are you freaking kiddin me

I wrote this for imagine-jim-bones-and-spock ages ago and then decided I wanted to write it ahahaha

Imagine young-apprentice-witch Bones, who’s excellent at healing spells but kind of fumbling at anything else. They’re working on summoning companion spirits, and while some people excel (witch!Spock summons a beautiful nymph named Uhura), Bones messes it up, and accidentally summons a demon instead. Demon!Jim could wreak havoc and mayhem but finds the young witch cute, and decides to hang around as his companion. Bones tries to send him back, and can’t, but finds him to be a strong ally.


The young apprentice witch Leonard McCoy had dreaded this class since the start of the term. His specialty was in healing, not summonings; he was still trying to master basic element spells, how was he supposed to bring a companion to his side?

Their professor, Mr. Fizzlepot, was droning on and on from the centre of the circle of students in his large, stone lined room. It was filled with knick knacks and oddities which always seemed to shift places every class. Currently his nasally voice was bouncing off the moss lined walls.

“Whatever creature you summon will remain with you for the rest of the school year.” His gray eyes looked around the room, trying for meaningful but remaining his usual dull, “And, on the rare occasion, for the rest of your lives. Remember, the spirit chooses the witch, not the other way around, so if you are accepted, be honoured.”

All the students nodded, and Leonard was glad to see he wasn’t the only one who looked nervous. Even Spock, the half human star pupil, had the slightest edge of being unsettled.

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Honey, I'm fine (Luke Hemmings Imagine, Part 2)

OMG guys! You are so, so awesome, I can not even express how grateful I feel :) You made me so happy. The first part got almost 200 notes and it is so far the most popular post on my blog <3 Most of us aren’t on Derpcon right now, so I hope I can cheer you up a little with this part 2, since a lot of you requested it :) ENJOY!

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PART 1 / PART 3 / PART 4


“I said WHAT?” Luke looked baffled. “No wonder she isn’t answering my calls, ugh.” He tried calling you one more time, but you were determined not to give in so quickly. Luke was your best friend and of course you would forgive him in no time, but you though, why not have a little fun with it while you’re at it.

‘(Y/N), I’m so sorrrrrrrry. Pls answer meeee :((( ‘He texted you after you weren’t answering his calls.

‘Pleaaaaase, I need my bestie. I feel like shit and I need you to come and take care of me :(‘ He texted again. You decided to text him back, just so he knew that you were still mad at him.

‘…’ That was all that you texted him. The response came almost immediately.

‘OMG, thank god youre speaking to meee.’

‘Now will you come and take care of me?’


He texted you several messages, clearly full of anticipation.

‘You made your bed, now lay in it. ;) ‘

‘Soo, I take this you’re still mad at me, huh?’

‘Ya think??’

 He called you again, so you decided to pick up the phone this time.

“(Y/N)…”  He sighed. “I know, that you said that I shouldn’t go and I know that this is all my fault now, but don’t you think you’re overreacting a little here? ”

“Oh, my, God Luke, that is so not the point. I don’t care if you went or not. That’s your thing. But…”

“Exactly, it’s my thing. Then why did you have to embarrass me in front of all of my friends by giving me a lecture?

He interjected you and at this point, you were fuming.

Are you freaking kidding me? I embarrassed YOU?”  You screamed a little. “I was just looking out for you, not giving you a lecture! “

“Well I’m sorry for having a good time.” He interrupted again.

“Yea, well I’m sorry for trying to be a good friend.”

“Oh c’mon, honey…”

“Stop calling me honey…”  You said frustrated and hung up on him. You didn’t know this would turn out to be such a big deal, but you were furious at this point. I embarrassed him? You thought to yourself. Your phone screen lit up with picture of the two of you, as he was calling you again, but you declined while mumbling some curse words intentioned for Luke.


You still haven’t made amends with Luke after your petty fight and tonight was their concert. Their very big and important concert. The concert, that you were supposed to attend as the boys’ mental support in the backstage. But you didn’t feel like facing Luke just yet, so when Calum called you about the backstage passes; you just politely declined. But that only resulted at Luke getting mad at you.

‘Are you freaking kiddin ME? Why aren’t you going?’

‘Cuz I don’t feel like it. ;)’ You texted him back. He called you in matter of seconds.

“What?” You asked annoyed.

“I can’t believe you! You are so selfish!…” You were taken back with his words and didn’t say anything so Luke continued with his rage.

And just because you’re mad at me for some stupid little shit and you’re too self-centered or too proud to forgive me. (Y/N), the guys really wanted you there! I…” You cut him off. You hung up on him and immediately call another number.

“Hey Caleb, any chance you wanna go to a concert with me?”

At the concert

Caleb was the guy you went on one date with, but never really went on another, because Luke didn’t like him, for some reason. You didn’t really think anything about it, since you would do this a lot to each other. Give one another advice on each other’s love life and such. But since you were really angry at Luke currently, you thought, well, why not add a little bit of fuel to the fire. When you two arrived at the venue, you drank some shots and then you made your way to the very front of the audience and waited for the boys to start.

When they started, you even somehow managed to forget about the fact that your best friend, that you were currently mad at, was on the stage right in front of you. You were having such a great time with Caleb. You caught a glimpse of Calum and received a confused look from him, but didn’t really think much about it. Maybe it was due to the amount of alcohol running through your body, or the fact that you couldn’t really concentrate on anything else than grinding on your hot date. Either way, you didn’t noticed Calum speaking to Luke while Ashton was talking to the audience. You didn’t notice Luke glaring at you the whole time. But you did noticed your phone vibrating in your pocket with new text from Luke.

‘I thought I told u to stay away from him..’ You grinned to yourself. At first you just wanted to tease him, because you knew he didn’t approve of him, but now that you were having such a great time with Caleb, you decided to take it up a notch, so you texted Luke ‘Honey, I’m fine ;)’, then turned around and slowly started to make out with Caleb.