are you guys a package deal

In light of me graduating tomorrow, I’ve decided to make a bit of a guide for those younger students who have not yet experienced college. Keep in mind, I am American and attended an American university while living on campus.


  • hand wash your intimates (panties and bras). they’ll last longer.
  • don’t get wrapped up in sticking to an aesthetic. just wear what’s clean
  • hang the next day’s outfit on your closet door
  • have one outfit for every occasion
  • invest in plain solid colored tops, a business formal and business casual outfit, and comfortable shoes
  • fold a plain t-shirt, roll it up tiny and stick it in a bag. keep this in your everyday bag if possible in the event a guy named Eric spills coffee on you in Bio
  • use scarves, plaid shirts, belts, ties, etc to spice up your wardrobe. but also, its fine to wear the sweatpants and hoodie to every class


  • don’t get attached to just one singular spot. explore like you’re in a video game looking for hidden items.
  • sometimes you end up working in the library for their full operating hours. keep a travel bag with toothbrush/toothpaste/floss, mini bottle of face wash, pads/tampons, pain reliever, hair ties, and chapstick. just in case you stay until 2am at closing and you have an 8am and you know you won’t get much sleep.
  • have cash on you, have money on your student card, have your ID with you at all times and USE EVERY RESOURCE they offer.
  • minimize how much you bring. my library had desktop computers but also you can borrow macs and ipads for a period of time. also, they have chargers you can borrow.
  • photocopy, print, scan, etc is your friend. borrow a textbook from a friend for a day and have your own copy in minutes at the library.
  • follow the rules of the land. don’t be that guy/girl/person.


  • plan your meals
  • budget your meal plan so you don’t end up starving during finals week
  • eat with others, especially when you’re struggling to get food
  • if it isn’t essential, don’t buy it
  • never shop hungry
  • make lists before you grocery shop. shop more on the outer rings of the stores where the fresh, healthy food is
  • cook like you’re trying to survive a harsh winter. leftovers that last. carbs and protein heavy.
  • have family send you care packages with essentials you can’t get where you are.


  • unless you invented mornings or are the god Apollo, please refrain from taking 8AM classes
  • never make big gaps in between your classes in one day. schedules should maximize efficiency. have enough time to eat and pee between classes and nothing more.
  • office hours. go to them. no matter what your status in the class is. you want those letter of recommendations, don’t you?
  • sit in the front
  • do the readings, write down questions you have, take good notes, make sure all your questions are answered before class is over
  • make friends with your classmates. emailing the whole class to get notes you missed is a huge nono
  • make money by being someone’s note-taker
  • go to tutoring sessions
  • make besties with your TA


  • never work on outside assignments in class
  • start the day you get an assignment even if it’s due next month
  • the minute you start a new unit, prepare for that inevitable test
  • you should spend hours studying for each subject. daily. for the best results
  • online homework is hard to remember. make phone alerts
  • download apps that won’t let you procrastinate on your computer when you need to study. i use writer’s block.
  • study before you go to bed, then pause and continue once you wake up


  • record yourself while you practice
  • don’t stare at one person the whole time you’re speaking. pick three in different locations around the room
  • if you need to pause and look at your notes, do it naturally and comfortably. even announce that you’re taking a second to check your notes
  • take frequent short pauses to avoid saying uhhh and ummm while you’re trying to remember something
  • ask that your audience save questions for the end
  • practice (3x)
  • perform your script to a friend first. have them act as your audience, teacher, and the bad scenarios that can happen when you prepare but everything goes to shit
Magical Realism Fic Rec

for a friend!

burning bright (oikuro)- M, 43k

The tale of how Kuroo Tetsurou invades and subsequently ruins Oikawa Tooru’s life with his larger-than-life fire magic and his terrible hair.

i put my hand out, unfolded, into the sunlight (bokuaka) - G, 3.k

In which Bokuto Kotarou is woefully inept at conveying his feelings, and Akaashi Keiji has a sort-of superpower. Sort of.

hang out and fall in love (matsuhana) - T, 5.6k

In which Hanamaki’s humble medical practice is threatened by an intractable asshole a witch doctor who’s just moved into the shop down the street. Medical/Witchcraft AU.

And flowers bloom in his wake (kurodai) - G, 10k

Magical gifts AU. The first thing Kuroo notices about Sawamura Daichi is that wherever he goes, there are flowers. 

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Sana: Hello?

The ballonsquad guys: Discussing how Yousef has tried 10 times and failied and how he’ll fail again

Yousef: Sch.. Calm down boys 

The guys: Come on then!

The ballonsquad guys: That was bad!

Sana: Whats going on in here?

One of the guys: Lets make Sana try it!

The other guys: She’s totally gonna make it!

One of the guys: Yeah because she is actually good at basketball unlike some people!

Simo: Yeah, because she learnt it from me!

Sana: What you talking about learnt it from you? Even mom is better at basketball than you!

The ballonsquad guys: Ohhh!!! That hurt!

Simo: If you can make it, then I’ll be your slave for a week!

The ballonsquad guys: Dont do it man!

Simo: I’m sure about this

Sana: Drive me everywhere, clean my room?

Simo: Whatever you want! The whole package!

Sana: Swear!

Simo: Wallah! (I swear to God in arabic) And all the boys are my witnesses!

The ballonsquad guys:

Dont do it!

Simo: Its okay guys! I got it!

Sana: What should I do?

Simo: You gonna throw this in the lamp, exactly at the time Snoop Dogg sings “Smoke weed everyday”

Sana: Just that?

Simo: Just that?? But if you fail, you have to be MY slave for a whole week!

Sana: That was not a part of the deal!

Simo: But you said “its just that?” What is it, are you scared of failing? If you’re so confident come on then!

Sana: Give me the ball?

The ballonsquad guys: You’ll regret this!

They are just cheering, and then Sana fails.

Simo: So.. now can you go make us some tea?

Sana: I’m not a slave to all your friends!

Simo: But they are my guests!

Simo: Thank you, slavewoman!

Simo: It came out wrong, sorry. Chill. That was not nice of me to say. 

The ballonsquad guys: Watch how you talk to your sister! Thats your sister!

Simo: Don’t get involved! Calm down.


anonymous asked:

Hi~ can I request a single dad au with kihyun (ᵔᴥᵔ) I really love your blog!! ❤️

find other versions: hyungwon | wonho 

  • has a 9 month old son that he loves to pieces like to the point where he cries at the sight of the baby’s little smile and just,,,,,,tells everyone that he has never been more blessed in his life
  • the story of his sons birth has been told so many times to his friends that hyungwon once told him he could recite it word for word and that kihyun really,,,,,,,REALLY doesn’t have to tell it again
  • kihyun did. you bet he did
  • and although he didn’t expect to be a single father, kihyun has absolutely thrown himself into learning on how to be the best damn single father there ever was and ever will be 
  • im talking ‘raising a baby’ manuals everywhere, 3 am google searches on what specific noises mean, calling the pediatrician over only cough
  • he’s set out to prove that he can do this - he can raise his son all on his own 
  • and you’re not sure,,,,who kihyun is trying to prove it too. you’ve known him for a while and if anyone in the group was going to be a parent - kihyun would be your first pick
  • even though he’s got a mischievous side, sarcastic side jabs and mocking tones of voice, kihyun is naturally a caretaker 
  • who if anything resembles a nagging mother, overly worried but for all the right reasons
  • so when he became a dad, you had nothing but high hopes for him because you knew he could do it. everyone did
  • “you’re just too hard on yourself.” you told him once and kihyun had just shrugged “i should be, only the best for my kid!”
  • and to further more prove that kihyun gravitates to helping others was the fact that he let you stay with him on short notice
  • there had a been a leak in your apartment and out of everyone, kihyun had been the first to offer you room in his home
  • he’d hesitated when you came in about giving you the bed,,,,the cradle was there and he didn’t want to be far from it so you assured him - couch was fine
  • but kihyun,,,,,being kihyun,,,,,went “if he cries out, ill just come running. i shouldnt make guests sleep on the sofa.”
  • the first night was fine,,,,no crying,,,,,in the morning you got up and made kihyun breakfast, even warmed up the milk for the baby
  • all of which kihyun watched from the doorway, his son still fast asleep in his arms, with slight fascination
  • it had been so long,,,,,since someone else had done something for him
  • the second night - oh it was bad
  • there was crying every hour, every damn hour and you’d gotten up each time to help coo and rock the baby with kihyun
  • at first he’d went “im so sorry, just go to sleep and ill do this.”
  • but you weren’t about to let kihyun go through this alone. you both had work in the morning, but it didn’t even matter
  • all you could think about was helping kihyun and his son,,,that’s what mattered
  • the third, fourth, fifth night was exactly the same,,,,the fifth night you actually had off in the morning so you told kihyun he could go try to sleep a bit and you’d handle the baby
  • he had stared at you in the small light of the otherwise dark apartment and went “you’re my gue-”
  • “and you’re a father who needs to work to be able to provide, i have off in the morning so ill take this night shift.”
  • you patted his shoulder, smiling and turning to go give your undivided attention to the little one
  • when kihyun’s hand grasped your wrist and he pulled you into a hug tight against his chest
  • you were both exhausted, obvious in the bags forming under your eyes, but kihyun’s hug was still strong and felt absolutely safe
  • “thank you, so so much.”
  • he said into your hair before letting you go
  • he had long disappeared out into the living room, passing out you assumed and you were hushing the whimpering baby in your arms when you thought to yourself
  • isn’t this,,,,what married people do,,,,we’re just friends but,,,,
  • it turned out - you weren’t the only one who thought that
  • when you’d met with wonho and minhyuk on the weekend for lunch, kihyun pushing the stroller while you held the baby and let him play with your finger and hair
  • minhyuk could only whistle before going “looks like i can hear wedding bells, you two look like a whole family!”
  • wonho nodded in agreement, greeting kihyun’s son in your arms with a wave and a smile
  • kihyun looked your way and added “they’ve been staying up with me all these nights too to help”
  • you blushed a bit at his sudden confession, focusing on the baby who was staring at wonho with big eyes
  • “and they say true love is dead, but yet here it is. you guys can even skip dating, just get those rings on your fingers!”
  • minhyuk chuckled and you were sure kihyun was going to brush off his joke until he went
  • “i don’t want to skip the dating though, they deserve to get taken out for dinner before i propose or anything.”
  • turning your head you looked at kihyun with shocked eyes “wha-”
  • “he’s asking you out!” minhyuk grinned
  • kihyun nodded, asking if you were going to be free some time
  • you told him he didn’t have to take you out or anything, you were happy to help him with his son but kihyun explained that no - he wasn’t taking you out as a thank you. but as like,,,a real date,,,,
  • taking the baby from your hands, wonho went “and me and minhyuk can watch this guy while you go out”
  • kihyun snorted, “i wouldn’t trust you - we’d get a nanny-”
  • “he can come”
  • you cut in, smiling at kihyun’s son and then at kihyun
  • “it wouldn’t be a real date without him, you guys are a package deal”
  • kihyun grins “we are, do you accept both of us?”
  • “i do”
  • minhyuk claps his hands and goes “now i pronounce you man and- ow kihyun don’t hit me infront of your own son what kind of example are you setting????” 
Chocolate Moon - Remus Lupin x Reader

Request: a young Remus x reader based on “I’m a monster” “ no you’re a drama queen that’s what you are” :)) thanks babe 

Warnings: None? My English?
Gifs aren’t mine/ Credits to their original owners.

You weren’t an idiot. Maybe not the cleverest witch, but not an idiot. You knew something was wrong when your friends would vanish for a couple of days each month. And it took you approximately five seconds to put two and two together. After all, you knew them- you had bonded over chocolate pudding last Christmas when you had all stayed for the holidays. However, you did grow closer to one Marauder in particular. 
   He was different. He was quiet but his ideas were loud, he was shy but he stood up for the people he cared about, he was sweet yet sarcastic. And he was kind-so kind. How could a person like that not believe in themselves? He was perfect. And that’s how you fell. 
   It began in such a subtle way, you would have never imagined how fast it could escalate. It was the way he would always whisper the correct answer under his breath but never exactly raise his hand. It was the way his eyes would twinkle with mischief even when he was scolding the rest of the group. It was the way his face would lit up every time he saw an old book or chocolate. It was the way his hair shined while the sun danced around his messy strands. It was the way he smelled-like cinnamon and ink and more chocolate. It was the way his lips curved every time he said your name. You were hopelessly in love with your best friend. 
    You were about to enter their dorm when you heard muffled voices, trying to keep it down. 
“I want to tell her… but I don’t know” Remus whispered. You decided to do the exact same thing that you thought of as the lowest point of desperation. 
“She is our best friend, Moony. And I’m pretty sure she can figure it out on her own” James reasoned. You were impressed. Usually, James is not the one that makes sense. 
“If she hasn’t already” Sirius added. At least, they thought you were capable of reading between the lines. That was comforting. 
   You knocked and waited until you didn’t know what to do. They weren’t really going to pretend they weren’t in, right?
   You rolled your eyes-Fine, if they didn’t want you inside, you wouldn’t beg. You were about to turn and leave when Sirius opened up. A fake smile was plastered on his face. You arched an eyebrow.
“Hello, love” he greeted you way too cheerful while he stepped aside to let you walk in. With just a quick glance you realized why it took them that long. Remus was nowhere to be found. 
“Hey, guys. Where is Remus?” you asked casually since those four were a package deal so you wouldn’t raise suspicion. 
“Library” they said in unison. You gave a knowing smile. 
“Library, my ass. Remus, come out of the bathroom” you said slightly annoyed. There was absolutely no need for him to hide in order to avoid you. You would have left on your own. You just wanted to make sure he was alright since last night was the full moon. 
   You were staring at the closed door with a very hard expression-cold, annoyed and hurt. Slowly, it crept open, revealing a guilty-looking Remus, who wouldn’t look at you. You scanned him for any severe damage. You saw a small scar across his lips. That was new. You sighed and dropped the vacant expression. 
“Why were you hiding Remus?” you questioned, taking notice of how the other guys had slowly moved towards the door, waving goodbye to a wide-eyed Remus and leaving you alone. 
“I wasn’t hiding” he said quietly-still not looking at you. You took a step back and sat down on his bed. You knew it was his-it was the only one made. 
“Remus, I am tired of being lied to. Respect me enough and tell me the truth” you simply told him. It was what you wanted. The truth coming from him. 
   He walked over to you and sat down next to you, not that close but not that far away. He looked at you, locking eyes with you. You took in his beautiful face. His big eyes and his plump lips-and his scars; you loved his scars.
“I’m a werewolf” he muttered softly, after a second. He waited for you to spit insults at him and run away, and maybe tell everyone. Because he truly believed that he wasn’t worthy of anything else.
   You just kept looking at him and sent him a warm smile. He was puzzled-he furrowed his eyebrows and his lips parted. 
“Why aren’t you running away? I’m a monster” he asked you utterly bewildered. You chuckled and moved closer. You could hear-feel- his heart pounding faster than usually. 
“You’re a drama queen. That’s what you are” you said nonchalantly. And to think, you called Sirius a drama queen.
“But-but..” he trailed off as you brought your hand over his newest scar on his lips. Oh, how you had imagined those lips, wondering how they would taste.
“But nothing. How on earth could you possibly believe I would run away?” you rhetorically asked but he answered nonetheless. 
“Because I’m dangerous” he said but you snorted. He gulped hard. 
“Yeah, very. I’m more worried about you getting hurt because of it, really” you sheepishly confessed. You were too close. Merlin, save me.
    He brought his hand upon your and intertwined your fingers with his.
“Why?”. It was a very simple question. A very very simple one. You could have said because he was your friend. You knew you could-but you didn’t want. It was now or never.
   You quickly leaned forward and pecked his lips with yours. It lasted about two seconds. But those two seconds could either make you the happiest person alive or they could ruin your friendship. 
   He was taken aback and he withdrew his hand. You felt like you had been slapped as you removed your hand. Great.
   You stood up abruptly and turned on your heel, ready to leave but his hand grabbed your wrist, making you turn and face him. 
“What was that?” he asked shyly, his cheeks red.
“For someone as smart as you, you’re dense” you whispered. Slowly he started grinning like a mad man and you thought that maybe he had gone mental.
“You like me?” he asked too excited to hide it. You cracked a smile at his childish expression.
“I really do” you answered, reaching for his lips. This time he responded faster than what you thought possible-still smiling.
“What about a date?” he mumbled against your lips. You let out a small laugh.
“I would love to”. 

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Today’s Anime Recommendation: Inuyasha

Inuyasha was the very first anime I ever stumbled across while flipping channels some 14-15 years ago. So understandably, this anime will always have a special place in my heart <3 

Inuyasha is about a half-demon .. named.. you guessed it.. Inuyasha.  Half Human-Half Dog Demon, sword wielding bad-ass.

This anime has everything.. Demons, Half Demons, Time traveling well jumper, Perverted monk with cursed hand, kick ass demon slayer chick with a giant boomerang, adorable but lethal animal sidekicks, walking dead ex lovers, Not-so brotherly love, bondage.(cuz lets face it that’s what that necklace is) “SIT”,  A wolf demon who’s got it bad, and a bad guy that just never seems to die and keeps making himself friends lolll 

Full of action, adventure, comedy, romance,drama.. lots of fillers of entertainment. I would go from laughing to being so freakin frustrated with Inuyasha that I wish I could jump in my tv and smack him myself. 

If you do decide to start up Inuyasha, I highly recommend watching All 167 episodes, plus the Final act episodes as well as the 4 movies. (do Final act Last)… obviously

You just can’t love it enough without the full package deal!! All together makes a wonderful story.. Follow the gang on their journey to Collect all the jewel shards and rid the world of the Shikon No Tama.

Misadventures in Target (William Nylander)

starrygirl2014 said:

Could you do #112 from the prompt list with William nylander? ❤😀😘

#112: “You walked away. Not me.”

Word count: 1309

Author’s note: This is probably more lighthearted than you wanted it to be, but I need some fun prompts after this week.

Originally posted by mapleleafstrash

Target is your comfort zone. There’s something about the vague smell of popcorn, coffee and home accessories that just soothes a person. You could browse the Dollar Spot for hours, and you weren’t ashamed that half of your wardrobe came from Target. Moving to Toronto, you were a little dismayed that Canada was completely devoid of your favorite store, which was why you made it your mission to hop the border to New York as often as you could. In your opinion, nothing bad can happen while you’re in a Target.

Unless you bring your boyfriend with you on his day off.

In your defense, William insisted on making the near-two hour drive to Buffalo with you, no matter how much you protested.

“I wanna do all the fun couple things that people do at Target! Plus, I’ve never even been to a Target before; I’ve either been in Canada or Sweden my entire life, and if I am in the States it’s for a game. Let me come with you!” After twenty minutes of hearing his pleas, you finally gave in.

The look on William’s face upon entering Target was something that you wished you were able to take a picture of. Although the cliche makes you cringe, he really does look like a kid in a candy store, eyes wide as he takes in the vibrant lights and various signs for whatever holiday is three months away from now.

“So this is why everyone likes Target so much.” He says in a hushed voice. You can’t help but giggle as you grab a cart, placing your purse into the basket while grabbing William’s hand, making sure he doesn’t get trampled by soccer moms looking for their next deal.

“C’mon, Willy, let’s get out of the way.” You absentmindedly wander towards the Dollar Spot, falling into a familiar routine as you scan through the different items.

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victor nikiforov vs. the world

a scott pilgrim vs. the world inspired au ( a loose au)

okay so here’s an au i’ve thought about quite a bit (AND FORGOT TO ADD TO MY LIST HAHAHAH GOOD JOB ME) but idk that i’ll get around to writing it? i’d like to but also here’s the au as not!fic:

  • Victor is obviously Scott Pilgrim. You can fight me on this. We will have words. 
  • Battle of the bands sponsored by ass man industries.
  • in this au knives is JJ who has a one-sided crush on victor b/c DAMN IT HE JUST WANTS VICTOR TO REMEMBER HIS NAME
    • “jean jorts le forge?”
    • “john jacob jingleheimer?”
    • “Jack Jeffery leCanada?”
    • he’s also an evangelist vegan
      • who misses canadian bacon EVEN THOUGH IT’S NOT REAL BACON
  • He has to fight Yuuri’s seven evil exes except, well, some of them are not so evil:
    • Yuuri:…..exes???? who are you talking about
    • *cue stampede* *line forms*
    • definitely features the harem of chads
    • seung gil wanted to date phichit but thought yuuri and phichit were a package deal so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at least his dog liked yuuri
      • they’re still dog friends
      • victor is the in law seung gil doesn’t like
    • phichit is yuuri’s ex only because they got married for tax reasons 
      • “also yuuri wouldn’t could a lot of the others. i don’t really want to fight you so…selfie contest and then shovel talk and then sushi?” 
      • Victor: *weeps in relief*
      • also victor: so did you guys sign a pre-nup or??? how quickly can we get that divorce to go through?
    • yurio fights victor mainly because of his TERRIBLE TEENAGE CRUSH on yuuri. Victor wins, though Yurio will argue he cheated. Yuuri is just like “oh wow, your form has gotten a lot better” but then Victor is all draped over him and it made Yurio have a feeling. 
      • yurio CAN’T HANDLE IT
      • until otabek, who has literally been waiting in the same alley for the entire story just WAITING for yurio zooms up and then they go and get burritos
    • yuuko and takeshi are the twins
      • just let me have my nishigori sandwich
    • chris is the final boss (pre-canon yuuchris what up) and gives Victor the sword, complete with suggestive puns and innuendo b/c 
      • Chris:“the Power of Love could mean a lot of things. I’m open to interpretations. If you want to share..”
      • Victor: OKAY BYE YUURI IS MY HUSBAND NOW *smoke bomb*
  • Georgi is obviously Victor’s drunk heterosexual roommate (though maybe popnaughty is an option in this au IT’S FLEXIBLE *rim shot*)
  • mila, sara and leo are victor’s band mates
  • yuuri is also in a band because REASONS
  • obviously victor also has to fight off all the people who are falling for yuuri so he’s constantly busy
  • victor and yuuri, buoyed by the power of love buy a farm in the country with their 27 poodle sons and daughters. 
Captain’s Orders (Avengers x reader)

Request: @iamwarrenspeace How about the Female reader is married and the team doesn’t know (They didn’t read her file) and they keep trying to set her up with Steve or Bucky and one day she blurts out that she’ll never cheat on her husband because she loves him. Of course the team is shocked, but they are happy for her and they start asking her questions about her husband. 

I strayed just a little, but I hope you still like it!

“I’m not gonna launch those ships.  Captain’s orders.”

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Being Friends w/ Captains (HC)


A/N: I decided to just pick my five faves! I love the Captain Squad aaa

Daichi Sawamura

  • Literally one of the easiest guys to befriend. He’s so chill and relateable. And he tells the BEST dad jokes (but won’t tell you his sources bc if he did “you wouldn’t need me anymore”). Also, he will bring you coffee/green tea”
  • Daichi: *sips coffee* god it’s been a long day. 

           You: ?? It’s only 9 a.m. 

           Daichi: FUCK. *starts downing entire drink*

  • He also enjoys lighthearted teasing. He always has a comeback so you can never really best him? But one time you tell him he looks like the principal when he was younger. Daichi literally has to sit down to process this roast because he’s so upset. (Suga dies of laughter in the corner)

Bokuto Koutarou

  • ALWAYS asks you how your day was and how your feeling. The boy is just a feeler and wants to make sure you’re doing okay. He’s very down for late night chats about life. He’s so nice and gives the best hugs. Your friends may like him too!
  • He sends you memes all the time. Some of them make you wonder where the heck he got them because they make no sense or are really obscure/surreal. And then some of them are really basic and normie. There is no in between.

  • He will introduce you to Kuroo and get you into his shenanigans. You guys will be causing mischief all around, and you will either be their partner-in-crime or voice of reason. Also you guys just chill too, it’s great!

Oikawa Tooru

  • He’s that friend who people always think you’re dating. He just likes to spend time with you, he’s needy but you’re okay with it. Boy also immediately introduces you to Iwaizumi and the three of you become squad goals.
  • It’s either A. You join Iwaizumi in judging Oikawa and ceasing his antics or B. You engage in Oikawa’s antics leaving Iwaizumi to swoop in whenever things get too crazy. Either way, Iwaizumi is cool with it. He enjoys watching you two make fools of yourselves just as much as having someone to make snarky comments about Oikawa with.

  • Oikawa will NOT stop talking to you about trends and fashion. It’s cool though because he doesn’t mind dressing you up and/or doing your makeup when you’re too lazy. And he will invite you to like…everything he does. Even things like grocery shopping..

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • THIS KID IS SO CHEESY. Like he always compliments you and is so nice at first because he doesn’t want to drive you away, but as soon as you two get close he’s ready to just constantly tease. The he’ll feign innocence and be like “what i never said that you LIAR” 
  • Kuroo: “Hey can you hand that to me?” *points at water bottle*

          You: *throws it across gym and it magically hits Lev* “Go fetch it, dog.”

           Kuroo: *lone tear falls down face*

  • You guys just talk about random things and it leads to the funniest conversation and banter ever. You two seriously need a YouTube channel or a Podcast.

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • You’re most likely the more animated out of the two of you. Everyone is so confused because Ushijima doesn’t seem that approachable but you two just pal around and are great buds. Ushijima is so happy to have you as a friend, despite how he may not look like it.
  • He will ask your opinion on things a lot. It’s because he likes hearing you talk (it’s very entertaining) and he likes to hear your ideas. Ushijima will invite you to his games too so you guys can go grab some food afterwards 
  • If you’re friends with Ushijima, then you’re friends with Tendou. They are a package deal. Everything ends with you two attempting to playfully roast the shit out of Ushijima (but you guys can’t stop giggling and once you’re done Ushi shoots y’all down in one sentence) or just watching anime or playing video games. Also they would both appreciate if you’d help them during practice. Ushijima pays you back by buying your meal wherever you guys go afterwards.
Personal and sappy.

I often shy away from getting overly personal on here, but I’m going to make an exception today. Today is my anniversary. Eight years ago, Emory and I got married. It was at the Natural History Museum; There were dinosaurs. 

Emory and I have been together more like 19 years, though, and even though he doesn’t often make an appearance here, I think it’s fair to let you know that if you like the Beastlies, my larger work, even the Wayward Retreat, well, none of it would exist without Emory. 

I don’t have a history of being incredibly confident in myself and my abilities (imposter syndrome, am I right ladies??), and without his continual voice of support and nudging to just trust him, these little monster guys are cute, people would buy them, I wouldn’t have started getting serious about Beastlies, selling them, and I never would have made that terrifying leap to doing them full time (also a quick thank you to his employer for my health insurance!). He’s never been anything but supportive, even when pursuing this has meant stretches of financial hardship. After I’d been making a living on Beastlies for years, I still didn’t believe I could make or sculpt anything OTHER than that. I was pretty sure I had reached the extent of my skills. But Emory gently nudged and nudged, and eventually wore me down with his relentless praise and belief. And now, years later, the art gallery-type work is one of the most rewarding things in my life. He’s always the guy saying “You’re pricing this too low, it’s better than you think,” or “That crazy idea sounds awesome, you should try it.” He’s also the guy you may have met if you’ve ever come to my table at a convention. He’s pretty good at hawking Beastlies to Comic-Con crowds! (He’ll tell you that they’re happier with friends, so maybe buy two). He’s put in enough hours helping me sell, package, ship, and deal with paperwork that it’s basically his second job.  Even the retreat is something he made possible: He worked in secret to find my long-lost, not-on-the-internet friend that I’d been so sad to lose track of, calling a series of mutual friends until one of them had her mom’s phone number. He gave me this friend’s contact info as a Valentine’s Day present, and having her back in my life is truly a gift. And hey, she just happens to own a magical house on a magical island in Canada, so now I can share this friend’s magic with others! 

But anyway, that’s my shoutout to all the dude contributes to this particular part of my life, so now y’all know: He’s vice-captain of Team Beastlie. Plus, he provides a strong male role model to our cats, so I guess I’ll keep him around.

Night and Day (Auston Matthews)

Anonymous said:

hey can you do an imagine where the reader is mitch marners best friend but her and Auston Matthews act like they hate each other when they really love each other? Maybe have them admit that they really love each other after one of them accidently yells it out during a huge fight (maybe the reader is all over one of the other guys on the team and auston is secretly jealous so he starts an arguement?) and then they both realize what’s up and potential make out sesh :)

Word count: 1340

Author’s note: His fresh haircut gives me life.

Originally posted by marntthews

In the past, you and Mitch had been a package deal. Best friends since long before you had introduced him to Steph, your relationship was closer to brother and sister than it was to two friends. You were always in contact with each other, whether it be a movie night, arcade tournament or just texting. Mitch was your best friend, and nothing would ever break that bond.

Nothing but Auston Matthews.

From the moment that Auston had gotten drafted and Mitch had gotten called up, you had felt your bond with Mitch shifting. Instead of the two of you always hanging out, he only ever texted you now, only hanging out with you if Auston came with. Mitch replaced you with Auston, and it hurt.

You knew that jealousness a petty, childish emotion, yet you still couldn’t help but get jealous at this stranger taking away someone who was basically your brother.

Your feelings towards Auston also aren’t helped by the fact that the two of you are polar opposites. While Auston is quiet, you’re outgoing. Auston is a sports junkie while you prefer the arts. Auston loves hot weather and you’re basically Elsa. The differences between the two of you are like night and day. Steph is convinced that you and Auston are going to get married one day, claiming that opposites attract, but you don’t see it. Instead, you see a person that you could never connect with who stole your best friend, which automatically gives him two strikes.

Although you’re not a straight bitch to Auston, you definitely make sure that he knows that you have no plans on being friends with him. Auston seems to reciprocate your feelings, not ever wanting to be alone with you.

Unfortunately, you’re only human, and a single one at that. So, even though Auston Matthews is a friend stealer who you have nothing in common with, you recognize the fact that Auston is a very attractive man.

Which makes him a lot harder to hate.

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Good Girl Ch 24: Trouble

“I’ve never been so annoyed with my parents for being gone in my life,” Jihyo groans into her hands. I nod in agreement, her head is in my lap, she peeks up at me with those pretty eyes of hers. “Joo, please call those hot oppas of yours.”

“No, no, no, I may be drunk but I know well enough that I would get into so much trouble. They said they would release us in the morning, just wait.”

“Everyone else is already gone,” She gestures to the empty cell that was filled with our classmates an hour ago. We stare past the bars to the sea of desks and police officers when my ringtone starts again. It has been ringing for the whole two hours we’ve been here, I’m starting to get annoyed by it. The officer that has been watching us must finally be fed up with it as he charges over with the phone in his hand.

“Turn that stupid noise off,” He hands me my phone threw the bars. I grab it and unlock it to see 57 missed calls and almost 100 texts from Jin and his boys. I silence my phone before handing it back to the officer whose eyes were glued to my hand the whole time. He grabs my hand, flips it over, almost dropping my phone in the process, and stares at the ring Jiyong gave me. “Does this belong to Jiyong Kwon?” The officer questions. I pull my hand away to glare at him.

“It’s mine, Jiyong oppa gave it to me.”

He stares at me for a minute before rushing away to his desk. Jihyo is wobbling by my side to stare at the strange older man, “What a creep.” I nod in agreement, holding my hand to my chest. We watch him pick up his phone and dial some number, panic evident on his face. “Does your oppa have any connection to the police force?”

I feel stupid for not realizing that before. Of course they have some connection, they are all mafia leaders, they must be on someone’s radar. If not that, than the fact that they are incredibly rich might be a factor, Jiyong seems like the type to donate a shit ton of money to keep the police from looking into his business more. At least I think gangsters do that. A few minute past before another younger man comes to the bars, he’s in a suit, most likely a higher up from the way the old officer bows to him.

“Miss. Jooyoung,” The young man looks from Jihyo to me, stopping on me when he sees the ring on my finger. “That is an interesting ring you have there.” His handsome smile does nothing but put me on edge as the alarms in my head ring quietly. “Where did you get it from?”

“I got it from my friend, Kwon Jiyong.”

His eyes widen slightly, “You’re friends with Kwon Jiyong?”

I nod drunkenly.

“How about you come with me to my office?” He looks to the officer to open the cell. I’m hesitant to follow the nice looking man out of the cell alone but if it involves talking about my oppas I don’t want to bring her into it. With a deep breath and a firm hold on my big side I step out and follow the man into his private office on the other side of the station. Once inside he closes the door behind me, he signals me to sit down in one of the chairs in front of his desk while he sits down in his chair. I’m stiff in my seat, my eyes glued to my hands as I try and be as sober as possible when all I want to do is let my little side out, but this is definitely not the place for that. “So Miss. Jooyoung, I tried to call your parents to talk to them about that ring on your finger but they told me they were out of town and were busy at the moment. They told me to call the temporary guardian you have been living with. But when I can’t find anything in your files and your school file is sealed. So could you tell me how you came across that ring?”

“Jiyong Kwon gave it to me.”


“Because we’re friends.”

“I find it hard to believe that you are friends with the Black dragon of Korea,” He cross his arms over his chest and stares me down.

“I want to go back to the cell.”

“We are having a discussion right now. This is a very serious case Miss. Jooyoung. This ‘friend’ of yours is a dangerous man.”

“He is not dangerous,” At least he isn’t to me. “He’s a massive teddy bear.”

He raises a brow at me, “Fine, I would like to see how close of friends you are with him.” He reaches for his phone before dialing some number, I get confused when he puts in on speaker. The phone rings a few times before someone answers.

“Detective Lee, I’m very busy right now, not to mention that it is 3 in the morning. What the hell could you possibly want?” Jiyong basically growls in the phone.

Before the detective can respond I find my little side poking her head out at the sound of his voice, I can’t help but yell, “Oppa!” Detective Lee stares at me dumbstruck for a minute at my sudden change in demeanor.

“Beautiful?” Jiyong is obviously confused.

“I take it you know each other,” Lee shakes his shock off.

“What is she doing there? Is she okay? Joo-ya are you okay?” Jiyong yells.

“Oppa I’m tired. I wanna go home but Jihyo and I got arrested.”

“Arrested? Did they put you in holding? Give me ten minutes at most.” The line goes dead.

“Why do I feel nervous?” Lee says out loud, I’m guessing it wasn’t meant to be when he looks at me weird for responding.

“Oppa tends to do that to people. I’ve been told he can be very scary.”

“Do you know what he does?”

I nod, throwing him off more. “He owns restaurants, clubs, bars, and lots of other things.”

He glares at me, “Do you know what else he does that has the police looking into him?”

I shake my head.

“You seem close, you have to know.”

“Jiyong oppa is too busy to do much else but work. I only see him once a week because of his schedule.”

“He isn’t your guardian?”

I laugh at that, “I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live with oppa.”

“Who is your guardian?”

“My headmaster.”

He stares at me for a minute, “I’ll be back with something to sober you up, this is going to be a long conversation.” I groan as he leaves the room. Time passes slowly before there is a commotion in the main area, followed by the door behind me busting open. Jiyong is standing there, his chest heaving, I grin at the sight of him before rushing to him, tackling the man to the ground.

“Oppa!” I giggle, planting a kiss to his cheek.

He chuckles, “I’m guessing you aren’t hurt?” He shifts into a sitting position with me on his lap, my arms around his neck.

“I’m so happy to see you!” I beam at him.

“I can tell. Now how in the world did you get arrested?”

Lee comes back in with a cup of coffee in his hand, he stops in the doorway completely confused at the sight in front of him. “Never in my life would I have guessed the black dragon would be laughing on my office floor.”

“Why was she arrested?”

“Her and a friend are the last of a group of kids we brought in that were caught drinking at a party,” Lee explains.

“Why didn’t you call the others?” Jiyong asks me.

“I didn’t want to get in trouble. Jihyo and I are never allowed to hang out because shit like this happens, I didn’t want to give them more reasons I can’t hang out with her.”

He nods in understanding, “Then you should have called me.”

“You were busy.”

“I dropped all of it. I don’t want that to be your reason not to call me, understand?”

I nod, “Thank you for coming. I’m sorry for causing trouble.”

His stern face cracks at my cute drunken apology, “I love trouble, but I would prefer it for you to stay out of it.”

“I don’t know, I’m feeling very naughty right now,” The words are out before I can properly think them over. I have never seen Jiyong so amused.

“This is not what I was expecting, but I’m very happy I came.”

I try to hide my blush, “I’m sorry I don’t know where that came from.”

He chuckles, “I don’t know either but I would love to find out.”

Lee coughs, bring our attention to the man still standing in the door, “I need the number for her guardian.”

“I called them on my way, they should be here soon.”

“Them?” Lee questions.

Jiyong chuckles as he looks up at the man, “You are in for a treat Detective.” As if on command shouting erupts from the entry way again. Jiyong stands us both up, pinching my cheeks he says, “Put on the cute charm of yours or else we are in for it.”

“What the hell is going on?” Lee mutters to himself making both Jiyong and I laugh.

“Detective Lee,” Another dragon growls from the doorway. Kris is there with the others behind him, none of them look too happy.

“Dragon oppa!” I coo drunkenly.

“I’m very upset with you right now,” Kris says sternly.

“Then get out of the way Mr. Grumpy pants,” Luhan pushes the younger out of the way. “Come here baby!” I happily jump into Luhan’s arms. “Oh my god, are you okay?”

“I’m much better now that all my oppas are here!” I giggle gleefully.

“Lets get her home,” Suho kisses the top of my head as I smile up at him.

“I’m not done talking with her,” Lee says bravely, earning a glare from every man in the room.

“She’s a drunk 17 year old she needs to go home and go to bed,” Xiumin snarls. Lee automatically steps back at the sight of the angry man, “If you have any questions they can go threw our lawyer. We are going home, come on guys.”

“Wait!” I place my feet firmly on the ground as the two oldest try to pull me out. “We need to Jihyo.”


I nod pulling my hands away from them to run back into the entry way, “She is still in the cell.” There I find her passed out on the bench, her back to us. I look to my oppas who followed me out; Lee is behind them with the keys to the cell. “Open the door.” I demand. Lee hesitantly comes past the line of still glaring men to open the door for me. I quickly am by her side shaking her awake. “Jihyo, you need to wake up so we can go.”

“She is not coming with us.” Kai deadpans.

I glare at him, something that makes everyone tense, expect for Jiyong who is standing there, amused. “I’m not leaving her.”

“Joo-ya,” Chanyeol starts but stops the second my glare switches to him.

“I’m not leaving her. If you guys don’t want to bring her along I’m going to stay here until they release her in the morning.”

“If you are a packaged deal I’ll happily take you both,” Jiyong offers giving me a sexy smirk.

“Fine, she can come,” Kris huffs storming into the cage to pick the drunk girl up.

“I wanna ride too!” I bounce up and down like the child I am at the moment.

“I’ll carry you,” Kyungsoo offers cutely. He easily scoops me up like Kris did Jihyo.

“Lets go home, I’m tired,” Suho grumbles. We all shuffle out of the station, the van is there along side Jiyong’s favorite car. Kyungsoo is about to put me in the van when I stop him, waving Jiyong over I smile at the older man.

“What can I do for you?” He asks playfully.

“I just want to say thank you Oppa, you are an amazing friend, I’m very confused how you don’t have any.”

“I don’t need any, I have you now. We will talk more on Friday, I’ll be picking you up from school for your birthday surprised.” He gives me a handsome smile before heading to his car. Kyungsoo climbs into the car, with me on his lap and Jihyo in Kris’s we have a very full car as the others climb in. The drive back is quiet, I can tell they are mad but I also think their minds are somewhere else at the moment. When we get home Jihyo and I are carried to my room.

“Get out,” I deadpan as Baekhyun and Chanyeol try to make themselves comfortable in my room.

“But Baby,” Baekhyun whines as he cups my face.

“You guys are not sleeping in here with us.”

“There is plenty of room on the bed.” Chanyeol states.

“I don’t care, I’m sleeping in here with just Jihyo.”

Baek pouts, “She can sleep by herself.”

“So can you.”

“Why don’t you want us sleeping in here?” They continue to whine.

With my little side still here I can’t help but be shyly honest, “I’m the only one who can sleep in the same bed as you guys. I’ve always been a selfish child, I’m not sharing you guys, even with Jihyo.”

They coo at me, sandwiching me between them, “Our baby is so possessive, it’s hot.” Baekhyun kisses me fully on the lips, softly at first but slowly he slips his tongue in to explore my mouth, I push him away.

“Not now,” I say breathlessly, trying my best to hide my smile and ignore the tingling feeling in my lady parts. Both boys huff, “Please leave so I can go to bed.” They give me their best puppy dog eyes, “Tomorrow we can finish.”

“Night baby,” They say together, each kissing a cheek before leaving. When they are gone I collapse on my bed where Jihyo is already passed out, I expect nothing less from her. Without much care I peel off her leather skirt and crop top, leaving her in her fancy matching underwear. Not that I have room to judge since Tao dressed me this morning in a cute blush underwear set. I undress myself before stumbling over to the light and turning it off. Once I’m back in bed Jihyo automatically sticks to me, I’ve forgotten what a cuddle monster she is when she’s drunk.

I happily spoon with her, letting her sleep the same way Tao did last night with her face in my chest and her arms around my waist. Her voice is soft when she says, “Thank you for not leaving me.”

“You were awake?”

She nods, “I figured it would be easier if I didn’t participate in the conversation.”

I can’t help but laugh at that, “For once you used common sense.”

“Those boys seemed nice.” I nod. “And extremely horny,” She teases. “I think it’s cute how possessive you guys are over each other, makes me think of us.”

“We aren’t that possessive over each other.”

“We have both started a physical fight with other girls when they got too friendly.”

I laugh at the memory, but I begin to think of what Jihyo must have been thinking as she listened to my conversations with my daddies. “Who do you like the best?”


“Out of all of them, who do you like the best?”

She is quiet for a minute, “Jiyong.”

“He wasn’t included in that question.”

“I don’t care, I like him. He reminds you of me, that is good enough.”

“I’m being serious.”

“I can’t give you a fair answer since I haven’t met them all, but in the morning, let me get a good reading on them and I’ll let you know.”

IPRE crew headcanons: 

- most of the crew was very young when recruited - the institute wasn’t sure how long they’d be gone or whether they’d age while away. Barry and Lucretia and Taako and Lup were just barely out of school. 

- each of the crew has at least two specializations, because it’s a small crew and they need to pack as much competence as possible into the seven of them. Like how astronauts are hella accomplished, you know? 

- picking the crew involved a 3 round interview process + 2 weeks at essentially “team building fantasy summer camp” to see how people interacted with each other. 

-barry was definitely “that weird guy who likes necromancy a lot” at his magic college. there’s always one in every class.

- lup and taako were a package deal. they stipulated that neither would join without the other (they didnt expect to get picked) 

- davenport hand-picked the team. 

-they were not meant to be away for so long. 

anonymous asked:

lai guan lin classmate au pls!!

- lai guanlin is the type of student who sleeps in class, but still manages to get amazing grades
- he never knows what’s going on and he’s super late to reactions, but it’s a nice quirk of his and everyone finds it really charming
- plus he’s really handsome too, a bunch of people have a bit of a crush on him, but he has no clue LOL
- his best friend is yoo seonho, and they’re polar opposites which makes their friendship ten times cuter than it already is
- they’re always seen together, never one without the other, an actual package deal
- unfortunately, they’ve been separated and put into two different classes, so now guanlin just keeps to himself
- you’re in the same class as guanlin and you sit next to him, but you’ve never really spoken to him before
- he prefers to be by himself most of the time, and you’re a bit too shy to talk to him……
- he only ever talks to the same like ten guys so you didn’t think there was that much room for you
- one day, he comes to class soaking wet and you think that it’s crazy he wouldn’t have an umbrella because it’s raining really hard outside
- you want to ask him, but before you could even gather up the courage to talk to him, your teacher enters the class and tells everyone to quiet down so that they can start the course
- you direct your attention to the teacher and listen attentively throughout the day, but you also can’t help but feel a bit worried that guanlin might get sick because of the rain
- the day goes by in a blur, and guanlin gets up as soon as the teacher says that class is over
- he dashes out of class, and you’re just left thinking that he probably has somewhere important to be
- you pack up all your things and walk outside to see that it’s still raining, so you take out your umbrella and walk down the same path you do every day
- you have to walk through a bike path on your way home, and in the distance, you can see a figure crouched down
- when you get closer, you realize that it’s guanlin, and he’s getting soaked by the rain again, but he doesn’t seem to mind
- because all his attention is on the kitten he’s petting
- you stay quiet as you observe the scene, and you can see a black umbrella on the ground, shielding the kitten from the cold rain while it eats what you assume are crackers guanlin brought for it
- you think “that must be guanlin’s umbrella….” but you don’t realize that you said that out loud because he looks up at you and makes a confused face
- your face burns when his eyes land on you, and you say “o-oh, uh, hi!! i was just….. on my way home…… don’t mind me…..”
- quiet as he is, guanlin just shrugs and continues petting the kitten
- you awkwardly walk past him, but you find yourself looking over your shoulder to check on him one last time
- you see guanlin sneeze into his arm, and that’s enough to make you stop in your tracks
- you’ve never really spoken to him before so it might be a bit weird to him….. but you can’t bring yourself to just leave when it’s raining this much
- you walk back to where guanlin is and hold your umbrella over both of you, and you ask “that…. must be your umbrella, right? is that why you came to class soaking wet this morning?” as you gesture towards the one lying on the ground
- guanlin says “yeah…. i couldn’t just let them get soaked by the rain, you know?” and you nod your head and think….. wow, he is so soft…..
- you crouch down next to guanlin and watch him pet the kitten who purrs under his touch
- you smile as you watch his fingers gently run through its fur when guanlin suddenly asks “do you want to pet them too?” and you nod your head and reach out a hand to pet it
- after spending a bit of time there petting the kitten with guanlin, you realize that your parents are probably wondering where you are right now
- you say “guanlin, i’m going to go first, okay?” and he says “oh, alright, see you tomorrow”
- you hold out your umbrella to him and say “here, take this home with you. you’ve been soaked by the rain enough” and he says “oh no, i’ll be fine. but thanks anyway”
- but you push the umbrella closer to him and say “no, you’re going to get sick at this rate. my house isn’t far, so i’ll be fine.”
- with a nod, guanlin slowly takes the umbrella and says “thank you.”
- you get up on your feet and shield yourself with your backpack as you run off in the direction of your house
- guanlin watches you go and….. he can’t help but smile at your retreating figure while holding on tightly to the umbrella you lent him
- the next day, you come to class to see your umbrella sitting on top of your desk, while guanlin is sitting in his seat with his face buried in his arms probably napping as usual
- but the second you take your seat, guanlin says “thank you…. for your umbrella”
- you turn to see guanlin looking at you with a hint of a smile on his lips and you grin “it’s no problem”
- he then continues “if you’re not busy later on…… do you want to come see the kitten again with me after school? i brought my umbrella this time.”
- you smile “i’d love to.”

thank you for your request!!

Piplup Pride // Seo Johnny


the prompt: could you write a Fluffy Pokemon au with Johnny? You have a very hard headed piplup that gets so mad at you one day after the two of you lose a battle that it runs off into the woods while you and the rest of your Pokemon are sleeping and gets lost. Johnny finds it and the two of you met when you’re desperately looking for your lost lil Pokemon.

words: 932

category: fluff

author note: this is supposed to be johnny fluff but actually it’s piplup fluff bc the little pokemon is so so cute. i really like how this one turned out so please enjoy it.

- destinee

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Speed Date W/Okada

Originally posted by wrestlingsmarkmatty

This is a little short but I needed to update this series. I have plans for a longer second date Okada fic once I finish the first round of these. I can’t remember who recommended I write Okada with Gedo in this but whoever you are, THANK YOU. This was so much fun to write and I honestly can’t wait to write more of these two.

Part One w/Kenny Omega - Part Two w/Adam Cole

Tags: @daintymissdevitt @waynscastle @sarahmatthews7 @shadow-of-wonder @happiness-in-reznor @tooweirdforlifex @fan-fiction-galore @omgmissmillie @thedeboniardevistation @jazzytoosweet @mindsetcalamity @alexispoo @mermaidfett @thathpchick @skyrina @laziestgirlintheworld @ang-78 @valeonmars @laigy2213 @squirrel666 @brooklyns-scumbag @megan-monroe @wweximaginesxd @lclb13 @phlebotomyprincess1 @awkward-potato-imagines @effy-christine @pjanina13 @fearlessflawlessdior @wrestlingnoob @fandom-preferences-imagines @superkixbaybay @wrasslin-x @xxmaddhatter39xx @legitlunatic @wrestlingfeels @sleeplessandcynical @cosmicswimming @alexahood21 @betsy-bradock @gypsophil-a @abominablestrowman279 @balorsomega

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Blanket Pals

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[Read at AO3.]

Summary: the blanket was shared, his voice, warmth and aroma fleeting all around her. Their eyes stared at the movie in front of them, but all they could see was each other, lost in a sea of emotions they couldn’t put a name on, herself lost in his licking flames and him, lost in the night sky of her eyes, sinking until he couldn’t breathe.

 Rating: T

 Word count: 25.299 /faints, I’m breaking records wtf

 Author’s note: Ok so I am here again with a SUPER LIGHTHEARTED FIC FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT because I enjoye Kacchako so much? And uh, I write long stuff, IT’S MY JAM NOW! It’s a bit messy too? BUT EVERYONE LIKES MESSY STUFF AM I RIGHT? :D /silently hopes you do Bear with me, because I love this fandom and it’s not gonna be the last of me! I WILL THRIVE!

So I have to give credit to @ everyone who has sent me any ask, any reblog, any new follower, any like, anything. Anybody who reads this mess is fucking credited because I LOVE THIS FANDOM?? So ou guys know who you are, fam. I made the wise decision to upload at first for those souls who can’t read this here. Also, don’t expect the same quality from the other fic. That’s impossible to beat, fam. And it’s not that good /derp

I don’t like this. It was so hard to write and I STRUGGLED SO MUCH YOU GUYS WOULD NOT BELIEVE YOUR EYES

Warnings: roller coaster ahead. It’s gonna crush you.

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