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Break Free

Winchester Sister Imagine

Warnings: Language

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Perhaps it was a dream, you thought. Perhaps if you pinched yourself, you’d wake up. But you didn’t ever want to wake up. The one thing you wanted was to stay in this dream world where no monsters lurked in the dark. Where you and your brothers didn’t need to risk your lives for others on a daily basis. Maybe you’d each have a job. A family A little white fence surrounding a perfect and unnaturally green lawn. Instead, you sat in the back leather wrapped seats of Baby. Dean drove as usual, while Sam sat shotgun. Forcing you to the backseat.

“Why you hanging your face back there?” Dean asked, repositioning the rearview mirror so he could look at you better. But the eye roll and deep scoff you gave him spoke your voice better than words. “Can we not start this again?” He added.

“Let me out.” You shook your head, never making eye contact with either of your brothers. And instead starring hard out into the fast night passing by you.

“Know what…-” Suddenly the tires directed hard to the side of the road and came to a rapid stop. “Why do you always have to pull shit like this?” Dean shouted at you, turned completely around to show you his resting look of utter and complete irritation.

Once again, you shook your head with a scoff. Only this time you popped open the door. Swinging your feet out dramatically before slamming it as hard as you possibly could.

“Fuck this, fuck all of this! And fuck you too Dean for forcing me to continuously live it!” Your voice screamed so loud you were sure what small voice you had would be gone completely tomorrow.

“Oh, so you blame this on me? What else do you blame me for? Might as well add to the dramatic list of bullshit since we’re starting it with this.” He walked towards you, brushing pass Sam who tried to stop him from walking any closer to you in the defensive yet aggressive stance he took up.

“I want out.” The force you used to sit down on the cold paved road pushed the words out. “I’m so tired of living like this and fighting for my damn life over things that shouldn’t be more than scary stories.” Each word you spoke came out dry filled with tears and hurt.

Dean stopped, taking a deep breath to calm himself before speaking. With two long strides he was right in front of your body which was in a ball like form. Knees brought up into your chest while your arms wrapped around them for a comfort. Resting your head on your folded arms as tears strode down your cheeks and onto your jeans.

“We never wanted this for you. Trust me when I say; Sammy and I tried everything we could to keep you from this life.” He was no longer yelling, or talking harshly. There was a deep sense of hurt resting in his words.

“Don’t blame Dean for this. If you’re gonna blame anyone, then-” Sam’s words were cut short.

I blame Dad.” The truth finally came from your lips.

“I blame him for not giving us a good childhood. For leaving us in shitty run down motels while he went out and got his revenge. When Mom died…we didn’t just loose her. We lost a Dad too.” Pausing, you looked up upon your brothers with tear filled eyes. “But he’s not here now, and I want to put this blame on him. Yell at him as loud as I can because I hate him for it-for making me this. I guess you guys were just a false replacement for him that I could stick all my problems and faults on”

Sam crouched down in front of you. Placing either of his hands on the side of your head. But not Dean. He looked as though he had lost it, that the words you said really did a number on him and what heart he had left.

“Replacements are temporary. Dean and I, we’re not going anywhere. Period.” There was the same type of sadness in Sam’s voice as there was in yours. Even as he extended his hand and helped you up.

“I’m sorry you guys have to deal with me” You said in a serious and sincere tone. But before you could say another word, Dean walked straight for you. Wrapping his arms tightly around you. The smell of deep cologne and a hint of beer filled your head.

“Don’t ever apologize for being you or for feeling something. You’re not a mistake.” His grip tightened only slightly. “We wouldn’t trade you for the damn world.”

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but can you imagine peter falling in love with someone taller than him?

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See You Soon Doll || Part 3 || JeromeXReader

Imagine you are a cheerleader riding on a bus to a football game when the Maniax attacks it.  

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Part 1

Part 2

You wake up slowly, your head hurts like crazy and you have no idea where you are.  You look around the room and you see that you are in someone’s bedroom.  It is a very simple bedroom, but you can tell that it is a boys room due to the piles of clothes on the ground.  

The door then opens.  You look over at the door and you see Jerome enter the room.  He walks over and sits on the bed beside you.  

“Morning Doll,” he says smiling as always, “How did ya sleep?”

“Fine but would have slept better in my own bed, thank you very much!” You stand up and start walking over to the door.  

You then feel yourself get pressed up against the door by Jerome.  You look up at him and you see that he has a maniacal smile on his face.  

“Now where did you think you were going doll?” he asks you.

“Home!” you reply.

Jerome then starts laughing.  “Doll face you are not leaving me, you will never leave me ever.  Well, you will never leave me alive.” Jerome laughs at the last part.  

You don’t know what to say.  You are really scared by what he just said.  You just stand there pressed up against the door with your mouth hanging open in shock.  

Jerome then breaks into another laugh but this one is less scary and more humorous.  “Doll you are hilarious you actually think that I would kill you.  You’re funny.” Then Jerome leans down to whisper something in your ear, “but you had better close that pretty little mouth of yours before I put something in there that I know you wouldn’t want.”

You instantly close your mouth.

Jerome then lets go of you and goes to open the door.  He grabs your hand and says, “Okay now we are going to go meet everyone else.”  

He pulls you down the stairs and into what appears to be a kitchen with four people already in there sitting around a table.  

They all look over at Jerome and you.  Jerome then says, “I would like to introduce my beautiful girlfriend, y/n!”

Girlfriend?  No, we are not dating, never will be, you think.  You don’t want people to think you are dating this lunatic.  But you don’t say anything because you don’t want Jerome to get angry at you, he is pretty unpredictable.  

“Now y/n I would like to introduce you to Aaron,” he says pointing to a really big guy.  He is probably about 6 and a half feet tall, and really muscular.  You kind of recognize him from the bus incident.  

“This is Barbara,” he says pointing to a blonde girl.  You think you recognize her but you don’t know how.  You know she was not on the bus but she still looks familiar.

“This is Tabitha,” Jerome motions to a girl sitting at the table cleaning blood off her whips.  She doesn’t seem like the type of person you would want to cross.  

“And this is our leader,” you look over at the man and see that it is Theo Galavan.  You can’t believe it is Theo Galavan.

Galavan stands up and comes over to shake your hand.  “Hello y/n it is nice to finally meet you.”

“Your Theo Galavan!” you say.

Galavan laughs a bit, “yes I am and If you ever tell anyone that I am doing this I will have Tabitha,” he motions to the whip girl, “come and kill you.  Now, do you understand?”

You nod.

“Good,” Galavan says before walking out of the room.  

Jerome pulls you over to a table and pushes you into an empty seat between Barbara and Jerome and across from Aaron.  

Jerome puts a plate of food in front of you before breaking into a conversation with Tabitha.

You am a bit reluctant to eat your food.  Barbara then whispers to you, “trust me there is nothing wrong with that food.  If you think one of us poisoned it we didn’t, Jerome would have killed everyone in this room if we did.”

You then decide that It would probably be best to eat your food now. You eat your food without talking to anyone, and when you are done Jerome pulls you up the stairs to his room.

As you guys are walking he tells you how he has to go out and do a couple things with Tabitha.  He also tells you not to try and escape because that would be impossible and only provoke him.

He then leaves you in his room and he shuts the door and locks it once he leaves.  You try turning the handle to the door but it is locked.  You then look over at the window and see that you are about 40 floors off the ground.  

You decide it is useless to try and escape and you just decide to take a nap until Jerome gets back.  You lay down in his bed and with in a couple minutes, you fall asleep.


You wake up to someone shaking you awake.  You open your eyes and see that it is Jerome.  You roll over so that you am no longer facing him.

He grabs you and rolls your body back over to face him.  “Well hello doll face, I am happy to see that you didn’t try and escape like I thought you would of.”

You don’t say anything you just stretch out your tired limbs and rub your eyes before trying to fall asleep again.

Jerome shakes you again and you open your eyes.  “Oh I know you are tired doll but Galavan wants us both down stairs right now.”

You finally get out of bed and stand up beside Jerome.  He holds your hand and leads you downstairs again but this time past the kitchen and into what looks like a living room.  

Barbara, Aaron, and Tabitha are all sat on some of the couches and Galavan is sitting at the front of the room.  

Jerome and you sit down on one of the other couches.  

Galvan looks over at us and says, “Jerome and y/n so nice for you to join us. Now we can get started.”

Galavan stands up, “As all of you know we are here to plan our biggest scheme yet, The Gotham Children’s Hospital Gala.  Now any question before we get started?”

You decide to be brave and ask, “Why am I here.”

Galavan turns to look and you and answers, “because you my dear will be part of this plan, and If you dare tell anybody at the event what is going to go down then you won’t be making it out alive.”

Thanks for reading.  I would like to also thank everyone who has liked and reposted this story.  I was wondering if anyone wanted me to make a tag list for this story.  If you want me to just tell me that you want to be on it and I will make sure to add you.  

Thanks again.  Sarah!

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I honestly pictured Phil as Sherlock and Dan as John! Not exactly sure why lol

Okay, I have a lot of opinions on this (a strange thing to have opinions on I know, but there we go) I was really deep in the Sherlock fandom before this and wrote fic over there so I definitely have like, clear pictures of how I interpret the characters of Sherlock and John and, well, let me tell you those interpretations have to disagree with you. And with Phil in the latest gaming video where he insists he’s Sherlock.

I’m going to put all of these opinions below a cut so as not to flood your dash with my nonsense. It’s really incoherent and rambley so I apologise.

Also, can I just point out that this is just my interpretation. I’m in no way starting an argument over it, its just a really fun discussion.

Everyone is allow their own interpretation of fictional characters and I would like to again reiterate that any allusions I make to the ‘characters’ of Dan and Phil are to the fictional ones I write about in phanfic based on the people they present to us, I in no way want to assume I know everything about them as they are real, complex human beings with many many facets to them. 

That being said, here are my rather rambley and long-winded reason as to why Dan is Sherlock and Phil is John.

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MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: Their parents’ reactions to finding out they have a girlfriend and then inviting her to dinner

(I’ll kind of go back and forth between referring to you as candy and vice versa cause it’s just easier for me to write that way and also sorry that some boys are way shorter, I just had more ideas for certain boys. And also apologizing in advance for any typos, I typed this at 4:00 AM and I was too tired to at least skim through it xD)


  • I honestly don’t even think Nathaniel would mention you to his parents tbh. Not cause he doesn’t want to, he’s just not comfortable with them, and he wants to protect you from their judgmental ways. They would most likely found out from Amber, who brought it up over dinner. They wouldn’t pry about it too much at first, but after learning that it’s CANDY, oh man they’d be pissed. We’ve already seen his mom’s reaction to Candy plenty of times, and none of them were positive so yeah. But if none of that had happened they probably still wouldn’t like the idea in general, because they see it as a distraction.
  • It would take way longer for his parents to consider having you around at all. It would take some time but his mom would warm up to the idea first. She would eventually realize that she can’t hold a grudge against you for something she should have stopped years ago. She’d be a little hesitant about it, not knowing how to approach the subject but she’d basically say something like “Well, if she’s going to be around for a while then it’s necessary for me to get to know her…”
  • His dad honestly wouldn’t even care to meet you, like at all. I feel like he’s too stubborn to admit his wrongdoings and would be completely upset with his wife for bothering to do so. The dinner wouldn’t even be at their house cause of his dad, it’d be at Nathaniel’s apartment or maybe at a nice restaurant. Amber might even tag along if her mother bugged her enough about it. She’d still be her normal bitchy self though. (I like to think that with time Amber would warm up to you) Conversation would be a little awkward at first but as time goes by you’d flow into casual conversation. It would be overall pleasant. His mom may be a bit stuck up but you find out she’s actually a decent woman once you get on her good side. Nathaniel would have to initiate most of the conversation just cause both of you are too nervous to. He’d reassuringly hold your hand or place his hand on your thigh and give it a small squeeze. His mom notices and it kinda warms her heart.
  • Once you leave I feel like she would probably apologize to Nathaniel for the way she treated you and for everything that had happened up until then. She’s too proud to apologize directly to you but she means what she says. “She seems like a very nice girl, I’m happy for you.”


  • Castiel wouldn’t exactly come right out and say he has a girlfriend; he’d just kind of mention you here and there until his mom finally got the hint and pestered him with questions. “Are you dating??” “Why didn’t you tell me?” “How long has it been?” And this reaction is exactly why he didn’t want to tell her in the first place cause he didn’t want to deal with her nagging. His dad just kind of gives him a small smile and a pat on the back, saying “You should bring her over sometime.”
  • It would take a while for you to meet his parents since their jobs keep them so busy so it wouldn’t even happen till months later. And even then he would be a little nervous about it, because he thinks it’s super cheesy and he’s scared that his mom’s eagerness would scare you away. He’ll ask you but he wouldn’t make a huge deal about it, just kinda like “Hey you should come over for dinner this weekend.” Simple like that.
  • You’d never be able to tell but he’s secretly really excited for his mom to meet you because he knows she’ll love you. His mom never liked Deborah, she’s just really good at reading people from the start. He never understood why she disapproved of her at first, he was too stubborn to actually listen to her, but when he realized she was right, oh man did he feel so stupid. His mom’s opinion matters a lot to him now so he’s taking this more seriously than you think. The dinner would be at his house, his mom makes the entire meal by herself to impress you with her mad cooking skills. She freaking adores you the second you walk through the door and she instantly pulls you into a tight hug. She’ll pull you away, leaving Castiel and his dad alone while you two talk in the kitchen. She’ll ask how you guys met, when you started liking him, when you first kissed him, all of that. She doesn’t care, she wants all the details. The dinner overall is really nice, filled with laughing and his mom telling stories of baby Cas. His dad just has this gentle smile on his face as he watches the two of you interact, he’s just really happy to see his son with someone who actually seems like a decent person cause he probably didn’t like Deborah much either. Castiel is just really glad his parents like you and he’ll just kind of stare at you while you’re conversing with them, with a smirk on his face cause he’s super glad to have you.
  • When you leave, his mom will make him help her clean up and she’ll just flat out ask “So, have you guys had sex yet?” Like I said, she wants all the details and if Cas isn’t a virgin she’d probably already know anyway so it wouldn’t matter. Of course, she still lectures him about protection and such.


  • He would kind of let the news just flow out; it wouldn’t be a huge announcement or planned out or anything. It would come up in conversation, his mom would ask about the girl she forgot the name of and would mention to him how he seems to have taken a liking to her. He would smile and nod his head, a very subtle blush on his cheeks. “Yes, we’re actually dating now though.” His parents would be a little surprised, but also very happy for him and his mother would ask him a few questions about you. He would shyly tell them how lovely you are, and how he’d like to officially introduce you. His parents would be delighted to meet you as his girlfriend, instead of confusing you for Rosalya half the time.
  • You’d have dinner at his parents’ house because I doubt Leigh or Lysander can cook, at least not fabulously. His mother would be so sweet to you when she greets you at the door. Their house has a very warm and cozy feel to it and it’s very welcoming. His dad would give you a warm smile and shake your hand. The conversation would be really nice and they would immediately like you. His mom would mention how grateful she is to you for making her son so happy, cause he pretty much keeps to himself but it just seems like ever since you came into the picture he’s come out of his shell a lot more than usual, and they are really happy about that. They just want their precious baby to be happy, okay.

  • After that his mom would always be asking about you, especially if you hadn’t come around in a while. She really takes a liking to you, and even his dad will occasionally mention how he hasn’t seen you recently. They’re always telling him to bring you over more often and if he shows up without you his mom is like “Well where is Candy?” It’s so cute.


  • Armin’s mom can tell something is up way before he even mentions having a girlfriend so she’ll probably ask him about it before he even has the chance. “So, are you and that girl a thing now or what?” She’s pretty perceptive so you can’t hide anything from her tbh. Alexy probably would have spilled the beans sooner or later anyway. His dad is probably a little surprised that something other than video games caught his attention for once so he’s pretty curious about you too. “Bring her over sometime, kiddo.”
  • His parents are super cool and slightly amusing. His mom is constantly teasing/embarrassing him in some way, and his dad just kind of sits back and watches everything unfold, poking fun here and there. They make you feel like you’re a part of the family already, and there’s no awkwardness at all. From the very beginning you fit right in. His mom was definitely trying to analyze you at first but she definitely likes you after getting to know you. She seemed to be pretty blunt and straight forward so unlike Castiel’s mom she’ll just come right out and say it while you’re there: “Are you guys having sex?” It’s super embarrassing but she’s just trying to make sure her son isn’t gonna do anything stupid. If you are she probably already knows just from looking at you two.
  • After meeting you his mom is always inviting you over, sometimes without Armin even knowing. I could see her taking you out occasionally just cause she likes you s much. If you guys are still together in the future she’s definitely that cool mother-in-law who you go shopping and talk shit with because she’s just that awesome. His dad also likes you a lot and is always telling you “not to be a stranger” and come over.


  • Kentin probably mentioned you a lot to his parents before military school, and after he came back and began to like you again he talked about you a few times, letting himself get carried away. When he tells his dad, his dad is super proud of his son “becoming a man” and his mom smiles and kisses his cheek, saying her “baby is growing up.” He’s a shy about it and annoyed by his parents reactions but he’s happy to tell them nonetheless. He’s pretty proud of you.
  • When he invites you he’s kind of excited about it actually, because he knows his parents will love you and he feels it’s an important step in the relationship. His mom pulls you down for a hug and his dad gives you a firm handshake. They’re happy to finally be able to talk to the girl their son talks about nonstop. His dad doesn’t say much, maybe asking you if Kentin is acting like the gentleman he should be but other than the he really just sits back and observes. His mom is really happy for Kenny cause he finally got the girl of his dreams. She spoils you with desserts and basically won’t stop feeding you until you’re about to die. His parents love you and think you’re great.

  • His mom will occasionally call you to invite you over herself. I could see her being that mom who wants her son’s girlfriend to participate in everything. Family events, dinners, outings, heck even grocery shopping.
The Sanders Sides Horror Story, Part IV: Back to the Park

Hey, look who wrote another chapter. Enjoy.

You can read this an AO3, or read this fic from the beginning on AO3.

Warnings: underage drinking, blood

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Thomas scrolled absently through Tumblr, desperate for a distraction. He scrolled past an article about yet another missing dog being found murdered and shuddered, looking for something more pleasant.  A small ding alerted him - new message on AOL.

Thomas opened the message, seeing Virgil’s username displayed brightly across the screen in purple letters.

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Between Friends

Requested: yes

TW: destiel, bisexuality, threesomes.

Summary: Dean has sexuality issues and goes to his two best friends for advice. 

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Tags: @hermitsofthewhoniverse 

Dean had been curious for about a year now. There was this constant weight aching at his groin, more than the guilt he typically carried. The feeling was peculiar, oddly uplifting, yet terrifying. He knew he could go to Sam, Sam was the educated liberal type, he would be supportive. But Sam couldn’t understand, not like you could. 

So he padded down the hall, his sweats achingly low on his hips. He didn’t bother knocking, you always let him in. Dean peeked in the room, seeing you curled up in bed, watching the tv on your makeshift nightstand. “Got a sec?” 

You rolled over his direction, a lazy smile on your face as you patted the spot on the bed beside you. “Darling I got all night.” 

Dean cracked a smile before letting out a chuckle and slipped under your covers beside you. He shifted slightly, wriggling his hips, allowing you to curl up under his arms. “I don’t know what to do.” His voice cracked ever so slightly. “How did you know you were bisexual?” 

The question was one he had asked before, the answer was a story he had heard before. Every time was just a little more assuring to him that what he was, who he was, was okay. Normal even. “I was about 10. I just remember wanting to be able to have the choice to marry a guy or girl. By 13 I was full of hormones and was checking out girls on the street. At 15 I cried myself to sleep one night until I finally said it outloud to myself.” 

“Did that make you feel better?” Green eyes met yours briefly then resumed to darting around the room. 

“Once I came out to myself, I was able to learn more, do more.”

There was a long pause, and by the vibrations you felt against your neck you could tell Dean was nodding. The silence was solid, his fingers searching out for yours under the sheets, latching on and holding tight. “I’m bisexual.” It was hardly even a whisper, but it was there. 

You did as Dean hoped. Not missing a beat you angled yourself around him, placing a gentle kiss on his forehead. “I’m so proud of you Dean. I’m glad you can trust me with this. I’m here to support you through everything.” The feeling of your fingers in his hair was more than sensual but less than maternal. 

“I know, and I know what I’m asking is borderline biphobic. But, would you help me with something?”

“Whatever you need, in reason of course.”

“Could you, I mean, would you…” His cheeks tinged pink, making the honey colored freckles sparkle like ambers. “Have a threesome with me? Me and you and a guy, you can even chose who. I just, want to see how I like it. You can say no, you’re my best friend and I don’t want to cause any problems.”

His rambling was endearing and you cut him off with a slow kiss on his plump lips. “Not every bisexual girl wants a threesome…but this one doesn’t mind.” 

Dean felt his chest ease as you climbed up onto his torso, resting against him as you tucked your head under his chin. “Tomorrow I’ll call Cas. We’ll all three come back in here and see what happens. Deal?”

You could have sworn you felt his groin stiffen at the mention of Cas. “Deal.”

Dean was on edge all of the next day. He snapped at Sam, hide from you, and cried for Cas. Sam knew when to leave, and as Cas entered the bunker he left. Cas smiled at you, opening his arms and letting you in. The two of you had a thing going, not anything serious, but enough to be comfortable with what was going to happen. 

You walked hand in hand to Dean’s room, smiling softly at him. “Hey darling.” Dean let out a whimper, looking up from his bed, his eyes heavily lidded. 

He grunted in response which caused Cas to chuckle. “I believe the proper response is some variation of hello.”

Dean rolled his eyes, opening his arms for the both of you. You crawled on top of Dean as Cas shut the door. He moved to top, but you pinned your weight on top of Dean’s sturdy chest. “No. Tonight is about you Dean. This is for you. Let us take care of you.”

And maybe it was how tired Dean was, how lonely he was, but the idea of having his guard down, if only for one night, was enough. He nodded compliantly, letting you pull his shirt off his head. Cas nudged you up closer to Dean’s face, moving to undo his jeans. “Strip Y/N.” 

Cas’s gritty voice was too much for you and Dean. You could feel the heat between your legs, and by default Dean felt it. His hands moved to your waist, pulling the cotton fabric down. “Up.” He moaned directing your core over his lips.

A purr of content left your lips simultaneously. Cas licked his lips and started to remove the restricting fabric of Dean’s boxers, letting his thick cock spring free. Dean twitched at the cool air then at the warm, moist air of Cas’s lips. 

The moan that Dean let out rocked your core, causing you to primitively rock your hips. Dean rolled his hips up into Cas’s lips, his thick thighs trembling at the pressure Cas had applied. In the moment, his favorite girl in his mouth and his favorite boy on his cock was too much. “Cas! Y/N! “ He warned before screaming out an orgasm which set your off into one. 

Cas puffed out a sharp breath of air and looked down at the crotch of his dress pants. There was a distinctive wet spot near the tip of his length. “Gonna do something about this Dean?”

Dean eagerly jumped at the chance, your bodies shifting and adjusting to accommodate for all three of you. The heat, the sweat, the sounds was enough to assure Dean that not only was he bisexual, he might be polyamorous too. 

Received an anonymous request the other night: 

Can I have a Leo x reader one? With fluff? ^^ If it would be okay?

Admittedly this took far too long for me to get around to, and I sincerely apologize. I was a bit distracted and lacking inspiration. 

Without further ado, watch as I awkwardly attempt to force plot into a one-shot reader insert!!! Shout out to @southernblossoms @buru-banded-ninja-kitty @laced-up-and-honour-bound @thekunoichiinblue @aredheadwithasoul @bubbliciousfearless and any other Leo girls I forgot to tag!

Leonardo x Reader 

Warnings: None (unless you consider really sloppy writing offensive)

Words: 1618

You were unbelievably tired. The flight from Los Angeles to New York City had seemed to stretch on into eternity, no matter how many levels of Candy Crush you mastered in order to pass the time. Sleep eluded you for the entire six hours, save for a few moments of blissful slumber that were inevitably interrupted by a cough from your neighbor or a kick from the teenage girl behind you. The journey home from your impromptu business trip lacked all of the excitement and joy as a trip to the Golden State should have had, and you wanted nothing more than to settle yourself into a hot bath and then sleep for three days straight in a bed that didn’t remind you of a wooden palette.

Unfortunately, as soon as you had landed, you had to make do with a cup of subpar coffee, a greasy breakfast sandwich, and a seat behind your desk at work. The company you worked for was in the final process of buying out another smaller company, and as the supervisor in charge of the training of all new personnel, you were more than burnt out. Another four hours spent finishing up reports and you would be free to sleep as peacefully as your frazzled brain would allow.

You jumped slightly when your phone vibrated twice in your pocket, bringing you out of your reverie. A small grin graced your lips when you saw a familiar name across the screen.

Home yet?

Your cheeks reddened as you wiped the grease from your mediocre meal off of your fingers on a napkin near your keyboard and made to answer the text message. Your thumbs hovered over the screen for several moments as you contemplated your response.

For about an hour now, though I had to go straight into the office for a bit of damage control. Idiots in accounting still haven’t sorted out payroll.

I knew the place would fall apart if you left.

Your flushed cheeks became even warmer as your smile grew tenfold.

You had met Leonardo under very…unusual circumstances. It had all started when you answered a craigslist ad from a young woman by the name of April O’Neil. Her roommate had recently (and very suddenly, it had seemed) moved out, and she was in desperate need of someone to help with the bills. In dire straits yourself, you jumped on the ad as soon as you read it. After a few brief meetings, you felt comfortable enough with the arrangement to begin moving in. April was a news reporter and seemed to have her head on straight. Sure, she talked to herself in her room a lot, had the pizza guy on speed dial, and kept very strange hours, but she was kind and respected your work schedule. The two of you carved out a friendship over several weeks and everything seemed to be picture perfect. That is, until her turtle friends decided to pay an unannounced visit one evening.

After being brought back from unconsciousness and having a strong drink shoved into your shaking hand, April had explained to you why four enormous anthropomorphic turtles were climbing through the balcony door at two in the morning. Surprisingly enough, you accepted the explanation with very little fuss. You had grown up in New York after all, and if mutant turtles were the strangest thing you had to deal with that day, you were lucky.

The four of them were exceedingly grateful for your acceptance, the oldest in particular. Having similar temperaments, you found yourself drawn to his company, and he to yours. Over the last several months, you had grown very attached to the blue-clad turtle and cherished every moment you were allowed with him, from quiet nights stargazing on rooftops to rowdy evenings playing video games with his brothers and April. As a constant source of strength and inspiration, you felt comfortable calling him your best friend.

Another buzz from your phone reminded you that you had left him without a response for fifteen minutes.

I bet you are exhausted.

You knew it was his subtle way of asking if you wanted to see him. Though he was polite and direct with most things, you sensed that he had an overwhelming fear of rejection when it came to your friendship.

I doubt I’ll be able to sleep when I get home. Probably be six cups of coffee deep at that point. Be on the balcony at 1?

I’ll be there.

Silencing your phone with a happy sigh, you returned to your work. 

You could see the light from under April’s door as you strolled into your apartment some time later. The soft clicking of laptop keys filled the quiet home and you smiled to yourself. She had been working just as tirelessly as you had recently, hot on the trail of some new story. Setting your bags down in the living room, you rolled your shoulders and let out an enormous sigh. 

The place was a mess. Clothes were strewn around the living room and dishes were piled high in the kitchen sink. Pizza boxes were scattered across the coffee table, some of which were beginning to release a particularly foul odor. Judging by the sheer number of the boxes, it was apparent that April had been hosting a certain group of reptiles at least one night you were away. 

Despite your exhaustion, your type-A personality would not permit you to relax until you had cleaned up a little. Storming about the apartment and grabbing items to throw into the pile you mentally labeled “return to the boys,” you barely noticed the sound of the balcony door sliding open and shut again. 

“You work too hard,” came a smooth voice from the living room. You screeched and dropped a plate you had been about to put in the dishwasher. 

April poked her head out from her room, concern etched on her face. You waved her off with one hand, your other hand clutching your chest. “No need to worry, April. Leo just forgot to announce himself…again.”

Leonardo smiled sheepishly at your pointed stare after politely bowing his greeting to April. 

“Well, if I wasn’t going to be able to sleep before, I certainly won’t be able to now,” you teased. “Also, I work too hard? That’s the pot calling the kettle black if I’ve ever heard it.”

Leo shrugged and retrieved a broom from the hall closet, presumably to help clean the mess he had inadvertently caused. “You just got home, you should be relaxing.” 

Placing your hands on your hips, a cheeky smile gracing your tired features, you stood in front of him. “Pot,” you said, placing a finger against his plastron before moving it to touch your own chest, “kettle.”

You finished loading the dishwasher and gathering up anything that didn’t belong in the apartment as Leo swept up the broken china. Once you felt satisfied that the place was clean enough, you looked at your enormous friend only to find that he was gazing your way too. 

“You didn’t have to invite me over, you know. You look exhausted.” 

You pursed your lips and sighed. You still had to unpack, prepare your meals for the remainder of the week, do your laundry…

“Do you know anything about shiatsu?” Leo asked, breaking you away from your train of thought. 

“Uh, only that they taste fantastic sauteed in garlic,” you responded distractedly, moving your way over to the bags you had abandoned when you arrived home. Leo’s large hand made contact with your shoulder, stopping you in your tracks. Your heart began to pound in your chest. His skin was so…cold, and yet not at all uninviting. 

Shiatsu. Here, let me show you.” In one easy movement, he had spun you around to face him and taken both of your tiny hands into his. Before you could protest, he was speaking again and pressing his thumbs into your palms in gentle, soothing circles. This was the most physical contact you had ever shared with him. 

“The great martial arts masters believe that energy, ki, flows through the body in specific pathways, or meridians.”

The sensation of his thumbs rolling over the very sensitive skin of your palms left you reeling. His rough scales felt so foreign, and yet you couldn’t help but notice how right it felt to have your hand in his. 

“Much like meditation, shiatsu massage can help redirect that energy flow when it is disrupted. Like when we overwork ourselves,” he chuckled warmly, a playful reprimand shining in his bright blue eyes. He pulled on your hands, gradually stretching your wrists before returning to the soft palm massaging. 

“There are stimulation points,” he continued, his voice low and his breathing steady, “and there are sedation points. The palms and wrists are sedation points.” You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, his unique scent filling your senses and lulling you into the deepest state of relaxation you had felt in days. 

And before you knew it, it was over. He had released your hands and taken a step back from you. He wore the smirk he reserved for the times he was able to educate someone about martial arts or Japanese culture and your heart swelled at how proud he was. 

“Repeat those movements a few times before going to bed or whenever you’re feeling stressed and you should have no problem relaxing.”

“Doctor’s orders?” you asked lamely. The empty space he had left on your hands felt cold and electrified. 

“You bet.”

“Well then, I think you should demonstrate a few more times. Just to be sure that I’m doing it right.”

Habits of My Heart

Hey Guys! I’ve been inspired to write a little James and Sharna fanfic after reading some amazing ones! I hope you guys enjoy because I rarely ever share my writing. Anyway, I’ll be tagging the first few chapters, but later on I know I’m gonna get lazy! Let me know what you think!

Chapter 1.

It’d been a long day of rehearsals and, well, damage control for the whole ordeal she decided to coin, “hand-gate.” As if the rumors of their non-existent relationship wasn’t enough to deal with; now, the press had something to feast on and, to her dismay, mention in every interview they did.

She fell onto her couch and laid her head back, aimlessly petting Duke, who had decided that she needed a little cheering up from all the chaos. Lost in her thoughts, she decided to come up with a set of answers for her partner to regurgitate to the press because who was she kidding? Growing up on a ranch, he wasn’t used to being in the spotlight and, even though the incident was an honest mistake, would inadvertently make matters worse if she didn’t give him somewhat of a guideline on what to say to interviewers.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her phone ringing, and she was this close to simply hitting decline until she saw the name on the caller ID. It was 11:30, not that she was remotely close to going to sleep, but it still took her by surprise that he’d be calling her at all, given his busy schedule. “James?”

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I’m writing out my feelings for this whole anon situation in this fanfiction. And thanks to comewhatanime for helping me with the ending c: It was suppose to be 10x longer and 10x more angsty, but I don’t have a lot of time to write with graduation coming up.

Setting: Long-distance relationship, AU

Italic: Skype Messages

Bold: Text messages

Bold + Italic: Tumblr message

Pairings: NaLu

Summary: “Lucy felt trapped in her own mind. The more hate that came, the more lonely she felt. With her only solace being one thousand miles away, she had no choice but to rely on mental help she was receiving, but words can only do so much to help a person… and Lucy learns that the hard way.”

“And… finished!” Lucy exclaimed,clasping her hands together and she typed the last word of her newly written fanfiction. The idea had been bothering her for the longest time, but she wasn’t sure if her fandom would enjoy the idea the same way she did. Finally, after late night conversations with Levy and occasionally Erza for the past week, Lucy had finally gotten the courage to put her idea into words.

A little beeping noise brought her out of her thoughts. Looking at her laptop, she seen she had gotten a notification from Skype. She clicked the little button and seen it was the group chat she had joined a little over two years ago.

Natsu: I’m sooooooo bored

Lucy giggled at his message, he was always the icebreaker to start a new conversation everyday between their group of eight. Hearing the alert noise again, she looked down at her computer seeing someone had replied to Natsu.

Gray: No one cares, go entertain yourself.

Now the blonde rolled her eyes, already knowing a fight was about to pursue. Not wanting to get in the middle of their little fit, she just decided to private message her beta to check for the errors in her story.

After sending the message, she went back to her little group seeing that there was already twenty messages she had missed in the two minutes she didn’t pay attention to the chat.

Natsu: I swear the day I meet you Ice Princess is the day you’re gonna regret fuckin’ with me.

Gray: Thats funny Flame Brain, I was thinking the same thing.

The insults came faster than Lucy could keep track of. Their only hope was that the red haired she devil would log on soon to stop the two idiots from their bickering. Lucy would stop them but the last time she tried to get in the middle of things resulted in an even bigger fight than what it was originally. So instead, she just sighed and tried to keep up with the spat waiting for Levy and Erza to log on.

Natsu: Porn star!

Gray: Ash for Brains!

Natsu: Stripper-

Erza: Natsu, Gray do I see fighting on the chat?

Natsu: No ma’am

Gray: What gave you that idea Erza?

Erza: It would be in your best interests to stop this harassment.

Natsu and Gray: Yes Erza…

Erza: Excellent. Are we the only three on currently?

Natsu: Yeah, Luce’s still asleep.

Lucy put a over her mouth, guilt rushing through her. She forgot to text Natsu this morning being too preoccupied with her fanficiton. She was about to type something on the chat when Erza beat her to it.

Erza: Strange, I talked to her earlier this morning.

“Erza…” Lucy groaned out, propping her elbow on her desk so she could rest her cheek in one of her hands.

Natsu: Really? She hasn’t texted me yet…

Gray: Looks like your own girlfriends tired of you now too.

Natsu: Shut up!!

Drowning in the guilt she felt, Lucy heard her phone vibrate already knowing who was texting her.

Natsu: Hey jerk! You didn’t text me this morning :(

Lucy sighed, fingers hurriedly typing a message.

Lucy: I know, I’m sorry!! My mind this morning was set on that fanfiction I was telling you about last night, I finally wrote it.

Natsu: Oh you wrote it? Did you publish it yet, I wanna read it!!

Lucy gave a breathless laugh at Natsu’s eagerness and already forgot anger. He sure was something else.

Lucy: No its not published yet, I’m waiting on Levy-chan to proof read it.

Natsu: Wahhh but Luce I wanna read it now!

Lucy: Oh don’t be such a baby Natsu, you’ll read it in a little bit I just sent Levy-chan the link.

Natsu: … Fine. I bet its perfect just the way it is, just like you are.

Lucy’s face heated up at Natsu’s compliment. That boy could be romantic when he wanted to be. Trying to calm down the butterflies in her stomach, she replied.

Lucy: Thank you Natsu, but I’m farthest from perfect. I’m getting on Skype now so we’ll just talk on there, okay?

Natsu: Well no matter what you say you’re perfect to me. And okay

A smile locked on her lips, Lucy set her phone to the side and decided to greet everyone in the chat.

Lucy: Morning guys!

Levy: Morning Lu-chan!! Just read your fanfiction, looks ready to publish to me! :)

Satisfaction rushed through her at the praise her best friend had just given her.

Lucy: Really?! Okay, posting it now then :)

She quickly went to her tumblr page, doing all the proper copy and pasting as well as putting in the right tags and finally with a shaky hand, she clicked post. She closed out of her tumblr, deciding she would check in a bit to see the feedback. She went back to Skype, deciding to tell everyone it was posted.

Lucy: Hey guys, its posted!!

Natsu: Awesome Luce! I’m going to read it now!

Erza: Same goes for me.

Gray: Reading it now.

Levy: I’ve already read it but it’s so great I’m going to read it again!!

Lucy: You guys are the greatest.

She sighed, a content feeling passing over her. Lucy didn’t know what she would do without the support of her internet friends, even with the distance between them. Its really hard to believe that everything started just by one simple comment on a drawing that Natsu had done two years ago. Now thanks to that comment she had a loving boyfriend and a great support system of friends, its crazy what can happen if you just take a chance.

Since it had been about ten minutes after she had posted her story, she decided to have a quick look to see what others in the fandom thought about her writing. Going to her tumblr page, she seen that she had ten notes on her fanfiction along with 3 new private messages.

Scrolling through the tags on her notes, it was just her Skype friends with the usual ‘Lucy this is so amazing!’ She smiled, instead of thanking them on here she was just going to do so on Skype. Clicking on her messages, she seen it was from three anons.

Anon: Your story was incredible!!!

Anon: You’re going to write a sequel right?!?! I need more of your writing in my life!!!

As she read the third anon message, it made her happy mood turn a bit somber.

Anon: You and your writing are terrible, just quit now before you embarrass yourself even more.

She reread the message over and over again, each time she did it brought her mood down a little more. Not wanting to give the rude anon the satisfaction of seeing her reply, she just deleted the message. Deciding to just reply to the other anons later when she cheered up a bit.

She heard the familiar alert sound from Skype, seeing that it was a private message from Natsu.

Natsu: Luce you know how much I hate reading, but I liked your fanfiction a lot! It was perfect :)

Even though she knew he couldn’t see her, that didn’t stop the blush that was beginning to form on her pale cheeks.

Lucy: Thank you Natsu.

Natsu: You’re welcome, ready for our daily video chat?

Lucy: I’m always ready to see your face.

Natsu: You’re such a weirdo, okay I’m calling now.

She didn’t bother to reply seeing as if Natsu was about to call. She searched all over her desk to find a pair of earbuds so she could hear Natsu better and so her father couldn’t hear the conversation either. The Skype calling sound nearly made her jump out of her skin as it began to play out loud on her laptop. Finally, she found her earbuds and plugged them in so she could begin to video chat with her boyfriend.

She pressed the answer button, and on her screen was the most beautiful man she had laid her eyes on. She saw the tangled mess of his shaggy salmon hair that complimented his tanned skin so perfectly. The black tank top he was wearing accented his toned muscles and matched the black jewelry that were currently in his ear. To top his all off, his onyx eyes were laced with pure happiness as he seen her pop up on the screen, his perfect canine teeth showing just how excited he truly was.

“Hey Luce.” He greeted in the voice she would never get tired of hearing. She loved that his deep and raggy voice was the first voice she heard in the morning and the last one she heard before she went to sleep at night.

“Hey Natsu, you look sleepy.” She commented noticing the bags under his eyes. He waved her off.

“Well, I do stay up until the crack of dawn talking to you miss I live all the way across the country and have a three hour time gap.” He replied with a yawn, adding emphasis to his statement. The blonde puffed out her cheeks.

“No one said you had to stay up all night to talk to me idiot.”

“I know, I just want too.” Lucy’s face heated up, there he goes being romantic again.

“Then stop complaining about it!”

“Who says I’m complaining about losing a little sleep to talk to the most beautiful girl in the world?”

“You sure are being romantic today, whats got you in such a good mood?” She grumbled out, trying to hide the redness adorning her cheeks but she knew she was failing quite miserably.

“Does everyone have to have a reason to be super happy?” Lucy raised a questioning eyebrow, giving the boy an inquiring look. She propped her elbows up on her desk and rested her chin in her hands, giving a more dramatic stare to her boyfriend. Hearing him sigh, she knew her glare had worked.

“I wanted to kind of surprise you but… I got my acceptance letter to Magnolia University today.” Lucy’s eyes widened without conscious thought, bringing one of her hands to cover her mouth trying to relieve the overwhelming sensation her body was going through right now.

“You… acceptance letter? You got in?!” She asked in a whisper, her excitement coursing through her veins the feelings getting stronger with each passing second. Seeing his breathtaking smile accompanied with a nod Lucy felt like crying.

“Yep Lucy, I got in.”

“T-Then that means…”

“We’ll be meeting in less than three months.”

Lucy felt the tears of joy burning the back of her eyes, not truly believing what she was hearing. After two long years of knowing each other and after a year and a half of a long distance relationship… they were finally going to meet.

“Oh my Mavis…” The blonde was so speechless, and Natsu could tell. So he decided to carry on the conversation for them.

“I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.” He said in such a gentle voice Lucy swore he was right now to her.

“I can’t wait for you to hold me Natsu.” She stated still in a stage of disbelief. “I just… wow. I know that we’ve been talking about this for over a year but now that it’s actually going to happen…” She trailed off not able to find the words to express the way she was feeling right now.

“Don’t worry Lucy, I feel the same way-” He was interrupting by a banging at his door.

“Natsu! Dinners ready!” They both heard Natsu’s adoptive mother shout. Lucy heard him curse under his breath.

“Okay mom I’ll be right down!” Lucy heard him say rather loudly, eyeing him as he returned his gaze back to her a sad look etched on his handsome features. “Sorry Luce, I gotta go.”

“So I heard.” She said with a soft smile. “Its okay Natsu, we can talk later tonight right?”

“Of course!” His expression turned soft. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She replied as softly as he said it, as he ended the call. She let out a breathy sigh, still not believing that in less than three months she would be meeting the love of her life in person and not just through a computer screen. A knocking at the door interrupted her thoughts.

“Lucy dear are you busy right now?”

“No daddy, you can come in.” She heard her door open signaling that he had heard her. Lucy was surprised when she seen her fathers eyes glued to her phone.

“So dear, I just got a text message from Natsu.”

Lucy’s face scrunched up, wondering why her boyfriend would text her father. “What did it say?”

“It says ‘yo pops-in-law I got accepted into Lucy’s college!’” Lucy felt like banging her head against the table at the way Natsu worded his message.

“He is such an idiot…” The blonde muttered to herself.

“Yes, well, did he tell you yet?” Lucy nodded, still unbelieving that it really was true. “Ahh, well the move in day is in less than three months.”

“I know… it’s so unbelievable.” A disbelieving tone was in her voice. “I’ve been waiting for this day for so long… and it’s finally coming up.”

“Both of you have been through hell and back trying to keep your relationship going.” Lucy knew what her father was talking about. All the days they couldn’t talk because of school, homework, sports, social life had almost broken the two up. But at the end of the day the two teen realized what they had was real, making them push past all the barriers.

Now all their hard work and sacrifices for each other was going to pay off.

“I’m happy to see you’re happy dear, but I just needed your help on how to reply back to Natsu.” Lucy sweatdropped, of course her socially awkward father needed help talking to her boyfriend.

Erza: Everyone. I was tagged in that twenty beautiful peoples challenge, and I decided to tag all of you. I expect to see your pictures up within an hour.

Levy: Erza! You know Lu-chan and I don’t like posting pictures.

Erza: I am sorry Levy, but you were tagged so you have to do it.

Gajeel: Oi Shrimp, just make sure you’re not wearing anything too revealing.

Natsu: You should be telling Gray that Lug-nut, not your girlfriend.

Gray: Are you talking shit again Natsu?

Natsu: So what if I am?

Lucy: Natsu, Gray please don’t fight. And Erza, I’ll post my picture right now.

Erza: Thank you Lucy. As for you Natsu and Gray, if I see you bicker once more today I will be forced to used dramatic measures.

Natsu: Aye sir…

Rolling her eyes at the conversation, Lucy decided to get her phone out to take a selfie before Erza’s patience wore thin with the group. She smiled, her brown eyes squinting a little bit as she took the picture. She looked at the end result, seeing that it was a decent enough picture to post on the internet. Uploading the photo and putting the proper tags on it she hit post, embarrassed that she posted a selfie on the tumblr since no one knew what she looked like besides her Skype friends.

Five minutes had passed and since the group chat was just Erza scolding Natsu and Gray for their constant fighting, Lucy decided to check her tumblr due to how bored she currently was.

Going through her dashboard, she seen that Natsu had already reblogged her selfie and added the tags wow, my girlfriend is drop dead beautiful and can you believe a girl like her would fall for a man like me? just damn, I’m one lucky bastard. Lucy couldn’t stop the wave of embarrassment that ran through her body. She looked at her private messaging icon to see she had two new messages.

Clicking on them, she noticed that she received two more anon messages.

Anon: Wow, you’re stunning!!! Can I be you please?

Lucy blushed at the compliment, the hotness is her body soon turning cold as she read the next message.

Anon: Wow, ugliest person ever. I don’t think anyone can be as ugly as you are.

Lucy frowned at the message, but tried hard not to let it get her down. Replying to the nice messages she received from her fanfiction and her selfie, deleting the anon hate.

“One more month Lucy!!!” Lucy heard Natsu excitedly say. She looked at her handsome boyfriend on her computer screen.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I can’t wait Natsu.” Lucy sounded tired, which she really was. Ever since that day with the anon telling her she sucked at writing and that she was ugly, they had been sending her constant hate messages telling her she was worthless and a waste of space. This brought down her self-esteem even more on top of her being depressed since it was the 10th anniversary of her mothers passing.

“Lucy, are you okay?” Natsu’s worried tone reached her ears. She looked up with tired eyes due to the crying she’s been doing for the past few weeks. She nodded meekly.

“Yeah Natsu, absolutely dandy.” She replied. She didn’t want to talk, she just wanted to be by herself. “Natsu, I think I’m gonna go. I don’t feel the best.” She could feel the concerned look Natsu was giving her without actually seeing it.

“Okay Lucy, just text me or call me when you’re feeling better alright?”

“I will.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” She answered before immediately ending the call and closing her laptop. She got up from the chair and walked over to her bed, burying herself underneath her warm pink comforter. She grabbed her cell phone, checking her tumblr one last time before she decided to sleep.

She seen she had a new message and casually opened it up, heart sinking as she read the hurtful message.

Anon: Kill yourself please. You’d be doing everyone a great favor. Thank you, goodbye, and good riddance.

Lucy’s mouth dropped open. Out of the numerous amounts of hate she had received over the past few months, she had never read anything this vulgar.

The tears began to rush from her eyes without her permission. Her body starting to shake with unpleasant sobs. Her own mind telling her ‘maybe you should listen, you’ll be with your mother if you do.’ Lucy thought of her mother, the one person who she missed more than anything in the world and knew she was in the afterlife waiting for her precious daughter with open arms. The thought of being with her mother again, made the temptation far too great, but the fear of dying would stop her like it has in the past.  

Lucy couldn’t help it anymore, she was going to reply to this anon hate. Which wasn’t a good idea since she didn’t have a level head.

Anon, I don’t know why you’ve been constantly degrading me for the past two months. When I thought your messages couldn’t get any lower, you send me this. Props to you, you’re actually making me contemplate it.

She replied and posted it without rereading it, she just chucked her phone across the room and turned her face into her pillow and started to cry.

After a few moments, she heard her cell phone start to make noises, alerting her she was receiving new messages. She didn’t have the energy to go walk and get her phone though, but she moved against her body’s will anyways. She walked over and picked the cellular device off the ground, seeing she had twenty missed text messages.

Natsu: Lucy are you okay? Call me right now.

Natsu: Lucy?!?! Please answer me.

Natsu: Don’t do anything stupid Lucy please.

Natsu: Lucy answer me right now! Please!

It was just an assortment of worried text messages from Natsu and the others. She knew she had to talk to someone, get the feelings off of her chest. So clicked on Natsu’s name, pressing the symbol that automatically dialed his number.

After the phone rang for a second, the other line picked up.

“Lucy are you okay?!” Natsu shouted into the phone, his voice hoarse like he had been crying. Lucy pushed the thought to the back of her mind though, her emotionless state getting the better of her.

“I’m fine.”

“Why did you tell me someone has been harassing you for the past few months?!? Igneel’s a cop we would’ve gotten it taken care of!”

“Its not that big of a deal.”

“Not that big of a deal?! Lucy, someone told you to go kill yourself, this is serious!”

“Then how come I don’t care Natsu?! How come I feel like I should do it!?”

“I dont ever wanna hear you say that again Lucy.” His voice was so deadly serious, it almost scared Lucy. “Why would you feel like you should do it?”

“I… I don’t know.” Her sobs starting to resurface. “I just have an image of my mom waiting for me with open arms… I want to see her so badly.”

“Yeah I want to see Zeref too Lucy, but I’m not going to end my life to go see him because he wants me to live my life to the fullest. And instead of being depressed over his death, I’m living my life to the fullest for him. So I know hes watching over me and that hes proud I’m sticking through the tough times.” Lucy froze as she heard the strongest person she knew breakdown talking about his deceased brother.

She had talked to Zeref once or twice, he was such an amazing person and a good influence on Natsu. Then one tragic night Zeref went drove to work and got into a head on collision that killed him instantly. She also remembered Natsu didn’t talk to anyone or leave his room for three weeks or at least that’s what Igneel had told her. He  never really mentioned his death because of how hard it impacted him, but seeing him break down over it now did something to Lucy.

Lucy got on her laptop, opening her Skype app seeing all the messages from her friends worrying about her. She went to her tumblr page, seeing she have twenty new messages from people she’s never even spoken to before giving her nothing but kind words and support. Natsu’s voice brought her back to reality.

“Please don’t kill yourself Lucy… I don’t know what I would do without you.” Natsu’s voice was so weak it tugged at her heart strings almost painfully. Sure she wanted to see her mom again, but seeing all these people not wanting to lose her… made Lucy realize that she did matter in this world. She did have a purpose, and just like Natsu said she needed to live life for the fullest for her, and her mom.

With tears still pouring down her cheeks, she smiled sadly. “I’m not going to Natsu, how would I live with myself knowing that I’m so close to meeting you?”

He gave a hearty chuckle. “Thats my girl.” His voice turned serious again. “We’re all extremely pissed though. Me and Gray are actually working together to find a way to hack this fucker. Thats how pissed we are Luce.”

“Their not worth the effort Natsu, they truly aren’t. They are just some lowlife who has to hide behind a mask, if anything I feel sorry for them.”

He growled trying to let go of some of his anger. “I know they’re not worth it, but no one messes with you and gets away with it.”

Lucy’s smile turned tender. How in the world did she get blessed with friends like them?

“Dad! Do you see him anywhere?” Lucy asked examining the crowd for any pink fluffs of hair. She seen her father shake his head.

“No not yet dear, but his plane just landed. Just be patient.”

“I’ve been waiting for almost two years, I don’t think I can be any more patient daddy.” She seen the smile on her dads face, confusing the girl.

What are you smiling about- eep!” She squealed felt two arms wrap around her waist from behind. She froze, seeing the pink hair from the corner of her eye as a face buried into her neck.

“You’re so much shorter than I thought you’d be.” Lucy couldn’t move, she felt frozen to her spot. After over two years, the man of her dreams was finally holding her in his arms.

“Natsu…” Lucy breathed out, looking in the direction of his face. She seen him unbury his face from her neck a sheepish smile on his face.

“Hey Luce.”

“Natsu!” Lucy shouted before turning in his arms and wrapping them around her neck. She could tell he was caught off guard by her sudden action, but he recollected himself as she felt his strong arms wrap around her tiny waist, burying his face within her golden locks.

This feeling was so surreal. Having someone she met on an internet site was now in her arms, never leaving her again. As he took his face out of her hair, he used his pointer finger and thumb to lift her chin up to look him in his beautiful onyx eyes.

“You don’t understand how long I’ve been wanting to do this Luce.” He said then suddenly dropped his face down, connecting their lips together uncaring if her dad was watching. It took a minute for Lucy to catch up to reality, but she eventually returned the kiss. Their lips molded together perfectly, everything was perfect.

Lucy had thought things would be awkward at first seeing as they had never met in person, but it just felt so natural, like every part of this was meant to happen.

As the two teens stood in the middle of the airport, their lips still locked together Lucy realized something else.

This is where she belonged. Alive, breathing and well living her life to the fullest for everyone that loved her.

The two of them pulled apart, trying to regain a normal breathing pattern. Lucy dropped her arms from his neck, putting her hands at her side as Natsu unwound his arms from her waist, instead intertwining their fingers together. Beginning to walk the direction that her father was leading them.

This wasn’t the end of her life, it was just the beginning. 

How Seventeen would be on your honeymoon

S.coups/Seungchol: The ultimate husband like need got everything taken care of. He would just be so good at making sure you were happy and comfortable without being overwhelming. Like it would just be fun the whole time. He seems like the protective husband that would just always have his arm around you somehow like he wanted the world to know that you were his even more now, even the law said so. You guys would go to like a local restaurant and a waiter would like casually flirt with you or something and he would like make sure the next time that waiter came around both your rings were showing. 

Jeonghan: I just feel like it would just be so comfortable to travel with Han. Like he just seems so reliable yet fun like you’d probably be making new inside jokes the whole way over to the hotel. I can see you guys just like chilling the first day like you’d just be counting wedding money and talking about everything that happened at the wedding. Like it would just be laid back and calm and fun 

Jisoo/Joshua: He probably would’ve just wanted to cuddle the second you guys had gotten there. Like he would be so high on those wedding vibes and the fact that you were now his wife that he would just want to hold you and coddle you like THE WHOLE TIME. You guys would probably be the nauseating couple that like backhugged in public and he’d like be so excited and always introduce you as his wife to everyone, even when it was unnecessary. Like the clerk that was checking you guys into the hotel really didn’t care. But it’s not like you would mind because he just looked so happy and cute that even if you hated cheesy romantic stuff you would still feed him when he opened his mouth and let him kiss your nose in public.

Jun: Would be a mix between “Let’s do everything Y/N!” And “I’m tired can we just nap all day?” Like you never know with this kid, he’s either excitable or he wants to coddle you in bed. You guys would probably be exploring all the things that the hotel has to offer like you’d probably be that couple that was actually using the gym and like make use of the golf course. He seems like he would probably be the jealous type so he probably would be really stressed when you guys get back from the pool so you probably won’t frequent that as much.

Hoshi/Soonyoung: the couple that the staff low key hates. Like you guys would be the type to have a water fight in the ginormous honeymoon bathtub and would like break something. Or you’d be playing tag in the halls until someone had to tell you guys to quiet down. You guys would make use of all the hotel services too like you guys would decide to get like a couples massage but Soonyoung couldn’t sit still that long so he would be like chatting up a storm with the masseuse who would politely try to tell him to shut up because he was killing the relaxing feel.

Wonwoo: the cheesy couple that hangs out on their balcony a lot. Like you guys would’ve only been married a day and you’d already be acting like an old married couple. You guys would be people watching and just like make up stories for all the people you see. Once it got dark or you guys just got bored you’d probably talk about the wedding, laughing at all the embarrassing moments and just bantering about the events. You guys would just bond most of the time.

Woozi/Jihoon: 100% perfectionist. Like he’d want everything to be perfect for the two of you so like he’d have planned down to every last detail. Like you best expect to be wearing your swim suit under your clothes because Jihoon wants to be prepared for everything. Like he would probably have checked all the forecasts and picked the city that had the best weather and booked a hotel there and he would have like a giant map laid out in his room back home with like sticky notes scattered over it with all the places you guys should go. He also probably has a list of notes on his phone in case he might forget anything. He’s organization goals.

DK/Seokmin: He’s like that dreamy husband that just doing the he stupidest things with would be fun. He’d also want to go sight seeing but I can just see him wanting to do all of the silly little romantic things like if a bridge was known for keeping couples together forever, you’re going to that bridge. And not just that like he’d do all the cheesy stuff like breakfast in bed and you guys would like probably go for a midnight run for food. Like I can assure you right after the wedding you guys would like crave fast food and you’d just go to like a fast food restaurant, wedding dress, tux and all and just eat to your hearts content before you went to the airport. He’s husband goals y'all.

Mingyu: “Are you sure we’re going in the right direction?” “Yes Y/N, don’t you trust me?” “Considering you almost left our flight tickets at home i’m gonna have to go with no” That would earn you a glare. You guys had been driving for about an hour and you were sure that you were supposed to get to your hotel 40 minutes ago. You would come to get a lot of this throughout the honeymoon. it wasn’t that Mingyu was bad at organizing things (okay it was a little bit that), he was just so excited about being in another country that he would rather explore than go according to schedule. 

The8/Minghao: okay we all say he’s a little fluff ball of happiness and he probably is but like he’s also hard af okay guys like that glare is a very real thing even uf its never been directed at you. He seems like the fiancé that’s probably like “you want to go to where? How about somewhere colder?” Like anything to not put you in a bikini. Like I just see him as being a little less liberal with his affection usually so when you’re like always against his side at the ski lodge you’d be a little confused because he wasn’t usually so giving with his skinship. But you just looked so cute in that jacket that hugged you in all the right places when the was zipped up and he’d be damned if anyone tried making a pass at you. I don’t even know how this is like honeymoon themed I just needed protective Minghao in my life rn

Seungkwan: The world’s best tour guide. Like he wouldn’t let you guys go to any actual tours because it would be so much more fun to just explore yourselves. And so you two would barely spend any time in the hotel, you guys would probably just be roaming the streets the whole time and just be making up the most random stories for each thing. For some of them you might actually go in and ask the locals how this restaurant was started or what was here before that shop. You wouldn’t learn real history just random bits of people’s lives bc that just seems like something Boo Seungkwan would like.

Vernon: (Why is he going on a honeymoon he’s still a baby) So Hansol would be type to probably do something completely out of the box and unique. That or you’re going to like Hawaii there is literally no in between. You guys would also do like really interesting activities on your honeymoon like he’s mentioned that he likes going on active dates so I can just see you guys leaving the hotel at like the crack of dawn every morning and like coming back at night exhausted. It would be awesome really, you guys would be doing everything from bungee jumping to snorkeling. You’d probably come back from your honeymoon extremely sore but very very pleased with yourselves.

Dino: Honestly he would be the kind of person to ask your input for everything. His hyungs would’ve told him to make it a surprise but you guys were probably like best friends that just happened to also be romantically attracted to each other. So he would want your input on everything and like want to make sure you were on board with everything and that both of you did things that you would like. Dino would be a great significant other guys, why is he so much younger man…

Title: Dangerous [1/?]
Genre: AU, Fantasy, Romance
Pairings: Phan.
Trigger warning: None
Summary: Phil gets sent to a boarding school for people with strange abilities after an incident at his previous school. There, he meets Dan who wants nothing more than to hate his guts. But maybe there’s a reason for that? Getting a crush, however, was certainly something neither Dan or Phil had planned. However normal this love story may seem, the strange school they attend will change it from normal to Dangerous.
Authors note: also uploaded on fanfiction . Net under the title ‘telekinesis’. I’m looking for someone to help beta this story so if anyone’s willing to help that would be lovely :)

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Doritos | Bucky Barnes

Sequel to Oreos

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A/N: This is so short that I am cringy at how lazy I am.

If anyone asked you how you were doing three weeks ago you would have told them ‘fine’ and that would be a lie. Three weeks ago you weren’t happy, you were miserable and quite frankly on the edge of falling into some deep depression if we have to be honest.

Three weeks ago you weren’t as happy as you were now, munching on doritos as you hummed to your favorite song. That Oreo craving turned into doritos in the week after you and Bucky had made the whole ‘don’t worry’ promise. At the time after many attempts at trying with no luck you wouldn’t have had that pinch of hope, the voice in your head that told you to check again.

You knew your body, and something felt different.

You remember staring at the test with your mouth agape and a tear sliding down your cheek. The hormones were making you so emotional, the hormones were the ones making you addicted to oreos. Things clicked in place for you as suddenly the sky opened up and a rainbow could be seen.

Taking the day off to surprise Bucky with the news is one thing you wouldn’t have imagined would happen. Your plan was make dinner then to bake a cake, and with cream cheese frosting write We’re Having A Baby to finish it all off.

I’m still learning about life

My woman brought children for me

So I can sing them all my songs

And I can tell them stories

Most of my boys are with me

Some are still out seeking glory

And some I had to leave behind

My brother, I’m still sorry

You hummed the lyrics and turned the music up a bit more. Your hips were swaying lightly, too shy in your own home to start dancing your heart out. None the less you were extremely happy to be having a bun in the oven. It was a full house and you were excited to go through the whole process of pregnancy.

Bucky came home around five after you sent him out to do the rest of your errands a good way to keep him busy and out the house. The poor guys feet were aching and he kept cracking his back in the hopes of loosening up the lower region of his back. He needed an awesome masseuse, you, to get rid of the pain in his back.

You almost felt bad, almost as you reminded yourself that you had to do what he did nearly every weekend with no one to massage your back when you got home. Still, you were positive that he was going to like the surprise you had in store for him and say that doing that was all worth it.

Yeah never going to happen.

Buck sat around the island with his hair still up to par as you had done it earlier and just a shirt on while he walked around the apartment with no pants at all. Just like you.

“They should call us Mr and Mrs. Butt Naked.” You chuckled to yourself and Bucky smiled at how easily you were able to make yourself laugh, even if the joke wasn’t all that funny. That was one of the many things he noticed about you, that and how your nose twitches when someone says something dumb. “Why does the Mister always come first I mean why can’t Mistress come first?“

“Because they’re not the wife.” Bucky gave you a sly smile and you put down the big spoon you were using to mix the salad.

“James if I ever catch you with another man or woman—”

“That would never happen Y/N, I am a firm believer in being faithful until the end. Why else would I marry you?”

It was beautiful for you to see a man with his type of thinking, nowadays men were quick to drop their wives like a penny when things didn’t end up in their favor.

The man in front of you. The one with so much chivalry, common sense, heart and a good head on his shoulders was your husband. As your eyes roamed his face and you secretly thanking the higher ups for his presence in your life and his parents for his genetics you realized that you were blessed. You had love, friendship with unlikely people, and the happiness you longed for.

Your life was full of unexpected events that turned out to be amazing.

“Bucky don’t you ever leave me. I sound desperate, I know I do but I don’t care if I have to beg you but just don’t leave me.”

“Why would I leave you?”

You sighed harshly, too harsh making him worry about what was going on in your head even more. “Because things don’t always end with rainbows and oreos.” You chuckled going to the fridge to get the cake. You set it on the table telling Bucky to close his eyes as you took off the cover you had over it.

You pushed it in front of him. “Open.”

He read the frosting, his neutral face morphing into a grin that swept you off your feet. “We’re having a baby.” His boyish grin had made your heart burst with happiness.

“Aren’t you going to give me a hug?”

So there you both stood, in the middle of the kitchen, holding each other tightly as you two had rocked to a symphony that wasn’t playing on the radio, but in your hearts.


“Hmm?” He was too tired to stay up with you, yet he was desperately trying to fight the urge to doze off. You rolled on your side, cautious of the bump that was starting to show.

“Boy or girl? The kid we’re going to adopt.”

“I told you already, a girl. As for the baby, a boy. I can see you pregnant with a boy.”

You chuckled and yawned, “Yeah I can see myself carrying a boy. I was thinking of the name Alex. It could be short for anything. Alexandra, Alexander, Alexandria, its such a neutral name.”

“I agree doll.” Maybe it was the fact that babies were on your mind, or that you were horrible at picking up social ques but Bucky was begging to go to sleep and you were too damn oblivious. “We should foster a child, like three years old at least. I like the idea of the two of them running around together.”

“I like the idea of them both being safe. Loved, warm, sheltered, everything.”

“They have us for parents, we’re their dream come true Y/N.”

You smiled to yourself, envisioning two loves of your life giggling and happy. “Just a month ago I was crying over not being able to—now this happens I’m pregnant. Wow this is amazing. How unexpected life is.”

“I guess you don’t have to repent now.”

At his joke you rolled your eyes, “very fucking funny James. Go to sleep I know you’re tired.” You turned your back to him, not doing the usual routine of wrapping your arms around him in fear of him rolling on top of you which has happened before.

You leaned over to your nightstand and picked up a dorito and silently chewed it. Damn these things are good.

Bucky smirked to himself before saying, “Y/N?”

You froze, “Yeah?”

“Stop eating in bed.”

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Love in the Dark(Steve Rogers x Reader) (Request)

Originally posted by james-nat

zerolover94 : Could you do a fic that’s Captain America x Reader where the reader has powers of darkness and shadows and she saves Cap’s life and when he finds her she acts bitter because everyone assumes since she controls darkness she must be evil, but Cap is fascinated by her and he tells her he doesn’t see the monster everyone else does? Kinda fluffy, but realistic?

Word Count: 982

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This is ridiculous

Sooo… I’m not a person who usually does this type of thing, yet the flow of hate that suddenly popped in the ‘snamione’ tag is just amazingly stupid

So I’m gonna teach you guys a thing or two

Uh, okay, answer me this people insulting the ship and shippers (you know, those real people behind a keyboard just like you); is anyone threatning your life or health if you don’t look at something you hate? Forcing you, perhaps, to look for a ship you dislike? Pointing a gun at you or something? If so you should probably call the police or something but defenitely NOT insult people over the internet, wheter in PMs or the tags the shippers use to share art and discuss

Look, you don’t like it, great! Really, that’s cool. It’s amazing we’re all different and have different opinions as long as we don’t disrespect others and much more without even giving them a second chance. I hate and dislike many ships, but do I spread hate? No. Specially in their tag? Of course not. Do I insult the shippers? Hell no. I have a life, I respect others even if I have no idea of who they are. I don’t just judge real people of whom I know nothing about just because they ship fictional characters who aren’t even real

And by now you’re probably wondering “oooh, nooo, omg like snamione is soooo wrong, that’s just the excuse everyyyyone gives: they’re not real blah blah”

Well okay-okay, we’re not done yet,… let’s see:

1. “Oooh they’re pedophilia!”

No. You see, pedophilia is a vile act I, as well as some of my fellow shippers, despise and in real life I condemn it. Pedophilia, rape, those aren’t things to joke about and anyone who commits these crimes in real life must be punished . The true crime is when a legal person gets sexually involved with a minor(s) on an irresponsible way, because the minor(s) is (are) not prepared, physically or mentally. Rape is when someone forces him/herself on another(s) who does not give consent. If you checked before ranting you’d see we mostly ship consensual relationships/sexual acts between two adults. Stop calling random people you don’t even know perverts and pedophiles.

2. “But he’s sooo old”

Yes. According to canon Severus Snape is around 18/19 years older than Hermione Granger. Meaning when, let’s say, she’s around 20, he’s supposed to be 39. Sure, it’s a lot, but this also happens in real life and no one cares in those situations. Know why? Because in the end it’s between responsible adults, just like many of our snamione stuff is. And yes, he died in the Hogwarts battle in canon, but who cares? It’s a freakin story, fanfiction is supposed to be ‘fiction from fans’, I can do my own different end if I please. Even fanfiction with canon pairings isn’t canon: it was still written by fans. Everything J.K did not write isn’t canon. And I see so many people debate on this but like, did you even know DumbledoreXMcGonagall, a commonly well-accepted non-canon ship, is canonly 54 years difference? Meaning when Minerva was born Albus was 54? If you don’t believe me go check it out, really. Even pairings like Remus/Hermione and Sirius/Hermione don’t get so much hate even though they are the same age as Snape

3. “But they’re not even canon! Snape hates her!”

So…? They’re not canon, well duh. Many non-canon pairings and more “ridiculous” than snamione don’t get this hate. I mean look at dramione. (Not wanting to disrespect dramione shippers) but Draco hates Hermione too, and he’s racist. Snape was scarred for life for calling Lily a mudblood on accident but Draco calls Hermione mudblood all the time while making racist comments and he never regrets it. Sure, he “turns good” in the end after everything, but I doubt she’d forgive him so easily. If Draco wasn’t the pretty boy and her age, I’m sure dramione would get as much hate or more. And Snape, well, he doesn’t really hate her, since he despises every Gryffindor student equally. And that’s how he’s supposed to see her while she’s a student, because like you said, having a romantic interest on her while his young student is wrong. On the both-adults AUs on the other end, where people ship them for matching intelectually and Hermione’s personality close to Lily’s , among other things, it makes it interesting and amazing

So maybe you just found some weird things in our ship, but big deal. News flash, there are weirdos in every fandom, and OBVIOUSLY not all of us are like that. If you think that, you are terribily wrong.

And sure, after all this, you can still hate snamione and swear on your life never to ship it, but if you want to still spread and discuss your opinion, use an anti-snamione tag or at least be respectful towards us shippers.

 And if you go back to spreading hate like a raging 3 years old (apologies for the toddlers for the comparison), then I’m sorry but you’re just either really blank-mindend or you just like being an arse or seek attention in the easiest, most pathetic way. If not even J.K, the creator and ONLY ONE who has the right to judge doens’t give a damn, why should you? You didn’t write HP and you’re no better than her, and you don’t have the right to bring down another human being for something as simple and stupid as fictional characters.

In the end we’re all Potterheads. Shipping a pairing you don’t like or agree with doesn’t make the other fan less of a fan, and you better keep that in mind

And just grow up.

Like seriously.

Grow. Up.

    But really, whatever, joke’s on you; you’re the one who looks stupid

In the end I apologize for the big rant, and probable mistakes, I’m just tired and english is not my native language, yadda, yadda, you know the drill

AS FOR THE ACTUAL SNAMIONE FANS don’t let people as ignorant and bad like this make you feel bad! You make beautiful art with a beautiful non-canon ship, and I love y’all. I’ve been in this ship for quite some time and some of the nicest and most supportive people online I’ve met it was here. I’ve found so many good artworks, so many wonderful headcons and you even helped me so much improve my artwork in general, I just love you all xD

Thank you so, so much and keep up the wonderful work with the amazing ship, my fellow shippers :3

love like oxygen
rated pg maybe for cursing lmao?
word count: ~2.8k
ship: jinkook
prompt: “I rented the apartment above your flower shop and in the last two months you’ve gotten a new flower I’m allergic to so I keep buying bouquets until I can figure out which kind it is” au

Around two months ago Jungkook had moved into a cheap apartment that sat right above a flower shop. Maybe about a week ago, he’d started waking up with horrible allergies. 

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SnK Chapter 84

Let me start by saying what I enjoyed about this chapter.

  • Hange for calming a storm with ironclad reasoning. 
  • Connie for remembering his manners and having the decency to say goodbye. 
  • Flocke for understanding how life in the military works.
  • Moblit who acted quickly and selflessly in a moment of despair.

And that’s pretty much it. 

Last month many were predicting this exact outcome but I urged restraint. I was looking forward to the plot twist that would silence the critics. I was cautiously optimistic that the last three chapters of intense emotional build up would lead to something  profound and significant, and not just pointless drama.

Oops. My bad. 

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Soulmate AU- Luke Chapter 1


Chapter 1

           “I won’t waste another day, wishing this would fade away.”

                                               -5 Seconds of Summer

           I called my mom as soon as I got booked into a hotel, time had moved slowly since I got the letter on my wrist. I just wanted to go out and walk around the streets, praying to get that sting once again, but I knew I had to have some type of plan. My mom was ecstatic about my phone call, not because this meant I was closer than ever before to my soulmate, but because this meant I was closer to coming home. I didn’t want to come home at this point, although I would never be able to tell her this. Even though it was filled with constant disappointment, I had enjoyed traveling and living in a new place. Where did it say that my soulmate would want to move to where I grew up. Maybe he wanted to stay here and I wouldn’t dare force him to leave. At the moment, I was going to spend a month or two here in Melbourne and then I would travel to Sydney if I still hadn’t found him. If I do find him, well no one will be able to make me leave.

           Meanwhile, I needed to find some job because my funds were too low for comfort. It needed to be somewhere popular so that maybe my soulmate will walk in. I was tired of referring to him as my “soulmate” that had no personality or anything personal to it. For right now his name would be “L” since that is at least the beginning of his name, and then as letters appear I’ll add them. I had rented a condo for the duration of my stay, so that it’d be more homey than a hotel but didn’t require a lease like an apartment. So first up was a trip to the grocery store. It was so strange to see how different stores were in different countries. There was a little store on the corner under my apartment complex and for now, that will have to provide my basic needs.  At this point, all I really wanted/needed was a couple bottles of water, granola bars, and cereal. Tomorrow, I can go to the store and get food that will actually provide some sustainability. Subconsciously, I stared at every guy’s name tag as I walked through the store. Hoping for someone to have an L name. I bumped into someone as we both reached for a box of Cinammon Toast Crunch. He was about 3 inches taller than me, and he looked to be about the same age as me.

           “Oh, sorry!” I said, taking a step back. He smiled at me and reached for the box and handed it to me.

           “Sorry, if this sounds extremely weird, but are you from around here? I was wondering where a bigger grocery store was? Im new to the area.” One thing I had learned from all my travels is to ask questions to people, more times than not they will give you an answer and be helpful.

           “What more would you need than a box of cereal?” he tried to joke. I laughed lightly hoping he was still gonna answer my question.

           “Well, I would also need lunch and dinner” I tell him ,” assuming I eat it for breakfast. Secretly it’s one of my favorite lunch meals. ”

           “It’s the same way with my soulmate!” he says. Darn it, he already had a soulmate. I was just hoping that since I couldn’t see his wrist he may just be mine.

           “I hope my soulmate will be able to handle my little things!” I laugh.

           “You haven’t found him yet?” he asks, sympathetically. And there the look was, the look where the person who knows how it feels  to be with the one they were supposed to be.

           “Not yet, that’s actually why I’m here.”

           “In the cereal aisle?”

           “No!” I giggle.” It’s the reason I’m here in Melbourne. I’ve been traveling all around since I turned 18 trying to find him. But I’m closer than I have ever been before. When I got off the plane yesterday, I got the first letter.” I hold my wrist up toward him and show off the L proudly. He smiled at me, my enthusiasm obviously amusing him.

           “How long are you staying?” he asked.

           “Right now, about two months. If I find him, I’ll probably be staying for a while longer.”

           “Well, I’m sure my soulmate, Aiden , will love to meet you and maybe keep you company for the next 2 months. Give me your number and I’ll give it to her so that she can get with you and make plans.” He pulls an iphone 6 out of his pocket and held it out to me.

           “What’s your name?” I ask. This was exciting. I was actually going to have someone I could talk to about my life face-to-face.

           “I’m Ashton.”

A/N What do you guys think? Feel free to send me ideas or requests. I have a question too. How do y’all feel about dual Point-of-Views? (i.e. could i do some of this story from Luke’s P-O-V?) 

and once again, TG has gone overboard

No. No I don’t think Mutsuki killing his parents and a cat and going all…uh, snk shall we say, on Torso’s ass.

And I mean that literally.

Is ok.

Nah, I don’t believe people get free passes because they have a tragic backstory.

But that’s the thing.

Ya’ll are calling this a brilliant twist, but I’m more tired by it than anything.

Yes. Everyone’s crazy. With abusive parents.

Abuse begets abuse.

Everyone’s dark and horrible.

The world is dark and horrible.

Look at me I’m edgy.

Symbolism. Metaphor. I’m sure there was a K somewhere in a panel to symbolize Kafka.

Or some insect symbolism.

But anyway back to Mutsuki.

At this point I’m not particularly shocked, just making circular motions with m index finger asking Ishida to please move this along.

You know there’s a tv trope called darkness induced audience apathy.

It’s basically where if everyone is morally gray and the world is too dark and no one is sympathetic, then it stops being a brilliant and edgy portrayal of human nature and starts being very hard to care about.

And lazy writing, because real human beings aren’t all psychopaths and murderers.

And this is weird but uh, victims of abuse don’t always go crazy and start hurting other people.

But of course, I read TG, which means I must assume my best friend is going to kill and eat me, because the world is unfair.

The world is full of dark and horrible people and moral ambiguity….because you know, darkness is my soul, there’s no god, death is inevitable, being kind to people just fucks you up.

But back to audience induced apathy.

Maybe most of you aren’t there yet because the type of people who can excuse Torso are the kind of people who can excuse anything and still see every character as a sweet cinnamon roll deserving of a happy ending.

I don’t fault you for that.

Actually I do, but it’s irrelevant right now, so I won’t go there, we aren’t going to discuss whether Mutsuki or Torso is more deserving of pity.

But I think I, as a normal person with a working objective brain, am just really tired of people being revealed to be crazy and/or abused by their parents allllll along, I mean I’ve never had child abuse feel so cheap.

Yeah that’s the word.


It’s how all this feels, you know.

I never liked that Kaneki’s mom was revealed to be abusive all along.

It made more sense narratively and emotionally to have her just be weak.

It was actually really unique to have a kind mother who was too kind and died because of it, which then sets the stage for her son to fall for the same pit fall—-oh no, she was an abusive bitch. You just forgot.


Add him to the list, I guess.

Everyone and their mother was abused.

I’m actually a little surprised it hasn’t been revealed that Kaneki’s father abused his mother.

You know, abuse begets abuse. It’s a cycle.

Everyone who’s horrible has to have been abused by someone else.

Everyone’s “sympathetic”, which is code for everyone’s an asshole and you just have to choose who’s less of an asshole.

Just like in real life.

Oh wait, people actually aren’t all that sucky, despite what your angsty 14-year old edge master grunge lord ass might think.

Victims of abuse can be normal.

Perpetrators of abuse can just be born assholes.

Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t have a damn sad backstory, his parents got a divorce.

I guess that gave him the right to start eating penises, huh?

ALRIght TG fandom, I get it, you wank off all over this “abuse is a cycle” crap, I get it, horrible people make good people do horrible things, it’s science.

We’re listening Ishida.

What’s your point?

Where are you going now?

how are you going to resolve it?

Is ANYONE going to break that cycle or are you just going to go the easy route and let murder continue happening because THAT is also cheap.

You can’t just throw around he killed his parents, his mother was actually abusive all along and he just forgot about it, parents were killed by ghouls and now they seek revenge.

I mean I guess you CAN, but you shouldn’t.

I mean ok, Seido? Insane, Killed his parents. Mutsuki? Insane, Killed his parents. Uta? I’m sure he had abusive parents that he then killed.

Eto? Also insane. Killed her dad, mom died of dead mom syndrome.

Touka? Plot twist, parents killed by the CCG.

Nishiki. I don’t even remember his backstory other than he and his gf boned and it’s romantic, I can’t even remember, I think I’ve been deluged with way too many other back stories.

Do we have an Arima backstory?

Anyone wanna bet his parents were killed by ghouls?

Or they were abusive and forced him into the icy cold shell he is today because they expect him to the greatest ghoul killer?

Everyone in the CCG pretty much has the dead parents eaten by ghoul backstory.

It’s literally in the CCG mission statement to Adopt any and all kids with emotional issues.


I’m sure he killed his parents too and just forgot about it.

I’m just so very tired, first of Torso getting excuses, and now Mutsuki just being revealed as just as bad.

Like…I just don’t care now.

Someone die so we can just get out of this damn arc.

And can we get back to Kaneki?

We spent way too long on these new main characters only for them to die pointlessly (Shirazu, Kanae, a bunch of CCG characters I don’t care about but who inexplicably got screen time like Hairu and Kijima, also some other guys who got killed after surviving ALL of Tokyo Ghoul), and now we’ve got Mutsuki being morally grey.

Ooh that’s new.

And Urie is possibly going to kill Mutsuki and I suppose I’m supposed to be devastated and realize how fragile and delicate our perceptions of morality are?

But no, I’m just going to see Mutsuki’s death being caused by the same thing that caused Shirazu’s death: everything sucks and we shouldn’t care about characters because they’re all secretly evil and it’s of course because of abuse.


Really taught me a lot, thanks man.