are you even trying to hide it


Aqua Sun, Libra moon and rising, pisces Venus
How do I know when an Aquarius likes me?
From my point of view, It’ll be like obviously. We are often around you, we keep eye contact (even if sometimes we don’t do it on purpose) and we try to talk to you with any excuse. It doesn’t take much time for us to make the first move because we’re impatient and need to know everything right now but we’re not explicit about our intentions and feelings, just because if you don’t feel the same we can hide our emotions and fake that we don’t like you too. Oh, and when I like someone I stalk them a lot in every social or ask about them at people who know them but not too much (because I don’t wanna risk they tell my crush about it ).
How do I flirt with and Aquarius?
Aquas literally love and hate people. We love to meet new people but we hate when people aren’t like we thought so be true, be you! We like talkative and chill people, we don’t judge you if you are sometimes awkward (because we are awkward all the time)! Text us, but don’t be too much close, we need to understand if you are good for us. Ask for hang out, and make a few compliments so we know you’re interested but not too much, basically like us lol
How do I know when and Aquarius isn’t interested?
Maybe we’ll confuse you about it because at the beginning we try to be gentle anyway. Usually I stop to reply and pretends we never met but if you ask explicity what is going on between us I’ll tell you the truth.

by  ennieislost

s/o to the girls with hair on their nose bridge
s/o to the girls with hair above and besides their lips
s/o to the girls who have a hard time telling their eyebrows apart from their hairline
s/o to the girls with sideburns
s/o to the girls whose hair goes down to their back, and grows so quickly that they can’t even try to conceal it
s/o to the girls with lots of visible hair on their arms, and even their hands
s/o to the girls who can’t even try to shave their legs anymore, it’s not like it does any good anyways and it’ll grow back in days
s/o to the girls with tummy hair. visible tummy hair, mind you
s/o to the girls who get ridiculed for having a lot of hair, who grow ashamed of it but know they can’t hide it.

Nerd: MC

(Feedback would be lovely!)

    Michael plops down on your bed next to you and sighs. “Give me attention nerd.” He looks up at you and you shake your head, adjusting your reading glasses so that they aren’t slipping.

    “You’re not Augustus Waters.” You don’t even try to hide your smile as you flip to the next page. He shoves you a tad and sits up. “No you’re right, only your best friend.”

    He pokes your arm repeatedly and waits for you to respond. “Michaaeeellllll, it’s getting really good.” He sighs loudly once again and he grabs your glasses off of your face to put them on his own. 

    He squints at you and you try to grab them but he shifts backwards so that he’s out of your reach. “Michael Gordon Clifford, you give those back, right now!” 

    He lets out a loud chuckle and shakes his head no. He leans back even farther so that he’s laying down and takes them off, holding them behind his head. 

    “Michael!” You lean over him, climbing on top of your best friend so that you’re straddling his waist as you reach for your glasses. He smirks up at you as you look down at him with a confused look on his face.

    “What?” He chuckles again and shakes his head no but you keep pestering him until he gives you the real response. “The view is nice.”

    You slap him on the arm and he fake gasps in ‘shock.’ “Excuse you Y/n, is that any way to treat your best friend?”

    “When he’s interrupting your reading and stealing your glasses it is!” You lean forward again and he drops the glasses on the bed right behind his head before grabbing your face with both hands and pulling your face down to his.

    He presses his lips to yours hard and you return the kiss, your hands on his chest.

    “Well, maybe we shouldn’t be best friends.”

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What would Doffy do if his s/o teased him and called him old

Why do ya’ll wanna piss off the Trash King have you seen that lanky bastard he’s gigantic

Donquixote Doflamingo reacting to his s/o calling him old:

  • Doflamingo probably already has enough issues with his age as it is; I can almost guarantee you that he’s constantly self-conscious and trying to hide his receding hairline
  • So to have his s/o comment on his aging, even in a playful manner, is going to cut deep for Doffy
  • He’ll probably pull the whole “I’m sorry, I think I heard you wrong… Can you repeat that?” because he won’t want to believe it at first
  • If his s/o takes the hint and doesn’t say it again, Doflamingo will be slightly pleased, but not entirely
  • If his s/o doesn’t take the hint and repeats their teasing comment, Doflamingo will probably leave the room without another word
  • He’s been betrayed before, both by his father and by his brother, but THIS
  • This is the ultimate betrayal, and while Doflamingo isn’t going to kill his s/o like he killed his brother and father, he will be pretty upset and might not even talk to his s/o for a few days
  • Doflamingo is basically a big old bird man baby

Smile, though your heart is aching
Smile, even though it’s breaking
When there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You’ll see the sun come shining through
for you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness Although a tear may be ever so near
That’s the time you must keep on trying
Smile what’s the use of crying
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you’ll just

Went with my favorite lyrics…that’s about it.

Honestly I think the #1 thing that made my transition an unhealthy choice was the way I was no longer allowed to acknowledge the misogyny I’d been subjected to when I was growing up. Like, as long as I wasn’t IDing as female I wasn’t going to feel like I’d been shaped by sexism and I wasn’t going to process any of those experiences. Being trans became a way to hide from all of them, to push them down and deny they existed.

You can be a target of misogyny even if you later don’t identify as a girl or a woman. You’re allowed to admit that that happened and that it affected you. You’re allowed to try to heal.

The signs in a nutshell

Aries: Either very angry or very calm, always looking to pick a fight even if it doesn’t involve them. They love so much but are so scared to admit it they’d rather hide behind the fire.

Taurus: Very sweet, always there for you to talk to when you need it. Very loving but try to make it hard for you to love them back. Often the ‘mom’ of the friend group, loves looking out for others.

Gemini: Either sweet and shy or outgoing and argumentative. Loves to talk about their passions and ideas, very open minded. Very detached but loves to love.

Cancer: Puts up a front like they’re hard and tough at first. Usually acts like they don’t care which is ironic because they care about e v e r y t h i n g. Accepts you for who you are and talks about anything you want, great conversationist and loving people.

Leo: Subconsciously does things for attention. Has one or two people they’re themselves with because they don’t want to get hurt. Loves very deeply and everyone underestimates that. Will be mean for your attention but is actually so sweet and so caring. Would protect you forever.

Virgo: Detached but loves very much. Thinks of other people before themselves but likes to talk about themselves a lot. Huge dorks, have watched probably every sci-fi show/movie you can name. Good person to tell your secrets to, they will love you through anything.

Libra: Quiet but sociable. Doesn’t like their private life to be known or mouthed about. Their mind is always somewhere else, always thinking up scenarios. Cutest people to be friends with, will always have your back.

Scorpio: Intense and likes to come off as complicated but really isn’t. Wants to be loved and wants to love. Can be mean if they’re nervous or if you’re being rude. Don’t hold grudges but pretend they do. Mysterious because nobody really asks them about themselves. Very awkward and loving when you crack their shell. Will love you forever no matter how dirty you do them.

Sagittarius: Subconsciously problematic. Likes the thrill of things they aren’t supposed to do and are usually attracted to people they wouldn’t expect. Is a huge dork, loves to talk about art and music and passions. Will lie to cover you up, will sneak you out at 3 in the morning. Great friends, never give up on you.

Capricorn: Likes to pretend everything is okay , likes when other people are happy. Very thoughtful and generous and remember little things about you. Kind-hearted but have an evil side. Lowkey brats when they don’t get their way. Very easy to love, funny and loving people.

Aquarius: Big weirdos. Very awkward and usually tall. Have long limbs which makes them even awkwarder. Love music with a passion and want harmony. Very accepting and always there for you to talk to. Takes them a while to get comfortable but will love you like nobody else. Can get annoying but just want you to know they care.

Pisces: Sweetest most open minded sign. Love very hard even if you do them dirty. Loves to show affection and shower you in love even when they can’t afford it or think the relationship is going wrong. Blames themselves for a lot of things, feels like they have no one to talk to but let’s everyone know they’re always there. You can tell them anything and they’ll hold your hand through it. Loving and compassionate.

tips if you are friends with a person who suffers from borderline personality disorder: 

* if you love them, tell them often (bpds lack emotional permanence which means we know you love us, but we can’t remember what it felt like to be loved thus leaving us in a very needy and uncomfortable position)

 * COMMUNICATION AND HONESTY - I can’t stress this enough. if you’re angry with them, tell them. if something they did made you sad or upset, tell them. bpds tend to overthink and find every possible sign that you’re upset with them, which is why you should be honest right away. don’t try to hide your feelings, they will know instantly.

* ease their fear of abandonment by doing things like let them borrow something from you (it means you’ll definitely see each other again) or (when you part) use reassuring phrases like “see you soon” or keep talking to them even after parting with them.

* talk to your loved one and ask them to try to explain to you how they work. a lot of people with bpd come from an abusive environment can therefor be more sensitive and broken than they like to admit. listen to them and validate their experiences.

* educate yourself. this is the most important thing because bpd it is a very hard disorder to have in an uneducated environment. realise that not all bpd people are the same. some of us struggle with relationships more than others, some of us can’t handle impulsivity and some of us find it physically impossible to regulate emotions and some of us are a mix of all of this or other symptoms - we are all different and work differently.

* don’t read idiotic things that makes us out to be abusive and monstrous. bpd people are smart and creative and we love stronger than anyone. our diagnosis doesn’t automatically make us into every bpd stereotype that you can find online on sites written by ableist assholes.

A lot of Thoughts on Kazuma and Yato

Finally finished the other stuff I needed to get done, so I can get back to writing Noragami essays without guilt. >_<

Past posts:
Yato and Father | Hiiro/Nora | Yato and Yukine

In the interest of being able to finish sometime this century, this one is strictly about the friendship between Kazuma and Yato and how it is probably the healthiest relationship in Noragami. There are plenty other things to be said about Kazuma (mostly that Kazuma/Bishamon I mean lol), but that’s a story for another twelve-part post.

Also, Kazuma is really hard to write about. Everything he does has more than one dimension. Brat.

Spoilers to 62, watch out.

Edit: Forgot a few important links I wanted to add about the importance of allies to abuse survivors; fixed now!

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INFP body language, please!

Hm, this one is difficult, because INFPs are so damn good at hiding their feelings (and they wonder why they feel misunderstood!) Even for a “mind reader” like me, some of their signals will go right under my radar.

A guide for INFP body language:

Downturned eyebrows with corner of mouth turned down = “I think what you just said is morally wrong, and whether I call you out on it or not depends on my mood. Either way it’s going to bite you in the ass later”

Glazed over eyes, staring into the distance = “I’m in my Fantasy World right now. You’re going to have to try a little harder to get my attention, because my world is certainly better than this one and I don’t want to come out”

Upraised eyebrows and wide, exasperated eyes = “I’m trying to tell you how I feel and you’re not getting it. What does it take to be understood?”

A smile and laughter, relaxed = “I like you, I can relate to how you feel, and that makes me feel safe and comfortable with speaking my mind”

Blank, neutral expression = “I’m either completely fine or spiraling in a pit of emotional inner turmoil, have fun guessing which one”

A Public Service Announcement

Everyone, we need to have a serious discussion.

If you’re bitten by a zombie, do not try to hide the wound. It never works out. You think you’ll be rescued and healed, but they don’t even have a cure to the virus yet anyway, so that’s just fantasy. You’re only putting the other members of your party at risk, and in such a terrible, cliched way.

It’s not an easy thing to accept, I know. But you’re going to need to be selfless. Let your death mean something, go draw zombies away from your party or something. But don’t just keep it secret, because you’ll just succumb to the disease at the worst time, and probably ruin their fortified position. Don’t be that zombie. It’s not cool.

Exo reaction to you accidentally calling them daddy.

Xiumin: Very shocked but turned on at the same time.

“How did you know I liked that Jagyia?”

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Luhan: You would’ve ‘let out the beast’ or his manly side.

“Oh you’re in for one fun ride baby girl.”

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Kris: He’d try to keep his cool but then he’d lose it almost instantly.

“Wha- Well there goes my pants.”

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Suho: Completely turned on and doesn’t even hide it.

“Oh kitten, look what you started.”

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Lay: Extremely confused and probably  high as you let it slip out.

“I’m not your dad Y/N. What are you talking about?”

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Baekhyun: You accidentally sang ‘Call me Baby’ wrong in front of him. so he decided to hold that against you.

Y/N: “Call me daddy.”

Baekhyun: You’re not my daddy but I could be yours.

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Chen: He’d decide to play stupid with you.

*looks around* “Babe I don’t see you dad anywhere.”

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Chanyeol: He wouldn’t of been into it until you said it out loud.

“Well damn, I see how you like it babe.”

D.O: He wouldn’t think much of it before, but is always up for it.

“I don’t mind experimenting.”

Originally posted by bitchanyeoll

Tao: He’d act casual about it and be all shy and giggling.

Kai: You’d accidentally slip it out when you were at a coffee shop.

“Oh baby, I told you save that for the sheets and not the streets.”

Sehun: He would be into it once the words left your mouth.

“That’s not my name but I don’t mind jagyia.”


‘No one will give you a prize for not crying. So cry when you want to cry. When it comes to feelings…it’s only hard on you if you try to hide them.’


Reader X Taehyung X Jimin X Jungkook [SMUT]

   With the intensity subsiding, your muddled brain finally clears and you quickly grab the covers to cover yourself.

  “What the fuck are you doing?” Jimin yells.


   Jungkook didn’t look fazed by Jimin’s yelling. In fact, he grinned and looked over to wink at you. You blush and tighten your grip on the sheets. Your clit still pulsed from the orgasm. Biting your bottom lip, you look as Jungkook rises to face Jimin. He doesn’t even try to hide his boner, facing his hyung with a calm attitude. 

   “What’s wrong, hyung?” Jungkook asks. 

   Jimin’s adams apple bobs, and he takes a glance at you before going back to Jungkook. 

   “What are you doing?” Jimin says, this time more calmer. 

   “What does it look like I’m doing, hyung?” 

   Without giving Jimin anymore attention, he turns back to you and rips the covers away from your grip, exposing your body to both of them. You wanted to grab them back, but you couldn’t because he was ripping off your thong and unclipping your bra. When your breasts became exposed to the cold air, they hardened, and he instantly plopped his mouth on one and his fingers on the other. You couldn’t hold it back, you moaned. 

   Your eyes flew to Jimin, who was still standing in the entry way. His mouth was open as he watched Jungkook suck on your nipples. A groan slips from your lips and his eyes go to yours. He sees the pleasure in them and slides his hand down to rub over his hard lump. You close your eyes.

   “No baby, open them. I want you to watch as I fuck you,” Jungkook whispers in your ear. 

   Opening your eyes, you move as he motions for you to roll onto your stomach. He slaps your ass, and a yelp comes out of your mouth. He chuckles, squeezing the part that he had just slapped. 

   “Get on your hands and knees, baby.” 

   You do as he says, your pussy starting to throb more from his intense words. Looking over, you see a mirror, like the one in your room, and you can’t help but watch wide eyed as the youngest member pulls down his boxers, leans over you and shoves his dick inside you. You moan, loud, and he gives another slap to your ass as your walls try to adjust around him. 

   “Damn baby, you’re tighter than I thought you were. Now, let’s make you come again, hmm?” he says. He rubs proudly over your ass, and you watch in the mirror with fascination. 

   Slowly he pulls out, shoving back in causing you to shake and moan. Every thrust, slowly getting pushed harder into you, caused you to moan. You couldn’t keep watching in the mirror, the pleasure was too much for you to even keep your eyes open. Closing them, you drop your head forward and rock back onto his member. He reached forward to grab your ponytail, bringing your head back against his chest, and your breasts poke out as his thrust become quicker.  

   You could feel it again, the intense feeling in your stomach that was bringing you closer to the edge. Your moaning gets louder, until every thrust has you almost screaming. 

   “Fuck, fuck. Baby, you are so wet. So tight. Scream for me baby,” he grunts in your ear. 

   His free hand leaves your waist and moves to your clit, furiously rubbing it as his thrusts go so hard that all you hear is the slap of skin. You were so close, you could feel the world tipping as his grip on your hair tightens.

   “O-oh my god. Yes. Yes! Don’t stop!” you yell out.

   He drops you back down on the bed, gripping your hips and thrusting in so fast you almost blacked out. Your face is shoved into the sheets and you scream. The intensity was too much. 

   “Come on baby. Fucking come!” he yells. 

   And just like that, you lost it. The world tipped and swayed as the orgasm surfaced. You screamed so loud that your back was arching just to let the air out along with it. Your clit throbbed and pulsed, your walls clenched around his dick as he still pounded in you. Your legs shook so hard, that you squeezed them together and it made your pussy clench even more. You could feel it intensify as he continued to fuck you, the overstimulation dragging the orgasm into another wave that was close to hitting you again. You couldn’t handle the pleasure. 

   Tears sprang to your eyes. “J-jungkook. P-please. S-stop,” you tried to let out. But it was effortless. 

   The overstimulation pushed you again, and you gripped the sheets with your hands, biting down on your lip so hard that the taste of copper immediately touched your tongue.  

   “Fuck. Yes baby. One more time. Come one more time before me. Come on. I know you can do it,” he says in between thrusts. 

   You didn’t know if you could, but it sure felt like you were close to another orgasm, but his thrust started to waver as you could feel his thrusts become less faster and more harder. He just wanted to pound harder and harder into you, but it was making him close to his end. Reaching in between the bed and your body, he found your clit and rubbed. 

   “No, no no. I c-cant.” Your voice trembled. 

   “Yes baby. Yes you can. I know you can,” he said. 

   He continued pounding, harder and harder, if that was even possible. You shifted your head to the left. You could see in the mirror now, and your eyes widened as you saw his muscled and toned body fuck you. It was so hot, his face was so focused as he tried to make you come again. Sweat was on his forehead, making his hair cling to his face. You noticed movement and turned your head down to see that Jimin was still there. This time his pants were down, he was jerking himself as he watched Jungkook slam into you. 

   You couldn’t take it. His face full of tortured pleasure as he watched. His adams apples bobbing and his tongue sneaking out to lick his lips. When he noticed you were looking at him, he met your gaze unwavering. His eyes half lidded and he bit his bottom lip. When Jungkook’s thrusts started to slam harder on you, causing a loud slap sound to echo in the room, Jimin’s head rolls back. And that was it, you were done. 

   “Yes!” Jungkook yells. 

   You scream. You screamed so loud that anyone else hearing would have thought you were being murdered. Your body convulsed under Jungkook and a thrust later he comes as well. You couldn’t feel your legs. Your walls clenched and unclenched as he slowed down to ride out both of your orgasms. Your clit throbbed as his fingers slowed and finally moved away. Your back started to ache the moment he pulled out, and your legs shook as your try to curl into a ball, trying to bring yourself back from the high. Your fingers were shaking as you tried to rub feeling back into your legs, and your breathing came out shaky. 

   Jungkook crawls in front of you, taking your hands and dragging you to rest yourself on him. He had pulled his boxers back on, but you lay there fully naked. He brings one of your legs to rest on him, and he rubs slow circles into your thighs, massaging the tense muscles. 

   He places a soft kiss on your head. “I knew you could come again,” he whispers.

   You can’t help but smile at that. Your eyes were drifting close as he continued massaging you, but a cough from the other side of the room had you lifting up your head. You fought the urge to cover your body as Jimin was still looking at you. I mean, he had just watched you get fucked my the youngest member, seeing you lay naked in bed wasn’t as big a deal. 

   “Oh, hyung. You’re still here?” Jungkook asks lazily. 

   “Yah! What’s that supposed to mean?” Jimin asks. 

   His dick was back in his pants, all evidence of him jerking off gone. Maybe you had imagined it. 

   “I’m gonna be scarred now! You know that? I just watched you fuck her! You should show me more respect.” Jimin complains as he starts walking out. 

   “I’ll think about it, hyung!” Jungkook yells before Jimin slams the door. 

   Chuckling, he starts petting your hair. “You’ve been a good girl baby. I think you’re worthy of being around me. Why don’t you rest now?” he says. 

   Deciding rest was exactly what you needed, your eyes slowly droop close until your dreaming.


   When you wake up, you find the bed empty. Eyes widening, you notice your still naked and you quickly rise to find your close. The moment you stand, your legs give out and your on the floor. Memories of what happened rush to your mind. Jungkook fucking you, Jimin watching. Your eyes close. What have i just done?

   “Jungkook! You seriously did that?” 

   Your head rises as you hear yelling. You had again forgotten that the walls were paper thin. Your curiosity got the best of you, and you slowly rise to your feet and head toward the door. You put an ear to it, trying to hear better.

   “Of course he did it!” Jimin yelled. “I just said that! I was freaking there!”

   “It’s not a big deal guys. Seriously, she isn’t going to tell anyone.” Jungkook says confidently. 

   “Are you sure?” It sounded like Taehyung, his voice deep. 

   “Yeah. You should have seen her before. She was so sad, she felt as if she wasn’t even worthy of being around us. Have you ever met someone like that? She felt as if she shouldn’t be allowed to meet us because other people deserve it more than she did. She knows of us, she’s a fan, but she different.”

   There was silence after Jungkook said that. Taking a moment, you turn and grab your clothes, hurriedly putting them on and slowly opening the door of the room. When you poke your head out, you see the coast is clear except for Soongyo, and you quickly sprint to your room. As swiftly as you could, you stick the key card in and open it, hearing another door open, you quickly shut yours and sink to the floor, back leaning against the door. 

   Your breathing comes out in little pants as you try and listen. You hear a door open again. 

   “She’s gone,” Jungkook states. 

   You hear footsteps approach closer and you hold your breath, not wanting him to even hear your breathing. 

   “Leave her alone, Jungkook,” Taehyung says. “Just give her some room.”

   The footsteps stop, and then you hear them get farther away. You let your breath out. What the fuck were you going to do? 

——-> Ta-da! Hope you enjoyed. Seems like things are going to get complicated hmm?? We’ll see how it goes. Please look forward to the next post and have a nice day!

—–> Day 3 is here:

I’m addicted to you. I’m not sure what it is but you keep me sane. You manage to silence my demons. You know me. Every single time something is up, you know. No matter how high my walls are, you see through. I can’t hide myself from you because you know me. You know me and that scares me. I’m addicted to you and maybe it’s because for the first time someone actually knows me. I can’t fake a single smile no matter how hard I try because you know me. You’re my addiction and I don’t know how to stop it. You know me so even if I try to let you go you would know, so I guess… Don’t let me go because I need you, but it’s not just that… just like you know me, I know you. I know you just as well as you know me, and I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing.
—  12:14 AM thoughts

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oh my god you are so fucking ugly

Not as ugly as that lovely personality of yours <3

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How would the members react if they caught you changing in your car? That just happened to me in my school parking lot, I was changing into a sweater, sitting in my sports bra and I realized there was a guy sitting in front of me trying not to look HAHA

OMG the same thing happened to me this morning as well! I was wearing a highlighter yellow sports bra too so it was like BAM

Mark: Looks away right before you can even catch him looking at you– super slick.

JB: Doesn’t turn away when he gets caught, just pretends he was spacing out in your general direction.

Jackson: Gets caught staring and turns away obnoxiously and starts forcing a cough.

Jr.: Doesn’t even look as soon as you start taking off your top.

Youngjae: Sneaks peeks but feels bad about it.

Bambam: Mouth gapes open and is about to snapchat the moment when you catch him…

Yugyeom: Looks away right when you look at him and is desperately trying to hide his blush