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My dash is reallyyy dead, and I want to meet new people, so I decided to go on a follow spree!
I want it to be as simple as possible, so please reblog this if you post:

  • Ballroom e Youkoso
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  • Killing Stalking
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  • Pokémon
  • Re:Creators
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  • Tales of Zestiria
  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun
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  • Zankyou no Terror

Bonus if:

  • You have a tagging system
  • You’re drama/hate free (please)

It’d really help if you could tag what you post, but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to~  You also don’t have to follow me~
Thank you!

I write smut not tragedies


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EXO Reactions: When you make them jealous

Chanyeol: “Yah, how dare she flirt with Sehun like that? Doesn’t she know that’ll make me upset? This girl..” *feelings genuinely hurt*

Xiumin: *ranting to Baekhyun* “I mean, does she really think that playing with LuHan like that will make me upset?” *as he’s fuming* “I mean, I don’t have that big a temper.”

Sehun: *legit doesn’t even care* “I mean, if she wants to be like that, then we’ll be like that.” *goes and snuggles with LuHan to get his mind off how he’s going to punish you later*

Baekhyun: *angry AF* “What does she think she’s doing? She knows she’s mine… oh, she’s going to get it tonight.” *the morning after Kris admits to you he considered calling the police because of how loud you screamed*

Kris: “Do you think you’re being cute?” *stares at you intently* “Because girl, I swear if you even think about letting Tao touch you like that again…” *when you do let Tao continue to play with you hair, you happen to glance over and see his face* ‘oh, I am so dead…’

Chen: “Sweetheart, I love you very much but if you hug Xiumin like that again I swear I will make it hurt so good you won’t be able to walk for a week.” *but you didn’t listen, and well, let’s just say you had to call in sick from work for the next week*

“Well? I warned you baby didn’t I?” 

Tao: *pissed beyond all reason* “How dare you be all over Kris like that? Huh? My favorite hyung?! If you’re going to try to make me jealous why don’t you pick Baekhyun or something? I definitely could take him..” 

Lay: *doesn’t realize what’s happening until Suho mentions it to him* “Oh yes, she’s playing with Chanyeol, so?” *Suho explains* “Oh..” *still doesn’t get it*

Kai: *as he’s grabbing LuHan* That is my girl, you know that, why would you flirt back with her?!” *you and D.O have to fight to get them apart*

D.O: *turns to look at you as you laugh a little too loudly at one of Kai’s jokes* “I know exactly what you think you’re doing… and it’s not going to work.” *but this is proven false as he hears your laugh once more* “listen here you lil shit, do you wanna be punished?!” 

Suho: “Why are you like this, jagiya?” *looks at you in a sad, yet condescendingly way* “Little Lady, if you don’t straighten up, Daddy might have to help you..” (cos we all know Suho is secretly Daddy AF)

LuHan: “Why are you doing this to me?!” *he points at you all sassy like* “You are so frustrating! Yah, playing with my members like that?! Oh, I swear…” 

DISCLAIMER: all gifs taken from Google. and this request was sent in anonymously. 

i got curious, right?

and i said to myself

“well i haven’t check my activity in a while, so let’s look..”

seriously thank you all so much for the love and support. although i am not as active as i used to be, i still appreciate those who stick by me through my hard times and understand that i really am trying my best.

thank you to the new admins as well for being so active and interacting with everyone. i appreciate your hard work and dedication towards this blog.

i love you all.

- Admin Storm who can’t believe we’re almost at 3k followers and has that many notes


“Well, I don’t do villainy. I take parts where the person can believe that they are entirely right. Now, they may end up being an engine of some kind of antagonistic side of the narrative, but I won’t take the job unless the person can fully justify and rationalise everything they are doing. When people write a villain, very often that means it’s something two-dimensional, designed to make the audience dislike you, and those things I run a million miles from.”

- Jason Isaacs