are you evil for asking this

Favorite scene from good omens:
  • Aziraphale: Crowley, you're a demon, please murder this man because it's convenient
  • Crowley: Hm?
  • Aziraphale: All right, since I've worked so hard to convince you and there is clearly no way you will do it ever even if i ask you again since you so clearly refuse, i will do it myself because there's literally No Other Way even though it pains me so much since I'm an angel and not a demon because demons murder but angels don't because we're actually decent now stand back while i dematerialize this random human with my supernatural powers. God Crowley you're so evil.
About that Split Queen arc resolution...

I saw an interesting graphic here: that shows why people didn’t like the resolution for the split queen arc and I wanted to present an alternate perspective for your consideration.

This is how I see it:

The Regina we have now has both the light and the dark in her, just as before.

So I respectfully ask the dissenters…what’s missing? If you contend she is still incomplete, what needs to be added? Because the only differences I can see is 1. Regina Mills now loves herself and believes she is worthy of love and happiness, 2. There are two Regina Mills ready for love and happiness and 3. The fairy tale story version of Regina Mills (the Evil Queen) is gone and now she’s just Regina Mills, but happier and at peace with herself like never before.

No pressure or anything but I’d love feedback from these folks, whose opinions I respect: @mel35 @ouathinktank-metacommentary @colyssa @freifraufischer @sgtmac7 @anothershadeofgreen

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Hi, again I was the nonny that sent you the ask about Jules (Dr. Evil & Forest Gump). I just want to say that I am amazed at how invested in your sims and legacy it really shows in the way you replied to my ask. Evil Toddler Jules tickled my curiosity and I'm defo going to read way back in your legacy, it seems all off your sims have unique personalities and it will be fun reading them all. Hope you have a lovely day <3


You are the sweetest thing ever! Thank you for coming back and for considering checking out my blog! Hopefully you get through the cringey parts okay >_

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Hello, do you have any good jikook fic recs? Anything will do,but i hope its mostly fluff :-)) Thanks ♡

Indeed I do! You could try to look for other jikook asks/recs on the jikook tag!

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Here you go! Hope you enjoy these~! Don’t forget to check out the jikook tag!!

-Admin Nana

I was with some friends once and this man stopped me and asked if I was wearing a hijab. When I answered yes he began uncontrollably screaming about how I was oppressed, about how he thought Islam was evil, about how disgusting I was. I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, and even when I walked away he followed me, his partner joined and she started yelling about how she wanted to punch me in the face. They only left when a friend said he would have to call the police if they kept going. I did nothing to provoke him but exist. When you see Islamophobes on the internet picture that guy. A middle aged man, who had so much uncontrollable rage and hostility he screamed at strangers. It’s a good strategy, keeps things in context for yourself. There is no point in wasting your time. People who are angry like that have bigger issues than we can solve.

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*curtsies* dear duke, does buying IWWV in ebook format make any difference to you as an author compared to buying a printed copy? tbh i can't wait to get my hands on it, and both Evil Amazon and Barnes & Noble charge an unholy amount of money for shipping to my country...

*Curtsies* This is one of those book-specific questions better directed to the author blog, but no, it doesn’t really make a difference. Royalties are calculated by percentage, and usually since the price of an ebook (and the cost of production) is lower the author’s percentage is higher for those sales, so it all kinda evens out monetarily (if that’s what you’re asking). But I also don’t make royalties at all until the sales outweigh the cost of my advance, so that won’t be immediately relevant anyway. Basically, buy it however is going to be easiest for you!

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"Thanks for that" LOL as if you're Jinyoung's manager or something & you personally coordinated some evil plot to hurt Sunggyu. Please. 🙄

literally fjdksfldjs like wow y’all got me i’m actually a secret jype employee planted into the tumblr community to monitor the fandom and jinyoung and i are conspiring together to sabotage other idols and groups oops #exposed

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I have an RE7 canon question, and I don't know who to ask, so I was hoping you might know, or know someone who would know. The wiki says the Molded can infect corpses, which will then become other Molded. So, how do the Bakers become what they are? It seems that Jack got Marguerite infected somehow (forcing her head into that bathtub of nasty shit) and then he did something to Lucas. Is there any insight into this in the games/resources out there that I might have missed?

I think RE7 relied on a lot of implied canon to get it’s point across. So much is subtle or missed on your first, second and even third playthrough. I do know that the mold (Eveline’s vomit) can infect.

Infected bodies, or cooked parts like the kind the Bakers tried to feed Ethan, can also infect. How Marguerite went about infecting Jack? - I think she did something similar to him like what she does to Clancy if you get caught too many times in the ‘Bedroom’ DLC, where her bugs crawl out of her mouth and into his. So it’s more vomit and direct contact/physical ingestion. The same probably happened to Lucas, but whether it was his mama or the old man that did him in (I know Jack pulled him away and all, but who knows what happened behind that closed door) I think it had something to do with infected fluids passed between his parents and himself.

If I’d relate the infection process to anything I’d say it’s like Ebola in that it’s not exactly airborne, even if it’s called mold, but once it touches you or you ingest it you’re sort of fucked. Also, my first assumption was that the Healing Aid played a big part in infecting people as well, but I can’t remember if the game explains what that shit even is - if it’s like past games healing aids or if it’s something new, which in relation to speeding up the healing process, also infects you in a different way. For sure Ethan’s infected, but he’s not infected like the Bakers were. Perhaps it’s more direct when coming straight from Eveline rather than her mold/vomit leftovers.

I just had a nasty thought too, if it’s indeed a transfer of infected fluids, it could stand to reason it could also be passed along via sexual contact as well…

I wonder what other people think? It’d be cool to see if anyone has some other theories out there as to how exactly the infection spreads and the differences between how the Bakers, Ethan, Zoe and The Molded, are infected.

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you didnt have anything to do with kylee's laptop malfunction during her panel did you?

Of course I did.  I used all the power and strength my followers offered me, but in the end Kylee’s evil was too powerful to be stopped.  I’ll train harder from now on.

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Sonic Archie Comic opinions you disagree with?

“Archie Eggman is too evil and/or twisted.”

I can’t really agree with this no matter the reasoning. I think Eggman (not Robotnik) for the most part is perfectly fine in the comics. I can agree that maybe he can be a little too… heavy-handed in his antics at times compared to SEGA’s portrayal, but I don’t see any issues with his actual level of evil. Because at the end of the day, apathetic attitude aside, the doctor is still a very cruel man in the games, as evidenced by such things as the missile attack in Adventure 1, starting a forest fire for no other reason than to kill Sonic in S3&K, his enslavement of the Wisps in Colours, and whatever’s going on with those city-destroying Death Egg Robots in Forces, among many other examples.

One common complaint I hear about Archie Eggman is that he’s too petty, but… Eggman IS petty. He’s ALWAYS been petty. It’s one of his most obvious character traits. It’s merely one part of his general childish tendencies. (Hell, his entire reasoning for his world conquering ambitions is ultimately a case of “I’m smarter than all of you”.) So I fail to see what’s wrong with Archie Eggman in particular when it comes to a personality trait that for all intents and purposes has always been a part of the doctor’s general character.

NOTE: I’m talking about post-reboot Eggman when I say all this, not pre-reboot Eggman.

“Scourge the Hedgehog was a good evil counterpart for Sonic.”

I disagree with this one just as much, because Scourge talks the talk, but he can’t walk the walk.

Whereas Sonic will always put up a fight, Scourge is downright pathetic by comparison.

Whereas Sonic can trade verbal blows right back, Scourge will scatter off the moment someone calls him out on his shit.

Whereas Sonic does what he does because he thinks it’s the right thing to do, Scourge does what he does for evil’s own sake. Just like another popular hedgehog villain…

Scourge would have worked a lot better if he actually mirrored Sonic’s own personality traits whilst giving them a darker spin, rather than being the exact opposite of him in all but appearance. As it is, he’s no different from the other villains Sonic faces.

“The Unleashed adaptation was better than the original version.”

Unleashed’s story isn’t even one of my favourites in the series, and I still disagree with this. Mainly because as a result of focusing on so many characters good and evil, a lot of the original points to Unleashed’s narrative (such as the relationship between Sonic and Chip) were either lost or heavily downplayed. So in that regard, I don’t consider it a great adaptation.

600 Years is a long time to wait.

“I knew you’d be a tease” Ryder laughs with Liam’s head in between her legs.

“Oh?” He lifts his head. “What gave it away?” placing a kiss to her inner thigh sending a warm shiver straight to her cunt.

“A boy as perfect as you has to have an evil streak somewhere.” his hands move to rub her lips spreading her slick around. Her heart beats even faster in anticipation.

“Maybe you just have to learn a bit of patience” he shoves two fingers into her wet heat, the sudden stretch surprising her making her gasp and clench down on the digits, her body giving a slight tremor, a minor release.

A smile spreads across his beautiful face “Didn’t think you’d be that easy”

“I blame the centuries spent in cryo.” Ryder answers after she catches her breath.

“Excuses excuses” he laughs adding a third finger and starts pumping them in and out of her sensitive hole. She gasps, the motion too close to being too much, her hands reach out to grab something, anything to keep her grounded in the now.

“Is this too much?” he moves up mouth against her ear, his breath so close, his warmth covering hers, his hand still, his fingers inside her but she wants more.

“No, I want more” she turns to kiss him, tasting herself on his lips, moving her hips humping his hand chasing the first orgasm she’ll have in this galaxy.

Liam pulls his fingers out slicks his cock with the moisture on them and enters her in a single breath. The shock of the penetration sending her over the edge and into the waves of pleasure. Liam kept thrusting into her, the clench of her cunt providing the most delicious tightness for his cock, carrying her through the crests or her orgasm, not letting her drop even once.

“Oh fuck yes!” She screams through what is turning to be the longest orgasms of her life. Her oversensitive body giving in to Liam’s cock, unable to do anything other than ride that ever cresting wave, feel the swell of pleasure inside her grow with each grunt and thrust he gives.

His thrusts grows shorter and harder, one of his hands move from her hips to thumb her clit. One, two, three rubs and the pleasure inside her gushes out, soaking both of them and the bed. He buries himself deeper in, eyes wide in amazement and cums deep and long.

Consciousness faded for both of them pretty soon after that until the puddle underneath them started to cool.

“Yeugh,” she makes to move them both the the drier side of the bed.

“You’re just full of surprises,” he mutters, spooning her.

“And you get to be around to discover them all.”

“Lucky me.” He kisses her forehead and they both slip back into the hazy warmth of sleep.

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That "making of Islamophobia" article is riddled with slavery apologia and seems to have the point of "Christians have successfully morally whitewashed the shitty, evil parts of the Bible, so Muslims should get to do the same for the Quran!"

You missed the entire point of the article.

- Mod K

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She even said killing a gorilla wasn't worth her life like omg what the fuck. I'm sorry but I get that she's a selfless person and I love that about her but it's her life!! She needs to be more selfish and do anything possible.

Exactly! It’s a fucking evil meta gorilla that almost killed your dad, his ass can die.