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kirbuu  asked:

You know if bolero Ladybug had a sleeveless bodysuit under she could in particularly strenuous battles demonstrate the ancient adage "suns out guns out" and I doubt anyone, least of all Chat, would disapprove.

The first time she takes it off goes something like:

“Alright Chat, I’m gunna do something but you have to promise not to scream.”

“Why would I- AAAAA OH MY GOD!!!!”

Then he spends the rest of the battle hyperventilating over Ladybug’s exposed biceps. 

celestialdustkitten  asked:

Hey there! I just wanted to say your art has been such an inspiration to me recently and it's been helping me keep motivated. I have a question or two if that's alright- How many layers do you usually use in your basic sketches? I see even your simple sketches having such clean detail, and my sketches are always so messy and full of lines and I have so many layers just for one basic sketch; how do you do it?

well if its just a very basic sketch its usually 1 layer. In order to get a cleaned up sketch or a lineart, it usually takes another 2-3 sketches/layers. I talk about it a bit in my Mettaton process video 

it terms of how quickly a sketch comes together, it really depends. I’m currently trying to be more efficient with sketching actually

Everyone wants to tell you what you should have done, what you should do, but no one wants to just say, ‘well hey, you’re doing alright. You’ve got this!’ I don’t need a lecture from anyone, I just need reassurance that I am not a complete failure.

You Are Valid

*places hands on table*

Alright, listen. I do not give a single flying fuck if you are trans, or gay, or ace, or aro like me, or female, or male, or agender, or have a sexuality or dont have a sexuality or use he/him, she/her, they/them pronouns (though if i sometimes get them wrong, please correct me gently and i will apologize and fix my mistake) or hell even if you aren’t human at all and identify as a freaking alien for all i care.

You are valid, you are alive, and you are freaking amazing. Anyone who says otherwise can have a nice talk with my leg as i kick them into outer space.

And if you follow me, great! I love you a lot, in a very platonic way :)

Because whatever you are, you are beautiful and deserve all the best things in this world and all the haters can wallow in their own salt because they don’t know you like you do. You should know that you are wonderful, and you have supporters, and you are wonderful :)

So go be whatever you are and be great at it! :D

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I honestly to fuck thought the ENTIRE time the commercial was happening that they were talking about the condoms. I never ONCE questioned it. I was just like "Well wlw couples aren't really the target audience for condoms but alright do you." And then at the end she eats the ice cream and I'm like good god. I was so ready to accept the fact that they used a wlw couple to advertise condoms.



If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!” |
  Happy Birthday to my lovely Annie~ ✿♥‿♥✿ ( @shotous )