are you evil for asking this

(When my DM was helping us with character sheets he saw the chalk was very cheap and weighed nothing so asked of we all wanted 10 free pieces of chalk. We all said “why not!” Except our paladin who steadfastly refused to take any no matter how we pushed him. He just didnt want it.)

Later in the dungeon…

Paladin: I cast detect evil

DM: You detect evil. Behind you.

Paladin: I turn around

DM: You see a faint evil glowing from everyone’s bags except yours

Paladin: It’s the chalk!!

DM: Yes, it’s the chalk

*everyone laughs uproareously*

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hi i was looking for a fic. Bucky and Sam are on a beach and they're playing with a ball. and then they see Steve and Natasha sunbathing or something and they try to show off and then Bucky trips and Steve helps him and they are kinda rly into each other?? pls help. also thanks things blog is great!!!!

sounds like

I Get Knocked Down (But I Get Up Again) by emphasisonem (complete | 1,731 | T)

“You sure you’re ok?” the blond asks, and Bucky really appreciates the fact that the guy isn’t laughing, considering his friend can’t seem to help snickering at Sam’s outrageous display.

“I’m fine,” Bucky huffs with a smirk. “Pride’s a little bruised, and I’m guessing I look like a fuckin’ drowned rat, but no permanent damage.”

A slow- and frankly, evil- smile makes its way across the blond’s lips. There’s a flicker of uncertainty in those blue eyes, but it’s replaced with a nearly-predatory look that gives Bucky goosebumps.

“Shame,” the other man teases Bucky. “I’m pretty good at kissin’ things better.”

In which Bucky Barnes is a show off at the beach and pays the price.

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one of the ants reblogging your meta joined my book discord today and left immediately (after we discussed loving Phasma) when she asked if we were kylux shippers and we all said we were reylos. She then subtweeted us (she'd linked her twitter the second she joined). I just wanted to tell you because it's so funny that these people can say we're insane and reaching for looking for symbolism in the canon ship but when confronted with ENJOYING sw conversation with dirty evil reylos, they run away.

lmao are we surprised?

hold on, we’re going home | 2

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part 1 || 

pairings: yoongi x reader

words: 2634

genre: smut, angst, fluff, romance

summary: After a night to celebrate the reclamation of Daegu from the hands of a rival mafia Jo-pok, Yoongi comes back to find that his wife has been kidnapped by them and held ransom for a very sinister and personal reason 

a.k.a the mafia!au no one asked for

warnings: dub/con interactions, threats, abduction, evil!jackson (I love him, but for the sake of this story, I made him the villain, pls don’t @ me) 

part 2: The Past Catches Up

Yoongi frowned at his phone as he scrolled through his messages. He had sent you at least three texts, and all of them went unanswered. He trawled the streets, the orange glow intermittently shining on his face, illuminating his worried gaze. He pocketed his phone and reached his apartment complex, gazing up at the low rise building. Yoongi decided to take the stairs instead to reach you, as there was no guarantee he could wait in ansty impatience within an enclosed area. Something didn’t feel right to him.

He walked towards the unit, reminding himself to fix the overhead light that was flickering with menacing promise. He inserted the key and turned the lock, his uneasy panic intensifying. The moment he passed the threshold, Yoongi called out for you.


There wasn’t a reply, and Yoongi knew something was wrong when even Holly didn’t come to greet him like the puppy usually did. Instead, he heard a low whine and rushed to the kitchen where he saw Holly scratching on the floor where the kitchen grill was in pieces beside the island.

Shit,” Yoongi cursed and scanned the area. There seemed to be no sign of a struggle, and a screaming panic took over him.

“Y/N? Y/N? Where are you? Are you here?!”

A low grumbling of a melody could be heard from the closed door to the bedroom. Yoongi steeled himself for the worse when he pushed the door open, but the room was empty. It was as if you had just upped and left. There were still traces of you; his mix-tape on loop to your favorite song, a stained wedge sponge stood next to an open bottle of foundation. He half expected you to waltz out from the bathroom and tell him that this was all a huge joke.

Yoongi switched off the speaker, and the room plunged into a silence so stifling and unsettling that he couldn’t let the truth set in.

You were gone.

Yoongi threw his wild gaze around the space, clutching at his hair as his eyes scanned desperately for more traces of you.


Yoongi gritted his teeth and picked his phone, dialling in the number of one person he knew could help him out of this mess.

“Hello?” Namjoon’s slurred voice sounded through. Silence was at his end, and Yoongi was glad that his friend was out from the club. He needed Namjoon sober for what he was about to say.

“RM, something happened and it has something to do with the Wang clan.”

If Namjoon was high on a buzz, this would immediately snap him out of it.

“What? Why would you say that? What happened?” he asked in rapid succession.

Yoongi dragged in a breath, taming down his anger. “They kidnapped my wife.”

His eyes glinted dangerously, landing on a strip of paper with the unmistakable initials of the Wang clan written, plain as day, laid on the bed next to your cardigan like it was a label that told of where you had disappeared to.

“Shit,” Namjoon cursed. “How do you know?”

Yoongi picked up the paper, scrutinizing it as if his gaze alone could incinerate it to pieces.

“They left a sign. I need your help.”


Namjoon moved fast when he expected trouble. It had taken Yoongi all of two minutes to get his story out before he heard the tell tale screeching of Namjoon’s Ferrari wheels on the road, squealing to a stop outside of his humble apartment complex. Dressed in an oversized olive coat that was definitely designer label, with fur trimmed at the hood, he cut a comical effect in his silver sports cars, standing in front of a humble duplex. Yoongi would’ve expected to see him strutting down a runway, not come to his friends aid in the middle of the night.

“I got your call,” Namjoon said by way of greeting.

“As I hoped,” Yoongi muttered, though he didn’t have enough venom in his words to make it sarcastic, like he usually did. Running his fingers through blonde strands, the older man sighed, looking at his hands which were veined and clenched in evident stress.

“May I see the piece of paper?” Namjoon asked cautiously, as if expecting Yoongi to snap at him. He nodded and handed the scrap, letting his friend and leader take it with a scrutinizing gaze. Namjoon held it to the light of the streetlamp, squinting in deep thought. The young Jo-pok leader didn’t have to stare at the symbol long to recognize it; he saw it in his nightmares often enough. Two snakes, intertwined at the tails with their mouths opened wide to show flickering tongues and identical fangs. He would know this symbol even if it was etched on a surface a few metres away from him.

He hummed, “It does look real.”

“Why?” Yoongi seethed, his carefully watched temper flaring dangerously close to a breaking point. “Why her?

Namjoon gritted his teeth. He didn’t like this as much as Yoongi, but he wasn’t afforded the luxury of worrying. He had to keep his wit and remain level-headed to solve this problem. “I don’t know.”

Yoongi’s sharp eyes shot to his, glimmering with barely concealed rage. “They took her Joon. They took her and I want to kill them. They shouldn’t have known, I was so careful, I– I hid my wedding ring, removed any traces of her – shit!” he suddenly raised his voice, shoulders twitching in exasperation. “I’ve had women crawling all over me because they thought I was single, and we all know how observant some women are–! …And they found out. About her. How?”

Namjoon let his friend rant, knowing that if he let Yoongi speak, it would be better than letting the inevitable happen. As a leader, he had carefully cataloged the strength and weaknesses of each of his men, and with Yoongi, Namjoon knew his anger was simultaneously his greatest advantage and crippling disadvantage. Men like Yoongi acted on passion and were sustained by determination. They were the warriors, the pioneers, those who went where no men dared to go.

And the young leader knew that if he didn’t put a rein on his friend’s anger, Yoongi would do far worse than hurl abuse at an empty, black sky.

“Have you tried locating her?” he asked in a low voice. “Gotten her signal. Anything?”

“She left her phone,” he said, and turned a despairing gaze to his friend. “Do you know something? Where the latest Wang clan headquarters is? Heard anything about why they would abduct my wife out of all people?”

Yoongi’s tone was desperate, and Namjoon hated that tone in anyone who used it on him. It reminded him too much of men who pleaded for their life, of mothers asking him to spare their sons the debts that they themselves accumulated out of sheer greed. Or desperation. He hated any reminders of his work outside of his clocking hours.

But, this was his good friend. This was his right hand man, the same man who had gotten him out of sticky situations with his tenacity, who had served him well for the last ten years. Yoongi had sacrificed his career of being an underground rapper to support the Kim clan, and Namjoon didn’t know if he could ever repay his friend for his dedication.

He sighed, and flickered his gaze to the inky sky. “No,” those words burned like acid in the back of his throat, “I don’t know anything.”

Yoongi released a breath and buried his hands deep in his bomber jacket, glaring at the ground. He huffed another sigh and stamped his foot, partly to get warmth back into his body and mostly to vent his frustration.

“I will find her,” he muttered, and removed his phone, texting furiously, his eyebrows scrunched in concentration.

Namjoon’s brow furrowed, as he waited for an explanation, but Yoongi remained stonily silent. There was nothing but the hum of the electric cables overhead, the tapping of the iPhone’s keyboard and Yoongi’s heavy breath for a few minutes.

“I think I may have something,” Yoongi muttered, and Namjoon edged closer to look over his shoulder. It was a map of some sorts, and the leader furrowed his brow, waiting for an explanation.

“I have a friend who works the road CCTV’s,” he said and pointed to a street camera above them, the lens directed at them both. Namjoon could’ve sworn he heard the lens whir. “He may know who took Y/N.”

Namjoon exhaled. “Be careful, hyung.

Yoongi stowed his phone, and Namjoon was painfully reminded that he had offered no help besides a half-assed caution warning.

“I’ll ask Tae and Jin to keep an ear out for any new Wang developments,” he said, and a tinge of sympathy colored his features at how distraught Yoongi appeared, trying to mask it all underneath a wall of iciness. His friend was always the better one at separating his emotions. 

Namjoon could see the older man’s gritted teeth, the vein throbbing at his temple and knew without words that Yoongi was going to leave a trail of broken bones and blood to get back his wife. Suga always got what he wanted, and this time, it was no different.


You blinked awake, squinting your eyes from the bright light shining in your face. You were still hazy from the chloroform, head spinning around in mindless circles. You breathed in deeply, using a method you once read to control your rising panic and fear. You turned your eyes around to the grey space, finding bare walls and discrete cement floors. You were in a warehouse of some sort, tied to the chair with only the light shining down on you as a source of brightness.

The sound of boots scuffling on the floor made you turn, but you were bound too tightly to the chair to see who it was. You could barely crane your neck around, and every pound of the heavy footfalls made your heart clench in fear.

A tall figure walks in front of you, and stops. You tilt your face up to stare at him, surprise jolting your body straight as you exhaled his name in disbelief.


Standing in front of you, with bleached blonde hair slicked back into a severe parting, was your ex-boyfriend. Memories both sweet and bitter flooded your mind, and ultimately, you were rendered speechless by the sight before you.

The man in question lifted a brow, his sculpted lips raised in a smirk. Once, you had found them endearing, and maybe you were even in love with him, but nothing could compare to the feelings you held for Yoongi. You desperately hoped your husband has found you by now, because the way how Jackson was staring at you made the blood curdle in your veins.

“I’m touched that you still remember me,” he said, a hint of sardonic smugness in his tone.

You narrow your eyes in anger and struggle against the ropes. “What is the meaning of this?! Why did you – why did you break into my home? Why am I here? Why–”

Jackson silences you with a hand over your mouth, shaking his head. “Oh, no, no. Not like this baby girl. Let Daddy take a look at you.”

He’s still covering your mouth as he drags his gaze up and down your body with a glint of hunger in his eyes, almost as if he wants to drink in the sight of you fully; like how a dehydrated man might stare at a glass of water. It sent a shiver of fear down your spine.

You squirm and struggle even more, aware at how bad the situation may be. You were tied to a chair, with your ex-boyfriend lapping up the sight of you, clad in nothing but a flimsy robe and racy lingerie. You whimpered when he released your mouth, settling down on his haunches as he reached eye level with you.

A glint of gold captured his attention, and his gaze latched onto your wedding band, contrasting against your pale hand that was gripping the arm of the chair tightly. Jackson lifts one finger and presses it onto the cool metal, feeling the smooth slip of it under his touch. You notice a flash of anger pass behind his eyes, and shrink back into the curve of the seat.

This. His temper. It was one of the many reasons why you had ended things. You hated being his emotional punching bag and left after a particularly nasty fight. Jackson hadn’t heard from you since, you doing everything in your power to cut contact with him. You always knew that your hasty actions would have damning consequences.

“I guess I should offer you congratulations,” he said, and though his voice was deathly calm, you knew he was anything but. “After two years I finally locate you, and this is how I find you?”

You close your eyes, feeling the tears brimming at the corners. “Please. Don’t hurt me. I’m sorry, I’m–”

“You’re sorry?!” he bellowed, shooting to his feet and lifted his hand in warning. You flinch violently, expecting a blow, but nothing of that sort comes. Instead, he caresses your face and you open your eyes, only to be greeted with the sight of his tortured expression.

“Two years, Y/N. Two fucking years I tried to find you, to tell you I was ‘sorry’. Did you know how hard it was finding you? And you moved so far away. Tell me, will your husband show you that level of devotion?”

“Jackson, I know you’re angry, but it doesn’t have to be this way,” you pleaded, seeing no further option. “We can both move on and live our own lives. You’ll find someone else to love, and you’ll be happy.”

He shook his head, and you saw the determination flare behind his gaze. “You’re the only woman who I can tolerate, Y/N. I gave my everything to you. I wanted to make you mine – I was even thinking of marrying you. You don’t understand how long I waited for you, to tell me why you…you left.”

Pain bled from his words, and you winced at your past mistakes. “Jackson, I know I was a bitch, but in all honesty, I left because I saw no better way out of that toxic relationship we both shared. I wanted to spare us the pain of going through–”

No,” he snarled, stepping back. “You were only doing what was best for you.”

“I was afraid,” you whimpered.

“What? Of me?” he asked, and you didn’t reply. Your silence was the answer he needed.

“You’re afraid of me,” Jackson whispered, the truth hitting him like a ton of bricks.

You hung your head, nothing but the sound of your ragged breathing filled the room.

He knelt in front of you, forcing you to look at him. “I will make you love me,” he said in a hoarse voice. “I will make you love me again if it is the last thing I do.”

“Please,” you try again, voice breaking. “Let me go. I want to go back home.”

Jackson shook his head, his eyes beseeching. “Don’t you see, Y/N? I am your home. You’re safe with me.”

You swallowed your tears and tried to reason with him, when he cut you off.

“And if you ever think of leaving me, I will kill you and your husband,” he said, in a calm voice. 

Your breath rattled and your eyes widened. “N-No.”

Jackson gave you a look, one that said he wasn’t kidding, and this time, you don’t hold back your tears, letting them drip down your cheeks.

Yoongi, you mentally despaired, where are you?


I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends! I play as Mendl, the sweet-natured drow warlock scientist I came up with during last year’s Inktober.

You guys. You guys i’m love my science elf daughter, you guys!!! She’s ended up as a chatty sweetheart who gets distracted by science and is clearly in WAY over her head when it comes to the warlock stuff. She just wants to get to her post-doc, she didn’t ask for all this wave-echo-cave nonsense!

As you can see, I’ve been scribbling her quite a lot these past few months.

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Is lilsimsie a bad person though...? People are acting like she is evil and hates colored people? Do you agree? I'm just curious what your thoughts are. I do agree that her sims aren't diverse and her black sim isn't very realistic but I don't think that makes her a bad person and I don't think we should assume she doesn't like colored people. I think maybe she is ignorant on the subject and maybe should try to educate herself. I'm just wondering what you think of her as a person?

as a person, i think lilsimsie is kinda a jerk hasgfkasj shes rrly mean to her little sister, and one time was making fun of a roommate she had that showed signs of depression and defended herself by saying she wasn't that way when she had depression so there’s no way her roommate had depression, and she deletes comments (mean and genuine nice ones) trying to educate her about having more diverse sims so ashgfkjasfgg i would know if she hates poc but it sure does look like she likes white people a lot more fgaksdjfgadskjfg

Jeon Jungkook : A summary PART 1

1. Shy and introverted but won’t hesitate to pull a meme face when time calls for it 
2. Extremely talented and fast learner 
3. Tries acting like a mature adult around his hyungs, but they still treat him like their child 
4. His hyungs always take his side. Doesn’t matter if he’s at fault. Jimin will still defend his ass. 
5. White shirts and Timberland galore
6. Probably isn’t afraid of women, more likely afraid of failure when a woman is involved in the situation. 
7.Huge sparkling eyes and bunny teeth 
8. Everyone wants to boop his nose 
9. That head tilt he does when he’s unsure of something 
10. Justin bieber “sunbae-nim”
11. Brings his stereo speaker everywhere, because he likes sharing good music 
12. Circle glasses and beanies 
13. Cuddling puppies every chance he gets 
14. Huge ass inhuman backpacks at the airport 
15.Giggles after doing something evil 
16. Buys 3 bags of chips and will probably eat all three of them 
17. Whispers the words “Hot sauce” while munching on his food 
18. Covers heartbreaking songs
19. Charlie “puss” 
20. “ International playboy”
21. Hates when ppl are dirty and sleep on his bed 
22. Fights with Jin over the dumbest things you could think of 
23. Paid over 800$ for jajangmyeong 
24. Got rejected by a cat 
25. Called a foreigner “Noona” and asked her for a refill, while asking her in Korean
26. Has an excellent english accent
27.Sleeping in his hyungs bedrooms because his bed has a pile of clothes and random items lying there.
 28. Plays with a fan’s hands while calling her fingers ‘cute and smol' 
 29. Acts like an excited little kid when food is involved
30. “ I know face but I don’t know name”
31. “ I know movie but I don’t know movie name”
32. *covers his nose and not his mouth when he’s about to yawn*
33. *watches soft romance movies and fantasizes about hearing a bell when meeting his soulmate *
34. “ hyung , be quiet”
35. *smacks Jin’s neck, with no hesitation*
36. “ If you’re five years older, then you shouldn’t be acting like this, hyung” 
37. *exposes his mother on tv* : “ My mom chased my dad because he was too handsome”
38. “ Some armys say they are afraid to be growing apart from bangtan now that we’re getting bigger, but I will always make sure we never grow apart. I will come to you”
39. “ Shawn mendes is so damn tall!” + “He’s my dongsaeng x3″
40. *changed the lyrics to Spring Day from “  Like a small piece
Of dust “ to “Like a small Jimin”
41. *hides behind his hyungs whenever a female interviewer or a girl group gets close to them*
42. *twerks to Beyonce’s crazy in love*
43. *arm wrestles a fan during a fansign*
44. “ I’m NOT YOUR OPPA”  *sighs* “ Bring your ID next time there’s a fansign”
45. “ I will hold hands with Eomuk and Odengie as we sleep tightly together”
46. “ Baby, let’s go!” @ jimin (Bon voyage s2)
47. *makes amazing drawings*
48. *has some really advanced editing skills when it comes to video making*
49. “ I want to produce music of my own. I’m working hard in my studio”
50. “ I feel powerless whenever my hyungs are having a hard time. I want to help them, but there’s nothing I can do.”
51. “ My hyungs raised me”
52. “Chong Jojun balsa!”
53. Existential questions : “I don’t know if I want shrimps or eat hamburgers *cries*” (Bon voyage s2)
54.  mouth forms an *o’* and jaw drops while watching Taemin and Sunmi performing a sexy song on stage
55. *makes monkey like sounds when Hobi is chasing him* (Run Christmas episode)
56. *jams hard to Demi Lovato’s Sorry Not Sorry while eating snacks*
57. *is the only artist who eats snacks while watching the amas live*
58. *catwalks his way to the stage to perform DNA during Gayo Daejun*
(The modelling industry is shaking)
59. “ My legs were killing me after performing Begin during that concert”
60. *only half of his face gets tanned during Bon Voyage 2 , because of his hat*
61. “ I have a big nose”
62. *appreciates his own looks and promotes his beauty on vlive as Jimin desperately tries snatching the merch away from him*
63. “ Almost no Photoshop was used on this picture “ *poses just like the picture*
64. *releases a song cover on christmas because he’s an angel*
65. “ I’ll always be your maknae” 
66. *coughs when he eats ramen* : “ I don’t know if I’m the only one like this, but I always end up coughing while eating ramen “
67. *bungee jumps with no fear at all * : “ It was exciting! I want to go again!!”
68. *hint of satoori in his speech*
69. “ I came to seoul when I was 13 and I used to be a very mischievous kid in my hometown, but I became so shy after moving here.I don’t know how to make people like me. It often feels like there’s a wall between us. I have no idea how to approach people.”
70. *takes professional pictures and his fansites are crying over how most of his pictures look better than theirs *

Tell me if you want a part 2 :)


Suuuuuuper old fanarts I never got to post (these are from 2016, guuuys), but, better late than never? If you want to post one on IG, please, PLEASE, ask me first or at least tag my Instagram account: wandering_ghostgirl. Respect the artist


Black Hat found us.

(click that to hear the audio tweet)

‘This is a message from Black Hat to the world. I know what you all are thinking. Where is my video? What happened, it was here a minute ago! MUAHAHAHA! It’s worth seeing the expressions in your faces, but Black Hat Organization will return more powerful and stronger than ever! And then, when the internet is infected with my glorious evilness, ask yourselves if you can dance.’

So the newest video was taken down along with the ‘Podemos bailar’ (we can dance) website, and this is the reason for it. Black Hat, you creepy bastard.

My 10 yr old nephew’s thoughts on Reylo while watching The Last Jedi


I took my 10 year old nephew to see The Last Jedi and he is s very fun and vocal little boy. When explosions happen in movies, he yells with excitement, when the bad guys are on screen, he says “That guy is MEAN!” making the whole theater giggle. So suffice it to say he had a lot of things to say during The Last Jedi. Mostly about Kylo Ren. And you’ll note he really likes saying “Oh snap!” LOL!

It was a blast watching Star Wars with a kid. And it’s proof Star Wars really is for kids and understood best and most simply by their little minds!

Here is what he had to say!

When Kylo Ren goes to kills Leai:

Nephew: “Is he gonna kill her? That’s his mom? Oh he’s a bad guy.”

When Kylo doesn’t kill Leia:

Nephew: “Oh no he’s a good guy!”

About Snoke’s first scene with Kylo Ren:

Nephew: “Why is he so mean to that guy.”

Me: “That’s the guy that didn’t kill his mom. Kylo Ren”

Nephew: “Why is he so sad?”

About the second force bond scene between Rey and Kylo:

Nephew: “Do they like eachother?”

Me: “ya.”

Nephew: “Gross.”

When Luke walks in on Rey and Kylo:

Nephew: “Are Skywalkers good or bad?”

Me: “What do you think?”

Nephew: “I don’t know.”

When Rey attacks Luke:

Nephew: “Oh Snap! SHE’S MAD.”

When Rey and Kylo are in the elevator:

Nephew: *loudly* “Oh great! They’re gonna kiss! Gross!”

Me: “ SHHH

Theater: *laughing*

When Snoke is torturing Rey:

Nephew: “Oh no! Why is he hurting her? Is she going to die?”

Me: “Just watch.”

Nephew: “I can’t! Kylo! Help!”

*theater laughs again*

When Kylo kills Snoke and saves Rey:

Nephew: “OH SNAP! I knew it! I knew it! He’s a good guy!” *eyes glued to the screen jumping and cheering as Kylo and Rey work together*

When Kylo reaches his hand out to Rey asking her to join him:

Nephew: “Awwww. He’s just lonely.”

Me: “So is she.”

Nephew: “Ya.”

When Luke dies:

Nephew: “He’s not dead. He went into those suns!”

Last force bond scene when Rey closes the door on Kylo:

Nephew: “That’s sad.”

End of movie:

Nephew: “That was awesome!!!”

Me: “Who was your fave?”

Nephew: “BB! And Kylo Ren.”

Me: “Do you think he’s evil?”

Nephew: “No he’s just sad.”

Me: “The girl made him happy.”

Nephew: “Ya because they like eachother.”

My 10 year old nephew gets Kylo Ren. Gets Reylo.

Kylo’s not evil, he’s just lonely. He’s just sad. And Rey makes him happy.

My work is done here.

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