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I just so your Camren post about the flowers, camera, Alexa and I was just wondering what was wrong with me that I didn’t follow you yet?! That been said, that was an awesome post. I was thinking that when Camila went to the UK on January to record with MGK on BBC Radio she was wearing an outfit with a rose and she post on Instagram a photo of her pants and the rose with the caption ‘for u....🌹’ so now she is back there and someone *cough*Lauren*cough* send her roses, like Idk, just a thought🌚

thank you thank you.

apparently the roses were sent by a fan :/ but I’m confused because Camila could have thanked the fan with a mention.

The roses have a meaning for the fandom and I think she is aware of it. Like I said, Camren is like a puzzle.


Once I’ve read @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon‘s amazing Victuuri Soulmate AU compilation I just had to draw something from it! So here it is!(finally)
More under the cut <3

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Dishonored 2

Karnaca [12/?] for @polygone-moi

Wow, I can’t believe Blizzard introduced Jetstream Sam to Overwatch!

Jokes aside, I love Hanzo’s new skin.

I really hope to get it before the end of the event!

((By the way, I’ll tell you something.

Months ago I thought about this Metal Gear!Au with Cyber!McCree and Cyber!Hanzo, but I couldn’t think of a cool design for Hanzo.

And guess what Blizz made now?
I’m so happy! ‧º·(˚T∇T)‧º·˚ ))


Ok I know this is out of character but I had to draw this solely out of admiration for the beauty that is Hunk’s arms but really though have you guys noticed how nice they are when he’s not wearing his paladin armor ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

I recently remade my blog so if you haven’t re-followed me yet, please do so! My old blog had 8.7k followers so I’m hoping to get that back eventually. 

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  • Seokjin: And now for a gay update with Jungkook.
  • Jungkook, looking at Jimin: Getting gayer.
  • Seokjin: Thank you, Jungkook.
Y’all complaining abt LaFou not being ‘gay enough’

Like honey??? where were you?

- Gaston looked at himself in the mirror and said “I’m not done with you yet” and LaFou followed with ‘me neither’

- Lafou sat and was like 2 inches away from being in Gaston’s lap

- The entire Gaston song was him fucking flirting okay with the arm thing and the smiles and the compliments and then he sat right the fuck down in that same spot but even closer to Gaston

- He tries convincing Gaston to go after other people and turns to the ladies and goes “its never gonna happen” and then struts off with a grin

- He was usually very close in proximity to Gaston and acted as a grounder when Gaston got angry


- He realized Gaston wasn’t right for him but never ONCE acted as if it was bc he realized he was into ladies (not to mention Mrs. Potts knew right off the bat and supported him)

- He was pretty disinterested in the dance before that guy came along and his eyes widened and he just fucking rolled with it

Just because a character doesn’t stand on a table and yell “IM GAY” doesn’t mean they aren’t. LaFou had his subtle moments bc I believe you are all forgetting this movie is set way before being gay was even the slightest bit accepted. Stop calling him bad representation just because you don’t see subtle things and only focus on the big moments

- Signed a transmasculine gay person who is fed up with the cis hets complaining and pretending they know what they’re saying


if you reblog MONSTA X pls reblog/like this so i can follow you, I’m a new monbebe!! SOS im watching No Mercy rn an im freaking out ok bye

In honor of reaching 3.5k followers I thought I’d do my first follow forever! I won’t be very active this summer due to my studying in Seoul for more than two months, so I want to express my gratitude to everyone who’s followed me, read, and liked my writing! Your kind words and love for my writing always brighten my day and make it even more fun to be writing for this community!

Italicized - mutuals

✩ - writers I admire, people I admire, blogs I just really love

♡ - m’faves

Despite any symbols, I love all of you whether followed or follower. Thank you for reading my stories, for giving me a creative outlet to improve and push myself with my writing, and most importantly thank you for being my friends!!

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i’ve hit 2k for a while now so i think it’s about time i make a mutual appreciation post!! being on this website for many years i have been blessed with the chance to meet and talk with so many amazing individuals! and then again, i’m still too shy to talk to some of you but i appreciate you always! 💓 i’ve only ever received sweet comments and messages from everyone and i cannot thank you enough, you all have such kind hearts and spread so much joy! so the least i can do is make a list of my sweet mutuals and hope that it makes you feel almost as special as what you make me feel. thank you! 💖 💖 💖

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Saeran Week 2017 Date Reveal & Daily Prompts

Hi everyone!

While we are working on finishing up customizing the blog, we have two announcements regarding Saeran Week. 

The first is the date! Mark your calendars everyone. Saeran Week will be held November 5, 2017 - November 11, 2017.

The next announcement is the reveal of the daily prompts so everyone can begin thinking about what they want to create/write/draw/paint/etc.


Sunday (11/5) - Sundae Sweets
Monday (11/6) - Sky Full of Memories
Tuesday (11/7) - The Language of Flowers
Wednesday (11/8) - My Other Half
Thursday (11/9) - Life in Paradise
Friday (11/10) - The Song of My Heart
Saturday (11/11) - The Path to Recovery

A huge shoutout to fellow Saeran Week mods @mintykoi  @blissfullyintoxicated @vergiliaux who are helping with organizing this event with me. 

If you haven’t yet please go follow where the remaining announcements/graphics/etc will be announced/handled there! Note: If you followed the earlier announcement please refollow the blog. There was a hiccup in it earlier but it’s been fixed. 

Hey everybody! I’ve thought about doing a multi muse masterlist for awhile now, since I’ve never come across one (and not having one seems crazy??), and it’s finally here! For now, the list is simply alphabetized as I’m not sure what the easiest way to filter every blog is yet. You don’t need to be following me to be added to the list or anything, simply reblog this post (that will help spread the word better than simply liking it) if you’re a multi muse blog and would like to be added! 


I’ve had these asks in my inbox a while ago. I wanted to reply but I kinda didn’t have the time and now I am busy with studying and… well… i’m sorry for taking so long. I’m super busy with university stuff right now and despite not having any lectures, I have to study a lot. I’ve written 31 pages to summarize the math script of this semester within the past 4 days and my handwriting is really small, so… eh. ;w;


@kagamin3ko thank you so much! I really don’t consider myself a senpai, but some people kept calling me senpai and I’m… just not used to people looking up to me like that. I appreciate it a lot ;w;

@space-star-kitten OMG your 2nd favorite?! That probably changed by now, considering how long I took to reply, ehehehe…? But I’m happy you think so, thank you <3

@sapphirescarletta123 OMG you are so lovely! I am sorry I haven’t drawn much lately, I hope I can draw some more ErrorInk and a lot of other things soon again! I have so many things I wanna draw, yet there’s no time… also your art is pretty cute as well! Keep it up plz! 

And of course, I am feeling hugged, dear anon! Thank you so much. I wanna hug all of you guys in return. qwq


Thanks to everyone for following me, all of you really! I’d love to make something cool to celebrate that I’ve recently hit 2k followers but… once again, I’m too busy and I’d hate to make promises I can’t keep. But I’ll think of something. I hope .w.

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How's your week been?

My week’s been filled with people giving me their souls willingly blessings from plenty of people, among other nice things. I hope yours is being just as lovely <3