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Isn't it funny when you think your followers are fluffy little pure-minded angels and you're afraid you're gonna corrupt them with the super dirty smut you write but then they end up being worse than you and wanting more? Like insatiable beasts?

I seriously love you guys❤️❤️I love this fandom❤️

When can I stop thinking about Jumin Han? ….Probably never

I’m so moved right now by the The Boyfriend Experience update! This is by far my favourite YOI fic written by @victorsporosya and the update is so freaking beautiful!

Like, how did you do that, girl? Everything felt just so right and I couldn’t stop grinning while reading it!

Go read it if you haven’t get and get tissues…LOTS OF TISSUES!

Okay but what if this exploration of sexuality is also Keith having these moments with everyone and he realizes he's bi/pan etc

and everyone is accepting and great




@krullish was literally the FIRST Krul I ever interacted with and honestly the first OnS muse I had a serious thread with that we kept alive and going (others kinda burned out on me since that was around the time Lest was still p unknown and not so liked etc. etc.) 


jhjfdkhglskejhglk I really love her Krul and her writing style it’s so BEAUTIFUL and her Krul is AMAZING - AND SHE’S BAAAAACK!

Please go check her Krul blog out!!! SHE’S AMAZINGGGG!

If you don’t find ANY FUN at all in being a Louie/Larrie then just….don’t? Do something else? Find a new hobby? Why do you persist on doing something you clearly don’t enjoy?

@ the hate of harrison on twitter

now dont come at me saying “oh, harrison isnt a part of the hollander fandom” but hun, lemme tell ya, HE IS. HARRISON IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN TOM’S LIFE AND WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT HIM TOO. honestly, i dont think you can call yourself a hollander if you just randomly start this kind of thing to haz, tom’s family, jacob and other people that are in tom’s life. after all, are you now happy that you are known in this fandom for the hate? smh

First Love || Yoongi

Pairing - Min Yoongi x Reader (ft. Bangtan Boys)

Genre - Angst

Summary - You did everything for his happiness and he was deserving of much more.

You remembered how he would always flash you a gummy smile, showing off the crinkles that formed at the tips of his eyes as they turned into twinkling crescents, at your arrival.

You always knew what he would want for that day, and you would bring that to him. His trainee days were hard, for him, as he had to undergo vigorous training; for you, to watch him come home, exhausted and out of breath, ready to collapse.

But you knew it would pay off. And as much of a pessimist he was adamant to be, you would never stop countering his pessimistic self with your wise and motivating words.

‘You know much better than this, my love. One more month and you are going to get what you have dreamed of.’ You caressed his cheek as he lay on your lap, with half lidded eyes. A groan was all he responded with before sleeping.

That one month flew by, and it was the day for their debut stage. He was amazing on that platform, as you admired him, from head to toe, as a part of the audience in the venue. You knew you wouldn’t miss out on such an important day, and watch the love of your life perform live for the first time on T.V - no, he deserved more attention than that from you.

You met the other boys, and they were just as lovely. The staff and them were the only people who knew of you and Yoongi, and you understood. It wouldn’t be right to expose one of the member of a rookie group as someone in a relationship.

Then passed six months, a year, and it was another whole year of success, as they held a tour around the country. He would rarely call you, but he made sure you knew of what they were doing, whether it be via their account on Twitter, or through text.

You would watch his performances like a proud mother, happy for her son, as he achieved his dreams. And as his girlfriend, you knew he deserved a lot more happiness. There were days that you would actually forget the fact that you were dating an idol, because it didn’t feel like it. Neither would he be there at home, and nor did anybody ask you about him or you both. Months would pass by before you would finally get to feel his arms around your waist or your lips on his. But you were still thankful, that he came home to you.

‘I missed you so much, Y/N.’ He trailed kisses down your neck and to your chest as his hands roamed your figure. Clothes would be ripped, you would be nothing less than fucked and exhausted by the time it was morning. He turned to you with a small smile on his adorable face as he wished a good morning and sealed it with a heart fluttering kiss.

Another year went by; schedules got tougher and more hectic, and seeing him every three months decreased to seeing him every six months or so. Still, you kept your love for him alive in your mind and heart, as you would watch him interact blissfully with his loving fans and the members. He would smile at the camera during concerts and you would know right then, that those were meant for you. Your stomach would flip and your heart would soar, your cheeks tinting with a red hue.

After their performances he would subtly reach out to you through their Twitter as he would express his gratitude and love to all his fans around the world, especially from his hometown.

The day he came home to you was nothing less than exciting as he took you to your favorite beach, and having a candlelight dinner under the stars with the roaring waves of the ocean to calm you, as he would admire you for your patience and undying love for him.

'It’s really no big deal, Yoongi.’ You would blush as he would keep telling you about how much he owed you for the time you both lost to spend together.

'No, Y/N. You are mine and there’s yet nothing I have done to thank you enough for staying with me, throughout our hectic schedules and tougher times. You are one to keep, and I’ll never let go of you.’ He kissed your lips feverishly as he let you know of how much he really loved you.

The year went by, with you being able to meet Yoongi around three times in the whole year. The new year, was the year Big Hit had decided to let Yoongi come clean, of his relationship with you, and the members were endlessly supportive.

But if you had known how much of loss and havoc that one reveal would have cost you and Yoongi, you would have never agreed to it in the first place.

“Yoongi Oppa deserves much better.”

“They’ve been dating for the past five years and they tell us now? He’s not trustworthy.”

“I stop stanning them.”

And endless hate comments were what you would come across every single day, hour and minute of your life. Your entire existence now became just a joke, being flawed or laughed at by the rest of the fandom. Peace became non existent in your life as you had to now roam around the supermarket with a face mask on.

What had you ever done to them but take care of their favorite idol for them?

You did not deserve so much of hate; you knew that much. And Yoongi didn’t deserve that either. It was either this or that. Sensing your hesitance, Yoongi, who had come over after a tour that day, spoke up in what felt like for the first time in hours.

'I- I think we should..’ He began and your teary eyes looked up at him. He avoided your gaze and he didn’t have to look at you to know how torn apart you were. And instead of being there for you, like you were for him, he deemed himself as a coward and decided something that he knew he would regret about throughout his career and life.

’..break it off.’ Your eyes let go of the tears that struggled to stay in, your emotions pouring out completely.

'You know I don’t want this, Y/N.’ He cupped your cheeks as he knelt beside you on the floor you were sitting on, your eyes silently pleading for him to be lying. But he wasn’t, he wanted his dream to be more important than you.

You being you, stayed patient and understood. You wiped your eyes, your hands rubbing at them so harshly that Yoongi had to pry them away from your face.

'It’s okay.’ You chirped, and flashed a smile which would have seemed as happy and bright to anybody else looking at you - but Yoongi. He knew very, very well that you more than just broken inside, the tiny pieces breaking into much more tinier ones. Something which made it impossible to stick it back together.

'Don’t worry about me, Yoongi.’ You didn’t mean to say it in a way that would sound as an overly dramatic and emotionally betrayed person would. And he understood. He knew you really wanted the best for him.

'I’ve always been with you to help you make your dream come true. And even now, as we both will go our separate ways-’ You stopped to let a sob out before continuing like you just had a slip of tongue and it was no big deal, ’- I will still continue to be your number one fan and support you until the end of your career.’ You smiled gracefully, your eyes devoid of tears as your system felt dried and worked up.

Yoongi could hear the breaking of your heart from where he was standing, as he silently wished for being able to make everything okay again. He hugged you one last time, knowing that was the best he could ever gift you with, before walking out the door, never to see you again.

And you watched him leave, his raven black hair flying in the wind as he got into the black van that would take him back to his dorm, where he would be staying and not returning from.

That memory stayed implanted in your head as you watched him receive the award with the rest of the group; an award which he and Namjoon had been dreaming of since their trainee days and you recollected the days when he would speak of them to you saying 'I can’t wait to get that award one day.’

You clapped along with the others, as Namjoon spoke on behalf of the members, when you noticed Yoongi ready to break down. And when he did, your cried along with the rest, as you silently spoke to him, asking him to stay strong.

You watched him from the audience as he performed in one of the biggest arenas, performing his solo track from their best selling album, pride written all over your face, as he rapped beautifully alongside the melody. His eyes scanned the crowd, and for a brief moment, they met yours, a small smile made to his face and you noticed tears in his eyes before he blinked them away and walked around the stage, with a more powerful kick in his voice.

As you left, now only to see them after their tour, which would be seven months later, you noticed people whispering and pointing at you - 'Isn’t she Yoongi’s ex?’

Maybe now you weren’t hated on, maybe now the fandom was much more happy with the boys, and maybe now you were known as his ex girlfriend and not as somebody who took care of him. But in your heart you knew, and so did Yoongi, that you would do anything for his happiness, as he deserved much more than what he got. And he would always love you.

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7 July 2017

[The Woolpack Backroom with Aaron, Robert, Charity, Debbie and Vic]

CHARITY: Hey Robert and audience, Chas and Liv are totally still characters on this show.

AARON: Yep, nobody forget them, I’m sure they’ll come back at some point.

ROBERT: Oh, well, good, but they don’t want to talk to me anyway because if they know anything about this Plot, I’m sure I’m number one on their hit list. - I could offer them that number of that hitman I know. That would be a bit ironic - But, how are they?

CHARITY: Oh you know, they’re there and not here but Sandra still sounds like a great Plot Device to get people off screen.

*Cute banter between Aaron and Charity* - for the fans so they can see Aaron being happy for the briefest of moments…as if that will appease them.

ROBERT: Just recapping for the general audience. Sandra has two broken legs that will remain a problem until such time that Chas and Liv are due to return.

*Debbie enters*

CHARITY: Debs, you just missed Robert’s recap but Sandra still has two broken legs and I’m sure Chas could use some help with that. You’ll run the pub for me won’t you.

DEBBIE: Do I have a choice?

CHARITY: Nope! And you always need extra cash for some Plot or another so why not. I just can’t leave Marlon and Vic…

*Victoria enters* - it’s almost like that was planned

VICTORIA: Hey Robert! I just came in here to talk about…you guessed it…BABY!!! So, Rebecca has just realized that having a child is expensive. Let’s be real, I probably told her to have that revelation just so I could come in here and bother you, but anyway…she totally NEEDS money because she doesn’t walk around in fur coats and five million hats and have a trust fund or anything.

ROBERT: *I hate this Plot Face* Thanks for the update. I still don’t care.

AARON: Shouldn’t you be making a contribution - other than that sperm you so nicely donated - #IHateThisFuckingPlot

ROBERT: Fine, here’s 40 quid. Happy now?

FANDOM: Get a wallet!

AARON: *Unbelievable! Face*

VICTORIA: Is that your idea of parenting?

ROBERT: I hate this Plot, the baby isn’t even born yet and it’s already all our scenes are about!!! I’d rather spend time spoiling my HUSBAND! *Tries to cuddle Aaron on the sofa*

AARON: #CuddlingDenied Sorry Robert, as you pointed out, all we talk about is this baby and I’m sick of it, so I’m going to run off to the scrapyard. #IHateThisFuckingPlot

ROBERT: *Sad ‘But I really wanted to cuddle’ Face*

[The Mill (Fandom: THE MILL!!! IT EXISTS!!! YAY!!!) with Robert and Aaron]

*Aaron enters*

ROBERT: Hey Aaron, let’s go out to dinner tonight!

AARON: Sorry Robert, you have a kid on the way, so we can’t do anything ever that’s not about that. #DinnerDateDenied

ROBERT: But I don’t care about the Plot, we’ve been through this. The spoilers said I would make an effort and I choose to make that effort with you if you’ll let me.

AARON: I don’t want to go out anyway.

ROBERT: Fine, I’ll call the restaurant and get them to deliver. And while we’re waiting, we can go have sex upstairs. We’ve always been good at that at least?!

AARON: Sorry Robert, this Plot is exhausting. All I want to do in bed is sleep. #SexDenied #HeadingForAnAngstyWeekAhead

ROBERT: *I tried Food and Sex, what more does he want from me. I know…GRAND GESTURES AND MONEY Face*

Today was the happiest I’ve been in years!

I met some amazing individuals at a concert in my neighborhood. One of them opened up to me right away. He told me he was married to a woman for 12 yrs and he was miserable. Then he told me he got out of that situation and met his current husband. Tomorrow is their 8th wedding anniversary. And I met all of his other friends too. It was a group of about 6. They were so open. I was able to tell them I’m not out yet and I’m not exactly sure how I identify. The guy I talked to invited me to his anniversary dinner. I freakin’ broke down crying! Like sobbing. He just hugged me and told me things will get better. He is such an amazing person to invite me to his anniversary dinner. I’m a complete stranger! Who does that? His friends were teasing him about it. It’s a dinner with his friends. I’m not going to be the third wheel! :) Now I have people who understand me because they’ve been through many of the same struggles I’m going through. I wanted to share this with all of you because you’re my family. You were the first people I connected with. I can be myself around you. Thank you for being so accepting and just amazing individuals. I love all of you. <3

Now I leave you with one of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes. <3


baby steps”
AU nemily endgame

While we spend hours skoshing over Rhett and Link, I need to do some personal skoshing as well towards my lovely @mythicallyvi. At the risk of sounding totally cheesy, I gotta say I can’t help it but I love this girl SO much! She is so so so good to me! She literally woke up, and saw my post with a tag saying “I need some hot Rhett to stop me from crying right now” or something, and quietly, without any questions, any drama, showered me with many many Rhett gifs and pictures and deliciousness. And I know this might sound like some shallow silly thing, but it means so much to me. She is such a good friend! And this is just one of the many times she’s been such a wonderful friend to me. 

Vi, I’m really SO lucky to have you, and I love you ❤️