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Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Jimin X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request:  Hey could you please do an imagine where the reader and jimin are fighting and he says that he hates that she’s really clingy and he hates when she ‘steals’ his clothes and that hurts you but you didn’t show it and then you guys make up but you still thought about what he said so you stopped being clingy and stopped wearing his clothes and doesn’t realize at first but when does, he feels really bad and sad bc he loves when u are clingy and loves when you wear his clothes.

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Your eyes followed your boyfriend’s annoyed figure as he paced around the room. Today must have been really stressful for him because since he came through the door he’s been nothing but on edge. A small thought in the back of your head told you not to pick a fight with him but another part of you knew that you didn’t need to be treated rudely because of something that effected him at work. 

“Fine. Look, I’m sorry….Let’s just drop it..” You told him, sitting back on the bed. 

Jimin stopped in his tracks, looking back at you.

“Drop it? Y/N this might not be a big deal to you but this isn’t something I’m just going to drop!”

You grew silent as you heard his voice raise towards you. He groaned, bringing his hands up to his face. 

“All I’m saying is I can’t have you texting me all the time. I already got scolded once for responding during a meeting and I really don’t need to be on my boss’ bad side right now. It’s just- too much…Sometimes I feel like you’re always trying to talk to me about something and I need personal space. I don’t get why that’s so hard for you to grasp..” He mumbled.

“I just missed you. I didn’t think it was a big deal-”

“You didn’t think. That’s my point.”

You tilted your head, giving him a direct look. 

“What the hell is your problem today? I already said I was sorry..”

Jimin sat down on the bed. 

“There’s just so much going on right now and I just don’t need you always on me. Maybe we should take a break or something.” 

Your eyes widened at the words you feared most besides, “I think we should break up”. 

“You can’t be serious-”

You hand extended to hold onto your boyfriend’s arm but Jimin pulled his own away. 

“I can’t do this right now. I can’t hear about how much I’m away from you, I can’t deal with you always stealing my clothes, or waiting for me to come home, or making jokes about me leaving you all the time. I’m tired of you being so clingy!”

The tears you were holding back started to well up on your eyes until your vision became blurred. You hadn’t realized how he really felt about all of this. You had just assumed that all those times you were missing him that he was feeling the exact same way. You stood up from the bed, sliding the hoodie of his that you were wearing and threw it onto the ground. 

“Fine! I won’t be!” 

Seeing you cry must have really hit a nerve in him because before you were able to head out of the door he stood up in front of you. He held you against his chest even as you tried to push him away. 

“Wait. I didn’t mean it about the break thing. This went way too far and I crossed the line. I wasn’t trying to make you cry, I just got upset over nothing.”

He looked down at you but you avoided looking up at him as your head was now resting on his chest. He could feel your head move every time you sniffled, just giving him even more guilt.

“This isn’t really about you texting me too much. I think the lack of sleep and over working is just getting to me…I’m really sorry. I’m taking this out on you when it’s not even your fault.” 

You felt his warm hands come up to your cheeks as he leaned your head up to face him. 

“I’m so sorry…” He whispered. 

Jimin used his sleeve as an attempt to wipe your tears off and by the look in his eyes you could tell he really meant what he was saying. You knew this sort of stuff was hard on him but you wish he wouldn’t hold it all in until he explodes all the time. Nonetheless you accept your boyfriend’s apology by giving him a nod.

“Seriously. If I ever do something like this again I really wouldn’t blame you for leaving me.”

The worried expression on his face made you crack.

“I get it.” You let out.

Jimin gave you a light kiss on top of your forehead.

“Should we get ready to go out for dinner then? It’s on me.” He said in a convincing tone.

Seeing the puppy eyes he was giving you, you gave in instantly.

“Alright.” You smiled, running off to get dressed.

Ever since that one fight things seemed a little off between the two of you. He would do things that made you think he was still trying to make up for that one day and even though it still bothered you, you wish he would just let it go. You tried to be empathetic but you didn’t want him to keep doing things just to keep you happy. You wanted things to just be normal so you decided that maybe it wasn’t all just because of work. Maybe he actually wanted space and was afraid to come to terms with it and tell you. From now on you didn’t send him good morning texts at work, no checking up on him, no telling him that you miss him or think about him, no more wearing his clothes because their comfortable or smell like him, no more waiting for him to come home in the living room, and no more random I love you’s.

Jimin also was taking notice of the new changes between you both. He was, in fact, trying to do things to make up for what happened because of how bad he felt. He’d bring home presents, take you out, try to text you more often, and just overall praise you whenever you were around. The problem was he couldn’t help but think you were mad at him still since you started to distance yourself. That is until he realized the things he spewed off during the fight between you. He wondered if you were distancing yourself because of what he said despite him not meaning it. Jimin loved coming home to finding you waiting for him or surprising him with how much you loved him. He missed seeing you wake up wearing his shirt from last night or stealing a hoodie or two from his closet. He never really noticed how much he loved those things about you until they were gone. It was starting to drive him crazy.

As you’re sitting on the couch on your laptop you hear him come home, shutting the door in a rush. You pretend to be uninterested, just scrolling through your dashboard but you hear him walk all the ways over to you. As his figure shadows over you, you look up at him.

“You’re home-“

“I can’t do this anymore. I don’t know what I can do to take all of what I said back but I want to. I miss you like crazy and god, I love you so much, you know that? There isn’t a second that I’m not thinking about you and there’s not a second that goes by that I’m not reminded of you. I want you to take wear my stuff until it smells like you, I want you to text me during work to tell me what you can’t wait to do until I’m home, I want you to just-…I want you to love me like you did before.”

Speechless you sit up from your seat to face him properly as you push aside the laptop in your lap. You hadn’t expected him to come home like this nor did you think you were the one doing the wrong thing. You thought you were just doing what he wanted but there was a hidden guilty pleasure from hearing him admit how much he needs you.  You decided to just tease him a little bit more.

“Hmm, I don’t know. It’s just not really my thing anymore and I think you were right. Somethings are just better left unsaid. I mean you already know I love you, why would I need to tell you that daily?”

Jimin groaned, pouting like a child.


You crossed your arms across your chest.

“Yes, Jiminie?”

Without warning you feel him cup your face like before but instead of wiping your tears you felt the familiar feeling of his soft, full lips being pressed up against yours. He took 5 long seconds to completely make you feel as if you were going to melt in your seat just from one kiss. As he pulled away from you, you saw the glimpse of seriousness in his eyes.

“I miss you. Please….just forgive me this once?”

Damn it. For once you thought you had the upper hand but his dumb cute face and amazing lips had won you over again.

“Fine but you have to say it first today.”

Jimin let out a small laugh.

“I love you, Y/N.”

of-moon-and-stars  asked:

Do you know any fics where Yakov, Lilia and/or the Russian skate team take Yuuri under their wing?

Wow! Thanks for all these requests! I can’t wait for season two when Yuuri is totally immersed (and accepted!) into the dysfunctional Russian skate fam! 

P.S. If anyone knows more fics like these, please let me know! I love these fics and would like to expand this list!

Yuuri & The Russian Skate Fam

Katsuki Yuuri Fan Club by Katyaton, Teen, 2.2k
Yuuri has been adjusting well to life in St. Petersburg, making friends with the Russian skaters and slowly adapting to the new culture. When Viktor starts obsessing over something on his phone, though, Yuuri starts to worry. He suspects it’s something related to him and wants to find out what has Viktor so transfixed, but will the ensuing embarrassment be worth his curiosity? LOVE THIS FIC!

My Heart of Constellations by LFMH021, Teen, 59k (WIP)
Yuuri, Viktor and Makkachin lives in one apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia now. Viktor is still coaching him. Yakov and Lilia are actually growing fond of Yuuri. Mila, Georgi, and the other skaters had begun adoring Yuuri and his shy personality. Wow, this is a fantastic fic! Must read!

Friendship Training with Phichit by krazieLeylines, Teen, 32k (WIP)
In which Yuuri Katsuki lives in St Petersburg with Viktor, and has a difficult time fitting in with his new rinkmates, so Phichit takes Yuuri under his wing and teaches him how to make friends. Cute!

The Goddamn Tie Has Got To Go by Katyaton, Teen, 4.5k
The powdery blue monstrosity was not only unfashionable, it also reminded Viktor, with shocking clarity, of a sweaty, half naked, pole dancing Yuuri. The night where he was finally, and without warning, lifted from the fog that had crept up on him in his last few years of skating. LOL I LOVE THIS FIC

better than sliced bread by ebenroot, Teen, 8.1k
In which we all assumed yuuri is the one to own a dakimakura but maybe that isn’t entirely the case. THIS IS GREAT AHHAHA

Only You by alisayamin (sh_04e), Gen, 1.1k
It’d only been a month since Yuuri made his home rink in Russia. He was almost always in control of his practices after the Grand Prix Finals in Spain, both in jumps and program rehearsals. But it’d been awhile since Victor had seen him so riled up. Fun!

Everybody Loves Me(?!) by Chrysanthos, Teen, 1k
“Oh come on, Yuuri, it’s much easier if I do it like this,” And before Yuuri could stop him, Phichit turned towards the table, “So, anyways, who here’s had a crush on Yuuri at least at one point?” To Yuuri’s mortification, almost every hand at the table was raised in an instant. Not just the russian skate fam, everyone loves him!

Shimmering Silver Souls by Belvedere_The_Butler, Gen, 947 words
Little snippets of Yuuri’s life with Viktor in St Petersburg. The Russian skate fam appears and gushes over Victuuri!

185/120 by RC_McLachlan, Gen, 1.1k
Yuuri begins training in St. Petersburg and Yakov is shook. So fluffy and a quick read!

you’re like heaven to touch by lazulisong, Mature, 3.1k
Victor is one hundred percent obsessed with Yuri wearing his Russia jacket, which would just be a shame and embarrassment to the entire country, if only he would do it private like a normal man. Russian skate fam is only mentioned, but they’re there!

Grand Prix Finals with the Russian Skating Family by JustBeHappy, Teen, 12k
The new skating season begins, and Yuuri works hard to get his gold medal for the Grand Prix Finals with the Russian Skating Family. Yes. The Russian Skating Family. Rec’d by a follower!

The Party

Requested By: Anonymous

hey! i jus followed u and omg i read all ur stories in a span of an hour bc its so rjdndjkd but i was wondering if u can do an imagine about peter parker inspired by the song “I Like Me Better” by Lauv??? thank u, ilysm❤️

Also, if you want to listen to the song, click here

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You were Tony Starks daughter, that being said Tony was very protective of you and your whereabouts. You were finally able to go to a party without your dad hassling you, but what you didn’t know was he had sent Peter to look over you, but not without giving him strict rules to follow of course.  

Warnings: Alcohol, drinking, cuteness

Word Count: 3,465

A/N: Ahhhhh! This was so much fun to write, ngl I’ve been writing it for like two hours ahah. But I think it’s super cute and I just hope you like it! Enjoy.

Originally posted by stallingdemons

All your life your dad had protected you, you didn’t know if it was because he was Iron Man, or because it was just him being your overprotective dad.

Tony never allowed you to go to parties, or even go on dates with boys’.

“But dad!” You whined, following him into his lab.

“No, Y/N, we’ve been over this many times, you going to parties is just something I’m not comfortable with yet.” Tony rubbed his forehead, letting out a deep sigh he didn’t know he was holding in.

“This is so unfair! I bet when you were my age your parents let you go out and have fun. But for me, I’m trapped here in the Avengers building like a prisoner.” You ranted angrily, your hands moving in all kinds of motions.

Tony watched you carefully, he knew you were right, when he was a teenager his parents let him go out and do whatever he wanted. But when it came to you, it was different, he just wanted you to be safe. He knew people treated you differently since you were his daughter, your last name giving you a reputation.

“Look Y/N,” Tony sighed, catching your attention quickly, your eyes filled with hope that maybe, just maybe he’d change his mind for once.

“Let me think about it okay? This isn’t easy for me.” Tony muttered, but you were already beaming with joy.

He was going to think about it, you could potentially be going to your first high school party, with people your age for once.

“Thanks dad, you’re the best!” You squealed happily, giving him a hug which he gladly accepted, chuckling to himself as he saw you skip giddily down the hallway.

He knew you were growing up, but he just kept making himself refuse to believe it.

“What are you all smiley about?” Steve laughed, seeing your beaming smile as you entered the room.

“Dad might finally let me go to my first high school party.” You grinned, grabbing a mug and pouring yourself a cup of coffee.

“Wow. Really? Stark is willing to let his only daughter go to a party?” Steve said in disbelief, it wasn’t unknown that everyone knew how protective your dad was over you.

You nodded your head, the smile still on your lips.

“What? Who’s going to a party?” Natasha chimed in, glancing between the two of you.

“Stark might let Y/N go to her first high school party.” Steve smirked, grabbing a newspaper before sitting down at the table.

“Whaaaat! No way, girl you’re growing up.” Natasha teased, ruffling your hair, making you swat her hands away.

“It’s about time I finally experience high school for what it is.” You stated jokingly, making them both laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Clint came into the kitchen, making you sigh and look at Natasha and Steve.

“I don’t have time for this, you tell him.” You laughed, taking your cup of coffee with you as you exited the kitchen.

You were half way down the hall when you heard Clint shout ’No way! Stark is finally letting her have fun!’ Making you roll your eyes, a faint smile on your lips as you walked back to your room.

It was Friday night, the perfect time for parties to happen, and you had only found out a few hours earlier you were finally allowed to go to one.

“Yes! Thank you dad! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!” You jumped up and down, hugging Tony tightly.

“Just don’t make me regret it okay?” He gave you a warning look, making you nod frantically, too overjoyed.

He soon exited your room, leaving you to get ready, Tony prayed you wouldn’t go overboard, but then again you were his daughter, so he knew you would even if you weren’t trying too.

“Friday, can you send Parker to my office please? Thank you.”

“Sure thing Mr. Stark, he’s on his way now.”

Tony walked around his office, trying to act interested in something before Peter knocked on his door anxiously.

“Y-You wanted to see m-me?” Peter stammered, making Tony turn around swiftly, a smile planted on his face.

“Mr. Parker, yes, please sit down.” Tony motioned to the chair, which Peter sat in hesitantly.

Peter didn’t know what was going on, Tony never needed him for really anything, so he knew this was a serious manner.

“You see, Mr. Parker, my daughter Y/N is going to her first high school party tonight, and I promised her I wouldn’t hassle her, and since you two are the same age, and go to the same school, I would like you to make sure she doesn’t do anything she’ll regret.” Tony folded his hands on his desk, watching Peter’s eyes widen.

“You want me.. To spy on your daughter?” Peter hesitantly spoke, blinking a few times.

“Yes. Isn’t it obvious? I just told you that.” Tony spoke bluntly, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Anyways, it’s tonight, as a girls’ house named Liz Allen, just make sure Y/N doesn’t get into trouble.” Tony stated, pointing a finger at Peter, who was shaking in his seat.

“G-Got it Mr. Stark, I w-won’t let you down.” He stammered, standing up from his chair.

“Oh and one last thing,” Tony stood up, walking over to Peter who looked visually nervous.

“Yes?” Peter questioned, playing with the end of his sleeve nervously.

“I’m sending you to this party because I trust you’ll take care of my daughter, that being said, if I find out you and her do anything behind my back, I will know about it. Got it?” Tony gave him a stern look, sending shivers up Peters spine.

“-Yes, got it Mr. Stark. No funny business.” Peter clapped his hands, licking his lips nervously before exiting the office.

Tony nodded his head in approval before Peters words sunk into his head.

“Wait, what do you mean no funny business? Parker!” Tony shouted, only making Peter smile slightly and sprint back to his room.

It was finally the time for you to leave, to say you weren’t exited would be a complete and utter lie, you were bubbling with happiness.

“Okay, Y/N, have fun, but not too much fun, -just be safe okay?” Tony smiled softly, as you nodded, a bright smile on your face.

“I will.” You leaned over, giving him a kiss on the cheek before getting out of the car, receiving waves and ‘hellos’ from people around you.

Once you went inside, it was like you entered a whole new world, music was blasting, people were dancing, red cups were everywhere, this is what you were waiting to experience.

You were wandering around the gorgeous house, before running into Liz.

“Hey Y/N! I’m so glad you could make it!” She smiled happily, hugging you.

“Me too Liz, me too.” You grinned, glancing around the room, giving a small wave at Ned and Michelle who were here also.

“Well we have snacks and drinks in the kitchen if you want anything.” She smiled, making your eyes light up.

“You had me at drinks.” You grinned, looping your arm with hers before disappearing into the kitchen.

It was time to party.

Peter had soon arrived after you did, his mind going at warp speed after his talk with Tony.

He walked inside, seeing everyone having fun, dancing, eating, drinking.

He noticed Ned and Michelle, walking over to them.

“Hey guys.” Peter greeted, giving Ned a fist bump before glancing around the room.

“Hey dude, I didn’t think you’d be here.” Ned grinned, making Peter gasp dramatically.

“I can party.” Peter defended, making Ned and Michelle laugh.

“Peter, nobody wants that.” Ned laughed, making Peter give him a look.

“Also, have you guys by any chance seen Y/N?” He looked around once again, seeing you were nowhere to be found.

“Yes actually, she arrived a few minutes before you, she was talking to Liz and then they ventured into the kitchen and that was the last time I saw them. Michelle?” Ned gestured to the brunette haired girl, who shrugged.

“I heard Liz mention something about drinks and snacks.” Michelle shrugged again, before walking off.

“Shit, nonononono.” Peter mumbled, biting his lip nervously.

“Dude what’s wrong, you’re sweating so bad.” Ned looked over Peter’s worried expression.

“Mr. Stark sent me here to keep an eye on Y/N and I cannot afford to bring her back drunk Ned!” Peter vented, his voice cracking a bit.

“Lets go check the kitchen.” Ned suggested, as they both went to search for you.

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” Everyone shouted, before cheering and clapping.

There you were, sitting on the counter with Liz, doing shots, and basically drinking whatever was handed to the both of you.

“Shit. This is not good.” Peter groaned, rubbing his hand over his face.

“Dude, you’re so dead.” Ned patted Peter on the back, his eyes widened at the sight before him.

You were having the time of your life, you never got to do this, and it was even better that it was with Liz.

“Who wants another round?!” Liz shouted, making everyone cheer, including yourself.

A guy started pouring more shots, which gave Peter the chance to talk to you.

“Hey, Y/N, it’s Peter, hey, look at me..” Peter took your face into his hands, seeing how bloodshot they already were, he knew you were wasted.

“Petey!” You squealed, your smile bright.

“Hey.” Peter mumbled, moving a strand of hair out of your face.

“This party is amaaaazziinnnggg!” You giggled, making Peter chuckle quietly, he had never seen you in this state before.

“Y/N, do it with me!” Liz shouted, handing you a shot, you both raised your arms into the air, shouting cheers before letting the cold liquid burn your throat once again.

“Who wants to do belly shots?!” Some girl shouted, making Liz squeal excitedly, stumbling off the counter.

“Come on Y/N!” She motioned for her to follow her outside, you stumbled off the counter, doing your best to follow her.

“Yeah, no.” Peter laughed, wrapping his arms around your waist, lifting you off the ground.

“We’re going to get you home.” Peter sighed, as you tried to fight him off of you.

“No way! I want to stay and partaaaaay!” You giggled, trying to grab things on your way out of the kitchen.

“Damn. She’s so wasted.” Michelle’s eyes widened when she saw your state.

“Better not let Tony see her like this Peter.” Ned raised his eyebrows, making Peter roll his eyes in response.

“Believe me, if I returned with her like this I would be dead before I even entered the building.” Peter muttered, picking you up and carrying you outside.

It was going to be a long night.

Peter had taken you back to his place, he was pretty sure Aunt May wouldn’t mind, at least he hoped.

“Peter you’re back! How was the party? Did yo-” She turned around, seeing you in his arms.

“Do I need to call her father?” May sighed, looking at Peter.

“No! I have this under control.” Peter spoke quickly, praying she wouldn’t call Tony.

“Alright, well, just get her some water okay? Maybe some aspirin.” May looked at the two of you once more before disappearing into her room.

Peter set you down on his bed, rushing off to get some water and aspirin like May said too.

“Hey, Y/N.” Peter spoke calmly, making you smile.

“Hey Petey!” You giggled, making him bite his lip to stop him from laughing.

“I got you some water and some aspirin, will you take it for me?” Peter helped you sit up, but you’d immediately fall back down.

“Alright, maybe in an hour.” Peter mumbled, setting it down on his dresser.

“Petey.” You mumbled, making him glance at you.

“Did you know..” You giggled, rolling onto your side, “That drunken thoughts are sober words that you normally can’t admit.” You grinned, looking at him.

To be drunk and in love in New York City.

To not know who I am but still know that,

I’m good long as you’re here with me.

“Y/N, don’t say something you’ll regret later.” Peter looked at you nervously, not knowing what could come out of your mouth.

“I really like you Petey, like I reaaaallllyyy like you.” You giggled once again, making Peter’s eyes widen.

You liked him, the girl of his dreams had a crush on him.

“Y/N, you’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re saying.” Peter tried to brush off what you were saying, but he couldn’t help let every word sink into his head.

“No. Petey.” You sat up, doing your best to look at him, but failing miserably.

Peter turned to look at you, his cheeks already flushed at how close you two were.

“I really like you.” You poked his chest, making him take a deep breath.

“Y/N.” He mumbled, running his fingers through his hair.

“Don’t you get it?” You sighed, leaning your head on his shoulder.

I like me better when I’m with you, I don’t know what it is but I got that feeling and ever since then I knew I liked you.” You mumbled, closing your eyes.

Peter just sat there in silence, listening to you drunkenly pour your heart out for him.

His heart was racing, he couldn’t believe this was all happening.

He snapped back into reality, hearing your soft snores.

He gently laid you down on his bed, deciding to let you sleep a bit, he couldn’t afford to let you go back to Mr. Stark that way.

Hours passed and you slowly started waking up, confusion quickly spreading across your face.

You sat up quickly, before grabbing your head and letting out a loud whine.

“Ow.” You groaned, glancing at your surroundings.

“Hey Y/N, glad to see your awake.” Peter smiled, making your eyes widen.

“What? What am I doing here?” You questioned, making Peter’s eyes widen this time.

“Oh, well, um, you see.. You got really drunk, and well I took you back here because I couldn’t let Mr. Stark see you like that.” Peter explained, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

I might get to too much talking.

“I brought you some water and aspirin.” Peter handed you the water which you gladly accepted, taking the aspirin with it.

“I think we should get you back home now though.” Peter smiled, making you nod in agreement.

Peter did his best to get you into the building without anyone noticing, which he did, at least he thought.

“Y/N, you uh, you told me something before you fell asleep.” Peter stammered nervously, looking at the ground.

You felt your heart start to race, you couldn’t have told him.

“Look Peter it’s late.. can we talk about this in the morning?” You questioned, making him nod.

You definitely needed to sleep for a while.

Midnight into morning coffee.

Coffee is exactly what you needed.

You wandered out of your room, squinting at the bright light, you hated being hung over, it was the worst.

You made yourself a strong pot of coffee, turning around only to meet Steve and Natasha.

“Whoa there girly, someone had a bit too much fun.” Steve grinned, as you sent him a death glare.

“You look awful.” Natasha pointed out, making you sigh.

“I know, dad is going to kill me.” You muttered, looking up and locking eyes with Peter.

Natasha and Steve both turned to see who you looking at, smirks slowly forming on their faces.

“We’ll leave you two alone.” They both got up, leaving the kitchen, patting Peter as he walked in.

“Hey.” He mumbled, giving you a soft smile.

“Hey..” You bit your lip slightly, sitting down at the table.

“Look, about last night.. You said something..” Peter fiddled with his hands nervously.

“It’s true Peter.” You admitted, taking a sip of your coffee, only to meet Peters wide eyes.

“I-It is?” He stammered, making you smile.

“Yes, I do like you Peter.” You laughed quietly, making his eyes light up.

“I’ve liked you since we first met Y/N.” Peter confessed, making your heart race.

You both started leaning in, until your lips connected, smiles both forming on your faces.

“You want to see a movie later?” Peter smiled, making you giggle quietly.

“Sure Peter.” You replied, kissing his lips one more time before running off to your room, leaving him with a goofy smile on his face.

“Mr. Parker, I assume you brought my daughter home okay?” Tony walked into the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Yeah, uh, all good Mr. Stark.” Peter smiled nervously, slowly getting up to run out of the room.

“No funny business right?” Tony turned to look at Peter, who’s eyes widened and face flushed.

Peter opened his mouth to reply, but couldn’t find the words, so instead he did the only thing he knew.

He ran.

“Parker!” Tony shouted, watching Peter rush off to his room.

Tony’s mouth turned into a small smile, seeing Peter rush off, his own smile on his face.

Damn.. he really did get the girl of his dreams.

ribcage. || i

Summary: college!au Where Tom is a genuine sweetheart trying to make it through college without completely losing his mind; his three close friends make it easier though. However, there’s one girl who wears the big sweaters and seems to have her head more in her sketchbook than anywhere else who changes him after he gets caught blatantly admiring her from afar. Tom takes it upon himself to make her problems his problems, but sometimes it’s just better to not stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Emphasis on the sometimes though.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Fem!Black!Reader

Word Count: 1,255

Warnings: Swearing & Staring

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! <3 Love your headcanons!! So could you do for rfa reacting MC drunk and not recognizing them? Like him trying to kiss her as always, but she walks away saying that she has a boyfriend and loves him? Lol Something like that..?? I think it would be cute and funny. haha >w< (Sorry for my bad english)

Your english isn’t bad, love. (who am I to judge, anyways?) 

Here it is! Hope you enjoy it! ^^

RFA with a drunk MC who can’t recognize them


  • You told him you were gonna be at this club and he should join you after work
  • So crowded! It would take so long to find you… oh, not really, there you are! You look so sexy dancing like no one is watching
  • But the thing is a lot of people, guys mostly, are watching. OH HELL NO!
  • “Hey, babe! I missed you!” he comes behind you holding your waist gently, and feels legitimately hurt when you pull away and nod negatively.
  • “Nah nah ni nah no, buddy! Not happening!” and you just… walk away! Why? IS he that late? He goes after you, noticing how much you’re bumping into other people…
  • “B-Babe? I’m sorry, I…” “I won’t say it twice, dude! I’m taken and you’ll back away if you know what’s good for you!” what? You’re not recognizing him? Maybe it’s the lights or the loud music?
  • Oh no, it’s not! He watches as you go the bar and look around squinting your eyes and frowning your nose, it’s so cuuuuttte! Also, it’s a very familiar sign that you’re very drunk, he knows that by now.
  • “Oh no… not you again!” “Hey, calm down! I’m… I won’t make any move, I’m just worried about you! Are you ok?” “I’m g-reat! Just waiting for MY REALLY STRONG, HOT AND FAMOUS BOYFRIEND THAT I LOOOVVVEE!” oh god… is it bad he thinks this is too charming?
  • “Oh… tell me more about him, then.” He manages to get close enough so nobody will try to approach you. “I’ll show you!” you pick your phone and scroll through all the pictures you’ve taken together.
  • “This is him during one of his musicals! This is him on his bike! This is him on piggy tails I did when he was sleeping! Isn’t he adorable?” he gags a little “Oh… I think… I think this wouldn’t be good for my… for HIS image, don’t you think?” “Nhaaa, this is just for fun! I won’t even show him! I care a lot about his image too, since I’mma be his manager one day, just you wait! “Oh,is that so?”
  • He convinces you to text your boyfriend, so he could answer he would be waiting you outside so you could take a cab. He doesn’t even mind your text makes no sense!
  •  “ZeeeNnNY! I missed you so much, you… should be proud of me! I acted all scary and made this guy back away! Are you proud, Zenny? Are you proud?” you shake him as you hug him when you go to him outside. “You have no idea how much, my princess.” He hugs you back
  • He hopes your hangover is not that bad tomorrow, as he really has some business matters to go over with you…


  • Although he’s the college student, you’re the one having the time of your life at this frat party.
  • He wasn’t that comfortable at first, but seeing you having so much fun made him loose it up a little
  • He’s wondering if the guys feel jealous when they see this goddess moving her hips so seductively and stopping all of a sudden to give him a little peck on the lips and a ‘boop’ to his nose…
  • But it’s been a while you’re not doing this anymore, you’re not even looking at him… you’re looking all around the place, except for him.
  • So he goes to you and touches your shoulder: “Are you okay, honey?” you look at him from head to toes and… turn your back on him. What?
  • “H-Honey! Did I do something wrong?” “Yeah, dude, you’re making a move on a girl who have a boyfriend!” “Well, yes… I’m the boyfriend!”
  • “Yeah, you wish, but sorry… it ain’t happening!” You scoff. He’s so shocked! Are you breaking up with him like this?
  • Oh, wait! He’d  seen your eyes like this before, you’re… drunk! Very drunk! Yes, your half-lidded tipsy eyes…  and you still manage to be beautiful…
  • “Hey, so uhm… are you Yoosung Kim’s girlfriend, by any chance?” “Yeah, why do you ask?” “Nothing, I recognized you from all the photos of you he shows, it’s… it’s nice to meet you in person! He talks a lot about you!” he tries to be friendly so you don’t run away.
  • “Pffffff, he showed photos of me? So embarrassiIIiiIng! I’ll tell him to stahp when I see him!” “Oh… Please don’t get mad! It’s just… just… he thinks you’re the most beautiful lady in the world, he… really really loves you… at least that’s what I heard from him.”
  • “Ahhhh, I can’t be mad at him!” you sigh dramatically. “He’s sOoOOOOOo amazing! And cool… and his hair is so badass, and we’re here just because I dragged him… and those cheeks nnnnnng” What about his cheeks? “I’ve gotta find my man!”
  •  “I.. I… s-saw him outside, next to the door, y-yes! Over there!” he needs to run before you get there, but he’s so flustered… well, that can wait!
  • “Yoosungiiiie! I’ve been looking all around for you!” you jump on him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I’m sooooo sorry for dragging you here, next time we’ll stay at home and play LOLOL, pinky promise!” you tangle your pinky at his, seriously… how can you be so adorable? “Nah, I’m… I’m really having fun, MC!”
  • You two go home by foot and you keep snuggling at his arm the whole way. “Hey, MC?” “Hmmm?” “Do you… do you like my cheeks?” “Yep, especially on those jeans.”
  • It takes a while for him to get it, but when he does… he’s dead! Why would you talk about his butt to a stranger? I mean… it was him, but you didn’t know, yet it was him… should he get mad? Or embarrassed? Or…? Or…? ERROR


  • She meets you at the bar you two usually go together.
  • It isn’t that crowded but it is a little noisy, she’ll have to talk loud to get your attention.
  • “Hey, MC!” she greets. You look around frightened and look back to your drink… weird!
  • “MC?” she gets closer and touches your arm softly. “How… how do you know my name?” What? She looks at you, puzzled. “Anyway, I’m waiting for my girlfriend, don’t waste your time, lady!”
  • “Hum… MC, I’m…” “Stop stalking me, seriously, my girlfriend warned me about your type!” she’s still confused, but your face looks so funny, you are trying to look mad, but you can’t frown your eyebrows without blinking… so cute!
  • And by that she gets what’s  going on, that and the three martini glasses next to you…
  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, I was just curious… where did you buy that dress?” “My girlfriend got me, it’s her favorite color in the whole wide worrlllld!” “I see…” she wants to laugh so much.
  • “Well, she must have a good taste!” “Yep, she used to walk around only on a dull suit because of her asshole former boss! He’s my friend, so I’m allowed to tell him he’s an asshole… actually, I… I should tell him right now!” you pick your phone.
  • “I… I don’t think that’s a good idea, miss…” “Shhh, he needs to know he can’t be an asshole to my cookie! She’s  a-ma-ZING!!! That potato needs to know that!” Cookie? Potato? You’re killing her with your drunk cuteness, but she can’t let you do something stupid!
  • “I… I’m sure your girlfriend already knows how amazing you think she is, you don’t really need to… tell other people!” “Ugh, that’s right! Why she doesn’t let everybody know how great she is? I shoudn’t be the only one to see it, y’ know? I’m… I’m a potato just like Jumin Han… I already told him that twice this week!” Forget that you’ve been drinking twice this week and calling Jumin to cuss him, what matters now is… YOU’RE POUTING! Oh my god, so adorable…
  • She can’t keep up with this anymore, she needs you to recognize her right now! So she walks away and calls you, telling she’s waiting for you outside to come home.
  • “Yay, Baehee is here!” you run to her and give her a sweet peck on the lips, she grabs your hand and leads you to the cab.
  • “So… MC, have you been talking to Jumin lately?” “Wh-Who? Me? Noooo, noe, maam’!” you are a terrible liar when you’re sober, just imagine when you’re drunk. She’ll make you apologize for being such a potato, but that can wait…



  • “Jumyinh, I amm at this gui haus, but he is coooooooooooolll, don’t worry!” he tries to decode your text. Why are you texting him when you are under the same roof?
  • “Where are you, MC?” “@ his bathroom, it’s bigr than my house” what kind of joke is that? You were drinking wine with him a couple of minutes ago and excused yourself to go to the bathroom…
  • “look @ this soap! So funny!” you send him a blurred picture, oh… so that’s how it feels to get one of these! He gets it now!
  • He goes to the bathroom and knocks at the door. “I’m not opening! My boyfriend won’t like it!” and then his phone buzzes. “looks I been caught” and you send a selfie, it’s not blurred and he can see the huge blush on your cheeks, oh… you’re so drunk right now, aren’t you?
  • You call him, he answers a little reluctantly. “Yes, kitten?” you giggle “Jumin, this guy called me kitten too, but don’t worry! I told him to back off!”
  • “What could you possibly be talking about, MC?” “I don’t remember coming to this party, so I won’t let the bathroom until you come to pick me up! You… you can track me by… GP and S, right?” not even him believe he’s really laughing at this. “Yes, I’ll come to you, my love, just wait!”
  • He knocks at the door. “Are you okay… miss?” “Bro, I already told you! I have a boyfriend and we gonna marry soon!” “Oh, I see… did he propose to you?” “Not yet, but I found the ring on his closet!” uh oh… surprise ruined for both of you. “But I’ll look very surprised, cause I know the proposal is going to be suuuper special, like on a colorful hot air balloon or something like this…”
  • He opens the bathroom door and almost falls due to the way you jump at him, wrapping your legs around his waist. “I missed you so much! Is the party over?” “Yes, it is. Shall we go home so you can rest, my angel? Tomorrow will be a very busy day…” “Really? Why?” “Just wait and see.”
  • As soon as you doze off, he calls Jaehee telling there will be a change of plans, he needs to rent a hot air balloon asap!


  • “Oh my God, Saeran! Don’t you have any respect for your brother’s girlfriend?”you got out for a couple of drinks with your friends and got back swearing the one standing in front of you is your brother-in-law, not your boyfriend!
  • “MC, it’s me! Look at my glasses!” “No! You two are not pulling this prank on me again! It didn’t work last time and it won’t work again now!” when you’re sober, you can tell who is who very easily, even when they change their outfits. But right now…
  • “MC, Saeran is sleeping right now!” “Well, MC thinks talking in the 3rd person is ridiculous!” Oh lord… shouldn’t he be recording this?
  • “Please, come with me, I’ll help you take a shower and put you to bed…” “Saeran! Would you really do that with your brother? No… no… you’re so nice, and he’s so nice! He doesn’t deserve this!” you look so shocked and disappointed, he’s feeling bad for you as if this was true.
  • “Saeyoung loves us both very much, Saeran. We can’t hurt him, NEVER! He deserves only happiness from now on! Seriously, I… I was going to say yes to moving in together,  but I won’t do it if this is how you’re gonna act around me!” wait! Are you serious?
  • “Oh… so you actually considered it?” “Yes… but I can’t do this if you keep hitting on me!” okay, joke’s over!
  • “I’m sorry, MC. Saeyoung told me if I acted like this, you would buy it, that idiot! But it’s impossible to trick you! I’ll… I’ll call him back, okay?” you sigh in relief, and it’s so cute!
  • He goes to the hallway yelling to Saeyoung to come out, turns around and goes back to you with a big smile, you smile back and open your arms, waiting for a hug. “Stop doing these silly pranks, what if one day I really mistake you two?” you ask over his shoulder
  • “Yes, I should start being more mature if you’re going to move in with us.” “I haven’t said ‘yes’ yet, Saeyoung!”
  • But you said yes during the shower you shared the next morning

You can see Saeran and V here ~

No Return

Note: In honor of what Jay-Z did yesterday and what Beyoncé did last year (when they dropped 4:44 and Lemonade), I’m dropping this shit without warning. Enjoy! This has been sitting in my WIPs for months and I finally decided to finish and post it before I go on my trip to Puerto Rico. Love y’all, and if you like it, lemme know! (Also, thanks for beta reading as usual, love ya @adothoe)

Word Count: 4,626

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: Smutttttt, a lap dance, cursing, banter, and cute flufffff

Tags:  @butlinislin@trashfandom14@fullytenaciousstranger@isis278@beautifulfound​ 

Summary: Reader and Daveed are best friends who are secretly pining for each other blah blah blah, they’re at one of Rafa’s parties one day and make a bet over a game of Flip Cup. Loser has to give the winner a lap dance.

Parties at Rafa’s place were always the best; the drinks were great, the music was amazing, the atmosphere was never dull, but the best part about them were the incredible people that made up each one; you were never bored. There was always something to do whether you were talking to people, dancing, playing drinking games, or just drinking in general. And that’s why whenever you were told that there was going to be a party at Rafael Casal’s apartment, you never turned it down…even if you ended up showing up late.

“Well, look at who finally decided to show up.” You heard a familiar voice say as you walked through the door to Rafa’s place. Daveed grinned widely at you before he slid an arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to him as you walked deeper into the apartment. “My favorite!”

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Next-door neighbor

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x reader.

Genre: Smut. 

Word Count: 2K.

Summary: One evening when you’re having trouble cooking dinner, your cute neighbor comes to help you, but you end up being nowhere near the kitchen… 

warning, some quite explicit language and smut ahead (◕‿◕✿)

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You snort for the 29th time that evening, repeating yourself that you should’ve listened to your mother when she tried to teach you how to cook a damn plate of rice or literally anything else.

“It doesn’t seem that hard when she does it!” you blurt to yourself under your breath. But there’s no way. You give up and decide that you weren’t even that hungry.  You can go one day without eating! It’s not that big of a deal… and you’re fairly tired, so what could go wrong if you just turn on the TV for a little while…?

You’re suddenly startled by the fire alarm going off. Anyone else would be scared, but you just sigh. “Goddamn it, not again” you just think. It was the… 4th? Maybe 5th time… that month… You lazily get up from the couch and slowly walk towards the kitchen. “There it is; that damn fire again. How can I always forget…” you don’t even get to finish thinking about it, when your doorbell unexpectedly rings. It’s strange, usually after the 3rd time nobody checked upon you anymore, they’d just assume that you were trying to cook again.

Trying not to cough too much because of the smoke, you open the door just to find your breathtakingly cute next-door neighbor awkwardly standing there, looking at you with a mix of curiosity and pity. You try your best to smile, knowing you’re probably looking like a terrible mess.

“Oh hi Jungkook… right?” You ask, pretending you didn’t remember his name, as if you didn’t have a major crush on him for years. “What a surprise…”

He nods, giving you that smile that could melt even the coldest ice.

Well yeah… what it’s not a surprise is you burning up everything, you know Y/N”. He rests one of his arms on your door’s frame, being dangerously close to you. You mumble uselessly to yourself, trying desperately to come up with a good comeback. But he’s damn right; it’s nothing new. “So”, he continues, as he effortlessly sets you aside to step into your apartment, “I’ll have to fix this… uh… situation” he chuckles.

You raise an eyebrow, but don’t complain as you close the door, trying your best to not faint at the idea of you and Jeon fucking Jungkook being in the same apartment, your apartment. This is a scenario you’d only dreamed of.

“I’m sorry I don’t think I’m getting this yet, what are you going to fix? you finally gather the courage to ask, as you walk up to where he’s standing.

He looks at you with a smirk creeping upon his lips, and puts his arms on your shoulders, pressing gently.

I’m teaching you how to cook, Y/N.

You let out a loud laugh as you put your arms on both sides of your waist.

“You don’t know what you’re saying. Plus, I don’t think I’ve asked for your help-

“Well but you obviously need it, girl he doesn’t even let you finish your sentence. You chuckle at the way he remarks the word ‘obviously’. Little shit, he thinks he’s so good.

You sigh, knowing that any complain would be useless, but definitely not disliking the idea at all. You decide to just relax and see what happens, but as Jungkook backs away to take off his sweater and ‘accidentally’ lifts a little bit of his shirt with it, not much but just enough so that you could see his back muscles, you feel a well-known tickling deep down your core. And in that moment, you know exactly how you want the night to end. A soft smirk appears on your face, as your eyes darken, and you bite your lower lip.  

Fine then, teach me” you say in the softest, sexiest voice you’re capable of doing.

He raises an eyebrow, but smiles in a strange way, as he struts confidently towards you. When he’s rather too close to your face, he looks down to your lips as he licks his, and  comes just a little closer to you to tell you in the ear in a deep, husky voice that makes you tremble, “oh, believe me, I’ll be glad to teach you some new… things… tonight.”  

In that moment, you know that he’s in the same page as you; what is more, you think he probably never had the intention to teach you how to cook anyway. But you won’t give up that easily, not until he’s on his knees begging for you to fuck him. So you decide to quickly move away from him, while a big, playful grin appears on your lips.

“So… what should we start with? you say in the most innocent tone that you can, which is not much, since your mind is full with the idea of Jungkook fiercely filling you up on the table, on the couch, even on the fucking floor.

He catches up on your game really fast with a small smirk and dark eyes, which only seems to turn you on even more.

Well, come over here and I’ll be teaching you the basics today, but I can always come back and teach you some more.

With a playful wink, he goes over to the counter of the kitchen and purposely gives you a glorious sight of his ass, as he pretends to be looking for something. You bite your lip; damn this boy surely knows how to tease. As you feel your underwear get wet due to your dirty thoughts, you decide you’ve had enough; you suddenly don’t’ want to play anymore, and if it takes any longer, you might be the one begging him to fuck the shit out of you.

You walk towards him, placing yourself very close behind him, but without actually touching him. You feel him stiffen as you slowly place your hands upon his waist, caressing the little skin that became exposed thanks to his shirt lifting while he was ‘looking for something’.

So…” you say quietly on his ear, as your hands wander a little lower and beyond his waist, “when are we starting? I’m eager to learn from you, Kookie.

You don’t even have the time to smile after teasing him in such a way, because he’s already taken control of the situation and has quickly turned himself and placed you against the counter, where his prominent bulge can comfortably press against your core, pulling out a moan out of your lips, which only seems to turn him on even more, and he takes no time in furiously taking your lips into his and kissing you like the world was ending tomorrow.

“You’ve been a very bad girl tonight; you know it, right Y/N?”

You don’t even try to answer him; too busy focusing on the wet kisses he’s leaving on your neck, and drifting lower every time. In no longer than a few minutes of intense kissing, you were already stripped down from all your clothes, sat on the counter with both legs up on Jungkook’s shoulders, as his skilled tongue playfully teased you, leaving wet kisses on your inner thighs, as you just wish he’d go straight to the point. You let out a loud moan as you finally feel him fiercely eating your pussy like it was his last meal.

You know… this tastes so much better than whatever I could’ve cooked for you, Y/N” he whispers without lifting his head, his hot breath hitting your dripping wet vagina and making you scream his name, but before you could even tell him you were really close to reaching the first orgasm of the night, he suddenly stopped, smiling against you and depositing one last kiss on the top of your swollen clit, as he grabbed you by your hair and made you kneel in front of him. You lick your lips, already knowing how well his cock is going to taste, and take no time in unzipping his jeans and taking of his boxers with your mouth, which made him growl and tighten his grip on your hair.

As you ecstatically watch his member emerge from his boxer and stand tall and high, you can’t help but lick your lips with lust.

No hands, baby girl” Jungkook says so quietly that you’re not even sure you heard him correctly.

You decide to tease him a little, as your revenge for him leaving you hanging so close to the highest point. You start by slowly licking just the top of his dick, which makes him growl in a way that turns you on in forms you didn’t know were possible. You continue by licking the rest of it like it were a lollipop, going decidedly slow, almost torturing him, his moaning only is motivating you. After deciding he’d had enough, you finally take it all in your mouth, as he let out a loud groan. The thought of the neighbors hearing only helped in turning the two of you on.

Ah, fuck, Y/N, if I knew you were this good I would’ve came here the fucking first time that goddamn fire alarm went off”.

You smile against the head of his cock, his husky, raspy voice making you even wetter. After spending some time taking care of him with your lips, you suddenly take it out your mouth when you feel a little of precum coming out of the tip, making him groan and complain in such a deep voice that was enough alone to make you orgasm.

He harshly takes you by the hair again to make you stand up and puts you against the counter once again, but although he was being incredibly tough, he often looked at you with warm, caring eyes to make sure everything was ok and he wasn’t crossing any line.

You let out an extremely loud moan as you feel the tip of his cock teasing your slit. He stays still, tempting, teasing you to grind yourself against him, which made him groan and suddenly enter you in one energetic movement.  You wrap your legs around his waist, wanting to feel him deeper inside you, and you two become one big moaning mess. He playfully bites the lobe of your ear, as he lets out almost in a growl “yeah baby girl, come on, scream for daddy.

Seeming as the word daddy only made you scream louder, a big smirk appears on his face. When he starts to harshly play with your erect nipples, you know you’re close.  But this time, as you tell him so, nor only doesn’t he stop, but continues to go faster. And as you two reach the orgasm together, mashed up in a trembling, moaning, sweaty mess, he gently goes off of you, before giving you a peck in the lips and guiding you towards the couch, where you sit on his lap before starting to ride him.

As he firmly grabs your ass with both hands, you tangle your arms around his neck to fiercely kiss him, the feeling of your boobs tightly pressed against his bare chest only making him go faster and groan louder.

You ride me so well, princess, keep –ahh, fuck Y/N, keep going, I’ve been wanting to fuck your tight pussy like this since the first day I came into this fucking building.

With those little comments he dropped every now and then, you only feel you’re closer to your second orgasm. And when you finally reach it, moaning and swearing in a sea of pleasure, you’re sure to keep riding him for a little while until he reaches it too, the feeling of his cum filling your pussy making you want more. But you were exhausted, and he was too, so you slowly stand up before going to the bathroom for a towel.

After you were both clean, he kisses you softly on the lips, before leaning back on the couch and taking your hand to carefully put you on top of him, this time; his eyes weren’t darkened with lust but full of affection. He kisses your forehead before falling sound asleep, and before falling asleep yourself, you make a mental promise to thank yourself for not learning to cook.

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well this was my first smut writting ever lmao, i hope it didn’t suck ✿ 

I'm Ready/ Hoseok Smut (Requested)

You and Hobi have been dating for the past 6 months. You decided tonight would be the night you would lose your viginity. Even being a little scared, Hobi coaches you through it.

Hoseok kissed the soft skin behind your ear, hands rubbing up and down your sides through your shirt. A whimper pushed past your lips and your hands slid over his chest. This hasn’t been the first time you two had pushed the boundaries. Making out had became a common since you’d grown more comfortable with Hoseok. 

 He growled in your mouth when your sharp nails scratched over his pert nipples. You jumped at that sound, pulling back to pant against his mouth. Hoseok never made you feel uncomfortable. Even when you weren’t sure about something and wanted to take it slower, Hoseok was right there holding your hand.

 “Are you alright princess?” He cupped your chin in his fingers and climbed off to the side of the couch. You nodded quickly and clutched at his shirt collar. Your lips suddenly felt dry and your cute pink tongue came out to lap at them. Hoseok ran his thumb over your bottom lip. “What is it?” 

 “I-I think I’m ready.” You bit your lip, watching his eyes sparkle at your words. Hobi chuckled and brushed back your hair.

 “Are you sure Y/n? This is a big step.” He knew how worried you were about how much it would hurt. You could never handle pain very well, especially when you were expecting it. Al the horrid things you had heard about your first time put you on edge. Hoseok wanted to make sure you were in the right headspace before he continued. 

 “I’m sure. I want it to be with you.” Hobi smirked, drawing you into his lap. A blush exploded across your cheeks at how close you too were. Hoseok kissed the corner of your mouth and gingerly took your wrist in his hand. He pulled back to look into your eyes, laying your palm across the bulge in his jeans.

 “This is what you do to me.” He moved your hand back and forth, beginning to pant from the pleasure. You clenched your thighs together as the wetness was becoming uncomfortable. This little action didn’t go unnoticed by Hoseok. He forced a hand between your legs and patted them open. 

“Don’t try to hide from me. Can I?” His fingers hovered over the wet spot forming through your shorts. You nodded shyly but Hoseok wasn’t taking that. “No, no princess. I want to hear you ask for it.” 

 “Please touch me.” Hobi smiled and teased your mouth with his tongue until you opened up. His hands slipped under the band of your shorts and grabbed your ass in his rough palms. You bucked against him, sucking on the tip of his tongue. He slid the shorts and panties down your thighs pushing them off of your legs completely. You felt more bare then ever before.

 “You are so beautiful. Look how wet you are.” His fingers danced across your outer lips before slipping in between them to tease your clit. Your hips pushed forward and you had no choice but to wrap your arms around his shoulders. “Easy baby, let me take care of you.“  He whispered in your ear with a comforting tone. His fingers circled around your soaked entrance, making it his personal goal to make you as wet as possible. Without warning his index finger slid inside your warmth. You tense upon the entrance and bite Hoseok’s shoulder. Your boyfriend grunted and began moving his finger at a slow pace. 

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” He removed his digit much to your dismay. He took your small hand and lead you half banked towards your bedroom. He closed the door behind you all for safe measure and lifted you easily into his arms. You giggled cutely and squealed when he dropped you on the bed. Hobi reached down and pulled your shirt off completely. He raised an eyebrow at the fact you hadn’t wore a bra at all. 

 “It’s not fair. I’m naked and your still fully dressed.” You pouted with your arms across  your chest. Hobi shook his head and peeled the shirt over his head. You nearly dropped over the hard muscles in his stomach. You moved to your knees and reached out to touch him. Hoseok slapped away your hands playfully and pinned you to the mattress. 

 “I told you princess. This is all about you. Now open those pretty legs.” You chewed on your thumb nail and opened your legs. His fingers were back between your legs and massaging your opening. You mewled in delight. With two fingers this time, he breached the  opening. “Such a good girl. Does it feel good?” 

 “Y-yes….please move.” You arched your hips with a whine. Hoseok wasn’t one to disappoint. His fingers began to stroke deep within in you, working you towards orgasm. 

“Hoseok!” You clenched around his fingers when he rubbed that special spot within you. Your mouth fell open, and a wave of pleasure ripped through you. 

“Already Y/n?” Hobi wiped his fingers on the bed and pulled away to unbuckle his pants and push them, along with his boxers, down and over his hips. You went wide-eyes at the sight of his bare erection. “Are you sure Y/n?” “I’m just a little scared.” You admitted honestly. Hoseok leaned over you with his elbows on either side of your head, nuzzling noses with you. “I’m not pressuring you Y/n. We can wait as long as you want. I don’t want to hurt you.”

 That’s when it hit you. Hoseok was your entire world, sunshine and all. It wasn’t just the hormones talking, these were genuine feelings. Without one word, you wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him towards you. “I’m ready.” Hoseok laid kisses across your chest and nipples, lapping at them with the broad side of his tongue. You threw your head back and whimpered. Hoseok leaned over and plucked he condom out of his wallet. He slid the lubricated rubber over his dick with a hiss at how sensitive he’d become in so little time. 

Hobi took that moment to grab the base of his cock and lined it up to your entrance. “Deep breath Princess.” Hoseok bucked his hips in one smooth motion, wincing when you cried in discomfort. Your nails dig into his forearm and he leaned down to decorate your face with kisses. He halted his movement but your wet heat around his dick had him fighting every urge. 

“Shhh, don’t cry baby.” He wiped away your tears with his thumb, coping sweet nothings in your ear. They didn’t lie when they said it felt like hot pinchers tearing you apart. Your thighs quivered around Hobi’s waist. 

“I’m o-okay.” You stuttered out. Hobi kissed around your throat and up to your lips. The pain slowly moved aside. “You can move.” Hoseok never thought he’d heard sweeter words than that. With strong hands on your hips, he pulled back an inch or so and delved in deeper. You keened on contact, arms stiffening as you weren’t sure where to place your hands. Hobi took your hands and gently placed around his shoulders. Hoseok started out with slow and firm thrusts that had your toes curling. You chocked back a small sob of pleasure. Hobi took that as a challenge. 

 “Your all wet for me Y/n. Do you hear it? How soaked you are?” You gasped as his hips began rapidly pouncing against your thighs. The wet noises between yours legs was the most embarrassing and arousing noises to ever reach your ears. Hoseok lifted your legs over his broad shoulders kissing each ankle before going back at it again. The pain was completely non-existent by now. You gripped the sheets now with strong cries at every thrust. Hobi wasn’t fairing much better.

 From the start, he had been on edge. You looked beautiful fanned out beneath him. His thrusts started to become erratic and your legs began to slide from his shoulders. He grabbed your hands and pinned them above your head. 

 “Are you going to cum Princess? Are you going to cum on my cock?” You panted into his ear and tried to meet his thrust, chasing the release. 

 “Yes! Please make me cum! I wanna cum!” Hobi smiled at how whiny you became. His head fell to the crook of the neck and left dark bruises on the skin. The pit of your stomach started to do that familiar dance. With a final cry of ecstasy, you came. Hobi moaned as you clamped down on him. 

 “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He chanted. With three more thrusts he was emptying himself into the condom. You shuddered at the overstimulation when he pulled out, Hobi reaching over and tossing the condom in the bin. Hoseok looked down at you completely fucked out. He cupped your cheeks in his hands and planted a long kiss on your swollen lips.

 “Is this the part where we cuddle?”

Photographs (Josh Dun)

Originally posted by jcsephsdun

Pairing: Josh Dun/Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Self-concsiousness
A/N: more josh dun? More Josh Dun. sorry if this seems all over the place, Idk were I was going with it. Alsoooo I made a reference to one of their old vines :3c

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Operation Soulmate | Eight

Pairings: Steve x Reader || Bucky x Reader || Steve x Bucky || Bucky x Nat

Summary: A brush with death.

Warnings: Blood, violence and severe injuries. Talk of depression. Language

Notes: For @marvelous-fvcks‘ writing challenge, with the prompt: Heart. Guys, the angst is almost over, but before that happens, I just gotta hurt you one more time (in the literal sense).

Operation Soulmate Masterlist

“Hey, are you…doing okay?” Sam asks.

“I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be fine?” you reply, voice coming out more terse than you’d like it to.

Sam makes a thoughtful humming noise. “You need to take it easy, y’know?”

“Don’t wanna talk about that right now,” you snap.

The two of you are on a mission in Cape Town, accompanying four of Fury’s boys. Your objective is to prevent a weapons deal from taking place. You and Sam are posted on the roof of the building opposite the warehouse where the trade is supposed to happen, keeping an eye on the roads and surrounding areas. Fury’s men are leading the mission, but the two of you are standing by, ready to intervene if things get messy.

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Originally posted by thoughts-memories

requested: Can I pretty please request a cute roadtrip oneshot with Tom Holland (I recently watched ‘everything, everything’ and the part where they run away together is perfect!!). Hand holding and lovingly gazing would be appreciated lol thank you so much!!! Also I love your writing <3

summaryTom surprises you with a spontaneous road trip down the coast.

pairings: tom holland x reader 

word count: 1025

warnings: none at all my dudes, just a ton of fluff! 

Life had become increasingly more and more stressful with each passing day, so much that you couldn’t go a few hours without complaining that you needed a vacation.

Pushing back from your desk, you exhaled a long, exhausted sigh as you gave Tom, who sat across the room at the dining table reading a magazine, the Look. His eyes raised to you as your heaving sigh caught his attention, and he instinctively pushed his glasses up his nose.

“Tom,” you began, but he stopped you with a hand.

“Let me guess, darling,” he spoke, smiling at you. “You need a vacation?”

Yes,” you said, exasperated. “I’ve worked nearly twice as much overtime this week than last.”

He stood up, set the magazine aside, and moved to place a gentle kiss to your forehead. “Why don’t you call it a day, love? Would you like a cup of tea?”

Warmth blossomed in your heart as you silently nodded, and you watched him disappear into the kitchen. Restlessly tapping the pen against the pad of notes in front of you, you bit your lip and began imagining getting on a plane and going somewhere far, far away.

Tom returned with a steaming mug of tea that he placed next to you, and sat in the nearest chair. “If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?”

“Where would ‘we’ go, you mean,” you corrected him with a sly smile. “I wouldn’t dare leave you behind.”

“You know I don’t have the room in my schedule, love,” he sighed, looking down at his hands.

“I know,” you replied, sipping the tea. “I like to dream.”

He held out his hand. “Let’s go get you some rest, before you completely burn out.”

“As long as you come with me.”

“Darling,” came Tom’s soft, lilting voice in your ear. “Darling, I need you to wake up.”

You rolled over in your shared bed, groggily rubbing your eyes. “W-wha?”

“We’ve got to run a quick errand, love.”

You turned your tired eyes over to the digital clock on the nightstand, and looked back at him, utterly confused. “At two thirty-seven in the morning?”

“C’mon, get dressed–you can go back to sleep in the car.”

Sunlight filtered into the open sunroof of the car as you blinked your eyes open sleepily, taking in your new surroundings. Looking out the window, you saw blue skies, rolling hills, and an open road in front of you.

“My sleeping beauty is finally awake,” Tom said, a grin in his voice. His hand reached over and caressed your cheek, before returning to the wheel. You sat up, rubbing your eyes and squinting in the bright light.

“What kind of errand is this?” you asked, not recognizing where you were at, not at all. “Are you kidnapping me?”

“In a way,” he said mischievously. “You woke up at the perfect time, actually.”

He rotated the wheel to pull off to the left side of the road into a shoulder, where you stared out through the windshield, open-mouthed. His hand pushed the gear in park and turned off the car.

“Thomas Stanley Holland,” you breathed, sitting forward in awe. “You didn’t.”

“I definitely did.”

The bright, glittering ocean lay before you, the sun reflecting off of the horizon and seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see. You opened your door and slid out of the seat, raising a hand to shield your eyes from the sun. The smell of salt hung in the air, paired with the fresh breeze coming off of the mighty waves that crashed against the sandy shore.

“I know it’s not Hawaii or the Bahamas, but I figured you could use a quick getaway,” Tom spoke from the back of the car. “I promise though–once I get a break in my schedule, I’ll take you to whatever destination your angelic heart desires, darling.”

You turned to look at him. He held a wicker basket in one hand, and a bottle of sparkling cider in the other–a grin spread wide across his face.

“How did you manage to pull this off?” you asked, taking the bottle of cider out of his hand as he tucked a blanket under his free arm. “I thought you and Haz were meeting with that reporter for that interview today.”

He guided you down the ancient, wooden steps leading to the beach. “They called last night after you had gone to bed–we had to reschedule to next week.”

As your feet sank into the warm sand, you instinctively curled your toes in content. “That was lucky.”

Tom leaned over and kissed you on the cheek. “Shall we eat?”

With your help, he laid the blanket out nicely and the two of you sat across from one another and divied up the contents of the picnic basket. Where did he manage to find all of your favorite foods at such short notice? You found yourself gazing at him as you ate, sipping the cider.

“What?” he asked, wiping his mouth with a napkin. “Is there something on my face?”

“No,” you said, shaking your head with a smile. “I just….how did I get so lucky with you?”

Tom pushed the empty basket to the side and opened his arms, to which you gladly set your glass down and scooted over to sink into him–blissfully enveloped in the smell of the ocean, his cologne, and his woodsy musk. One of his hands reached up and gently stroked your hair, his lips finding your temple with another soft kiss.

“I like to think I’m the one who’s lucky,” he murmured against your skin, raising goosebumps over you, despite the warm afternoon sun. A finger tilted your chin up to look at him, and he delicately placed his lips to yours, kissing you slow and tenderly.

When you both came up for air, he rested his forehead against yours, and the two of you lay there–basking in the glow of the sun, radiating waves of love, and cared about nothing but each other and the wide, open ocean before you.

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Nerds Are Cute // 4:11 pm

Pairing: Reader x Tom

Featuring: Tom Holland

Warning: Teasing?? idk

Prompt: you were rushing to go out and lost your contacts.


You started to get a little frantic when you realized you only had five minutes until you had to leave for dinner with your boyfriend of 6 months. And that meant you only had five minutes to find your goddam contacts before you had to leave.

You couldn’t go to dinner without your contacts because you would be either legally blind or have to wear your glasses. You hated your glasses. You bought them almost two years ago when you thought big frames were in style. They weren’t nor will they ever be. They were black with thick lenses and the frames - oh god - they were so huge you could die honestly. They’re an absolute embarrassment.

One minute. You have only one minute until you have to leave. Your head was swarmed with different thoughts as you glared at random things around your apartment, everything was a blur. Shit. Your minute was gone! You quickly stumbled around until you found your book bag where your lens case was stuffed, pulling on your glasses. Huffing loudly, you trudged out the front door and slammed it shut, running down the stairwell in the building to the bottom floor.In a hurry to make it to the restaurant.

Your boyfriend chose a place on the Upper East Side because he could actually afford to take you to places like that. The restaurant was large, with security guards standing outside because it was one of the most common places for celebrities to eat.

“Name?” The front lady asked.

Smiling briefly you responded. “Uh, Holland.” She led you through rows of tables all seated with mostly familiar faces of celebrities. Your face lit up when you noticed Tom, he was dressed nicely in a fitted suit. He rose when he saw you, placing a kiss to your cheek before sitting down with you.

“You look different tonight.” He looked at you confused when your heart stopped when you remembered you were wearing your glasses.

“Oh, really?” You tried to play it cool. Maybe he won’t notice.

“When did you get glasses?” His eyes scanned over your whole face. Oh gulp.

“I’ve always had glasses,” You said quietly completely embarrassed.

“Really?” He asked astounded. “How come I’ve never seen you wear them?” He asked.

“Well I bought contacts so..” You shrugged it off.

“Okay, right. You look good in them.” He said making you blush, “like my little nerd.” Your nose scrunched in dismay at his choice of nickname.

“Let’s eat?” You changed the subject.

Half an hour into your meal, Tom couldn’t keep his mouth shut about your stupid glasses. “Look here,” he pointed to the back of the bottle of wine he ordered you two, “I simply don’t understand these words. Like potassium metabisulfite. You probably know what that is, right Nerd?” he asked cheekily.

You really wanted to throat punch him. “Oh c’mon, I knew you were always related to Einstein, you could see it in your eyes.”

“Tom,” You sighed.

“What?” He asked, enjoying his steak with his bubbling laughter.

“You’re annoying,” You said. He laughed.

“Babe, I’m only kidding because you do look very adorable in those glasses.” You blushed.


Movie Night - Bughead!College AU


Betty is sick of the substandard movies that are chosen to play at the makeshift college ‘drive in’ she decides she has had enough and on her mission to correct this injustice bumps into a beanie wearing student who is just as outraged.

Based on the following prompt:

You’re the only other one who voted for my favorite movie on movie night so do you just want to watch it in my room au

Author’s Note: I have been dying to do a college AU with these two and I came across this prompt and I couldn’t resist. This will basically just be a cute little two parter full of fluff. This is part one. Also I apologise to lovers of the film Twilight, it’s not my thing so it’s the movie I chose. The Lobster however is one of my favourite films and if you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend it (although I do feel like it needs a trigger warning for a certain scene). I was going to go with the classic Bughead film, Rebel Without a Cause but I have never seen it and would find it hard to have the two of them discussing it without seeing it myself.

As always sorry mobile users for the ‘Keep Reading’ cut.

Part One: The ‘Drive In’ Dilemma

“You have to be kidding me. Again! Everytime.” Betty threw the flyer that had been posted under her door in the wastepaper basket under her desk. Her roommate Veronica looked at her as if she had lost her mind, which wasn’t exactly a look she was unfamiliar with receiving.

Betty had braced herself for a year of pain when she first saw her roommate Veronica Lodge walk into their college dorm room with her pearls around her neck, designer dress and Louis Voitton suitcase. Not to mention the man who had arrived with her carrying another set of perfectly matched suitcases. He wore white gloves and was dressed in a uniform. The girl had servants for Christs Sake. But Betty being Betty had smiled politely and offered her first choice of the beds.

Veronica had not turned out to be anything like Betty had imagined. She was not stuck up, well she was, but not in an unkind way. She had been raised in privilege which had shaped her personality in some ways but she was still a good person, a kind person and the two of them had become fast friends.

“What did the piece of paper do to you?” Veronica asked as Betty only humphed in response sitting on her bed cross legged as Veronica continued to lay on her bed flipping through her magazine.

“The college drive in.” Betty spat out after she had tried to hold it in. She remembered her elation when she had first heard about the makeshift drive in that the student residences put on every month. Her older sister Polly had told her all about it t Betty’s eager ears. An old style projector, onto the side of the student hall, picnic blankets and cocktails in summer and everyone snuggled and cuddled together in warm blankets and hot toddies in winter. The idea of it had captured the imagination of the cinephile in her and she had bounded happily to her dorm room to let Veronica know. That was until she had received the slip of paper under their door the first time. You see they let the student population choose. And in Betty’s opinion they had no taste whatsoever.

“Who chooses Twilight?” She exclaimed throwing her hands in the air. “Twilight?” she repeated her face screwed up as she said the words.

“I chose Twilight.” Veronica admitted, casually looking up at Betty to see the plain horror on her face before returning to her magazine.

“It’s like I don’t even know you sometimes.” Betty said dramatically shaking her head.

“Come on Betty.” Veronica sat up on her bed, closing her magazine. “It’s not even about the movie. It’s about snuggling up to some college hottie with a multitude of blankets while sipping on mulled wine.”

“Maybe for you Veronica. But I take my cinema experience very seriously.” She glanced at the crumpled up piece of paper in her wastebasket and could feel her anger and frustration bubbling up again. She hopped up of her bed and stalked over to the basket pulling out the leaflet before smoothing it out. Veronica watched her cautiously.

“What are you doing B?” A hint of trepidation in her voice.

“I’m going to complain.” Betty announced as she started putting on her flats. She looked at herself briefly in her wardrobe mirror before smoothing down her sweater and pulling her ponytail that little bit tighter. She gave herself a reassuring nod before spinning around to face the door, Veronica who was still eyeing her as if she had lost it. “I’m taking this to the RA and demanding that they put something of quality on that screen.” Veronica sighed as she picked up her magazine again.

“Well let me know how it all goes.” She said as she started to look through her magazine again.

“Oh I will.” Betty said determinedly as she left the room slamming the door behind her. Veronica rolled her eyes as she left. She pitied the poor person who was about to encounter Betty’s wrath.

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Flower Shop - Steve Rogers x Reader

Based on this request; Please write a Steve or Bucky one-shot where one of them is a business man and the reader works at a flower shop and they always help Steve/Bucky pick out q bouquet. Reader thinks that Steve/Bucky must have a wife or mistress but really they’re giving flowers to their sick mom/dad. Fluff and smut happen too <3 

Warnings; none

Words; 1,787

A/N; This is my first request and my first non Bucky fic! I’m sorry it took so long but I wanted it to be really good and wasn’t sure how to go about it. I don’t work in a flower shop so if I got any specifics wrong feel free to correct me! I hope you like it & thank you to the person who sent in the request! [sorry I didn’t put smut, I felt like the ending was super cute without it] Feel free to send me any request you want and I’ll try my hardest to fulfill it! Feedback is always appreciated ♡ [new part of Alone will be up the day after tomorrow :)]

The aroma of roses wafted around you as you made a bouquet for your favourite customer, he came in every Friday at the same time and got the exact same bouquet; white and pink roses. Every time he’d walk into your shop and the bell would announce his arrival your stomach would fill with butterflies. He was always dressed in a crisp suit and carrying a briefcase and his blonde hair was slicked back, the woman that he gave those roses to was one lucky lady that was for sure.

Just like clockwork the bell rang and in he walked. “Hey Steve!” You smiled cheerily.

He smiled back. “Hey (Y/n), is it ready?”

“Of course! Pink and white roses like always.” You finished the bouquet by wrapping it in brown paper and placing it on the counter.

“You’re a magic worker y'know, beautiful as always.” You looked up and he was staring at you a smirk on his face.

Your cheeks flared red and you busied yourself with the cash register. He paid and took the flowers and you gazed at him longing as he walked towards the door, oh what you would give to have a man like that.

* * *

Monday rolled around and you were getting ready to close up. You were locking the door when someone crashed into the other side. It was Steve and he looked disheveled, he was in jeans and a t-shirt and his hair was sticking every which way.

“(Y/n), (Y/n)! Please, please don’t close I need a bouquet! Please!” He pleaded from the other side of the glass door.

You unlocked the door and let him in, you figured he must have had a fight with his girlfriend or wife or whoever always received the beautiful flowers.

He paced back and forth in front of the counter, occasionally running his hands through his hair. You kept glancing up at him every few seconds as you made the bouquet, he looked really distracted and you had to know why. How could someone so perfect be so upset?

“Fight with the wife?” You asked casually.

He stopped pacing and stared at you meeting your eyes with a confused expression. “What?”

Your cheeks went red. “Oh sorry, I just figured that’s why you were getting the flowers on a different day of the week. You’d be surprised how many of my customers are just guys who have a fight with their girl.” You looked down at the flowers as you arranged them.

He walked around the counter and stood  across from the table you were working at. “I don’t have a girlfriend, or a wife.”

Your hands stilled as you took in this new information. “Oh.” Was all you could manage to say before finishing putting the flowers together.

“As beautiful as always.” He whispered.

You looked at the bouquet and you touched the edge of a petal, smiling at your work. He walked around the table and reached for your chin tilting it up to look at him.

He slowly leaned in and lightly pressed his lips to yours in a chaste kiss that had you longing for more.

He grabbed the bouquet, left money on the counter and walked out of the shop without another word, leaving you standing there staring after him, a dumbfounded look plastered on your face.

* * *


The week came and went and you hadn’t heard from Steve since he kissed you and left. You checked the clock. It was Friday, 5:30pm, the time Steve usually came, you stared at the door willing for someone to walk through but no one did. Two more hours passed and you were sure he had found a different florist.

You had been stressing about it all week. Why had he kissed you? He seemed distracted… maybe that’s why? Maybe now he regrets it and isn’t going to come back.

You sighed as you leaned down and cleaned the stems from the floor. The door chimed and someone walked up to the counter. You tossed the stems in the garbage and stood back up. On the other side of the counter was none other than Steve himself. You couldn’t stop the shocked expression that dawned your face and the flush that rose in your cheeks.

You quickly recovered. “The usual?” You asked in a monotone voice not wanting to give away how confused you were.

He nodded looking at you curiously.

You turned and grabbed the bouquet you had already made and set it on the counter for him.

He raised an eyebrow and tilted his head. You wished he hadn’t because he looked so damn good.

“Did you want to come with me and see who these flowers go to?” He asked quietly, his blue eyes boring into yours.

You looked the clock, you closed in half an hour, but it was your shop so closing a little early wouldn’t be a problem. You hesitated a second before nodding.

You followed Steve out of the car, holding tightly to the wrapped flowers. You walked up to a sleek black car and he opened the passenger side door for you. He got in the driver’s side and smiled warmly at you.

To say the drive was awkward was an understatement. It was completely silent and no one spoke, the only sound filling the car was your breathing.

Thirty minutes later the car stopped and you looked out the window to see where you were. It was a giant white mansion, the sign on the lawn read ‘Meadow Oaks Retirement Home’. Your stomach lurched into your throat as you stepped out of the car.

“Steve, really it’s fine I don’t need to go in.” You assured him holding out the bouquet.

“Nonsense, she’s going to love you.” He smiled as you laid his hand on the small of your back and led you inside.

“Who?” You wondered.

He smirked to himself. “My mom.”

* * *

The two of you walked into a large sitting room. There was a woman sitting in a chair by a bay window, she perked up and turned around when she heard you enter.

“Oh Stevie!” She smiled as she walked up to him, grabbed his face and kissed his cheeks causing his face to go red.

You giggled under your breath and he playfully glared at you.

The woman turned to you and her eyes went wide when she saw the flowers in your hands. “Oh dear, you must be (Y/n), I’m Maria, Steve’s mom!”

You must have looked shocked that she knew who your were because she chuckled. “Stevie has told me all about you, the beautiful florist who makes the gorgeous bouquets he brings me every week!”

Your eyebrows shot up and your cheeks flared as you looked up at Steve but he wouldn’t meet your eyes. You looked back at the cheery old woman. “Uh I suppose that would be me, yes. It’s nice to meet you.” You smiled warmly.

“Yes! Fantastic!” She beamed. “Come sit with me!” She walked back to the bay window where three chairs sat.

You sat across from her, Steve sitting in between the two of you and you set the flowers down on the coffee table.

After a few minutes of casual conversation and Steve talking about his work, he was an owner of a business that did a lot of work for trouble kids, his mom looked right at you.

“So has Stevie asked you out yet?” She looked between the two of you.

Your eyes widened.

“Mom!” Steve blanched.

“Well after I called you Monday and told you if you didn’t go down there and ask her out you weren’t allowed to visit me I thought you’d actually do it! All you ever do while you’re here is talk about how beautiful and sweet she is, I just wanted you to finally make a move!”

Steve went redder than you’d ever seen and he hid his head in his hands and groaned.

You were shocked to say the least, you had no idea that Steve felt the same way as you did. You’ve watched him for ages coming into your shop, your small conversations about flowers, or how your week had went were all you could think about when you got home. Your mind clouded with thoughts of how nice it would feel to be wrapped in his muscular arms and to kiss his soft lips.

“(Y/n)?” Maria called trying to get your attention. You had zoned out staring longingly at Steve and he had raised his head and was staring right back.

“Oh yes, sorry.” You awkwardly rubbed the back of your neck trying and failing to get the thought of Steve’s lips out of your mind.

Maria grinned knowingly at you and you couldn’t help feeling a little exhilarated knowing Steve’s true feelings.

She looked up at the clock on the wall. It was already 8:30. She dramatically yawned and you were pretty sure she had just faked it. “Well Stevie, I’ve had an awfully long day and think I’m going to head to my room and go to sleep.”

Steve handed her the flowers, said goodnight and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She whispered something in his ear before turning back to you.

“It was so nice meeting you (Y/n). I hope I’ll see again soon.” She winked at you before turning and walking from the room.

You followed Steve out of the mansion expecting him to go to the car but he didn’t. He walked into the vast gardens behind the mansion, everything glowing with the setting sun, you almost had to jog to keep up to him. He turned down a pathway lined with tall bushes taking a few steps before turning around and abruptly stopping causing you to slam into his chest. You almost fell backwards but arms shot out and steadied you.

“Steve what is-” you were cut off by his lips crashing into yours. You quickly reciprocated moulding your lips into his. He wrapped his arms around your waist and your hands found their way into his soft hair. Your lips broke apart and you stared into his bright blue eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You questioned him.

He sighed. “I wasn’t sure if you’d like me to be honest.’

Your brows furrowed together. "What’s not to like?”

A smile broke across his face and you matched it, both of you standing in a garden smiling at each other like two people madly in love.

“So what did your mom whisper to you?”

“To go get my girl.” He smirked and you blushed pulling him in for another kiss.

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Dirty Mouth II


Characters: Jon Moxley (or Dean Ambrose, its more Mox era though) x OC/Reader

Summary: Mox wants more and OFC isn’t quite sure. Follow on from my original Dirty Mouth fic, you don’t need to read the other one, but that one is a bit smuttier if that’s your thaaaang.

Warnings: NSFW, Sexual Content, Swearing, Dirty Talk, Unprotected Sex.

Do let me know if you wanna be tagged in any of my fics (:  Please please please let me know what you think!


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WolfAu! BTS Reaction to: A vampire approaches to their gilfriend.


*Quickly puts you behind him* He would be calm, of course, once you’re under his protection. I think he would take the situation with maturity, but he would not low his guard, he would be ready to pounce against the vampire if he had to.

“I will count to three, by the time I’am done, you better be far away from my jagiya”


I think he would be very agressive, maybe he would send you with someone of the pack so he would be able to confront the vampire, also to keep you at a safe distance, if a fight starts, he want you to stay safe.

*Shows his fangs* “You better keep your dirty hands off my girlfriend, or we’re going to have a problem here”


As Yoongi, he would act very protective with you but also with calm, as Jin. He would give to the vampire a warning look while he puts his arm around your waist.

“Sorry bro, she is with me…Now leave before I kick you out of here”


This cute ball of sunshine would do everything on his power to protect you, to protect his mate, and if he has to leave the cute and adorable facet of himself to take the facet of what also he is, a dangareous wolf, he would without any doubt.

*Holds your hand* “Is he causing you any problem, my love? Just say a word and I will solve the problem”


We clearly know how serious can Jimin get, so I believe he would be the most agressive and unconscious, he would be carried away by his instincts.

*Literally killing the vampire with his look while growls* “It was already starting to stink…”


Doesn’t wait for the vampire to be close to you, when the vampire was pretty near of his girl, he was already there by next to you, hugging you and making sure that his essence permeates on you. 

*Smiles mockingly and stares the vampire* “She is mine…back off”


Possive, he would be 200% possive with you but also confident, you two were not alone, the other boys were on his back growiling once the vampire got close to you, after all you are mate of someone of the pack, they have to protect you too.

“Excuse me… But you can’t see the mark on her neck, can’t you smell my essence on her? She is my mate so please get the f*ck out of here” 

Near Light

Request: Just know it’s sad. And I suggest you listen to Near Light by Olafur Arnalds. (I’m also so sorry this is such shit.)

Word count: 1,770

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This had to be no more than a nightmare.

How could this have happened to you? You’d been warned that people had it out for Samcro but never the extent of what was happening to you. Your husband, Happy, had told you to be cautious because things were going down and you just needed to be careful.

It was always known that when this was said, you do not go anywhere without the escort of a Samcro member, even if it be a prospect. But of course, you being the stubborn woman you are, you’d completely ditched the rules and had gone out alone. You were only out for a grocery run and cigarettes, but in such a short amount of time, everything began to go wrong.

You were sure if Happy found out, he’d be more than murderous and a little upset with you for the fact you’d gone out alone when he constantly begged you not to. The Samcro family was not on lockdown, ever, but it was still cautioned at the time. Apparently, they’d really pissed off some sick people.

Making it to the grocery store, you hadn’t noticed the vehicle that had followed you from a reasonable distance the entire time and even parked a row over away from you but kept an eye on your car. You’d never been so blind and naive in your life and you’ve every right to beat yourself up over it.

You’d gotten the groceries into your truck, packed everything away and had even made it to the tobacco store to pick up a case or two of cigarettes before you even made it home. And you did make it home, into the safety of your walls with armfuls of groceries.

Breaking glass had you alert, dropping the groceries in the kitchen to look at the front door where the glass on it had been broken and a gloved hand was coming through to twist the knob once unlocking it. Your body was frozen in place, stuck where you stood in your home, a gun a mere five feet away in a kitchen drawer for easy access. But you seemingly couldn’t break out of your fear struck stage.

With the front door swinging open and masked men bustling into your home, the sight of their guns seemed to break you, immediately lunging for the drawer but a muffled shot to your shoulder had you screaming in pain and collapsing to the floor. Blood dripping from the wound, soaking your tanned shirt and dripping to the floor as well.

You’d never felt pain so excruciating and this was unbearable in so many ways. Tears streaked down your cheeks, hands grabbing your feet and beginning to tie your ankles together had you becoming aware of your surroundings again. You let out another blood-curdling scream, trying to kick at the male but several more come to his aid, holding you down with ease.

The struggling ceases, along with the screaming as a hand is over your mouth, leaving you a muffled mess. Your hands and feet are tied in quick succession, your body being lifted and quickly carried out of your home but not before a message is left scrawled in your blood on the wall.

Happy only comes home because you’d not been answering his phone calls and seeing your car outside in the driveway settled a fear that was bubbling deep inside of him. But the moment he saw the broken glass on the front door, the door left ajar, the fear settled back in along with anger. Upon further walking into your shared home, he first noticed the message scrawled in dried blood on the wall, staining your white painted walls, a puddle of blood on the floor.


This meant one thing, and one thing only. The club had killed one of Darby’s family members, it being an accidental thing when they’d decided to raid his place.

He was hesitant about asking the guys for help, he’s never liked having to ask for help but he knows he can’t do this on his own. He’s only known you’ve been gone for ten minutes and he’s already feeling distraught, hands wringing together tightly as he paces around your home, looking for any other signs, something to let him know that you’re still alive and he’s not going to be finding your dead body.

Once he’s searched the home twice to only find nothing to help his case, he calls Jax, begs him to get the boys rallied up and headed to his place, that he’ll explain everything when everyone was there.

The sound of motorcycles was heard just five minutes after he and Jax got off the phone, and the first face he sees coming in through the front door is Jax, followed by the others.

Jax opens his mouth to speak but the sight of the blood-scrawled message on the wall has him completely silent for once in his life. His heart is in his throat, swallowing thickly and looking to Happy who’s got tears in his eyes though he’s trying to quickly blink them away.

“Darby.” Jax nods, looking to the boys. “Back on the bikes, let’s go!”

Everyone seemed to move faster than Happy had ever seen them move though he supposes they could say the same thing for him. He’s on his bike with his helmet on in a matter of moments. He’s also the first to leave his yard, the first one down the street, and the first one speeding so much he’s sure he’d be pulled over if the cops cared enough to do so.

It was like he couldn’t even think right, couldn’t focus on one thing other than getting to Darby’s. Everyone knows Darby isn’t very smart and because this is payback, he’s going to make sure that Happy knows exactly where to find his wife; alive or dead.

The drive seems like it takes forever, hours upon hours but Happy’s at Darby’s trailer house on the outskirts of Charming, barely even able to put his bike on its kickstand before he’s rushing the front door.

“Y/N!” He yells, having made it minutes before the boys, pulling his gun from his jeans and kicking the door in with surprising ease. The sight before him, his wife laid out, blood smeared across the floor like there was a struggle.

It all has Happy sick to his stomach, heart dropping from his chest into his stomach as he walks closer to her barely moving body. He can see the small but labored rise and fall of your chest, indicating you’re still alive and you’re breathing.

He drops to his knees, sliding to your side and carefully cradling your body to his chest, a shaking hand ghosting over you, trying to find the source of the blood but there’s so much of it and tears are clouding his vision. He can’t see straight.

“Baby? Baby stay with me, c'mon. I’ve got you, you’re gonna be alright, okay?” His voice wavers, little shakes and breaks here and there and you suck in as deep a breath as you can, your cloudy eyes opening and looking at Happy.

His features are blurry, you can barely make him out but his voice soothes you, the fear that’s settled deep in your chest at the thought of dying. But you’re oddly becoming peaceful at Happy’s close proximity, his voice in your ear as he nuzzles you close.

“H-Happy, no it’s O-okay, I’m okay.”  You cough, blood spilling down the side of your mouth, Happy beginning to rock you gently, not able to stifle the sob that leaves his lips.

You’ve never heard him cry like this, never in your life and it’s beginning to scare you. He couldn’t do this to you, you were going to be okay and he had to understand that.

But he watches as the life begins to leave your body, watches as you go limp in his grip and the rise and fall of your chest halts completely. An animalistic cry leaves his lips, head falling back as he cradles your lifeless body to his chest.

It’s like a hole is being ripped in his chest and his heart is being clawed out viciously. You’d only been married for almost a year, you hadn’t even had your first anniversary as husband and wife.

How could you be taken away so quickly? How could anyone do this to you?

Jax jogs his way up the steps into the trailer house, hearing Happy’s cries and the way he repeats 'no’ over and over. Jax sees your body in Happy’s grip, how he’s gripping at you like it’ll bring you back and keep you with him but you’re already gone.

Chibs makes his way over, hand settling on Happy’s shoulder and squeezing gently. “C'mon, brotha. We need to get her out of here.” He whispers, Happy’s body shaking under his hand as he nods and carefully stands. He carries your body outside to the van when Juice shows up in it, sitting in the back with you in his grip and caressing your hair back gently.


It’s been a week since Happy had found you, a week of not waking up to your face, a week of not hearing your voice, an entire fucking week since he’d last held you in his arms. It’s like a decline in his life like he’s under water and being held under.

He’d not left the house but to help plan your funeral and that was only for a short two hours. He was back at your house, curled in sheets that smelled so deeply of you, face buried in your pillow and crying himself to sleep again.

When it came time for your funeral, he dressed heavily in Samcro attire, pulling his kutte on over his jacket, sliding on his rings and necklace.

Riding to the funeral, he was head of everyone, the boys following behind in an almost practiced sequence, the entire group following the hearse that carried your dead body.

And when your coffin was lowered into the ground, Happy couldn’t help but collapse by the grave and beg you to come back, Jax and Chibs standing at his sides, hands rested on his shoulders as he cries.


Each anniversary, Happy goes out of his way to buy himself dinner and you a large bouquet of flowers and have a candle lit dinner at your grave with you.

No matter what, he won’t miss it for the world, and he won’t let you go.

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A little scenario or FanFic where the phantom boys are asleep and the reader is watching him and starts to stroke his hair and kiss his cheeks n stuff. But the boy suddenly "awakes" because he was actually acting to be asleep If you have character limit, maybe only Akira and Yusuke?

OMG this is so cute and funny. Thank you, and I hope you like it!!

Edit: AAAAAA I accidentally posted this without finishing Yusuke’s, so please hang on!! ;_;

…Okay, finished! LOL


“Akira, are you sleeping?”

S/O’s whisper was only greeted by their boyfriend’s steady, rhythmic breathing. The frosty Saturday night resulted in the couple retreating under S/O’s comforter and bed-sheets; the sanctuary of warmth beckoned and enveloped them like the embrace of sunshine. 

S/O’s gaze was plastered on Akira’s face, his features soft and relaxed under the illumination of the dim moonlight. They brushed some of his raven locks aside with their fingertips as they breathed, “I guess you really are asleep…” They paused, then gently pressed a kiss to his forehead. “It makes me happy to see you so… at peace. I hope one day you can look like this when you’re awake, too… you deserve more from this world than a scowl and tired eyes.”

S/O approached him once more to peck his porcelain cheek; however, they were only met with a pair of soft lips. Their eyes abruptly flicked up, and S/O gasped when they realized they were peering directly into Akira’s blinking onyx orbs. 

“You’re very chatty tonight,” he teased, his voice raspy from waking up.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” Heat began to accumulate in S/O’s cheeks. How much did he hear?

Akira shook his head and smiled fondly as he pressed S/O closer to him. “No, it’s okay. I love the sound of your voice. It makes me feel… at peace.”

S/O’s cheeks flushed a deep ruby and they were about to reprimand him for teasing them until they were interrupted by a low chuckle and the nearly inaudible words, “I love you.”

After a moment of hesitation, S/O decidedly closed their mouth and snuggled into the security of his chest; the scolding could wait another day. “I love you, too, Akira.”


It was the middle of the day and the beaming sun was at its peak, washing over all of Tokyo with its radiance; yet, here Ryuji was, napping with his head in S/O’s lap as they lounged on the sofa. 

“You fell asleep on purpose, didn’t you?” S/O complained. The entire point of Ryuji visiting them was for the purpose of studying; naturally, he stubbornly utilized sleeping as his last resort to avoid the monotonous activity of skimming through papers. Against their will, S/O grinned at the snoozing boy before them, and then stroked his smooth, yet chiseled cheeks.

“Your brightness outmatches the sun outside, you know,” S/O quietly stated. “Days without you are so… dark, and lifeless. Don’t ever forget how important… you are…” 

S/O trailed off upon noticing a faint rosy blush dusting Ryuji’s cheeks, and their eyes narrowed. You little faker, they thought.

A light bulb flashed in their brain, and S/O deviously leered as they ever-so-slowly traced Ryuji’s chest with the tip of their finger. “Oh my god, ew ew ew, a spider!”

As expected, Ryuji’s eyes snapped open and he whipped upright immediately, frantically brushing his tank top. “Where?! G-get it off!” 

S/O crossed their arms sternly and glared at the back of his blonde head. “Oops, my bad. It was just an eavesdropping little fly on the wall.”

Ryuji’s shoulders tensed up and he timidly pivoted to face S/O, who was currently summoning all of their willpower to maintain a straight face; it was entirely too unfair when he acted so adorable. “C-c’mon babe, studying’s so borin’, and you were bein’ so friggin’ cute and sweet, and-”

He was interrupted by a spontaneous kiss, and S/O averted their eyes from him as they stuttered, “G-go study, or else I’m not gonna kiss you for the rest of the day.” 

Ryuji furiously blushed as his chocolate eyes widened, and he swore he felt an arrow pierce through his fluttering heart. Without warning he tackled S/O and mercilessly smooched them, muttering “I love you” and “You’re so cute” between kisses. S/O’s scornful demeanor dissipated to one of embarrassment and levity; needless to say, studying was soon forgotten as S/O squeaked and giggled from Ryuji’s seemingly perpetual onslaught of affection. He truly was far more incandescent than the sun outside could ever aspire to be.


S/O sighed as they strutted in through the front door of Yusuke’s dorm and discarded their shoes. “Not again.”

Every so often, Yusuke would doze off on his stool while he was in the process of painting, and how he managed to stay perched atop his seat, S/O would never know.

They strayed to the sofa to procure a blanket that was placed there, then they cautiously swept it around the sleeping artist’s shoulders. S/O raked their fingers through his sapphire hair and planted a delicate kiss on his cheek as they whispered, “At least you’re finally taking a break… you really work harder than anyone I’ve ever met. I wish you didn’t have to struggle so much…”

Briefly after concluding their statement, Yusuke’s eyes fluttered open and he mumbled, “Hello, dear. I’m glad you could make it.”

Subsequent to a greeting kiss, S/O shyly implored, “Um… did I wake you up?”

Yusuke shook his head in reply. “It’s no trouble at all, I was not even asleep.” He felt a chill course through his spine upon realizing his confession. “I-I mean…!”

Any expression that once occupied S/O’s face was now deteriorated and replaced with a blankness comparable to Yusuke’s empty canvas.

“S-S/O, please, do not make such a face-”

“Yusuke,” S/O said, their voice devoid of emotion.

He broke out into a sweat and anticipated the inevitable punishment; however, S/O simply pressed their lips to Yusuke’s and cradled his face with the palms of their hands. “I meant every word. Give yourself some rest every now and then, okay?” 

Another swift peck was imprinted on Yusuke’s forehead, and he covered S/O’s hands with his own, smiling tenderly as he compromised, “Only if you join me, my love.”

S/O’s lips fondly curved upward. “I’d love to.”


Requested:Hi! Can you write an imagine with theo where he is really needy like always wants to hold you and kiss you , cuddle with you , sleep on your chest , make you sit on his lap even there are empty seats? I mean i think its so cute. I don’t know. I hope you write it. Love u 💓


Note:I really,really hope that this is what you wanted and that you’re going to like it..So if you do pleasee let me know..Oh and sorry for waiting this long..Enjoy!:))

I was lying awake in my bed for half an hour..I tried to get up a few times but Theo just wouldn’t let me.He was sound asleep on my chest and I couldn’t get up from bed without waking him up,and no matter how uncomfortable I started to feel I just couldn’t wake him up.After what I felt like it’s been forever he finally woke up and looked at me with his sleepy eyes and I couldn’t help but smile running my hand through his messy hair..‘Morning baby.'He smiled and kissed me on the lips 'Morning beautiful.Since when you’re awake?’
'I think it was somewhere around 8 when I woke up.'I shrugged with my shoulders and he looked confused 'You let me sleep on your chest for half an hour.’
'Yeah I didn’t want to wake you up.’
He kissed me again and brushed his nose against mine 'I love you so much ,l hope you know that?!'I smiled at him 'Yeah I know baby and l love you to very much.’

We were called by Scott to meet him at his house for the pack meeting,and for this whole time Theo didn’t stop hugging me,touching me but not in a dirty way he just was gentle,he would kiss me very often and that was really strange for me but I pushed it aside..I was called by Lydia to help her with something in the kitchen 'Y/N is everything okay with Theo?'I looked at her confused 'Yes why wouldn’t it be?'She smiled at me 'Well he was acting all cute and also needy..Are you two active on the other fields in your relationship?'I looked her realization hitting me 'Oh my God Lydia!'And we both started laughing 'And yes we are.'She put her hands up 'I’m just checking.’
We walked out of the kitchen I wanted to sit on couch next to Theo,but instead he pulled me in his lap,hugging me and snuggling his face in my neck leaving the kiss on it.

We walked in to our shared apartment and I instantly let my body fall on couch and in the second Theo was next to me lying his head on my stomach and l started running my hand through his hair and I could feel him relax 'So are you finally going to tell me what’s wrong or do l have to guess?'He looked at me 'What do you mean?’
'Well you are acting little more needy lately..You sleep on my chest,you make me sit in your lap even when there is free spots,you kiss me non-stop.I mean don’t get me wrong I like that very much but l just want to know if everything is okay with you?!'He sat up and pulled me towards him so my back was pressed on his chest while he hugged me 'Nothing’s wrong I just realized that I love you very much..I mean I knew it before but lately all I want is for you to be happy so making l’m sure that you are by doing these little things..Because I don’t deserve your love,not after everything I have done..But also I’m very lucky to call you mine and I’m praying everyday to stay like that.'I turned to look at him putting my hands on his cheeks 'Theo baby,of course I’m yours and I always will be because no matter what happens..I will never stop loving you,never so don’t you dare saying that you don’t deserve me because you do and you need to stop living in past okay?'He nodded his head 'Okay!'I also smiled and then I kissed him..'Oh and thank God you almost made me think that I wasn’t good in that other thing..'He looked at me confused 'You know thaaat thing?!'And then he realized 'Oh God no,no you’re perfect.'And we both started laughing 'Good to know.'And then he suddenly stood up and in instant he lifted me over his shoulder and I screamed in surpriese but I was also laughing while he was started walking upstairs to out bedroom 'Theo what are you doing?'I heard him laughing 'Well a little bit of practice won’t do any demage..'And I couldn’t help but smile and shaking my head..Something’s telling me that this is going to be a looong night.

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Katsuki Cuddle Headcanons with his gf

Cuddly Kacchan is the cutest~

Bakugou Katsuki

Bakugou absolutely loves cuddling and burying his face in your hair and nuzzling into your neck. He’s always the bigger spoon but secretly likes being the smaller spoon, especially when he wakes up feeling your arms being wrapped tightly around him and you’re clinging to his back like his cute and personal koala bear. Since he’s pretty much half-awake at this point, he lets out a soft grunt and mumbles something completely incoherent and unconsciously grabs a hold of your hand and pulls it toward his heart before drifting back to a sound sleep.

Cuddling with you always improves his mood after going through a hard and rough day, and in most cases, you’ll sometimes find him enter the room wearing a heavy frown and dragging you to his room without so much as a warning to snuggle himself into a better mood.