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japril appreciation week’17:
↳ day 5: scene(s) you wish happened - japril + dating

If it’s not too late for the dadsona thing, here’s my dadsona Steve Columbino! He’s a trans guy who tries to be chill (but actually has no chill like whatsoever). He loves dad jokes, strong dad arms, and Brian!

Date a demisexual person who just submitted literally thirty of these. Please. They’re really lonely.

Werewolf boyfriends are good but only in theory… My opinion in the tags

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Date a demisexual who... "Am I demisexual or not at all?!"


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What's your idea of a perfect date? You seem like a fancy dinner person tbh...I love you and your blog~

Well fancy dinners are nice but my perfect date would be ice skating. 

I’ve always wanted to take someone ice skating and hold their hand as we skate around. Then afterwards just go somewhere to eat, doesn’t need to be fancy just something nice where we can be ourselves. 

I love you too