Work - Austin Mahone
Summary: Midnight shifts at the mission desk can get a little boring sometimes. To keep themselves entertained Iruka, Izumo, and Kotetsu sometimes turn on the radio and sing along. None of them expected to be caught dancing on top of the desks while they were busting out their dirtiest moves. 

Idea 6
Song: Beating Heart - Ellie Goulding
Summary: Sakura has been chosen to go on an extended mission in another village and she’ll be gone for a long time. Kakashi’s going to miss his girlfriend a lot but he’d certainly not going to stop her from spreading her wings. The night before she leaves all of her friends throw a sendoff party for her during which she gets up on stage and sings a song for Kakashi - and then proposes. 

Quick PSA

If you’re intending to cause drama with me, or want attack me just because I dislike (NOT HATE) something that you happen to be into (you wanna be into that thing? Cool, you do you; it’s your life, it’s all good), or if you want to attack me for having an opinion, unfollow me right fucking now. 

I’m allowed to feel safe on my blog. Drama and hate of any kind will not and NEVER BE tolerated. If you’re the kind of person to start shit and attack someone without having a civil discussion at all? Bye. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. I have no time for Drama, don’t even try - unfollow me and move on with your life. 

anonymous asked:

I've been a follower for a while and I admire you're writing, but I've been noticing you can be quite rude to people sometimes. I completely understand it when others are rude, but I mean, it's just uncalled for sometimes.

First of all being rude is never called for, let’s get that one out of the way.
If I’m /rude/ it’s probably when I’ve had enough of something OR when I’m having a bad time outside of my tumblr life. I can’t always be sugar, spice and everything nice. I try but I have been quite honest and open about my struggles and sometimes it’s just too much and a message pushes me over the edge. 

Is it a good thing? Definitely not but you should keep in mind that I’m human too and I have my ups and downs. If I feel like I’ve been rude for no reason whatsoever I usually apologise because I know when I’ve done something wrong but sometimes people just come at me for no reason and I just cannot help it. 

I never thought this blog would grow as much as it did, I’m not mentally equipped to deal with this many people but I try to because I love writing and I love sharing them with you guys. 

I’m sorry that you feel that way (I don’t want to say disappointed but I kind of feel like you are) which is normal since I cannot handle shit properly sometimes and I know sometimes I should just shut up and let people do what they want to do, say what they want to say but I’m trying and learning and it’s a process for me. 

I hope you understand what I mean and understand that I genuinely am trying to be more than what I am which is quite hard for me.