are you even human like no ur not okay

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What's your advice if you kissed a boy and it didn't mean anything but you want to tell him it kinda actually meant a little something

oh, turtledove. you gotta be careful about kissing boys!!!! it can be a slippery slope from kissing boys to liking them, ALWAYS a bad outcome IMO. 

no, i’m kidding. it’s okay to kiss somebody and have it mean something, and it’s also okay to kiss them thinking it didn’t mean anything but then realize it did. it’s even okay to have lied (to them and/or to yourself) about it not meaning anything, knowing that it was gonna make ur heart go pitter-patter. i mean, it’s better not to, but we’re all human. sometimes a boy wants to kiss you and you’re Smart Brain is like “oh this is gonna be Bad for my heart later on,” but your Lizard Brain is like “DON’T CARE I WANTS ON THEM FROGGY LIPS” and that is what we call The Human Condition.

here is what i would do: tell him. just do it. i’m not saying it’ll work out, it might not, but never under any circumstances should you KEEP kissing a boy you like under the pretense of it not meaning anything. down that road lies only heartache!!!! i don’t want heartache for you!!!! you have already managed to do the hardest part, which is recognize internally that it meant something to you. 

you don’t need to like, get a boom box and play peter gabriel’s “in your eyes” underneath his window or anything. you can just tell him that you liked kissing him a lot, and having thought about it, maybe there could be something to this thing. would he be interested in exploring that?? if not, okay. you probably can’t kiss each other anymore, but sometimes that’s the way it goes and y’all can do other things instead, like eat waffles and throw popcorn at birds, or whatever it is that Youths do these days.

good luck!!!! i love u, my little butterbean. i’m crossing my fingers for you. xoxo.

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rfa + saeran + v reactions to finding mc asleep from studying all night & her textbook is open, & it has their name doodled all over it? pls do this it would make my heart happy

om gosh im cryin
that’s so cute and sweet

-when he gets back home from uni and sees u passed out on his desk his first reaction is fear
-bc he thought u like
-died or fainted or smth
-but then he realizes that u just fell alseep and thinks its rly cute
-he picks u up gently and puts you on the bed and tucks u in
-he pecks ur head and im crying
-he sees u wrote his name and he’s just like
-fucc he loves you so much
-u reach out to him in ur sleep and he’s gone
-he’s dead
-cuddling ensues

-this man just sighs and throws you on the bed he’s fucking rude
-that’s all i have to say
-but when he sees his name on ur book he makes a mental note to tease u abt it in the morning

-takes several pictures of you bc you’re so cute
-he actually squeals and wakes you up and you hate him the end
-he loves the way you write his name
-thinks your handwriting is super nice and fits u

-the wife
-she doesn’t want to disrupt your sleep and drapes a soft blanket over you
-while closing ur book she screams internally
-didn’t know u loves her so much

-he draws a small dick on your arm and then cute kitty whiskers on your cheeks
-he kisses u and gets a chair and falls asleep on it next to you bc u took his chair >:c
-but its okay bc he loves u
-fuck im crying

-he thinks its super cute but sad that u studied so hard u passed out
-he hates disrupting ur sleep so he puts his jacket and a blanket on u
-im lov him
-can’t rly see?? but he makes out the outline of what looks like his name and just dies

-he doesn’t know what to do?
-human interaction isn’t really his thing
-he puts ur stuff away and tucks u in on his bed??
-does he even have a bed
-snoops around a tiny bit and just
-blushes and will probably avoid u the next day bc he can’t handle the cute

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Ayato Sakamaki (maniac 4)  ~translation/traducción~

Maniac 3 x

This translation was made by @rkyt1965

Place: Eden’s entrance

Yui: (Ayato-Kun’s injury is better…? I’ll go to see how it is)

Kou: Hey, right now we’ll make some tea, you wanna come with us?
Azusa: Come with us…

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Pocket Sized You - Brian - Day6 series pt.2


Jae - Sungjin - Brian - WonpilDowoon

» so everyone gets a personalised pocket sized person

» he hAted the questions

» your ass made them kinda too personal lmao

» “what’s your shower gel scent”

» “tf”

» he can’t get over how small you are

» like he has seen and dated women of small shapes and sizes before but dAmn ur smol

» obvs d u h ur pocket sized

» he could watch you do things all day you’rE sO cUtE

» he doesn’t show that tho

» only gives you small quests like sharpening his pencil when he’s writing or composing.

» which agitates you

» “I am sTrOnG.” “I AM WOMAN”

» “I get it, rlly.”

» it’s only to not overwork you/bc he doesn’t need the effort.

» he would ask you for advice on things

» you’re his personal councillor

» even if ur shite he’s still gonna ask you

» you make him sandwiches whenever he doesn’t have the time to eat bc of the band

» you once got stuck in the cheese

» he didn’t want to know how

» you’re the only one to call him young k when he’s in all makeup and… “idol-like”

» he loves you for that already???

» likes you more than he hates jae

» jae once came over only to see you specifically

» just to tell you that whatever tea Brian spills about him is nOt true

» yes it is

» Brian is a goldmine of tea and you’re the pickaxe okay

» no girl survives when you’re around

» what is a human sized girl anymore tbh

» Brian doesn’t know

» you’re forever a Tiny Devil™ to women Brian could potentially date

» even if ur like rlly too nice irl, you know that if some L I L b I G b I T c H tried to steal yOur mAn–

» he buys you those tiny little marshmallows so y'all can share the goodness of a hot chocolate together

» they’re still the size of a tissue box in your hands

» your face gets covered with marshmallow powder every time you eat one

» tOo cUTE

» he fangirls about you

» when it gets to almost daily he realises he likes you

» he’s like ‘o fuk’

» 'im not smol’

» he wrote a song about the situation

» but even in this universe the lyrics sound insane

» when hanging with Sungjins pocket-sized person, you thought you could try that lush cream trick thing on Brian

» lmao no

» so you sit against a wall on the desk and pout until you fall asleep

» ur too cute

» he carries you to ur tiny lil bed

» whispers “I love you, sleep well…”

» kisses his finger, pats it on your head lightly and walks off

» “I heard that ya goof”

» love love love awee

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30. why won't you accept the fact that you're a secret Himchan stan???? why can't you accept the truth?????



Himchan is just such a wonderful human being who deserves to have every single one of his amazing traits publicly recognised and loved

but Youngjae is STILL MY FAVOURITE

it’s like when ur discussing favourite foods and yeah maye you love hamburgers a lot and maybe you sing high praises to the sky whenever someone suggests you just go out for a hamburger bcs you love them a lot and you would never turn them down

but you wouldn’t say that hamburgers are your favourite food, not bcs they aren’t good or bcs they aren’t fancy enough, there is just some food you love more, even though you do not make as much noise about it

himchan is a hamburger in this scenario

youngjae is the other favourite food

this does not mean i intend to eat himchan or youngjae (or do i??)

i stg i’m not a secret himchan stan every word @bestabsoluteperfectcrackand @bestabsoluteshitposts has said about that is a lie

he’s not even my bias wrecker junhong is i stgstssgsgdga

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Gimme some funfacts about any topic, I need then right NOW its a matter of life and death

Okay I know I’m like suuuppperrr late to this and ur prolly dead already since I didn’t get back to you right then…buuuttt, sharks kill less than like 10 people per year. Humans kill 100 million sharks cuz we are GARBAGE! The funfact wasn’t even the shark thing, it’s just that humans are trash

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i'm sorry i'm thirsting omg but u could send me jongup pictures and i will literally love u like that's how u earn my trust tbh

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 ah yes pretty furry babe 

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?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!? FUCK OFF???????????????????? 


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Camping - Michael Clifford

Request: Hi hello hey there can you do a Michael imagine or smut (idk whatever ur imagination wants) where we go on a camping trip? And were both completely clueless about actually camping? Haha idk I think that’d be cute. Thank you in advance :-)


Okay I usually take a long time to complete requests but this one took me even longer because I am a horrible human being and I’m so sorry love honestly I had no inspiration for this until like an hour ago I hope you like it love I hope it makes you smile. Xx

this is just a short little blurb, it’s not smut or anything, but I can always continue it if you wish. :)

Rating: PG

link to my [new] masterlist - x


not my gif xx

“God, you don’t even know what you’re doing.” You shook your head, laughing at your multi-coloured boyfriend, who was currently kneeling on the dirt trying to pretend like he knew how to put up a tent. His tongue was sticking out of his mouth in concentration, and you laughed at his stubbornness.

Michael had promised the two of you a weekend away, where you wouldn’t have to worry about paparazzi or his bandmates or anything else. It would be you, him, and the earth. Naturally, you thought he was kidding at first. Michael was not the outdoorsy type. He preferred ordering pizza and takeaway to foraging and hunting and playing video games to hiking. He wasn’t much for physical effort, so to see that he’d put so much into this camping trip for the two of you, you were surprised.

“Well, do you? Because if so, feel free to interrupt me at any time and help out.” He snapped sassily, flipping through the instructions while holding a peg in his mouth, since his hands were full.

“Sorry,” You giggled, you hand flying to your mouth.

In all honesty, you were happy he’d planned this out for you. There were times where he certainly wasn’t the most attentive of boyfriends, whether it be the new video game he’d bought for himself or the song he was currently writing. You really couldn’t blame him, his every moment should not be spent on you. But it was nice of him to plan this weekend out, to want to spend time with you without any sort of distractions. Although, you did miss your bed, quite frankly. There was nothing like warm fluffy covers and unnecessary amount of pillows that consumed your shared bed.

“Hah! Look! I got it.” He proudly proclaimed, standing up and parading around his mediocre tent like a model showing off a new car. It looked fragile.

“Are you sure we can both fit in it?” You laughed, looking at it.

“We’re going to, because goddamn it I worked hard on this piece of shit.” He walked over to you, draping an arm around your shoulder. “See? I told you, babe. We’ve totally got this camping thing down. We’re pretty much experts.”

“Really?” You laughed.

“Yeah. Now, how about we try out the tent?” He smiled coyly down at you, clearly stating his intentions. You rolled your eyes and smacked his arm.

“Michael you promised we’d go on a hike together.” You stated.

“I most definitely did not promise that.” He shook his head. “Why would I promise that? No.”

“Please, Mike?” You pouted. “It’s just two kilometres, up to the waterfall.” He groaned in response. “It’ll be really pretty…” You continued. “For me? Please?”

“Fine, fine.” He sighed. “But if I get bitten by mosquitoes -” He started.

“I’ll fix you up.” You promised, taking his hand and leading away while ignoring a comment he made about you being his personal nurse.

The hike started off on a hill, much to Michael’s dismay. He groaned as his hand latched on to yours, you forcibly pulling him up the steep rise. He complained for a little while, before shutting up somewhere along the way. The trail was beautiful. Green vegetation all around, moss covered trees and a few patches of intricate flowers.
Michael was mainly quiet, save for a few comments about his “extensive” knowledge of nature, like pointing out which way was north based on the moss on the trees and if the plants on the edge of the trail were poison ivy or not.

“Wow, you just know everything about nature, don’t you?” You snorted as you continued to lead up the path.

“Yeah, pretty much. I mean, look at me. Don’t I seem like a completely qualified expert to you?” He teased, throwing an arm over your shoulder as he caught up to your pace. “Are we almost there?” He added.

“Yeah,” You responded. In all honesty, you weren’t sure how far away you were, until you heard the sound of rushing water.
You walked a few metres further and there, in front of you, sat a gorgeous waterfall, sitting atop a deep, luscious lagoon.

“Wow,” You muttered. Water rushed and cascaded down the waterfall and split ways, one going left and one going right. A crossroads. Flowers were all along the watered riverside, and a few deer were drinking at the water before being startled by the two of you and scampering away. Frogs and crickets could be heard from anywhere within earshot, and grass and cattails swayed in the wind. You’d never seen grass so green or water so blue. Better yet, there was no one around for you to have to share the view with. It was just the two of you and the beautiful waterfall, the gorgeous elegance of the water and the soft grass and dirt moisturised by it.

“It’s alright, I guess.” Michael shrugged, a laugh behind his tone. You looked to him.

“So is your face.”

“Alright, that was completely uncalled for.” He laughed, taking his revenge by tickling you all along your sides. You laughed until your stomach hurt, and you pushed him away. The two of you had somehow ended up on the grass. Michael was on top of you, making suggestive faces at you before you laughed and pushed him away.

“Look around you,” You gasped. “Look at this.”

“Sorry, I was captivated by this beautiful sight in front of me.” He winked.

“Smooth.” You laughed.

Silence enveloped over the two of you, but nothing really needed to be said. He held you tight as you watched the sun go down. The reflection of pink, orange, and yellow on the water and the sound of hushed whispers of the outdoors surrounded you.

“Who’s the best boyfriend ever?” Michael whispered in your ear.

“You…” You smiled, leaning into his chest. He kissed your neck, leaving little tingles like little bells everywhere his lips touched his songs.

“Don’t you forget it.”


sorry this took me so long, love! xx

  • king: *forces peasants into labor, doesn't treat them like human beings, generally shitty to them, very privileged and feels like he is entitled to things*
  • peasants: wow fuck kings man, kings sucks, the king can't even wipe his own ass
  • king: wow okay so the solution to ur problem is blaming all kings??? wow not ALL kings you assholes, bullying kings won't solve ur problems wow this is bullying