are you even trying to hide it

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so i saw you reblogged that "evan edinger is dan and phil trash" and I'm just confused as to what that means, so could you explain? thanks!

it jst means he’s phan af and doesn’t even try to hide it

A very common problem with passive communication is that people accustomed to it tend to see all communication as passive. They can’t switch between passive and direct communication. No matter how direct you are, the passive communicator is certain there’s a hidden message, an unstated request or a secret criticism buried somewhere deep within your words. Often a passive communicator will come up with interpretations that seem plain bizarre, even paranoid. But this just comes from their cultural expectations of how much meaning other people hide in their words.

The more effective way we’ve found for building good communication with a passive communicator is with patience, compassion, and directness. Respond only to the surface words, without trying to divine or decode the hidden meaning. If the passive communicator becomes frustrated at your inability to see the actual message—and he will—reiterate that direct communication is the only way you know to make sure your message gets through.
—  Franklin Veaux & Eve Rickert, More Than Two

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"Oliver Queen, are you telling me you like Pride and Prejudice?"

Oliver scoffed at the accusation.  “I am telling you no such thing,” he answered.

Felicity spun her chair back around to face the computer screen with a smile.  “Me thinks he doth protest too much,” she said quietly, too quietly, she was sure, for him to hear.

“That,” Oliver said, pulling her attention back to where he was pulling his shirt off under the salmon ladder.  “Was Shakespeare, not Austen.”

Felicity grinned, watching as he hopped up onto the bottom rung of the ladder and began pulling himself up, muscles flexing as he went.  

“I think I’d pass on both,” she said dreamily, not even trying to hide that she was oogling him.  “This is much more… educational than either.”

“Mood Swings” - Steroline drabble

Anonymous: Can you do a drabble where Caroline goes through pregnancy mood swings and Stefan has to deal with it?

Since my sister is pregnant, it wasn’t that hard to find inspiration to write this, lol. Hope you guys enjoy ^^

Stefan never knew that seeing Caroline’s face as the first and the last thing every day would make him feel so happy. Suddenly, she was his whole world. When she told him she was pregnant with his child, he never felt happier.

Everything seemed so perfect; since the very first day, they both were so determined to go through every single magazine and website to choose the best furniture for the nursery. Stefan wanted to paint the room himself, and even though Caroline’d prefer a profesional, she couldn’t stand his sad look when she told him.

„You do realise I know you use that look to get your way, right?“ she was reassuring herself, trying to hide the smile behind an angry face.

„I have no idea, what you’re talking about,“ he laughed, kissing her cheek and ran to the store quickly, before she could change her mind.

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When He Gets Shy (Michael Clifford Blurb)

I think when Mikey gets shy he would so adorable, his cheeks would be bright pink and he would try hiding his face in your neck if you were with him. Shy Michael would probably happen a lot and that side of him only makes you love him more, if that’s even possible. You would love how one minute Michael could be hot and sexy and the next he could be cute and cuddly. And can we just not even start on how he would act when your alone when he’s like this oh my gosh.

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could you write a drabble around the idea of hiding in plain sight? you said you didn't want detailed prompts, hopefully this is broad enough. :)

Okay so this is literally not at all when I actually think you mean but I thought about it and then I thought it was funny so please forgive me:

“Louis,” Harry calls, not even trying to keep the annoyance out of his voice. He can hear cackling coming from down the hall, so he heads in that direction, following the sound of laughter.

“Lou,” Harry tries again, once he’s got closer. “Caroline’s gonna be pissed, she sent me to get you an hour ago.”

“Ooh, Caroline’s gonna be pissed,” Louis says mockingly, and Harry should really have seen it coming but he doesn’t, so he rounds the corner to a face full of whipped cream.

Some days he second thinks his decision to be in this for the long haul. 

Not really, but the thought is comforting.

“I hate you,” Harry groans, swiping mostly ineffectually at his face, trying to clear the cream off.

“I tagged you half an hour ago, Harry, you’re it,” Louis says impatiently, poking Harry in the face while he can’t really see properly. Harry swears and swipes at him, missing. “You’re so bad at this, honestly. It’s just tag, it’s not like it’s rocket science.”

The cream is finally cleared off enough that Harry can see. Louis’ standing in front of him with his arms crossed over his chest and an eyebrow raised, clearly waiting for Harry to respond.

If Harry was slightly more mature he’d force Louis to go see Caroline before she really goes on the warpath, but instead he lunges and takes Louis down in a mess of flailing limbs, tickling his ribs until he’s breathless with laughter, squirming underneath Harry’s body.

The biggest benefit to being in this for the long haul is that he knows exactly how much it takes before Louis genuinely needs a minute to catch his breath, so Harry gives him exactly that much and then scrambles to his feet, calling, “Now you’re it!” over his shoulder as he runs back down the hallway, passing the rest of the boys along the way.

“Louis’ it,” he tells them, not waiting for a response, and there’s a mad dash as they all start running around the venue, just generally making a ruckus and hiding behind seats and tables and amps.

After twenty minutes, Louis’ pouting face becomes apparent enough that Harry just lies down on the ground and lets Louis catch up to him, climbing up onto Harry’s hips like he’s done it a thousand times before.

He has, but Harry will never be the one to tell.

“You’re it,” Louis informs him, poking him in the cheek. Harry grabs his wrists and doesn’t let him up, pulling him down so they can snog hot and heavy in full view of whoever happens to be wandering past.

“You guys are so gross,” Liam complains eventually, standing over them and throwing pieces of popcorn at them. Harry flips him off behind Louis’ back and keeps kissing him, until Caroline finds them for real and then it’s more like she’s it from how fast they’re all running away. 

Hideyoshi Nagachika is the bestest best friend in the entire universe reasons why:

1. He will do whatever he can to make you smile. 

2. He will always try to encourage you.

3. He will never reject you even if you are a man-eating monster.

4. He will go to the ends of the world to make sure you are safe.

5. He will even prepare coffee for you while he is bleeding to death because your happiness ALWAYS comes first.

Such a great friend.


I just felt pretty . But damn I can’t even hide how sad I actually am . To all the people to even bother reading this .. Stay true to yourself and don’t ever lose your worth to someone who’s not willing to try for you .


Hello. most people dont really see the posts i make, i dont really care if you reblog it or like it, this is mostly for myself, all my life ive hated my wieght. all my life ive hated my looks, i am 16 years old, a junior in the whitest highschool ever. in middle school i would wear the same oversized black hoodie everyday. i hated the way my arms looked, i felt even more big when i wear coats so i never did. i have very low confidence in my size and looks, i spend 2 hours trying to hide my face with makeup and hair. i dye my hair crazy colours so they would look at that instead. my self esteem is highering little by little. im starting to cut down on the hoodies, try dresses, skirts, even tights. even my cute overalls. i learned that. there is nothing wrong with being overweight. it doesnt offend anyone, or even a law against it. women who were overweight and curvy back in the day were the sexy ones. and now the skinny curvy ones are sexy in this generation. everyones beautiful. skinny, overweight, anything. so im learning step by step, and if you cant learn that not being skinny is ok, go fuck yourself :] because i AM beautiful. i may not believe it just yet, but i will soon.

Oh hey read this

By the way, to those who are pals with me on Facebook, please don’t mention anything about derby on there. Two reasons:

1) It would cause my mom true anxiety to know one of her kids is training for a full-contact sport, as in, she really wouldn’t take it well. I love her too much to put her through that so I’ll let her know after the fact, if I make it on the team. (LOL, my dad would be cool with it, though. I even told him a while back if our county actually had a league I’d go for it.)

2) In the past I’ve told folks I was trying out for something, I didn’t make it and then they asked that well-meaning but dreaded question, “how’d it go?” I’d rather only have ‘em know if I actually made it on the team. (”If at first you don’t succeed, hide any evidence you ever tried.”) <— awful advice but I’m sticking with it!


Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey being absolutely adorable and clearly in love with each other during a [Romeo & Juliet, 1968] interview.

as someone who is gullible (which is largely because of my varying neurotype tbh), i’d really appreciate it if people didn’t debunk/fact check posts in a way that mocks people for believing the post, as ridiculously obvious as it may seem to you. when you word things like “THIS IS HOW IT IS, YOU STUPID BASTARDS OF TUMBLR” you’re really not even trying to hide your ableism, lmao.


There’s comfort in having somebody notice, even if you think it’s the last thing you want.

I try to hide the storm within my mind so as to not dampen the souls of those I care about.

The inconvenience of being down-poured on unexpectedly, in the middle of a warm spring day, is what emotions would do to the world.


"Your idea, anon, is going to be the death of me."

“Ugh, so noisy… what makes you think I have the can, anyway?! Do you hate me that much!?”

“It’s not that, Takane… I want you to remember… the motive of this murder.”