are you guys emotional over this because i know i am

2 months ago, i finally made the jump     &     created a multi-muse, due to restricted free time     &     a dear need for better organization. it took me so long to take that decision, as, as you all know, multi-muse, though now more popular     &     accepted, often have a harder time fitting in – or so i thought     !     but boi was i wrong. in all honesty, i have never had such a good time rping as i do right now. creating a multi has given me the opportunity to rp in fandoms i probably would’ve never thought of joining,     &     write characters that i’ve always been dying to write, but was always too scared to make. i am so grateful for the response this blog has gotten & the support you guys have given me. it has given me the chance to forge beautiful friendships,     &     write with so many beautifully talented people. i’m just          so incredibly emotional, you guys have no idea how much your love     &     support means to me. it allowed me to truly enjoy rping again. so thank you thank you thank you. for bearing with my constant shitposting, for sending memes, for showing interest in my portrayals. you’re all so dear to me, i hope you know. 

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maybe the seat isn’t the “gay seat” but the “I understand that you’re probably going through a lot right now and may need both physical and emotional space, and because I’ve known you all my life I also know it’s best to sometimes leave you and not overcrowd you, so I’ll sit here and give you time to think and breathe but still be close enough to show I’m not upset or angry with you and am still here” seat

Y’know I know some people are not 100% Terry Hype or even love-to-hate on the guy, mostly because of Who He Replaced, but - I have a bit of a thinky thought on that…

I think maybe in the midst of the incredible emotional devastation that was Scanlan leaving, people might have…either missed or glossed over or forgotten or something - the fact that Scanlan was pretty clear about the fact he’d return.

Obviously that was a killer scene, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t be upset about it - feel your feels, by all means! I’ll miss him too - but I never once got the impression that Scanman was gone for good. Am I alone on that, or did you guys sense that too? He said to Vax that they’d have the conversation about the note when he got back, and that he needed to be a Shorthalt for a while. It’s not a goodbye forever, it’s very much a hiatus.

(Interestingly enough, I think the character sheets help convince me of that. He didn’t tear Scanlan’s up or toss it out or anything, no big symbolic goodbye. He just…put it away, and pulled out Terry’s).

And what makes me more certain of that than anything is Terry. Because Terry is designed to be so deliciously delectably hate-able. Unless he really takes off in terms of popularity or ends up with a really amazing surprise character arc (and who knows? This show is very unpredictable after all) he’s there to make us, and Vox Machina, miss and appreciate Scanlan. And by Vex’s “this piece of shit would never replace him”, it’s already working.

And the last thing that keeps my confidence that Scanlan’s departure is temporary is the thought that if there’s any player in the world who simply could not resist the appeal of a last-minute big-damn-heroes rescue from out of nowhere it’d be Scanlan fucking Shorthalt played by Sam fucking Riegel.

So anyway, there’s that.

you don’t even understand how emotional I am over 5:14 (Last Page) rn. i’m looking at the lyrics and they are so thoughtful and profound i’m crying. in the lyrics they were talking about having trouble sleeping and they’re worried about what their end will look like and perhaps they won’t have the obvious ending but they hope its a happy one and that they might go through pain and hurt but they hope that we can get through it together so we can finally sleep???? 

and one line literally was like “after putting the stage behind we talk about all the things we’ve lacked” and that they end up talking about yesterdays and suddenly it’s 5:14 in the morning but they’re smiling because they’re still dreaming the same dream as they were when they debuted. like guys i’m CRYING

and the fact that they helped write this makes me really emotional because they know they haven’t had it easy but are really hoping we’ll still stay by their side.

was just going through my photo tag and I’m getting emotional over how incredibly kind, encouraging and lovely you’ve all been to me.

you may think it’s easy for me to post selfies and photos but I’m 100% letting you know it’s you guys who have really encouraged me over this last year particularly - I went through a phase not too many years ago where I didn’t take a single selfie for months on end because I wasn’t happy with how I looked, but the way you guys have been so SO uplifting on tumblr has helped make me more confident and happy with who I am :)))) so thank u endlessly 💖💖💖

Strong woman ep 7

The gangsters and the thugs in this drama are hilarious.

From the moment the gangster boss comes to visit the hospital and till that sequence was over, I was giggling non stop.  The whole thing about the guy who barely can walk saying ‘I will escort you’ and the different rooms he had to visit because of all the thugs that have been put in the hospital but BS and her granny and boss asking ‘are they anymore?’ and his minion saying ‘that is it for today’ had me in stitches.  

This drama knows its comedy and they are really fun.

But there were a couple of things that just did not feel smooth.  Like what was with her outburst with her mother and major emotional moment?  There was no built up to that at all.  I am sure everything she said had to be said at some point but there had to be some build up for us to know she has been feeling the burn for a while….It was too abrupt and I felt took away from the potential impact.

Also, something felt totally disconnected about how she confronted BG’s girlfriend and her brother.  Just did not flow smoothly.

I also found significant portion of this episode slightly boring too.  

There were supposed to be bonding moments for the strong girls in the family but that felt a bit flat too.  

I still love this drama and it entertains me a lot and I look for it on Fridays but today felt slightly flat in terms of emotional pay off. 

Kylux ‘separated as kids then meet again in college’ au??


Ive got a doc with 300 or so kylux aus sitting on it and the number for this au was pulled and i just got rlly emotional over it?? So much fluff??? Many sketches im srry

also guess who doesnt care about anatomy??? *points at self furiously*

Onto the actual au

  • The Hux’s live across the street from the Organa-Solo’s. Both Leia and Brendol hate each other, they’re political rivals, so the family’s never meet really.
  • Ben & Armitage, who’s nickname is Armie bc lil 5 year old Ben cant pronounce Armitage, meet because they both run off to the fields behind Ben’s house in an attempt to get out of the house. They got rlly shitty family lives.
  • Met when Ben was 4, Hux 5 (ik theyre 5 years apart but for sake of this au its 1 ok)
  • They became friends bc of said tough family lives - Leia and Han are always arguing and Han is never really around for Ben, and Brendol is not a nice man, living alone with Hux since his mother died.
  • Hux sr doesn’t like Armie, he’s too emotional like his mother, and thinks him being around Ben only encourages such unruly behaviour
  • Leia and Han think Armie is a bit rude, but he’s nice to Ben so it’s okay
  • They always let Hux come over and treat him kindly like giving him and Ben extra sweets or letting them run around outside for extra time, bc they know Hux sr doesn’t treat him nice.
  • Rey is basically Ben’s sister, she was left with Leia by her father Luke, who went on some journey to enlightenment across the globe. Finn and Poe are her best friends, they live down the street and go to the same school as her and Ben. Hux goes to a prep school.
  • Every day after school Ben and Armie run off to their designated little area in the fields and talk about their days. Ben tells Armie about how at school he lifted the most sticks and how he’s the strongest in the class and Armie tells Ben about how one of his teachers got caught in a scandal and was fired. Neither of them have any friends besides the other.
  • If Hux sr is ever in a bad mood, Armie stays the night at the Organa-Solo’s with Ben
  • When Ben is 5 and a half, and Armie 6 almost 7, Hux sr is called away for work and they move away, leaving little Ben without a friend and heartbroken.
  • Since Ben no longer has his confidant, he becomes more and more reckless in school getting in a lot of trouble as the years go by, forced to keep his emotions under wraps. Doesn’t really work well. Leia and even Rey Finn and Poe offer to talk to him but he doesn’t want to.
  • In 6th grade he takes the name Kylo Ren, and basically forces everyone to call him that, but Leia and Han still call him Ben.
  • Meanwhile Hux has been forced to deal with his father on his own, and he’s kind of emotionally jaded?? Like his one motivation for why he does everything so rigorously and over the top is because he is determined to one up his father and exceed any and all expectations
  • Fast forward to 13 years later, Kylo’s at college orientation, he’s forced to walk around and look at everything even though he knows all the shit thats there, and happens to see a certain redhead sophomore there, just looking at the new freshies.
  • Uncharacteristically tearful reunion ensues because said losers have been apart for far too long
  • Kylo used to send letters to Hux, sneaking into his mothers office and using her computer to find the Hux’s address, and tell him about what was going on. Hux got every single one, but never responded, fearful his father might cut him off if he knew Ben was still talking to him.
  • In the last letter Kylo sent, he’d written that he loved Hux, because year after year he’d been set up on so many dates by Rey and her friends, but every single one he could only think of Hux and wonder what he would do and if he’d like what he’s eating or would he like those flowers? He never sent another though, since Hux never responded and he believed wholly he’d never see him again
  • When Hux saw said letter, he’d been overcome with his feelings, he did return them, and he’d wanted nothing more than to reply to this letter and tell Ben that he loved him too but…Hux’s dad is an asshole and he couldn’t risk it.
  • When they meet and hug n kiss and shit you know your classic lovers reunion, Hux calls him Ben but he’s like …its actually Kylo now. Hux never knew he changed his name because Kylo never signed his letters, but Hux knew who it was since every letter started with ‘Armie!’
  • Hux finally tells him he loves him because you know these losers cant live without one another
  • @ orientation many things happened really
    • They kiss for the first time (and the second third and many right after)
    • As they make out in the middle of said orientation hall, Finn and Poe each hand Rey a $20 because theyve been betting on this for years, and Rey was sure that Kylo would make a move on Hux the second they met again.
    • Hux realizes Kylo is taller than him and very toned and realizing that he is very fucked, he is both bitter at the height change but also lovestruck because this manchild is adorable
    • Kylo pulls Hux outside and away from his family’s far too enthusiatic prying eyes, and they just cuddle on a bench, at which point Kylo asks if he can still call Hux Armie, and ‘You’re not a kid anymore my name is Hux, unless you want me to keep calling you Benjamin.’
  • Their luck at going to the same college and meeting that day was not all luck, it was Leia’s doing. She denies it whenever someone asks but she was sick of Ben being unhappy. She looked up where Hux was enrolled in classes and got Ben into the same school, and also had the principal give the students a message that all of them would have to attend orientation, to assure Hux was there.
  • Leia uses her rep to get her kids the finest at said school tbh. Rey Finn and Poe all go to the same university, and she got them an apartment on campus since dorms wouldn’t allow boys and girls in the same dorm rooms. She did the same for Hux and Kylo, even though they could’ve dormed, because in an apartment they would have the leisure to catch up on all their lost time.
  • Hux already has a roommate he dorms with, Phasma, who was the only friend he made throughout the years, and they used their influence to get a room together because he wasn’t willing to dorm with a stranger. Phas is more than happy to see Hux move into an apartment with Kylo though, having heard many things about Ben and read his letters. Also she really didn’t wanna have to hear them fuck every day. She get’s a new roommate Mitaka, and they get along fine.
  • The Organa-Solo’s are in town for another 2 days after orientation, and they’ve got a nice beach house they’re staying at. Leia’s arranged for Hux to have the next 2 days off classes, and he’s invited to stay with them for the time. Kylo and Hux spend those 48 hours in the house never leaving each others arms, just reminiscing about the the years apart and what it means for them that theyre back together now
  • Hux is a History major, specifically Military History, and Kylo is an Astronomy major.
    • Cue cheesy reason for him picking astronomy - Kylo had to spend all his troubled nights alone after Hux left, but he’d taken comfort in the stars, knowing that at night Hux would be looking at the same ones wherever he was.
    • After he told this to Hux, his face had gone horribly red and hid under the covers in embarrassment for a solid 2 hours
  • They fuck the first night Kylo moves into the apartment at the start of fall term and Hux is just like ‘Well thats…a new experience for sure…’ ‘New is good, right?’ ‘New is very good.’

thts the end of my au rant. Im so sorry. I just. So many feelings for this shit…and excuse my crappy art too…just excuse this whole post in general because like i said. 300 au doc, theres gonna be so many more of these massive au posts.

its like an au factory over here rn

maybe ill make proper art of this?? who knows for now please accept 20min sketches

Okay but now I really am getting emotional over Steve and Tony as Actual Co-Leaders of the Avengers because like

Tony seems like the kind of person who has so many thoughts racing around at any given time that to really focus in on one train, he has to talk it out and force himself to think linearly (cue JARVIS and the bots). We see something like that in Avengers, when Steve and Tony are talking about Coulson and then Tony takes off trying to figure out Loki, and by bouncing his thoughts off of Steve, he realizes he already knows where Loki is; and that’s echoed in AoU, when they’re actively working out their next steps at Clint’s farmhouse. 

So like

I like to think that, somewhere between Avengers and AoU, as the team comes together to shut down all the rogue HYDRA bases and look for the scepter, this becomes something of a ritual: before every raid, Tony and Steve wander off alone so Tony can rattle off every possible scenario he can imagine given what they know, and then Steve strategizes accordingly. And they both know they can’t possibly plan for every single scenario – and it’s fine, they’re both very practiced improvisers – but they at least have a unified sense of what COULD happen and how they COULD react. As co-leaders. As a team.


(look what you made me do @knightinironarmor ;P)

Omegaverse used differently?

I can’t tell you how much I love the Omegaverse AU. The pack dynamics, the interesting social side about it, heck even heat cycles are pretty interesting.


I am reaaaaaaally getting tired of Omegaverse being all about sex. Like seriously, I know that Omegaverse is kinda set up to be this sort of society with very distinct class rules which are interpreted sexually - and this isn’t meant to shame anyone who likes that kind of thing at all because those fics can be lovely and really well thought out and just fantastic too.

But consider these things, instead of just having wild sex all the time:

-alphas being absolutely smitten with their mate and being clingy and annoying and their mates taking things (aka control) into their hands bc seriously this idiot just won’t stop pining over me even though we’re together and oh my god I have mated with an idiot.

-dates that go further than just sex - having an emotional connection and being comfortable with the other is also very important to having a good, stable relationship.

-steady mates binge watching series on netflix and help, we’re on the fourth episode, but neither of us can remember the protagonist’s name because you were fiddling with my hair and sneaking kisses in and every time the antagonist comes on screen, you talk over him in a squeaky voice or pretend they’re using memes and heLP I CANNOT BREATHE FOR LAUGHING

-making/ eating food whilst they play boardgames and they accuse each other of cheating and end up throwing most of the pieces at each other and then lose them, so they both have to spend the next two hours looking for them all.

-supermarket shopping, when one of them grabs everything they want on the shelf, even if it’s highly expensive so the other one has to become mum and tell them to put it back. (Also shy hand holding and shoving each other playfully in the queue.)

-just like generally doting on each other? The alpha turns out to have a mum side which conquers all whines with a stern frown and a voice that rules over all claims of ‘I’m not cold, I don’t need a coat’ or ‘But I don’t like green peppers!’

-making blanket forts because one of them insisted on doing it and the whole time the other is whining about how childish it is but they end up falling asleep in the fort first and who is the childish one now?

-rainy days spent inside, cuddled up to each other and just drinking in the warmth and comfort of their mate because they feel so happy and content in this moment and what is more perfect?


But you see my point, the Omegaverse should certainly not be reduced to just smut all the time, because there is SO much room for doing interesting things.

…. I might add to this list later, because actually I’ve wanted to write some things for my husband like this

Barisi Episode Tag, 17x18

(6.1K. Inspired by Sonny praying and by the way Sonny said “I know” in that church, when Father Eugene asked him if he knew what it’s like to pray to be relieved of weakness. Also inspired by the way Barba kept looking at Sonny in sympathy, because maybe he and Sonny have more in common than he originally thought.

Lastly, I realise it is Easter Sunday for many of you, and this story has a heavy religious theme. Proceed accordingly. Just know that I wrote it with love.)

~ ~ ~

Divine Intervention

~ ~ ~

Rafael is struggling not to stare.

This is the fourth trip Carisi has made to his office, carrying box after box full of folders, full of evidence, full of disturbing pictures of disturbing people, and Carisi looks to be on autopilot.

They’re standing next to each other over Rafael’s coffee table, arranging everything by year, and there have been no smiles, no attempts at small talk, no snarky comebacks, no casual touches, no fleeting looks, always longer than necessary, no ‘accidental’ near-misses, their shoulders only a hair’s breadth apart, no gratuitous exchanges of documents, their fingers all but grazing each other, there have been no words muttered quietly enough to require a step closer to be heard.

This isn’t Carisi.

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It upsets me that so many people are mad at Harry

I mean for his parenting skills. Guys, he has absolutely NOTHING to go on. You know his father figures? Let’s list them:

Sirius Black: Wanted Fugitive
Rebeus Hagrid: an over emotional half giant that I am 90% sure was an alcoholic
Remus Lupin: yet another father that has no clue what he’s doing. If it weren’t for the trio, he would’ve abandoned his pregnant wife out of fear.

Harry really had nothing to go on, but he was really trying his best. I’m not saying he was a good dad, but that’s because he’s still learning. He has nothing to go on, and Albus is so much different than James. He’s trying. And, at the end, it was so obvious that he hated what he’d said to Albus, and wanted to take it all back, but he didn’t expect Albus to forgive and forget. He just HOPED Albus would be able to look past it.
Sure, Harry Potter isn’t father of the year. Maybe not even of the month, or the week, but how could we expect him to be? He’s Harry freaking Potter. He has got so much on his shoulders and wants none of it. I can guarantee you that he would take all of that on his shoulders three times, if it meant saving his children from it, from his fame. His legacy. Besides, Albus isn’t an easy kid to handle. He jumped off of a moving train and dragged a friend along with him to save a person that was killed long before he was even a thought. He caused an alternate reality where his father was killed, his, his siblings, and his friends never existed, and his normally sweet best friend was a total monster. You can’t exactly find the solution to that in a parenting book.
Harry has no clue what he is doing, but he is figuring it out. I don’t expect anyone to dub him the greatest father ever, but I hate the idea of Harry being dubbed a horrible father.

Hey guys!! How are you today? I hope you’re all doing well, because you deserve it! 

Yes, it’s true: I’m making yet another follow forever! I still haven’t reached my goal, but I was getting so impatient that I really had to do this today! And, of course, I don’t need to hit a particular amount of followers to make one of these. Everyday is “follow forever” day when it comes to expressing how I feel about you guys, heh~. Please forgive my sappiness, but most of you have been following me long enough to know how I am. 💗

I will be tagging as following:

Bold: favorite blogs;
Italic: mutuals;
✨: friends;
🌸: people I’d like to get to know better.

Note: if you have a 🌿 after your url, then please check what’s at the end of the post.

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can’t even talk to my parents about how hurt I am because all I could ask was “do you guys make more money now than you did when I was growing up” and my mom gave me a duh type answer and then I said “yeah.. cause you bought alison $80 prom shoes and..” and didn’t finish but I had to go through a program to get a free dress my junior year and I found $20 shoes somewhere, got free jewelry from the program and borrow my mom’s strapless bra, and I remember feeling like a piece of shit my senior year when my mom bought me a $200 prom dress and now she’s just dropping $80 on a single pair of shoes my sister “claims” she’ll wear again and it hurts so so so much that I walked away so I could cry a little and get control of myself and I don’t know if I’m just over emotional from the awful little sleep I’ve been getting for the part week or what but I feel bad going into stores and liking something over $25. half the time I leave it on the rack. sometimes I try it on before I leave the store if I really love it. but I don’t buy it. my mom was kind enough to buy me groceries this past fall when I was unemployed and trying to get my life sorted. and even then, I couldn’t be frivolous. I got what I needed and I didn’t get anymore. my parents raised me to feel like shit for picking up a tub of ice cream, or a bag of snacks. I mean it wasn’t their intent to make me feel bad, but the guilt happened and it destroyed me. i never got lunchables because they were too expensive for too little food. I loved strawberry poptarts with a burning passion, and I was lucky if my mom would get a box twice a year while I was growing up. and even then, I was lucky if my siblings didn’t find the box and eat them all. They definitely weren’t allowed when I was little, “too much sugar. they’re bad for you,” she’d say. and now they’re an every day shopping trip pick up. it’s the little things. the little things have destroyed me. the holding back. I feel awful for treating myself. I went with my sisters when they got pedicures and manicures yesterday for prom/formal. my mom took me /once/ when I was 14. my sisters go all the time. the guilt of charging it to my moms card stopped me from getting both. I did my toenails only. my aunt drove us, and realized I wasn’t getting my nails done. she asked me if I wanted them done and I know she has money and she doesn’t have kids. but this upbringing and this guilt made me lie. I told her no, I only wanted my toes done. I feel like fucking shit because I was raised with less money than my little siblings and seeing my parents spend more on them, more time, more money, more energy, rips me to fucking pieces. I’m too old for my parents to spend money on me, and even then they raised me differently so I’d never ask and I’d deny or downplay my wants because they’re not needs. my parents didn’t have money for me and I get that. I’m not trying to be spoiled or jealous. I’m just damaged watching them give my siblings so much more. my parents didn’t have time for me, and I’m 22 years old and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to let go of my resentment of that. I got so many less opportunities because my parents were too busy with everyone else to spend time on me. I’m the oldest and I’m watching my siblings being raised so much better than I was and everything hurts and aches so much.

Attention Everyone Who Is Willing To Read This

You are amazing , I never could ask more from you and I hope you don’t let other people walk over you. I care for ALL of you because each one of you is:


 I wanted to let you that your brilliant because I know how it feels to have a bad day or a sudden change in emotions . I want everyone to know I am here for you , I am not a scary person and my arms are always open for my friends and followers.

and if anyone upsets you with hate , please don’t listen to them because they don’t know the true you! if they are a problem please contact me. I care & love you guys so much!  So please read this and smile because your an amazing roleplayer/artist/person.

Sincerely Tanya / AwkwardAlphys 

I don’t know which half of my longest term homestuck ship is most ridiculous. I mean on the one hand you’ve got:

PERSON: So what do you think about John Egbert?

KARKAT: I— FUCK— I— *passes out from emotional overload*

but then on the other:

JOHN: oh, karkat is loud and funny and a pretty good guy. i only talked to him a few times over the internet, but i can tell these things.

PERSON: ooookay…. but this conversation was actually about if you wanted to make weird flavours of ice cream with me??

JOHN: of course i do, why would that need to be a question.

JOHN: hey, do you think karkat would like ice cream, or do you think trolls can only eat weird alien ice cream, made out of bug milk or something?

JOHN: because that would be gross.


Sometimes i am just

r u guys ok

‘cuz for SOME reason the John and Rose reunion chat got derailed by “hey, what do you think karkat is doing, RIGHT NOW?” and *I* was not ok with that. It was like one of my punchlines lept out of my blog archive and this time the joke was on *me*.

Video of ARMY Lip Syncing to I Need U (please help me! :))

Hey guys so a couple of you are interested in doing this vid, so here are more details that you might want to know! (For those who do not yet know of this, I am planning to make a video compiling ARMYs from all over the world lip syncing to I Need U to show everyone that making intense facial expressions to a song you love is perfectly fine, and of course, to show love and support to our boys! However, I cannot do this alone and I Need U to help me! :))

1. The whole point of the video is to show your intense, emotional lip syncing side, so please do not hesitate to contort your face in heart-wrenching pain, ruffle your hair in anguish or grab at your heart more than you would deem necessary.

2. Why not make even more of an impact by taking your handy BTS lightstick/hairbrush/spoon/toothbrush/hip hop monster figure/umbrella/sock as a makeshift microphone to pour your heart into?

3. Do send in your clips to! (You can do more than one clip per person! Just try not to make it back-to-back!)

4. I need some intense rocking-out clips to put in the instrumental areas as well, so please send me your most hyper rock-out session! 

I have decided to divide the song in this way, so that means that I need a total of 91 clips! WHOAH. Well, we’ll see how it goes! (I can always factor in more or less clips xD)

Just a little clarification: Each person can choose to send me 1-4 clips, or a whole video! There is no need to send me 91 clips xD

Clip 1: Fall

Clip 2: Fall

Clip 3: Fall

Clip 4: heuteojine

Clip 5: Fall

Clip 6: Fall

Clip 7: Fall

Clip 8: tteoreojine

Clip 9: Neo ttaeme na ireohge manggajyeo

Clip 10: Geumanhallae ije neo an gajyeo

Clip 11: Moshagesseo mwot gataseo

Clip 12: Jebal pinggye gateun geon samgajwo

Clip 13: Niga nahante ireom an dwae

Clip 14: Niga han modeun mareun andae

Clip 15: Jinsireul garigo nal jjijeo

Clip 16: Nal jjigeo na michyeo da sirhheo

Clip 17: Jeonbu gajyeoga nan niga geunyang miwo

Clip 18: But you’re my everything

Clip 19: (you’re my)

Clip 20: Everything

Clip 21: (you’re my)

Clip 22: Everything

Clip 23: (you’re my)

Clip 24: Jebal jom kkeojyeo huh

Clip 25: Mianhae

Clip 26: (I hate u)

Clip 27: Saranghae

Clip 28: (I hate u)

Clip 29: Yongseohae

Clip 30: I need you girl

Clip 31: Wae honja saranghago

Clip 32: honjaseoman ibyeolhae

Clip 33: I need you girl

Clip 34: Wae dachil geol almyeonseo

Clip 35: jakku niga piryohae

Clip 36: I need you girl

Clip 37: neon areumdawo

Clip 38: I need you girl

Clip 39: neomu chagawo

Clip 40: I need you girl

Clip 41: (I need you girl)

Clip 42: I need you girl

Clip 43: (I need you girl)

Clip 44: It goes round & round na wae jakku doraoji

Clip 45: I go down & down ijjeum doemyeon naega baboji

Clip 46: Na museun jiseul haebwado eojjeol suga eopsdago

Clip 47: Bunmyeong nae simjang, nae maeum, nae gaseuminde wae mareul an deutnyago

Clip 48: Tto honjasmalhane

Clip 49: (tto honjasmalhane)

Clip 50: Tto honjasmalhane

Clip 51: (tto honjasmalhane)

Clip 52: Neon amu mal an hae a jebal naega jalhalge

Clip 53: Haneureun tto parahge

Clip 54: (haneureun tto parahge)

Clip 55: Haneuri paraeseo haessari biccnaseo

Clip 56: Nae nunmuri deo jal boina bwa

Clip 57: Wae naneun neoinji wae hapil neoinji

Clip 58: Wae neoreul tteonal suga eopsneunji

Clip 59: I need you girl

Clip 60: Wae honja saranghago

Clip 61: honjaseoman ibyeolhae

Clip 62: I need you girl

Clip 63: Wae dachil geol almyeonseo

Clip 64:  jakku niga piryohae

Clip 65: I need you girl

Clip 66: neon areumdawo

Clip 67: I need you girl

Clip 68: neomu chagawo

Clip 69: I need you girl

Clip 70: (I need you girl)

Clip 71: I need you girl

Clip 72: (I need you girl)

Clip 73: Girl charari charari heeojijago haejwo

Clip 74: Girl sarangi sarangi anieossdago haejwo

Clip 75: Naegen geureol yonggiga eopseo

Clip 76: Naege majimak seonmureul jwo

Clip 77: Deoneun doragal su eopsdorok

Clip 78: I need you girl

Clip 79: Wae honja saranghago

Clip 80: honjaseoman ibyeolhae

Clip 81: I need you girl

Clip 82: Wae dachil geol almyeonseo

Clip 83: jakku niga piryohae

Clip 84: I need you girl

Clip 85: neon areumdawo

Clip 86: I need you girl

Clip 87: neomu chagawo

Clip 88: I need you girl

Clip 89: (I need you girl)

Clip 90: I need you girl

Clip 91: (I need you girl)

(Romanizations by:

These clips can easily be doubled-up in case I cannot reach the number of clips I am hoping for, but I really hope that I would need to start trying to add more clips rather than making them double up! If you have any inkling of interest for joining my project, please do, it will only take a few minutes of your time, but it would add up to this amazing thing in my head! :)


I can’t express to you guys, the feelings I am going through having memories from these photos from a year ago. While things were so new and undiscovered, unrevealed. Before all our hearts got torn out by DW and we were so innocent in knowing what was to come. Our hearts were full, whole, and not yet mangled. And here I stood a full day, my first time as the face of Hiccup for the movie no one knew would break all our hearts yet put us through loops of emotion.
This event was so important to me that I had just been recovering from a major hospital visit, and even though it was hard, I got up and hobbled my peg-legged self to that showing in that armor because thats how much it meant to me.
Being Hiccup was worth every moment, and also every penny I spent seeing this movie over and over. And I still appreciate dreamworksanimation and kris0ten for inviting me and allowing me that opportunity. (Im still here if you guys ever want me.) This movie and the last has changed my life for ever, this is why it’s birthday is important. Happy Birthday, How to Train Your Dragon 2.
You are amazing.

But guys, Aaron’s accepting him. I mean Jesus, Aaron is accepting Rob for who he is.

This conversation was so huge; it was Rob standing in front of Aaron saying: ‘I love you. This is who I am. The things I do I’m doing for you and I’m trying to be better, no promises but I’m trying.’ and opening himself up to the possibility Aaron turning away, the possibility of having the door slammed in his face. But he still did it because he knew it was the only was to carry on in an actual relationship.

ROBERT SUGDEN chose the risk of honest conversation, knowing it might end in rejection, over his tried and tested methods of deceit or excuses. Robert full-of-rejection-fear Sugden! And Aaron accepted him!

My lads make my heart soar!

Now you’ve seen the very lame last minute edit, behold the very lame text/emotional post ! I promise it’s my last follow forever !

As you guys know, I’ve reached 1K followers (I won’t really say it surprised me because all of you guys reblogged my posts and helped me reach this number, which I’m extremely thankful for). 
I’ve had this blog since late 2013 and I’ve been on Tumblr since 2011 and yet I never thought any of my blogs would reach over 200 followers. I’m lame, boring and not follow material, but right now there are so many of you guys here and I’m incredibly thankful ! 

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stiles is going to go missing and everyone is going to lose their memory of him except lydia ( which i assume is because of the emotional tether since they did say emotional tethers would be important this season ) so lydia is going to be in this all alone. she’s going to have to deal with the fact that not only is her best friend missing ( and the guy she has feelings for which is gonna fuck her up even more bc they probably talk about it before he goes missing. she has a ex boyfriend who left. a best friend and another ex boyfriend who died. do you realize how much that is going to fuck her up? ) but also that literally no one else knows who he is. she is going to be in this all alone and i am so fucking emotional over it.