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“So where did you learn to braid like this?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“I wouldn’t believe Uzumaki Naruto would be braiding my hair, but here we are.”

“Because you’re blackmailing me–ttebayo!”

-A follow up of this doodling

yeeesh I did more and I’m not sorry

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What do the Sans derivatives (UT and UF Sans, US and SF Pap) do when they are alone with the S/O and they plop themselves down right in their skeleton's lap, chest to chest, head on their shoulder? They can feel their S/O's heartbeat through their sternum if they focus. Their nose (or lack thereof) buried in their S/O's sweet smelling hair.

* Ah yes my favourite fluff trope
* Let’s make it couch cuddles shall we?


He doesn’t even move when they plop down onto him, just murmuring a small greeting. He’s so content and warm and happy and at peace and wow, how did he get here from being miserable in the Underground and half insane from the Resets? He’s so lucky. They make him lucky. He pulls them closer, nuzzling into their hair and breathing in their scent. Every part of them reminds him that he is here, right now, and just how much he loves them. He doesn’t do much, just holds them and appreciates the gentle comfort of their relationship. In fact, he’s so comfortable, he probably dozes off, gentle rumbling purrs humming in the space or lack of between them. 


He tenses up slightly before bursting into laughter when his S/O first plops onto him. He’ll grab onto them cheekily with wandering hands before laughing it off and settling back into his nook of the couch, tugging them over him to cuddle. He focuses hard, feeling every beat of their heart and cherishing it. Every thump means they’re alive and here with him; so fragile, so precious. Stars, what would he do without them? He’s so glad the timelines brought him here. He might accidentally let a purr or two slip out, coughing lightly to cover it up while his S/O giggles. He combs his fingers through their hair until they fall asleep and only then does he let the deep, heavy purrs he choked rumble out(He finds it ridiculously embarrassing). He watches them through it all, feeling so much affection and protectiveness as he marvels at how beautiful they are. How they’re his.


He goes into cuddle mode immediately, wrapping his arms around their waist and tucking his chin over their head. He starts a quiet, barely there purr right off the bat. He strokes random languid patterns into the small of their back, asking them about their day. He breathes them in as he listen attentively, so happy that they’re here. They ground him to this reality, he thinks, fiddling with the ends of their sweetly scented hair. He hugs them tightly, feeling the beat of their heart and picturing their SOUL, thrumming along with what keeps them alive. Both, they’d said before, belong to him now. He can’t believe it, but it still makes him ache in a way that tightens his arms around their waist and he’s glad.


He pins them against him and lowers them both to lie down along the length of the sofa. He doesn’t say anything, just nuzzles the juncture of their neck tenderly, skimming his hands along the outline of their curves. He feels the beat in their chest that means they’re alive and he’s so thankful for the comforting rhythm, a dual reminder of their stubborn presence and their fragility. This is it, once this rhythm stops, they’re gone. It’s almost ridiculous how easily they can leave. Not just that way, but in a thousand others. He knows they promised they wouldn’t, but he just can’t stop the nagging thought. He holds them tighter, closer, breathing them in. At least they’re here now. They’re here and he loves them so much.

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“Sorry Neil I can’t come to your LA show I’m going to SF to see mah man, but see you on Thursday! Bye love”

sometimes you gotta make those compromises™

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Odd question. Let's say that the skelebros can sneeze, what are there sneezes like? Who sounds like a kitten? Who sneezes violently? Who has ugly sneezes? Who sneezes with the force of 9000 jet engines? Who sneezes loud enough that it shakes the entire Mt. ebott? GIMME THE SNEEZES

* I’m assuming you mean the main 4 AUs


Stifled, half swallowed sneezes. His face scrunches up when he sneezes


He breaks the sound barrier with his sneezes


Gross wet sneeze with a sniffle at the end


A dainty little “chu~” followed by the loudest EXCUSE ME!!!!! ever


A dramatic buildup, cartoon-like; A… AA…. AAAAACHEE! Ends with a nose wiggle and a sigh. 


Quiet, through the mouth sneezes. Sounds like a cross between a cough and a tsk. Comes in 3s


His natural sneeze is mildly loud, the wet spit flying everywhere kind. But he trained himself to keep his sneezes in so it sounds like he’s having hiccups when he sneezes.


Makes it a point to dab every time he sneezes. I mean, it is practical. He sneezes like a dad. 

If you loved Emma Swan I want to say thank you

If you shipped Captain Swan and you loved Emma, thank you.

If you shipped Swan Queen and you loved Emma, thank you.

If you shipped SwanFire and you loved Emma, thank you. 

If you watched her grow and change and loved her journey, thank you.

If you were upset with the way that journey shaped out, but loved her nonetheless, thank you. 

If you loved her under the best and worst circumstances, thank you. 

If you loved her family, whoever you think that is, thank you.

If you love(d) the strong, smart, funny, kind, eloquent woman who played her, thank you. 

I have grown in these past 6 years so much as a person, and a large part of that is thanks to Emma Swan. I loved her with all my heart, and if you did too then thank you. It’s been a wild ride with all of you, and I know we don’t all get along, but thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who loved Emma Swan. Thank you to those who always will. 


The Stud.

Hugo Gyrol (You Go Girl) Xara Thustra. Monica Canilao. 

Harrison St in San Francisco, Ca

This mural was painted around Gay Pride Week. The hands, legs and lips are by You Go Girl. The woman on the swing is by Susan Greene and the Stud is by Jeremy Novy. They have both been on the wall for several years. The artists painted around them.

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i recently stumbled upon your blog because of my love for sf! Naruto + naruino so my life has been complete because of this, and i hope you do more in the future <3

That’s it, bitch, we’re going shopping.

Ino gets fed up not long after discovering this little “secret” and forcibly drags Naruto across town to the shopping district. The ill fitting clothes (and blatant lack of support) drive the fashion-forward kunoichi in her insane.

Naruto has to remind himself that people are staring because Ino’s making a scene with her war path and not because he’s a woman. He keeps shaking his hair in front of his face, hoping no one recognizes him. He’s grown comfortable in both his bodies during his time outside of Konoha. He’s not quite ready to be so open at home.

(ILU, THANK YOU!!! Please push me not to forget this AU. It’s mostly alive inside my head unless people wheedle more out of me)

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Rusty to Louis: I don’t know if it’s a good idea for you to go to SF Louis: Don’t worry, I’ve come up with a foolproof plan to totally make it look like I’m at home playing video games.


luke + san francisco

making plans to rule the world, you were more than I deserved

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Good evening! Would you please write the reactions of the Papyruses when they find the fallen human (their low key crush) sitting amongst echo flowers deciding whether or not to give up their soul, and they're leaning towards yes?

♥UT Papyrus: Papyrus gave up on the idea of capturing you and sending you to the capital right after your battle. Your friendship (or maybe even more than just friendship) is more important to him than getting into the Royal Guard. When he does begin to feel things for you, he gets confused with himself and decides to take these new found feelings as a reason to care for you that much more. When he finds out what that you’re even considering giving up your soul, he begins to tear up. He knows that monsters so dearly want their freedom, but you’re so much more than just a stepping stone to their goal. He takes both of your hands in his and tells you how dearly he cares about you and that even if they do make it to the surface he could never be truly happy knowing the sacrifices that you made to get him there. After that, Papyrus follows you around anytime you leave Snowdin. He never acts like he’s doing it because he’s worried, but you know why.

♥UF Papyrus: After you managed to befriend Boss and he started developing feelings for you, he wasn’t sure how to handle it so he began to try to distance himself from you (emphasis on try). He acts aggressively affectionate around you, demanding that you let him patch up your wounds, cook for you and let you stay at his place all while acting like he doesn’t really want you to and that he is just having pity on you because you are so weak. He came “angrily” looking for you because you forgot the lunch that he had packed for you. He also clarifies persistently that he only came all this way to deliver it because,“IT WOULD BE AN ATROCITY FOR SUCH CULINARY MASTERY TO GO TO WASTE!” When you tel him that you’re considering turning yourself in he blows up at you,“HOW SELFISH ARE YOU, HUMAN?!”, “I-uh, b-but you’ll all be free?”, he steps closer to you , “DO YOU THINK THAT I SPARED YOU AND JEOPARDIZED MY POSITION IN THE ROYAL GUARD JUST FOR YOU TO SURRENDER YOURSELF!?!”, “N-no, I ju-!!!”, he cuts you off by throwing you potato sack style over his shoulder, “YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY NOT THINKING STRAIGHT, SO UNTIL YOU COME TO YOUR SENSES YOU’RE UNDER HOUSE ARREST! IT’S DANGEROUS ENOUGH FOR YOU TO BE IN WATERFALL AT ALL LET ALONE CONTEMPLATING GETTING CAUGHT INTENTIONALLY! YOU’RE PUTTING US BOTH IN DANGER WITH THESE CRAZY NOTIONS!” At that, he carries you back to his house, throws you onto the rather fluffy bed of their guest bedroom (along with your forgotten lunch) and locks the door. Boss is still trying to figure out how to deal with these emotions and comes to a more peaceful resolve eventually, but you’re still not allowed to leave the house for a while (He’s still worried that you’re going to try and turn yourself in)

♥US Papyrus: When he first saw you step out of the Ruins his first thought was, “Wow, a pretty one?”, to which he mentally slapped himself. Stretch has a habit of playfully flirting with everyone but developing genuine crushes on people is not something that happens often. He’s in denial about his feelings for you for a while, but you were so nice to everyone, not to mention his brother. You refused to kill, you treated everyone with respect and you seemed to want the best for everyone even though so far, the underground hadn’t exactly given you a warm welcome. Stretch does eventually come clean with himself and begins to except what he’s feeling. Upon hearing that you’re considering giving yourself up, he feels actual panic and nervously begins to try to talk you out of it. There is no way that he’s going to let you go either way, but he wants you to understand that you’re worth so much more than that. You’re death wouldn’t just hurt him, but Sans as well. After that day, he’s going to be keeping an extra close eye on you and he isn’t even secretive about it. If he sees you walking anywhere in the direction of the castle, he walk right up to you, gets almost unconformably close to you (actually, he’s pretty warm and soft so it is kind of comfortable), wraps an arm around your shoulder and strikes up a conversation all while gradually steering you back towards his house. He also told Sans about what you were deciding, so they have a special code now that Stretch uses to signal Blueberry to keep an eye on you when Stretch can’t. Blue keeps an eye on you by clinging to you like a koala whether he’s taller than you or not. Yeah, you’re not going anywhere, kid.

♥SF Papyrus: Rus’ feelings for you developed after you managed to befriend Raspberry. Being nice to his brother is a huge detail in Rus liking you platonically or romantically. Stretch has never felt romantic love for anyone before, but he knows immediately what the feeling is. Watching you try so hard to spare everyone made you special to him. It’s like a breath of fresh air after an eternity of decay. After the day he realises he has feelings for you, you start seeing him everywhere. If you ask him about it, he’ll just play it off like it’s a coincidence and change the subject, but really he has been following you to keep an eye on you. You technically aren’t dating, so he won’t start shamelessly following you around like a love struck puppy yet in fear of scaring you off. He had managed to lose you for a minute and walked around a corner to see you sitting in a bed of echo flowers, gosh you are so beautiful. He was about to say something when he hears the flowers repeat back what you were say shortly before he caught up to you. You…you want to give up your soul? Rus manages to get lost in though for a second. You would really be willing to sacrifice yourself for their sake? Great, now he’s fallen for you even more. When he finally snaps out of it you have already vanished and he panics. Rushing around the cavern he sees you and pulls you into a tight hug. This was a little bit shocking, you chuckle and pat his back but before you know it, you’re falling asleep in his arms. When you wake up, you’re in the skelebrother’s house wrapped up in blankets on the sofa. Rus walks in from the kitchen and you ask him what happened and he tells you that you probably just ate a bad cinnamon bunny or something. Yeah, you know he’s lying, but you don’t question him any further knowing that he probably wouldn’t give you a straight answer anyway. After that day, Rus is much more clingy but never confronts you about the situation directly. Anytime you try to leave the house, he finds some way to stop you, whether it be him forcibly (but gently) “tucking you in” as he calls it (which is literally him wrapping you in huge blanket burrito and cuddling you so you can’t move or him), falling asleep on top of you or just using his magic to make you fall asleep. Unless you can convince him that you’re really not going to turn yourself in (which is going to be hard because now he’s paranoid), this is going to go on for a while. (Enjoy your fluffy prison)

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Hey there :) Wondering how u were doing this fine evening. I have a lil prompt that's been floating inside my head for a while. How would the skellies react when reader tells them that they're gonna have a procedure/minor surgery? Who would be chill and give comfort and who would overreact? (I'm gonna have my gallbladder remove in a few days and its starting to get to me ;~; )

*Hey there!  I hope your gallbladder surgery goes well.  My dad just had his removed a couple of weeks ago, and he had a pretty swift recovery.  
That said, I hope I’m getting this in before your surgery, so maybe the skeles can provide you some comfort. <3

I actually did an imagine with the UT/US/UF skeles reacting to the news of a surgery, but I’ll do the SF!bros to add to the list~.  


The moment you inform him that you’re going to have an organ removed, he begins to have a come apart.  


He proceeds to go on a rant, pacing and insisting that these doctors must be wrong.  Really, he’s just worried; he ends up spending all night watching the surgeries online, and it doesn’t make him feel any better.

At the hospital, he’s trying to be strong, to act passive and aloof, but he can’t help grabbing your hand.  He’s trembling.  You end up having to comfort him, to insist that you’re going to be all right.  “O-OF COURSE YOU’RE GOING TO BE FINE!  YOU’RE THE MATE OF THE MALEVOLENT SANS!  YOU’RE STRONG ENOUGH TO SURVIVE BEING R-RIPPED OPEN.”  He’s scowling.  He threatens all the doctors and nurses, much to your mortification.  And while you’re in surgery, he nearly gets escorted out by security before his brother manages to reign him in.  

But when you wake up, he’s there on the bed with you, his skull pillowed against your chest to make sure your heart’s still beating.  When you begin to stir, he raises his head, relief washing over his face before he hurriedly amends his expression to something more confident.  “SEE?  I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE CONCERNED FOR NOTHING!  YOU’RE MUCH TOO STRONG TO LET SOMETHING LIKE A FAULTY ORGAN CAUSE YOU TO FALL!”


Rus is more chill than his brother when you tell him about the surgery.  He already knows what happens during human surgeries, and he trusts the surgeons to do their job, so he’s not worried.  However, he can tell that you’re beginning to stress out a little, so he tugs you into his lap.  

“darlin’, it’s gonna be ok,” he claims, pressing a toothy kiss against your temple.  “i’ll go with you and be there until you sleep, and then be there when ya wake up.  and while you recover, i’ll even get you a bell or somethin’ to ring when you need me.”  He chuckles, wrapping his arms tighter around you.  “but you better bell-ieve that if you abuse it, i might end up wantin’ to ring your neck.”  His grin widens as you smack his chest, but you know he’d never do anything to hurt you.  He’s always looking out for you and his brother both.

He’s there when you go into surgery, and he’s there when you wake up, watching TV with his boots kicked up on the side of the bed.  He doesn’t really get you a bell, but that’s merely because he doesn’t leave your side during your recovery.  He makes sure not to put any pressure against your incisions, and stays with you even after you’re recovered, insisting that he do things for you, like bring you food from Muffet’s or attempt to dress you with a smirk and wink.  

(* Mobile Imagine Masterlist  )

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The lazy bones, walking into the kitchen in the middle of the night to see their S/O singing along to bubbly music or musicals and baking. When questioned, after a long pause they tell the skelebro they couldn't sleep. How do they react? -K

[ By “the lazy bones”, I’m going to assume you mean UT! Sans, US! Paps, UF! Sans and SF! Paps xD Anddd apparently DT! Sans xD Alrighty then, here we go :3 ] 

UT! Sans: After a while of having your warmth near him as he’s fallen asleep, he’s not that surprised to have woken up at midnight without you by his side, though he definitely wants to go back to sleep - which he would’ve tried to do if it wasn’t for hearing light singing from downstairs. He blinks a few times, before crawling his way out of bed slowly and padding down the stairs, eyes lowered as he’s clearly half asleep, and making his way to the brightly lit up kitchen, squinting from the sudden brightness. “Babe, what are you doing…?” he asks, surprising you halfway through taking out your lemon meringue pie, stopping in your song as you whip around to look at him. “O-Oh, um… I… I couldn’t sleep,” you decide to say, not really feeling up for lying right now as you slide the pie into the bench. “…Would you like some pie?” Sans stares ahead in tired disbelief, before letting out a sigh, smiling sadly. “Well… wouldn’t want to let it go to waste, but… you know if you couldn’t sleep, you could’ve just told me? It’s alright, you know. I get too much sleep for my own good, anyways,” Sans says, sounding a little more awake then before, at least. He makes his way forward and helps you to cut up the pie, and for another twenty minutes or so you stay up lightly chatting and eating. Honestly, he wouldn’t have ever turned up anything you make, and for so early in the morning, it’s pretty good. After you’re done, he forces you back up to bed and does whatever he can to get you to sleep – whether it means humming or stroking your hair and won’t stop until you drift off calmly to sleep. He’ll probably sleep in for a bit longer this morning though, but chances are you’ll probably do the same unless you’re an early riser. He’s most likely going to try and keep you in bed, however.

US! Paps: He’s up the moment you’re awake and crawling out of the bed, and although he’s tired, he waits for a bit to see if maybe you’re just heading to the bathroom, but after it’s been a while he can’t help but pull back the blanket and make his way downstairs to see what’s going on. He’s not that surprised, really – some nights Carrot has trouble getting to sleep too so at least he understands. He doesn’t know why, but as he makes his way up to you, he doesn’t ask. “What’s that you’re making?” he asks, lightly startling you as you turn around, before letting out a breath. “Oh, um… got a little bit restless, so thought I could pass the time with brownies, heh,” you reply, knowing all too well your boyfriend knows what’s up. It’s obvious. You stare ahead in silence for a bit, before turning to him and speaking up. “Sorry if I woke you up…” Carrot blinks, before shaking his head with a smile. “No worries, honey. It’s fine,” he says, “though I think we better work on getting back to bed, eh? If ya still can’t sleep, ya just need to ask, okay? I’m here to help after all.” You lower your eyes, but nod your head slowly. “Yeah, okay…” you reply, before reaching out for one of the brownies and holding it out to Carrot. “But first…” Carrot chuckles, shaking his head a bit, but nonetheless leans forward and takes a bite with his hands still resting comfortably by his side. “Mmm, tastes good honey,” he compliments and you blush a little, before taking the entire plate and holding it out. “Would you… like some more?” Carrot can’t help but laugh, and, well, let’s just say it takes a fair bit longer than he expected to get back to bed

UF! Sans: He was rather worriedly woken from his sleep when he finds out that you’re not next to him, and doesn’t take long to quickly scramble out of bed and race down the stairs, kind of stumbling a bit but none the less, he makes it down safely and- …what? What is all this??? What?? He stares ahead for a bit as you stare back at him somewhat blankly, before he lowers his eyelids disapprovingly. “Alright, what ya up now for?” he asks, placing a hand on his hip. You lower your eyes to the ground as you slide off the oven mitts you’d just used to take out the tray of biscuits. “Just… couldn’t get to sleep, so…” And now Red looks a little bad. He looks a bit relieved for a bit, before letting out a breath and dragging a hand over his skull as if dragging it through the hair he doesn’t have. “Yeah… yeah, I get the feeling,” he says, making his way over and holding you from behind as he looks over at the treats. “Hey, those look pretty good…” he compliments, kind of just staring at him, and you blink and let out a small giggle. “Do you want some?” Red jumps lightly, blushing as he looks up to you. “I didn’t- …I mean, yeah… yeah, sure,” he mumbles slightly, and the two of you make your way over chatting and eating until eventually both of you feel tired and head off to bed at like three in the morning. At least ya had fine. Probably won’t be rising early this morning, though.

SF! Paps: Definitely the most anxious out of all of the skeletons, he’s up and awake the moment he reaches over and can’t feel you in the bed next to him. He quickly pushes off the sheets and races downstairs only to- oh, thank god. He’s relieved at first as you turn to look at him, before coming to the realisation. “Oh, I’m sorry, did I worry you? I’m fine, just… couldn’t really get to sleep.” Oh, well, that was a reason, he supposed… “Hey, it’s okay. I worry a little too much, ain’t you fault…” he says, hands on his hips as he makes his way up behind you. “Oh, well, I know your world used to be… not so good, so I should’ve known… it’s not your fault either,” you say, looking over to the oven as the timer lightly rang off, and with a small smile you bend down to pull out the tray of muffins. “Heh, what a way to pass the time,” Slim says, looking towards the clock. “Think you can get back to sleep now, or-“ Silence fell, except for the sound of your stomach lightly grumbling, and he lets out a chuckle, and you smile nervously. “Heheh, well, probably was a little hungry…” Slim smiles in return, reaching a hand over to the top of your head as he strokes it once. “Alright, muffins at two in the morning it is.” At some point you end up falling asleep on the table from exhaustion and he ends up carrying you back to bed. Neither of you got up very early in the morning that day.

DT! Sans: After being woken half way through a very good dream if you catch his drift, he rolls over to reach out for you, and feeling the bed empty, he’s already wide awake. “Uh… (s/o)?” he questions, crawling out of the bed in an exaggerated movement as he slides off onto the floor, before making his way out and hearing the slight sound of singing from downstairs. He smirks a little and lightly rolls his eyes, and slowly makes his way down, keeping his steps light (which is fairly easy for him being a dancer), before slowly sliding in next to you as you focus on icing the batch of cupcakes, with a grin on his face as you haven’t noticed him yet. “Watcha doing, babe?” he says fairly quickly, and you can’t help but jump, turning to face him and squirting a bunch of icing out of the piping bag straight into his face. DT! Sans blinks, before letting out a laugh and wiping some of the icing off his face. “Mm, chocolate. Tastes good,” he says, before tilting his head a bit to the side. “Seriously though, it’s like, one in the morning. Watcha up to?” As you reach out and hand him a cloth in silence, you turn back to the cupcakes. “Couldn’t get to sleep…” You admit, staring ahead as you continue to focus on icing the goods. “That’s a shame,” DT! Sans says as he leans on the bench. “Sucks, eh?” he adds, and you look at him with a bit of surprise, before slowly nodding your head. “Honestly don’t know why you didn’t just say something, but hey, I get it. Burning the midnight oil is whatever it is they say,” he says, looking to you. “That’s, um, working late in the night… I wouldn’t really call this work, just… I don’t know…” DT! Sans shrugs lightly with a smile. “Well, hey, if you wanna get back ta sleep, ya just say so okay? Though, don’t try and keep yourself up too late if you’ve got anything on tomorrow,” he says, before looking towards the cupcakes. “…You’re perfectly welcome to eat those, however,” he adds with a cheeky grin, and you roll your eyes a little. “Yeah, okay… cupcakes first,” you say, lifting the tray over to the table as he follows behind you. Probably won’t help you get to sleep, but… well, it’s not often you get the chance to have midnight snacks, let alone cupcakes.

Anon Asked: Ah, hello! It's nice to see a new imagines blog! If you would mind, maybe you could do fluffy UF Pap and UT Grillby headcanons? <3

Anon Asked:  Heya~ You’re super talented! Keep up the awesomeness! I wanted to ask if you could do some fluffy relationship headcanon for Mobtale and Underfell Sans, if you don’t mind? (Mobtale rocks there’s not enough of this wonderful AU) Thanks for your time!  

Anon Asked: Can I have SF bros fluffy relationship headcanons?

I decided to combine the four asks I got about fluffy relationship headcanons into one post to save myself and everyone else the trouble!


-Before him and his s/o got together they were simply referred to as “Lackey #2”. (while sans was #1. but only because he’d technically been there first.) Like, he won’t even acknowledge that they have an actual name at all but don’t be fooled. It’s not because he’s some edgy jerk (tho he is lol) but he really only started calling you Lackey #2 because he would blush whenever he said your real name. And he could not have anyone see him give THAT kind of reaction. So Lackey #2 it is!

-Pyrus likes to make his s/o meals. He says it’s to make sure they stay in tip top shape like him, and that he can’t have them eating trash because it reflects poorly on him. That’s actually partly true but really it’s he does it because he likes the praises you give him while you enjoy everything. Hearing you gush over what he cooks makes him smirk in pride.

-This boy is such a tsundere, it’s ridiculous. He really wants to hug, cuddle, kiss, and pretty much shower his s/o in love and affection. But he will never admit it or even attempt it because lord knows he has a Emo Lord image to upkeep. But if his s/o initiates affection first he’s put on a show of sighing or huffing in annoyance but will 100% return any affection tenfold.


-Grillby is very much the kind of gent that if he sees his s/o has fallen asleep on the couch he’ll totally go over and just pick them up (fire bae is strong) and carry them to bed before tucking them in. He could just throw a blanket over them and be done but he doesn’t want them getting a sore back or a crick in their neck. <3

-If you’re dating Grillby then know he’s definitely going to create a new drink for his bar with you in mind. The flavor will depend on your personality. It could be a spicy sweetness if you’re sassy, or mellow with a hint of citrus if you’re especially kind, maybe even tart but fruity if you are more headstrong. But whatever it ends up tasting like he’ll let you taste test the first one ever.

-He loves relaxing at home on the couch with his s/o after a long day manning the bar. You could be watching tv/movie, reading together, or even just talking softly. But he treasures those moments with you very much. Especially if you’re both feeling cuddly. Because this man loves to snuggle at home with his s/o.


-He’s very into calling his s/o by cute/sweet pet names. There are a bunch he uses but the most common are Bellissimo, Tesoro, and My Angel~ He loves the reaction his s/o gives when he first starts using pet names on them. The cute surprise, then the shyness that brought flushed cheeks, and finally the timid smile of happiness. He never wants to forget sweet moments like that.

-He can be smooth as hell and he knows it. He’s not afraid to start romancing his s/o if it means he gets to see them get all flustered. He’ll pull out chairs for them, hold open doors, and hold their umbrella while they walk together. And he’s got a silver tongue that could convince a nun to rob her church blind just for him. But thankfully when he uses it on you all he ever ends up wanting is you closer. ;3

-But if his s/o turns the tables on him then his smooth operator exterior starts cracking and they’ll see him start to sweat and turn blue~ Ol’ ‘Don’ here literally cannot handle genuine loving affection from his s/o. Give him tender kisses and heartfelt words of adoration and he’ll turn into a puddle of embarrassed happiness. XD


-This lazy edge lord is a secret cuddle bug. There’s nothing on this green earth he loves doing more than just snuggling with his s/o in bed. He’s the big spoon and will lock his s/o in his embrace, and nothing short of a damn crowbar will be able to pry them from his arms. And if they try to wiggle away he’ll just roll them both over so then they’re trapped between him and the wall. Pretty sure it’ll take telling him that they really have to pee before he’ll relent and let them up.

-Red is kinda shit at handling emotional stuff. It’s not his fault, it’s just a byproduct of the environment he was born and raised in. Almost all of the Fell monsters are terrible with that stuff. But he’s honestly trying. He wants to be able to just TELL you how he feels! It’s all pretty clear in his head. How much he loves you. How damn happy you make him every day! All the little things you do for him that just make his soul want to burst from his rib cage in joy! But the minute he opens his mouth to try to articulate his feelings it all goes to hell and he starts stumbling over words and UGH.

-So since he’s painfully aware of his inability to make his mind and mouth work on the same page he’ll just settle with physical reassurance. He’ll hug you when you’re down and kiss you when you tell him you love him. He’ll do his best to make sure you’re aware of how very precious you are to him. And you can feel it. In how he touches you and treats you so gently. He loves you~


-This sassy berry is surprisingly fine with shows of romance and affection. Granted his shows are rather…aggressive, but he’s trying. He’s never ashamed to loudly tell you exactly how much he cared for you, but also how grateful you should feel. Almost all of his romantic speeches typically end with him just telling you how lucky you are he deigned to enter a relationship with you.

-But he really does you love you. Even if he’s kind of an ass while trying to show it. Though like his brother, he absolutely loves to spoil his s/o rotten. For him it’s a 'look what i got you! aren’t i the best?!’ type situation. He wants to show he’s the best lover available by being the ultimate provider. Things in Underswapfell were rough for just about everyone. So the monsters that could afford luxuries were also the most fearsome. So getting to show off that he can get his s/o anything they want really strokes his ego.

-Sass Berry needs a lot of emotional support. Despite his boisterous bravado he’s actually pretty self conscious of quite a few things. When his s/o takes the time to stop and let him vent about things it shows him that they do love him. And he appreciates it so much more than he lets on. Things were very lonely for him in Underswapfell. He didn’t have any close friends since to him they’d eventually betray him, and he got turned down a lot romantically which hurt his confidence more than he let on. So finally having someone love him and treat him well is so surreal but breathtakingly wonderful for him. So let the sassy berry bitch about stuff and kiss you.


-He’s going to spoil his s/o rotten if they let him. He wants to buy you anything your pretty heart desires. He’ll take you to shops and boutiques and anything you even have a passing interest in is suddenly all yours. Half of why he does this is because on some level he thinks it’s possible to buy affection (or at least peace and quiet in his bro’s case lol). He spoiled his brother in a similar way but he just wants the ones he loves to know he loves them and wants them happy. What better way to do this than buy them things they like?

-If you tell him that the only thing you really need is him he’ll just shut down. SwApPaP.exe is experiencing issues and is forcing a restart. His whole skull will very slowly start to flush a cute color, which will make his s/o laugh lightly. That snaps him back and he is trying very hard to play it cool but you’re so sweet and perfect he doesn’t think he deserves you but he also doesn’t ever wanna let go. He’s extra cuddly after that. He still buys you things but not as frequently. Instead he’ll just smother his s/o with affection.

-Pap finds incredible delight in flustering his s/o whenever he can. When he gets close and their cheeks heat up that cute rosy pink he just can’t help but smirk. They’re so cute he just wants to devour them. He’s a big fan of caging them in against a wall so all their attention is on him. The looks he shoots them says everything. And if the way his s/o is getting redder then they can definitely read his face and know what he’s thinking. Time to play~

stereden  asked:

I discovered your work through a tumblr aesthetic of "Wicked Girls" and ended up buying the album when I hadn't bought an actual CD in three years. Then someone told me you actually wrote ace characters and I HAD to check that out (explicitly ace characters, yes please!). I got 'Every heart a Doorway' for xmas and it's beautiful! I adored it. I can't wait for the next one. Which of your other books would you recommend I start with in the meantime?

If you’re looking for explicitly ace characters, I’m afraid EHaD is currently it for me: April in the Toby books is either ace or demi (she hasn’t quite settled yet, and I’m willing to give her time), but since she’s never brought it up, it hasn’t been discussed on the page.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s the only way representation really “counts,” and so I don’t get to claim it.

If you’re just going “okay, I like how she uses words, and she seems to not be a total jerk, let’s test out more of her work,” there are so many paths open to you!  Rosemary and Rue was my first book.  This means that it is in some ways my clumsiest; there are choices I made in 2008, when it was being revised for publication, that I wouldn’t make today.  But the core is there, and it starts the series of my heart (the October Daye books), which I love and recommend and will continue until I can reach a satisfying ending.

Discount Armageddon is the start of my more recent urban fantasy series.  It hews a little closer to the romance end of the genre: since each narrator only gets one or two books, things move fast, although I try to keep them earned.  These are slightly sillier books, which is something I consider to be a recommendation: sometimes silliness is the best medicine.

Velveteen vs. The Junior Super Patriots is only available in physical hardcover right now, but I still love my wacky superhero world.

If you were thinking of going more SF, I am also Mira Grant: my first novel under that name, Feed, is a glorious rabbithole of feels.  Prior to EHaD, it was the book most likely to be described as “my favorite” by people I’d just met.