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- Chat why are you wearing sunglasses over your mask that’s–

- It’s called style, ma chérie.

- …

Jennifer lowered the map, something she found that was just confusing her even more. Navigation had never been one of her strong suits. What shamed her even more was the fact she was getting lost in a town that was small. “Excuse me,” she walked over to the first person she saw. “Could you point me in the direction of this place?” She held out a piece of paper that had the name and address of a motel written in pen.

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Edit: Oh the fuckity fuck i forgot to put warnings. T for dumb fluff and mentions of doing the do (wink wonk)

Palms pressed to jaw—fingers resting against a cheekbone, the face you have in your hand is one you’ve touched and held many, many times.

Like an affectionate cat needing to be pet more, the said face leans into your touch, and the small smile across his mouth sighs, content—eyes blinking cutely with fondness.

“Seokjin,” you heave sternly, “For the last time, close your eyes.”

Jin’s eyes bat twice, quickly, and his lips curl innocently. “But I want to look at you.”

“And I want to finish doing your makeup because you’re on set in five minutes,” you reason.

His expression now transforms into something mischievous and it looks like a lightbulb is illuminating the sudden dark look in his gaze.

“If I close my eyes,” he murmurs all too sweetly, his warm hand reaching to encase yours. “Will you kiss me?”

He tilts his head to the side in a taunting matter as he watches your focus go to his mouth—grinning a little too confidently at your reaction to his question because with the way you’re staring at him now, he knows all too well of what you want to do.

Ten seconds are spent fighting between priorities and desires before you smirk and pinch his face lightly. “Close your eyes, and you’ll find out,” you tease.

Oh? His eyebrow lifts up and he smiles pleasantly. Jin is a good sport, deciding to play by your rules to his game, and he makes a show of fluttering his lashes when his eyes shut ever so slowly.

There’s a little moment after where you simply look at him and remind yourself that Seokjin is most definitely another synonym for beautiful. An alluring being with soft strands of hair above placidly, arched eyebrows that gracefully frame his features—bright, doe eyes leading a delicate arch to the point of a button nose and bending to the bow of his lips.

Lips the shade of your favourite pink that are indeed, very tempting to kiss.

But, there’s a good and bad time for everything, and Jin is shameless, not hesitating to hide his groan of disappointment and audible pouting when he doesn’t feel anything but a soft brush colouring his eyelids.

“We’re at work,” you gently remind him.

“We’ve done worse,” he reminds you.

You ignore him and concentrate on the brush that has now concealed his eyes in a demure, brown tone. His lashes shimmer faintly when he obediently opens them again, trying his best to relax as he feels the pressure above his eyes lining a cool grey to the inner corner.

“A little kiss never hurt anyone,” Jin persists in a tiny voice.

You scoff at that. “I swear that’s exactly what you said at last week’s shoot right before we fucked in the changing room with the door open.”

“Mhm, seeee? It doesn’t hurt.”

In the background, the murmur of the photographers, other makeup artist, models and crew are scattered meters away. Both wings of Jin’s eyeliner are done now, almost as sharp as the look you give him.

“You exhibitionist, you.”

He rolls his eyes and clicks his tongue with sass. “I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist, not an extreme one,” he corrects. “Besides, all I’m asking for is one measly, little-”

“Nope!” you grin, and a smooth texture of matte pigment dabs his mouth suddenly before he can continue. “Whoops. Some of your lipstick is already on…. Hmm. Don’t open your mouth to talk, please. Anndd…. Tadah! Now we’re done.”

You don’t have time to give attention to the evil eye Jin is graciously giving, busy with cleaning up your station. “Look in the mirror and check that I didn’t miss anything or if there’s any touching up I need to do,” you instruct him as you close the palettes and shake out the brushes.

It’s oddly quiet for a while and you’re about to ask Jin if anything needs to be done before-“Oh. ____, something smudged.”

You sigh, “Seriously?” The compacts in your possession are placed down quickly, and the powder in your hands are patted onto your uniform before you turn to Jin, arms reaching for his face. “Let me see-”

His reaches for yours in unison, and the next thing you know, the mouth you’ve had pressed to yours many, many times is kissing you deeply with a familiar, tender passion that makes you feel grounded—causing warmth to flutter in your chest alongside a quiet hum in your head, and even though it’s less than half a second, it leaves you breathless and helplessly wanting more.

When he separates from the kiss, you can feel him mumbling Whoops just above your lips before pulling away to stare at the splotch of pale coral he’s left on your mouth.

“Now something smudged!”

He grins all too merrily and you’re left spluttering incoherencies and torn between gripping the well-ironed collar of his shirt (albeit they’re his clothes for the shoot) to shake him relentlessly or furiously kissing off the damn satisfaction in his awfully happy smile.

Jin can’t help but laugh at your expression, and his thumb comes up to brush against the stained pink on your lips, messing it up even more because his hands are shaky with giggles.

Despite the fact that he’s squeaking like a windshield wiper, he sounds sweet and oh so stupidly in love when he says, “That colour looks good on you.”

Oh fuck it, why not do a bit of both. You wrinkle his top with your hands and eagerly press your own smile to his. 

The Wishverse in OUAT and Buffy

After seeing a lot of the furor surrounding Once Upon A Time’s Wish You Were Here (6x10), I started thinking about the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode The Wish (3x09). Both feature alternate universe spawned by someone making a wish. 

Interestingly, The Wish is one of the top-rated episodes from Buffy, while there was A LOT of critique of Wish You Were Here. And most of the negative feedback I saw for OUAT’s 6x10 centered around Emma not being herself. Which…seemed a natural consequence of the wishverse.

Both wishverses began with someone making a wish to a supernatural entity (the Genie/Aladdin or Anyanka/Anya/a vengeance demon) that didn’t center around themselves (OUAT’s Evil Queen or BtVS’ Cordelia Chase). The show’s protagonist, whether Buffy Summers or Emma Swan, landed at the center of the new reality–but very different from the version most of us had come to know and love.

Our normal Emma is known for her bravery, her strength, and the occasional lapse in, er, princess-like decorum. Buffy, while obviously strong and confident in her role as a Slayer, is different from any other Slayer because of her open, loving side and for letting her friends be part of her life. Put into the AU, they each become nothing more than stereotypes of their roles, Emma of a princess and Buffy of Slayer. Wishverse Emma is vapid, cowering, weak. Buffy is brutal, ruthless, little more than a demon-killing machine. 

It’s the intervention of a third party (Giles) that ends the AU in Buffy. While the AU is still in progress in OUAT, Regina’s arrival seemed to prompt a similar sequence of events. Things went back to normal on the surface in BtVS, while actually being irrevocably altered (Anya’s presence alone!). I imagine something similar will end up happening in OUAT. 

I suppose my question is why one episode is so highly regarded, while the other is not (though perception of it may shift as time goes by). I think part of it has to do with–I think–how the audience is treated. By and large, Buffy didn’t condescend to its viewers. It didn’t dumb things down (ignore the episode Beer Bad). Once Upon a Time, for all its charms, doesn’t assume much intelligence on the part of its viewers (though, to be fair, it has a wider target demographic). Buffy handed its audience an AU and expected them to realize things will be different, inverted. OUAT’s frequent lack of subtlety made it unclear that these would indeed be completely subverted versions of characters we all love. 

Y'all we have apologized we have done every single thing you have asked to make things “right” with you aside from delete because that is our choice, we even stopped making posts that we are supposedly not supposed to talk about and apologized for even learnt from, we’re working on our wording of things now, we’re working on bettering this blog. Why don’t y'all work on bettering yourselves? It’s been weeks. Stop the screenshots all you’re doing is harming the mental health of some teenagers on the internet, bet you feel real good and all powerful yeah? It’s so stupid, so immature, and so much like.. hm you could really be doing something productive for yourself, your family, your friends, your pets, anybody/anything, but here you are and here I am.. having to make this post. I’m sorry, okay? We’re sorry, okay? I know I know you’re sitting there like “fuck man I don’t care no one likes you guys no one fucking cares about you petty -whatever slur here-” yeah I know, but like you blogging we have fun posting here so should you. Truce? It’s the holiday soon shouldn’t we maybe put our bullshit aside?
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Ah, you can make a nice addition to my victimization. *Traps Colin in cage* With the power of this M!A key and me endless determination, make this computer human for 10 or 20 asks! Now! Unlock your dream! *Puts M!A key in lock, destroying cage and turning Colin human for 10 or 20 asks* Farewell for now. *Disappears*

Wait , what

Next year I am being invited to teach a high school forensics class about processing crime scenes for a day or two, and will also be going to a three day crime scene course taught by the FBI and I am so excited about everything.

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So I promised to write something sweet for mummyshere after that heartbreaker she had to write yesterday because I am evil. So here you go!

The Niffler was stretched out on his sleeping mama’s chest, being at his most cuddly now that he had spent the day running around Diagon Alley again taking things that didn’t belong to him. Did mama approve? Of course not. Was mama annoyed? Very much so. Was Mama weak when it came to being snuggled by his creatures? Luckily for the Niffler… Absolutely. 
When Newt didn’t even react he whined and poked at his face with his paws, only getting a grumble in response. Niff sighed and laid back down until his paws came to rest on Newt’s vest buttons.
Shiny… the thought struck him and he was already snatching out the pretty buttons while snickering to himself for being so clever for robbing his own owner. 
It was then Pickett the Bowtruckle peeked at his cheeky comrade, scolding the larger creature with a huff, but didn’t dare to move from his place in Newt’s coat that were draped over the couch. Niffler ignored him and continued what he was doing with no regret.

Newt jolted awake in time to see the Niffler freeze. Not moving a muscle with one hand hovering over his pouch and a shiny button in his paw. Still seated on Newt’s belly trying to look as innocent as possible. Newt frowned and glanced down at his vest with a sigh,
“Niff…” he groaned and dropped his head back, trying to bite down a smile when he felt the little Niffler putting the buttons back on his vest. Not quite expecting it, but nonetheless appreciating it. The Niffler didn’t stop there though and Newt glanced down only to see the back end of the creature wriggling about as it had dug itself inside his vest instead.
“Hey get out of there,” he laughed, the little claws patting around on his chest tickling him. Pulling the Niffler out gently by the hind legs. 
He put him back on his chest and grimaced when he saw that the little thief had sniffed out the engagement ring he had bought earlier that day. 
“Please don’t take that. I need it. Asking her to marry me will be hard enough as it is. I don’t need you to rob me of it as well,” Newt shook his head, but the black furball still put it in his pouch and his little tail slapped against the young wizard. 
For safe keeping, Niff chattered like he always did. The way only Newt would understand him.
For safe keeping, Newt agreed and remained in his comfortable position on the small couch. The Niffler snickered and patted his belly before walking in circles on the wizard’s chest like a dog trying to get comfortable.

“You know what, no. Sorry. Can’t do that,” Newt spoke up again and embraced the creature with both hands and started tickling it’s belly,
“As much as I love you I can’t risk that ring vanishing into the rest of your treasure,” the freckled man snickered along with the ticklish Niffler. Little paws fighting off the offending fingers, but since he wasn’t upside down nothing came out. 
“Come on now. If you want me to stop you got to give it to me,” Newt laughed at the adorable sight of his critter laughing and rolling about in an effort to get away. In the end the Niffler squeaked and pulled the ring out and pushed it into Newt’s waiting hand.
“Thank you. Was that so hard?” Newt smiled fondly and put the ring back into a safe pocket before pulling the Niffler back so he could snuggle with it. Feeling Pickett make his way into his hair and something invisible settling on his legs…

i want to be thin and handsome because i feel like that is what people prefer and enjoy aesthetically but i also like being round and soft and comfy